The Summit FCU

4.8 (4.1K)
40.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
The Summit Federal Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for The Summit FCU

4.79 out of 5
4.1K Ratings
1 year ago, Loveissweat
Good Bank!
I’ve been banking with Summit since my company started our direct deposit. I’ve never had any trouble with them and when I’ve made a mistake they’ve always help me figure it out. Now that I’ve retired I’m staying with them.
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3 years ago, TrianaR
Takes Your Money
Ive been using this app and im not happy with it! It does not reflect a accurate current/real time available balance which causes you to end up with all types of fees you have to pay. I feel they know that this is happy and letting it happen to get the extra money. There has been times where I called the bank to have them review my account and the fees and they take them off with a apology. I would be happy if I can have all the fees refunded that I paid and shouldn’t have… Get with the times and stop scamming people!!!!! When we make purchases with our cards it should reflect that on the app immediately.. not in a day or two!
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6 years ago, Lori DR
Easy and efficient!
Easy to deposit random checks, check balances, transfer funds; and the finger recognition is great! I love the app. My only complaint: I have always wanted a way to establish a transfer to an account with another bank, or between Summit accounts, but I still have to make phone calls and write checks for those things, and I do that quite often.
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3 years ago, DaimaoEX
Quick Balance not working
The quick balance function seems to be busted and is not working anymore, forcing me to open the app every time I want to check my balance, please fix
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5 years ago, movies exspress
Very convenient at figertips
I been using this app for some time and I had no problem with it diagnostics wise And it save me from calling the bank all the time I could manage it on here of account balance an extra
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2 years ago, JustNAct
Great app overall, but…
I’ve enjoyed using this app for business transactions and looking at my account. One less star, though, because I find the mapping function for finding branch locations to be clunky, confusing, and not user-friendly.
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7 years ago, Becky13990
Super easy
I love this app. Makes banking so much easier and a lot less confusing than other bank apps. Never have trouble transferring money or looking up accounts.
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2 years ago, lamiliana
Mobile check deposit no longer working
I’ve used this app for years but suddenly when I try to take a picture of a check to deposit the screen is all blurry and it won’t allow you to do so anymore. I have the most up to date version and it’s no useless.
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1 year ago, dadoftwoladies
Love summit not this app
I’ve been with summit for a long time and I live by the app to manage my $$$. On fridays the app shuts down, I have to write down everything I spend. Then days later charges that were there disappear then re appears to make you go negative when you already thought it was accounted for!! This app needs to be fix then summit will be 100 % the best!!!!!
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4 years ago, MeedieMedival
Very easy to use and convenient on the go!
Love this app. I don’t need to physically go to the bank nearly as much. Time saving and easy to navigate. Haven’t had any bugs/ issues!
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2 years ago, peonygirl12345
I haven’t been able to deposit a check on my app for months. It’s the only thing I use the app for and now it doesn’t work. Even with a system update. So frusty
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7 years ago, Bigmikez82
Great App
I use this app quite often and have had no issues at all. It is very easy to use and understand. I highly recommend this app
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2 years ago, benjamin butthole
This app has one job and it fails to do that
The camera check deposit stopped working with iOS 16 and it’s been weeks with no fix Also, would it kill you to add a pull-to-refresh feature? You don’t need to log out of an app just to see updates Please fix. I’d prefer to use Summit instead of Bank of America. I LOVE the credit union and HATE this app
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2 years ago, bubba 46
Can’t login
I have type my password and won’t let me login in ugh and now it locked me out
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7 years ago, 4u2nvLiz
Awesome App!
I never have any issues. This app makes banking easy. I live in NY and work in GA, so I’m able to transfer funds, and pay bills right through the app.
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7 months ago, CaitPrincess
inconvenienced at its finest.
Every other day there is a bug, and I can’t access my information. Now I have turned my card off because it’s misplaced & for some odd reason the app won’t let me turn my card to active. How ironic it can’t be because the app is always messing up could it. MINOR inconvenience. I have no access to MY OWN money.
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11 months ago, Henrietta Coop
Just perfect
It's a barebones app that Enables you to check your finances. Its easy to read, free of promotions and cash back nonsense and m consistently works!
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2 years ago, ErikaB609
Latest version doesn’t know when I change camera orientation
I needed to deposit a check into my account to cover a purchase and the app tells me to rotate my camera. Well I rotate the camera every which way possible but the app doesn’t recognize any change at all. So n
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3 years ago, lee9491
Long time account
They have been really good to and for us
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11 months ago, ChrisDaniels246
My new favorite savings account
This app is great. I use it to track my round-up savings!
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11 months ago, PaJoK8
I am on this app tracking my finances daily. I especially love watching my RoundUp savings grow.
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2 years ago, Tulcien
Check deposit broken
As others have said, I can no longer deposit a check properly using the app. I try to take a picture, and the app freezes and won’t take the image. Everything is up to date.
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5 years ago, Tashara R
The app does as it should. I’ve been banking with Summit since I was a teen. An app wasn’t always available. I like it.
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5 years ago, cnypop
A work in progress
Summit is always looking to improve the site to meet the requirements of it’s members.
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5 years ago, Shoegal64
Too difficult
The app is constantly asking me to look at the picture confirm what the picture says and I actually had for fraud protection block me at one point because I deposited a check written out to me and endorsed by me from another bank. It was very difficult getting it reinstated
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7 months ago, Aggravated more tan once
Making a deposit
It tells me to rotate phone to take a picture, it actually takes me 6-10 minutes for it to rotate correctly! Very aggravating.
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2 years ago, Really bad app. !
Fix the check deposit
This app was great until the method for check depositing was changed. Now it won’t open to the camera unless your device rotates sideways, but doing so doesn’t fix anything. Please fix this issue
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3 years ago, customer basic
It would be nice if there was easy access to locate my account number.
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3 years ago, synncere66
Ten Stars
Great and fast service thanks for putting my money at my finger tips!!!!
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3 years ago, Jones0315
Love this app
Maks handling my finances so much easier!
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2 years ago, jsw2020
Can longer do mobile check deposits
Can’t do mobile check deposits since IOS 16. Please fix as the app is not usable without that.
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2 years ago, TreDaGenius
Have a section for credit report
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2 years ago, ryan14617
Check deposit doesn’t work
Every time k try to do a mobile check deposit it keeps telling me to rotate phone and won’t come off the error.
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6 years ago, PinkFuzzyBunnie
It’s good
I like this app nothing wrong with it
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4 years ago, evelynlaurd
Crashes a lot
Your app constantly crashes and says I’m unable to view my accounts. It’s really inconvenient for when you need to pay bills
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6 years ago, Tanyalacosta
I would have rated the app 5 stars if it included credit card details in the app.
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2 years ago, kenben85
Can’t unlock my card
Barley works correctly when trying to unlock and lock my card
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3 years ago, frozenfew
Very user friendly . Great App
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5 years ago, 2763727171827
Good but
app is good but lack of atms without charging is annoying
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5 years ago, adamlindsay
Bluetooth Permissions?
Bluetooth tracking, interesting. Beacons in branch locations I suspect, just would really like to see this explained.
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3 years ago, meadball1989
Summit FCU
Excellent app I use it everyday
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2 years ago, Beauty gal
Love the app
Love the app
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5 years ago, Skull-crusher99
Very plain and depressing
Spruce the app up a bit. I wanna feel happy every time i look at my money not depressed.
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9 years ago, Mary0208071
Great app - suggestions to be even better..
I use this app daily and it's great-thank you. I have a couple of suggestions that if love to see implemented: 1. For mortgage payments, create fields to allow a split payment between Principal, Interest, and Escrow. I recently owed $1.50 to my escrow account so I made an overpayment but then had to call the mortgage department to apply the overage where it was needed. 2. For loan/overdraft/credit card payments, when you are in the Transfer money mode, don't just show the Payment Due amount, which is often $0, show the Current Balance amount also so we don't have to switch back over to View Accounts mode, memorize the amount, and go back into Transfer mode. I think many others would find these changes very useful. Thank you so much!
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6 years ago, LindenRachelJenna2017
Stop asking me to rate you
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12 years ago, Colerboller
Happy customer
I have used other apps for banking and honestly this is the only one I have had work. It's simple and all laid out for you so there is no problems. It's nice to just open an application and take a minute seeing my account than having to open the browser, type in the URL, hit the actual site link (sends you to a mobile site that doesn't work), then type all the info to get to your account. Nice to be able to just basically click and go. And the whole part about the URL process that was with another bank not with this one this banks website actually works too.
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12 years ago, John Carlos
I love Summit!!!
I wrote an email to Summit thanking them for (1) helping me get my credit back on track when other banks laughed and turned me away (including my former bank M&T) and (2) to BEG them to create this app because it was the ONLY nice thing M&T had going for them! Summit did it and it works beautifully on my iPhone! It is so much more convenient than having to use Safari to get to its otherwise very computer-friendly website!
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9 years ago, Yankeelad
Now, this is true mobile banking
This app is so easy to use, from viewing your accounts to depositing checks to paying bills. I love never having to take time off from work to make it to the branch for teller banking. Keep up the good work!
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12 years ago, Limeybj
Online banking
App has the basic features one needs for remote banking, except for being able to deposit checks instantly. Doesn't have the ability to rotate for landscape use. For an amazing banking app, check out the USAA app. That is by far the best remote banking app out there, I can view and manage all my financial business all in one app, loans, accounts, insurance, investments etc...hoping the Summit will bring out an app that comes close to USAA's app.
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12 years ago, MaryKateV
This app is SO great. The locator feature is great when traveling or if you move out of town. It uses gps to show me where all the member service centers and surcharge free ATMs. I just moved out of stake and am so glad not to have to go through the hassle of opening a new account, thanks to this app!
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