The World's Hardest Game

2.2 (361)
53.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
minh nguyen
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for The World's Hardest Game

2.22 out of 5
361 Ratings
5 years ago, Th3B3stR3vi3ws
Played the game pretty happily until level 4, and then the game was broken. The dots are supposed to spin, but they’re not. This makes the game impossible to complete. There are also way too many ads. I play with WiFi and data off to fix the problem, but it’s kind of annoying.
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4 years ago, anonymous :) jandksnz
the game was just really fun and I enjoyed it a lot I was expecting it to not be good because of other reviews I read but it was a really good game in my opinion I know some games where every like 30 seconds is and ad and it’s SUPER annoying but this game I didn’t think the ads were really that bad at all and it made it challenging because you move slow but I’m pretty sure that was the point any way anyone who reads this should download the game in my opinion because I mean all of the reasons I already listed and if for some reason you don’t like it you can just delete it I mean it is a free game so just try it and if you don’t like it delete but in my opinion you should DEFINITELY get this game it was AWESOME!!!
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6 years ago, Evanlol2003
Not Worth Your Time
Here’s my problems with the game. 1. The controls are horrible. The controls are so dull you can barely touch the joystick and it doesn’t move also there’s no option to fix this.(Controller Sensitivity etc) Also it’s not like the original where it’s arrow keys instead of a useless broken joystick. 2. The Ads. Oh god the ads! I hate this so much in modern games from the App Store. They make the game free and put so many ads it’s unplayable. And I get that the people who put this on the App Store need to get some money but if you’re going to make it to where you need to pay just put a $0:99 price tag on it. 3. The Difficultly Finally the focal point of this game, the difficulty. What I mean by that is the fake difficulty. Try playing a cheap “hard” game where you can barely move with the garbage controls, the ads popping up every couple of seconds, and the fact it says it hard but it’s just cheap. Oh and not to mention the lag between your actions on screen and moving the joystick. So that’s my problems with this game don’t download this crap. If you want to play this game just play it on a computer for free with good controls, no ads, fair difficulty (No input lag or garbage controls) and lastly is a fun experience.
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4 years ago, Cale M. Dennis
Worse than trash
Don’t even get me started, the controls are terrible. The joystick is over sensitive and takes up half the screen, making level one the worlds hardest game on its own. Did I mention the ads. This game doesn’t give a crap about you completing a level, if they can flash you the same Facebook ad every ten seconds they will, even if it means doing so in the middle of a level. The graphics are bad as well, I had no idea you could make a game consisting of only blocks and balls look so bad. I know this app is free but I wouldn’t recommend downloading it if you got paid to get it. Maybe someday you guys could think about taking this app off the AppStore. Thanks for your time
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7 years ago, Randomnameggejsjtsjrb
Horrible game lots of little things
First of all, adds pop up every five seconds when you're trying to play the game. Also, the joystick is impossible to play with and they should add arrow keys on screen to make it like the computer game. And finally I think there should be a level select because on computer I got to level sixteen and on this I only got to level two so that proves how much more difficult it is on here. The only reason I haven't deleted it already is because I had to write this review to express my disappointment and anger. Please consider fixing the game I think I speak for everyone when I say the joystick is trash.
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5 years ago, wol tteab
Bug complaint
Hi idk if anyone’s ever gonna read this but I got an add witch is fine but after it any where I touched the joystick popped up and the screen was all gittery just saying to anyone who reads this idk if it will happen to you but besides this I played this game on laptop before and never had a problem with it but overall the game isn’t bad besides the bug thank you for reading and goodbye.
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2 years ago, IMakeGood_Reviews
glitch 1: if you swipe fast enough you can just noclip through the walls glitch 2: if youre on ipad (might work on phone haven’t tried) you can swipe up the apps at the bottom of your screen or pop up multitask which if you do that on most levels it just lets you instantly win.
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7 years ago, Avery Bihuniak
Way too many ads and terrible controls
Fun game on computer but extremely annoying and hard to use controls. WORST part is the ads. So many. Every 10 seconds, you have to press that little X to cancel out the ad. It makes a fun and difficult game turn into work. I listened to other reviews and downloaded the game anyway, but now I know that they were right and it's not worth downloading the app. I'm sorry to say all this but creators of this app, you have to stop bombarding players with adds and make some better controls.
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3 years ago, a fourth grader 7 30
I wish I could rate this 0 stars
This is utter garbage, I played until level 3 and every time I die it freezes for like two seconds and then resets and there are so many ads, I know I can turn on airplane mode but I wanted to try with ads to see how it was like and I keep getting ads every time I’m moving so the ads pop up and I die because of it. Joystick is huge and confusing, play the computer version instead, it’s much better. Plus, this has such boring graphics. It’s like some dumb bootleg copy, do not get this app.
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5 years ago, Bobbybrownbro
Actually broken
This game is quite literally broken on level 4. The blue circles (which kill you when you touch them) don’t move (which they’re supposed to). It’s not the world’s hardest game, it’s just a broken mess that’s literally unplayable. Besides that the controls are garbage. You’re better off playing any flash version of this game on a computer from the last 20 years as opposed to wasting storage space downloading this. It’s a sad attempt to port a flash game to iOS and it failed miserably. If I could rate this 0/5 stars I would.
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5 years ago, Alex27Solano
So many things wrong
Well, this probably won’t be the first time you see a review like this. The controls are horrible. You literally have to tap full force on the joystick to make it move how you want. This will cause a lot of deaths, and this is where the ads come in. You’re already annoyed, and you’re starting your attempt, and nothing can be worst than seeing an ad pop up out of literal nowhere and start you at the beginning. I definitely don’t recommend this game.
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6 years ago, Los Robles 👨‍👨‍👧
Amazing don't change nothing! 😋😃
It's good challenge I love it 😍 not too hard or easy just right! Everyone I know we all have different opinions but you have to stop it's not nice to the people who made this just keep all the mean stuff to yourselves! Why be so rude?! 😥
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5 years ago, ツmikai ツ on yt
On any level where the balls are supposed come together to make a big spinning obstacle or just when they are supposed move in general. Like it should be a spinning plus or something, it would just not spin, creating an unpassable obstacle
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7 years ago, Hnyymhbj
I tried to play. It would glitch and pause the square, but keep the balls moving. An ad would pop up so much! No wonder it's called worlds hardest game! There are so many ads it is hard to try to beat it! I couldn't get pass the 1st level because, literally, an ad popped up every FIVE SECONDS! I counted. So yea, I hate this game. It needs to be taken off the App Store. I would most defiantly suggest just not even downloading the game. I played it on a computer, and I loved it. Not anymore...
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4 years ago, chloejames423
Problems with this game
1 an add popped up while I was playing and then I died 2 to many adds keep popping up when I’m playing I get you want me to get more games but plz fix this 3 The blue things DIDNT FREAKIN TOUCH ME AND I died 4 the mouse keeps freezing and I keep dying plz fix this like bug fixes 5 I finish the game and it restarts me over and over again plz fix this I feel like this is why people give this game 1 STAR that’s embarrassing and that makes NOBODY want to install this game if you could fix these bug fixes maybe people would actually like this game because it so RIDICULOUS that people have to go through this and it’s the worlds hardest game by not being able to play with these bug fixes Plz fix this and that’s all THANK YOU AND BYE
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3 years ago, Siri queen
I don’t mind the ads I just turned my WiFi off and the joystick is fine but some levels are actually impossible I had to go through a tiny space and it wasn’t moving and I couldn’t get through no matter what. I hate it, I can’t complete a dumb level because it is actually impossible I got it because I knew I could turn off WiFi but the levels oh the levels I’m warning you if you read this, DONT GET IT
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4 years ago, holaminosAHHHH
Too many bugs an other problems and ye
The controls are hard to control, also the bugs are very annoying, it needs a lot of fixing, also you need to animate the blue dots because on stage 4 5 6, it would be impossible to beat, especially on stage 6, the only way you can beat the game is by using hacks I’m sure, or just by skipping the levels if it’s possible, this game needs a lot of fixing.
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5 years ago, zyvo
Turn off yo wi-fi lol
It’s suppose to be hard and if you do t want adds, turn off your WiFi, and they might have an in game purchase for adds because this game is free
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5 years ago, InfinitePugs
Different on different devices
When I play on my computer it is fine but on my phone it glitches way to much also whenever a add pops up and I press the x button the control pad thing keeps on duplicating when I touch an area
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5 years ago, zebra222
Great it for the people who complain about adds if you turn off WiFi adds can’t pop up
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4 years ago, mr .•-•
Idk why ppl say joy stick is trash just get skills or this game is just to hard for u I beat 1-10 with out a single death get skills and there are barley any ads
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6 years ago, 14Bengals14
Good game but ads pop up every five seconds. The joystick ALWAYS freezes up and you have to get out then get back on. I kind of like this game but you can’t even play it. In 10 minutes probably 25 ads pop up. IT IS SO ANNOYING!!!!!!!! I hate it. That’s all I have to say but don’t download this if a lot of ads annoy you. (which is everyone)
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5 years ago, Vamped1357
Hard yet fun game
This game is so much fun I like the other guys review if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything even my teacher say’d it at school
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4 years ago, sudfgbgytg
Good but too many adds
Overall the game is good, but there are too many adds. When you are in the middle of the game an add mast pop up causing you to lose. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ stars.
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5 years ago, Fireball275v
It is ok
You can turn on airplane mod and get rid of most of the adds. Level 4 i think. Is broken I got to level 4 and it was impossible to beat. The dots wouldn’t move ,but you can do levels 1-3 level 4 is broken.
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7 years ago, BBIsAnnoying
It's supposed to be hard..
This game is made to be hard, period. They put ads in so much, just so you could get angry and rage. Don't put so much hate.
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5 years ago, mieso kim
Too many ads, and too slow
Every single time I try to get the coin on the third level I can’t do it. I even beat the level and it made me restart it. Every single time I die it gives me an ad and the background ad sound messes me up. It keeps the ad going and it doesn’t stop the ad sound.
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4 years ago, PikachuGamePlayz
I don’t get why people hate this for the controls and the difficulty. That’s why it’s called “THE WORLD’S HARDEST GAME”. These people are dumb. This game is nice, and hard to play. Very challenging.
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4 years ago, lilboytrey
No motion
All the levels are ready hard and fun but the whole reason I’m writing this is because the levels that are supposed to move don’t
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7 years ago, Padrian15
I actually played this allot as a kid in school, I was in love with the challenge. This app utterly botched my interest, I was hoping to be greeted by that classic little tune when entering, but it wasn't there. I was hoping a better method of controlling the square ( btw in the computer game you couldn't adjust the movement speed). And lastly, the ads.. lol Pretty bad.
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2 years ago, never try to download this
Never download this stupid app
Every single time when I go to level three I feel like I am explode someday you should remove this stupid app from the App Store and never make something so hard make something easier ugh
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6 years ago, thugseed
Good at first but bad after
I passed this really quick I got to level 5 in less then 3 minuets and it was frozen. It froze and don’t work anymore
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7 years ago, Ann1boys5
Harder than it looks
This plays quite differently from the original Flash game. I passed the first two levels, but I would sometimes die for absolutely no reason on the third level. I will not be playing this version of the game again. Good thing I deleted it!
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4 years ago, parmeenoh
Play It On Computer
I was stoked to see that this game is in the store until I tried to play it with a touch screen... which is horrendous. This game is actually really fun but really unfair on iPhone. It was a computer flash game far before it popped up on here, go check it out and use a keypad!
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5 years ago, PittPeronas
The game is fun, what’s not fun is the adds, I get playing an add when you die, but what I do NOT get is why do you play an add WHILE YOUR PLAYING to kill you the, PLAY ANOTHER ADD!!! I do not recommend this game to anyone, unless you want to see 5,000,000 adds. Also I would put 0 stars but I have to at least put one.
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4 years ago, ❤️❤️❤️❤️#minecraft girl
Ok well this game has bad reveals but it’s supposed to be the hardest game on earth sooo have you put the in your mind
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4 years ago, JakeDaBomb10
Not like the real game
It’s just plain awful. You die without getting touched, and some levels are off from the real game. Also if you take too long to complete a levels all of the obstacles become unsynchronized.
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5 years ago, Masked King
Not meant for phones
The touchscreen just controls bad. Also level 4 is bugged. If you hit a yellow dot, it becomes an obstacle and kills you. The gap you have to go through isn't possible to go through unless you jam the C-stick toward the wall and angle down.
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7 years ago, Super Star Gio
Game poorly made and copy Of Worlds hardest game! The controls are wacky and ads pop up when ur in the middle of a level! The worst part is that on level 4 u can't get past it! I recommend u never get this app or delete it as fast as u can!
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6 years ago, jakepaulsworstnightmare
Worst game ever and I’ve played bad games
It’s to slippery when you try to move when you get close by like a cm you get out then a ad pops up and then you have to reset the game for the controls to work again this is crap
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4 years ago, asdf you
I finished the first level in 30 seconds. You don’t need a strategy. You don’t even need to be in second grade. I’m not a first grader I’m higher up but first graders can beat this crap. Just don’t download it. DONT INSTALL THIS GAME YOU CAN BE AT THE END THEN AN AD COME UP AND YOU STOP BUT THE BLUE DOTS DONT STOP SO YOU DIE AT THE VERY END!
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3 years ago, trystanyoshi
One thing
Why are the rotating things not rotating?
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4 years ago, Westonoler
The only reason it’s hard is because it puts ads in while you are playing the level. Randomly in the middle of levels I die because an ad pops up. At least wait till I die
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7 years ago, ReusAwesome3909
#4 is Broken
The blue dots won't move and one of the keys are over a blue dot... so could you fix please?
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2 years ago, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeweeeeeeeeeeeee
Now just why are free games so bad now
1. the screen doesn’t look right on my ipad 2. the controls are terrible 3. How is this worse then the original flash game
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7 years ago, Cameron trawets
The game would be way easier if it had a d-pad and I couldn't even get past level four because the dots don't even move and the coins are on top of the blue dots so it's impossible.
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4 years ago, ndbxbsn
0 out of 5
I’ll keep it short the game doesn’t even work half the time and when it does work your being spammed with ads. I would mind the ads if this game was remotely fun, but it’s not
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6 years ago, Koala Jammer
Whenever I move my square, I am most likely to have an ad come up and cause a death for me.
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7 years ago, Axionield
So much lag it doesn't even work right. And so many ads. You can get an ad right when you are playing or going to pass the level. I don't recommend this game.
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6 years ago, kyutie3.14
This is so irritating!!! The game keeps glitching and there are too many adds!! I can’t even get passed level two! Someone really needs to fix this! J wish I could rate this lower!!😡
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