theCut: #1 Barber Booking App

4.7 (11.5K)
99.7 MB
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Current version
theCut Inc
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for theCut: #1 Barber Booking App

4.65 out of 5
11.5K Ratings
1 year ago, Ladyoffades
Love this app
The best I truly love this at the only complaint that I have is as being a client of this app when people start to harass you because they’re upset because they won’t pay you in full. Are you just decide to cut them off they will go to the review and make silly comments to what is a fix your other clients knowing that you are a wonderful Stylist I have been emailing this company over a week about two people. They have been harassing me on my app Aaliyah Johnson and Mark days because I wanted him to pay me in full after cutting their hair over 20 years for free and everybody knows them. They’re not even a client so when I got in contact with the company to let them know these people are harassing me I had to get the people involved now they want to try to discredit me. I sent them pictures before pictures and after pictures to where they can see that I have been doing my work and my clients are witnesses to the whole event and now they’re trying to be ugly to leave one star reviews because I told them I don’t want to do that here anymore and Aaliyah Johnson didn’t even get a haircut. She got a hair twisted so at the end of the day I don’t like that the company will not stand up for The Barber then I’ll get harassed by silly people. I want these people completely off of my review and it’s been over a week and nothing has been done.
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2 years ago, ApriLeoVainuchai
I use religiously!
Such a God-Send. I found my sons and brother barber on here after kissing tons of frogs. I have never been more happy. Even when I’m out of town, I use the app. It allows me to see the barbers skills and prices before I book. I feel at ease knowing who’s chair my son and little brother sitting in before I book. I can view their name and see their face so I can snoop around on social media to see what type of energy they will bring to our lives. It also lets me identify who they are so the kiddies don’t end up sitting on the wrong chair when we arrive. I also love the texting capabilities. I can notify my barber that I’m either in the lobby or running late. He’ll usually text me back or step out and grab us. The texting is immediate just like a traditional texting system from any phone carrier. I highly recommend this app to any single mothers with boys such as I. It’s easy to navigate and it’s easy to use. Absolutely love it!
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2 years ago, BarberGang
Crashes with photo uploads and unable to mass text my link.
The two most important features of the app don’t seem to work correctly. The app crashes when trying to search for photos to upload, it only works if the photo is one of the first few in my album. Meaning I have to take screenshots of pics and then delete them after I upload them. Second, you are unable to send your link to multiple people without sending a group text to everyone. Support told me to turn off certain features on my phone, which I don’t want to do for just this purpose. It should be the other way around. I’ve seen this feature on other apps that aren’t as intricate as this one so I know it’s doable and not very hard to accomplish. Looks like app development has halted and they’re happy with it as is. Finally, I waited several days for mobile pay verification just for it to be suspended before it was approved. With all of the fees associated with it and the authorization process for clients, it actually doesn’t matter to me that much as I didn’t intend on using it anyway. I wanted to use it only for the cancellation and no-show policy, or to at least test it out. I’ll give the app another few weeks to see if it’s worth it, or if I should pay a little more to actually be able to use the features that I need. Currently an “oversell” and disappointment.
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2 years ago, Thee Empress Alke
Declined appointments
I like this app. I started using it Dec. 2021. My only complaint is I’ve had appointments declined on 4 separate occasions and I have my bookings set up for my clients to pay via their card. With that setting there is a preauthorization of the amount charged for the service applied to the clients’ account. 4 times I’ve noticed an appointment declined while the client is in the chair and their card is charged. Causing my clients to wait days before the funds are back in their account. And I don’t receive the funds either. I’ve emailed customer service and their only response is, “the client’s card or bank has an issue. Or block the person.” I like this app but I’m kind of disgruntled when situations happen like what I’ve explained; causing me to second guess my choice of this booking app. I also do not like the fact there’s no customer service number where I can speak to a representative when I have an issue. Please consider my review as a paying subscriber to be a critical focal point when updates are made. Thank you
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2 years ago, PMasterZ
Great App(Customer Perspective)
Last year, I started using The Cut after moving to the central Virginia area. My experience with the app has been extremely positive. First, The Cut is user friendly in many ways. The most prominent being how effectively the booking process is. The barber I commonly book, B Breezy, has a wide range of appointments. The app displays the type, time, and prices in a simple but effective format. I can book an appointment in less than 5 minutes. The Cut is also very communicative. It sends notifications reminding me of upcoming appointments and announcements from your barbers. Second, The Cut allows me to interact with the barbers extensively. The app provides a direct messaging system, so I can reach out to B Breezy directly. It also has its own review system. I believe the Cut is a great app that eliminates some of the tedious hurdles of booking a haircut for customers and barbers alike.
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2 years ago, hannblends
Do better please
It took me a while to write this review because I was angry so I took a while to relax. I was a user of the cut since about 2020 and it served it purpose for a while but I started experiencing problems with younger clients scamming and using peoples information to book appointments where I have no control of this. The cut app should provide protection from things like this but they don’t. They hold the babe accountable like we do bad business like that. I was have issues where people where getting haircuts and saying they didn’t authorize those services so instead of the cut reaching out to me the just refunded them at my expense then when I told them that they took quite a few days to email me back and told me just block the client it happened again I guess they blocked my account so now I lost out on all the clients I had on the cut I lost out on all the money from haircuts that clients paid for and said they where charged I never received any compensation in closing I learned a valuable lesson I need to create my own booking app the cut NEEDS barbers the barber don’t NEED the cut and they clearly don’t respect that fact customer service is also terrible.
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4 years ago, knedee
Scam app
Downloaded this during the middle of the COVID-19 shutdown and when barbers started opening up I thought this might be a nice time to find a local barber. I entered my cc info and made a profile and found one really close. Set up a time thru the schedule section and the barber listed pay upfront (should have known at this point) and drove to the appointment. I had spoken to someone on the phone before. When I arrived at a nowhere destination I called to no answer but got a rude text back and an explanation they were out of state, not yet moved here, tough luck. I called my bank and luckily they stopped the payment but I’m looking the app has no contact number only an email to email issues about (red flag #5000) I did so telling them I had been scammed immediately and received an email telling me they would remove my account and contact me once that was complete. Still have heard nothing back. The app itself could be legit but any business that has no contact phone number or customer service beyond an email...lesson learned. Stay away from this app, use google search for barbers near you. Still waiting to hear back from the app email support...Regret this 100%
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2 years ago, #1Supporteruntil
The cut support gave up on my business
Someone that booked me for the first time linked a suspicious card. They disabled me (the barber) from using the account or communicating with me. However, they left the account running for clients to book. I lost full control of the account and can’t access any money or change any information on the account. I requested it deleted via email several times for about a week. The cut support has yet to even respond with a solution. I was a major supporter of the app, even from when they were going shop to shop in 2018 promoting it. I can probably understand why it is disabled but I don’t understand the point of leaving the account running and all of my information up. That causes chaos and real life confusion in my shop. Even though I strongly believe I shouldn’t be held responsible for a client’s suspicious payment, I just don’t see how in any way The Cut app think it is acceptable to let clients still book an account that I can’t access & not give me a proper response or solution for such a long enough period of time. I’m all out of options and very inconvenienced
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4 years ago, Chris Your Barber
Excellent and easy to use. -A Barber
I was unsure of what route I should go for managing my barber customers, and of course, booking and maintaining appointments. A friend of mine who I went to barber school with has been using this app for quite a while now, and he recommended theCut, with nothing bad to say. This app has been instrumental in my transition from a corporate-model barbershop to a booth rental opportunity. Managing appointments and customers is extremely straight forward, and the ease of use is second nature. My customers have all loved how easy it was to download, create a profile, and quite importantly.. simple to find me as their barber and book all requested services. Only small improvement I would make at this point is adding the ability to create profiles for customers that I book an appointment for personally. A profile will only be created if your customer downloads the app and creates their own profile. It would be nice to be able to create a profile for the ones who don’t like downloading extra apps, or don’t use smart phones regularly. This would allow for taking notes on the customer for the next time they ask for an appointment. Otherwise, theCut is amazing, easy to use, user friendly, and I haven’t seen an app like this that is catered toward barbers, by barbers. 🤘💈 Chris Your Barber
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3 years ago, Chi from Fullerton
Juan at Good Timez in Upland is as professional as they come👍🏾
This barber is on point with everything (punctual, courteous, accommodating, knowledgeable, detailed). I live in Fullerton and I drive to Upland bc I know I’ll get a quality cut. I’ve only been twice, but I’m gonna def keep coming back. I like his demeanor. He doesn’t judge at all with whatever type of cut u want and he’ll make sure you're pleased with the cut you got and if not, he can def fix it. Also, he’ll ask and show u what it looks like in the mirror after he cuts a small portion….if he should continue cutting it that way. Talk about class 👌🏾👍🏾😊. Most barbers don’t show u anything until they’re finished. But Juan has the confidence to know that he can cut anyone’s hair the way they want it. I’m glad my friend Julian recommended u. Thx again Juan 🙏🏾☺️. I’ll see u in a couple weeks 👊🏾
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4 years ago, Fee (school bus driver)
I sent my nephew in the barbershop last minute the day before school started and when he came out he looked nice but said auntie if you go In there get the very first dude on the left cuz he’s amazing. My nephew referred me to Paul just off sitting in the shop for a lil bit and seeing everything Paul was doing to other folks hair cuz he he was in a different chair. I went back a few days later and I’ve haven’t been to a different barber since that day! I ask for letters and designs in my hair and I’ve never once been disappointed. I even started my grown niece and her 7 year old son to going to Paul and she drives from way cross town. Paul hooks my hair up when I go in and tell him something specific I want and on days when I just say freestyle it. I’ve found a barber and friend for life when I found Paul. Thanks brother for always hooking my hair up!!
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5 years ago, seanito97
I love this app
It’s honestly the only app for BARBERS. Finally an app with the right layout and the right theme that has a great processor using square. The money always ends up in my bank account and they were very helpful and patient with me despite my rude email out lash during the latest issue they had with SQUARE (sorry for that by the way) it’s the easiest, most user friendly app for booking appointments I’ve ever seen/used. I hope they thrive and prosper to the top of the industry and I feel all barbers should use this app. My clients love it, I love it, and the support team has been nothing short of perfection and when it comes to customer service. The emails are personal and hand written by someone who read your email. Thank goodness it’s not some robot sending corny automatic responses. All in all this app is one I would recommend to ANYONE.
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2 years ago, madlivid
The cut gave me the run around until that promotion was over lol
It’s funny how I haven’t been able to sign in to my account to take advantage of the cyber week promotion but not that it’s all over and I have to pay full price I bet I can sign in now, it was all to keep from honoring that promotion, but I was reaching out all that time sending screenshots and all with no response until that promotion was over then magically I get a response isn’t that convenient for you, then this is what you’ll tell me we never receive any messages blah blah blah but Watch I bet I can go sign in just fine now that cyber week deal is over watch this is why you don’t have a number so u can drag out our problems instead of getting timely help then u can oh sorry but it’s to late to take advantage of that promotion, but you guys never responded in time the cut makes all the mistakes the barbers pays the price. They played dumb and made sure I didn’t get that cyber week promotion was false advertisement locked me out of my accounts until it was over
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1 year ago, stevevroussard
This app is so convenient
You can easily book appointments with your favorite barber weeks in advance. You can also pay through the app so you can just walk in, get a haircut, and walk out. This app has definitely saved me multiple times when I was out of town and needed to find a good barber in whatever city I was in. However, the greatest feature for me was letting me to giving this five stars and leaving this review, is the ability to find barbers on short notice. I love the fact that it can be 2 PM, and you can have an appointment set at 4 PM by simply having the app search for which barbers have immediate availability. I don't know how long they have had this feature, but I absolutely love it.
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12 months ago, ATHOMP0912
Clients having trouble downloading the app and booking
I want to give this app 5 stars! I really like the platform. My favorite part is that clients who use TheCut app can search barbers in a specific city or area and I’ve gotten a lot of my clientele from just that! I also like the fact that I can post my work for people to see and judge if they want to come to me or not! That’s dope! However, too many of clients are having issues with either downloading the app and/or being able to book after downloading it. It freezes and won’t let them book for some reason. Not sure what that’s all about but I’ve lost a couple clients due to that issue so please please PLEASE! FIX IT! Also, the app glitches really bad when I’m trying to upload photos of cuts. It will only let me scroll so far back into pictures and then a lot of the times the app will crash and kick me out!
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1 year ago, keywannabee1991
Logging in every time
I’ve had the cut app since Dec. 22’ and since last month, every time I go onto TheCut app I have to log myself back in. I’m missing appointment requests because when I’m not on the app I’m logged out, and when you’re logged out, you won’t get notifications. And sometimes I go days without checking this app because my notifications are on, but when I do visit the app, like I said, I have to log in every time. And sometimes I have “cancelled appointments” because they’ve waited a day or two and no acceptance from me. Because I’m logged out and didn’t get a notification. Support takes their time responding and though I love this app, I’m gonna look for another app for current/future clients because I’m not sure what else to do to get this app to stop logging me out every time I get off of it.
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5 years ago, CutzByQ
Love app just a couple of things
Hey guys love the app just a few thing I wanna suggest. I think you all should develop some type of mobile pay where you can get your money instantly like Cashapp.. I been waiting on my bank to be verified and now that it has finally my money is still not on there.. it’s still a lengthy process even with the updates .. Should get with cash app or something so it can be instant.. Second.. it would be nice if with the clients info if they last minute cancel and you charge them your cancellation fee and the card declines, that you can block them from booking until that cancellation or no show fee is honored and fulfilled.. and that’s the only way that can book again.. thank you. One more thing can I get a shoutout or something or a feature lol .. y’all have my support even if you start charging
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5 years ago, Atl-Bankhead
Site is cool, but...
I find that apps like the Cut are cool, but there are several loopholes that create a poor experience for the customer. First, I had a barber who recently had me book an appointment that he neglected to confirm via the system, although he confirmed the appointment in our chat. He double-booked and despite my having arrived for my appointment on time, he pushed me off on a barber whose work I had never seen, who gave me one of the worst cuts of my life. I sent him a bot afterwards to voice my complaints and he declined the original appointment, which wouldn’t allow me to tell this story. I also find that this site is a bit of a catch-all, which is pretty terrible for the customer. Some of these barbers have 5star ratings when they provide 1-2star work, which does not make for a pleasant experience for customers. I’m likely not going to use the app again since each time I’ve chosen a barber through the app, I get less than what I am paying for.
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6 years ago, Heed the Surgeon
It would be considered 5 star
However I usually check my appointments the night before and on any opening time if you guys could give us an option to set a time limit on appointments. Meaning if I have full bookings from 8-5 but one opening from for example 2:30-3... So mentally I tell my self I have time to go to beauty supply store in between that time before proceeding.. then someone books the appointment without me knowing around 2:22 it's just last minute. Lastly.. if instead of haircut time options only being increments of 15m, 30m, 45m Placing our own times would be more accurate. I cut a head in 22 min so it leaves me like a 5-8 min break between each cut. I'd love to cut straight through the day and even having my clients arrive early I still end up sitting down. Besides this the app is great and conveinant thank you guys!
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4 months ago, TKdaBarber
Poor Communication . Slow glitching
App is decent but very slow & lags behind. I always have to update the app. It glitches then log you out of your account. I have had multiple clients come to their service expecting a “Voucher”for a free service . It Does NOT SHOW ME, ON MY END THAT MY CLIENTS HAVE A VOUCHER ON THEIR SERVICE. It just SHOWS UP AS REGULAR SERVICE WITH SERVICE PRICE THAT IS DUE , BUT MY CLIENTS SHOW A VOUCHER ON THEIR PHONE AND NOT MINES WHICH IS UNACCEPTABLE. I even turned off the option to receive vouchers after accumulating so many haircuts and it still keep giving out free vouchers like What app just hands out vouchers and have people expecting their getting free services. EXTREME POOR COMMUNICATION WITH THE APP CUSTOMER SERVICE. They are really slow at responding to questions like payment transactions and overall slow to respond they take up to 4-5 business days before you get a respond . Really need to fix this issue. I might just go back to booksy.
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6 months ago, Lordbyran
An App that’s finally a “Cut” above the rest!
Began using the “The Cut” App after my longtime barber passed away and I needed to find another professional that I could trust to do the job. My Frat brother recommend I use this app. I did and found another outstanding Professional Barber. There are a couple things the app itself could approve on but the majority of the App’s features are on point and extremely easy to navigate. Love the ability to place old photos of one’s haircut for the professional to see as well as bring in other photos so that the professional is able to determine if that is something they can do before the appointment. All in all, I would give “The Cut” App a 9/10 rating!!
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8 months ago, Prepared with love
Lovely dayysssss
The atmosphere is wonderful it smells great the owners are very pleasant and respectful. I love that we can also have great conversations on various topics. It feels like I’m walking into a family home and getting my hair retwisted I love it that’s why I keep going back! They are very professional they make you clean your hands when you enter check your temp put on a mask for everyone’s safety. Very prompt when you enter there’s always oils burning off some sort for a nice aroma. Listen just book with them see for yourself Okay! They are for actual caring and maintenance of your hair not just getting your money so there’s love in it. Listen Hoodchef and Chef Val supports and stands by A Prepared Place Natural Haircare and Wellness Studio
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5 years ago, JD the barber
Barbers Best Friend
Before introduced to this app I had could never take a break. I have kids and I was always rushing in and out the shop handling errands and trying to balance my time with my customers. My phone was always going off because people wanted to know how busy I was and what time would be best for them to come to the shop. It literally drove me crazy. One day a customer of mine sent me this app and I decided to introduce it to all my other customers. I explained how they could book their own appointments and how they didn’t have to carry cash to the shop anymore. Now I can schedule my breaks to spend time doing whatever I need to do to along with my work load. The best app that ever happened to a barber-
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3 years ago, Lei Leyanna
Found My New Barber!
A few days ago I got a horrible haircut at another shop and was embarrassed to even leave my house. I found Henry after doing a search on Google. He had amazing reviews, so I decided to book an appointment with him. Turns out I had booked the wrong service and Henry was able to work me into his busy schedule anyway, which I appreciate so much. He was very kind and professional and had me laughing so hard. Being a woman, I can honestly see why men enjoy going to the barber shop and chopping it up with the boys, cuz that lifted my spirits. I am very happy and grateful and I had a wonderful experience. I don’t need to look any further. I’ll definitely be back to sit in Henry’s chair!
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2 weeks ago, God Supe716
Worst experience ever as a new barber
I’m in barber school and was trying to verify my identity through the app to receive mobile pay for future clients. Unfortunately I’m restricted from logging in after a message saying verification failed. I entered all of my information correctly twice using two emails. However I was told “ Your account has been flagged for violating one or more of our policies. To review our policies in detail, please click here to read our Terms & Conditions. For security reasons, we are unable to share further information on the incident. We apologize for this inconvenience.” I then asked if the issue can be resolved and The Cut stated “ For security reasons, we are unable to share further information on the incident. We apologize for this inconvenience.” Very unhelpful and terrible service. I’ve reviewed the terms and conditions and still haven’t found a resolution to start my business.
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5 years ago, wtbusmc
Best in Pender county and surrounding areas
Most men know that not all hair cuts are created equal. A simple fade is not so simple as it turns out. That is my typical cut but not all I have received at JR’s. Regardless of what cut I ask for, either for myself or my sons, it is always a perfect fade and we leave feeling like a million bucks. The boys enjoy going to the shop because the atmosphere is great and June treats them very well. My cut is always perfect and the price is unbeatable. I am Military and the price is 8$, however I feel compelled to give much more because I remember all the times I have over paid for terrible cuts in the past. Thanks for being a reliable place, with good company and a hard working individual that does great work!
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2 years ago, Eli The Barber
Review TheCut app
Hello developers! I’m not the talkative type so really short and sweet; your app is convenient, but man is it slow to the touch. Your 30 day free trail? Bogus, it was going well until some recent options just failed to continue to work before the trial expiration date. Like your manual appointment log. Also I’ve received at least 5 5* reviews and no new clients via TheCut app. Also more clients of mine are experiencing booking issues. Your app at this point is a lagging, malfunctioning appointment book. It’s been a few days now and I’ve reached out to your “support” team. Still haven’t gotten a response. My friend hyped this app up before I finally downloaded it via TheCut app referral and he nor I have received any new account credit for anything. I guess this wasn’t short and sweet.
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5 years ago, Cmcboi24
Great app
Love the app I just have a suggestion or two. Allow barbers to charge cancellation/No Shows without having to only accept cards from clients as payment, but when client signs up with the app a valid card must be submitted. Also incorporate this app with social media so people can book straight from Instagram or Facebook. My co worker uses another popular booking app and the business generated just from the book button on Instagram speaks for itself, once ppl see the cut on the gram they can then book without ever leaving Instagram. Also if we could send out promo codes or deals to our clients via message blast or selective blast would be awesome Great scheduling app and is very user friendly keep up the good work and I look forward to the positive changes ahead.
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2 years ago, Donell Hamilton
Terrible customer service no one responds to emails and there’s no number to call
So I have been doing business with this company for over two years I have pay my monthly subscription every month and I also have direct mobile pay on my account for two years never had a problem two months ago my account was suspended i have messaged them and ask them why! Never got a message back and now they’re telling me my account is suspended indefinitely because of certain activity and no one is giving me an explanation on why I have emailed them 20 different times I can’t even get my money out of my account because of this company has suspended my account and they won’t even give me an explanationSo how do you communicate with a company that doesn’t respond to your emails and doesn’t have a contact number when dealing with your card information
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2 years ago, CHAVO THE BARBER
Barber Review
This app is…. Ok…. Good for scheduling appointments. I have more than 15 5 star reviews, but not once have I received any clientele from the app itself. I can’t edit appointments when clients need to change times or services. Having to cancel and rebook is annoying, and when I brought the issue up to customer service , all the could say is that it’s under construction…. ( no definite date or solution) I also would like to have a cancellation policy without having to forcibly charge a client through the app. I use many platforms of payment and sticking to one isn’t realistic. For an app that charges 20 a month to use, sure doesn’t have the features to support that amount. I highly recommend either looking elsewhere or wait till TheCut App gets their software figured out. Do better than you are “TheCut App”.
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5 years ago, Palkjuy
Nick the Beast
WOW I am 36 years old and I’ve had my share of barbers. I’ve lived all over and I feel that I can tell a great barber from a bad one. In my 30s my hair just isn’t the same as it use to be obviously therefore I am extremely picky when it comes to having my hair cut. This guy is by far the best I’ve had. He drops everything he’s doing and listens to exactly how I want my haircut. He sincerely enjoys cutting hair and loves to see his finished product. He cares nothing about getting people in and out of his chair in a rush so at the end of the day he has the most cuts possible. He takes pride in cutting and as long as he is within 50 miles of me you can be sure to see me in his chair once a week. WOW!
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2 years ago, 🎱Moe🎱
Great promotion for in a good barber
The app allows you to promote your skills your prices and proves how good you are actions speak louder than words so when you say you’re good and you do a good job on a customer the client is allowed to give you a review and speak on your work versus you talking somebody ear off andMessing their hair cut up not respecting that they might have something to do an event and they are trying to impress people and build their brand attitude and presentation has a lot to do when you’re representing something I love this app and I appreciate it whoever thought of the idea hope God is making everything easy for you👍🫵🏽🎱
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1 year ago, HarlemMami42Long
Too much FRAUD
Beware and vet the business before making appointments . These service apps that collect money before the service make it too easy for fraudulent business. I have tried to book appointments twice with two different barbers. One occasion the barber posted a public known barbershop address. He sent a text 30 minutes prior to my appointment to confirm w/a different address which was a residential address. TG I googled the address first and did not go. This is type of behavior is extremely dangerous and could get people hurt. There are many fake business on here posting as real business collecting money. Once you arrive at the location there is no barber shop. It’s ridiculous and fraudulent. Do not input your credit card information . Always call and speak to someone before and google the address before arriving.
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3 weeks ago, Comrade spongebob
A/x Cutz
What else is there to say I have had the same barber for over 15 years until I met Armani. it was hard for me the first time to step out of my comfort zone. I have no regrets!!…I am completely satisfied with my new barber. She takes the time and patience needed to learn exactly what u want and need, she is extremely professional and detail oriented …..she has made it easy for me to decide who will be cutting my hair for the next 15 years!!! The shop is always clean and welcoming I always have a great experience and leave completely satisfied thanks again for everything see u in two weeks…
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2 years ago, jaquellphillip
JP the barber great app
The app is great only thing I don’t like that Booksy has is the set availability in the cut app that won’t allow me to keep my set schedule but flexible to adjust and open up a nee availability that lets clients see which calendars are open for the month . For example I only cut on Saturdays which my clients know because I work somewhere else . How ever when I’m off or free on certain days of the month I would have to unblock my availability on the set times and create a new availability on the fly which will not allow my clients to see any updates like Booksy which has set hours you can set and a calendar to to adjust frequently in real time where clients see.
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2 years ago, Unique TEKNIQUE
One thing missing
Really liked your app. The one thing that’s missing is the ability to edit appointments. Example if someone books for a haircut and then decides they only want a shapeup, because sometimes clients change their mind. I can’t edit that appointment to reflect the change. I have to cancel the appointment and book another one, which is irritating. It would really nice to be able to edit services and price in the appointment. I occasionally give discounts from time to time and I’d like to be able to adjust the price. I don’t want to have to create a new appointment or a new service for it. Not having that flexibility is a big thing for me. I’d love to comeback, hopefully after those are updated.
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3 years ago, Primo1221
This app. Is awesome and very user friendly fir both client & barber. Just wish the appointment cancelation & no show appointment options would be able to be accessed during anytime on the app. As well as making it a lot easier to set up mobile payment options, because I put my own information to set it up and it tells me my information is wrong when I know for a fact it’s not. And it only gives so many tries and your locked out from that option. I hope they can get that fixed on the app. That alone will cause trouble for clients and barbers specially sense we are living in a world where everyone uses mobile payments.
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6 years ago, Richard D. D.
Social media sign in.
I like this app because it makes it easier for me to set up my appointments with my barber. Especially when I’m at work and can’t make a call or it’s after hours. The only issue that I’m seeing with is app. There is no social media button. Making a new account for most people is a barrier to entry. “Like downloading a new app”. Creating a new password is something people don’t like to generally do or they forget their passwords. For example, adding a Facebook button would raise usability. By how much?. That I don’t know but it should raise engagement / participation. In the amount of time that it will take a a person to fill in there password they’ll already be signed up and ready to go.
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5 years ago, Llcoolrick
My opinion of Family First and barber Brandon
Family first is one of your top barbershops if not the Top in the Waterbury area. Walking into the shop your greeted and welcomed into a friendly family oriented environment. They have a selection of fine barbers but in particular mine happens to be Brandon. He’s a very professional and well skilled at his craft. He pays attention to details and most importantly he listens to his clients with there needs and wants when it comes to cutting hair. Overall I’m beyond pleased and overwhelmed with my experience at this establishment and barber. A rating of 10 would be a no brainer but since I have to settle, a 5 star is without question sufficient.
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1 year ago, Cj1023
Nice look only as good as the barbers
I was referred to this app. Decided to finally use it. It is not client friendly meaning that all the app functions are barber sided. I happened to choose a barber with 5 stars who was late to the appointment and was giving me the “im 5 mins away” treatment. Doesnt feel good when you have already tipped in the app, trying to do right. There are times i freak out in advance so I reached out to the team behind the app to figure out what my options were with a barber who was wasting my time. The response I got was a canned response and only came after I confronted the barber on my own asking not to be charged and the appointment be cancelled. The agent informed me that the charge was voided while explaining to a retail manager in 2023 what an authorization on a card entails. This app doesn’t serve as a filter and with the barber having 5 stars I have no way of knowing in advance how people truly operate. Unless all barbers are vetted or there is a more efficient real time way of getting support in a bad deal, this app is a no for me. I found a new barber by word of mouth. Didn't need the app except to tell someone it was bad to get the right plug.
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4 months ago, ImahJ
I booked, payed, and completed a lineup appointment all within a hour. I looked for a barber available today and was able to see a few pictures of the barbers work conveniently without having to click around. It was all there within the results page. I booked, payed, and made my way there which was only fifteen minutes away from where I lived. The barber did excellent fast work and communicated well with my son making him feel comfortable. What I've noticed about this app is the barbers listed are very professional, respectful, and well mannered.
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5 years ago, Tha Devinite
Great app 👍🏽👍🏽 but not worth the Fee (to me)
I was using the app for years until the new monthly fee and increased transaction percentage... The app has many features to use but in reality they aren’t necessarily needed nor do I have time to use in between clients for me as a barber on a normal/busy day Thus the monthly fee is mainly for clients to book w/me 24/7 ... & I decided that alone wasn’t worth it And now since I stopped using the app , the Cut is only showing my clients (100+) that I am no longer available... indefinitely .... & apparently they never received my Blast to inform all of them on my new booking methods Thus now the App is now sending all of my clients to a barber in my shop/any else close that still is paying for the app I guess this is their promotional feature in work I’m disappointed and will not be paying for service **** But the quality of the App and the features it offers is 👍🏽👍🏽 if you take notes on each client and write down your order of operations on each person This app will be good for you If you work in a high traffic barbershop This app will make the office side of operations easier
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2 years ago, Ballllzzzz
So far the best booking app I’ve used as a barber
Very slick navigation and clean look. Widely used so opportunities to pick up new clients is there for new barbers, on the other hand the opportunity to lose old clients is a potential. But to me, that’s an easy justification to stay on top of your craft to keep clients. Only things I am missing in this app as a barber, $ is the ability to reschedule cuts without canceling and re-entering service time and client info. $ And the ability to allow some or all clients to book without entering a credit card(I could just use a diff card processor and allow all to book with no payment info) mobile pay gives barber a good card reader with low fees BUT forces barber to get creative with those old school clients that want to keep their info offline… The price is right AND theCut seems to do a fantastic job of listening to its users feedback so I’m optimistic that soon I can have nothing to list that I am missing.
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2 years ago, MissDiva17
Love this app
I am so glad that my son started going to Bbreezy. I love how he takes his time cutting his hair and makes him feel so relaxed and comfortable. I have known him for years and he is such a sweetheart. He interacts with my son and talks to him while he is cutting is hair. My son found out he cuts some of his favorite people hair and was so excited he gets to go to the same person. He is so happy when he goes to him for a hair cut. He is willing to take us late and works him in because of my schedule. I love how you can use the app to book your haircut and pay. By far the best barber ever.
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5 years ago, Va_Swag23
The only Barber App I Use!!
I have been using TheCut app for about 2 years now and it’s hands down the most convenient scheduling app for barbers like myself with a huge clientele base. It’s user friendly, and saves so much time when it comes to scheduling appointments. I even invested in the app when they offered it because I feel it’s a platform that is continually developing and will continue to grow. They are always updating the app and listening to barbers input to make it better which I love!! So if you aren’t using TheCut app I highly recommend that you start, your clients will thank you for it!!
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4 years ago, SRTate1989
Good start of an app, but needs an update
Used this app about a year or two ago to try to find a new barber in my area. Ended up at a barber college and got a subpar cut from a novice. Wasn’t upset about it, but there’s no way to identify anyone’s experience level, unless they include that in their brief bio. A way of filtering out barbers (residential, mobile, etc..) could be implemented. Further filters to help narrow down searches, and streamline the process would be helpful (whether they have private rooms/suites, or work in an open environment), and requiring the barber to post a picture of the storefront as well as interior and their work space, would make the app more convenient. The store front and interior pictures would need to be in a separate section so the work pictures wouldn’t push them to the bottom. Another minor detail, allowing the barber to post more than on picture of themself, as well as making the profile images. We’re in a day and age, where we have to rely heavily on technology to book appointments, so more easily accessible and readily available information would help this app go a long way
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1 month ago, Vahn The Barber
In my experience the cut app has made my job much easier and more effective as a local barber in my community. I can easily view, schedule, & my track appointments. I also like that the app allows you & your client (old or new) to communicate directly with an instant DM. The app offers tons of promo options and other fancy features to play around with that allows you to stay fresh and ahead of tends. Lastly, TheCut App offers and in app “Barber Insurance” guide to help and teach all barbers the importance of staying covered. The in-app insurance is also purchasable.
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11 months ago, Antoinette Gunns
I have been taking my boys to Mark for some years now. He’s always on time and on point. He shows patience with my son who had a bit of a hard time with getting his hair cut. Mark has always try to find ways to make my son comfortable and not just give up. I’m grateful for him being that way because it takes a little off my shoulders. Being a single mom and having to take the boys to the barber is not the easiest but again I’m very grateful for my experience with Mark. My boys always look great leaving his chair.
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2 years ago, TheMetalScraps
Great BUT…
As a barber, I wish there was an “Edit Appointment” feature rather than having to cancel an appointment. This has caused issues for me as some banks don’t release funds back to the clients immediately and sometimes makes the clients wonder if they’re paying twice/double. I also wish there was a “Reminder” feature, where the clients gets reminded of their appointment via text message & a push notification by the app, similar to how square appointments does. All in all, I like the app and hope the developers and the guys at TheCut can maybe make some of these suggestions a reality!
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5 years ago, jay the philly barber
New Monthly fee for barbers
I love this app been using it since day one.. I got a personal invitation packet mailed to the barbershop were I work and I signed up because I felt like it was the only booking app just for barbers But recently “the cut app” has been charging $20 a month fee. Even though $20 bucks is not a lot. I have a strict business budget that I spent on supplies, rent, and etc. and it kinda throws off my budget.. And understand that this business and they have expenses as well. I feel that instead of charging the barbers, get sponsorship/advertisements from others company’s that want to post there ads on the cut app... similar to how u go on google or Facebook and u see advertisements from different companies
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