The Tom Joyner Morning Show

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Urban One, Inc.
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1 year ago
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User Reviews for The Tom Joyner Morning Show

5 out of 5
2 Ratings
12 years ago, GatorRph
Thank you, Tom!!
After they took you off the air in Tampa I tried to get into the "other" morning show, but I missed the TJMS like crazy. I finally found you via iheart out of Memphis, but this is even better. No local Memphis weather and news that I don't need. Now I can get caught on all the crazy stuff I missed on your "previously on the TJMS..." moments. Thank you so much, Tom!! Loving this ap!!!
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12 years ago, Taozi 1
Unwanted popups
I would rate this app 5 stars but every time I open the app, another screen to purchase something comes up. It's like a virus is attached to this app. I have had several of these popups and have had this phone for two years. These popups are difficult to remove. They only give you the choice to "continue" to their site. I hit one accidentally but received a push notification from iTunes asking if I approved it. Thank goodness they checked with me. Is there a fix for these annoying, unwanted popups? Please don't tell me they are sponsors of the Tom Joyner morning show. This will be very disappointing. I love listening to the show at work all day. Thanks.
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8 years ago, Polaris_47
What's the point of the app if I can't listen to you at 10
I've been a loyal listener for many years and fall under your younger demographic. I've always enjoyed hearing you and the crew but I listen from the 10am-2pm timeframe, and sometimes even after that in cases I missed something. This is a terrible, tragic decision to not run the stream after 10 am on May 2!!! Listening is a great way to tune out my coworkers. Please change this back soon! I usually don't have issues with the app itself but your bad choices about this breaks my heart. You're only hurting your loyal listeners. They don't even play you in Atlanta after 9am which I think is a awful decision too but I know you couldn't control that. But you can fix this. So what are we supposed to do now?
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6 years ago, Kidjo2
From most essential to totally useless
Update: Just stopped by after abt 1 yr to confirm that this app has to be one of the worst apps in the history of apps! Ads galore, pop ups flying all over the place, random crashes. Great show (if you can get it live locally or are able to get the app to work while it's on), horrible app. With the decision to stop rebroadcasting the show in 4-hour segments throughout the day, there's really no point to this app anymore, is there? It supposedly now only streams live in markets where there's no live broadcast, and then only between 6-10 am ET. Now who in their right mind on the West Coast is going to be getting up at 3 am PT every morning to listen to a radio show? Unbelievable. So long TJMS - it was nice knowing you.
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7 years ago, Snickerfriss
Have Lost My Patience With This App
Come on Reach Media! For months now this app has not worked. It takes a long time to connect to the live stream. Once connected, it frequently stops streaming and I hear nothing at all (usually in the middle of a topic that interests me). Your competitor's apps work just fine so I don't know why this one doesn't. It's time to overhaul the app, get rid of the superfluous content and graphics and improve whatever technology you need to have a stable product. I live in a radio market that has cut the live broadcast by one hour. Many listeners in my area rely on the stream to continue listening to the show. But no, no, no after 9:00 we can't stream the Tom Joyner Morning show. Fix the app!
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8 years ago, htspdx
App has become useless after 5/2/16!
As a [former] loyal daily listener to the TJMS app, it hurts my heart to write this review - but this app has become completely worthless to me after the decision to only stream the show live starting 5/2/16. I live on the West Coast, so the live stream in my time zone goes from 4am to 7am, which isn't practical at all for me to listen to. I loved and appreciated being able to catch the repeat of the show when I got to work, but sadly this no longer seems possible with this mind-boggling decision. I can only hope that the powers that be reverse this decision soon. I have been a listener for years, and I hope to listen again - but until then, I sadly have no use for this app. Please reconsider this decision!
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12 years ago, Gladi2
Updates r not always the BEST
Im a lover of TJMS since back in the 80's! In 2002, moved from the east coast to NW Idaho. Needless to say no more TJMS. Bummer. However got a Blackberry in 2006 & was able to listen to it on TuneIn app. Then a few years ago got iPhone & got the TJmS app later & was thrilled to be able to listen to the show anytime day or night with lil to no problems. However then the update -- what a waste, esthetically it's wonderful but functionality leaves a lot to be desired. The app cuts off constantly. I have even uninstalled several times and reinstalled hoping it will work and null! Truly disappointed in the upgrade. Go back to the old version
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8 years ago, Fomidogg
Horrible App
This app has multiple issues. It is unreliable. You can never access it and enjoy the show. It takes forever to boot up. Once it does, you have to listen to endless commercials before the program starts. And now effective May 2, 2016, the program is only available for live streaming between 6 am - 10:00 am. I only listen to the program to hear Huggy Lowdown's take on current events. He is the most entertaining part of the entire program. The rest of the broadcast is a waste of time. I will delete this app immediately and bid farewell to the entire TJMS crew. Good luck in whatever you end up doing with the rest of your lives.
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12 years ago, Deas1w
Love the app!
I love the app, because it generally keeps me in the mix of the current show while I ride the bus to work. I don't have the experience of past shows to my knowledge, unless I listen after the broadcast time for my area. The playlist is a nice touch. The only issue I've had is that it was timing out frequently when they pushed the update. The app is a time saver for me. I don't have to hang out in the car to listen to Huggy! I can actually make it to work on time.
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12 years ago, BeeBopBe
Love It!!!
When the radio station that I listened to you on move to a lower frequency the reception became horrible I couldn't listen at work and I could hardly hear you in the car. I started listening on I heart until you revealed the App. This is the best thing to happen to cell phones, now I can listen all day everyday and catch up on what missed. Thank you Tom you're the best. MUAH !!!!
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12 years ago, Steppin'
Great start for TJMS fans!
It's great to have this app as an option for listening to the TJMS. It has nice features such as lyrics to the songs with an option to buy or save to favorites, background listening, repeats. Please integrate BAW's content with this app. There's so much rich content on the site that would make this an all inclusive app. An iPad version of the combined app with interactive features would be great! We love you Tom, Sybil and Jay!
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12 years ago, Cho`Zon
My favorite app
Lots of bad reviews for no reason. I've been using this app since January and never had a problem until now. Understand this, when dealing with technology there will be glitches here and there. Take it for eat it is. Plus, it's free! Bad reviewers are acting as if they spent a fortune on it lol. Thumbs up for the tjms app.
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12 years ago, FreakinFan
This APP was the best news I'd heard since your show was taken off air in Milwaukee. But that last update that added all the advertising really ruined it. Now, the show cuts off frequently and some of the segments get interrupted with commercials before they are done. I keep getting some kind of error message. Very disappointing. This is the only way I can listen. My company firewall blocks Web access to the show.
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12 years ago, Tjms lover
Good graphics but needs a play button to restart when u get kicked off
I like the update. However, the last update played better. Tapping the screen on the last app started the audio again when the app would stop working. This new app lets me listen for awhile. However, when i get kicked off, it does not play even when i restart the app. It is very disappointing because i would listen to the show over and over. Now i have to delete the app and reload it.
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6 years ago, MsMusicCritic
Popular radio show with a not so good app. The constant crashes are irritating. I used to look forward to listening especially if I missed the daily live show but that abruptly ended. There is no repeat of the daily shows on the app. I’ve been listening to Tom Joyner since the mid 70’s. Keeping up with the technology appears to be a challenge. The rating is for the app only. If only TJMS would have remained live on radio in Chicago. I would not have to be bothered with such a crappy app.
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12 years ago, Dim76
Needs a STOP button
The app does what it's suppose to do, play the show. I like that it plays "best of" moments instead of commercials. I just WISH there was a stop or pause button. I HATE having to go out of the app when I just need it to stop playing for a minute, then waiting for it to load again. It also would be nice to have volume control in the app as well.
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12 years ago, Milehigh Praise
Road trip must have!
Last Friday morning, when we were traveling to Langston University for homecoming, we listened to the TJMS. The whole car was cracking up. The part that we really enjoyed was the debate segment. Thank you for the laughter, and the message that is connected to it. Continue to do what you do.
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11 years ago, ArmaniJ.
The Tom Joyner Morning Show is Fantabulous!
The Tom Joyner morning show is relevant to its targeted audience. Accolades to Tom Joyner for providing financial assistance for students to attend historically black colleges & universities. Take your loved one to the doctor day, father's Day and Mother's Day celebrations weekly are deemed essential to their targeted audience as well. Money Monday's with Melanie provides financial assistance and awareness to all.
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12 years ago, kenny jammin' J
Here in Chicago north suburbs our morning empowerment was stripped from us. I don't know how TJMS did it but he has proven you can't a good man down. Downloaded the app, bought me some Bluetooth speakers now we are laughing, we are politically informed and we now have an entertainment choice. Thank you from Johnson Family Focus.
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12 years ago, Ms.FastTimes@RidgemontHigh
Love it!!!!
This app is great sometimes with me being busy at work I miss certain parts of the show, so it's good that I have the opportunity to listen to it. However there seems to be updates that have not made the app that great, I like the new look of it but , sometimes I get errors and it stops playing. Please fix the glitches☺
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12 years ago, Jessmel
Great App Tom
I really love this app, I wake up to the TJMS most days and I feel good from all the humor, history, music, news and generosity that this man gives and has given for many years. The app has had problems in the past, but I think it has been corrected now. Thanks, Tom!!
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12 years ago, BrownBomba
Tom Joyner Morning Show App
This app is the most used on my iPhone. Possibly the best thing to happen to my iPhone. I never miss a moment of my most favorite morning show!!! Plus, the app has every possible feature that you may need!! Thank you all SO MUCH!!!
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8 years ago, Lpsspork0121
Useless app
If I could give it NO STARS I would. Since they longer replay the show in four hour increments throughout the day, there's no need to have this app taking up space on my devices. I use to listen to the TJMS all day. But since the change I have deleted it of my iPhone and iPad and downloaded my radio station's app instead. At least I can listen THAT all day. Now sometimes I listen to the TJMS, and sometimes I don't. Out of sight out of mind. I don't get the change . . . but it is what it is.
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11 years ago, Jay-Tek
Great Show. Sub-par App
The show is great and the only reason I tolerate the constant stream drops and stops throughout the broadcast. I think the advertisements loading during the show have something to do with the app stopping almost every 15-30 minutes. Until the bugs can be fixed I can't rate the App much higher but the show is always 5 stars in my book.
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12 years ago, 7Tango
What happened??
The app worked great, but about 2wks ago, I can not get any audio for the live airing. However, I regain audio mid day (which prompted me to write this review) throughout the night. But come time for the live show to come on, nothing! I'm traveling for business now, & the only way I get the show is via this app. These have been two very long week day mornings! Please fix soon!!! I'm giving it 2 stars cause it did work once upon a time.
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8 years ago, Old school player
Each update makes app worse
The only thing that works on this app are the boring commercials. When I first downloaded the app I loved the idea of being to hear what I missed. Now, the app crashes at least 5 times in an hour. Obviously the TJMS crew do not listen to the app. I find it hard to believe any of them would have their name associated with a defective product. As for the rating, I'm giving the app 1 star. Because, I cannot give the app what it really deserves, ZERO!
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9 years ago, JulesLee864
OK for 30-45 seconds, but CRASHES EVEN MORE!!
I love the TJMS and listen to this app on my iPod Touch 4G when the PC is not an option. My main complaint is that it continues to crash, then I have to restart again…and again. When I re-start the app I have to listen the commercials again, then maybe get to listen for another minute or two before it crashes again. BLACK I.T., WHITE I.T., or ANY I.T., you’re killing us!! Please rescue us NOW!!
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12 years ago, Vlt513
Love It
This app is just what I needed. I don't have to miss anything. When you listen to one of the radio stations you miss a lot and so many commercials. Love listening to you guys every morning.
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11 years ago, alwzaleidy
Thin Line...
loveLoveLOVE the TJMS and being able to listen to it at-will but hateHateHATE the frequent network disturbance and, sometimes, complete inability to have the app open (happens to be my fate today. I'm missing the Man Dance!). I do not have a fraction of the drops/bad connections with my other apps, collectively, as I do with this one. the quality of the show is worth a few inconveniences, but I hope that Airkast greatly improves their technology. soon.
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5 years ago, Top mom x3
The latest update
The most recent update has so many bugs I can’t even listen. When I leave the house and turn on the app, I literally get two blocks before I hear radio silence. I’m thinking maybe it’s buffering so I’ll wait a couple minutes, and wait, and wait, and wait. Nothing. I turn off the app turn it back on and go through the same cycle over and over again. Please fix this problem immediately.
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11 years ago, Darroo
I love this app! It's the only way I can listen to Tom and the crew. I'm having one problem. The show goes in and out. Sometimes it comes back in on it's own and sometimes I have to shut down the app to bring it back.
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11 years ago, kimmhall9
Much Improved
I like that I can tap the play/pause button without having to tap the menu button first. The old menu button was in a bad spot and I had to tap it several times before it worked. Thanks for fixing this.
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8 years ago, Tot-C
Last summer I wrote that I'd pay iTunes $1.99 for the app if the app would work properly. Now I'm offering to double that price if you'd bring back the 24 hour streaming. I deleted the app from three of my Apple devices on May 2nd. I've been a fan of this show since the beginning of the soap opera "It's Your World". PLEASE, PLEASE bring it back, as I am struggling to live without it! I also have a crush on Huggy Lowdown!😍 But everything ain't "kosher" without the app😢
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11 years ago, Phatz225
Continually Turns Wi-fi Off!!
I really enjoy this app, but I'd enjoy it more if it didn't continually turn the wi-fi on my phone off! This is the only app I have that does this, and it seems to start happening every morning during the comedy break. It's fine up until then. Not sure what's causing this, but it's getting annoying!
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12 years ago, Kimlu
This app is the best thing happening, it is absolutely necessary to keep up with what is going on in the Africa American community also it is entertaining, and fun. I am grateful that it is recorded and played over as I am not able to listen in the morning. THANK YOU SO MUCH TOM JOYNER!!!
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12 years ago, twee2ty
Have been waiting on the online streaming for my I don't have to miss a thing even when a computer is not available.
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12 years ago, Funtoo
Great update
A great refreshing update. Very clean and modern design. Love the new menu. For those who could not restart the audio, click on the menu button and it will slide up to reveal the play button.
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11 years ago, -ncb
Very happy with the app, but....
What the hell is going on with the app now??!!!!! I went to open the app to catch this morning's show and all I'm getting is a black screen when the app featuring the show's logo appears on the screen. The ad that normally precedes the show does not play, and just leaves me with no alternative but to close the app. Retrying does not help. Come've done so well since e abject failure of some previous app versions.
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12 years ago, Bestman66
Favorite app. 6 stars
Great app, now I can listen to TJMS all day/nite. Anywhere,everywhere, I absolutely love this app, Tom you have did it this time around... Now I must tell all my friends about this app.... TJMS is now Worldwide :). 6 stars
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12 years ago, Conqueringsun
TJMS app is the bomb in the burbs!!
The answer to my prayers! Having moved around a lot, every city I've lived in I've been able to pick up the radio signal. But the town I live in now has a weak broadcasting signal and it doesn't reach the burbs. Thanks for this app!!
Show more
11 years ago, Rasuel
Miss important parts of show
Love the Tom Joyner Morning Show, but the TJMS app continues to cut in and out. The buffering doesn't work well. I've reported this on previous versions. So you end up missing important segments. And it seems to happy more frequently on the interviews, where it will cut out entire parts of the conversation.
Show more
12 years ago, Lynn155
Great App!
I love the Tom Joyner Morning Show and this app allows me to not miss a day of listening. There were issues with the app not working properly, no sound and cutting off but it appears the problem has been resolved. Overall still a great app!
Show more
12 years ago, Familytom5
Great app but...
I love the opportunity to listen to my favorite morning show but I get really frustrated with it because it stops in the middle of the show. It would be great if there was a button to start the store at the beginning of the show.
Show more
12 years ago, JesusisKing_
Love TJMS Show, but not the app!
The app was the only opportunity for me to listen to TJMS besides hunting for a station on iheart radio that carries it. Today, the app had audio challenges preventing its use. That, combined with the app starting 5 minutes after the show starts each morning, and having to restart it frequently, is causing me to delete the app. It's too bad, too. The competition is awful! Tom Joyner is still the master of this radio format!!
Show more
12 years ago, Loyvette
Lovin this app
I'm so happy that Mr. Joyner decided this get this app. I am really enjoying this. I don't get a chance to listen to the show every morning because of my job, but this makes up for it. Thank you do much!!!!
Show more
13 years ago, ChuckDvII
This should be the Black America Web app
It's okay. But I was looking for the Black America Web app. If it is forthcoming then I shall wait patiently. If not, then I'm going to pass on adding this app. BAW has enough to keep us interacting including the live audio feed going on here. This app is merely a portion of BAW. Thanks for giving us SOMETHING but BAW would REALLY be the thing to give your listeners (like me) who love BAW.
Show more
12 years ago, EDiva75
Love TJMS app 2 catch what I missed
I think they should have an in case U missed it option if U want to hear a specific section of the current day show & not hear the whole repeated loop of the show! Hope that is something to consider add!
Show more
12 years ago, Measuring Guru
Great App horrible update!!
The reviews everyone is giving is correct the app worked perfectly up UNTIL the last updates ... Now it will not load at all ... and there's NO sound even though your device shows its playing .. The concept is great however the programmers need to come up with a quick fix otherwise it looses it's purpose .. Looking forward to using it soon 😌
Show more
7 years ago, cnbg
Please fix the App
I love the show but because of my job I'm not able to listen live. I used to catch the "live" rebroadcast in the evenings then they stopped that. So then I listened to the "if you missed it" segments but it's not the same. However recently something has changed and I can't even do that so now I've deleted the app. I used to love the app. Will try again to see if anything changes.
Show more
8 years ago, misslayde
love the show, app needs work
this show is an important part of starting my day! however this update, has made it more difficult. the app will crash if i need to do other things with my phone, thus making the app only work when it is in the forefront. additionally those commercials are about the only consistent thing that works, but previously when the commercial ended, the show would automatically start. time is short, i don't have time to babysit with this app. using it should make life easier.
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