The Wiki Game!

4.6 (205)
34.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Alex Clemesha
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
10.3 or later
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User Reviews for The Wiki Game!

4.6 out of 5
205 Ratings
7 years ago, Mom of a 3yr old boy
Love it!!!
Wish there were more levels and more games like it!!!
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4 years ago, Next Up, Chinacat Sunflower
I really want to love this game
Unfortunately this game has some bugs. For example, if the goal word is “Tango” and I click on just that word in the Wikipedia article, it has been since been renamed to Tango (Argentina) so it doesn’t work. So I click another “Tango” in the article and it redirects me to Tango (dance)...still not the correct Tango apparently. So I click another Tango and finally it recognized it. By then I am getting the lowest score because of all the extra clicks. This game needs to updated with Wikipedia semi regularly. Also could you let us know how many clicks are in the perfect path while we’re trying to figure it out! Fingers crossed that there will be some support for this game and it won’t just die off.
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3 years ago, JoFroRo
Worth it??
It’s seems fun, but since it’s a paid app, it would be nice to have some app updates. It looks like the last update was at least two years ago, which leads to some problems. For example, it isn’t sized properly for an iPhone 12. And security details are no longer available. With in-app purchases, it makes me wonder about the value behind the price (since Wikipedia is ostensibly supposed to be free).
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3 years ago, Sy1ph101
For 2 dollars, it’s disappointing.
The charts on the pages do not scroll. This is a huge problem because it cuts off content that can be used to solve the level. In addition, the skip to next area button doesn’t work. It would be wonderful to have multiplayer in this game. It would also be really nice to have a table of contents LIKE YOU HAVE IN NORMAL WIKIPEDIA ARTICLES. I shouldn’t have to scroll through the whole thing to get to one part.
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4 years ago, DreamingLucidly
I haven’t written a review in years but this was so infuriating that I just have to. There’s no multiplayer function, therefore it’s SO much less fun than the original but they have the gall to still charge $2 for it? Do not buy this under any circumstances. If I save even one person from forking over $2 they could have spent on a snickers bar, I’ll be happy. Just play on a desktop
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6 years ago, crsmith3742
Delivers, But Could Be More
This game gives you the Wiki Game, as promised. It's polished, it works great. Plenty of single-player fun. That's just it though, I know there's a multiplayer variant online. I think if multiplayer features were available this would get my five stars.
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4 years ago, actuallyAlsoCalledCoco
Web version has bugs too but much better than app
There’s no scrolling to the right/left so some pages are cut off if there’s a table or embedded bullet points.
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6 years ago, Hunterman328
Fun Game, Please Fix
Just one quick note, on iPad the results screen is cut off and you can read the lower section that mentions something about the perfect path. Fun little game though.
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4 years ago, fixxitfelixx
Doesn’t make sense sometimes
Asked to go from wine to Jesus..... scroll down, find Jesus in one click.... gives me 2 coins instead of 3 and says I’m 3 clicks over the perfect path.. no
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12 years ago, Melossomeness
Super Addicting!
I have been looking for a Wiki game for so long and this app just takes the cake! The graphics and interface are gorgeous and it already has 100 levels just to start off with! I'm totally addicted and have a hard time putting it down, they are challenging enough to really make you think outside the box, but not too hard that you can't get through it. Love it can't wait for more updates to feed my addiction!
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5 years ago, Kratz101
It looks interesting in the website, but quickly gets boring
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12 years ago, MichelleChellyChelle
I love this concept. This is one of the most challenging games I've ever gotten. It forces you to think outside the box and to really use your problem-solving skills. Anyone who has given up on this game because of one level is missing out on the endless possibilities still left. Don't let one level discourage you from exercising your mind through this extraordinarily thought-provoking game.
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12 years ago, TechCoordinator
Great concept for a game but I hesitate.
I love the concept of this game. It has great potential for educational purposes. Teaching students how to skim and scan articles. However, I hesitate to install this on our school purchased laptops. I work for a public school and I would hesitate because of the "Five Clicks to Jesus" game mode. I have nothing against Jesus, but I because we are a public school I'm not sure this would be appropriate for public school students to have access to. Some parents may see a problem with their child having access to this game mode.
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12 years ago, Alexander the Good
Great Game
I love this game because I feel like I'm learning when I play it! However, one suggestion for improvement would be to find a way to store how far down a given page you were when the back button is clicked. It would make checking out different articles that you knew were dead ends just to learn so much easier.
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12 years ago, AncientPirate
Fun game combining reading & research!
Never heard of this game til I downloaded the app - I can't put it down! If you like Wikipedia you'll love it! Regarding the Jesus game, it doesn't say Jesus Saves, it just has you look for the connection. I don't like or condone sport rowing but that doesn't mean the concept doesn't exist and the term should be anathema. Wish people would get some common sense & lighten up on the persecution.
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12 years ago, Lu5
Wiki walking fun
I've always enjoyed leaping from article to article on Wikipedia, and this game totally feeds that! I have really enjoyed the challenge of using a limited amount of clicks or racing against the clock to get from point A to point B. I totally recommend this game if you are a habitual wiki-walker!
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12 years ago, TeriGiese
I love this!
I was skeptical about buying this app but I absolutely love it! A few things are on my mind about it though... Like what are the coins used for? Could they possibly be used to get hints in future updates? Please???? Because sometimes i get stuck on a puzzle. BUT I REALLY DO LOVE THIS!
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11 years ago, Mallentadro
Original, fun, sure classic!
This game is intuitive, original and fun. It's amazing how many facts I've absorbed just from playing this a couple of weeks. It's probably worth 99$, not .99$ it is truly great. The wiki game will is one of those games that you will always remember, like Mario Bros, minecraft or Call Of Duty.
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12 years ago, Caitoooo
Fun, addicting and beautiful!
Awesome interface with beautiful graphics. Easy to navigate and simple to understand but still challenging. Plenty of levels and game options to keep you occupied. Overall a wonderful game!
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11 years ago, Ophelia528
Fun game!
Love this game! The only thing is that once in awhile you find the word or phrase to win the puzzle but you click on it and it brings you to something similar (but does not win).
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12 years ago, coritrevorson
Needs improving
The wiki articles in the game are formatted differently and in some cases have different content than the ones on the mobile site. For example, the article entitled "list of u.s. cities by population" is in fact not a list at all. It's an article about the list itself. On the normal mobile site there's a list.
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11 years ago, taifood899
Best game I've played in a while. Always entertaining! Wish there was an offline mode though for plane rides and such but overall fantastic and a must download
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12 years ago, SlightlyMe
I love this game but... desperately needs more levels. I finished the whole game within less than a week (granted, work's been pretty slow these days..). But seriously. I'm being very very patient, hoping there will soon be an update adding more.
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11 years ago, LizzyLizzyLizzy678
Achievements messed up
Achievements messed up, please fix. It's very frustrating to complete an achievement only for it to think you have not completed it. The game is fun and well thought out though.
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12 years ago, MichaelSacca
Awesome app
I spent the better part of my vacation playing this app and it never gets boring - there's always a new challenge to tackle!
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11 years ago, Upgrayed4000
Great game
I used to play the homespun version of this game, so I was ecstatic when I ran across this gem. It's even better than playing the old way. Super fun, I'm serial.
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12 years ago, Version2
Addicting yet frustrating!
No flaws with the app here, I just can't get from lobster to lady gaga in 4 clicks! Fewest I've done is 5 and I've been trying for days! Help?
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12 years ago, Matthew Baker
My new favorite go-to game!
This is everything that you could ask for... great game play, gorgeous graphics and a lot of fun. Worth the .99 and easily more.
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12 years ago, elsinki
Fun and addictive
The game looked good so I decided to give it a try, and I just realized I've been playing it non stop. Looks great and plays great, really well done.
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11 years ago, Rbnreeder
Wiki WoW
This game is fun, addicting, and educational it gets a 5 star rating in my book!! I've gotten all my friends hooked too! Love it
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11 years ago, Argyrisc
Great game, too many bugs
Love the game. Hits a LOT of snags, though, on certain Wiki pages. Tables show up blank; lists are displayed with the second half of each line chopped off. Fix those and it'll be just about perfect.
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12 years ago, @mathewhump
My favorite web based games on the go. No hang ups no crashing. And it is the best price.
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12 years ago, bluelife240
I LOVE this game!! Super fun game with clever use of wikipedia. Addicting in the best way possible. Smooth game play and beautiful graphic design. I highly recommend this app!
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12 years ago, Tansey214
The Wiki Game
I've never played any game like this before, it's awesome and a lot of fun; definitely get it!
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11 years ago, Simi Hendrix
Great game!
I love this game!! It is my new favorite! Please make more least click levels! Highly recommended!
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12 years ago, hahaking
Great game!
This game is a tour through the world's knowledge--interesting and intellectually challenging as you try to connect disparate ideas.
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12 years ago, Jay2627
Level 6
How to I beat level 6?! You have to connect New York & mafia & I have connected NY& American mafia but it won't accept it & the only mafia link goes to the American mafia page. Help
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10 years ago, Davidude1999
Fun and challenging
Lots of different modes to play means lots of different ways to enjoy the game.
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12 years ago, Stashman2001
Super cool. I'm addicted. It's fun and helps me pass the time in class. I might learn something new too.
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11 years ago, Walton!
Was expecting a mobile version of the actual website where you raced others real time.
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12 years ago, gabbur
Fantastic :D
Really really enjoyed this game! its easy to use and fun to play! I highly reccomend it!
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12 years ago, mjtco
Love this beautiful and addicting game
I'm loving this game! It's fun and addicting. It's rock solid and visually attractive. Somehow they're tricking me into learning though - d'oh!
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12 years ago, Lauren9553
So fun and addicting!
Great game - once I start playing I can't stop!
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11 years ago, trey_milburn
So addicting!!
I love this! Way more fun than getting lost in Wikipedia. My new favorite app
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11 years ago, mstar27
Thumbs up
One of my favorite apps ever! Downside: highly addictive ;)
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12 years ago, Sainath Mallidi
Nicely done!!
Very clean interface and pretty fun too
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12 years ago, Bagelssssssssss
Fun times
This game is great I logged in just so I could compliment it 5/5!
Show more
11 years ago, Nattyfattyguy
Can't play
All the links for each game type say, "not a game link -- no external links allowed". Please let me know the problem, then ill change the review. Thanks.
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12 years ago, Xxpp
Iphone 4 ios 5
Works great
Show more
12 years ago, Btz888
Level 6 doesn't work
I can't play this anymore because level 6 doesn't work... There is no "Mafia" page because it goes to the "American Mafia" page... This needs updating!
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