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User Reviews for Things 3

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2 years ago, Mickelsp
Gets it done without getting in the way
I use Things to manage tasks for multiple work projects. From the time I began using Things, when I didn't really know what I was doing, the basic functions helped me work more efficiently. As I have needed more from the app and my projects' scopes have grown, the deeper layers are there to be discovered. That's just as a well-designed app should be. A couple of highlights that I appreciate about Things: the visual density of projects and tasks is calibrated much better than other to-do apps I've used. There's a delicate balance between too sparse (can't take in enough information about tasks at a glance) and too dense (can't process b/c of info overload). I never have these problems with Things. I also appreciate the list of "Upcoming" items as it allows me to assess my priorities and workload at a glance, as well as schedule when I will return to tasks I have put aside. One small suggestion (and I think this only applies to the iOS version, not the Mac version): I have found that when I am dragging an item designated for a specific day to be under a different heading, I can't just drop it at the top of the list under the different heading and then have the app figure out where to place it. I have to keep scrolling down to the proper sorting place in order to drop it. Dropping it at the top of the heading returns it to its original location, and I have to start over.
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6 years ago, uinazi
It’s growing on me
I was a loyal and satisfied user of Things 2 until I got tired of waiting for updates. When I first tried Things 3, after too many years of waiting (and happily moving off the platform), it seemed like mostly eye candy. Areas still are not well thought out, and the update to the visual presentation now makes common views more confusing than ever. It was a real disappointment. It is very sharp-looking, and has good UX design integrity, but I struggled with suitability for the purpose. But as I’ve stuck my foot in the Things 3 water to try to get real work done, I’ve begun to appreciate how cleanly it works and how efficiently I can use it. I was using 2Do for several months, and it does most of what I want. But it’s quirky, an odd patchwork of too much stuff that has weak design integrity. So I’m always trying to remember how to do THAT because it’s different than how you do THAT. With Things 3 it all hangs together. Checklists are nice. Headings are nice but incompletely implemented. Siri integration is great. There are limitations to the way the Areas/Projects model is displayed… I find it confusing at times and have had to work around it. But it’s my go to app for now… for personal use and for a very complex work environment. So far so good. I hope I won’t have to wait another 3-5 years for needed improvements and bug fixes. And yes it is still way overpriced.
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6 years ago, David Durovy
Things Gets Things Done and more...
Having tried Todoist, Asana and others which proved to be either a longer learning curve or just to complex for a simple guy like me, I decided once more to try out a new app that might serve as a platform for GTD (Getting Things Done by David Allen) and can happily say THIS IS IT!!! Up and running quickly I immediately found it offering so much interactive functions with my calendar and Siri, it quickly both imported my reminders and notes and imported them as well so now everything is in one place, easily accessible in my iMac, MacBook Air and my iPhone with just a command or touch of a button and delightfully simple to use yet complete enough to both capture my thoughts, lists, and projects and organizes them with recognizable headers and easy to move list items to other headers when needed. Has all the “repeatable” functions and more. I have share this with another GTD enthusiast and he has found it just as I have. I do recommend that if you are or are not a GTD practitioner, you check out David Allen’s podcast (EP:1) to get an “under the hood apreciation of what THINGS 3 can do for your life. It is not really a time manager but a “space manager” so you end up with more space in your mind so to speak accomplish the things you want. I know this sounds a bit strange or zen-like, but that is precisely what it is.
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2 years ago, Eclectic Skeptic
For me, Things wins out over Reminders
While I’ve tried to keep to the basic apps provided by the Apple OS for organizing appointments and tasks, I find Reminders falls short. It isn’t bad, it’s that Things offers more. The two apps share many features, but for me Things wins out because the two listed below. In Things, when you’re in the Today view, you not only see your tasks, but at the top of the screen are all your appointments and All Day events automatically appear there from the Calendar app (or any calendar app that syncs with iCloud). This is also true for the Upcoming view. Everything in one place. Note that if you want to change an appointment you have to do that in your calendar app. You can assign a task a date by pressing the calendar icon, then press the flag icon and give it a deadline. The task will appear in your Today list when the first date arrives and tell you how many days it is until you reach the deadline. This way you can give yourself a window of time to complete something while it appears in your today list so you don’t forget, yet don’t have to see tasks that claim to be past due.
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3 years ago, gimmeanynickname
Not so much
I loved Things 2. Not a huge fan of Things 3. First, I don't find the interface regarding scheduling and setting reminders and due dates as user-friendly, and I liked "Next" and "Scheduled" better than I do the current setup. It just felt like change for change's sake, especially after so many years of lag. And that would be my biggest warning to anyone new to this softward: be aware that basic problems, like adjusting the size of the font, will take years to fix, no matter how many complaints there are from users who paid quite a lot to have a functional app. Buyer beware that the font is tiny and cannot be changed. I can't in good conscience leave a positive review for an app that doesn't consider accessibility concerns of not just folks with disabilities, but ANYONE who needs reading glasses. Further, Things 3 has these built in messages that seemingly cannot be disabled, telling you that you've moved things from one folder to another. Although it's supposed to be about increasing efficiency, it builds in extra steps like this without making it obvious how to opt out of this messaging. I bought this only because Wunderlist was sold to Microsoft and it never seems like a good idea to get in bed with them, but I largely regret the money spent, and that says a lot, because I was practically evangelistic about Things 2.
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2 years ago, JDB8O
Almost a 5-star app
Things is beautiful. Its aesthetic is pleasant to use, even many weeks or months after starting out. Some of the plus's of the app are the areas you can create for "things" to be included in, the creation, management and visibility of projects and their progress; the repeating reminder function; deadline visibility and the various organizational aspects of the Today, Upcoming, Anytime, and Someday views (very helpful views!). I ONLY have 2 things against the app right now. First, they seem to have a firm philosophy on not being able to show a sort of tasks (in any list, as desired -- and that's the key: make it an OPTION) that shows things in a SORT order of your choice including deadlines, reminder times, days, etc, either by project or showing all. This seems to be complex, but would actually be (and has been in other apps in this category) incredibly helpful when it comes to a "first glance" prioritized look at what needs to be done that day (or in future days). The second is if it had a more natural language input on the TASK NAME level, versus additional tabs/clicks to the other areas to set times, deadlines, dates, project assignment, etc. Other than that, I can say that, overall, it is a very nice app.
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6 years ago, Jayson Garrett
Things 3 makes you want to use it
I’d tried Things 2, but OmniFocus kept pulling me back. But OmniFocus is so heavy, so… *serious*, that it’s not very approachable. Things 3, however changed all that. Things 3 makes you *want* to dive in. It’s beautiful, thoughtful, and spacious both visually and conceptually. No, it’s not as flexible as OmniFocus, nor as stricly powerful, but which is better: the power tool you don’t use because it intimidates you, or the approachable tool you do use because it’s so well designed? Sure, there are a few things I wish Things 3 did better. Despite the fact that I know they’re intentionally designed to make you not have to rely on them, I wish reminders within Things 3 were at least as flexible as reminders in the standard Reminders app. Also, I wish that projects could contain full-blown subprojects. I know that headings and checklists can accomplish some of this, but sometimes a complex project needs to be broken down into something a bit more structured. But all-in-all, Things 3 has become the tool I use, not just by default or because I don’t mind using it, but because I actually *want* to.
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7 years ago, phatmann
A crowning achievement
I worked with David Allen at Actioneer writing To Do apps. I have developed my own To Do apps. I have used dozens of different To Do apps. I understand what makes a To Do app great. It is easy to write a run-of-the mill, database-driven To Do app. To make a great To Do app is so much harder. You have to think about every use case and decide what matters most to your customers. You need to streamline your interface until every move feels natural. You need to support all the different axes a todo can lie on while not overwhelming your customers with choices. With the release of Things 3, the developers have created a To Do app that not only serves its customers needs esquitely well, but inspires them to get all their todos into the system and get things done. It looks beautiful and has a carefully crafted feature set that covers almost any scenario you will encounter. Todos don’t live in a static list per-se, but rather inside of a dynamic system that serves to surface todos at the right moment and the right place. It might take a tad getting used to, but once you dive in you will be rewarded with a more organized life.
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1 year ago, Master Stabby
Excellent App but needs critical improvement to avoid being money sink
I would readily pay all $80 the developers want from us for this app suite! It is overall excellent and exactly what I was looking for in a to-do app. However, when I purchase a suite such as this, I assume that I will be able to use it at its current level of functionality for several years -- to put it on the same price level as $30/year subscription services like its peers. When things 3 came out, the developers dropped support for syncing in things 2! This is absolutely unacceptable as if I didn't want syncing I would not pay the extra $30 for the iPhone and iPad apps. I do not expect the developers to maintain expensive servers indefinitely, however. The developers need to add support for syncing over iCloud like most other syncing apps on the App store, or my rating will remain low as I expect upon the advent of things 4, sync support will once again be dropped. This would allow users to use the $80 software suite that they paid for for as long as they choose, and purchase the new version if they feel the features so warrant it, not because the developers feel as though it is appropriate to extort users by disrupting their use of the existing software.
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4 years ago, quarma
Loved Things 2. Can’t stand 3
Things 2 was a near perfect ToDo app and I had used it and relied on it for years. No app gave me more joy. I reluctantly upgraded to Things 3 simply because I was forced to in order to continue syncing across devices. The redesign was completely unnecessary and is cluttered and confusing despite marketing it as cleaner than the original. Do not understand why the change was felt necessary. Frustrating that there is no control over the design. No ability to disable design aspects or change font size. The pie charts are distracting and not helpful. I used to use empty ToDos to separate items for visual clarity and to group tasks together, but now you can’t leave anything empty - it always keeps the default text “New To-Do”. Headings are only available within projects and not within the Today screen, and oddly can’t be moved. The appear at the bottom of the list and you have to move ToDos beneath them. It feels like all the text was made larger everywhere which makes everything feel more cluttered. I’ll spend some more time with it before I give up, but unhappy was forced to buy a new upgrade for all my devices and this is what I got. I have to admit for the first time I’m looking into other options for a ToDo app. One that will also sync with non OS devices, which was my only complaint for Things 2.
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1 year ago, Transhumanist
Absolutely Fabulous & Suggestion for Improvement
Let me begin by charitably saying that I am not the organized type. Mom never could get me to straighten up my room. 😀. That said, Things is making a big difference in my ability to get stuff done. It loosely supports the GTD methodology; while it doesn't seem to embrace the whole GTD approach, it is certainly close enough. It is also really easy to use, and comes with a tutorial, which includes many worked-through examples. Things supports iOS, iPadOS, and MacOS; integration across platforms is seamless and very easy. I am almost 65 years old; who said you can't teach a [very] old dog some new tricks!!!!!! One area for potential improvement -- there seems to be an emerging alternative to GTD that is especially useful for creatives. A good reading here is David Kadavy's "Mind Management NOT Time Management." It would be great if Things could support this thinking. Many of the examples in Things are for traditional office work, rather than creative stuff like writing a book, composing music, etc.
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6 years ago, nonpareilpearl
It's really overall amazing ... but
I just want to say I really enjoy using this app. I've been working on upping my time management game for a while now and this seemed to be the perfect thing for it. Before this, I had been relying on the built-in Apple Reminders, which were mostly good enough, but I ran into issues with longer term projects as it's hard to truly visualize tasks lists with that method. Switching over to Things allowed me to start making lists, longer term projects -> even to make templates to copy from when there are similar task lists. My main complaint about this app is that instead of paying once for the macOS and iOS apps you do have to pay separately, and different amounts, for the macOS, iPhone, iPad, and Watch apps. Now granted, I don't have all these devices but if I were to start buying more devices I would basically need to buy a new app each time. The other, albeit more minor, complaint, is that you do have to dig a little to give an item a notification time. This was something I noticed a lot since I was transitioning from using Apple Reminders, which is pretty much exclusively "notify me at this time" based.
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3 months ago, MARK-XXVII
Almost Perfect (Better than anything else)
Things has been the flexible, adaptable to-do list that I had wanted for years. The interface is simple and very easy to learn, but with optional functionality that allow you to build a relatively sophisticated task list/scheduler/brainstorming tool. The only thing I find myself wishing for is a more robust "repeat task" function. Currently, you can only choose between every day, week, month and year. Having those four basic options is NOT enough for real life. It would also make my life easier if the persistance behavior was simpler and more easily available. Some repetitious tasks can be disregarded if you were unable to attend to them, while others need to be done regardless. Some tasks are more important than others and should have alarms if overlooked. While those are fairly granular issues, it is the optional capabilities that make Things 3 so valuable. It can be as simple or as sophisticated as you need.
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4 years ago, masomenos
Privacy concerns
Things 3 is a beautifully designed app that makes you want to use it, as other reviewers have noted. OmniFocus is much more powerful and is well designed, but it feels like much more work to use it. Things makes me want to look at and work with my to-do list because it is so well designed, and at the same time its design somehow does not tempt me to spend all my time working on my to-do list. What brings a five star rating down to three stars in my view is the big downside is privacy. If you want to sync your Things data across devices, you must use the Things sync platform. This platform is flawless, but your data is accessible to Things employees (and to any corporation that might buy Things, or to law enforcement). This is unlike OmniFocus, which only syncs data that is already encrypted and that it cannot decrypt. My to-do list is fairly mundane, but what if you have sensitive data, like health or work-related items? Things is a German business that seems honest and is subject to strict European pricacy laws, but still, it is a shame they cannot implement this basic security measure with data that provides an intimate look into somebody's life.
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6 years ago, MalibuMimi
Good, pricey
I use this and it’s good at what it does but, considering its simplicity and role, I find the pricing quite high and annoying — $50 for the desktop, then an additional $10 for your phone, then an additional $20 for your iPad. If nothing else the $50 fee should cover all three platforms. And of course if you work across various devices then you won’t be getting this app’s full functionality or realizing all of its benefits if you restrict yourself to just one version. Also, in my workplace universe, which includes using the likes of Airtable, Basecamp, etc, Things fits into my personal workflow quite well, but it’s pricing sticks out. I know it’s a bit of apples to oranges comparing Things to the others, but considering the breadth and depth of operations they offer compared to the rather straightforward role of Things, something seems off with the cost. I’m in and it’s part of my workflow now so I won’t be walking away, but in retrospect I might have been OK without ever using it. Tough to say. If you think you need something like this, it’s a good solution. But if Apple’s “Reminders” or something else is mostly doing the trick for you already, then I'd keep walking.
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6 years ago, Dexter2323
It is better than most but still have major flaws
I have been using this app for few months and like many users it is growing on me, both the good and the bad. The overall design is great but has some major limitations. Think of a painting of mona lisa with one of her key features such as eyes/smile gotten wrong. This is like that. Mona lisa with a defect. I have a long list of the defects but dont have time. Here is some. 1. When a task is done under a heading,and you are showing the logged task, why not show it under the heading!! all logged tasks shows as one list thereby negating the design of heading. 2. Need a better Notes section! Seriously! To enter notes by dates, i need to add a date and notes below it. Folks can you do something as simple as Todoist is doing? Enter notes and it is saved by date/time? 3. What’s up with no other modes of sync? Omnifocus supports Webdav sync and works flawlessly. I want to keep my data to myself. Given the uproar of privacy happening and a bill coming up very soon, folks you really need to give users the option to store the data at their end (even if it comes with a bit of ineffectiveness). Let the user decide.
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6 years ago, Utalkitype
Good but...tasks need to wrap with window resizing
As a long-time user of 2Do, I tried the free trial of Things 3 to see what the excitement about. My favorite things? 1) My calendar events are at the top of my to-do list. 2) I can add project headings to break my projects up into smaller pieces. 3) I’ve also found myself using tags, simply because that is the main way to sort tasks. When I have my weekly meeting with my boss, I just pull up all of the tasks that he is tagged in and I have my meeting list. The calendar dates in my to-do list and ability to create project headings pushed me over to Things 3. So why a four and not a five? It is maddening to me that to be able to actually read my tasks, i have to take up a bunch of screen real estate to do it. In a day and age where websites that aren’t responsive are a no-no, it seems completely counter-intuitive that a newly redesigned app would just cut off the characters when the window is made narrow rather than wrapping the text so that the task is still able to be read. I’m crossing my fingers that this will be fixed at some point!
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1 year ago, Ultraman-cos
For now . . . This is the very best task manager for me.
Things 3 beings a unique approach to task management. As I have worked with many other task managers like Todoist, MS Todo, Toodledo they bring a very straight forward list view interface. Things 3 is different. First, Things 3 allows for tasks to be created and then set aside until such time they can be worked on. This allows for less clutter or distractions. Many reviews see this as a negative with recurring tasks. Once I understood how the product works, it became clear the feature helped me declutter my active tasks. Areas are very well thought out as they play a specific role. Overall if you take your time and set up a system of Areas, Projects and Tasks, you should be able to create a working system that will guide you through your daily work. The tool is simple yet very intuitive. The tag system is one of the best I worked with. I would like to see custom filters added for more complex views. Sub tasks would be nice, but I am beginning to appreciate the reduction in clutter they create. If you use Craft, Things 3 is the only task manager it integrates with. From Craft, you can simply send tasks to Things 3. It would be great if there was a 2 way sync. The only area I would like to see improved is support. Support is slow to respond. At an investment of $50 - $80 I would have expected a higher level of support. For now . . . This is the very best task manager for me.
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7 years ago, Mr Butterworth
Simple is good, except when it’s not
The best thing about Things is its accessibility. You can put it to use almost right away. The Inbox function is the easiest tool for a mind sweep that I’ve yet found, and the sync is rock solid. I rely heavily on Things, both on the Mac and the iPhone. The few limitations reveal themselves after you get past a limited level of usage. For instance, once you’ve got more than two or three items in a Project, you need the ability to prioritize them, and Things doesn’t offer much for this beyond tags. This encourages thinking of Projects in a much smaller way than at least I do. In response, my Things file has lots of Projects and Areas, which makes my sidebar mighty cluttered and hard to navigate. The ability to color-code to-dos or projects or, in some clear way, signal a sense of priority would be very welcome. As it is, Things is ultimately not *the* tool to help manage a complicated life. That said, it is an excellent helper for one undertaking GTD and may be all that’s needed for the user looking to instill some order on the to-do list.
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6 years ago, Asdf12338650
So far so… just WOW
I’ve reviewed apps before and have in most instances been impressed, but usually in a sense that it is a solid app for the purpose, perhaps better than others in the field, and in limited cases simply better than the previous alternative—no app had been previously available. In other words, the bar hasn’t always been set very high. But in the case of Things 3, whose features I’ve admittedly only begun to uncover, I’m wildly impressed. As a freelance graphic designer, I have always experienced difficulty organizing, prioritizing, and re-prioritizing in real time the fast mixed rain of small and large tasks; and short- and long-term projects; and groups of clients throughout each work day. In the short week or so I’ve been using Things 3, not only have I been able to accomplish all of these tasks but have done so with an ease and confidence I could not have imagined. And that’s not hyperbole. I recognize now that I have had lowered expectations from even the best-reviewed apps. The way Things 3 is organized, the ways it allows easy, fast entry of and modifications to information at all levels and of all types, all in pace with the tragically manic nature of my work, I literally did not think this sort of complete control was possible. I’m very busy but was motivated to review Things 3 to shout my appreciation, to urge others to try it for themselves, and to spur my fellow designers to aim higher. Clean, well-designed, and truly humanly useful is possible.
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3 years ago, Uncleschnell
Still the best, the simplest, the best
Sometimes we get tired of all those task managers and all those bells and whistles - and go back to the real corkboard/whiteboard. This is that, and is the simplified zen version of all the noise out there. I wrestled for a while with no attachments, no sharing of lists with others. So I tried all the other popular versions. But I got tired of all the mechanics and always came back here because it was beautiful and simple. But Things has a few things of its own - deadlines as well as due dates. How many times do you wrestle with "I want to get this done by x date but drop dead deadline is Y date." Done. Tag filters at the top. Very powerful way to cross- filter by tags. And the idea of today/anytimes - not having to play with "overdue" items - you didn't do them, they are stil to be done "today" or anyday. The layout of section is really the whiteboard replacement, in very real terms. It feels not only intuitive to work this way, but very satifying. (You don't put attachments on your whiteboard). By the way, for attachments, images, documents that is I use Bear - that's where you should be keeping long notes for posterity anyway. And then I link the Bear note to a Things task, or to the top of the project list. And oh yes, I do sometimes want to simply attach an image or share project list but I will take simplicity over all and find a workaround, such as with Bear
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3 years ago, T.Wyatt
The app you will keep coming back to.
IF you frequent Reddit or other discussions, you will see that many people love this app. Those that wish it had additional features sometimes leave for other apps. But I keep seeing that people come back to this app. Personally, I use it for work and home in conjunction with Apple Reminders. I use Reminders for shared lists with my family and I use Things for my own projects at home and work. Sure this app doesn't have everything that people want, and it doesn't see many major updates. That said, it is clean, easy to use, not bloated, and such a joy to use. I particularly like how Things allows you to hide future tasks or projects until their time arrives. One thing that stresses me about Reminders is seeing that number that tells me the number of tasts I have remaining. I am writing this review after using Things3 for 3-4 years now. I use it on Mac, IOS, and iPadOS.
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6 years ago, Vermonter17032
First impressions… and now lasting impressions
I toyed with buying Things a few months ago, but it didn’t quite do the trick for me. But when I saw the screen shots and watched the intro movie for Things 3 I was immediately attracted. The layout of the projects screen feels natural and clean. This is one of the first apps that puts your notes inline with the to-dos, which is helpful. Being able to break up a list of to-dos with headings is a big plus, too. I haven’t given the app five stars only because I haven’t put it through all its paces yet. I’ll be back to update the rating after a few days use. Update: So I added the extra star. This is an excellent app, one that keeps getting better and better. The ability to email a new todo into your inbox from anywhere is so helpful. It means that I can add a todo while working on my Windows computer at work. The people who are developing Things really deserve kudos for the the thoughtfulness they’ve put into every feature.
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6 years ago, hansrupert
Things Gets THINGS Done!
I've been using this app since the 1.0 days, and I have to tell you – it just gets better and better and better. The 3.0 features are outstanding, and the updates & improvements have been steady. I use it on macOS when I really want to fly through my to-dos, projects, areas, etc. On the iPhone, it's quite usable, but I actually really just use it there to keep track of my day, or to have Siri add something to my Inbox before I forget. The iPad app I have to tell you is the sweet spot. Paired with a bluetooth keyboard, it's almost as powerful as the desktop app! The iPad app is really the best of mobile & desktop experiences. No crashes, no lost data, instant syncing across devices, great support. My only wish might be if the company could produce a series of in-depth how-to guides for users. I always feel like I'm not using the app to its full potential.
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3 years ago, mjohn15
Great app, but needs improved view customization
Overall, this is a great app. I love how I can break up my life into areas/projects and keep track of everything in one place. I can add and delete to-dos on the fly between multiple devices which is amazing. One point the app is lacking is customization of the views. I want to easily be able to expand my areas view to see all the tasks and sub-tasks of all projects. Right now, when I tap on an area, I only see the project name, a count of the to-dos in that project and other to-dos in the area generally. I need an expandable list of all to-dos within the area to help prioritize my day. The same can be said for individual to-dos and their lists or sub-tasks. I can't see my list or sub-tasks within a to-do without actually clicking on the to-do. In short, I want a view where I can see an expanded list of all areas/projects/to-dos. Finally, I want an "All" view where I can see every single task I have listed by area/project.
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5 years ago, Loupgaroublond
Fragile but beautiful
EDIT: it also has been running slower and slower lately. If you are the type-A personality with many tasks and must get things done ASAP, this really isn't the tool for you. Things 3 crashes on me a lot. It crashes on me because I prefer to hit Esc to get out of a task rather than Ctrl-Enter. It crashes when I have several windows open full screen. It crashes when looking up searches. Yet it's gorgeous to look at and esay to use. It gives you a few places to put your tasks and notes, a few ways to look them up and then gets out of the way so you can get organized. Until it crashes and you lose your focus and train of thought. Or the time when it turned the wrong task into a project and won't let you undo it. Or how you can't turn a project back into a task. It's lovely when you can throw notes at it and come back later to organize them. Other tools force you to fully tag and organize your things the moment you enter them in. Things 3 makes your notes look good, no matter how well organized they are. That is, if you can get the program to stay open long enough.
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6 years ago, Scooby Carolan
Great, but corporate users beware
I’ve used Things on my iPhone for a while now and decided to jump in and buy the macOS app. Its great and has really helped me juggle a lot of long complicated projects and the due dates for those deliverables. I wish it was a bit more click & dragey like the iPhone app is, like dragging the + sign to a project would start a new item in that project. All-in-all its a nice app, but I’m decking it 2 stars for a big reason. Things doesn’t support iCloud sync like almost every other app in the world. They use their own “Things Cloud” which my corporate provisioned laptop using MacAfee, ZScaler, and VMWare Airwatch cannot access. The app works, but is totally landlocked to my MacBook Pro. Other 3rd party apps that I have purchased like 1Password & Fantastical 2 have no issues and I can use iCloud to sync with them, but Things just says “You do not have an Internet Connection”. I’ve contacted my Help Desk & Things and am now stuck in the middle of a finger pointing session. If you have a corporate Mac (never thought I’d say that 10 years ago) and need sync, buyer beware.
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5 years ago, zachboi2
Straightforward Task Management
Things 3 is a a great task management app that isn't too complicated. The area's, projects, tasks, and checklists are great ways to organize by the importance of the task, while tags help furthermore differentiate these things. The headers within projects really help you to organize your tasks within the project, helping to give direction. The when vs. due dates are really helpful, so that you see the task when you want, and when it has to be done by. I have a few small problems with the app, and Cultured Code's philiosophy behind task management though. One thing is that you cannot delete areas without the tasks completed within it losing the data of the are they were completed in the logbook. This is a really helpful thing for the logbook that helps do differentiate items. This kinda annoys me, because this leads to their belief that areas are a permanent thing, when much of the time, areas of things that need to be done change, not in the same way as a project. Another useful thing would be the addition of headers' use within areas. Currently, headers can only be made within projects. While they are very useful in projects, they would also be a useful organizational tool in areas. I understand CC's belief that choosing tags within areas is a way to organize in a similar way to this, but I think that they're useful in their own ways. Overall, great app! I just have a couple qualms with some small functionality.
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4 years ago, JamieLynneBurgess
Unbelievably Helpful
I love this app. I love it because I feel that it is a visual representation of the way my brain actually files and processes my to-dos. It has allowed me to completely unload all the things I used to carry around in my head, to make space for better thoughts. It helps me be more productive: when I try to think of what to do next at work, I can easily prioritize tasks and begin to work my way down the list. An unexpected perk: Invoicing is so much faster! I simply go down the logbook and see what I did on a given day and plug it into my invoice! Things has revolutionized my life. I love that I can I put every stupid thing on my mind into it and then leave it there. It has released me from the burdens of trying to remember everything and juggle it all at once. I highly recommend this app. I thought it was expensive but I think it is worth every penny.
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2 years ago, pouyakary
First thing I ever thought about Things was how can a todo app be that expensive. But then you realize that is the highest quality of software you can ever find on Apple ecosystem. It's interesting how they have implemented every feature that the ecosystem provides and you can imagine. You can add reminders to the Apple Reminders and it will load them, you can add them to your calendar and it adds them, you can directly talk to siri to things and it'll add them and you can press a shortcut and it'll add them and you can add shortcut actions to a siri shortcut and it'll add them and you can send a mail to a dedicated mail and it'll add them and you can have IFTTT stuff and it'll add them and you can push some keys on the mac and it'll open up the shorcut to add todo... I mean come on :)))))) that is insane. I don't know if I"ll ever even use it to the fullest, but I happily paid for the amazing quality I found the software. Every single icon is designed from the ground up with the most beautiful animations you can think. Colors, interactions, they are amazing. I can think of few software in the the whole world with this level of quality and as someone who develops software seeing this is just amazing to me. I hope there be more and more software like Things.
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5 years ago, Noone1200
Absolutely love it
I'm an engineer and tend to break down my projects into a series of To Do lists. For awhile I was using Trello, which I liked a lot, but kept running into problems where I'd create a board for a project but was having trouble organizing/displaying a given project's multipe sub-projects/todos. Things handles that really well with Areas (my job) which have multiple Projects (a given project) and then in that Headlines (for different aspects of a project) with their own items (and one step further, each item can have todos!) so I can be as granular as I need to be. My one small gripe is I can't easily organize a Yesterday and Today list for Standup. There IS Today which is great, but I'd love a Yesterday as well and the ability to move items from Today to Yesterday. Other than that though, its a really great project tracking app. I love it.
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2 years ago, Gilbertw1
This is the one!
I've tried oh so many task managers over the years, but I kept bouncing off of them and couldn't seem to stick with any. That is until I started using Things 3. I think what makes Things 3 so great is it's focused and opinionated nature. While some other task managers may have a lot of features, they don't provide a focused experience and give you a lot of rope to hang yourself unless you're very disciplined and can implement and maintain your own system. Things 3 on the other hand has a very focused feature set, that while providing some flexibility, gives you a great system to work within and not have to maintain yourself. It also is a master class in user experience and overall is very satisfying to use on a daily basis. I honestly can't recommend this app enough!
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2 years ago, sndvowinevo
Life changing app. It took me a bit to understand how to get the most out of it, but now I can't imagine livig without it. It's a clean, crisp implementation of the getting things done approach. The design is elegant and simple - no silly effects or un-needed features. The attention to detail is superb. I especially like the thoughtful keyboard shortcuts. I can quickly move/edit/categorize/adjust tasks without ever needing to touch the mouse. This app has reduced the stress in my life by giving me a place to put things instead of keeping track of them in my head. The investment in aligning with Apple platform features like shortcuts, widgets, etc. is a nice touch as well. A few ideas I'd love to see considered by the developers: 1 - The ability to share or otherwise access other Things users. This would help with collaboration. 2 - Support for simple workflows - i.e. a task could be in-progress, pending feedback, waiting, etc. 3 - Support on watchOS for selecting groups of tasks based on tags, etc. I use tags for all sorts of reasons, but they are inaccesible via the watch interface. I often will do all tasks of a certain type together, and it would be nice to quickly see what's left on my watch.
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9 months ago, BobRRoh
Things is the Best
I used OmniFocus for many years — great app. But I came to find it was too complex. I tried out Things and was quickly impressed. Things has all the essential functions and maps easily to the GTD system I like. Capturing thoughts and ideas on the fly is super fast and easy on Mac, iOS and my Apple Watch. I used Things for about a year and then Todoist caught my eye. I played around with it and quickly returned to Things. Capturing thoughts is just a bit harder in Todoist, I think, but more importantly I found that Todoist doesn't handle dates & repeating tasks as well as Things. Things just works, easily and flawlessly, with a clean uncluttered interface. And now that Things has added the ability to adjust text size, a long-requested feature, Things is simply the best.
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2 years ago, Ze Mownkee
The best I've found
Things 3 is a game changer. I went from using three different applications for task and project management to just using this one thing. I have become something of a disciple for this app since installing it. It's really changed the way I take notes, organize, and work on things. The workflow is incredibly intuitive. If you take the time to learn even just three or four of the keyboard shortcuts, this app can FLY. Having an auto-matically curated "Today" view is the main objective I was looking for. Anything you assign a date to (no matter where you categorize it) will pop up in "Today" when it's time rolls around. It makes this ths ultimate "brain declutter" tool! The developers have done a phenomenal job making sure that the user experience is perfect. There's nothing unnecessary getting in your way. I feel that there is EXACTLY the right amount of options for categorization and organization, without needlessly complicating anything. I am very much on the "speed and efficiency" side of the user-spectrum. I'm not hyper focused on sorting things 100 different ways, yet I've never had more than a Quick-Search and scroll to find anything I needed. JUST. BUY. IT.
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6 years ago, Dr. Tech
Perfect balance of simple & powerful
I used to use OmniFocus. It was a decent app for both my Mac & iOS devices but it never really "felt" right. I can't quite put my finger on what I didn't care for about it but a few days ago I decided to try Things 3. I can't quite put it into words what I like better about this app but the user interface is incredibly simple, flexible, powerful and visually appealing. Both apps essentially do the same thing but I find that I like, and am using, Things 3 a lot more than I ever used OmniFocus. It all probably comes down to individual preference and I don't really have any complaints against OmniFocus, I just really like Things 3 a lot more and while it isn't cheap, I do feel like I am getting my money's worth out of this app across all my Mac and iOS devices.
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7 years ago, Ghryser
Not a change for the better
I've been a Things user since the beginning, and purchased Things 3 as soon as it was available. I tried my best to make Things 3 work for me, but today reverted to Things 2. Things 3 is certainly 'pretty', but I feel that this beautification came at the expense of ease of use. Why does it need to waste so much screen space? Do I need a big 'Today' header on the list when I already have 'Today' selected in the sidebar? Why do I need to look at a list of empty days in the 'Upcoming' view if there is nothing scheduled for those days? Why did the ability to change to a smaller font size disappear? Why is the sidebar cluttered up with a list of areas that could be hidden in the previous version? There is plenty of nice new functionality in Things 3, but the only thing I found personally useful was the ability to add checklists to an item. At the same time, I lost functionality I used all the time, like the ability to move an item to Today with one click, change the font size, use Spotlight to find a particular to-do, filter items to find those with a due date, or filter items by to find ones that needed to be tagged. Things 2 won't be getting any updates, but it's a 64-bit app that will continue to work for me for the foreseeable future, while I continue to follow Things 3 and hope that lost features and functionality eventually return.
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6 years ago, benscheirman
Well designed, useful app
I’ve been a staunch supporter of The Hit List ever since I first migrated to the Mac in 2009. Unfortunately, progress on that app (and it’s iOS counterpart) have stagnated under the new ownership. As much as I love THL, I’ve been eyeing potential replacements and I think I’ve found it with Things 3. Things 3 has almost all of the features I loved in THL, with the exception of VIM-style keybindings for navigating around and triaging tasks (there are equivalent keystrokes in Things 3 but I don’t find them as easy or fluid yet). My only gripe right now (and much of this is muscle memory) is that all of the 1-letter keyboard shortcuts are now off limits because that is used to search for projects. I find myself typing ‘M’ to move a selected task to a project, as I did often in THL to move things out of the inbox, but in Things 3 this triggers a search for projects that start with “M…”. Yes, I can adjust to using ⌘M to move, but I think that moving tasks to other projects is probably more important/frequent than search. My suggestion would be to map search to a ⌘F and then you have the entire keyboard for 1-key shortcuts that could make this app even better. All that said it is a minor gripe and I’m super happy with Things 3.
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2 years ago, neurodoc70
Key Feature Missing & Lost Data
You cannot mark a repeating task as complete until the day it is due. Bills are often paid electronically ahead of their typical due dates. In this case, instead of Things helping you remember which bills have been paid, you have to remember. Being able to mark repeating tasks complete whenever that happens is a feature of most task managers, including the free app Reminders. Also, I have entered data in the note field in tasks only to find the data missing when I next open the task. Losing data is rather intolerable. Update: To me this app is useless. Just as one minor example of many, such as those cited above, you cannot enter a note on the day the task is due. You can only enter a note on days when the task is not due. If you enter a note on the date the task is due, it is never recorded in the task. It just disappears. This makes absolutely no sense and joins a number of other nonsensical design features. Way over hyped.
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1 year ago, skyrider1416
Most useful daily app
I have used Things for years. It is an app I use every day, and I am constantly impressed by how much thought the developers put into the user interface. It's easy to use if you are brand new to Things. If you are an expert, it is also easy, and there are time-saving shortcuts that make it even easier. I use Things for project management. The app makes it easy to organize tasks into projects (or into areas of responsibility): Like "Organize our important papers" or "Buy a new computer". Works for short-term or long-term projects. I also use it for daily chore items ("buy milk"). I like the fact that I can use the same app for both purposes. I wish all apps were this well designed.
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6 months ago, paradox2222
Powerful and Great Upgrade to Apple's Reminders
Apple's Reminders is a good basic app. However, I found it inadequate when trying to manage the tasks associated with a family of three. My wife and I struggled to share lists of tasks and things to do around the house. Things was the best solution. We tried other task management apps that were billed as more powerful and verstile, which ended up being too complex. We spent more time creating systems to manage our lives than actually DOING tasks. Things strikes the perfect balance. We are able to share our lists (through one Things Cloud Account, which is free) and manage our lives without spending unecessary time in the app. It's great and I highly recommend it.
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5 years ago, JohnnyMagic1
I really like this so much more than.....
I tried Things 3 very carefully on my ipad before committing. Then I thought that I really ought to use Omnifocus (because I had it and really fought using it). Things simply has a much more robust and user-friendly interface. Yes, Omnifocus has lots of power features, but quite honestly (a) the learning curve is high and (b) I didn't like the experience once I got it set up and customized. Accordingly, I threw up my hands two days ago and bit the bullet on the Mac version of Things 3, and am never going to look back. Really easy to migrate and the developers clearly thought about what people do with to do lists, what they would like to do with them and how to make the experience enjoyable and nice to look at. I am so happy.
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4 years ago, Neil In The Valley
On the whole, the best I have tried yet
Likes: Multiple heirachy of Areas, Projects, Headings, Tasks and check-lists (badly described in the marketing materials before I purchased). Reminders vs Deadlines. The ease of use is great and well executed, searching, tags work well (found one minor sync bug on tags), grouping, manual reordering etc Could do better: I'd like. % completeion or at least a 25%, 50%, 75%, 90%. I had to do this with but not ideal. Checklists progress is. not relflected in the owning action as a % completion. At least a gross visual indicator would be welcome. Finally some customization option such as wether to display dated tasks above or below the non-dated tasks. On the whole...I like it a lot and the iPhone and iPad versions work just as well and just as intuitive. Expensive but it's a one off cost which I actually like.
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5 years ago, cincyunixguy
Greatest todo app ever
Here's how I use Things: Don't schedule items for "Today" unless you absoluely need to get them done today. As a beginner, I used to schedule everything but I learned that is not necessary. The "Anytime" list should be your main focus because you can see everything here except "Upcoming" and "Someday" items. Move high priority items out of projects into the main Anytime list area on top if focus is needed. Very low priority items are moved into the "Someday" list to get them out of your view. Occasionaly glance this list as well as the inbox and move items accordingly. Also, this app should be project todo only. Items such as "take meds" should used with a reminder app such as the default reminders or I use an app called "Due". I Love Things!
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6 years ago, Zomium
Glad to be back to Things!!!
I was a loyal Things 1 and Things 2 user for years but the inability to email to-dos and lack of integrations with other apps caused me to look elsewhere and use a different app for 2 years. My subscription was coming due and I wasn't happy with the option so decided to give Things 3 a try. Wow - I am very happy to be back - and with two weeks under my belt, I am back to being extremely productive. This app makes daily organizing of priorities easy - and easy to hide clutter that you don't need to see today. The integration with my calendar was seemless as well as the ability to import from the other app I had been using. I was completely transitioned in 30-45 minutes and haven't looked back.
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5 months ago, brian163
So close to perfection, needs MUCH better search
I've been using Things for so many years and the same shortcoming comes back to aggravate me time and time again. IT NEEDS A BETTER SEARCH FUNCTION. There is no way to search on two or more words unless they are found EXACTLY in the order in a task. For example, if I want to find the last time I changed my car battery, I can search on "Buick" or "battery" (both of which return hundreds of other entries for me) but you can't search "Buick battery" (or Buick battery or any other regular expression style search) unless the original task was explicitly written with "Buick battery" in it in exactly that order. It just makes looking up past tasks unnecessarily inefficient and time consuming.
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5 years ago, Psychotic Venom
My Favorite TODO Manager for more than a decade
Back in January of 2008 I decided I wanted to be able to keep track of what I needed to do better. I read Getting Things Done and tried to get a system for my life. I decided that since I worked on a computer almost the entire time, I wanted a GTD program to help enable tracking things there. I looked for all of the apps I could and found "Things" -- a beta app that was promising. It was affordable and gave a ton of flexibility. I started using it immediately. Over the years, I saw other GTD managers and tried them, thinking "Things" had run its course, but I've come back to "Things" over and over again and at this point have no intentions of leaving. A great app and a reliable one.
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2 years ago, thefferon
Wish the developers would listen more
Things is a very good product and is well-polished. But there are a few of what I consider to be fundamental design / functionality choices they've made that are odd. I have written to them several times, explaining why certain UI behviors are odd or frustrating, and politely asking if they would at least consider making optional settings available to address them. If I get a response at all, it is either, "I'm sorry but that's the way it is" or "we'll pass this on to our developers..." never once has any of my requests been addressed. I paid full price for macOS, iOS, and iPadOS versions of the product, and am frustrated they do not give more than a passing acknowledgment to requests for very basic changes / options from their customers. For lack of customer service I can't give more than two stars.
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6 years ago, Philfote
I ::expletive deleted:: love this app...
I had been a Things user a long, long time ago, however had moved on to Wunderlist, then once Wunderlist was absorbed by Microsoft, moved to Apple Reminders (with a lot of applescript) and Todoist. My workflow was getting very fragmented and it was starting to get difficult to remember “where” needed information was going. I took a look at the new Things and decided to use the trial period to test it out. It was amazing at how easily and quickly it integrated itself with my workflow and everything I do. Mail to things is solid; a suggestion would be to allow some metadata manipulation (@ and # most likely). This version is truly a quantum leap above and beyond - beautiful, simple and functional. Thanks!
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7 years ago, kireiroseru
Found my TO DO app
Things 3 is what I’ve been looking for. I love that it also integrates my calendar app so I’m able to see my events for the day as well as my to do list. Inbox is awesome because it serves as my brainstorm hub. Whenever something comes to mind and I just need to jot it down somewhere, it goes in my inbox. I also love the “Upcoming” tab because I can see all my events and to dos in the coming weeks and months. I love the Things 3 app on my phone. The “magic” of adding and dropping to dos in a certain day is easy. I paid $10 for that app and I say it’s really worth it! I also paid for the app on my Mac but for $50. I wish it was as good as the iPhone app! When adding a new task, you’d have to manually input the date you want it on instead of dragging and dropping like on the phone app.
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