The Scheduling App

4.8 (1.2K)
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2 years ago
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11.0 or later
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User Reviews for The Scheduling App

4.75 out of 5
1.2K Ratings
2 years ago, N. Plitz
Scheduling App
I really like having the convenience of scheduling through the app and also being able to message the staff. It’s much easier for me since my schedule in very inconsistent. I’m always having to move appointments around and the staff is always so great about it and as flexible as they can be. I really appreciate it and everything you do! - Nikki P
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8 months ago, Gnxhsgfjfdgjefyjydf
I find this app to be very useful in that I can easily pull up my scheduled appointments and have the info right at my fingertips. I can also schedule appointments via the app also making it so convenient. With everything in one area, it helps keep me on track and on time for all my appointments.
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2 years ago, locobedo
Decent app with one missing key component
The app is easy to use, making scheduling appointments with preferred providers simple; however, users are currently unable to cancel/delete appointments, requiring them to contact the providers to do manually. This seems like an easy fix (not to mention preferred functionality) with the ability to let the provider determine their preferred cancellation window. Please add this functionality. Thank you! 😁
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6 months ago, Blast2play
Easy Schedule Management
This app makes it so easy to change my appointments and check my schedule. There are a few times when the app won’t let me change certain appointments, so I call the office for those. Overall, it’s a great way to manage appointments on my own.
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2 years ago, JYGP
So convenient!
The scheduler app is wonderful. It’s very easy to use! It’s wonderfully convenient to see what appointments are available and have a moment to think and check my calendar. I love too that when I open it up it shows me my upcoming appointments. I am so glad my chiropractic office is using this app.
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2 years ago, Simone Del Monaco
This app is very convenient
I love using this app to schedule, change or cancel appointments. I can see the times that are available on any given day. I can change or cancel appointments at the last minute if needed. It’s very convenient and I highly recommend using this app.
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3 years ago, Kar Tu
Off Hours Conveniency
It’s great to be able to schedule a Chiropractic appointment when the office is closed. I have found though that someone can schedule online while someone else calls the office and then 2 people have the same appointment. I have had to opt out of the service because I received a confirmation text at 8 a.m. on a Sunday and it WOKE my husband up who has a very difficult time sleeping. Not Cool.
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10 months ago, Canosita
Easy & Convenient
I like being able to sit down at home and book appointments. This way, I can compare it with all my other stuff going on and don’t double book. Love this app!
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2 years ago, David485737284
I have had intermittent problems with it.
The app wants to send a “token” to reset password. But after checking all my email, spam folders and text msgs repeatedly, nothing. So I am not sure, it worked a couple times (after having similar problems initially). Finally deleted it, seems like a handy tool but don’t know where to get help for it.
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2 years ago, baby_bear31
Useful app
Easy to use except it doesn’t let you cancel. I like being able to make appointments without calling. I appreciate the ability to text the facility also.
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3 years ago, Telecom9454
Works great. Keeps you on track and you can see future appointments. Easy to use even for those that may find applications difficult to use.
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11 months ago, Jsparky7
Best Chiropractors around.
Extremely professional and friendly team. Feels more like a family than a a clinic. And best of all they really know what they’re doing. Good luck finding someone better.
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2 years ago, 3cat mama
Easy and accurate
This app is super easy to use and the communication with my doctors office is very effective because they actually know about the appointments when I schedule them using the app!
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3 months ago, JSRhett
Useful and easy
This app makes scheduling my appts easy and it is useful to keep them all in one place I wish this would automatically populate to my calendar though
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4 years ago, lope she
Terrible app
I have spent several hours twice, downloaded and reloaded the app multiple times, texted support for help where some guy Jim said he could do nothing and to call the office, and the office can’t do anything unless I go in personally. No one knows how to reset the password. Crazy. And I’m so tired and frustrated. The app support is zero. And the fact that I have to go to the office for help rather than someone just helping me over the phone speaks to how poorly it works.
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1 year ago, free clinic of powhatan
Excellent tool
Great way to be able to schedule your own appointments with your doctor. Looking forward to being able to schedule massage and laser too.
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4 years ago, Maxlippman
Super helpful
I’ve been looking for a scheduling app for my patients, and I launched this today. I have had over 25 patients schedule appointments... in less than 6 hours after launch. Super nice to have an easy, integrated software. Thanks!
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2 years ago, Mark611
Fast and simple scheduling
Takes 30 seconds or less to schedule an appointment and automatically adds it to my calendar. Simple to use.
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2 years ago, AndiDaniels
So easy and convenient
This makes scheduling my appointments efficient and quick. And I get reminders for my upcoming appointments through the app as well. Highly recommend!
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1 year ago, Buvaneswaran
Not able to login
Not able to login after some inactivity like 1 -2 hours. If we use Face ID , it’s keep trying to make login attempts but no luck. Need to turn off Face ID to make it work. Need to reset the password every time to login as the login screen keeps showing up after providing credentials. Poor user friendly
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2 years ago, Desiluprod
DIY scheduling!
I absolutely LOVE scheduling my appointments on the app. I usually forget until it’s some awkward hour and I can’t call the office but BEHOLD- it does not matter anymore and I can schedule when I remember, even if it’s at 2230. No biggie.
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4 months ago, Flying Gunman
It works
This is so quick to set up and start scheduling appointments. There have been no problems yet and all I care about is fast and easy!
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3 years ago, Kawimer
Nice to have the option of not only going into check my appointments, but also be able to make changes as needed.
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5 months ago, iwasntevengoingtodothis
Was easy to set up an account and find the right office. Then you can see all the future appointments easily. Makes it easy.
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4 years ago, Jkw0979
Love the app
I sometimes forget when I have an appointment when it’s outside my standing schedule. I also like being able to make an appointment anytime. I gave it 4 stars because sometimes it won’t let me sign in or let me make an appointment. But most of the time, it works OK.
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4 months ago, WVWTH
Appointments not showing up in app
The last few appointments I’ve scheduled are not showing up in the app. Once I had my chiropractor office reschedule an appointment for me it showed up but not when I scheduled within the app. Please fix.
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3 years ago, Sean1921
Calendar won’t sync
It’s a great app. Unfortunately, my Google calendar doesn’t show up as an option when I try to modify the sync in settings.
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1 year ago, JJJLpool
Super easy!
This app is super user friendly even for those who aren’t tech savvy. It really speeds the process and makes it fast and efficient to get an appointment scheduled!
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1 year ago, Gmabda
Easy and efficient
So much easier to do than make a phone call and wait for service.
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2 years ago, leekray
My neck and back feels so much better after my adjustments. I really like being on a schedule.
I want to show how much I like going to Dr Clark for my adjustments. I give home a five star review.
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3 years ago, Lovelylishaxoxo
User friendly and convenient to use. I use this app to help patients at my practice manage their schedules and to schedule my own appointments in the office ☺️
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1 year ago, Warpak06
The app is so easy to schedule appointments at the time and day that you want. And I love the reminders that it text you. And you can easily modify an appointment as well.
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3 years ago, Chandler2022
Easy App Scheduling
I enjoy using this app for my chiropractor appointments. Very easy to change or see available appointments without having to call.
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6 months ago, Jenice McCoy
Love being able to track and schedule appointments
Love that my Chiropractor is using this so that I can crosscheck schedules for my family.
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2 years ago, kim80835
Love it when it works but it is finicky. I have had to delete it and add it again. Works for a bit. Seems like the time after I successfully schedule an appointment it won’t work. Just sits on the login screen with no help to say why.
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12 months ago, Nicole-B-3
Easy to use
I love that I can schedule on my own from home when I can look at everyone’s calendars. I also love the ease of rescheduling if I need to.
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3 years ago, David3B3F
Great App
The app is so confident and stupidly easy to use. I’m also surprised that such an app exists for a medical office instead of calling or going in person this is way better.
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1 year ago, 7 kids 20 grands
Convenient and Easy to Use
This app makes it easy to keep track of appointments and reschedule when needed.
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2 years ago, Key-Wee92
Easy tool. Saves time!
I really like that I can open this app to see my appointments. Easy to cancel and reschedule without needing to contact someone.
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3 years ago, TammarieSmith
So easy!!
Love being able to make appointments so fast. This is so much better than calling and trying to figure out what they have vs your schedule.
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10 months ago, tdogg80
Scheduling right at my fingertips!
I love this app for its ease of use and it syncs with my calendar on my iPhone so that I always get notifications of my appointments.
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10 months ago, ZsGamma
Very helpful app
I love being able to schedule, reschedule and cancel an appointment without any hassles! I wish more places used this.
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1 year ago, Mo Alghurabi
Love this schedule app
This has been absolutely very helpful. I appreciate your hard work in making this a reality.
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2 years ago, Lovley13
Scheduling App
I was very excited to fine the office not had a scheduling app! It is so much more convenient finding a time that fits my schedule for my adjustment!
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2 years ago, T.C.Gotcher
Don’t forget ❤️
This app is an amazing tool to help keep folks that have lots to remember and nothing they want to forget right on track!
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2 years ago, Holdoll444
Super easy to schedule!
I get notifications to remind me and I don’t go to the office until I know there is an available appointment. I love my chiro too!
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1 year ago, NPR News
Excellent Chiropractic Care
I receive excellent care at this facility. Not only is the care excellent, so is the entire operation, from Tiffany at the front desk, to the facility itself. Even the scheduling app is great.
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3 years ago, JDK38
Simple, user friendly
Worked perfectly so far. No glitches
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2 years ago, brianmachay
Convenient and easy
It is great to be able schedule on my phone.
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3 years ago, captmot2
Keeping Track of Appointments
In this day and age everyone’s time is valuable. I do not want to waste someone else’s time. THIS APP helps me to not miss anything I have scheduled.
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