The Sims™ 2: Super Collection

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2048 MB
Age rating
Current version
Aspyr Media, Inc.
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
10.12.6 or later
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User Reviews for The Sims™ 2: Super Collection

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6 years ago, Kristian Dee
Skintone 1 On Adult Female Sims
Edit: It has been a month since the bug has been addressed, yet there is no fix for it as of February 1, 2018. I just hope this gets fixed soon. And I mean soon. I tried being patient, but it has already been a month. This is a really great port; I enjoy the multi-gesture features especially since I’m playing on a MacBook Air. However, this review is losing a star because there is one bug that is really irking me right now and keeping me from playing the game: Whenever I create a new sim, or attempt to makeover an adult female sim, the head’s skintone is two tones darker than the rest of her “normal” skintone (if that makes any sense). This bug has already been adressed on the support website, and I hope that this gets fixed ASAP. I want to get back to simming!!
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3 years ago, AmiableJac
Im not quite sure if they've fixed the bugs....
I have a mac mini and it works 100% fine on my computer. If you wanna take the chance and spend $30 to buy it I would because it is definetly worth it if it does. Some things I've learned from past sims games is that they are often very large and need a lot of time to boot up. THis game seems to boot up fairly quickly for a sims game and I enjoy playing it. But as ive learned from playing the sims with many expansions and regarding their size do not spam click or try to rush the computer that causes my sims 3 game to crash and would likely result in this gaem crashing too. Just let the game take its time booting up and do not try to rush it. Evem with the sims 4 on origin if you clicked on the icon too many times it would cause the auio to fail and you would have to boot up the game another time which takes even linger than just waiting for the game to take its time in the First place. DO NOT RUSH YOUR GAME LET IT TAKE ITS TIME. I have not encountered any of the bugs other reviewers have mentioned but i read a previous comment about how older computers run the game better. I cant remember how old my mac is but it is at least 6 years old. Older computers seem to run the game better so warning if your computer is extremely new iI probaby wouldnt bother... Although my computer runs the game fine.
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11 months ago, Anslie Paulk
I have played sims game on my iphone and they work just fine so I wanted to get it on my mac and i regretted it. I got the app maybe an hour ago and started playing it immediantly. I went to close out and to my shock nothing I did would close the app. I could continue playing so it wasnt frozen but it would not close out. There was no red X in the corner and when i pressed the esc button it would not work. I started to panick and started pressing on every button my my computer but nothing other than F3 would get me out. F3 still wasnt able to get the game off. I was able to go to another desktop on my mac but I didnt know what to do after that. I tried to put the game in the trash to delete it and see if that would work but it wouldnt go in. I tried to reset my mac but the sims game then poped up and filled my screen and wouldnt go away so I reput it in a new desktop. I then found a force quit tap in the top left part of my mac and made a force quit on the Sims 2 game and deleted it from my computer. I have already requested for a refund since this game was $30 and almost messed my computer up due to it glitching. Im beyond mad that I wasted that money on a game that I can even play and will contact apple about removing the game from mac apple game pages so that this doesnt happen to someone else. Thank you
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6 years ago, Jpmf
It’s… meh.. I wouldn’t get it
Don’t get me wrong, when you first start, it looked like it was going to be a very fun game with a lot of replay value. But the (quite ironically) reccurring problem I’ve had with many Sims games is that they are extremely repetitive, and sometimes downright confusing or infuriating. I’m getting the Sims 4 soon, and I hope it’s not as repetitive. After a while, some tasks become more of a burden or a chore rather than a fun experience, such as keeping vampire Sims alive. Yes, I have tried everything, and no, nothing seems to work. I wouldn’t buy it again, mostly because I had to wait about three hours for the download. Normally you’d have to wait an hour and a half, but still, I wouldn’t take an hour out of my day for this. The redeeming qualities of this game are there, but they’re just overshadowed by the amount of bad qualities. I was also dissapointed that there was no story mode as well. Story mode was a very fun asset of the individual games, and I was hoping that would be added. Overall, this game has left a bad taste in my mouth, as do most games on my Mac, my advice? Just get a game on another system, you’ll definitely get way more enjoyment out of it.
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8 years ago, Hack......
GET IT!!!!!!
if u are reading this to know to get or not I think you should! I was VERY sad when my sims 3 game stopped working, i baught it fir the wii but the sims 3 evperience just wasnt the same! ive played the sims 2 on friends computers before I HATED IT, after playing the sims 3 it fells dull and idiotic, but i thaought for it being on sale right now for only 15 dollars it would be better then sims on the wii, i downloaded it, and because of the fact that mac is constantly upgradaing this game, it is amazing. Ive played the sims 4 but the sims 2 now has way BETTER GRAPHICS then the 4th game. I was blown away by the ADORABLE NEW PETS that were added, the pools and new age groups it is just like the sims 3 but better, i didnt like the sims 4 because there is no toddlers or any of my favorite functions from the sims 3, it also giver less in the base game. basiclly the sum of this is if u wannna upgrade from the sims 3 without having the stupide annoying thins on the sims 4 this is oddly the way to go!!!!! sorry bout the typos!!
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5 years ago, TkwrtXIVwriter
Same Game--Love it: HOWEVER.
UPDATE: This GAME is about to be Obsolete and unusable for future MAC OS systems! DO NOT BUY because ASPYR is NOT going to update this game! Now, saying that, this is what's wrong with it now. They don't have any plans of fixing the problems. I don't know the arrangement that keeps this company from having ALL the Sims 2 Games like before but you'd think they would have fixed the glitches (they didn't no matter what they tell you). The skins are off (dark faces/white bodies), Sims take babies and toddlers to the bathroom with them when 'they' go, they awkward carry grocery basket, guest refuse to leave after you ask them to go, Sims often won't follow commands immediately--sometimes it takes hours in "Sim" time. Little things like that keep this from getting 5 stars from me (and I have the most recent interface on a Mac). It is definitely the same old game you love with the same old glitches Aspyr is not going to fix so I wouldn't keep asking them. In fact, I don't see Aspyr upgrading this game so don't waste your money. I was fun while it lasted though. Just Get Sims 4.
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1 year ago, flowersinthebody
Possible Workaround!!!
Okay, I think I've found a way around The Sims 2's problem: I downloaded an app from the app store that let me change the resolution settings to 60 hertz. I just typed "display menu" into the app store's search bar, downloaded the first app that came up, and changed the resolution to fit my screen. Then I started the game and waited for about 5 minutes for it to load. No joke, I just wanted to see how long the loading cursor would spin before the game crashed. To my surprise, the game ran after about 5 minutes. After I got over being surprised, I tried to leave the game, so I clicked the "Quit" button and had to wait 5 more minutes. After that, I turned on The Sims 2 again, and to my surprise, it started right up this time. I played for about an hour, saved, and then quit. When I did, the game ended right away. This worked for me because I have a 2020 Macbook Pro with an M1 chip and the latest OS (Ventura 13.0.1). Happy Simming!
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7 years ago, Pudpuppylovr1🐩
Awesome game!
I got a new macbook about Christmas time. I loved playing sims free-play, and i was excited to see that there is sims 2 collection. I suggest this game to any sim lover. I was also happy I got it for half off. This game is much better than sims free play only because you can speed up time, send your sims off to college, you can get your charaters jobs, your children can go to school, and you can have pets. The only down side about this game is your sims can get the flu ,and you can be visited by the Grim-Reaper, or the Social worker if you dont take care of your sims properly. Or your pets can run away, but I still enjoy the game. If you get Blue Water Village you will see that there is shops, restraints, markets, and there is Lead's gym. But, I was kind of especting this and I would still recomend this game. I hope this review helped you, and I hope you enjoy the game if you get it.
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3 years ago, foreverfolklore
I've just recently gotten into the Sims 2 after hearing so many goods things about it and I was suprised to see it was on the app store! Although I do wish it was still available on Origin (considering they were giving it out for free) :( I've seen alot of people saying that it isn't working on their Mac's that have the M1 chip, but with my 2018 Macbook Pro that luckily had the Intel chip it is still playable and the game runs super well, and so if you have a more recent-ish one like a 2018 the game should definetly run. The game also booted up super quickly and runs great with only minimal lag while moving the camera quickly which is impressive considering I maxed out the graphics. This is all on my regular Macbook Pro, so if your looking to get this I would highly recommend it!
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5 years ago, CausualJoker3846
Its Amazing Totally would recommend it
This game is amazing I would recommend this game to anyone trying to find a game that will get the player engaged and exited to play more. When I first found this game I was like meh but now that I have the game it is amazing the game play is so good of course its older and not as modern as the sims 4 but it is still amazing since people like me and others are still buying it even though it is from like 2004 through 2008 it still related to the time and the cutscenes awesome I love this game and if someone happens to be reading this get the game it is totaly worth it. Just a helpful tip- try to wait till the game goes on sale for 50% off you will know if it is on sale if it is only $15 not $30 If you made it this far then thanks for reading hope you get the game and if you do happy Simming. : )
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7 months ago, Wang_Gamja
For Macbook Pro Users
I have seen many unsatisfied reviews among newer macs and macbook pro m1 chip users, so I was very scared to get this game. Through hours of research and reviews, I decided to get the game. EVERTHING RUNS!! I have the macbook pro M1 chip, 2020 and things are running smoothly so far. I will update the review after playing for longer, but I was able to create a new game, make a charcter, and play the household. For those who have trouble still, I would recommend you guys to change your display setting, specifically the refreshing rate to 60hz or less. That is the only working solution I have read and seen work. (Open your mac's System Preferences. Click Displays. Under the "Refresh Rate" drop-down, set your refresh rate to 60 Hz or less.)
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3 months ago, Bre'Anna Girdy
No complaints (so far)
I felt like I was taking a massive change by purchasing this app, based on the mixed reviews, so I thought I'd give my review with the hope it'd help someone feel more confident about their purchaes and outcomes. I have a Macbook Air 2020 intel core i3, 1.1 GHz, and I played this game for hours yesterday. Maybe my fan kicke on once or twice, but my laptop didn't even get that hot. I saw in places that you should change the graphics/fps... I was too lazy to figure out what specs my laptop needed so I didn't. I didn't experience a single issue! The only thing that is sort of kind of annoying is the eyelashes, but that's not so big of a deal that I'd rate this anything other than five stars. This game is exactly as I remembered it, and is truly the best and most smooth compared to sims 3 (which I attempted to play yesterday as well, but it kept crashing). I read somewhere that folks with the M-series will have issues, and that's because sims 2 wasn't made for such advanced specs. I'm not 100% sure of this, but maybe that's what's going on here. Great game, and so thoroughly pleased that I can run it on my macbook air.
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3 years ago, JungleWampa
Do not buy if you use an M1 Mac
I am brand new to the Mac ecosystem, and I had no idea that the Sims 2 was still available to play since it had been removed from PC years ago. I love the Sims series, so I was super excited to play this entry. Unfortunately, after spending several hours making the perfect family and setting up my house, the game crashed. I quickly learned this wasn't an isolated event. Every time I try to enter a household to actually play the game, it crashes. After a quick Google search, I learned that many other people are having this same exact problem, but only on the newly released Macs. I would love for Aspyr to update the game and fix this issue if possible, as I can tell there is a great game waiting to be played. For now, though, do not buy this if you use one of the new M1 chips. If it is updated in the future, I will most definitely revise or remove this review. Until then, I am going to attempt to get a refund.
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5 years ago, Bianca_L.
Needs an Update as well as Bug Fixes!!
Great collection of Sims games; I’ve been a huge fan of The Sims for many years. I have a huge collection of the sims games for different systems, from Playstation 2 to PSP to my laptops (Dell then Macbook Air). I am currently experiencing various glitches and bugs while I play this one. I hope this problem is resolved ASAP. I also wish the Apartments version was included in this package too. Please, release the Sims 4 and the Sims 4: Get to Work! As for right now, PLEASE resolve the bug issues!! Thanks! In dire need of bug fixes/resolution! I understand the lack of attention to this version of the sims but as a serious Sims fan, it would definitely be appreciated. The issues are getting worse.
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3 years ago, Twotonne
This Works on an M1 Mac 24inch desktop
I had read all the reviews saying that The Sims2 Super Collection wouldn't work on an M1 Mac. Well, I decided to try it anyway. I am now in love with The Sims 2 all over again. I haven't yet figured out how to download or mod or if that is even possible. I had been playing The Sims 3 on my old MacBook Pro which had become exremely outdated to the point Origin just wouldn't work quite right. The Sims 4 was a disappointment all the way around. However, I am now relearning all the quirks and cheats of The Sims 2 and have more expansion packs than ever before. Great value for the price. I would definitely buy it again.
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3 years ago, ShelbyAWord
Great Game!
Im running on a 2020 Macbook air, and the game runs just fine. Sometimes i have glitches with the sound, but it doesn't much concern me considering i often play with the sound off. I saw other people saying their new computer couldn't boot the game, and im presuming they have fixed this bug. i have played hours with no crashes! If you are a fan of the sims - and havent played the older ones, this is an amazing game. if the sims 4 had this gameplay, with their graphics - id be in love. Love the realism of the memory system, actually having to shop for clothes, having usuable cars, and the zodiac personality system. i adore this game so much.
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8 years ago, mchelles
First time EVER I’ve been able to fully enjoy Sims 2!
Truly, today is one of those “Mark this day in my gaming history” moments for me, as this is the very first time ever I have actually been able to play Sims 2 without the computer freezing, crashing, or parts of the game taking forever to load - even the install process was quick and easy. Not once did my macbook become overheated or hot to touch. It did not drain my battery either -played for about 3 hours straight and I still had a good 45% battery life left. Overall, a fantastic value with the bonus expansion packs, and a lot of fun to play the classic game again.
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8 years ago, sojourner_18
Great Value!!!
I am so excited to get into this game. I was blown away by the graphics as soon as I launched it. It’s as stunning as the Sims 4! I’ve grown up playing console and handheld versions of the Sims, but I have just recently started playing the Mac versions. I started with downloading the Sims 3 and various expansion packs through Origin, and the game lags and I have to keep the graphics on the lowest setting just to run it. This game runs beautifully, and the cost is unbeatable. I totally recommend it! Thank you Aspyr Media! It would be awesome if you guys developed the original the Sims like this so old and new simmers alike can get a feel for where it all began! :D
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4 years ago, erinefree
Good, but regular trouble
I love the Sims. I always have. I was really excited to get the Sims 2 again, mainly from a nostalgic point of view. Anyhow, the gameplay is normal, and doesn't roast my computer (mind you I am using an late 2015 iMac, with a 16 GB memory). This said, there is never an indication of crashing. It works perfectly. However with this app there are repeated bugs that will crash the game (like I said, with no indication). This has been going on for a while now, and I have reported multiple times. The latest is with the "open for business" part of the game. This game would easily get the 5 stars it deserves, if Aspyr would fix the bugs frequently.
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4 years ago, elleiexoxo
Super hesitant at first, but glad I got it!
I grew up with sims 2 and loved it to pieces. Now that i'm older, playing sims 4 doesnt hit the same as 3 or 2 did. I had sims 3 on my mac until I got a new mac and found out it was not compatible with the newest macbook, but when i saw the sims 2 on the app store i was so excited! reading some reviews, I was hesitant, but after buying it it's worth every penny and I have a nostalgic blast. It has its things here and there but nothing too crazy. Only thing I wish for is new and more expansion packs! overall super happy with this. Whether its for the nostalgia or trying it out you wont be dissapointed!
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7 years ago, Deanana lynn
Love Love
I have been a sims player going on 13 years, and have always loved everything about it. Not having a computer left me playing the sims freeplay on my phone. While it was not bad, it just was not the same as playing of a computer. When I finally did get a computer I searched the app store and found this beauty. I have been playing for about 6 months on my macbook and I am so in love. The graphics are great, the furniture is beautiful and I love that I am able to play a young adult in college. All of the expansion packs leave plenty to do and explore, resulting in hours of endless entertainment. This was an awesome investment.
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5 years ago, OldSchoolNewsPhotog
Over all its fun but is missing A LOT of things
When you first start its lots of fun. There are lots of things to do. however, after a while it gets kind of boring. You can only do so much. A problem I face is the sims you play as will do their own thing. sometimes auto piolet takes over, like when teens or children wont do their homework so you have to bribe them into doing it. Also, just saying, if anyone actually reads these, it would be awesome if you could have the teens be set to like someone. And same thing to the dogs. It would be fun if you could, when you made them, dogs or cats could be set to like another dog if its in that family. last thing, MAKE PUPPIES AND KITTENS AVALIBLE TO CREATE!!! PLEASE!!! ALSO skintone 1 on adult female sims..... it is broken
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3 years ago, Jlemus727
Works on M1 Macbook
At the time of writing this review, the app had been updated just two weeks for "general bug fixes". I purchased this way back in the day when I had a 2013 Intel Macbook. I recently purchased an M1 Macbook Air and had a feeling of nostalgia when I reviewed my purchase history in the app store. After reading many reviews about issues with the M1 Macs, I noticed that there were no recent ones. I decided to download this and give it a try. It works GREAT! Performance is way better than I remember and I have had no issues. I highly recommend!
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7 years ago, Taniwha
Kinda Stupid, Really
I regularly play Sims FreePlay on my iPhone, and I love that game! There’s a lot to do, the graphics are great, and it’s very easy to get around. I thought, “As long as I enjoy this on my iPhone, running out of battery and all, why not get the same thing for my MacBook Pro?” Well, Sims2 is just the opposite! I got this game today and started to play. The graphics are not that good, the actions are counter-intuitive, and it is very difficult to navigate! It takes too long for positive effects to happen, and their needs accumulate far too quickly. There doesn’t seem to be any point to it…no bigger picture…just sit in one house all day and take care of a Sim or two. What would I like for this game? My money back. Honestly, it’s stupid, and I’m probably never going to play it.
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2 years ago, HeyItsSerelet
Found a fix for 2021 M1 Pro Macbook Pro 14" and 16"
The Sims 2 is one of my favorite games of all time. Rating 4 stars for a few reasons. I wish a few packs like Apartment Life and Free time were on here, but I realized those did not come to mac. There also is some optimization issues with the M1 Pro chip. I am playing on a 2021 Macbook Pro 14" and I've finally found the solution for getting it open without crashing. For anyone on the 14" or 16" Macbook Pros, change the display to 60hz instead of the 120hz Pro Motion. Until there's a fix, this has successfully been able to load the game for me. Hopefully this can be fixed soon.
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7 years ago, Heatherbug411
So annoyed!
I got this game because I used to play alllllll the time. I went through three days of deleting and reinstalling trying to troubleshoot why the game wouldn’t work (I kept getting a error message, and one saying the game was “damaged” and couldn’t open. I updated my MacBook Pro to the most resent update it had and it still didn’t work. I triple checked and my MacBook has the requirments to run the game, yet I still had issues. On the third day of trying to install this game it FINALLY worked. As you can image I was so stoaked it has finally opened up and worked. I created a family and put furniture in the house… and now it crashes everytime I get on. I’m so irriated with this game. I spent $30 for literally NOTHING! I sent a help ticket to the developers and have yet to recieve a response. Save $30 and get something else, this is not worth it.
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7 years ago, lojoflo
Wish it had all of the expansions
It’s fun but it gets boring because there is not as many options as before. I use to have it for a pc and it had apartment life and mansion and free time and it was so much more fun. I hope that eventuall they do decide to add more expansions. But from reviews I have read on line it does not sound like they will! And it stinks because you can not just use a disc of apartment life and add it to the system. It is alot of fun but it ends up becoming boring because you cant really individualize when building houses or creating people. I would highly consider getting the sims 3 and play that but I really like the TS2 ALOT. Hopefully Aspyr adds more expansions, even though it is highly unlikely that they will
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1 year ago, Michijuana
Works for Macbook Pro 14" 2021
I can confirm with the other review that was left under here recently that it indeed does work for this model of Macbook, maybe others but not so sure. When i tried opening the game it crashed right away. However, when i set my refresh rate to 60 Hertz the game started right up! How to do this? (on your Macbook Pro 14" 2021) simply go into your system preferences, go to display, click the drop down in "Refresh Rate" and select 60 Hertz and wha-la. It worked for me. Don't know if this method works for other models, but try at your own risk.
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4 years ago, hachiehippy
One of the best Sims games there is.
It simply is the best Sims game there ever was. The storylines, memories, and tiny details is what makes this game truly magical. One of the tiny details in the game is if a teen Sims hygiene is low, they get acne. Another one is if a Sim is laying on a couch, the pillows on it will actually shift. Plus, Sims have memories! Memories! And the fact that there is so much in the base game! One complaint though is the fact that Apartment Life is not in the game. Other than that, Its's a great game! Oh, one more thing though, you can get the game for free, no viruses! Problem is though, It takes a long time to get it running. Just look it up.
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3 years ago, doodooheadthe1st
Limit on cc
Before the update to 64 bit I could have a pretty decent sized amount of custom content added to the game now after the update it seems extremely limited unsure of why this happened or if it was necessary to update the game but kind of dissaponting as CC can really add to the experience of making it a decent looking game. Also sometimes a weird glitch happens where I will load the game and the neighborhoods have been completely deleted so no houses/lots are there. I really love the sims game it's my favorite but this version just seems uncared for with no updates or fixes. I get it's a really old game but there is still a fanbase who plays it and enjoys it just wish it was taken care of better :(
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3 years ago, Cassoooodra
100% worth it
As being a huge sims advocate for many many years begining with sims 1. I'm so happy I found a way to be able to play this game again! Sims 2 has always been my favorite game by far! Hope to see if the developers of this app will add another pack of the sims two expansions together! Freeplay?! :D Best pack there is! As I've been playing sims 4 for sometime now I love being able to go back and relive this game. Thank you so much for bringing this big to my life! Will be watching to see if more get released this way as its the only way I can stilll play my all time favorite game!
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8 years ago, Mango Fruits
Wish it was complete...
The sims 2 is my absolute favorite in the franchise, but unfotunately few games cater to mac users. I love that I am able to run a crisp, fast-running version of the game for the first time ever. HOWEVER, freetime and apartment life, in my opinion, are absolutely crucial to the sims 2 experience. I’ve been reading around and many other players desperately want the expansions to be mac compatible. It really would be a sound business practice and good use of time to give loyal fans of the sims franchise what they want. I’d even pay extra for the addition of these expansions as well as the missing stuff packs (since my top 3 havent been added….) PLEASE, ASPYR,I BEG OF YOU finish the game you started! Mac users deserve love too!
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4 years ago, Yepitscrissy
If you’re on OG Sims Fan; and this game was your life growing up then, you’re going to be highly amazed that all of these expansion packs are under one install and works smoother than ever before! This game IS the original sims 2 game but with much higher quality. My waittime for loading screens are measured in SECONDS compared to sims 4… There are no lags/glitches it’s amazing! I am BEGGING Aspyr to make an add-on application with the rest of the expansion/stuff packs. You cannot beat the price.. I remember paying $25 per expansion pack in the day so this is unbelievable and well worth the money.
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5 years ago, Tia2345
Okay so Sims 2 is my life, I honestly don’t see how others can play Sims 3 or Sims 4 because Sims 2 is just so simple and detailed. The only reason why I did not give this game 5 stars is because it’s missing the Freetime and Apartment Life expansion pack and is also missing some of the Stuff packs as well. But other than that Sims 2 will always have my heart forever. Also there is a weird glitch going on with the Sims faces. Every woman sim that has a full face of makeup has a brown color to her face and then the rest of the body is normal. Really weird and hope you guys will fix that.
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3 years ago, jaylin ampro delacruz
Better than I remember
I was really hesitant because of all the mixed review and people saying it was crashing and not saving etc. I decided to get it anyway, worst case scenerio I would have to contact support to get a refund. Well I got it and It works PERFECTLY. I have a macbook air 2017 with mojave installed. The game decription says to have a 2.5GHz processor or something like that for the game to work, but my computer is only 1.8 GHz and it works great... the game is from the 2000 so obvisly expect funny graphic but as far as quality its actully good. the speed is actully great it has very minimal lag, ive been playin for a few days now my computer doesnt overheat or freeze or anything. OVERALL... GET IT. it works. if you played sims 2 as kid/teen u wont be desapointed. BTW apple support give u 90 days to get a refund, i looked it up online but do ur reserch to confirm. so if ur scared get it and if it dont work for your mac then get a refund.
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3 weeks ago, Anonymous Cucumber 246
Actually Works
I've played Sims 3 and 4 for years and always wanted to try Sims 2. I was a little nervous buying this (I'm using an M1 Pro MacBook, 16GB of Ram). After playing for hours, I can honestly say that this 20 year old game actually runs pretty smoothly. For me, I had to change my laptop's refresh rate from the default Pro Motion to 60 HZ just to get it to open, but other than that I've had no issues running the game at all. I just figured out how to install mods so I'll be testing that out, but this was worth the purchase.
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7 years ago, Mgaliotti
Please complete the collection!
This was an amazing surprise to see in the App Store. Works flawlessly and certainly brings back some old memories…. But why wouldn’t you give us the full experience? The sims 2 has so many more amazing expansion packs, yet we are limited to just these? I would have paid double the price if i could just have the complete collection. I hope we see the addition of atleast a few more expansion packs, if not the complete set. If any of you are on the fence about this purchase, don’t be! This is well worth the price! Happy simming everyone!
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7 years ago, Riley00199246
social worker
it’s my first time playing this game. i don’t know how to do much. I’m not the most patient and i get frustrated easily. The social worker took my kids away while i was figuring out how to feed them. I was having difficulties with the controls and buttons. There are a lot of people that have no experience with playing sims. i am one of those people. I think that there should be no social worker. It’s just a little frustrating. I love the idea of having a house and family but I dislike the idea of a social worker. Just because there are social workers in real life doesn’t mean they have to be in Sims. i just think it will make the game less frustrating and more fun without the social worker.
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4 years ago, Japer111
Works fine, runs smoothly
Recently bought a brand new macbook this year and was feeling nostologic so I bought this game. It's fairly priced for what you get and it download pretty quickly. it runs really smoothly despite taking up most of my memory. I def miss some of the other expansions that weren't included, but I would suggest buying it if you really want to play. Idk what everyone else is complaining about the game crashing, it literally hasn't crashed on me since I bought it a few months ago. I guess it just depends on your computer.
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7 years ago, gobber105
Love but wish there was more.
The nostolgia and love that this game brings me is the best. This is (in my opinion) the best version (1,2,3,4) of the sims franchise. I have owned and spent so much money on sims games. I saved all my Sims 2 games for a LONG time until my mom through them out and I was really bummed that I would never play sims 2 again until I saw this. I love this game so much I just feel like there are a number of things that are missing. Not only expansion packs and items but are twins disabled I haven’t had any sims have twins yet and the settings don’t let you change life length or weather.
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8 years ago, saucybenny
Awesome Game Wish They Would Add Freetime and Apartment Life
This game is awesome runs perfectly on OSX and the graphics are enhanced. I remeber when I bought this game on CD for Windows XP and it took an eternity to load. Great nostalgia value! It would be great if they would add Freetime and Apartment Life expansion packs in a new update even as additional purchases. Hopfully Aspyr can get licensing or is working on making the original sims for OSX too I’m a huge sims fan! All in all great game price is totally reasonable since back in the day it was like $20/30 for each expansion. A must buy for any sims fan or newcomers to the sims.
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2 years ago, rebecca0515
Works really well!
I took a chance on this knowing it had mixed reviews, but it runs really well on my M2 MacBook Pro without any issues! I had this game years ago on a Windows XP computer and the performance on this laptop is so much better than the XP. Starts up quickly, rarely have lag. Of course Apartment Life and FreeTime are missing because they were never ported to Mac, but this game runs so well that I'm fine living without them. Not sorry I spent $30 on this near 20 year old game. Worth every penny.
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2 years ago, uhhhhahaaahah
Just downloaded and great gameplay!
I have the MacBook Air and made sure to read the reviews before I paid for this game! I do not regret it at all! I have read some reviews about the Macbook Pro and it not working so I'd advice you not to get it if you have one!!!! I grew up playing the sims 3, so I was super intrigued when I saw that there was the sims 2 available on Macbook. The only issues I came across were some blue lines that would appear ever so often around items in the game but that's about it. :)
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4 years ago, B19945
This port is everything you could ask for. Great graphics (for a 15 year old game), super-smooth gameplay (with no chopiness or lagging) and many of the expansion and stuff packs included. I've noticed some criticism for the lack of the last two EP's and a few of the stuff packs. This is because these were never originally ported to Mac so that should not be held against the makers of this port. I am very happy I am able to play this game again and I am even more grateful the folks at Aspyr were able to make this app compatible with Catalina. Thanks so much Aspyr!
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4 years ago, cybelletw
Horrible Update
Up until the most recent update, I would've rated this 5 stars. Sims 2 was my favorite childhood game, so I was estatic to find it on the App Store. I played it happily for multiple years. However, the most recent update took away the "Restore Neighborhood: X" feature. As someone who messes around and therefore resets their neighborhoods often, I basically cannot play anymore. I deleted a couple neighborhoods, which, before the update, wasn't an issue — I could simply restore them. Now? I can't get them back. Being able to reset default settings, create huge families/timelines, undo, restart, and etc are signifcant features to playing Sims 2 stress free and risk free. Until there is an easy way to restore neighborhoods again, I cannot play anymore.
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4 years ago, Purple_Elephant42
Love it
In my opinion Sims 2 has the best gameplay of any sims game. Later games have better customization, both for your sims and their houses, but the sims 2 wants/fears lifetime want system made it by far the most continually engaging for me to play. The game was even recently updated to 64 bit (after 3 years of no updates), I was genuinely worried that I wouldn't be able to play this game again. I was so excited that the developers updated it so it was still playable. Thank you to everyone who keeps this game running
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3 years ago, _Ke_Ke_
Please fix problem with mac users
I use to play this game all the time so I know how good it is. However, I bought it on my mac book extremely excited to play it, and after spending a good hour or two making my sims, I go to put them in a house and the game crashes. I tried repeatedly to go into game play but the game keeps crashing. After a little bit of rescearch I found out that I am no the onlyt one with this problem. IF YOU HAVE A MAC BOOK DO NOT BUY THIS GAME. It would be a sad waste of money. Hopefully, you guy can get an update out where the mac users can actually play the game. I miss this game a lot :,(
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2 years ago, Sumhere
Runs Great
Stopped playing due to issues with crashing on community lots, but restarted when I read online this had been fixed. It works great minus one bug of sims standing near bars or cooking stuff. Not sure why that happens, although looked online and I don't think this is on my end. Also, wish the rest of the expansion/stuff packs were able to be bought/downloaded. I know was issues in the past with EA/Maxis, but would love to have them.
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7 years ago, Sjp1991
Hours of wasted time!
I am so furious with this app at the moment. I have loved playing Sims for such a long time and never had a problem until now. On multiple occasions, I have been in the middle of playing and the app just completely closes out. So everything I just created didn’t save. I was contructing a community lot for a business for my sim and completed everything then the app closed out for no reason. When I went back in nothing was saved. There needs to be some sort of auto-saving so this does not occur. This was hours of trying to create this lot and now it is just wasted! Because of this stupidity, I am putting a hold on playing this game and at this point I may just have to find another type of game to play instead. So annoyed!
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4 years ago, giggle girl
so good
I havent expereinced any issues that others have stated either before or after the update! There are some glitches, but I feel like thats to be expected with any Sims game?? I played Sims 2 starting in 2005 on my Mac desktop and this version is faster and runs much smoother then what I remember playing it at the time. Truly incredible game and the price is beyond worth it!! Would love to see Castaway added back in 64 bit though :) Sims 2 will always have my heart no matter how many versions they keep releasing
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