The Simpsons™: Tapped Out

4.7 (170K)
130.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Electronic Arts
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for The Simpsons™: Tapped Out

4.71 out of 5
170K Ratings
3 years ago, dissapointed and iritated!
Developers read this!!!
I’ll start off quick for anyone who works on the game and passes on suggestions. There needs to be a way to get rid of or spend all the resources such as couches and yoga mats and academy awards. I’m tapped out (no pun intended lol) on these and I cannot do anymore daily tasks because of it. I really need the donuts and there’s no other way to get land tokens either but I can’t do the tasks. Please please do something about this!!! Anyway about the game.. it’s a great game but it can be pricey. You have to be patient to do the daily tasks to get donuts or play with Maggie for them, but if you save up you’ll eventually get a lot of donuts. I got over 1,000 donuts doing all those tasks religiously and like I said I’m tapped out though. It’s also a way to get land tokens but if your starting out you don’t have to worry about that yet. The tasks are easy, though some you have to wait like 8 hrs to do, and some of the storylines are more interesting than others, but you still get the Simpsons humor in there. They have seasonal events which are fun too. I wish they would bring the whacking day one lol, that was fun. All in all it’s a fun game and they have lots of updates. Just try it and you’ll probably get hooked.
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5 months ago, Aries Deacon
Developers Read this please!
I have been a big fan of this game for years . I have seen constant improvements over the years that just makes it better and better . People love this game because they love the creative nature within them being brought to life . There is only one problem I seen with this game however tho and it’s been a big problem for so many I have communicated with about it over the years . The Item limit needs to be adjusted way more then what it is at . You have to understand. We are building a whole town and the item limit needs to be doubled to at least what it’s at. People love to get creative . People love to really invest time and energy into this game . The item limit has stopped a lot of people from playing and just giving up . I believe if you actually doubled the limit and updated your game to withstand it without crashing more players will be rocking this game and more invested then even now . Not just adjusting it by a thousand or two. Actually doubling it from what it’s currently at so people will never have to worry about running out of space . So people don’t have to worry about destroying their builds that took hours and energy to master . I have noticed building games like Minecraft is so popular because the game makes you feel like you can be great creators and that’s why creative people flock to it . I hope you take into consideration what I have said .I am just one person but I know I speak for so many . Thank you for your time .
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4 years ago, Djeuwnc
Good game but for years ive had this one problem pop up every now and then
Seemingly randomly the game will basically uninstall itself and log me out of the game, forcing me to reinstall and log in again. Sometimes its multiple times a day, other times ill go weeks without it happening. Ive checked online and everyone says its caused by not having enough storage space, so the game only installs the files temporarily. But im at 53.4 GB of 64 GB on my phone, so that cant really be the problem. Other than that problem i absolutely love the game. They keep adding more to it over the years and theres constantly new events ranging from holidays like halloween and christmas, to one-off events based on special episodes. Originally the game had little to do, you would assign people to do actions, ranging from 6 seconds to 24 hours, and place the few buildings you could. It was a run of the mill mobile town game like Family Guy Quest for Stuff or that Futurama one. But as its gone on theyve expanded the amount of buildings and decorations, added new districts like the krustyland amusement park and the springfield heights rich peoples district. Now they even have materials that drop from some actions that you can then use to craft special buildings and decorations, and then upgrade those buildings too. This game is truly worth your time, whether you just stop by for a few minutes a day or for hours a day there is always something to do
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4 years ago, Purrcat2010
The Simpsons is good in both game and show form
I have been watching The Simpsons for about 1-2 years now. At first, I didn’t like the show very much, bur I gradually grew to like it. I found out about this game from casually browsing the Simpsons Wiki. Since I like town-building sim games, I decided to get it to help pass time during the coronavirus outbreak of this year. Contrary to what some of the reviews say, it works really well and I have no trouble making in-app purchases given appropriate credit (most of the bad reviews seem to be from haters or people with older devices). I have an idea for a new feature. It is to make it so that one can spend in-game money (the not doughnut one, whatever that is called) to improve the chances of getting a particular item in the Yearbook Mystery Box slightly each time you do this. That way, the chance of wasting 30 doughnuts on an insignificant item is lessened. I sincerely hope this game lasts as long as The Simpsons TV Show (kind of exaggerating there, but you get the point). Thanks for reading my review if you chose to. It would be really nice, especially if the developers read this review
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2 years ago, Jacob D Bryant
Email login/verification
I was a loyal fan of this game from the very beginning. I downloaded it when I was 15 in 2013, and had it consecutively for the next 8 years until EA implemented their new email verification system last spring. I was subsequently locked out of my account from using an old email I no longer have, and have spent the last 9 months trying to get it back. I’ve tried going through EA multiple times, online help forums, date recovery centers and nothing works. I have spent almost a thousand dollars over the last decade in this game and I’m can’t give up on it now. After finally going through EA and talking to a helper from India, I started a new game under a new email address in the hopes of the old account being cloned onto the new one. Now that I’ve done this, I can’t even log into the system, with it saying it cannot connect to server. I have tried over 50 times and I keep getting the same response. I’m at my wits end and I don’t know what to do anymore, EA had no right to integrate this new system, it solves nothing and alienates and locks out the old players. This is my favorite game and I don’t want to lose all the progress I made. I’m beyond frustrated at the company for this action and if they offer me a reasonable explanation as to why they did this, I can understand it better.
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10 months ago, ch_lln
Used to be my favorite app game and then..
This used to be my favorite app game. I played it for years nearly everyday. I don’t know what happened but a few years ago I got “logged out” of my game and to this day was never able to log back in. I advanced so much in the game I didn’t want to lose my progress. Not to mention was constantly getting the “server issue” Bart screen. Once I gave up and realized I’ll never get my original game back I abandoned the game. Then maybe a year later I decided to see if I could recover my old game (couldn’t) so I just decided to grit my teeth and start a new game but every time time I tried to play the “server error” Bart screen popped up and at times when it did I lost the progress of the NEW game I had started. I tried to create an account so I wouldn’t lose progress but the app does not allow me to go thru the entire process of creating an EA account. This happened repeatedly every time I opened this app. I abandoned the game once more and once again in 2023 decided to see if I can could create an account to finally play the game and ensure I can play while my progress is being saved. Needless to say I’m running into the same issues as I have been for years. I give up. I’m officially deleting this app and never coming back. I bet this app has lost a significant amount of users due to their incompetence and unwillingness to fix system error. Good riddance.
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2 years ago, Kerri San
Still the same……that’s not a good thing
I like tapped out but I stopped playing about two years ago picked it back up and found that the things that made me quit hasn’t changed. First if you’re on an iPhone 12 closing the app is a pain. Second if you have been playing a while l, you’ll accumulate a lot of money and you can’t spend it on anything, purchasing land now uses land tokens (use to be cash) and there isn’t enough ways to get them. I’ve maxed out the land, my town is huge and have no more place for buildings requiring me to pick up old buildings to place new ones required for tasks or new events. I’ve been playing again for about 3 weeks and can’t find a way to get additional land tokens (same as before), daily tasks can get you tokens but they are few and far in between. Third, using the same characters when having multiple events (example, running four tasks and they all require homer, marge, etc, I get that those are the startup staple characters, but if you’re giving deadlines for event tasks, there is no way anyone will be able to finish them in time if the average time for tasks is 4-12 hours for each task with multiple chapters. Come on there are more characters USE THEM. I’m gone again, gimme a yell when you’ve made improvements.
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8 months ago, PapaPeaches69
EA is a joke
I am writing this review to let everyone know that I have played this game for years ever since it came out. I have put a lot of money and time into it and I was at max level and I had gotten everything that came out. Then EA decided to integrate the “new” login process, and I was kicked out and my account was deleted due to inactivity. I have tried to get a hold of EA customer service support and they just keep giving me the run around. They never helped with my issue of trying to login, even after multiple times I have tried telling them that I don’t have access to that old email anymore. They just pushed me off like I was trash and the person I spoke with in the chat box was from India and didn’t care about my problem. Mostly due to they have a script that they go by over there just to get our money. EA you need to seriously deal with this huge on going problem and start treating your customers/players with more respect and loyalty. Cause if this keeps happening then you won’t have anyone playing any of your games. And then your out of business due lack of people playing your games. Please rectify this huge issue and start fixing the problems on your platform, team, servers, personal, customer service and everything else. I have to admit you guys are a good company but there are a lot of issues that need to be addressed.
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5 years ago, Foodgazi
Constantly crashing during login!!!!
This game is really cool and I’ve been playing for years, pretty much since it was developed. Lately, in the past year or two the app has been messing up SO MUCH that it becomes unplayable. The app is constantly crashing during login and always logs me out forcing me to retype my login info EVERY TIME!!!! Then, when I retype my login perfect, it gives me an error message saying the my login isn't right, even though it is. I have to delete the app, reinstall and sometimes EVEN THAT doesn’t help 99% of the time. When I went to login just now after years of NOT PLAYING, I type my login and it just endlessly loads with the spinning donut. I have tied EVERYTHING but I don’t want to retype my login every time OR DELETE THE APP. I want to play the game but they make it impossible!! Very annoying and frustrating. I’m on the latest iPhone X with up to date hardware and plenty of storage room. Even updates don’t help! This game is just trash now until they fix it I won’t be playing, and that’s sad because it’s a cool game when it actually works.
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7 months ago, allie.nicoleee
boring and takes too long or too much $
so tired of all these games costing real money to be enjoyable and actually able to get stuff. so tired of the in app updates every day that take forever to download but you have to stay on the screen or it errors out. it’s been two months and not a single update from the app store but i’ve had to wait on the loading screen updates at least 6 or more times. this really could be the best game ever but it’s just too dang expensive to even want to keep it. also missions and tasks taking hours and hours and hours is kinda ridiculous. a couple hours yea fine but 4+ hours for nearly every mission that actually results in money or donuts makes everything agonizingly slow and boring. i wind up opening it once every once in a while to just do the next set of tasks and then once that’s done there’s absolutely nothing else left to do for the next 12 hours. could be a good game but like all this ruins it. Also I’m so so dang sick of opening the game and every single day for a week straight, multiple times a day, it has to update and it takes upwards of 45 minutes to simply update so I can play it. I’m probably deleting this game, I absolutely love the simpsons and am borderline obsessed with them but the problems are just too many and too often to deal with the crap anymore
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5 years ago, Gordie Jennings
Completely Lost Hope
The Simpsons Tapped Out was once my favorite game on my phone for many different reasons, mostly because I could rearrange Springfield however I wanted. But, almost a year ago now, a few bugs appeared, starting with an in-game update. The screen said that it needed a 950mb update to continue, so I clicked ok and it took about 30 minutes but the game was normal for the most part afterwards. The next day though, I came back to check on my city, and the game wanted me to update the same thing again. I was a little confused, but I still went ahead with the 30 minute update. As you might tell, I was pretty dedicated to this game at this particular moment. The next day, the same thing happened, so I contacted EA. They gave me the basic troubleshooting steps like restart your phone, see what amount of storage you have, etc. I did all that and yet- nothing. So, I took a break from the game for a while, thinking that in three months EA would’ve fixed the glitch. Today I got on again, and it had to update again, another almost gigabyte of storage wasted. I think that today was Tapped Outs final test to see if it would be fixed, but I think my Tapped Out days are over. I had a lot of fun with this game in the past, but now playing it is a waste of time.
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6 years ago, NickelEdge 2
About time to end
It's was always been a bit buggy. But with the latest update the iPhone6plus gets hot to hold and quits after about 5-15mins of play or switching 1-3 neighbor towns. This along with the lack of sales on premium currency, I've started phasing the game out. It's not worth the cost. On this game it should only cost 50% the max cost and and last you a year. When they had the sales it would save a good amount and would last most of the year. And as time went on the sales got better, though this trend would continue. But the sales of premium currency stopped and now would only last you half the year. When you look at the amount spent, I could get a AAA title collectors edition with a season pass. I loved the game but the bugs with increase of cost is making me rethink, if it's worth still playing. Update: may 23, 2018 So they increased the ways and amount of premium currency you can earn in the game. But the bugs and crash of the game have gotten more frequent. And a new bug, I was trying to speed through a event using premium currency. The game crashed and on reload the event was over. And far as gameplay, their is no news/alert on game events starting. So pretty much always came in late and could never finish the first act. Probably the only good thing is I haven't spent any real money on the game in a while.
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3 years ago, Sadie Marie's Mom
Longtime player with minor issue
My nephew told me about this game when went away to college and since he graduated in 2013 I’ve obviously been playing a very long time. I absolutely love playing this game, being able to build the town and all the new characters. I especially look forward to the Halloween update every year. My only complaint from giving it 5 stars is being at level 203 I am no longer able to purchase land with coins anymore I can only use free land tokens. Apparently my town is too big now that I’ve bought all the land possible with coins. It wouldn’t bother me if I had to buy land tokens for like 5 donuts but that is not an option either. I have to wait until you give them as quest rewards. Now I have to decide what items I want to put in storage just so I can put up the new buildings that come with the new updates. I have like 56,000,000 coins now and nothing to do with them. Would you please make it so us longtime dedicated players could enjoy the game again and let us purchase land again with coins? Thank you so much for all the fun you’ve given me for the last 8 years and look forward to what’s ahead!
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4 years ago, KCARPAngela
Every time I open app it says updating takes 10 minutes to do so I just did the Christmas update yesterday because have not been on for a while because it was doing same thing back in October & November Yesterday December 11th I came on and updated my apps including Simpson’s Tapped out played for a few minutes went ok stopped playing to do other things came back an hour later & here we go again logged on it asks for my age then starts installing updates again came on today 12th 1150 am and again updating this never happened on my tablets in past but Has been going On since I decided to add it on my iPhone last year was playing it when 1 of my tablets stoped working so not sure if that was a.bug in app then Also last time used it it said not enough room on device back in November I had plenty of room on phone I do not play many games or mess with many apps I delete ones I don’t use Could you please Fix it all these constantly Updates it should not have to update every time I open the app I have been playing for years and well up in levels was up to over level 100 lease help I know It is not due to space because I make sure I have space on device every day
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2 years ago, Liam /Gumball turkey
Great game big issue, Please fix.
This is one of the few games i have liked to play on mobile, and the only game i play every day. Its a great game. Though lately, for whatever reason, after i play the game 1-3 times it says it cannot connect to the server no matter what. I retry countless times, with great wifi, but no matter what i cant log into the game. I looked up how to solve this issue and someone said to uninstall and re-install the game. So i did it, and it worked, but after playing it once, it started doing the same thing. I have to do this every time I want to play, but i’m just going to give up unless i fimd a permanent solution soon because every single time i want to play the game i have to delete it and re-download it, which takes 1-2 minutes, then i have to log in, which takes 2-3 minutes, and then the game has to download the updates and everything, which takes 12-15 minutes. So every time i want to play this game, i have to waite around 20 minutes. Pleaseeee fix this i have been playing this game for years and would like to continue and i imagine that im not the only player thats been having this issue.
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1 year ago, Nate Mars
Best game that I CANT play
I have so many memories playing this game in college in between classes and had a great time. Only game to this day I’ve even made any in game purchases just because I didn’t mind spending the extra time and cash. I would give this a 5 star rating but unfortunately it gets dropped because of the customer service team and issues with the app. I have reach out numorous times to attempt to fix my issues but have received no help other then email chains that did not resolve anything. Unfortunately one random day I went to play and the game just wouldn’t let me log in. After trying for days I realized that I was just going to have to create a new account. That’s when I realized that the issue was that I was unable to connect to EA servers all together. Years later I’m still unable to connect to EA Servers, meaning I can’t play or save the game. Very disappointing that no one was able to assist as this is still to date my favorite game. I hope nobody else has this problem but I recommend the game to everyone that likes tap and click games and the simpsons!
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1 year ago, Orlandoc03
I first downloaded this game in 2015 when I was in high school and recently redownloaded it to see what updates to the game there has been and it’s sad to see that there’s been absolutely none. All of the fun you could have in this game is taken away by the quests being so ungodly long (usually between 4,8,12, or even 24 hour wait times in between being able to send characters on others quests!!) as well as there being no actual fun and interactive way to earn donuts (in game currency) besides Maggie’s mini game which can earn you 1 donut every 17 hours which is insane considering anything you’d like to buy using the donuts you’ve waited so long to earn aren’t nearly enough to cover the cost of things which usually end up being 50 donuts plus. Basically the game relies solely on its players spending their actual money in order to buy donuts to buy things in the game that would allow them to have fun. Very much a pay in order to have fun while playing kinda game which is more than sad being how the simspsons as a show has made more than enough financially and could genuinely afford to make an amazing and interactive game for everyone who has supported them for the past 20+ years
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1 year ago, Jasonbandit_448
Painful, obnoxious, and unplayable. (Long read, but very important.)
I want to start of by saying that I gave this app 2 stars because when you are ACTUALLY ABLE TO PLAY IT, it’s very, very fun. However, my rating is so low because you only get around 30ish minutes to play before you “cannot connect to the server.” From there, you have two options from the EA Help Center: 1. Delete the app and reinstall. 2. Delete the app data and reinstall. It’s very vague and unhelpful, as even when you follow those instructions, it only gives you another 10-15 minutes. EA seems to put the blame on either the device or the internet, even if you’re using cellular or mobile data instead. I don’t think it’s the cellular, data, internet, or device. This is EA’s problem and they choose to avoid it as they have for years. If anyone at EA is reading this, doubt they are because they do not listen to their consumers, you all have a tendency to put the blame on the consumer’s internet or device instead of yourselves. You rarely update or even maintain your games and then move on to the next game working with a major company and making it pay to win. I’m starting to feel as though your company leeches off of larger ones to gain profit and that you do not care about maintaining your games. No, this is no longer the internet or device, this is EA refusing to update or maintain the game. It’s not worth the download or time of your day.
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3 years ago, 💛💙💜💚❤️💗💛💙💜💚❤️💗
Downloads update every time I enter the game
I used to love this game so much, I even had it for over a year and deleted it, sometime later I downloaded it again but I didn’t remember why I deleted it in the first place, but after downloading it again it hit me, every time I open the game it starts to download “a new update” and it takes forever to open the game, it also asks me my age every time I open it, I really wanted to play this game again but it’s just impossible with all the waiting, I get for a game to load before you start playing, but to download a “new update” even tho it’s the same once it downloads seems off for me, specially since the download takes about a whole 20 minutes, I really hope you guys can fix this since this was the only town-building-game I actually loved, the other sad part is that I was soooo ahead the previous time I had the game and now I have to start all over again even thought I made sure I register my account so that in the future I could get back to it but apparently it’s lost Again, I would love for the game to be fixed so I can download it again!! Thank you
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4 years ago, Horta7
Used to be fun
I’ve been playing this game since nearly the beginning; took a couple years off, and came back at the beginning of the year to find the game is loaded with bugs, that have seemingly been around for awhile, with no end in sight. The game crashes constantly now (26 times today alone during neighbor visits). What the hell happened? Has EA given up on the game entirely that these never-ending problems don’t seem to be getting fixed? It occurs to me they still want our money, but they don’t seem too inclined to do anything to earn. Why are there so many neighbors that show nothing to tap? Why do we have to vandalize our neighbor’s towns (most people dislike this by the way) in order to show that we visited. Why are the “taps” on neighbor’s buildings showing nothing, but if you find the 4 buildings that can be vandalized, you can do that? Even outside of neighbor visits, the game will randomly kick you out, give you the countdown meter, then immediately kick you out again. How about spending less time giving us updates to buy more stuff, or play an event, and just spend some time fixing the ACTUAL game play!
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3 years ago, brawndaa
I’ve been playing Tapped Out for like 5 years now. I just upgraded phones and switched to the iPhone 13 Pro. When I play the game it is way too zoomed in, even AFTER zooming out. I have a ridiculous amount of buildings. Even with my IRS building fully leveled up, it still takes me a while to go through my whole town tapping buildings because the whole game is so zoomed in. I tried going to my phone settings to make sure it’s not my phone, and it’s literally only this app that I have this problem with. When I try to edit my town, the buttons on the right of the screen to make buildings, trees, etc transparent aren’t usable because it’s behind my front facing camera if that makes sense. Please please please please fix. I love this game and don’t want a phone change to keep me from enjoying it. Also sidebar, please make it possible to purchase more land or a building or something to obtain land tokens. I’ve purchased all the possible land I can and I haven’t received another land token in like a month.
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5 years ago, Rocketpunk
Used to be awesome
I played this game religiously for three or so years, and then one day I tried to log in and couldn’t. Somebody hacked me. I was never able to recover that Springfield. It made me angry because I spent a LOT of time playing Tapped Out. My Springfield was huge and I spent almost no real world money on it, just lots and lots of patience. I let two years pass, and I decided to try the game again. Well, I noticed that the price for land expansions has either skyrocketed or I never paid attention to how much it cost back then. It’s ridiculous. There is no way to expand in time to make room for all the buildings and characters. The reason I give it one star is because while I was enjoying playing it again, and I got to level 20, I got tired of seeing the Mothers Day quest still on my task list. So I deleted and re-downloaded the game and tried to log in and it says it can’t log in. Did the typical reinstall, I waited a while before trying to log back in, and it still says it cannot log in. Obviously nothing has gotten better as far as connectivity and log in issues go. Got my hopes up thinking this time it’ll be better, but it’s not. Sad, because I really really really liked playing this game. The other games like it aren’t near as fun. Too bad, I wish EA would get their act together. As it is, I refuse to sink more of my time into the game when I can’t be 100% certain I won’t get hacked or locked out of my own account. Peace out. Deleted.
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3 years ago, WVaCritter
Love it
I reviewed this a long time ago. I’ve decided to change my review a bit from 5 down to 3 stars. The game started going something new that’s driving me nuts. I now have to sign in almost every time I play. The game now has to do the same 2,600MB +/- update almost every time I log in. And it takes forever to download that much info. I’ve tried everything to fix this problem. Deleted the game, cleared all history, rebooted my iPad, and reinstalled the game again. I’ve done this a couple times and it still has the same glitch. I HATE to delete the game permanently after so many years of playing it, but I can’t wait 20+ minutes every time I log on. I’ve never actually time it, but at least 20 minutes. I’ll update this once I see what happens. I've been playing this game for several years now. Really enjoy it. Being able to make Springfield any way you want let's you be creative in so many ways. The events are fun, but I do have a tendency to OCD about getting all the rewards and special event items. So be warned, when people use the word "addictive", they ain't kiddin'. 😉 Lots of fun.
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5 years ago, Ljohn101
Great Game
I have been playing this game for several years and it is one of the best ones out there. In fact, I have had this game longer than any other game. For a long time I did not spend any real money and was able to play the game and finish any of the events they had. I only log into the game 3-4 times a day and have never had problems completing an event. I spend money now, because I want to show my appreciation for not making this a “pay to play game.” Also, when I do spend money, it is never on the current event. There are some glitches and bugs every now and then, but they are always quickly resolved. I also do not know a single software company out there that doesn’t have bugs or glitches when they upgrade or update their programs or software. Sometimes you just can’t anticipate everything, but the important part is that you know how to fix it. If you are new to the game, just be patient, have fun and you will get there.
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2 years ago, DissapointedDuck
Could be Better
The game is fine but it could be improved. There are a few glitches/bugs that need to be worked out. I am constantly being logged out of this game and the login process is more complicated than necessary. In game there are a few bugs. I have characters that do not do assigned tasks from the office of unemployment even though they could (ex. I have four characters who have 4 hour tasks they can complete by themselves but when I use the office of unemployment these characters never go to complete the task). As well, I have two quests to capture creatures but I have never been able to capture them. I also have prisoners spawning from a past event in my springfield and with every update nothing changes. I have tried contacting EA help but nothing comes from it. I get like 6 people trying to solve things and in the end nothing gets solved. I am starting to grow tired of the same event tasks every few weeks. The amount of bugs and lack of imagination for events leads me to think that no developers care about this game and that pretty soon it will stop getting updates and be forgotten.
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2 years ago, Balling color
I’ve had the game for about a year or so and I play it off and on. I’ve never logged in (which I guess is partially on me) and by the time i did actually create the full s count, hoping it would kind of transfer what i already did, i was already in a far space so I just play anonymously. Just today 3/14, I played in the morning and had all my content. This afternoon I go in to check on the tasks and it’s completely started me over. There were no glitches, the app was just updated, but it completely blanked out and I have no way of getting that back. They even state that on the service pages. I was well over 100 levels and it’s all gone. There’s been so many times where I have to reopen the game multiple times because it doesn’t connect to the internet properly so there are no bug fixes or anything during each update. The updates themselves are annoying because they force you to update to get the new journeys-updates that sometimes don’t even come through until just a few days before the deadlines, forcing you to constantly play so you finish and get the rewards. It’s not worth the time to start over completely.
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6 years ago, ladye8833
My favorite game but last update created a glitch
Every time I go in to complete the last task and I clear all the thumbs up out and Try to assign other tasks to my characters the game won’t let me. Open the left-hand corner where the picture is of the character with the checkmark next to the picture when I try to tap on that and assign a character task the game won’t let me instead it goes to the area where the character is supposed to be in the game but the character isn’t there so I can’t tap on the character to assign another task it is very frustrating and every time I go out of the game and then go back into the game all the thumbs up that I had just cleared from the previous task are there all over again it’s like Groundhog Day. Can somebody fix this glitch please I only have till July 25 to finish getting my decorations and I’m never going to get them because I can’t get through to the other tasks because the game won’t let me.
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6 years ago, Krivbeknih
Great game, sad RL influences
Speaking on strictly gameplay, this game is great, and has a tendency to really draw you in when editing your town. It has a ton of features, items, buildings, characters, etc. There is almost always an event going on (which can be good or bad). Constantly new stuff being implemented. Gameplay and features are 5/5 stars. Beyond that, I sincerely despise seeing all this stuff added into the game that has no place in the game. A bunch of political crap in a game I play to try and escape reality? Not a fan of this at all. I’m not saying we shouldn’t make fun of everyone, because this being Simpsons and a game, we should. It just gets old, fast. I see enough idiocy in the news from day to day, and I really hate reliving it in my game. For the past year, I’ve not read a single chat bubble in any of the quests in-game. There is no point anymore, as the humor is massively overshadowed by petty cultural references. Until this stops, and in turn you stop trying to play or downplay one side or another, you get 3 stars. I do not care what you believe, this is a game, not a social media post.
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2 years ago, JahovahsTh1cnes
The game’s mechanics
I want to start off by saying we should to be able to zoom out more, that will make the game a lot less annoying to navigate. My OCD is off the charts with this game because of the zoom out limit. I have played this game for years, waiting for this option to be available throughout the updates to no avail. I am also annoyed by the tasks that show up per season, where you need to send the characters to do certain things to earn tickets, or dinosaur skulls for decorations and prizes. I would love if there be an option to delete side quests if we wanted. It would also be more tolerable if we were able to assign all characters a certain job based on how much they make on that certain job, like sending all 100 characters to a 24h job all at once instead of one at a time. If you guys can implement these features I would definitely put more money into this game to collect all the characters in the game, trust me. Thank you.
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6 months ago, Loganskyy
Still Going, Still Great!
I’ve been with this game from the beginning and still loyal today. I really like the Simpsons show, the Halloween ones especially. I like how the writers, and coders keep up with the current episodes. While still keeping the classics available here and there. The game has some loading issues with some users and it also crashes at some points for me. I would like to mention I’m maxed level and have premium content. This still shouldn’t happen considering my phone has more than enough capability to run it and more. It’s also worth mentioning that still, the game still uses a large amount of data. Other than that it’s a great game that’s been around but I still play here in late 2023! Great work to all who are involved in the creation of the Simpson’s app and show. Thank you for years of entertainment that I think, only a show such as yours can bring. Good luck to you all
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2 years ago, pursuingpizza
Why do I have to redownload the game practically EVERYTIME I try and play??? It takes up so much space in my phone and it takes ages to download and then to log back in! I physically downloaded the game AGAIN for the 100+ time! I’m over level 450… I really love this game but I really really hate having to keep downloading the game no logging in every single time I want to play!! Plus with each new update is bigger and bigger… I was pretty excited about the Halloween update and played it a few days before it asked to download it again! This Canadian adventure seems fun but I got to play it for a day and boom I’m kicked out again and have to redownload it… I’m NOT HAPPY… this has gone on for years. I’m glad you have a verify my account now but that doesn’t make it any easier. I have to leave the app and go to my Email, the come back to tapped out to wait again until the page gets off of Bart then verify and wait ages to download the game I was already playing.. I’m not happy but will begrudgingly continue to play. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!
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5 years ago, DaBestBoom
Best Simpsons Game Ever (except for Hit and Run)
I have played for a while now (a few months) and this game is still fun. I like opening the mystery boxes and see what I will get, I like seeing things from some of my favorite episodes that only showed once or twice. I know that many people are upset that at E3 there wasn’t a Hit and Run 2 or something like that, which I didn’t expect due to it being made a long time ago and having a Grand Theft Auto feel to it. Some people with missing screws thought that they would make a road rage sequel, which would never happen because it got lawsuits from Crazy Taxi. I think this update, or another game would be the best thing they could do. And it delivered. The Simpsons may not be in its “golden age” any longer, but I still tune in on Fox to watch my favorite cartoons (even if they dropped in quality). I still enjoy the Simpsons and that isn’t going to stop anytime soon, just like Bart’s antics.
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4 years ago, ICanReadGoodEnglish
Why only four stars?
I’ve been playing this game nearly since it’s inception. I have the Aztec for instance. I mostly like the game. Here are my problems. Not all of the characters have voices. You can’t get the rights to Uter, Millhouse, etc.? I understand if the voice actor has passed away. Two, you let me sell Jebidiah Springfield (I did this accidentally), but won’t let me buy him back with in-game currency (doughnuts)? I have a character whose story arc will never be realized. The game crashes (A LOT). There are multiple friends whose Springfields I cannot collect income/XP/the occasional donut from because even when I enter their Springfield, I have to return to it multiple times just to tap (I know they are active players). I have trillions of dollars and no way to spend the money. Shouldn’t Cecil have more projects for me? What happened to Whacking day, killing zombies and skeletons during Halloween? Treehouse of Horror has been dull in recent years. Relatedly, where is Whacking Day? Where are the hidden Christmas presents? Time for a good overhaul.
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1 year ago, Chevy2500HD4x4
Great But…
I do not appreciate my characters walking through the ocean to get to the boardwalk. I do not appreciate my characters walking through walls, the mountains, lawns and other places you never would have found them walking years ago. What is the point of the Squid Port if the characters are just going to take shortcuts wherever they feel like it, and what is the point of the tunnel to the heights or the bridge to frontier land? I also don’t like the fact that there are no longer actual tapping events like there used to be at Halloween. This all seems lazy almost like corner cutting and I am not talking about the characters here but about the programmers. I myself have been working on building my Springfield since the game was brand new. That’s over a decade of creation. I remember the characters didn’t do this stuff before. You can program a computer to do just about anything so enough with the corner cutting. Now my characters won’t walk across Barnacle Bay Marina but they will walk across the ocean to get back to town. BRAAAAVO!
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6 years ago, YooperMAN_11
Great Game
It’s a great game really, but I’ve spent a lot of money on donuts thru the years of playing. Probably too much money actually, I’d hate to see what I’ve pumped into games like this and Family Guy etc,...It’s nice to take a break from games occasionally, but this one is getting as bad as the Family Guy with constant time limited promotions and if you’re not playing daily you can miss out on many things. I love the game but hate the fact I gotta constantly check in or lose out on bonus stuff. Recently I started up the Halloween promo, which is great, but I have to redownload the game almost every time if 8 hrs passes. Downloading takes forever and my town has gotten so big I keep getting a warning for items within my town and I haven’t even used up all my space or lots within. But aside from these issues, I’m a simpson fan and it’s one of my fav games, unfortunately I just don’t have unlimited time to play it all the time.
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6 years ago, Dansbeloved
All Simpsons Fans will love it!
I’ve been playing this game for years. I’m at level 131, so I don’t understand what the other reviewers are griping about. The game gives daily tasks & rewards for events and for play, which can be used to buy things with donuts. There are also mini-games within the game, like locating Maggie 3 times gives 3 donuts. They have events, which often are related to current or past Simpsons episodes, holiday events, free land expansions, free buildings. I’m probably not EAs favorite gamer because I am patient & save my free donuts, so don’t spend actual cash to get premium items. I currently have over 100 Simpsons characters. I play on an Ipad. Crashes are rare. The game is fun, with the usual “Simpsons” sense of irreverent take on life and ironic social commentary. The characters remain “in character” in the game. Kudos (& Kang!) the game developers & for the same creative humor that has kept the Simpsons a fresh force for 30+ yrs.
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5 years ago, SonicPman Reviewer #92
A Solid Game
Though Tapped Out is fine on its own, it’s fantastic for a Simpsons fan. You have the ability to build your own Springfield, to arrange it however you’d like, and to fill it with all kinds of things, many of which are recognizable from the show. Though it’s another one of those tapping-and-waiting games, its satire humor, busy quests, and hidden secrets typically do well at reducing any boredom. There aren’t too many issues to note, but there are some strikes against it. First, the friend system. The game greatly encourages you to link up with friends that also use the game so that you can benefit from each other by visiting each other’s Springfield. The current system of adding friends has two methods: by each other’s EA accounts or by email/text. So far, doing it by the second option is buggy. Similarly, there’s only one option for a save data backup: logging in with an EA account. Plenty of other games provide backups with services like Facebook or Google, so it’s a bit of a hassle to deal with. My biggest complaint is the updates. For some reason, I’ve had to repeatedly download almost a gigabyte of updates for the game, even though it already had them. It typically happens twice a week or after I’ve turned off my phone. I don’t know if it’s a bug or not, but it is becoming a nuisance. Aside from those flaws, I still enjoy the game a lot. I just wish I wouldn’t have to wait for updates I already have.
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2 years ago, Concordefliesinmyroom
Unable to connect to server for a day now
I spent weeks on this game, I loved it so much that I dedicated quite literally ALL of my free time to it. I spent at least $100 on it. Yesterday, I tried to connect my EA account in order to keep my progress if I ever need to delete the app. Halfway through connecting my account the server connection dropped. Ever since then every time I log on, it says "can not connect to server". Not a single EA forum has provided any solution that works. I tried restarting my phone, offloading and redownloading the app, switching to different wifi connections, turning off the wifi and turning it back on, logging in with cellular data instead of wifi, and every possible combination of those solutions. Nothing. It still won't let me connect. I'm about to delete the app if this doesn't get fixed soon, I don't care that I won't be able to keep my data. None of my other apps are having issues. Also 1/10 of the time when I bought golden scratch-r's it took my money but didn't even give me the scratch-r. Only other issue besides that is you can't place cars on roads or boats on rivers???
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3 years ago, Cheshire Katt
Play a little play a lot
Land in Springfield heights! I would love to have more land there but I have all the space it allows me to have so I can’t do what I would like to do on that side of the mountain Itd be nice if there were some mountain looking walls like there was maybe even some rock like walls that aren’t the usual cobblestone wall or cement wall or brick walls I would have liked to see just the ice walls in the store during the winter event but the only way to get them was in a bundle and there wasn’t much of them so I didn’t get them since I was going to have to use donuts that I can barely even save up for the next event before another event starts I loved getting tickets for the daily tasks for items and I could actually get all the items from it that’s a first but the token box barely anything that I’d have actually wanted was given and a lot left to get I know there’s a lot here but if I don’t describe things you wouldn’t know what I was talking about
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2 years ago, LocalCracke
Issue pls help
Ok let me first off say I’m a simpsons addict… Today I upgraded my iPhone, picked up the 13 pro max. Downloaded tapped out, when you hop onto the app it’s stretched as if it were being played on an iPad mini. Messed with my zoom and display settings within iPhone settings without any luck finding fix. You can still play the game…. But because it’s stretched you can’t see important information such as your character task bar if your phones oriented with your front facing camera on the left. Pls help I love this game too much to stop playing because of a stupid IPhone. I had another friend who has 13 pro max download Simpsons TO on his phone and can conclude it’s not just my phone his picture stretched too. Read around online and it looks like other apps have this problem too, if someone can help I would personally buy that individual a dozen IRL donuts!!!!
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6 years ago, PleaseCopyCutPaste
Years and no interface upgrades
This game is frustratingly hard to keep organized or sorted. The storage boxes where inventory is kept are a mess and you can never find what you need easily. Tapping on specific places with surrounding houses is TEDIUM at its finest. You will have to tap 50 separate times for the app to register the place you ACTUALLY want to tap. It makes grinding INSANELY tedious and annoying. It’s been YEARS and no improvements have been made in this area. The worst part about this app is the battery drainage. Out of a list: Tapped Out, Instagram, Safari web browser, Facebook, WhatsApp, ADT Pulse, Neomon, Sailor Moon Drops, FF EXVIUS, Canary, and Find Friends... Within 24 hours, the Tapped Out app has used 68% (with 3 hours of use) of my battery. More than all the others app combined. The app also makes my phone unbearably hot to the point I have to take my cell phone case off of it in order to help cool it. No other app has ever even come close to causing this issue on my phone. I stopped using Tapped out for about a year and never had battery issues. I’ve just recently started playing again, and all these issues magically appeared again. 🤔🤔🤔🤔
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6 years ago, Jdpaul1710
Great Game!
I can’t even say how long I’ve been playing this game. Since the very beginning I think, and it’s one of the few games I continue to play. The events are nicely streamlined now, and it’s all the little tweaks & improvements that make this game one of my favorites. There’s only a few changes I wish they’d make: the ability to sell/destroy event objects as I have multiples of the Simpsons Ice Sculptures from two years in a row, and all they do is take up space. And no one needs 15 concrete chaise lounges and toilets as we got from this years halloween event when releasing monsters in order to obtain event currency. The other things I think would be a great addition would be the ability to rotate buildings/decorations in three or even all four directions, and make the 'Clash of Castles' castles/characters upgradable and workable like Springfield Heights. And please, EA, add the simple ability to zoom out a little further.
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4 years ago, FIX THE UI/UX
ok but issues
I never write reviews but here it goes. It’s a good game, my issue’s with the UX. Why does the app entirely reload your game session as soon as you exit the app for 0.1 seconds? It’s completely unnecessary and can make things like trying to add friends (which is an in-game challenge) from a forum an infuriating experience. When you switch from the add friends screen to your browser to read a EA name and then come back (15 seconds total) the whole game reloads and makes you navigate back to the add friends screen (1.5-2 minutes of loading). Try to add 10 friends and you’re looking at 10+ brutal minutes of trying to remember random usernames and staring at the loading screen, assuming you don’t forget one or both and repeat. Another easy answer is to add a “recommended friends” section based on recently active players around your level, eaaasy implementation and A+ utility. They really are two separate issues though, please try to add both (even if the cached game session stuck around for 1 min it would be a massive improvement, for checking sms etc. as well).
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2 years ago, Buddy_Molly
One of the All Time Greats… But…
So I’ve been playing this game almost since it came out, and no matter what happens or how long I don’t play I always come back to it eventually. But I would say for probably the last 2 years it’s becoming more of an obligation to not miss out on stuff rather than wanting to play. The events are always entertaining, and quests and prizes are fantastic… But they’re repetitive and lazy. No more wacking day snake hunting, elf collecting or zombie slaying at halloween. Just 4 hour tasks all year round. Springfield heights is basically useless too, and the squid port has a limit on the number of tiles you can make which is weird? I get that developers are probably busy with the actual show and stuff, even though it’s such a popular game still. However, if the creativity isn’t there any more then eventually this game won’t be worth the obligation.
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5 years ago, Tameta
Clever and hilarious!!
Update: still love this game, however the inability to buy land with gold is incredibly frustrating. Only being able to get land via land tokens in events is a frustrating way to throttle the gameplay. I get my town how I like it, then new stuff comes out with the event and inevitably I have to do massive rearranging and store something away just to have the new items Needed for the event out. And without land to buy there’s nothing to spend your gold on and then there’s really no point to sending characters out on none event quests. Part of the game just died off and now the only thing to do is events. Just frustrating..... The quests are fun, the characters are hilarious, rebuilding the town is so neat. Very user friendly! The events they do are a blast (Halloween is the best)! Since this game is so fun I don't mind spending the occasional dollars to buy the premium currency! Best mobile game ever!!!
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4 years ago, AndyDougy
Give us Opt outs!
As a lifelong Simpsons fan in my late 30s, I love this frickin game. It’s perfectly suited to my OCD. But please, I’m not doing Krustyland crap. We should have the option to opt out of certain quests at the risk, of course, of having to pay donuts for those quest items. I know some folk feel this way about the monorail quest. Also can we zoom further out. My Springfield is huge brah. What else... I mean you guys are sitting on a goldmine... mini games, live episode tie ins, Disney Disney Disney! After losing about a hundred bucks on my initial game, all my items from the start of that game, and getting no help from EA, I restarted a new game when I got Disney plus... cos all they have is the Simpsons after you watch the smattering of movies (no kids bro). So I am grateful for the chance to regain what I lost for 30 donuts a pop. Oh and cmon why can’t I put cars on the road? And rotation! Give us more rotation! Don’t be lazy, animate the backside of things! Ok well still great game but pobody’s nerfect.
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6 years ago, Avoid at any cost
Love this game!EA PLZ READSome requests:
-I get that you probably have to have a cap on items, you have to let us get rid of some of the ones you forced us to get during games but can’t sell (and some keep generating). Or at least archive them so that they don’t count toward our total. -I want to be able to create custom groups of actions that are my favorite, and then group them for different times. So be able to set everyone on my favorite four-hour animation, or my favorite eight hour animation. Etc. -i’d like to be able to tap a building and see the characters that have an activity there, because I forget, and I’d like to see what the buildings do sometimes and they don’t get paid attention to. -in the macro view of all of my friends towns, I’d like to be able to see the ones that have nothing to offer me, likely because they haven’t been playing for a while. I hate waiting for a town to load, scrolling through a huge one, and they have exactly 0 stuff left. -I want to be able to zoom all the way out, or at least a lot farther! And along those lines, I really really really want to be able to print my whole town out, in high resolution, at iPad scale. I honestly think my town might be 7 feet across by now on iPhone, and that iPad scale I think I could wallpaper a wall with it. This is something I’d definitely pay for! Please read this!
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4 years ago, Ibjen1980
Holds Up to Test of Time
Just stopping back in after a couple more YEARS of playing TSTO to tell the developers THANK YOU for always keeping your game so fresh and updated- and for making a lot of cool, fun stuff available for your freemium & premium players alike. If more apps followed your example, they would also hold up to the test of time. Also: for a game that is consistently being updated like yours, I'm super impressed that I have had VERY, VERY few (and small) issues with game performance or glitches. Any I have had, you guys are really on top of fixing it and.....wait for it.....usually COMPENSATE YOUR CUSTOMERS with donuts when it happens. The kids may have to get out the dictionary because "compensate" is such a rare word among companies these days.🙄 Anyway- keep up the GREAT WORK!!! 👍🏻🤗😀 Update: Thanks for yet another great update!🏜 Plus all the new ways to earn free donuts- you guys are the best!!! 👍🏻🤗👍🏻🤗👍🏻🤗👍🏻
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6 years ago, Goofnbaby
A few changes would make it perfect.
I’ve been playing for years. I love it. The upgrades they have done to make things better are awesome. Only draw back is there are so many things I want to sell and get rid of but can’t. Like the Christmas decorations, candy canes, bells etc. I want to sell the stupid wall and the pieces that go with it except the one that makes more. But more then anything I want to sell the rail road. I hate how my town looks with all the curves and bends. I kept making more to get the donuts. I stopped because there is just so much. We should be allowed to sell (or delete) any piece. PLEASE! Other then selling Stuff that were not able to this game rocks. For 4+ years I’ve been playing. I’ve slowed down a bit only because each event gives you more crap you cant sell. Allow us to sell anything (except important buildings and items that creat things such as the wall and the train stations) and this game would be number 1!
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5 years ago, jessann212
The almost perfect sim game
I love love this game! I have been playing it for years! My town is huge. There are a few things I wish were different. It would be nice if you can sell more out of your inventory. I mean who needs 120 toilets from a quest you did. Takes up space. Also, it would be nice to be able to add friends easier. I don’t know people who personally play so it would be nice to see other towns and ask to add them. I love the holiday quests, however it almost seems just out of reach to complete them realistically. I mean I work, I take care of my family so I can’t sit on a game and check it literally every 4 hours to complete the quests all the way. Also, what up with Krustyland now? I’ve got all this space and there is no way to buy more attractions for it. How do I know how many tickets I have now? I want to keep building that too since it’s there. I love this game but there are still improvement to be made. Thanks!!
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