The Village Church

4.4 (54)
29.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
The Village Church
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.2 or later
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User Reviews for The Village Church

4.39 out of 5
54 Ratings
8 years ago, Zmick67
Fantastic App and Content
The Village Church is certainly blessed with very passionate and Biblically-minded stewards. This makes for a great learning and encouragement resource! The app has been a huge help to me as I fly frequently for work. The ability to download sermons for trips is invaluable. My one request would be to fix the issue where with every update I lose the graphics for my downloaded sermons. This makes it hard to distinguish downloaded sermon series! If we could download sermons into separate folders by series, year, etc. that would also be a great help. Thank you Village Church!
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4 years ago, Mead1943
Excellent App
Love this app. Love listening to The Village. No complaints, only a suggestion. There are so many great sermons available and God always seems to lead me to the right ones at the right times to lead me deeper into a relationship with Him. So I like to revisit sermons for a season to ensure I let the teachings permeate how they need to and find myself wishing I could save my current favorite sermons for easy access. Again, totally unnecessary, but in the case the developers were looking for suggestions, a ‘save’ or ‘favorites’ feature might be worth considering?
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3 years ago, lawnferie
Love it. Please add Favorite feature
Love the app. Have no issues with playback, quality, or downloading. Would love to see a way to tag “favorite” or “saved” sermons. Workaround for now is just downloading and keeping those in downloaded. God bless from Chicago!
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4 years ago, jonesderek76
Playback issues
When I pause the sermons they pick up in the wrong spots. I’ve had issues with the play pause button not working from time to time. The app is easy to navigate and the sermons are great, but the playback issues are a problem.
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6 years ago, Satisfied iPhone user
Search feature
The media search feature was a needed feature. It seems to work great. Thank you!
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4 years ago, sjorwig44
Audio sermons don’t play
No matter what sermon I try to listen to it just pops up saying “oops something went wrong” and I’ve tried downloading them. Still same thing. I’ve redownloaded the app seven times and nothing... very sad because the content is amazing... when I can hear it
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4 years ago, nathancarlson224
Please fix!
The app is broken, you can’t download sermons anymore. I’m still putting 5 stars to not hurt the rating but please fix!!
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7 years ago, Shazmaster17
No sermons without WiFi
I am usually not around WiFi that much so I can no longer use the app without needing WiFi. Not only that, I can no longer download sermons and then just listen to them when I am without WiFi.
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3 years ago, Ricardo11911
Cannot listen to audio sermons
Similar to the other low-star reviews, part of this app is broken - audio sermons do not work. get same “oops” error msg every time. i’ve reinstalled the app 3x and still doesn’t work. i love the content but the app is no bueno
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4 years ago, EatItFool
Sermons won’t play
Every sermon on the app has been giving a playback error and won’t start. Please fix!
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7 years ago, Uganda 654
Bad update to a good app
This update removed the ability to listen offline and the ability to listen with the app in the background or lock screen. Ridiculously poor!
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6 years ago, Jdowndbjcuagbnhhhh
Excellent App
Great for listening to sermons any time.
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4 years ago, Conchfour
The podcasts will no longer play. Won’t download either. HELP!
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4 years ago, S- Little
Something is broke...
Love the Village church app... but for the last week or so most sermon audios won’t play. Hopefully you guys can get it fixed soon! 😊
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10 years ago, samurai793
Elegant, slick, and sophisticated
I am not a member of the Village church; in matter of fact, not fan of big church. However, looking through all these church this app stood out the most to me. Just looking at the design made me download the app and decided to start navigating through the sermons. Yes guys, your elegant app design was the reason why I started listening to your sermons. You never know what God is going to use to bring one to Christ.
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11 years ago, Toppenish Tom
Favorite app ever
I've listened to 130 of Matt's sermons in the past month. I listen to between 6-10 a day at work. It has changed my life. I realized how much resentment I had toward the church I grew up in and feel I have been freed from the hold that had on my life. The Biblical truth that God has revealed to me through Matt's teaching has opened my eyes and my heart. I will run out of sermons to listen to eventually, so when I do… I guess I'll just start over.
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10 years ago, Ange Gentry
The Village Church rocks!!!
I have downloaded both the iPhone and iPad app to be able to hear sermons mid week. It has been an awesome and very welcome addition to my weekly routine! Matt Chandler and team truly deliver pure Word in a way that speaks this generation's language while challenging the depths of our spirits. As church planters in the NW it is also very encouraging to hear about how the Lord is moving on behalf of The Village Church down south and across the nation!!! Love this app!
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8 years ago, Nan Palmero
Keeps getting better and better
The team at Subsplash keeps making these apps better and better. They've added google casting options, the video component also works with AirPlay and it works well. The offline downloads are excellent, too. Thank you for the continued improvements, I appreciate the hard work!
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8 years ago, Tg44 AWFUL after update
Good app, but...
The app works fine, but I would LOVE a function that allows me to see which messages I have listened to or a progress bar if I haven't completed a message. I frequently get 10 minutes in only to realize I've already listened to that message.
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9 years ago, ahjushi
Very difficult to listen to
This is not a reflection on the content at all, but purely from an auditory standpoint. Been a fan of Chandler for awhile and just started using the app to listen to sermons in the car. To be frank, it's near impossible. He's a very dynamic speaker (he varies his volume from a quiet, soft whisper to passionate, loud exposition), and it pains my ears--literally. When he gets loud it gets unbearably loud, and when he whispers I can't hear a thing. The only way my family can listen to this in the car is if someone has their hand on the volume dial and adjusting on the fly during the entire sermon. I'm sure it's not a problem if we were there in the same room and it were live, but digitally there needs to be some sort of equalization on the audio. Hope someone there reads this and can fix it!
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12 years ago, JakeVanks
Very Cool
I'm a covenant member of a church named First Free up in Chicago. That being said, I have been very encouraged by the work of The Village Church and it has resulted in Thanksgiving to God. So, download the App but if you are not in the same geographic region as The Village Church don't try and do Church through it. Use it as a supplement to what your Pastor is teaching and your congregation is doing to work for the Kingdom. But, great App.
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11 years ago, Eel61289
Fix please!!
The app would be fantastic if it worked properly... It is set up well and easy to navigate. However, it has recently stopped playing the sermons. I used it for about a month and it would turn off when the phone would lock itself, it was a little annoying but i still used it. but now they won't play at all. I loved this app!!! It has blessed me so much! Please fix it!!
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11 years ago, Wheelzero
Best Biblical Preaching I've Heard!
Matt Chandler brings a refreshingly humorous yet soul-searching conviction to ministry. Having little background in pastoral profession, he is among the best pastors I have ever heard. His illustrative connections with Biblical stories leaves me in tears yet there is always his wit and humor right there to make me laugh hysterically. Listen to one sermon and you'll be hooked!
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12 years ago, rgmiller
Thank You
I am from the Pittsburgh area and I'm very thankful that this app exists and contains the amount of great teachings and content from The Village Church. Matt Chandler has been a great voice in my life and his love for the gospel is legit. Do your self a favor and download this app and begin to listen to the messages it contains.
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12 years ago, TJ5253
Love, love, love the app!!!!
This app is amazing!!!!! Thank you Village Church!!! I have this on my home page and use it regularly. I've gone to church all my life & never loved going to church as much as I do now!!! We really enjoy Matt's sermons & the worship music!! I'd give this a 10 if the stars were there!!!!
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12 years ago, fbara
I love this church!
I've been listening to the Village podcasts for several years and grown stronger in my walk with Christ because of His work thru the people of the Village. The only thing stopping me from giving this app 5 stars is no video of the weekly sermons. Help us out Matt!!
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11 years ago, Joseph Heavener
Downloading sermons doesn't work
I love Matt Chandler. But when I try to download sermons over wifi (so I don't go over my data limit) the ones in queue estimate 14 min download times when they used to only take 30-40 secs. Most of them don't actually download the whole sermon after waiting forever and some dont even download at all now. I don't know if this is an iPhone 5 prob but Please fix this
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12 years ago, irefuteevolution
1 of the best apps out there
I downloaded this app the day it become available and have not stopped using it since. It's free and will serve to bless you immensely if you soak in the truth available on this app about our great God and King.
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11 years ago, Amber Fugitt
I love this app!! Love the sermons! A lot of times it cuts off in the middle of the sermon. And when I download sermons sometimes it doesn't play at all. Still gonna try to listen to as much as I can since I live in Michigan!
Show more
12 years ago, TexCoz5
This is a Page 1 App!
I moved this App immediately to page 1 of my phone apps. Excellent navigation to sermons, music and resources! I'm excited to dig in. This is an absolute excuse remover for not being plugged in!
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12 years ago, joshwhetstone
Looks and acts remarkably!
I love the graphic design of the GUI and all the functionality this app has to offer! I would, however, suggest that all Internet content be forced to open in Safari. Thanks!
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12 years ago, Mike Winters
Does not disappoint!
Subsplash comes through yet again with another solid app as The Village Church steps on the app scene. Definitely comprehensive and worth the wait!!
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12 years ago, ionicbeagle
Love this app!
This app is very intuitive and simple to use. I listen to Matt Chandler's podcast regularly, and this app will make doing so much easier. Thanks for the app!
Show more
12 years ago, Carofarny
So looking forward to this one!
Job well done on this app! I've been looking forward to having this app for awhile now. Awesome content!
Show more
12 years ago, David Webb
Beautiful, easy to navigate, tons of FREE, VALUABLE content. I have been waiting for The Village Church to release an app for a long time, and the wait was worth it!
Show more
12 years ago, Mooch-er
I was hoping for something like this!! Great content, easy to use and easy access to sermons. Thank you and God bless you all.
Show more
12 years ago, musicmikey
Awesome feast of Gods word
Matt Chandler rekindled my faith and tempered my cynicism with wrong minded church people I also love that the old bible book series' are in there as well so I can share them and listen
Show more
12 years ago, Ninjafootpunch
Great teacher
I thoroughly enjoy his teachings and the fact that the app is so easy to use makes it that much better. God is good.
Show more
10 years ago, ShaneMan04
Get the word out!
I have found this app as one of the best resources for getting the word out in the tech world we live.
Show more
12 years ago, JSCHXC123
Been waiting for this!
Great app from subsplash and The Village. I will be using this along side the Grace To You app and the Desiring God app. All the extra bible teaching you could ever need!
Show more
11 years ago, Joe vickers
Bugs to fix
I love using this app when it works... The sermons only play when my iPhone is unlocked and has the app open. I wish I could play it in the background and lock my phone while listening. I can't wait for the fix!
Show more
12 years ago, Kaleb Sims
Great Resource
As a regular podcaster, I was excited to see an app coming down the pipe. Much more when I got to experience it. This is great - appreciate it. So thankful for The Village Church -
Show more
11 years ago, trying to not leave
Love it!
This app is very easy to use and navigate. Not to mention that its the best way to hear Matt Chandler teach unless you live near his church.
Show more
11 years ago, Shaarryy
The best app ever. God has used this to change my life and get me through this tough time in my life. All the glory to God.
Show more
12 years ago, Babyburb
Trouble with app
I've listen to Matt for years and would give his sermons 5 stars. The app gets a 1 star though. I've had trouble ever since I've downloaded it. I've tried deleting and downloading again but it will not load any information now. I'll keep trying it though
Show more
10 years ago, Jpowell92
Great app!
Really enjoy being able to download the sermons, and the blogs are updated!
Show more
10 years ago, dothebartman
Watch sermons here
Thankful to be able to walk thru a sermon series on this app, one week at a time.
Show more
12 years ago, true8706
Love the teaching
I have listened to the village church sermons for a long time and this makes it much easier!!
Show more
12 years ago, Rose Rodney
The Best App
This app is one of the best apps out there. Jesus for as many people as possible! Preaching the message of God to all the four corners of the world. Jesus4ppl and Ppl4Jesus
Show more
7 years ago, AlexAOdyssey
App won't launch
Every time I try to use the app it won't launch. I've tried to uninstall and reinstall. However the app will not open. Other subsplash apps on my phone work. Please help. Great content. Chandler is the best.
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