The Ticket Clinic - A Law Firm

3.6 (55)
20.7 MB
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Current version
The Ticket Clinic
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for The Ticket Clinic - A Law Firm

3.56 out of 5
55 Ratings
2 years ago, Jather4
If you’re in California, give them a call
I was having so much trouble trying to get the app working so I could check the status of my ticket. I gave up and called their office number and was told over the phone that the app only works in Florida. So far the company is fine with me but access to the app is limited
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3 months ago, LjA 1958
App is horrible
I live in Fla and have hired Ticket Clinic for 2 different tickets. Unable to get into app after I typed in my state . The only option I need was to see status which was not offered. I let the staff know that and they said just call us we can help you. Well it’s Sunday morning at 6:00am and I received an update email but can’t see the email. I love the Ticket Clinic & recommended to all my friends bc it has saved me points, convictions and money but not having an app is frustrating.
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3 years ago, Faith4Truth
Exceeded my expectations
I recently got a speeding ticket in a school zone in Palm beach County, the cop literally jumped in front of my vehicle and claimed I was going 55 in a 20 which was impossible because I had just pulled out of the store two buildings down. I was so worried about my insurance going up and it going on my spotless driving record. They made the process so easy and so quick it was as if it never happened. All that worrying for nothing! Thank you all for resolving this. I would give more stars if I could!
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5 years ago, Horrible be careful
Love it
I use the app for the first time I usually call or go in person .. it asked for some basic info of my ticket and gave me a quote instantly , I uploaded my ticket , paid and that’s it !!!! I received a court date , then I got my results DISMISSED ! Super happy and satisfied 🙂
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10 months ago, Ediel Viera
Waste of Money
I was told they help dismiss your ticket and keep points off your license. I revived a 166$ ticket and paid ticket clinic 100$ to represent me all they did was post pone the time in which the ticket had to be paid I still have to pay the court 166$ and take a traffic school class so I don’t receive points. I could’ve saved my 100$ and done that from the start it was a huge waste of time and money.
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5 years ago, 90s_Caro
Quick and Easy
Happy with how fast I was able to enter my information. And instantly receive a quote. Definitely will be using the app in the future if needed.
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5 years ago, abarb1945
Good Improvement!
Last app version was very buggy but this update seems to be an good improvement. Used for a moving violation and worked as expected...
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3 months ago, briang70
Time Saver!
I didn’t had to spend time in driving or phone calls. I simply used the app and my ticket got dismissed for “improper stopping or standing” in Miami Beach. Thanks!
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5 years ago, Locostitch
Easy app
So easy to take care of my tickets don’t have to go to court don’t have to call convenience at its best.
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3 years ago, Henrique Sales
Waste of money
I paid almost $300 dollars for nothing. The “attorney” appeared in court and said that most likely I would be found guilty and didn’t contest my speeding ticket. Now I have to pay and go to traffic school. I could’ve done that before and didn’t waste the money I paid to this app. Save yourself some money.
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5 years ago, Racerreece
So easy to use
This app is so easy to use. 2 minutes and your ticket is handled. And they are real lawyers, not some scam!
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10 months ago, Lady D bg
Never chose them!
The worst experience ever. It took them more than than year and a half to LOSE my case! Never never never use them! Total waste of time and money. Better go in person! Also they did not give me my money back! Absolutely scam!
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2 years ago, ishlad
A real person
Great fast company easy to pay tickets F the law
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4 years ago, Coconut Drake
No one contacts you
I got my 5th speeding ticket the other day and I wanted a lawyer to help me fight it I gave them my information and it said they’d contact me within 48 hours, I was never contacted and now I need to fight the ticket on my own, very disappointed in this app. I really was expecting more.
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7 months ago, Bambam4121
Shill attorneys
If you can’t win your case by going, but was in calibrated before he left the station , then you won’t win they are bottom of the barrel attorneys with lack luster skills and determination and won’t follow their own money back clauses do not DO NOT HIRE
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11 months ago, Bcanlio
The best
Thanks ticketclinic for help my on my case. They are the best. Thanks you very much
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5 years ago, MyMuscleCar
Handled my GA ticket
This law firm always gets it done right. Made it so that my GA ticket wasn’t reported to my FL record.
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5 years ago, finjar
Hired The Ticket Clinic for the son of a friend, mandatory case speeding >30, the legal assistant was very helpful, case went to Court and was dismissed, client very happy!
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3 years ago, Aechhfgvgxyzydc
They say they will get back to you in 48 hours but they never do I have tried multiple times to contact them with no response. Don’t waste your time with them and just hire a local trusted lawyer
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5 years ago, OropezaA
There is no better way to take care of a ticket! Recommended
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4 years ago, Kalvin N
Helped me with my case
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4 years ago, Tolsonii
So frustrated!
So frustrated! I downloaded The Ticket Clinic app, and uploaded my ticket to them. Was told that someone would call me with some next steps. No one called. I called them 3 days later, and was bounced from department to department. Kept on hold for nearly an hour...only to then be told "we can't help you". Would never recommend using them, if you actually need help with a ticket.
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2 years ago, JorgeAkkari
App is a complete unusable
Somebody said it only works in Florida… let me say I’m in Florida and the doesn’t work here either 👎
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5 years ago, Rosalyn0518
Simple & Convenient
Hiring the firm for a ticket through that app is very simple. You can even check the status of your case through the app without having to take time to call the office.
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11 months ago, rewagpou
I don't understand
For what are you doing this app?! Just for ads?
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6 years ago, siavo9
The ticket clinic literally almost ruined my life. I tried to have them help me with a speeding ticket, but all they did was kept delaying the case. I was destroyed with fees, and eventually my license was suspended. I paid almost 3x for my ticket, and then had to pay their lawyer fees. My car insurance prices escalated, and every company was confused why a simple speeding ticket case was delayed so long. It looked fishy and irresponsible. Now i am broke because all my money goes to car insurance and i spent so much on this stupid ticket. Not to mention their customer service is the worst and i could never reach anyone. Do yourself a favor and just pay the frickin ticket and avoid this inevitable disaster. 0 stars, 2 thumbs down!
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6 years ago, Joe. Faz
App Flaws
Well 1st the app isn’t an app it just goes to their website. It’s a generic app creation engine it’s built on that’s far outdated. All the app needs to do is take the ticket number and use that to pull info off of it on their end not in the app. That after create a secure part of the app for payment and other info not included on the ticket info. But this app once you load a file or picture it crashes and reverts to the start with all info erased.
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7 years ago, Dretti21
Just made my life easier ...
Always have been a loyal ticket clinic client because they have gotten me out of a few predicaments in the past .. This App now puts them at my finger tips in case I ever need them again lol
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7 years ago, PeterPatrelli
Great service, easy app to use
Their service was really good. They treated me well and took care of my situation for a fraction of what my ticket was worth. The app is really easy to use and understand.
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10 years ago, Marisabella Gold
The best!
Gave them 3 tickets in January, got no points or school!
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7 years ago, Lisette67
Great app, very self explanatory! I love the professionalism of this company and the services they provide.
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2 years ago, daddy🇨🇺
Los Mejores sin duda alguna
Los mejores sin duda alguna, tienen una buena comunicacion con sus clientes y te ofrecen el mejor servicio entre todos, no hay competencia ni comparación, les digo no duden en llamarlos, ellos pueden ayudarte con cualquier cosa
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9 years ago, Ovalfire
Horrible app
I used the app to process a ticket. I received a confirmation that my ticket was received & that a rep would be contacting me soon. They NEVER called & I was hit with late fees. DONT bother with this useless app
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4 years ago, el cuarenta h cinco
Pésimo servicio
Yo en lo personal no lo recomiendo pues por ocupar sus servicios termine pagando casi el triple del costo del tiket si lo hubiera pagado directamente ala corte me hubiera ahorrado más de mil dólares pague por sus servicios deberían de tener una cláusula si no ganan uno no paga nada que reembolsen el dinero que con tanto sacrificio gana uno !!!!
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2 years ago, Pjbrown80
Speeding Ticket
I paid them about $150.00 to take care of my speeding ticket. They went to court on my behave and at the end they told me I would still have to pay the traffic ticket. No reduction in the ticket fine/cost, no protection from points on my DL, no ticket reduction to a parking ticket, no traffic school avoided, no dismissal of ticket. I got absolutely no real benefit from using this app and the lawyer services. It was a waste of money. Lesson learned: don’t spend money with this company to take care of a ticket, it’s really not worth it…
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6 years ago, Jamie...-
I give them 0 stars. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE. It is FRAUD. It made me pay $200 for them doing NOTHING. I Still have to go back to school, won't give me back my points and I had to go to court. They told me that I wouldn't have to pay if we lost in court. I also have to pay for the court fine, THE TICKET CLINIC,school and for a lawyer. After all this, I will have no points.THIS IS FRAUD DONT USE THIS SERVICE
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