The Rickey Smiley Morning Show

2.2 (97)
115.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Urban One, Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for The Rickey Smiley Morning Show

2.2 out of 5
97 Ratings
3 weeks ago, Q2079
App not working
This whole week I have not been able to listen to the morning show. I have deleted the app several times and downloaded it and it still not working right. When it plays it’s like fast forwarding a song. Not understanding why and then there is no where to get a reason why the app is not working. They need to update it or take it down. Not working properly at all!!
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3 years ago, PXandT
Love the show, too many commercials.
I’ve loved the show since I began listening to it when I was in college. My town stopped airing his show a year ago, so i was super excited to see there was an app. However, I recently noticed I’m getting around 5 mins of the same ads when listening to the show. It’s ridiculous.
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12 months ago, NoShow playing
All commercial no show
I’ve been listening to the RSMS show for a while now and for the past week I only hear the commercials and when the show comes on it’s silent. I have deleted and reinstalled the app several times and still now show just commercials I tried to download the local station’s app that carries the show but it’s even worse, I get the local commercials and dj shoutouts about their shows but no RSMS play back What happened that causes this issue?
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7 months ago, DarkSide305
This app is TRASH!!! Like hot garbage. I love the RSMS and was happy to see this app, but if I could give zero stars, I would. The Rickey Smiley Morning Show is shaping up to be the biggest morning show on air as more cities pick up their show, so you would think they would invest more into their app. Apparently they haven’t. It constantly freezes, cuts off in the middle of the show, freezes and crashes. It does this often. Please fix this app!
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2 years ago, HeavnlyAW
I love the Rickey Smiley morning show but this app is awful! It plays way too many ads and constantly crashes. I have to reload the app at least 6 times during the airing of the show. Please fix this issue.
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4 months ago, 💀💀💀🤬
Stop and start often
When listening it always cut off at random times and you have to keep loading it back up and listening to the unnecessary greeting before Listening to the show. By that time you have missed out on something you wanted to hear.
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5 months ago, Reddoor40
Bug fixes
I love the show, however the App is constantly blanking out and you have to reset the app/ close and restart it- then you miss parts of the show that’s informative.
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3 years ago, keewar77
The app is horrible
The app is not working. Two days in a row. Too many glitches App stop working in the middle of show Will not start back working right away You have to close and reopen the app You have to manually press play to get the app to start It’s ridiculous
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12 months ago, Redpassionmark
Commercials only
These apps are trash. All you get are advertisements and you can’t even listen to the shows a lot of the time. They make sure you get the commercials running perfectly. But you can’t even listen to what you’re using the app for.
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3 years ago, perisbae
This app is awful! I’ve had to restart it seriously 3 times this morning alone because it just shuts off in the middle of the show repeatedly. You all really should look into a new developer it makes it very hard to enjoy the show which I have loved for years
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3 years ago, LRJ!
Horrible App
Urban One needs to get their apps straight. All of them crash or repeat the same ads over and over again. I spend most of my ride to work trying to get the app to play. I can’t even enjoy the show. It’s a reason why it is rate one star. FIX THE APP PLEASE!
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5 months ago, Yeah34jd
Good as Ricky’s reading
A bunch of pot holes and speed bumps app works 40% of the time like Ricky’s painful commercial reads
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3 years ago, PHILLYKP
Always shuts off!!
I LOVE listening to, Rickey Smiley! We don’t get it via radio in Philly, therefore we stuck with this App. The downside is that it cuts off constantly and it freezes. We’re always rebooting to the point that we’ve uninstalled just to reinstall the app! It’s 2021, let’s get this app on point!!!
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3 years ago, iKhandi-3
Find Another App!
This is ridiculous. I have to reset this app through out listening to it. It always shuts off especially when they are reporting great topics and news. I’ll just listen to the radio! There are other radio app that are far better!
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2 years ago, DhattMann
Thank you
Thank you, my Rickey ( in my J. A H. LION SOUND) voice. Changed jobs and now I have to listen to you in the evening.
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3 years ago, slws125
App needs improvement
The app constantly stops playing throughout the show. It’s really aggravating. Several times I have to go back in and restart the app or go completely out of it and try it again. Please fix this!!!
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3 years ago, TeeJay•
It won’t work…
I have the iPhone 10 Plus and this app will not play the radio show. What’s the point of having and app Kathy Hughes if it’s not going to work properly. Please hire a better IT Team or get someone that knows what they’re doing.
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3 years ago, Consuela B. H.
The app needs upgrades
I absolutely LOVE the show but this app is horrible. It crashes often, buffers a lot and the last 2 days only ads have been playing. Grrrrrrr….. please get a new app platform or fix this one.
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3 years ago, MiseruzP
I downloaded the app because my radio station dropped the show and I LOVE RSMS!!!! BUT, I hate that I had to download the app. I’ve had it before and hated it!! It constantly stops and you have to restart it, as I have already had to do this morning!! Please fix this!!! I LOVE the show, but hate the app!!!
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4 months ago, RevyRev4ya
App is constantly crashing for the past week I love the show but hate the app Too good of a show to have such a crappy and to deny your listening audience the pleasure of enjoying the show Please fix repair asap
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3 years ago, Pink Secert
Just why
The app keeps crashing, and it plays the same commercial back to back. Why have an app that’s always crashing, just why? Let’s do better app developers
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3 years ago, Jane lynn
Horrible App
The app takes forever to connect & automatically stops playing. Sometimes it doesn’t connect! I give up. Love Rickey but hate this app. I’ll listen thru app from radio station.
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4 months ago, Nidukki Truck
Since the new update the apps keeps crashing it will not play any of the show after the start up adds
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3 years ago, emjay4real
Cuts in and out or off completely
The app cuts in and out mid-song or mid-sentence. Sometimes it freezes completely. Shameful because I really want to hear the show.
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3 years ago, KngsKid
Ugh...Can You Say “Frustrated”?!!!
Please fix this’s worse than ever! I can’t even listen to Rickey Smiley in the mornings without listening from the website. Because, most of the time, the app doesn’t work. And that’s VERY annoying!!!
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6 months ago, None3219
Connectivity issues
Every other week it seems like I can’t listen because of the connectivity issues.
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4 months ago, Lnafw64
Please fix!
After the last update, this app constantly crashes! Please fix because I really do enjoy listening to RSMS in the mornings.
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3 years ago, Fustrated Listner
Too many interruptions
The apps cuts off after 30 minutes of listening. It started in 2020, I though it was my WiFi connection has continued (March 2021). Get this fixed please.
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4 months ago, Bernita H.
App keeps crashing
Ever since the last update, this app keeps crashing. I’ve deleted and reinstalled to no avail. Please fix it!!!
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3 years ago, ksmith54
This app is horrible constantly freezing up in the middle of a segment constantly installing n uninstalling this app. I love he Rickey smiley morning please fix this app
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4 months ago, ndcmm2000
App not working
This app doesn’t work all the time, is there not anyone keeping this app updated and removing the bugs????!
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2 months ago, Tiwarda2010
Update App
App is terrible. Please update. Stops in middle of songs. Takes forever to get back. Frustrating.
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4 years ago, Cam14508
App Needs Work
I love the show but the app is TERRIBLE! One day it’s wants to work, the next day it doesn’t. I have to fight with the buffer to get it to connect. Needs some serious refinement.
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3 years ago, J Morehead
This app is the worst!!!!! You can’t enjoy the show because you’re constantly reconnecting!
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3 years ago, bdl98
Needs work
The show is great as usual but the app constantly crashes while playing
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3 years ago, MR TARLETON
Rewind and connection
Doesn't have rewind/on demand features and crashes a lot
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3 years ago, Emarared
The App
The app keep cutting out
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4 months ago, Kabchap
Fix this App!!!
This app is the worst!! Always crashing! Fix this app please so I can listen to the show!
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3 years ago, williei3
yall need to do something about this app. why is it that when i turn my phone all the way down it turns off? also when i get out of wifi range it cust off. and sometimes it skips
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4 months ago, Patdaman843
I love the show
I love the show and happy that there is an app. But the app keeps crashing 😕
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12 months ago, Princesssss0789
Barley works
I love the Rickey Smiley morning show but I hate this app! It will work good temporarily and then just stop. Literally will play NOTHINGGG ugh
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4 years ago, Shatara713
Worst App Ever
Love The Rickey Smiley Morning Show but trying to listen to it via the App is HORRIBLE!!! Fix it please
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4 years ago, Vallen66
Like the show, dislike the app
The app is horrible. Urban One also created (or managed) the Tom Joyner morning show app and the same problems occurred there as well. I love the Ricky Smiley Morning show but I am very disappointed with the app. The problems that exist with this app are way too many to list! I wrote a review when TJMS was running and the problems continued to exist so this review is mainly for others and not for Urban One. It appears that either they don’t care or they are clearly UNABLE or INCAPABLE of doing anything to resolve these issues!!!!!!!
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8 years ago, BeautifulSC
I have had this app for over a year and it worked great. Recently I have issues with constant buffering and now the show only plays for 30 minutes before there is no audio heard. Restarting the device does not help. I have this app on multiple devices and it runs the same way. The controls show it's playing but you hear nothing. The benefit of having this app was being able to listen at any time. Please fix this.
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12 years ago, Re7view77
App worked the first few days and I loved it. Now when I try to listen to the broadcast the app tells me there is an audio connection problem and to try again later. My internet connection is working fine and no problems with my audio. Please help!! This broke my heart. Please fix it!!!!
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12 years ago, FrannCheeseCakee
Love it but.....
I love this app. I dont have internet on my phone so i cant listen to him on tunein radio when i want to so when i come home from school ill listen to the app but lately its like they dont update the shows daily because im listenin to the same stuff i heard like 3 weeks ago. Please fix (🐸franniemae🐸)
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7 years ago, Devtay1221
Worst App ever
This app does not work at all. The RadioOne app in which the Rickey Smiley morning show was previously on wasn't the best app but at least you could hear the show. This new version continually buffers and never allows you to listen to the show. I have gigabyte internet speed at home so it is not my connection. Rickey Smiley needs to find some other software developers who know what they are doing to develop and test the functionality of their app because this ain't cutting it.
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5 years ago, Whit1882
This has got to be the worst app ever made. Sometimes it works, most times it doesn’t. I can’t listen to the show from local radio because it’s not in my area. Please do something. Find another developer, administrator or something. This is embarrassing and I’m missing out on my favorite morning show. I could understand sometimes but not all the time not working
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12 years ago, Cola (the 1 & only)
Tear Jerker
I love this app! I literally cry laughing every time I listen to it. However, it's been having a few technical difficulties the last couple of days. I hope that gets ironed out quickly ....
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13 years ago, bdashbrinkley
Had the app since May, always catch replays later in the day if I missed the show live. Just wished the spots they used throughout the commercial break get updated, I can deal with it though. Other than that, I love it!
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