thinkorswim: Trade. Invest.

4.7 (325.8K)
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TD Ameritrade Mobile, LLC
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3 weeks ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for thinkorswim: Trade. Invest.

4.74 out of 5
325.8K Ratings
3 years ago, WillowsSong
Love the platform and what it offers but am extremely frustrated with all the technical problems. There’s been countless instances where I’ve placed buy or sell orders that do not go thru. When you check it the color is lighter, it does not allow you to cancel it or make any changes, the order is not acknowledged resulting in enormous losses as you end up having to resubmit orders for a higher price or take a loss on the sales price. When the frozen order doesn’t allow you to cancel or change it, you have to submit a new order for a different price, suddenly the old order (which can sometimes take minutes at a time) suddenly activates and you end up with duplicate orders resulting at even further losses. Another costly problem is when you set trailing stops or stop limits and the stock breezes through it without selling. There’s been numerous other issues but those are the most predominant and costly issues. Of course It’s never Ameritrade the takes the loss, it is the user. If there weren’t so many technical problems I would really enjoy the program and frankly I’m shocked that there hasn’t been lawsuits from all the customers that have incurred monumental losses because of these problems.
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3 years ago, Shindo33
So much better than Robinhood
There is so much more information and charts to analyze than Robinhood. You can change so many settings and dive into finding your own investment strategies. This app is very intimidating at first compared to Robinhood, but I strongly encourage you to dive in. Start simple by creating your watchlists. Then when want to purchase click on trade in upper right corner. It will already be set to 100 shares and instead of changing it with the +\- simply click directly on the number 100 to type the exact number of shares. Then either buy it at the market price which is if the lock icon is unlocked or lock the lock and click directly on the price and type the exact price you want to limit buy it at. Click send or confirm in upper right and your order is underway. If your order goes through then you can view your portfolio under positions tab at bottom next to watchlists. Next to that you can check on or cancel your orders under the orders tab. Hope this helps you get the confidence to give it a try. So far I love TD Ameritrade one week in.
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2 years ago, 4355578998?,;,?$
App frequently closes on me during trades
The app over all is great. It has a lot too offer. But there is one issue that happens frequently enough the that it has caused me to one star. The app repeatedly logs me out staying “the session has ended, please log in to continue” the log in screen comes up and I have to type in my password etc and get logged in. This has cost me money in more than one occasion and it always seems to happen right as I’m about to exit a position that is going against me. I be been luck that the moves weren’t more violent and didn’t go further against me while I was getting logged back in. Very irritating. I’ve also had times where I sent and order and it just did t go anywhere. It was like the order never existed after I hit the send button. So I missed a lot of good entries and exits due to this. But besides those too issues I do really like the app. I do wish the would add a few quick execution button on the same screen as the chart…. So you do t have to toggle over to the order tab and hit “send” are you sure “yes”. That’s a 3 step process and a lot can happen in those 3 steps that can cost u money. I suggest 3 execution buttons buttons be added somewhere on the chart tab that can be customized to what type of orders the execute. Similar to the way you can assign hot keys on the active trader tab of the desktop version.
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3 years ago, Starz124
Not user friendly with key functionality faults
This platform is not user friendly. If you are a regular investor whose regular job is not placing trades one after another then find something more user friendly option. Because to place a trade you will not remember the terms and their lingo. Counter to the ads run by TD Ameritrade with the geek broker trying to convince you can do everything on this platform. Well if you know the lingo and have years of experience with a brokerage firm, yes. Otherwise to place a trade you’ll be reading glossary rather than getting your desired price. Furthermore, the platform lacks functionality. It does not simply override your commands over a limit order. You have to first cancel a limit order then place your market order. By that time you do this the market price has moved. The support staff is pretty cocky. They expect you know this stuff and act as if you don’t know what you are saying. If you have worked in a brokerage and know what the terms are like OCA bracket then download this is for you. Otherwise do not waste your time. This is my honest advise.
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4 years ago, AmbientNRG
Long time Thinkorswim and TDA customer and I love it
I've been with TDA for 12 years and using Thinkorswim for about 6 years. Back then, it was rough around the edges and people using it before me would double down on that statement. But the team behind this software is AMAZING. They've been constantly updating it for better experience and best of all, they get lot of the ideas and feedback from is loyal users. So they end up building what we all really need. For an advanced trader, who's not quite professional but still experienced, will find ToS platform capable of almost everything. It has so many features and now lot of those are available on tablets even down to your phone. I use my full desktop application and love it, but now I've switched to tablet app 60%, phone 20% and desktop the rest. These apps keep getting better with updates. I'd say improve on adding more features from full app, better over all performance of real-time order data. Great software overall!
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3 years ago, cpt dantes
Liars and crooks
TD Ameritrade does not care about making your funds available for your own usage. I chatted a few weeks back to see how I would go about accessing my funds and was told that I would need to wait two days after any sale for funds to settle before being able to make a withdrawal and that I could do so by getting a check at one of their branches or setting up an online transfer. Armed with that knowledge I sold a share on Wednesday of this week with the intent of going to my local branch yesterday (Friday) and collecting a check. When I got to the td Ameritrade branch it had been converted into a joint charles Schwab/td branch and I was informed they no longer offered checks at that branch. I left frustrated and called their customer service team who confirmed that the branch would be unable to create a check but told me he could start a transfer to my bank account and have the funds available to me by the end of business yesterday. This was a lie, every agent that I’ve talked to since then has told me Tuesday would be the earliest I would see these funds. TD Ameritrade refuses to stand by their own words and I will not do business with them or Charles Schwab ever again and wish a pox on their entire executive team. I needed this money to buy medicine to be able to eat and they could not care less.
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4 years ago, Noctavian
More reliable than Robinhood, but much worse in general
Most people say that TDA and this app are better for serious traders and investors. While the service is more reliable and the commission fee is reasonable, the horribly outdated interface is an instant turn off and is the primary reason that I can’t stand any of this company’s products. I invest in options trading as a job and the vast majority of other brokers have generally modernized their interface to a degree because they realize that the majority of investors don’t need a wall of numbers and charts to look at. Some people like to feel cool having all of that information, but it’s unnecessary and deceptive at best, and this broker uses it as a flashy selling point. On top of that, they claim to have instant deposits but fail to mention that it will take up to a week (mine was 8 days) to deposit funds for options trading. So, a large part of my portfolio sat in transit, unable to be used, because their instant deposit only applies to stock trading. When I spoke to an agent, they said I could just cancel the transfer and I would have my money back that day but that ended up not working. I tried using the app for a few days but it’s much much much worse than any I’ve used before and I would much rather use Robinhood if only because I know they’re a mediocre company with a decent application.
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3 years ago, Wormcult
Nice app but please remove the password thing
Everything about the app is great except for two things- 1- it always asks for my password when placing a trade, and that really slows me down as an obstacle especially when trying to place limit orders during extended hours at times of volatility. By the time I type my password the price is different and then I have to keep doing the order again and retype my password each time. I know there is a way to use biometrics in place of a password, but I am not a fan of giving out my biometric data, so that feature is useless to me. I don’t see why we need to type our password for every trade. We should only have to do that once when we log in. Having to do it redundantly on each trade takes up valuable time which can (and often does) have a negative impact on those trades. 2- sometimes it shows the wrong prices for things I have bought, like the cost average I paid $7 per share may show up as a cost average of $15, profit shows up in the negative constantly even when I’m actually in the green. I don’t know if this is some kind of wash sale thing or a glitch but it’s kind of terrible
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4 years ago, Michaele11111
Maybe If you are a frequent trader
The concept is great and the execution is okay. Selection of settings and preferences to organize data and view it is poor and frequently confusing and not consistent from desktop to mobile versions. Display preferences are lacking especially in the desktop version, but in mobile versions too. Font size can not be controlled. Dark mode versus regular can not be adjusted in mobile versions. There are no accommodations for anyone with less than 20-20 vision who can’t utilize dark mode. I wanted to use it primarily because there are markets and data not available in TDAmeritrade’s regular app that I need to monitor so I was forced on to this app to access them. The settings and preferences issues basically made it unusable for me. They were not very helpful or logical in their responses. I received a nice response from the developers, but my primary issue with the font sizes remains. You cannot increase the font size which makes it very difficult to use. Every other financial or spreadsheet program I use enables you to zoom in or zoom out or increase the font size that is displayed. You cannot do that and think or swim and that makes it very difficult to use.
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4 weeks ago, Jk4545
Schwab are reckless crooks
Been trading on TDameritrade for decades (when it was still called Ameritrade). I am a scalping DT and i place 10s of thousands of trades long and short each year. My account has now been at Schwab for a few months and I could still use the Think or Swim app. Was trading DJT mostly on long scalps and a few times short last week. I have no bias when scalping and I enter and exit positions sometimes in a few seconds and occasionally a minute or more. I have traded large caps and small startups forever. However, when I borrowed the shares for the DJT I was charged a 500% fee. I only noticed when my account balance was well over $2,000 lower. I called and they said it was my problem and that I was warned about such things in the fine print and that they would not do anything to offset my loss. 500%??? Why stop there? Why not 50,000% fees? There were no pop up warnings about the 500% fees. Why would a brokerage care so little about their clients hard earned capital that they would allow this to happen. I do not trust this company at ALL. If they can charge 500% fees how safe can your money be? What other financially ravaging pitfalls await their trusting clients. Could 500% margin interest be next? 500% transfer fees?
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3 years ago, Swgalley
Best App on my iPad but still needs improvements
I have dropped my rating from 5 star to 4 star. The TOS App is as intuitive, and as easy as one could make trading complex items. I do not have a desktop, and have not used the TOS Desktop for years. I do not miss it. The iPad layout is very well done, so that you can see many things at a glance. Keep up the good work. The TOS iPad app struggles to keep up with the changes that occur on the desktop version from what I understand, so numerous issues that I find, are not fully developed and tested before be distributed, so be wary of some of the data that you receive, especially for options calculations/expiration data and for advanced orders placement. I have put in numerous requests and bug issues, but I do not get any closure on if or when the anomaly gets corrected. It is too bad, but compared to any others out there, it seems the interface and it team at TOS IS BEST IN THE BUSINESS AND Think or Swim, intends to keep it that way.
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10 months ago, Mr MeeToo
New order view
I am not sure why this changed but placing an order is worse. Post change, it takes more clicks and both hands to place an option trade. The process is not better, it is more cumbersome and less intuitive. The important text is also smaller in size making it harder to know if you have your trade correct. Please revert or update this process. Is there a way for a user to be part of user testing/feedback pre-release? Update: you put some + and - buttons back on the app. This addresses only part of the problem. The “Leg Setup” screen for an option is about as bad as it could be. To change the strike of an option takes 4 clicks starting at the top of the device, then the bottom twice, and then the top again. I need an extension on my thumb to perform this ritual! Then I have to repeat if I need to change the expiry date. If you trade one option a year this is fine. If you trade many a day, it makes you want to change platforms. Use the app to make 10 traded, adjust the strikes and expiry’s of each 3 times and you will see how miserable have made us. Make the expiry and strike scroll in place on the order page. It is not hard. No new screen with 20 buttons.
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2 years ago, Chad Monger
This app is why im with td ameritrade
Ive got 4 brokers, all with some thing i cant do without, but this app is a must for trading stock. I can get on at 1am and see a streaming chart of qqq which gives me an idea of what the markets doing. If some horrible news comes out at 11pm, i can get on here and buy psq 24hrs a day 5 days a wk. i can enter 17*qqq+250*sh in a quote window and get a real time chart of that combination of stocks and then buy and sell that combo like one thing. I have apps from ibkr, fidelity, schwab, and this that i use and this is in a whole other category by itself. If you were living out of a van and only had wifi at breakfast at mcdonalds, you could tell this app to buy a share of qqq every hour at market and go see the grand canyon. In my opinion, all this stuff is going full on mobile eventually and most of the other apps are kind of made to be used in a pinch. This is all you need ( with the exception of billpay)
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3 years ago, steviesummers
Decent App - Needs Keyboard/Trackpad Support on iPad/M1 Mac
Thanks for developing this app. Thinkorswim is the power user's application, especially when compared with the regular TDAmeritrade app. As such, certain keyboard/trackpad functions are notably missing, especially given the proliferation of keyboards for iPads and the inclusion of the app for M1 Macs. If these features are added, I would rate the app 4.5-5 stars. 1. Keyboard integration for price input when placing trades. On my M1 Mac and iPad Pro, I have to click on the individual numbers as though I was using a finger. It would be a better experience if, when the iPad detects that a keyboard is connected, the user could use the numbers on the keyboard to input price into the order ticket. 2. Multi-touch/Mouse functions (e.g. “2 finger tap, right click, etc.”). When right-clicking, the crosshair view shows up and upon release presents the user with options to place trades similar to TOS Desktop. When a trackpad/mouse is detected, please enable the user to right click/2-finger tap to place trades at the selected price in chart view (similar to the ToS desktop app).
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2 years ago, Cecil&
Honestly, this is truly an amazing app and the number of feature is second to none. I love 99% of everything about it. But the one frustrating thing about this app is that one of the most basic features that makes literally every other mobile charting easier is missing. Not sure how this was overlooked as they included it in the desktop application. You cannot turn on snap drawings in mobile. That means the lines just slide where you put them, whether or not it aligns with any significant point on the chart. And when it comes to trading, accuracy matters. Even a difference of $0.01 means your order may or may not be executed. What’s the point of the price level if it’s probably not even accurate?? I have to go back in a second time with the poke-and-hold to view the OHLC then validate every line I create is actually accurate by setting the values in the line settings. It’s incredibly tedious Phones are much smaller screens and that makes navigating lines and such a bit more difficult. Having to eyeball the open or close of a candle, or the body and wick or a candle when they’re close is frustrating. I love everything else about the app, but come on guys, just this ONE thing: snap drawings are a basic feature on every other reasonably standard mobile trading platform. It’s a weird thing to not have when everything else is so amazingly polished. Please think about adding it to mobile soon!
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3 years ago, HD0610
Worst app - by seasoned trader
This all use to be user friendly, but they have so many glitch now a days that it doesn’t show accurate stock and option quantity. For example, if I had purchased 100 stocks a night before then it will show some random number like 27 or 30 next day in your position page. But that doesn’t mean you actually lost them stocks, it just shows inaccurate quantity of stocks and options you own. I’m not sure how to fix those glitches, I have even downloaded all their updates in the App Store. DEVELOPER RESPONSE- they think I have partially filled orders but what actually happened is, for example if I have bought 100 TSLA today then in the AM next day, it will show some random number like 37 instead of 100 TSLA. I wish there was a way to attach a screen shot here in the comment section.
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4 years ago, annoyed trader
Buggy when using the watchlist
When trying to add to a saved watchlist, it hangs if I type in more that one letter so I have to type the first letter of the ticker and scroll to find it in a long list of possibles starting with that first letter but it doesn’t give you all the tickers (no preferred shares listed) so I have to type it in my real laptop instead to add to the watchlist (of the same watchlist name). But then the ones added over there on my laptop don’t transfer to ipad and phone - when log out and into the apps they are not the same list of tickers (same watchlist name though and yes, it’s the same one because I gave it a special name that also shows up on the laptop) so ended up having to keep adding whichever of them on your ipad/iphone that I can find with the first letter of the ticker method anyway. Also half the time when looking for tickers it just does the infinite spin ball loop and does not show any possible tickers so I have to quit the app and open it again to try again. This is on an ipad pro so it’s not a hardware problem and it’s fast on the laptop so it’s not a network problem.
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2 years ago, its_brainwreck
This new update that blocks your entire screen with the Order Entry pop up is garbage. You used to be able to draft an order, then flip over to your charts/watchlist/positions tab while leaving your order ready to submit with one click. Perfect for scalping. Now, you can’t. Edit: Response to the dev. Thanks for fixing the loop bug quickly and thanks for responding. But I still can’t understand why you want the Order Editor to block other Views/Pages when it doesn’t have to. The Editor should not be full screen over everything else. Example: selecting an option and clicking Next should take you to the Order Editor in Orders tab. From there, I SHOULD be able to leave my order Draft open and quickly switch back to the chart in WL tab. Instead, I have to CLOSE the full window draft to check the chart. Then go back to Orders and click “Draft” again to open the draft. It’s several extra steps that have been added, which don’t make sense to me.
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8 months ago, vpz24
After migration to Schwab constantly crashes and slow
This use to be a good mobile app under TDA, but after the migration, it’s slow, so when I put an options order in, it’s slow to respond and because of the delay, you either miss your entry or if you’re trading futures, you miss your stop and you end of losing more money, because more than likely the app crashed after you placed the order. Then you have to log back in which takes time and then you will see that you’re stop order has already been surpassed and you lose more money. I lost $2000 in 2 days because of this. With TDA, I never lost so much money because of technical issues. If the orders were on point, my loss would have been less than half this amount. In addition, there is no way to set stop loss for futures options, but I know NinjaTrader allows this and their fees are a lot better than Schwab for futures. I’m moving my business over to NinjaTrader. Thanks for TDA for the good years of trading, but after Schwab takeover, this app has gone downhill and I’ve lost so much more money with Schwab in a shorter amount of time.
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6 years ago, 55273green880
same as TD Mobile Trader
I was told thinkorswim would be a better interface than the TD Mobile Trader app, but they are essentially the same. The “positions” tab doesn’t clearly tell you your basis in a position, or its current market price, and doesn’t have a quick trade button to allow you to close that position right there. (At least this is the case for options.) I end up going to the underlying stock quote and looking at its options chain to see the bid/ask for my contract (and I trade it from there if I want to close). The “positions” tab does tell you p/L for the day, based on the last trade, but not based on the current bid/ask which is what I really want to know. Also for stock quotes, there isn’t a good “fundamentals” snapshot where you can see some basic metrics about the stock like P/E, mcap, FP/E, P/B, short interest, profile, etc like Yahoo Finance or Google Finance would give you. I end up looking up the stock elsewhere then coming back to the app to trade— it’s not remotely capable of research. App is secure and functional, however, and I haven’t had any problems with my trading.
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1 week ago, lilaggo
App cannot connect to server
I was able to use this app (via Guest Pass) for a few hours yesterday after installing it for the first time. This morning, I am met with error messages saying it cannot establish a connection to the server, and after uninstalling and reinstalling, it now simply tells me I have “successfully logged out” every time I log in (by either passcode or password). Considering this is a 30 day limited trial, I wonder if this time that Schwab is unable to connect to the server will be prorated and credited back to me? I suspect not. Not a good look considering trading is fairly dependent on server connection speed and availability. Day two and I already need to contact customer service for technical support. I enjoyed the platform yesterday, but I am reconsidering whether Schwab is capable of hosting a trading platform that won’t prove to be financially problematic over time due to issues like this with no clear workaround. I am grateful, however, that the app allows paper trading, so prospective customers get a glimpse of the quality of service before funding an account.
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3 years ago, cjmerkle
Limited capability and dated UI
This app has nowhere near the capability of thinkorswim desktop, or even the standard TDA app really. My biggest complaint is that there is very limited company profile/fundamentals data in the quotes. For many companies there isn’t even a company description, so you have to use other apps to research companies to see what you’re even investing in. You can add description, sector, and industry rows to the table at the top of the quote but the space is so limited the text is cut off. Also, the app does not have the ability to scan for stocks using stock hacker like tos desktop. The app also just feels really dated. The UI looks like it was designed 20 years ago, and it doesn’t have iOS 14 widgets or anything. Also, some of the chart features and studies are buggy or don’t work. You can not change the color of the volume bars in the volumeavg study (or any study that has histogram bars). No matter what color you select the bars are green. The volume profile study doesn’t work at all. Overall a very dated and buggy app.
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4 years ago, TimesReader2011
Better than the web on desktop, for options
2020 October Update More stable this year, and very fast on iPhone SE (2020) The THEO theoretical price for option legs just disappeared on Oct 14, please add it back ! Legacy comments on old versions: 2017 October update: Customization of what columns to show and in what order to show them in is great, and is available for ticker symbol watchlist, portfolio positions, and entered (open or filled or cancelled) orders screens. It asks me for my password a lot more often, it should use touchID more often. 2017 July update: -1 star for nagging me to write a review and popping up reminders to write a review while the market is open. After demerits for review whoring, TD/ThinkOrSwim still earns a strong four star rating from me, a long term customer and option trader. ToS and TDAmeritrade understands what option traders do, and makes it easy to do. Recent editions have been weak about populating a market 'mark' price quote into lists of open orders. This missing the mark problem continues in 2017 June. Thoughtful improvements, but the additional information is optional and my screen does not become increasingly cluttered with additional columns I do not use, as I can sort or hide info I do not use. Flexible customizations. Sometimes unable to connect when the market is busy. The latest improvements to chat with support and share screens or images/screenshots is great.
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9 months ago, Andee De
Looking for another broker
I used to like the TOS app but not anymore. I’m starting to think there’s some type of purposeful malfunctioning going on to cause people to loose money. The app freezes when you’re attempting to get in and out of trades and throws bogus errors. I’ve had to miss my exit and desired profit because the app stated that one of my contracts were expired during one of my trades. It was not, and I don’t think it’s even possible to purchase expired options contracts (that I know of). I purchased a same day contract, it was around 10AM in the morning and when I attempted to exit it refused to allow me. After finally getting hold of someone from technical support, he confirmed that my contract was valid so he doesn’t understand why the app would say otherwise. People from my trading group have also been complaining about the app freezing and they being unable to exit. They eventually lost their money. I don’t know if it’s because of this merger because TOS was fine before that! I’m looking for other brokers to trade with at this point.
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2 years ago, Mickey2pair
My primary TOS app
I do 100% of my TD Ameritrade trading with this mobile app. I do use the desktop TOS for watching the market while at the house but when I make a move I grab my phone. I’ve never had issue with it, great for trading wherever. Charts are customizable and easy to read. Simple and advanced trades are possible. Options chains are easy to read and customizable. I wish the news feeds were better but that’s not a TOS issue. Calendar for events. And I’m sure much more. I’ve been using it for several years now. It’s complex enough you have to put effort into learning how to use it but works great once you get the hang of it. Well engineered imo. Oh, also you can paper trade to learn or tryout your next genius trading idea. I primarily trade option spreads and wheels with long stock positions. Daily. Wherever I am. Very pleased with it.
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3 years ago, MDFX
Could be 5 stars.....but...
Although there is an option to stop non trade broadcast messages.... TDA ads for their own video shows don’t get blocked.... so one has to stop whatever one is working on to see if a trade has executed or it’s just a TDA ad that is of zero interest. If one has broadcast messages disabled, it should disable ALL broadcast Ad messages, at least during ALL hours of Trading. I don’t think “they” get the issues of unnecessary interruptions. Some minor features could be better... alerts when setting have only one default relation, >. Seems a test could be done to choose an initial < or > depending on the value entered relative to the current price...who enters an alert that will trigger as soon as submitted? Would be nice if the app was a little better integrated with webpage access when in comes to alerts. The app does a reasonable job. Really could be a 5 Star... but it’s not.
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1 year ago, Dave.1043
Why I like TOS
I have looked at and tried several trading platforms and charting programs. Most are bulky, esoteric, and limited. I am a devotee of Simpler Trading which has some of the best indicators in the industry today, which are available on the Think or Swim platform. The software is very complex in it’s functions but offers simplicity in it’s navigation. It just makes sense. The options chain has automated features that allow you to trade spreads, credit or debit quickly and easily by automatically formulating the trade and you just having to set the parameters. When you first open TOS you’ll think it difficult to learn but you’ll find T.D. Ameritrade videos that can bring you up to speed quickly. I do wish however they would display Market Profile like Trading View. Trade Well, Dave Taylor
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3 years ago, Younghotshot
Tried Several
I have tried multiple platforms and have found Thinkorswim superior to all of the others for many reasons: Charts, tools, ease of use, honesty, and most of all…..If I have a question about my account or really ANYTHING AT ALL, I can call and actually talk to a customer service representative for answers. Especially if you are new to trading the fact that they value their users enough to be available is a breath of fresh air! I had money in Robinhood for a long time because it was the first platform I started with. That made it difficult to change but I realized I had to start somewhere. Now that I am switched over I feel like I have the best tools available to me to be successful and in fact have done better. Happy to write this review Ronnie
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2 years ago, Primarch
Love the app and interface…
Just wish that the iPhone version mirrored more of the capabilities of the iPad version. Most recent updates omitted the ability on the iPhone to see previous trades in the “All” tab within Orders. When you tap on an equity on the iPhone version, and select “Show details” you cannot select an option to see your portfolio for the equity (you can on the iPad… if a trade off for space needs to be made, maybe give us the option to remove Level II). Lastly, please make the Watch app more functional for us. I only see the alerts on mine… I’d prefer to be able to see real time data on positions. The standard stock app for the Watch is delayed by ~15 minutes which is near useless for active traders. Thank you in advance for the consideration of these suggestions and for the stellar product/service you guys provide. Cheers.
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4 years ago, KvltTiger
Can’t trust them anymore
Have been using TD Ameritrade and Thinkorswim for my entire trading career without issue, until this week. Set a simple Limit Sell order with a simple submit on market condition because I knew I wouldn’t be able to watch the position the following day. The underlying hits the mark to trigger the order the next day and...they reject my freaking order. Yep, 400% and 200% winning positions went unsold and expired worthless because of some ridiculous “too aggressive limit order” reasoning. Support could only give some nonsensical explanation about price being too high and my GTC and how they sometimes do this to protect clients. What? This wasn’t complicated, a simple limit sell order, a market order with a floor...just put it through. So going forward I’m not sure how I can ever trust their system to not just arbitrarily reject my orders based on impossible to foresee reasoning. Manual entries and exits only now. Hopefully Schwab can fix this stuff or else I’ll look elsewhere for a broker that won’t turn my winners into losers through no fault of my own.
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3 months ago, Thomas123455jsbdf
Love the app
App is great, love the UI and how easy it is to do what I want. Issues I’ve been having as of late are that my position balances are not lining up correctly. My positions are showing a profit when they are currently at a loss, my positions are also showing that I am using margin. I called Schwab to confirm that my position is reflecting correctly with them that I am not at a massive gain but in fact at a loss and that I am in fact not utilizing any margin. The think or swim app is not reflecting correct totals. The only circumstances that changed with my account is that I deposited funds a week ago and also bought call contracts. My share count didn’t change but reflects a massive gain that isn’t correct. I would look into bank deposit relationships to positions.
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3 years ago, TradeMilllionare
Strong trading platform out of all in the market
I have been using TD platform for long time and especially think or swim for number of years. I have seen ThinkOrSwim is high performance platform with real time trade and financial detail. It has always retail and institutional customers comes first mindset. I have used Robinhood and also WeBULL they are still not there yet compare to TD. Also I have seen conflict of interest on other platform like “Robinhood “which is not the case in here. And I am a high frequency trader where I can compare all the little detail for stock trade , option trade , required indicators and catalyst. Strong , robust , detail , real time and especially made for day trader and non-day trader with amazing experience . Great charting detail and financial clarity. Loved it . Strongly recommend for everyone over any other platform in the market .
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6 years ago, AmyJ453
I use this app a lot!
I usually don't give app reviews, but I love this app so much, I'm making an exception! I use this app more than the TOS software on my computer. The app enables me to check my positions and make trades anywhere. I check it several times a day...more than I check Facebook. It has become my "go to" for checking the market, looking at my positions, and making trades. I make options trades while waiting in my car, and even while grocery shopping, etc. It is immediate, relevant, and allows me to keep track of my positions on the go. There are a few glitches that I've found (like OTM% on options changing to all zeros every once in a while), but the glitches are so minor compared to how glad I am that this app exists. It works very well as a whole, and I recommend it to anyone.
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4 months ago, Putinsking
The best for regular people
I’ve tried all the trading platforms and none of them come close to what ToS offers regular traders in terms of tools, sleek interface, low prices and real time data. By contrast, I finally closed my futures account over at Tradestation after five years. Since that time, Tradestation never once updated its platform. Until a few months ago, basic data was free and there were no inactivity fees beyond small commission fees. Not so anymore, and it really shows how far ahead of the game ToS has been. Tradestation was charging me almost $60 a month for basic data and inactivity fees (less than 100 trades a month.) That’s not a winning trade I’m going to take. Moved the rest of my funds here at ToS and will be using them exclusively.
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4 years ago, Willow228
Robinhood was the app I started with. After some latency issues on their end and a 50% loss I was done. Been on TD for the same amount of time and I’ve had zero problems. Support is there 24/7, no latency problems, level II is free, charts you can draw on, news articles for each stock etc etc etc etc etc. just overall a great app to use. UPDATE:: I’m done with TD. Charged me $38 because of a reverse split. The total value of my 4 shares of ACB was worth less than $5. Also they are telling me there will be a $75 fee to take my money all out of my account. I would have been better off staying with Robinhood. DO NOT USE TD FOR TRADING!!!!!!! By the way to tell me that $38 was a industry standard while I know for a fact not all of them charge that was amusing. They even sent me a E-Trade link to try and push their industry standard line. Which was the same exact line I got from 3 different people at TD...........word for word copy and paste response. Do yourself a favor and choose another brokerage like my family is in the process of doing.
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6 years ago, BoCoRickster
Another fricken update?
Seems to be a pretty good app that gives you access to the think or swim platform and it can be surprising how powerful it is. That said, check your calendar people, it 2018. We were suppose to have flying cars by now (in our driveways). Alas this app and its big brother on my Mac seem to need an update every time I launch them. So if you get a trade idea you want to move on when things get active, I hope you’re already logged in. Otherwise, the minutes are passing while the trade escapes you. Hey Developers: How about offering the update when we log out instead of killing the moment with yet another stoopid update. OR at least give us the choice to defer update till after completing initial objective. OR think of something even better. I can’t believe you’re still doing it this way. Check your calendar.
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2 years ago, It's kinda almost alright
Best brokerage app I’ve used
Out of all the brokerage apps I’ve tried this one is by far the most in depth, and has nearly everything I could want. You can easily trade stocks, indexes, options, futures, forex, etc.. While the desktop application is a bit more complex and capable, this app is perfect for anything I may need to do on the go. It was a little hard to get familiar with the layout and UI but after using it for over a year now I can say it is definitely worth getting used to. The app is much more capable than I initially thought, there’s almost nothing you can’t do, with some minor exceptions of course. I do wish they had a few more features though such as a chart to show your portfolio allocation and value over time, and maybe a better way to analyze a company’s financials in the app. They have a similar portfolio allocation chart on the website but it’s not as detailed as I would like. Overall it’s a great app that pretty much does everything I need it to. I don’t see myself leaving TD Ameritrade for the foreseeable future. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to invest and have more options than just buying indexes and stocks.
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3 years ago, nicknameballsdeep
Custom Indicators gone on mobile
Edit: Why the F would you not make the indicators, studies, watchlists, that I set up in my real trading account not available in paper trading??? You’re really going to make me install and set up everything again??? In so many ways, TOS is not user friendly when it comes to setting up your chart, especially the tedious task of doing it for each one if I want multiple charts. I can’t save presets. Same goes for watch list columns. And if it is possible, please make it easier to find these settings. But my biggest gripe now is that my custom indicator scripts I’d use for desktop are no longer visible and searchable for mobile use. Like c’mon guys! For mobile, please remove the junk value lines for lower studies when a cursor/crosshair is being used, it just takes up way too much space and creates unnecessary scrolling. I keep going back to Trading View, far superior for mobile use and visuals. TOS mobile just looks like a 1980s computer screen.
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3 months ago, Miyaboo1
Phenomenal trading app
I have made great money using this app because of the setup of information available. It’s sad to Schwab bought out and trying to migrate to that Stone Age app. If they knew better they would just change the app name and maybe add the simulator return piece as competition. I already setup my E*trade account and TradingView. If they migrate to that horrible app I’m closing my account completely. Hopefully the old people realize thier old ancient ways gotta go and us young will be here to trade with great platforms like think or swim. It took my friend wire 3 days to hit her account at Schwab TOS takes 30 mins or an hour tops. News Flash Charlie TOS web developer is better. Remember Fat Cats & starving dogs. Which will you be with that horrible Schwab app??? Love you TOS 😍
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4 years ago, Hiram Richmond
Great App!
This app was easy and fun to use as a trading self education tool. I used the Paper Money practice trading in this app for an immersive learning experience. It’s pretty much exactly like normal trading, but you use fake money to simulate what it’s like to trade before you actually invest your hard earned cash. Perfect for me! The graphs and studies and tools it gives you are very useful and convenient. One thing that is not convenient is that if you want to add something to a personal watchlist from the app’s lists, you have to switch over to your own personal watchlist first. Then you can search it up to add it. It would be much less annoying if there was an option that allowed me to add it to my personal watchlists while viewing other lists. Hope this helps it to improve!
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5 years ago, 2-Lane
The Ignorant Pro
I am an exceptionally, uneducated, 70 something that spent my adult life driving trucks across this great land of ours. After I retired, I decided to try my hand at a little day-trading. Did I say ignorant? Maybe ‘dumb’ better describes me. Anyway, after that colossal disaster, I downloaded THINKORSWIM ...that’s when things got worse. I couldn’t figure out what I was looking at or how to do anything. But, guess what, THINKORSWIM has many, many ways of learning the platform. And, I learned. Here’s my point; if I can learn this absolutely, terrifically designed, user friendly platform, and be profitable can you. By the way, the support level is more than you’ll ever need to master it. Whether you trade stocks, options, futures, Forex, etc, this platform will do it all ...and quite well, may the add.
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5 years ago, DaVic29
I didn’t know a thing about stocks when I got this app but I wanted a hobby that I could get paid by doing it. It has everything you need in a nice streamlined app. I tried a few others and it didn’t compare in my opinion. Every day I learn a little more and I can practice with paper trades (without losing money) until I think I’m ready to play with the big boys. There’s a lot of information to be given so I try to stick one thing a day. It’s been a few weeks since I started and now I have a better understanding on how to use all the tools and terms. So if you’re just starting out in the stock market get this app and take it slow, you’ll get to were you want too be to start trading.
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3 years ago, colberc1
Not a fan
I don’t like the platform, it’s not intuitive to me for trading. I love it for research, and I like the drawing tools. That’s the only reason I gave it 3 stars. I tried to use it as a platform, and it is confusing to me. I was really hoping for it as an entry into forex, but after several hours, I couldn’t understand how to do basic things like make a limit order or create a stop on an already executed order. I probably should have spent more time in the paper trading function, which I appreciate they have, but at the end of the day, due to frustration, I made market orders that led to unprofitable trades. Maybe it’s a “me “ problem- if you can figure it out they have amazing charting software for no required investment, but for me , it’s usability and ability to price my trades. I’ll use ToS for charting and robinhood for execution any day. Can’t get my money out fast enough.
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3 years ago, danimalpanda
v196 is a disaster for traders with many positions
update: Doesn't work on M1 mac anymore. Just crashes on opening. Still lacks overall totals in positions tab. Going downhill since Schwab acquisition. edit: v196.1 still does not repair the lack of functionality introduced by recent 196 update PLEASE BRING BACK OVERALL TOTALS to the "Positions" tab. This is critical for traders with many positions. I start the day checking P/L day and if it is a small number, I can leave the app alone. Now I have to scroll down through 11 pages of positions to find P/L Day. E*Trade gives users the choice to put "overall totals" on the top or bottom of the screen. Thinkorswim has forced us to use it at the bottom of the screen, where it used to be always visible. I agree, it does not need to be always visible, but for me it was nice. If you make yourself the same as robinhood, traders are just going to use robinhood. Stay THINKORSWIM which was amazing. What is Charles Schwab doing butchering this platform. TOS was the best in the game but is quickly fading by trying to be the same as robinhood. Original review: Inside the "Portfolio" section, the "Overall Totals" row has been relocated to the very bottom of the entire list of positions. For traders with a long list of positions, several pages long, this takes many swipes to see important details such as Overall "P/L Day" and "P/L Open".
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3 years ago, 49Theives
Outstanding Analytics but...
TOS is phenomenal when it comes to analytics and your ability to fully customize the interface to show exactly what you want to see. This is the whole reason to use it. The mobile app is really handy but the desktop application is top tier. However, the slippage and actual trading is atrocious. Like mind-blowingly bad. I’ve never had an order execute in less than five minutes. I placed a limit sell order a few days ago that danced around my target price (up and down and all around it) for 20 MINUTES with really high volume while I was only selling 8 shares. It never executed so eventually I canceled it and now I’m stuck holding the bags waiting for another exit point days later. Don’t use it to trade unless you want to bang your head against the wall.
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6 years ago, Southernboy889076
I love tos but
Can you please let me edit my background color and my candle colors. These red and green candles are terrible and I hate both the white and black backgrounds. Also please can you add a feature so I can add space to the right of my chart. When I try to take a snapshot I cannot see any of my future plans bc it cuts the screen off. Also when you open up a spread trade it's really clunky to try and close and also i would like to have the option to close multiple orders at the same time. Please. Thankyou and other than these nitpicking little details TOS is an awesome platform and I truly love them. Oh another thing. I would love if you guys would add harmonic drawing tools on the desktop and mobile for different patterns, like bat and crab and all those. Please please pleas. Like trading view does. Oh and another thing. It would be really awesome if there was a feature that would alert me anytime the price of a stock moved a certain increment. Like say if o trade SPY I can set it to alert me every time the price moves $.50 up or down without me having to physically set the alert. It just does it automatically. This would be really cool. Thanks guys and gals and keep up the good work.
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3 years ago, GoldenHill
Could use some work
I’ve been using this app for years, and it’s generally a good app. But a couple of things make it difficult to work with. When I look at balances, some will show correct information, with respect to trade price and P/L since open. But several stocks show incorrect trade prices, and in some other cases, the “P/L Open” number is actually the entire value of the shares. This is annoying when I am trying to make decisions about individual stocks. I rely on the app to provide accurate information, but it simply does not, in many cases. The other improvement I’d like to see is more of a Robin Hood style home page, where you can get all the information you really need from that page. Again, not a terrible app, but the issue with incorrect P/L info needs to be fixed.
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6 years ago, Yourbestgangsta
Terrible service.
The speed issues are so bad you wont be able to even load quotes sometimes or even your watchlists. If you contact them about it they'll just blame your phone, laptop, software and/or internet connection. Absolutely terrible because you know they make a killing off of your commissions but they'll just stick it to you when its imperative to get up to day real time quotes. Even in 4 bars of LTE their app will be slow. Contact customer support through chat and be sure to answer within 5 minutes or else they'll close the trouble ticket on you! Thanks for all the fees and subpar service TD. You really sold your customers out on these new updates recently.
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3 years ago, Dakota Kid-skr
Sink or Swim app and Teaching staff
I have been investing for over 40 years taking a lot of investment classes, trade actively, but never was able to do a lot of graphing that I needed. I spoke to TD Ameritrade which signed me up for I sink or swim 45 minutes teaching lesson. First we talked about what type of graphs I was interested in, and proceeded to do about six different graphs. Efrain Gonzalez was the instructor and did a tremendous job. I learned a lot and do the graphing on my own while Efraim watch. My confidence level is up to 90% and I have reschedule another session to nail it. Great job thank you so much . I really appreciate this service and mention sink or swim to several of my friends that also trade at TDameritrade which were not aware of this program. Strong work and May the trades be with you. Need to keep Efram on your side. He is a valuable assist to your company. Thank you SKR. P.S. being able to have the graphs and my abilities to interpret them I have $80,000 that I am up and going higher in two weeks. Love sink or swim. Need to get the word out on sink or swim at TDameritrade
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4 years ago, Jrs716
Great Software, BUT...
Almost everything about the platform is smooth and easy to use. That being said, users want a more engaging experience with their apps...we want to see pie charts for the different sectors in which we invest...check out M1 and how beautifully engaging their visuals are. Even left-brained investors, like myself, appreciate visuals like pie charts...or any way to view the dispersion of allocation over industries/sectors. Also, I would love to be able to see my dividend info (estimated income, growth over time, etc.) in a visually pleasant manner; this currently isn’t available at all on the mobile app. These graphics would encourage more investment because of upward trending psychological behavior and/or because of re-allocation when visually seeing positions that are over-weighted.
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