The Pattern

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Pattern Home, Inc.
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3 months ago
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User Reviews for The Pattern

3.9 out of 5
9.1K Ratings
4 years ago, nighttimewanderlust
PLEASE fix this problem! But great app!
Well FIRST, I haven’t been able to change my profile photo on the app in at least a year, it’s so frustrating! Every time I try, when I go to save my new changes, I get an error message telling me to try at a later time, I’m so over it! I love all the new features and add-ons, but seriously can you fix this issue already?! It’s beyond overdue. But other than that... seriously love this app, I think it’s great for helping you to realize your own unhealthy behaviors and patterns, and why you might do those things. I do agree with others, though, that it could all be written in less of a negative tone, and maybe add helpful bits of advice on how to improve or change the patterns we’re in, rather than just keep reiterating the same points over and over. I think this app has so much potential to be more than it is even now with the bonds, which is really cool, but yeah, it does start to feel negative to be reminded of the same unhealthy patterns we get stuck in and why, but without any kind of advice or words of encouragement to uplift us and change the patterns. Obviously a lot of this information is based off astrology without using astrological terms, which does leave it more open for those who tend to discredit/doubt astrology. Overall, it’s a cool app, very interesting to read and go in depth, and love that you can even read about others. I definitely recommend it, but there could still be improvements 😊
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12 months ago, s 🤍
App is good but
I really like this app, I think it’s very spot on most of the time and sometimes I get creeped out by how accurate the notifications I get can be lol. However, i’ve noticed the app keeps sending me the same recycled notifications constantly for some reason. For example, I get a notification saying: “it’s important for you to be viscerally and physically attracted to someone you’re in a serious relationship with” constantly. I get it like twice a month, and the same thing has happened with other notifications where it just feels like i’m being sent the same recycled messages and nothing new. Also, the app glitches with some of the custom profiles i’ve made and it will change the persons birthday for no reason. I’ll put the 20th and it always changes to 19 no matter how many times I refresh or try again. It has great potential to be such an amazing app but it just feels pretty meh right now. I still recommend the app to anyone that wants to get into astrology and getting to know themselves a little bit more, I still don’t know if it’s worth buying premium but definitely worth giving the app a chance.
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3 years ago, lidamoonrose
I’m a trained scientist and a fervent skeptic. However one of my friends suggested The Pattern because I like reading astrology as a tool to help frame my mind and the world in a more neutral or positive perspective. I don’t have any believe in anything spiritual but there are absolutely patterns so I can only imagine that there is some sort of scientific basis we haven’t figured out yet. This all to say I’m not just easily taken. This app is surprisingly accurate. Not just once in a while, constantly. There was even a time when something happened and I received a notification specifically pertinent to it less than 5 minutes later, without any possible way it could’ve just overheard me or something. I have come to look forward to every notification and update because of this. It’s also an incredible tool for diving into compatibilities with friends and lovers, whether they already have a profile or if you need to make a custom one. I wouldn’t want to live without this app and typically go into it multiple times a day. And I just use the free plan! I’m planning to try the paid because if it already provides this much value I’m so curious to see what the full experience is. Thank you for making this incredible app. I wish everyone was on it and it would replace Facebook.
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1 year ago, sincerelyjacs
They ruined the app.
This used to be the best app of this category in my opinion, but with all the ongoing changes happening constantly they’ve forced me to remove and reevaluate. This app is not friendly for neurodivergent people as the layout they switched to is extremely overstimulating. If you’ve been a user previously: nothing looks the same. If you’ve never been a user: the app is not easily navigated as there are things tucked away and placed all over the place with no prompt whatsoever to engage with it. Almost everything costs money now and they’re steadily locking new features that people were allowed to use previously for free for years. Also, this app was slightly repetitious before but I ignored it because there were a lot of other great features to use. Since they keep locking everything and are trying to force people to pay for a mediocre app that was free to use for YEARS, now it’s not worth it imo at all because every week you get the same prompts basically. On Monday they’re telling you in a 12-slide screen (if y’all would combine it could be in one or two. Why do we have to swipe through our Dailys to read one sentence at a time for it to equal 10-14 slides that all basically say the same thing) that you’re feeling “security angst” but they’ll tell you the same thing next Wednesday. It’s obnoxious. What felt so (lacking a better term) genuine now feels like it was pumped out by moneyhungry trend snobs in a single weekend.
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2 months ago, wildhearthippiesoul
Truly Fantastic
So, I want to start out by saying I was very resistant to the changes that happened over time with this app. I loved it before and I think I just had a really hard time seeing the changes that happened as being positive. All that being said, since I’ve poked around on it a little more and decided to give the paid version a whirl about a week ago, I AM FLOORED by the wealth of information that’s been added to this entire app. I also love that they’re now actually talking about astrology openly (something I suspected was involved back in the day, now delightfully confirmed). And, this is unlike any other astrology app I’ve got, and this is coming from someone who is astrology obsessed and has been obsessed for the better part of 25 years! The paid version is where the “meat” is, so take the plunge and just do the lower amount one and see what all they have for you to chew on if you’re a commitment-phobe like me. Because everything about this app is packed with kind, encouraging, empowering information. And better yet, whoever the narrator has interest and flow to their reading and just the most calming, loving voice ever. I was a skeptic (putting it nicely) but and now 1000% all in. I’ll be a subscriber forever. So much love!
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4 months ago, scorpihoe114
Capitalism Crashed This App
I used to LOVE this app for over 5 years! Every time I got a new device, this would be one of the first apps I’d redownload. I would always recommend this to friends and family. In recent years, they’ve been slowly adding more paywalls for the content. I don’t have an issue with this because I 100% understand that these apps are not free to operate but at a certain point, the subscription prices just seemed out of control. In no world does it make logical sense to even have an $80 or $10/month subscription option for any app. I know there are several people that are willing to pay that amount; I just might not be the target audience for this platform anymore and that’s okay. The options that are left in the free version of the app are so limited that it basically defeats the purpose of why I had the app for so long anyway. Don’t let greed kill such a beautiful and innovative platform! I have no issues with the subscription plan concept because again, these apps and their developers do deserve money for their hard work. However, the pricing is outrageous now. As someone who watched these changes happen in real time over the years, it’s so sad to see everything that has been changed behind paywalls. A lower cost subscription model or at least not limiting the free version so much would’ve improved so many things with this app.
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4 years ago, Anna Summers
I love this app so much!
Its so accurate but in a way it also motivates you to become a better version of yourself. I was always into horoscopes but i never really connected with the Capricorn stereotypes and I felt like I was being pushed to fit a mold that I knew I wouldn’t fit into. When one of my friends told me to get the app I was skeptical because I had gotten costar before and it was the same story of me not relating to my sign or the app making generalized assumptions about me that I couldn’t relate to. When I got this app however I spent the first hour just reading mine and all my friends patterns and was so shocked by how accurate everything was. We have an inside joke with my friends that our FBI agents collected our data and filled out our profiles haha. I learned so much from this app and it always helps me become more self aware of my thoughts and actions as well as how I can approach my friends based on what I read about our patterns and to be honest ever since my relationships with my friends have become so much more closer and open. I do wish that this app would add a feature where we could find strangers with similar patterns so we have a way of connecting with others in a familiar platform in this disconnected time.
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2 years ago, Mebayaa
Subscription out of nowhere???
I have a video editing app that I've had for YEARS now. Back then I got if for free but everyone who is downloading it now, has to pay a subscription. With time the app expanded and got better and had to start charging money in order to get better and develop. I can't believe you guys are charging EVERYONE, even the people that have been there from the beginning, the people who've been marketing your app, the people who've been loving and supporting this app from day one (!!!) THE SAME SUPER EXPENSIVE AMOUNT!!! FOR AN APP THAT GOT SO BAD WITH THE UPDATE. If it was the old version I would consider paying.. but this app turned into a dating app instead of an astrology app and I hate it so much. I'm so sad about this. I always loved telling people about this app but I think if you guys don't find a fix, I will have to find another app. It's like giving a starving human bread all day and then out of no where being like "Ok now the next bread will cost you X amount". I understand that you need money as well but at least give us a "early bird sale" recognizing and appreciating your first users and everyone who is now joining can pay the full price. I'm so sad.
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3 years ago, Anya207
Has a lot of potential
This is an interesting app and I absolutely love how it show not just your own potential but also the comparability and potential issues that could come up friendships (romantic or non). A few things don’t make sense to me though. One, the ability to look up people with an account is not updated regularly. I’ve been trying to add my friend by name it was not coming up despite me sitting next to them and seeing them be online (and no, we checked to make sure our accounts weren’t in private mode). I can’t change my profile picture. Why is this even an issue? Another thing that struck me is the repetition of information across the connections. I feel some advice or suggestions as to how issues could be over come would be useful. Not to mention under the ‘connections’ tab for potentially finding a partner, you are limited to how many people you can look at a day… now.. hear me out. I understand why it’s there, it’s to help you be more considerate and think beyond looks, but if there are few individuals using the app and the.. 15 or so choices I’m shows are 500+ miles away, that’s.. kinda of a hard choice to make. I would almost argue that until more people join the app, not limit us to a numbered option per day.
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1 year ago, Virginia66az
Confused and frustrated
I found this app about a year ago. It was brilliant. Now I can barely see it. I can no longer find my bio to edit it. It no longer shows on the front like it did. For people with eyesight issues. The color blue is very hard to read. Either allow use to have a black background with white writing or a white background with a color of our choice or the blue. You keep changing things and I don’t understand why you are charging for those on our friends list. Um I mean to have more people then the minimum I understand that. Cos that what it was when I started. But can we make it eye friendly and please for the love of the lord and lady where is my bio? Oh and please do not turn this into a dating app. I do not want to be hit on all the time. I want to meet like minded only. Not date anyone. That could have been something totally different on a sister app or something. I refuse to become friends with all these men who send request to me. I want it for my friends and people who are like minded and I’ve met and we talk about the app. Cos I’m not paying for a dating app when it’s not my cup of tea. I like my solidarity. Sorry. But I just don’t believe in dating apps nor do I want to be apart of one. I use this to help navigate with my friends. Thank you for reading.
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5 years ago, MeeShell90
Love the app, but one change
I love how deep this app gets and it truly has been spot on for things that I don’t even voice out loud to those closest to me. BUT the one negative is that I believe the app should have an option to update how long you’ve been in a relationship and how committed (ex: married for 3 years). I feel like it is mostly directed at single people or treats relationships as if they’re very new. Being married and very committed, it’s ridiculous to read “he does things that annoy you and make you question if you want to remain in the relationship or not. Nows the time to address that.” I feel that when in a truly serious relationship you aren’t questioning these things (at least I am not) so I don’t really like how often it makes my relationship seem new and rocky when it’s not even close. One other thing, I would like to see a bit more positivity in general. The app really likes to highlight the bad things going on from past to present. I do have a lot of great things going on in my life and I would love to see some of those positivities highlighted in my pattern along with the bad. Other than that, it’s a great app. Also, has been spot on for my friends as well.
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2 years ago, whimi1211
Disappointing Unfortunate and Predatory
This use to be an app worth having. Why wouldn’t you make money off of ads instead of ruining the app for your users with paid content that was previously free. It’s the same content that literally doesn’t change much yet to go deeper we need to pay a ridiculous fee every 3 months. That’s really horrible and greedy of you. How could you go from helping humans make meaningful connections to charging them a ridiculous fee instead of say a 1 time even to view the same content many of your loyal users have already read? Or even asking for a one time fee from new users. I use to recommend this to all my friends and family now it’s a rip off of an app. Are there any plans to restore previously free content can you fix the bonds? Can you at least consider and apply making money from ads from companies rather then regular people. Smh can you do better?! Update: new interface is a jumbled up mess why would I want to see world transits first and have my personal timing buried making it hard to find. Added dating but no matter where I am there is always “not enough people” in my area forcing you to expand your search to miles away but you want ppl to pay $60 to actually see the connections they have? You don’t even have the “supply” to demand that. Smh it’s giving predatory.
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1 year ago, OneWithScales!
Wow! So accurate it’s almost scary!
I happened to download this app by chance, but wow! It is so accurate it is absolutely mind boggling! It’s usually hard for me to find horoscopes and sites on astrology that actually hit home, since I typically don’t relate very well to my sign very often. This app, though, has hit the nail on the head! There have even been times that it has notified me right as something is happening to me and the notification will be literally explaining or talking about the event at hand. The timing and accuracy has happened multiple times since I’ve downloaded this app. Some of the relationship patterns for friends in my life seem a little off. Not necessarily what it says about those friends in general, but just about the bond between us and how we affect each other seems a little off. But for the romantic relationship, both the persons characteristics and the bond seem dot on. Maybe it has to do with knowing the actual birth time of the friends and not just the birthdate? Either way, I absolutely love this app and have recommended it to everyone in my inner circle!
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1 year ago, puglover975
Please do not put time travel feature under paywall
This is the first astrology app I ever downloaded. I think I have been using it since it first came out in 2017. I really enjoyed using the bond feature and I think that is one of the things that makes this app really stand out from other astrology apps. I also love the “time travel” feature but I see that now it is under a paywall! I understand the creators need to make a living so this review probably won’t make a difference but I miss the way the app used to be. The new UI is a bit busy as well; I like that the aspects have been added for personality traits and timing but the moon guide and immersive audio clutter up the home screen. I think that the blue misty background for the text boxes is pretty but makes everyone’s profile feel the same, it makes the stock image profile pictures that complement someone’s pattern (ocean for water dominant etc) have less impact. Right now when I open the app it just feels like a lot going on (I don’t blame the designer because there are A LOT of features) but it feels torn between the original design of the app and the update.
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2 months ago, Alexandriahh
Love love love
I absolutely love this app. There is so much you can dig into without paying anything and I think that is immaculate. I did finally cave and pay for a subscription because I had to know more and it is totally worth it! The one thing I would ask to make this app absolutely top notch is to add a family option aside from friend or romantic. I am very close with my family and we are all open and spiritual and I’ve been reading my mom her timing and patterns but I’d love to be able to dig into our pattern as family because I have to dig into romantic and friend to get a clearer connection for our bond. Add a family option and BOOM perfection. I would also love to be able to add my two kiddos and see our bonds and patterns as well! Please consider this? Either way.. this is my go to app. I open it almost everyday and I share my experiences with everyone willing to listen haha I’ve had a few people download it and I’ve added a few profiles so I can compare patterns and timing. Oof yes.. thank you for all that you do to make all this information so accessible and so helpful 🥰
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1 year ago, fox4evr
No respect for long time users
The app had a good base and WAS amazing to use as an original user when they first started. However, as the years went by, they started putting content behind a pay wall. And not just a tiny paywall. A MASSIVE, greedy paywall ($90+ a year) to view a very SMALL amount of mediocre content. To be clear, they didn’t come up with any NEW content at all (although I’m sure some random customer rep is gonna reply to me and tell me about all the exciting useless new content they made like “audio logs” and world updates, which literally nobody cares about). They just took stuff that was already free for their users and instead locked it up and forced them to pay to see it again. It just shows laziness as an app developer to not have something “new” to incentivize people to pay for, but instead screw over your original user base by restricting their access to things they already had access to, while expecting them to shell out hundreds of dollars for it. The information was fun and exciting but you really don’t get as much as you use to anymore, and it is because of this that I find myself using different apps now. At least with other apps and websites, I can literally just get this content for free without spending hundreds of dollars toward a greedy company.
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3 years ago, 77aturn
Really Amazing App, but why a price tag on the connect part of it
I've been using this app since before the couple updates it underwent recently, for a couple years now and I have to say its one of m favorite astrology, personality, and compatibility apps I've ever used. Since the new update with the connect part of the app its been a very enjoyable and thrilling change and part to connect with other people, but I noticed once you start matching with people the app begins to charge you to be able to swipe right and like someone. This happens way before you run out of the daily profile searching, it's quite frustrating to have to pay for the likes eventually and not being able to swipe as many times as you'd like when going searching for matches or more people to connect with. Overall an extraordinary app I truly do love using and interacting in it, but it'd be nice for those simple like to be for free of charge throughout the while time you're able to still match with other users.
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3 years ago, Mommamia522
Wow. Spookily insightful
I’ve been using the app for about a half year now and referred dozens of people to it. The comment I get over and over is one of wonder at how they can possibly know so much about the day to day struggles each of us are dealing with. It’s like having a friend watching over your shoulder and giving you little hints on the meaning off each encounter and guidance on how to deal with them. How do you break old patterns that have been holding you back if you’re not aware of them? This app brings awareness. For me, I had started dating and when it began very differently than all my past failed relationships and felt so different than those, I was ready to say that it wasn’t a good fit. But then i used the “romantic bond” tool, and it told me why this was exactly the right thing to break the co-dependent patterns in my life! Boom. Discomfort recognized as purposeful. A fish who’s just discovered she’s in water and how to grow lungs. Lol I love the writing. Always loving and supportive and with a community of people lifting each other up. Great job and thank you Pattern developers!!
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2 years ago, A. 🌞
Used to adore this app
This was my favorite app, probably of all time. When it first came out I was obsessed. I got so many friends to download it. I added manual profiles on everyone I know. The design was so sleek and the information innovative. Then… it changed. It took me a while to finally feel comfortable with the new update. Then it changed again. Every time it changes it is LESS user friendly and there is LESS information available. I understand that this is a popular app with a lot of valuable information. But the price is INCREDIBLY steep for what you once offered completely for free. It’s sad. I used to love this app. But now it’s not even aesthetically pleasing. It’s complicated to navigate. I enjoyed the original simplicity. I had a notification for my partner’s personal transit that began today- when I opened the app the home page looked completely different. I had to scroll all the way down in my contacts list to find my partner and swipe through multiple widgets to find the current transit… of the notification that I’d clicked on… all I’m saying is don’t fix it if it isn’t broken. It was perfect to begin with. Disappointed at how much it’s changed.
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11 months ago, Lizabunny69
This *IS* *AMAZING!* Where has this app been my whole life?!
I cannot believe this app doesn’t have a 5 star rating yet! I’ve downloaded every astrology app currently available on the market, and I’ve read different astrology books, and even done alternate birth charts previously too… BUT NOTHING COMPARES TO THE DATA PROVIDED THROUGH THIS PLATFORM! It was insane how spot on accurate the information provided was in my real life feelings, emotions, views, beliefs, EVERYTHING truly. I decided to do a bond for my husband and I and that’s where it got EVEN BETTER! It was as if the knowledge had been gleaned from the pages of my diary. It was almost magical to see the stars say about my romance what I already believed to be true! I highly recommend this platform if you want to hear about yourself in ways you may or may not already know, and delve into the who what and why of your story. Some reviewers may have issues with the app itself although I haven’t personally experienced any glitches. My recommendation is based solely on the pertinent details you can discover on you and/or others.
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4 years ago, haleyhappyhippygirl
Not Your Momma’s Horoscope!
I don’t know how they do it but this is the coolest most accurate app. It’s like a customized horoscope but so much better. I’ve sung it’s praises since downloading it. Its eerily accurate and I looked back at a specific point in my life and it almost spelled out the event I was looking for. Down to the week. I was shook. You can add friends and potential love interests to see your compatibility as long as you have their birth day, time and location. There’s also a new feature to see your compatibility with famous people and a new chat feature to talk to people you add. I’ve been wanting to find a way to say thank you to the brains behind this app- so Thank You! I wish you had a website to go along the app or named the reason a pattern is happening- i.e x planet is here or however you do this. It’d be nice to have a place to add a short bio for people to see when they look me up. And if you go to a paid version maybe try adds first? In these troubling times money is tight for a lot of people. Otherwise change nothing! Download this app, you’ll be glad you did!
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4 years ago, Bekachu
I don’t write reviews. I came here specifically to write a review on this because it does SUCH a good job. I’m a professional reader (tarot, astrology, runes, etc) and I’m VERY impressed with this app. Spot on and concise- shows everything as easy to see specific and definable “patterns”. Calls you and your relationships out and empowers you by showing clear patterns in well defined areas of your life and your interactions as well as ways to overcome hurdles. Allows you to see upcoming transits as archetypal patterns and validate your current experiences and current paths. Also allows interaction with others going through similar patterns. You can connect to friends using the app or even manually add your significant other for in depth analysis. The only thing I personally would enjoy is to see the planets and transits behind everything on each category (but the current app makes for a seamless experience and you can always look up transits and charts online I suppose). This app is marvelous, thank you for creating it! I’ve been wanting an app just like this for a long time!
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5 years ago, She Hangs Brightly
Life Altering!
Incredibly accurate! I can truly say that this app has changed my life! It’s given me real clarity and understanding around my personal patterns and the way I experience the the way I relate to and connect with other people in my life. The “your timing” section has taught me to be more compassionate with myself than I’ve ever been. I can see what I’m going through during a very specific amount of time. And it’s allowed me to lean into discovering and embracing aspects of myself that I used to run from! It also reminds me that we’re all just “going through different things at different times”, and helps me to remember to meet people where they’re at. The “your pattern” section is so incredibly spot on! The language they use resonates so deeply and so specifically that i feel like they really know me! Like many, I’ve spent countless amounts of time and money trying to learn about myself and my place in the world, so that I might better understand how to grow and change and evolve. I use this app everyday as it continues to help me to do exactly that!
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8 months ago, @tinkthaQueen
Love / Hate Relationship 💸
What’s crazy is, I actually do really love the app. It can insightful and it doesn’t give you a bunch of astrology jargon like some of the other apps costar. It definitely reads you, for flith 😅then there's the confusion and it leaves you curious enough to either obsess over "what this truly means" or buy the subscription. Cool. However, the fact that the app cost as much as it does, and has the nerve to not even allow family sharing in the 2023 economy is insane. We’re all struggling and seemingly on the self-discovery journey, let's not make it any more difficult on one another. IMO, most of users are essentially on apple family with THEIR ACTUAL FAMILY. Meaning, it's generally a working parent, stay at home parent & some kids. Right? Add up the cost of this app for a family of 4, on one income (or even 2, let's be frank) and it is a little absurd. this app should at least include family sharing in the subscription! that would literally take my review from my current rating to 5 stars, suggest to others and subscribe again. Bc while there's other small nuances about features on the app, THAT takes the cake 🥴The other things, I could live with.
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2 years ago, Singing Yarrow
If It Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It
I have loved The Pattern for years, but this new update is anything but “intuitive” (their language for it in the App Store). I’m confused by the design and have tried to get a hang of it. The old design was far more intuitive and user friendly, and I’m not sure how much I’ll be engaging with the app anymore. Fortunately there are other astrology apps out there. Also, the romantic pattern section has a bug for some users. Mine is fine, but my partner’s isn’t. His shared with past partners feature under each romantic pattern is glitching. First it listed hundreds of people he doesn’t know as past partners, and now it’s listing a ton of people he does know but never marked as past partners. The Pattern has something really special in the type of information they provide, but this new layout and update is a disaster. My hope is that they will bring the old layout back, given all the negative reviews and constructive feedback that they have been receiving about the new update. Two stars instead of one, because this was one of my favorite apps for a long time, and I have faith that they will listen to the feedback we’ve been giving them.
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2 years ago, lil $tarr 💸
Please Add A Monthly Subscription
I’ve had this app ever since it came out and I really love and appreciate what I’ve been able to learn about myself and the people close to me because of it. This is back before the dating, the bonds, and the paid content. I have no problem paying for the service but I just have no desire to spend $40 when I barely open the app. I know it may sound crazy but I’d rather pay a small fee monthly and forget about it, even if it ends up being more money than the current options. Most of my time on The Pattern is a Saturday morning binge and when I come every few weeks to the app and I want to “go deeper” - I’m met with a paywall of two very unappealing options. I don’t want to be billed quarterly or yearly. In short, I don’t want to pay a large sum all at once for this service. I hope I was able to articulate my experience well. I want to keep learning about the people I love and support The Pattern! It’s one of the better astrology based apps out there. I just would like the option to pay monthly. Edit: Or a one-time option like Time Passages would be sufficient!
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5 years ago, MOleosun
Large in insight, lacking in connection
Insightful into your pre-destined experiences, drawing mainly in your western astrological chart, it is a breath of fresh air to not be bogged down with all of the details of a chart— planets, houses, squaring, opposing. The “patterns” are simply and easily stated & so far pretty much spot on. The shared experiences are great in knowing that others out there are experiencing similar life and those with great astrological knowledge share their chart details so you start to understand which aspect of a chart influences what pattern (which is a helpful learning opportunity). Where things fall short, is you can add other users as “friends” but you have no way to connect with them other than seeing your similarities or tagging them in shared experience comments. The last update added a feature to block people. Can we not add a feature to connect? Right now it’s basically an anti-social media app. Looking through this tiny portal and discovering there are similar people out there, but you have no way to reach them.
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3 years ago, Kaynicoler
Really want to love this app, I see potential...
Okay. This app is so on point about who I am as a person, so much so that I find myself wanting to keep some of these insights handy so I can work through them, journal them, really deep dive (as I am a sufferer of childhood trauma) but for just ONE of my patterns I had to swipe through 30 different pages (each page a sentence or two) to get through to the end. In order to print so I could go back to later, I had to screen shot EVERY slide and then use another app to stitch those together. Can you not compile these personality patterns into just ONE scrollable, readable, bookmarkable, shareable page? Having to school through and remember 30 slides is overwhelming. Also, I answered one of the daily questions and was INSTANTLY bombarded by men private messaging me about my looks (and some had very crude things to say) and requesting me as a friend. I wish I could turn off the messaging feature because now I don’t even want to answer one of those daily questions due to the onslaught of harassment that ensued. This isn’t a dating app.
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4 years ago, La.5252
Don’t Lose Yourself to This AI-driven App
There’s just enough accuracy to hook you, but if you truly know your chart well you’ll realize there is tons left out and lots of things that aren’t quite right or fully accurate, but since the few things it touches on are accurate you’ll be inclined to believe it - throwing your own experience and intuition out the window - and it will lead you down an unhealthy rabbit hole of navel gazing and self doubt. Check the chats - there are so many people mentioning suicide there. And perhaps not so coincidentally the site that supports the app has a suicide help and prevention hotline listed. There are articles written out there that say this app ruined their relationships and their mental health and I can see why: if you let a robot tell you who you are, beyond your own self awareness and self knowledge, then you’ve signed yourself up for cult-like allegiance and suffering. Do yourself a favor and keep your wits about you and realize that the stars impel, they do not compel. Astrology is a tool to help us, not something that we give up our free will and agency to in blind determinism and slavery. If you have healthy boundaries you should be okay; if not, beware.
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2 years ago, mickiemac96
Favorite notification ever.
I love this app. When I get a new notification from it and I have time to read it, I’m never disappointed. It’s honestly freaky accurate all the time and really provides a lot of clarity for me and even is kind of soothing. I read some of the patterns to my mom occasionally and once she nearly spit out her coffee laughing at how accurate it is. All of that being said, I would really appreciate it if this app was somehow available on my laptop for journaling purposes (I have a MacBook). I would absolutely make this app my regular journal prompt if I had the opportunity but typing on my phone is just not as comforting and retyping the entire Pattern that I read or am responding too on my current journaling app is not so fun either. An app for laptops would be great or even the ability to sink it with another journaling App like Day One would make this my favorite app of all time. Please and thank you!!!
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1 year ago, Qween Nevaeh
Not good anymore
I used to LOVE this app when it first came out and although I understand that companies grow & change overtime, this app changed in the worst way. You used to have access to much more information and was able to connect with other people who shared similar placements. That’s no longer an option. I purchased the 3 month trial to allow me to go deeper, time travel & have unlimited bonds. But you have to pay for custom profiles and even the audio library! If I’m paying for a subscription, I shouldn’t be paying for anything extra. I also wish the app elaborated on what each bond means as well. Some things I have questions about but I can’t get answers. I’m disappointed with how this went downhill. Also, I remember them at one point having a dating portion, I’m not sure if it’s still on there but I think it would’ve been a great idea but the execution of it was not the best at all. Hopefully these things can be fixed in the future & I somehow hear about how much they’ve approved on social media, unless that happens, I’m no longer using the app.
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3 years ago, Alyssa_15243
Insightful & Easy to Use!
I noticed that a lot of the more recent reviews are from long time users who aren’t happy with recent updates, so I just wanted to add a review with my perspective as someone who’s new to the app! i just found this app a few days ago and I’ve already sent it to a couple of friends because it’s so cool! I got a bit more into astrology in the last year, but still find it to be a little overwhelming with the amount of information there is to take in, so I especially love how this app gets rid of a lot of the “noise” and highlights the important patterns that can be hard to determine on your own. It seems like there’s a lot of good content available in the free version, definitely enough to make the app valuable even if you never plan to upgrade! I really hate when I download a new app and almost everything is behind a paywall, but at the same time I understand that most app developers are small companies that can’t afford to maintain good apps for free! From the perspective of someone that doesn’t know what used to be available for free in this app, I think they’ve struck a good balance in providing value with the option to upgrade for more. If you’re interested in astrology or personal development, I think this is a really cool app worth trying! Love the friendship and relationship bonds too, I’ve been having a lot of fun with creating those!
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4 years ago, cc3275
Used to be 5/5, now 1/5.
When I first got this app, I loved it. I still do. I installed it when I first got wind of it. The accuracy of the daily personal and worldwide readings, as well as the “bond” readings with friends and relationships, were so impressive and helpful. Then today, I got a notification of my daily Pattern, and clicked “Go Deeper” as always... to be surprised with an “upgrade” pop-up asking me to pay a monthly fee in order to read my personal insights. It’s clear that the world is in the midst of some really difficult times right now, and for some people, having access to content like this is so uplifting and reassuring. For the creators of The Pattern to begin charging its users for content that used to be free, especially during a time like this, I feel is really cruel and sad. I hate to part with this app, but I’m afraid I’m going to have to. Unless the creators have a change of heart and decide to make the main content free again, I will no longer be using it. I think having upgradable options is a great idea, but eliminating the majority of the content was a big mistake. I will be directing my attention to other astrology apps such as TimePassages and TwinFlame for the time being.
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9 months ago, 108158
Blows me away every time 💕
I rarely write reviews but this is just an amazing app. It blows me away everytime I open it or get a notification. I always thought astrology was kinda cool but this app surprisingly made my belief in astrology much stronger. It’s always oddly accurate and profound. 🤯 I go to the app to gain insight on the things going on in my life - past & present. I love self discovery, and it helps me understand myself better. Which is crazy to say about a silly little app. But it’s more than that. This is my favorite astrology/spiritual app. I also love that you can connect with friends and family and get a better understanding of your relationship and what they may be going through. I find myself in amazement and just saying “wow” to myself when I read things in the app. I don’t understand how it’s so accurate, but I love it regardless. Awesome app overall, for personal growth and understanding. 💖
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2 years ago, Cosmo Kepler
Run the Bond!
It’s the astrology app that doesn’t talk about astrology that much. People may prefer to have the transit details, but from what I’ve seen there’s usually someone in the chats who figures it out. Part of the fun for some. I see a pretty cool community developing, many intelligent, open-minded people trying to keep it honest and better themselves. The Pattern’s analysis of what you’re going through is, as others have raved, spot on. If you try this app, my suggestion is to right away go to “Run Bond”, create a “custom profile” for the person of your longest love relationship, hit the “romantic” tab, and read all about it. As long as you’re not in denial, it’s a good indication of how accurate you’ll find the rest of the app. To the developers: My request: I paid for Premium. Could you just go ahead and reach out to everyone that I would have an Epic bond with that I’m Epic? I think it means more coming from you.
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3 years ago, Pange7
Definitely life changing!!
I was around my 2nd year of my spiritual journey. For awhile I was doing pretty good had some ups and downs got through it and continued on. Then started having health problems it threw me off from time to time because more and more started taking over me, I was at a breaking time! My Aunt invited me to a Mind, Body & Sloe Convention said she thought it could help me. I went and learned SOOOO much about myself Engery wise (Universe). On our way home we stop to eat and she told me about “The Pattern” said you won’t believe how much you will learn about you & life!! She invited me and it has changed MY LIFE!!! It’s help me heal some past wounds, helped me with forgiveness for myself as others, has helped me with understanding why things in the past has happened! If you just want to GET TO KNOW YOURSELF!!! I recommend this!!!!!!!!!! Even more you get to know & understand relationships friends/Romantic!! THATS A PLUS!!!
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11 months ago, Al0Al
Disappointed by recent updates
This was previously my favorite astrology app, having used it for years. I was such a fan I made an entire channel on my discord server dedicated to astrology, getting my friends to make accounts and add each other. I have 10+ friends who were actively using the app, we were making posts and interacting with each other, and the information found here was much more in depth and accessible than any other app. This past year the app has changed drastically for the worst. First getting rid of the previous streamlined timeline layout, and removing the ability to share and make posts. Then further changing the UI, and removing more sections and features. Now I open up the app, and even more has been removed from the home page, we no longer have an independent profile section, or homepage compiling everything. I dread every update, and after this most recent one I question why I still have this app installed, even after close to 5 years of using it near daily. It’s just so disappointing, seeing the best astrology app for iOS, continuously degrade in quality.
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3 years ago, nelliffe
Walls are up
I’ve recommended the pattern app to nearly everyone I know. It’s a great tool for introspection and to become aware of the intricate complexities of human nature with self and In relationships. But CONNECT on the pattern app IS NOT IT. It feels so counterintuitive to create such boundaries in a space you’re urging ppl to connect. I thought you get one free reveal a day, you only GET ONE FREE REVEAL. You have to pay $1 to show 1person and then $7 to reveal all ppl who have showed interest. I’ve hit a soulmate bond once and I bet I’m just another blurry photo in their pile of blurry photos. The likely hood of us actually connecting is zero, and the pattern app is trying to make money off the hopes of ppl wanting to find human connection. Ugh, I can’t express my disappointment fully. The app won’t let you close out of this payment reveal screen, forced me to close the app just to keep looking at anything. While I’m a fan of this app for personal use, I’d never recommend it as an app to connect with other ppl in an authentic way.
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4 months ago, ___PennyLane
I have been using this app for a long time as my #1 go to. I recently joined the subscription but after closer review I cancelled it. I am disappointed and hope to see it evolve. I understand how complex astrology can be so I don’t want to sound so critical, but you have to review your audience. I was comparing with another app that shows multiple transits, for me personally, where I am seeing 1 major transition for myself happening within the year. There is no other transits showing and the content is very foreboding. People use this as reassurance and guides moving forward, and without additional information on other transits, it adds to the fear factor. As a collective, this adds to the anxiety we already feel. I think it would be better to expound on these rather than coming at it with dark energy. Unfortunately with the timing of my life, I have been in fear and anxiety for many years and this description of this upcoming transit paralyzed me until I found other resources.
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1 year ago, PinkPony49
This app is so amazing. It is absolutely uncanny how well it describes my personality. And the daily vibes they send me are most of the time exactly the kinds of challenges I am currently dealing with, and it gives me the right amount of insight to be able to understand and make progress on my challenges. I am noticing that I feel much more calm and relaxed, knowing that I’m not alone in dealing with my issues. It feels like there’s a big cosmetic support network out there.I haven’t tried the friendship compatibility portion yet, but I have read some of the comments that others are posting and it is really helpful to see that all of us are in the same boat. I wish that I could access my daily vibes once I exit the app because sometimes I don’t have a chance to read them fully and if that is the case you have to remember to bookmark them or they are gone.
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4 years ago, prisonmikegaryscott
Useless after update
I understand apps need to make money to stay afloat, but every feature that distinguished this app from others is now behind a paywall. Everything that used to be free before is now a paid feature. Why not add paid features that people would want to access instead of taking away the most basic features that used to be free? The paid features are not worth the money, and anything free that remains is nothing more than surface level jargon that has no value to even bother reading at no cost. This app is no longer worth even the memory it takes up on my phone. There needs to be an option for 0 star reviews because that is what this app deserves. There are MANY MANY more apps that provide better more detailed info while still being free. What sets you apart from other apps and makes you worth downloading and using? Don’t give people basic access only to later take away the bare minimum elements unless it’s paid for. What is the point of using this app when nothing provided is worth even downloading your app? I’ve now deleted this, absolutely nothing about The Pattern is now worth it.
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2 years ago, DellaChrissy
Catfish central
So this is my second terrible review. I’m writing this second one because a man threatened to kidnap and kill me when I exposed him as a fake. So this app is rife with fake accounts. I’ve reported at least twenty. I love the Pattern but this dating feature is absolutely garbage. Of the fifty or so men I’ve matched with, only one has been real. All the others are foreigners, stealing photos of handsome American men to create fake accounts. You can tell right away from their syntax. People tend to text in the way that they speak and so syntax is a dead giveaway their foreign. And there’s nothing wrong with foreigners; that’s not what I’m saying. What I’m saying is, when you think you’re talking to John from Utah it’s irritating to really be talking to someone who may or may not even live in the US and is absolutely NOT the man in the profile pic. And now, it’s turned a bit scary. Since I reported this last match to the Pattern and he tracked me down through my business Instagram page and is threatening my life. The Pattern developers need to establish some stricter guidelines as this simply isn’t a problem on any other dating app.
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3 years ago, mml141
Was amazing until they decided to start charging you to view ... most of it.
I loved this app for about a year. And sure , I get the need to make money from an app, but this app went from 100% free to charging monthly subscription .. to view the VERY SAME THINGS THAT WERE FREE. There is not one thing that they added to justify the new fees. It’s literally the same info, but now you can’t open nearly any of those free features at all unless you sign up for monthly subscription. No other astrology app I have ever used charges this way — they charge by a profile one time (ex:time passages is $1 per birth chart... NOT by the month!) it’s a bad business model, and frankly I have gone to almost zero use of this app since. Someone on their team messed up in a big way by backtracking what users loved about the app and making the app totally useless and total crap for its longtime loyal users. The “updates” they tried to use to justify the new cost is literally nothing more than rearranging a few of the features around and changing the page design. So disappointed. Deleted this today.
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3 years ago, Horton Styles
Used To Love, Now I’m Disappointed
I never write reviews. I used to religiously use this app, it had become one of my favorites! Up until their recent update where they make you pay for the information that they never charged before! An app that has been in the app store for years. I honestly think it’s quite greedy that they would put such a price on it as well, especially during a pandemic which has costed so many people to lose their employment titles. This was truly a top performing app up until they decided to put a monthly charge on it, honestly ridiculous and quite disappointing. I know myself and many other people will not be using this app anymore. Please, don’t be purchasing a month subscription to The Pattern when there NEVER once one before, it’s such a greedy move for them to do. Highly disappointed. I used to recommend this app to my friends, but now I wouldn’t. They most likely will not be interested in The Pattern anymore omg e they’ve come to reality that they are now trying to charge people for the same information that was previously free from the beginning.
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2 years ago, kilabor
Great but bugs
I’ve been using this app since 2019. It’s very insightful and supportive. With the 4.0 came great updates but the BUGS need to be addressed: 1)parts of messages get stuck and I have to go out of the message and then go back in and try not to scroll too far to the top of the message (very odd); 2)I can no longer read the details of the pattern with my matches (I’m a paid upgraded member so I can access more information, did I lose this benefit without notice? I can still “go deeper” outside of the dating part); 3)twice, so far, I have unmatched connections and they’ve somehow still had the connection in their end, but with the messages gone, and they messaged me again so I still had to deal with them; 4)this isn’t related to the update, but I wish you had a process to report scammers AFTER they delete the connection. The person(s) could be engaged with others in the platform.
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2 years ago, SkyJ14
Used to be a useful app
Great app if you’re new to astrology or just looking for a new framework for understanding yourself. It gets repetitive after a while, with many of the same messages reappearing, which I suppose makes sense with an app about patterns. It’s just not very helpful once you’ve seen those same messages over and over again. It doesn’t grow or change with you at all and with no daily reading or other features common in similar apps I just stopped checking in after a few months. The thing that I’m frustrated with now is that I got a new phone and phone number and can no longer log in. I went through their account recovery procedure and they found my account, but it won’t recognize my email address as associated with any accounts, despite receiving emails from them at that same address! The worst part is there’s no customer service without logging in as far as I can tell. So I will just be giving up on this app.
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3 years ago, ddtghhhfdgg
Happy but disappointed please respond
Hi! I really love this app me and my sister just started using it today i love it so much specially the time traveling thing is so cool! But the problem is i cant use time traveling. I honestly think they should take off the age thing when it comes to that. I really wanted to try the time traveling thing but me and my sister was disappointed that I couldn’t since were both very into astrology. By the way I'm 13 turning 14 on December 3 i really hope the feature changes one day. This is way better than co star in my opinion its just that one thing that i said thats really bothering me. Other than that i really don't have any complaints about this app i fully recommend! But if your 13 i don't really recommend as much but you could still listen to your older friends chart by calling them or asking them or maybe making them an separate account.
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5 years ago, ZenMamaTalks
Amazing Accurate, But Please Make It Look Nice
I would download a lot of astrology apps to understand myself, and then end up having to delete them off my phone because they would never satisfy me-this includes the other app Co-Star. I absolutely love Pattern, it is beautiful, and so accurate. I always receive relevant notifications about what is happening with me, and it blows me out of the water sometimes. I especially love how now we can all share our experiences! However, if the Pattern staff actually takes what they made very seriously, they would take the next step to update the look of the application (internally and externally), to a modern and more aesthetically pleasing design. Not all apps need to look amazing, because at the end of the day if it’s still working fine it is a keeper. At the same time, if Pattern is to remain relevant then make sure it matches up with the times visually.
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5 years ago, jaydan22617
Great App across the board! DOWNLOAD NOW!
I’m not sure if after this last update there might be a glitch or if it’s my phone but I am receiving my daily alert updates but when I go into the app to see them it’s loading blank pages so I am unable to go deeper. Other than that I am in love at how accurate this app is! Definitely amazing! Hoping that the glitch fixes up! 💕 Ok so update for everyone: The review above does not still stand they actually reached back out to me and explained what was happening. Updates etc. and since has not been an issue for me. Not so often now a days that you see a company respond back to you so promptly and professionally! Thanks the Pattern and for anyone who’s hesitant to download this app don’t be. Literally daily it’s on the money with me and my emotions and what I’m feeling and helps me deal with those feelings! So with that said DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD!!!! Thanks The pattern does everything!
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5 years ago, realspubby
Incredibly Insightful and Scarily Accurate
Title says it all. It’s like the app can view the deepest, most secret parts of me and tell me what my greatest strengths and weaknesses are. The app gives helpful updates to cycles going on in the world, and daily notifications about what’s going on with you as well as an entire profile about the depths of your personalities. You can also add friends and see into their personalities as well! Only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because there’s only a way to see “romantic” interpersonal relationships and no friend or family option. As others have said, I use the romantic tab for friends and family anyway, and just read around the romantic lens as it’s still highly accurate, but I would have quickly given 5 stars if it gave you in depth information about your relationship with friends as it does romance. I can’t believe this app is free! Definitely not a waste of space, download it!
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