The Walking Dead: Michonne

3.8 (496)
834.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Howyaknow, LLC
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for The Walking Dead: Michonne

3.78 out of 5
496 Ratings
3 months ago, mileena's
I love the TWD series!
Telltale is an amazing game developer company for this series! I’ve never been so immersed on a game in my life. Season 1 TWD (Telltale version) - EXCELLENT! SEASON 2 TWD (Telltale version) - JUST AS EXCELLENT! SEASON 3 TWD - PRETTY COOL! SEASON 4 TWD (Telltale version) - AMAZING MASTERPIECE! MICHONNE SERIES - I like it! The only thing I have else to say is I wish there was a setting to “fit screen.” Because when you play the mobile version, the screen is so small and it has an eroded border around it. And at least a toggle button to turn off the border. But other than that, I think it’s a pretty okay game. I LOVE YOU, TELLTALE! 💙
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8 years ago, art926
So so
The zombies appear suddenly from nowhere and disappear same way, as always... No one tries to explain where they came from or tries to find a cure. Anyone who dies turns into a zombie. But alive person can too, if even slightly bitten (as we remember from the first game). But now, the characters cut them on pieces, spill zombies blood all over their faces and mouths, swim in their liquids and nothing happens, only when the story writer decides so. The game becomes very illogical. It tries to make you sympathize to characters, who act stupid and childish. These young girl and her brother, who almost killed you in the beginning. They lie all the time, they are thieves and they only care about themselves. Why should I join them? Why could I not make friends with Norma and her band, while they look like they know what they are doing and how to run the whole community? Even choosing the best options I could make to stay friends with her, the game forces me to be enemies. Unreasonable. Looks like the game tells me who is good and who is bad, not substantiating it enough and not letting me choose. Bad.
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8 years ago, BCook128
Telltale's Brief Mistake
Well, this is the first time I've had to give a bad review to anything released by Telltale and it doesn't feel very good. To start, this is the shortest series in all of Telltale's releases. The length didn't have to be an automatic negative had this particular series had a better plot, but it didn't. Next, the plot was just bland and the action/gameplay was too sparse. Episode 1 was tolerable. Episode 2 gave me hope that there were better things to come. Episode 3 was just flat ridiculous. It lasted MAYBE 30 minutes and a good 15 of those minutes were spent watching Michonne hallucinate about her dead daughters while a house is burning down around her. This entire particular scene was so frustrating...worse than watching a nit wit running and falling over and over while trying to escape a killer on a bad straight to video movie. I was literally yelling and cussing at the game. It was pointless. I don't know what happened on this game, but I was very disappointed by Telltale.
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8 years ago, Satanzangl
Nice but short
Wasn't sure if I would like this but I do. It is on the short side for the price. One thing that was irritating is having to let everyone finish their sentence before you speak/react - if you click too fast, you don't hear them out and if you click too slow you dont get to talk in time. This was unlike the other walking dead games. The game only crashed once in the first episode and that was in the ferry when the four were in the room together with the bag and someone else came in. I think it was Randall but can't recall. I started the game again and it picked back up where it left off and no more problems after that. No slowness or frame rate problems experienced. It crashed once in episode 2 after the recap of the first episode. This was on iPad mini 2
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7 years ago, Galadina
I loved telltales walking dead (the one with clementine) but this one was just horrible. The graphics were nowhere near as good. The characters moved choppy and mechanically. Nothing endearing about any character, even Michonne. Everything she says is mean and nasty, no choices to be nice or normal. By the end I couldn't care if she lived or died. Those weird daughter hallucinations.. She's very aggressive and masculine, I felt like I was playing a male char. No one else hardly fights just her. I know you're supposed to care about those thieving kids but I would have liked to kill them myself and go with Norma. Oh and also, we get it telltale, you're forward thinking and progressive but do you have to have a token char of every race? And while your at it enough with the gays stuff k. We get it, your tolerant
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7 years ago, ~Endlesssky
Just disappointed
I love the walking dead game season 1 and 2. Those lag occasionally, but not even close to what this one does. It lags with every frame, sometimes freezing for five seconds, moving one frame, and then freezing again. I've died several times within the first two minutes of game play due to lag. Payed $6 just for the first episode. I thought that would be for the whole game as its a mini series. Not six dollars for one episode. Can't even make it past five minutes due the lag. I am very upset and disappointed, not just because I've wasted my money, but because I like the other games and can't even play this one. Come on telltale games. Now I'm not even sure if I want to buy season 3 in fear it will lag like this.
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8 years ago, Jude123321 o youtube
Too little gameplay not worth the money
Not enough gameplay. Not worth my money. Episode 2 is ridiculous to short. Probably played it in 30-40mins. Thats nothing. Play the old wd games by telltale. They are so much better. This current game is slow and picking what to say part thing the timer to pick is too fast and this game is full of bugs. To short gamplay and i feel that this game has less freedom to do things for example you just go along with the story chosing what to say. It feels bad and not intersting like every thing is already planned out. This is not good. The old wd games had more freedom to roam around and was more FUN and INTERESTING AND INTERACTIVE. Dont buy this game buy the old one. Waiting ages for this game to come out and get very little for a big price
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8 years ago, Wellzie24
It's good but...
Look it. I bought the game for 5 dollars, was very excited because I'm very into the walking dead. But I really don't get that when you buy the game you still need to buy episodes ! The first episode was pretty good and I like the storyline, but I literally finished this episode 1 in an hour. You should really get all the episodes for how short they are when you buy the 5 dollar game. Other than that, great episode.
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4 years ago, Breaunn
The story is good, the choices and choice-making process is good. Even the fight scenes are good. But it lags very heavily at times, either during a sudden action or just after making a decision. And I’ve bought episodes 2 & 3 bundle deal but now all of a sudden the app won’t stay open to save its life. My first attempt to play episode 2 I got a good 3 minutes in before the game completely froze. After that then suddenly the auto-cloud save feature always pops up as an error and I can’t even start episode 2 now without it force closing. So I spent $8 on glitches and lags. Please fix this ASAP!!!
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8 years ago, Hdjjrhxjffnnd
I have bought every episode of both TWD Season 1 and 2. I'm familiar with the gameplay etc. However...this game is not quite like the others. Every time I have ever tried to play this game it freezes I haven't even got 5 minutes into the game because of this. I have tried to uninstall the game a re-stall it but it does the same thing. I have a device newer than an IPhone 5, so that couldn't be the problem. I would very much appreciate it if you looked into that.
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8 years ago, Jagcrjduxvdjx1526352
Even better if you've read the comics
Don't know why anyone is complaining about how short this game was. Did walkers eat your brains? It's called a mini-series for a reason. I found it highly enjoyable, but all in all the plot could have been a bit stronger, or they could have revealed something crazy or something. By far it's not the strongest Walking Dead game by Telltale, but it's still plenty of fun.
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8 years ago, K41namor
Deep, intense, gruesome
Great thought provoking story from the fictional world we call walking dead. Definitely worth the 5 bucks an episode for me. It's great to get something quality in this world for 5$ when majority of the things in this world at 5$ will break or fall apart in a matter of minutes. People complaining and giving one star is why we have so much cheap garbage in the appstore
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3 years ago, Elijah Genius
Not that good, not that worthwhile
It’s not a bad game especially considering it’s Telltale... but let us face it, Telltale isn’t consistent or epic as a game studio. I can understand products issues and this game is a superficial take on a canon character expansion. However, it fails in areas and it’s too short, about half as long as a typical TTG. Even one more chapter would’ve saved it. The plot is bad and it’s a pretty weak story experience. Get it because the first chapter is okay... after that, well, thing fall apart.
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5 years ago, timeape
Great just wish they could update it
I bought the entire series for my iPhone 5 and it looked great the textures were amazing and it looked so clear but when I got the iPhone 8 and downloaded onto my phone the textures were blurry and I couldn’t make some of the stuff out please give this game a major update so then it would look so good. I am begging you please give this app a major update
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3 years ago, Done widdit
Another glitchy mess - save your money
TellTale Games must hate gamers. The second and third TWD game series seem to have been left to the third stringers. Glitches. Closes suddenly. Audio disappears. Items disappear. Controls don’t work. Drag your finger to crawl Michonne across the room just to drag your finger to walk her back just to perform a series of needlessly complex moves to open a door. I’m guessing the use moving task buttons is to give some sort of arcade feel, but it fails miserably. Maybe if they’d just focused on fixing the glitches, the game would be more entertaining. Instead, it’s just bad.
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2 years ago, Charcoal grillz
Pretty fricking good
It’s a great game, but there’s one thing… telltale advertises their games as free, but you have to buy everything but the first episode. It looks like generosity at the start, but it’s really just a tease. since it is saying the game is free but contains in app purchases. Other than that, there is really nothing bad about this game. SO BUY IT.
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4 years ago, asiadotss
Telltale I love your games and I will always support this company I know all of you are working hard and I’m letting you know your work is highly appreciated you all bring smiles to my faces every single one of your games so please don’t lose creativity over some negative comments or reviews I hope all of you live a great lifestyle
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8 years ago, Onyxia132
The only bad: where is ep 2 as promised today?!?
It's annoying to see some of Telltale's best games rated so low (GoT deserves 5 stars as well!).The first episode of this mini series is, albeit short, a mesmerizing game. I'm looking forward to the next episodes. I thought it was scarier than any previous episodes of TWD games. I had to pause it a few times, hehe :)
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8 years ago, Vtex ReyBlade
Stop Complaining
You guys are like complaining about how short the episode was or it's too slow. First of all telltale made TDW: Michonne and of course by telltale games but if you didn't look at the bottom it says "A TELLTALE MINI SERIES" aka ITS NOT GONNA BE THAT LONG!!! and for the people complaining about how slow the game is then idk I mean it's slow for me to but I still finished the game
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8 years ago, stephenjgs
Waste of time
I've never written a review for anything on iTunes before, but this was such an awful game, I feel compelled to voice my disappointment in the hope that Season 3 won't suffer the same mistakes. For starters, the overall length of the game is way too short for the total price. The story makes no sense, characters are either dull or undeveloped, and action was virtually absent from the game. To top it off, there were so many glitches and lags that the game was often unplayable. Total waste of money--very disappointed.
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8 years ago, Yellar Fever
Crappy servers
Numerous times on all the walking dead games I have bought, I have had trouble trying to download the games. And I always have new iPhones. Your servers are terrible. I paid for episode 2 and it won't download no matter what I do. I can't even sign in to my account on the game because it says it can't connect to your servers.. It's extremely frustrating. And your customer support is a joke. I'll have a default answer for every situation that has arose. It's 2016 fellas. Upgrade your systems and hire new game creators..
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8 years ago, Keziah Peete
I want my money back
Hi telltalegame um I bout the multi pack for episode 2-3 and it was $8.00 and um now it's not letting play episode three it's saying I have to buy it for $5.00 and the other thing is that why do we have to pay for episodes when we just spent $7.00 on it like that's a waste of money
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12 months ago, Ejlop
Don’t buy episodes don’t work
I loved playing with all of the others the walking dead with Clementine. So I decide to play with this one. I played the first episode and paid for the other two episodes to get couldn’t download. I even login in to there website and log In by there. I don’t see history of this game ever being downloaded. I would like a refund for the remaining of the game cost. Who can I contact to get my refund?
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8 years ago, MilanDelria
Addicted !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm addicted to this game and everyday I check to see if episode 3 was added... I honestly don't think it's that short I just wish the episodes would come out a bit quicker but other than that it's a great game and I'm glad I bought:)
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8 years ago, SoNotHappyRN
As always I'm in love with telltale's gameplay and story options- however, there is a MAJOR glitch in episode 2, the fight scene in the barn where the controls stop responding and it causes me to be killed. I have an iPhone 5 and use iOS- I've tried everything and can't fix this. PLEASE FIX THIS BUG!! If you can do that, then it will get a 5 star rating from me.
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8 years ago, Jump Bunny
Take it for what it is
This is not written to be an action game. If that is what you are looking for, don't get this. This a great character study for Michonne. While I do agree that episode 2 was super short, I really enjoyed the game over all. The choices were tricky and I enjoyed the story.
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8 years ago, WeAreTheWalkingDead3
I paid for this game and I am now unable to play it do to a glitch in the third episode during an interaction that causes the game to freeze and makes you unable to participate and pass the obstacle. It has been 2 weeks or more since I came across this error and it is still not fixed. When I went to report the bug to the creators so they can work on it, I found there is no way to do so. How very disappointing.
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8 years ago, Stillfromny
Love the game but episode 2 won't download
It keeps saying "failed to download" as soon as I click download. It's not my internet connection? I restarted my iPad 4 times. I also reinstalled the game, still won't download. I am on a iPad mini 2. Please fix!!
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7 years ago, Assassin71
Good game bad glitches
I am disappointed with this game after the screens consistent love of turning black and freezing as well as glitches (spoiler for chapter2) Sam in the game is in her bandage constantly and no save files change that as well as props getting stuck in countless ways on different characters I am very disappointed. But as far as the game play and story I'd give a 4/5
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8 years ago, krothrock
telltale is at its best with zombies
Enjoyed this one a lot. There were some glitches with episode two, but they seem to have worked the out with subsequent updates.
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8 years ago, WickyStick
Tell me it ain't so, Telltale
I've bought every Telltale game and the were all super awesome. What when wrong with this one? It's choppy, short and leaves the player unsatisfied at the end. Please go back to making your awesome selection of games that have chapters. They're worth buying p. But this one... Kind of took your eye off the ball- or winning formula. Please continue putting out your variety of games. Your better than this.
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1 year ago, Algator53
Additional episodes won’t download
I absolutely love the Walking Dead talltell games; unfortunately, after purchasing episode 2, I get a down error. Don’t buy the additional episodes. I’ve attempted to get the download on my iPhone and iPad, and I want not successful. At this point I would appreciate a refund.
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8 years ago, rudeadam1
Don't know what people are complaining about
Great game. Enjoyed the story. A little too easy to die, and a little expensive, but good entertainment. Worthy of the other games in the series.
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5 years ago, Mini1738$&@
I was cheated out my money
I just downloaded this game and I played the first episode and then purchased the rest of the episode and it will not download. I don't know what's going but I am not happy. If the games downloaded I would have given 4 or five stars because it is a great game.
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8 years ago, Meeperso
Awful gameplay - swipe for Pete's sake!
Got real tired of repeating same scenes over and over and over and over and over. 90% of the time the game doesn't recognize when you swipe during action sequences. I deleted the game during the third episode because I couldn't MOVE FURNITURE to get out of the burning house! Gameplay is laughably choppy. Jumped the shark Tell Tale...loved your games while they were good though.
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4 years ago, ELENI2
Been such a huge fan of these series. Absolutely loved this story and characters. Wish the cost wasn’t so high. But looking forward to the next.
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5 years ago, cdub1913
Can’t purchase more episodes
I’ve tried to purchase episode two and three and it say I have billing issue
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3 years ago, NVNIGSPEBNDI
Good to be on mobile, not best experience possible though.
There’s weird pixelation with fire, smoke, and water from the excessive compression of this game to make it work on mobile. This mini series was alright but it felt rushed... the DLC from the original TWD game were more enjoyable than this game.
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8 years ago, Spilly123
No comparison to the original..
The storyline is just ok, even though it's one of the best characters in the Walking Dead universe. The main reason for 2 stars is that it's just too short for the price paid. I played through each episode in less than 45 minutes.
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8 years ago, BakiRonin
It takes to long to download
I know it's a big application,but it takes so long to download Otherwise I love the game!
Show more
8 years ago, bwill040
Works fine
Game works fine if you are on the right platform; the platforms are listed. Bug fixes released have helped to prevent lagging and hanging up issues.
Show more
8 years ago, Suzanne Watermelon
I'm on episode 2 and keep dying over and over because a glitch that doesn't register when I touch the screen at a certain point. I literally have like 5 minutes left!
Show more
8 years ago, Just cool!!!
Please don't buy this game!!!
The gameplay is very short. N u don't get to hear what other characters are saying when u click what u want to say. And every episode is actually 4.99. The game is not that interactive, and ur choices don't make that much of a difference really .this game is just like watching a movie and I really feel like I was robbed.
Show more
8 years ago, MathiasRid
Freeze. Lag.
It's continually freezing and lagging and I keep dying and having to start over as the controls don't respond. I have the other games, and have no issues. I've rebooted, re-installed, you name it. I'll up my rating if/when this gets fixed. Thanks.
Show more
8 years ago, Tough1230
Gave you my money, can I play the game please?
I paid for the multipack and it says that I purchased all of the episodes but it only says, content not available when I try to get the second episode.
Show more
4 years ago, vidhya101
Walking dead
Please make more of these free episodes of walking dead because there so good like by next week
Show more
8 years ago, Cutie_Pop😀
Stop complaining this game is awesome
I love the game!!! I think the game works fine even episode 2! I love all of your games keep up the amazing work😀
Show more
4 years ago, RudeBoiAZ2004
Should’ve been free
The gameplay is decent, but the graphics are terrible. Had this game been free then I would’ve absolutely loved it for the story. This tell tale would’ve been amazing if it were free, but it is not worth the amount they charge for extra episodes
Show more
8 years ago, Hhgyigbhmsmmsme
Episode Two Not Swiping
I payed $13 for all the episodes and I can't even get pass episode two. Because there is a part where you have to swipe down while fighting Randall and it won't swipe. I swipe so much and Randall still kills her. Also, the game freezes and lags a lot. Fix it or give me my money back!!!
Show more
8 years ago, iamhiddentalent
Still Waiting
Currently giving this one star because the last episode was said to release the 26th, and it is the day after and it still isn't uploaded. Telltale, I would fix this quickly. Many of the mobile users are very angry that you aren't giving them answers.
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