This War of Mine

4.4 (2K)
581.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
11 bit studios s.a.
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for This War of Mine

4.43 out of 5
2K Ratings
6 years ago, fahrenheit06
Love this game but
I played this game on console and picked it up on iPhone 8 just to see how the touch controls would go. And it’s great. Fits this game like a glove. I’ve played through almost every scenario and picked up the DLC to add the Little Ones’ challenge to things. My issue is actually with the most recent This War of Mine update. I’ve had little crashes and things from time to time before (no big deal as I still love the game), but since the update about a week ago, the glitches are frequent. When I tap a character, it doesn’t center on them but rather slightly above so they’re usually hidden by the character panel. The sound effects are muted too. No more clock ticking timer when the day/night is ending or sounds when characters are attacking/digging/building/eating. Haven’t tried to see if the sniper fire sound is gone too. This occurs even when I start a new TWoM scenario, random or otherwise. I’ve also had characters get stuck after coming home at night, just standing by the door in silence for half the day before they remember the last action I gave them (GO TO BED). I really like the game and keep coming back to it. Y’all made something really special with TWoM that scratches all the right itches and makes each victory satisfying. Loved Moonlighter too. Can’t wait to see what y’all come out with next.
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6 years ago, Pigglesdaman
This is the first game that gave me uncontrollable happiness and in the next five minute crippling depression. This is by far my favorite game but of course there are a few dislikable features. Every now and then one of my survivors will decide that they would rather teleport just to eat a chicken leg from the fridge, and every-time I give one of my depressed survivors a pep talk while they are sleeping they slowwwwwly get out of bed then INSTANTLY fly back into the bed in a way I can only describe as supernatural! Although I understand it adds a sense of helplessness I was really hoping you could add a somewhat limited speech while scavenging especially when at the elderly couple’s house when the man is asking you all those questions and you just stand there staring at him. I know it would be hard but I was wondering if you could use more diverse perspectives like maybe a soldier, rebel, or even a doctor working in the hospital. I would recommend adding companions like dogs for increasing happiness and for scavenging. And last be most certainly not least the constant language is quite disturbing . I don’t know why you think people cussing non-stop is enjoyable along with the sprayed F word occasionally placed on walls and in the menu. Especially for me it does not add anything so I suggest you just take out all bad words. Thanks!
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7 years ago, ProjectIX
Top notch IOS Game
I’ve been on a IOS game hunt lately, buying anything that remotely interests me, and I came across this. Never heard of it, but thought it looked interesting for a quick play. Price almost threw me off but I figured for that much it has to be a good game. I was not disappointed in the least. It took me away from every other game I was absorbed in, Monster Hunter, Final Fantasy Tactics, Morphite, all of those games got quickly thrown to the back burner and I got sucked into this. It’s really good, intense at times, you actually feel like your actions make a difference, and if you don’t plan ahead, it could cost you. It makes the experience really immersive which is hard to find in an IOS game. I have very few issues now and again, but nothing that made me hate the game in the slightest. A few crashes here and there, but that’s it. I see a lot of reviews where people complain about certain things and giving it low stars, don’t read too deeply into those. Most of he complaints come from them not understand some of the game mechanics, and expect their hand to be held. This game won’t do that, you have to teach yourself how to survive, just like you would in real life. You adapt and overcome. If your even slightly thinking of trying this game out, go for it, it’s worth every penny. Enjoy
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5 years ago, ScervMcGerv
Amazing, but needs tiny fixes
I absolutely love this game. It’s one of the only games on my device that I haven’t left alone for awhile. My only problem is that there are tiny little bugs still roaming around. For instance, in places like St. Mary’s Church or the Hotel, stealing from bandits will cause a morale penalty. I just ask that these minor bugs be fixed. Also, I hope that one day custom scenarios will be added onto mobile. I know that Emilia and Anton, and Cveta if there are no children, basically have barely any useful traits. Yeah, Anton sets traps faster, Cveta can get more help from neighbors and is great for consoling other survivors, Emilia is one of THE MOST unsympathetic and ruthless people out there, so she can steal and kill with literally no effect on her morale state once so ever. But I feel like perhaps a little more advantages could be added to these three characters. Anton could also get more food from traps and has a slight speed boost, Cveta is already pretty fast and consoling, especially with children, so maybe raise her inventory size to 10, and Emilia could maybe have the ability to give people logical reasons to adjust their morale compass and reasoning bad actions so their morale doesn’t drop that low. And, I know. It’s war, and not everyone is going to be useful. Just please, devs, at least read my suggestions about Anton, Cveta, and Emilia.
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6 years ago, jbram63
Iphone XS support
Played the heck out of this game when it first came out. Just saw that this game said it had iphone X support. Since I just upgraded from the 6S to XS, I thought I might give it another go. Unfortunately, the screen is moved to the side by an inch which leaves a blank space. This wouldn't be a problem, but in order to click the buttons that are near the blank space, you have to click in the blank space. It’s like half of the screen can be clicked where you want. And the other half has to be clicked to the right a little. (Ex: on the main menu screen, clicking on the setting button causes the credits to be clicked—which is the button to the left of the settings button). The game is still amazing, and a few button placements don't take away from the powerful story and game. Just hope the developers fix this small issue.
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1 year ago, awful house
Depressing, challenging, unrewarding, but enjoyable
Hello, have you ever wanted to play a game where, trapped in a city full of bombings and war, you struggle, try, and fail to provide food, supplies, and bandages for when your characters inevitably get wounded from constant attacks on their home? This is the game for you. In all seriousness this game is great. You have to develop a strategy or die. Looting buildings can either be rewarding or not so rewarding. Stockpiling is important. Choosing who to guard your shelter could be the difference between life and death. Depressing events will leave your characters crying and sobbing all night, encouraging good deeds when you don’t have anything to give. When you feel that you are living happy and healthy, with everyone somehow content (and if you have the DLC, the child fed and happy with lots of toys to play with and attention at all angles), one thing could go wrong and turn Into a downward spiral. Has a crap ton of replay value, and each character has their own perks for survival. It’s a masterpiece of storytelling, and I’m not making that up. It has detailed character stories, and even short conversations between NPCs say all you would want to know.
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5 years ago, Aye Q
A great presentation of the same old
After reading a few reviews you may feel this is the greatest experience you have yet to witness on mobile.... I didn’t see that and I definitely wanted to but it just felt like a really high-quality but basic survival game. Matrix rules, the things you need to survive are not all based in actual reality but in the reality of the game and therefore and like many other games you find yourself mastering the game not the situation the game is trying to present or put you in. Case in point you need more than you would actually need to start a fire and say cook a hotdog. Like other survival games the materials you need to do basic task are ridiculous but I’m not hating that that’s basically level design. These heartbreaking moments your said to face well maybe I didn’t play long enough because they were far few and almost nonexistent. I do remember having to steal from a family who clearly had children and feeling conflicted about it but the rest of the game is so tedious and boring I quickly forgot about it. I like that games try to tackle real world issues but let’s not forget they are still games and if they’re not fun I don’t care what else they do well. Just my opinion though
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7 years ago, xKoAx Tucker
2 stars for constructive criticism.
I have this game on pc, when my players are slightly wounded I let them sleep for the entire day and entire night and they are usually better after being useless for 24-36hrs. This game on the phone is not so like that. I have survived for 13 days using 1 character feeding 2 lazy slightly wounded players. 1 has been wounded since the start of the game the other was hurt in a raid on my house. They have been bed resting literally for 13 days now (maybe 10-11 for the other, since they didn't happen exactly on the same night.) I think this is entirely uncool to have these characters be deemed useless without expensive meds for a slight wound, mine as well let them starve to death which I am considering, just letting them go out and get shot to death or something. They're useless anyway eating all of the dang food and doing nothing. PLEASE Fix this & you'll have my 5 stars. I am also going to be buying frost punk, I know that is a game you're involved in & I am a supporter, just this small thing involving slight wounds not healing without induced surgical methods being involved for a sliver.
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6 years ago, nightdancer342
So much survival fun!
It’s like what Fallout Shelter should have been. It’s a full fledged game worth the $14. Constructive criticism: The gameplay seems a little skewed. Everyone gets depressed so easily and will stay depressed forever. No amount of talking or sleeping helps them it seems. Not even if you manage to feed them. There’s not enough cheer up options that aren’t expensive like a guitar, I’ve still not found where to get parts to make one. You can’t get food without murdering anyone and there’s areas that need a saw but you need to kill to get enough supplies to be able to make it long enough to get the saw but the characters are overcome by grief at that point and wounding each other in fights lol. So it needs to get a little more fair- maybe the trader could actually bring these premium items that can be traded for jewels, liquor or cigarettes ?
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5 years ago, Yorty40
Great but buggy
Loses a star for all the bugs. Been following this game since its early pc days. Absolutely love it. That being said, the constant bugs that I encounter during game play really take away from the glory at times. Here’s some I regularly encounter: -when game is minimized and brought back up, screen is black but game sound and music is playing. -when attempting to bandage a wounded character, the progress “wheel” gets stuck in perpetual action, never completing, never healing or applying the bandage. I also cannot force the character out of this perpetual loop. If i get another character to heal a character then both characters are then stuck in this loop. So i have no choice but to either restart the day or just end the day. Intermittent. -when game is minimized and brought back up, its like it “timed out” or i chose to quit and i have to restart the latest day all over again. Intermittent. -when game is minimized and brought back up, no sound from gameplay or music can be heard at all. Obviously losing progress is my biggest peeve since save points are sparse as is one of the intended functionality behind the game. But seeing how this is now a mobile-able game, it should be able to handle being minimized with no issues.
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2 years ago, Ssturdi
5 star game, 4 stars on mobile
Played it on pc first and and there’s many reasons why this is such a good game. They also did a great job porting it over but I’ve seen a little glitch or strange responsiveness every now and then and it’s just a bit harder to manage zoom and controls over pc. Unfortunately this game can get tight on difficulty sometimes and these differences can feel really frustrating when you’re running out of food and need to maximize your characters time as well as avoid enemies when scavenging. Overall great game, good port with the limitations. Just find myself wanting to go back to PC.
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6 years ago, RedIce33
Amazing Game
First of all let me just say that this game is amazing for only being $0.99 most games like that are fun and all but in order to play and beat the game you need to buy more. This game doesn’t do that, I got the game a couple of days ago and am already having a blast. If you life a game where you have to make tough decisions about what to build and when to build it and who to trust and not to trust then this game is for you. I have to admit there are so difficult times in this game but that makes it all the more fun because you don’t finish the game quickly. Another plus to the game is that you get to play different stories and not just one, I love this game and give it 5 stars and recommend it to anyone who is up for a challenge!!!
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6 years ago, kleinearchitect
This hits hard
Up until now, i have never imagined myself living & surviving in the war-torn country. In this game i made so many difficult choices that even in real life, i was still thinking about that choices that i made. Robbing the old couple’s house was one of them. Marko died when he went to scavenge, so i had no choice other than rob their house, as i know they wont attack back. I am sorry.. For people reading these reviews and trying to decide whether this game is worth to buy or not, it is worth it!. Not only that this game transports you to live during the war, but also moral values and life lessons. Kudos to the developer for making this game, please keep doing what you are doing, and support this game in the future ❤️
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2 years ago, Selly3332
Awesome game. Worth the price, however play only if you have time though
Game is great, it is worth the price and plays nicely, I also like the immersion. One thing I wish there could be is a better saving system, it’s frustrating that when I have to go while I am playing, and the day is over, I have to restart from beginning of day just to advance, once I get back on the game. This or you have to progress to next day, there is no in between it seems like - please correct me if I am wrong. Also it would be nice if the developers keep updating and working on the game periodically, things like adding a new location or two, including difficulty modes,
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5 years ago, RedFuryFIVE6 a 9 month member
I ran the game fine for about 15 mins. I went out to scavenge for the night and the app didn’t load the map and the app just closed. So I restart the app, click continue and the app closes again. I restart the app and try to start a new game and erase the old progress. The app closes again. The app closes every time it goes to load a continued progress or restart a new one. I delete the app and download it again. It still says continue and another try and no matter what I do the game closes every time it tries to load the map now. I thought the game was awesome but I just paid $15 for it and now it doesn’t work makes me sad. I don’t want my money back I just want to play the game. Help please. I’m on a IPhone 6 Plus. I’ve played Minecraft/Vainglory/Runescape on this phone and have had no problems. What should I do.
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5 years ago, Sorce of corse
Game crashes ruin it
I was really looking forward to playing this game. Everything else is fine to great, but the game crashing at multiple locations when chosen to scavenge is so frustrating. First, you lose all progess since returning from the last scavenge. Second, it blocks off whatever supplies and stories those locations contain ruining the long-term game (which I have yet to get to due to there always being at least one location that crashes the game on any map). This is probably the first online review I’ve ever written because I want to enjoy the game and hope typing this review will be seen by the right person. I read updates referring to “Day 42” and I can’t enjoy the game past day 15 due to glitched locations. Not at all worth $15.
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6 years ago, Zchloi
Disable survivor depression option
Great game overall!!! I have to ask though that you add a option to disable the survivors depression since I am attempting to do this challenge in the game where I go on a rampage and try to kill everyone I see but I am unable to do so due to my survivors getting broken easily. Also can you add a option where we get to customize the length of the war, winter or hostility level. I have a few other ideas for what direction this game should go in such as maybe a zombie dlc where you play in a post apocalyptic town. I mean come on guys you have so much potential for where this game could go next. Add some more stuff to it!!!!!
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5 years ago, SeAzhrei
Bugs ver.2.3.4
While a fantastic game, slamming face first into a fairly massive bug does a lot to temper that enjoyment. I noticed it upon entering Sniper Junction. All the foreground trees and objects are white. As in paper white, devoid of any detail at all. And many of the sound effects are missing. Example, sniper shots against walls and roads are almost completely silent. While the metal ricochet off a car is still audible. This makes timely navigation there quite a bit more difficult. Honestly these are probably things I could force myself past, but I don’t feel much incentive to. Especially not knowing how many more times/areas I’ll have to go through it again. Bug fix please. Otherwise I’m not bothering to keep playing.
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6 years ago, Señorspacecookie112
U have an amazing game and i love absolutely everything about it! theres just one tiny problem and its that sometimes when one of ur characters are sad or depressed u asigne one if ur other characters to talk to them but theres a glitch that makes the characters keep talking. Not even talking like after their conversation is supposed to be over they just stand there and i cant control them or do anything what do ever with them because the game things they are still talking when nothing is going on they are just standing there. Please fix this and thank u!!
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3 years ago, jdislm
Magenta screen after phone upgrade
I’d love to be able to play this game, I purchased and was enjoying it before upgrading to IPhone 12- now I’m stuck with a magenta screen on the far right side of my play screen. The touch points are all off, having to touch off target by about a half inch to select characters and actions. It’s incredibly frustrating because I really enjoyed this game before changing phones, and now I can’t play. I emailed developers with a screen shot of my pink screen and didn’t get a response back. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling, still have a pink screen. Would love some advice, I miss the game and would really like to try out the add-on story line I purchased and haven’t been able to play yet due to the pink screen issue.
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3 years ago, Schoffend
Please release new update version
Sadly, this game is no longer compatible with my current phone. Was playable on my iPhone XR. Just upgraded to iPhone 12 and it won’t function properly. Lucky I can still play it on my iPad, Xbox, Nintendo switch and PlayStation. But I really need the game playable on my phone. Thanks. Update:: THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I just happened to check the status of this game in the store to see if it’s been updated to fit the iPhone 12 screen. I appreciate this very much. I added a star back for 5 stars!! I’m so excited to play this game once again on my phone.
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6 years ago, buckeyemisty
One of the best iOS games I've played
I don't usually write reviews. But this game deserves one. It's highly addictive. And it is so realistic it will have you truly hating yourself for some of the decisions you make. My only complaint is that it is predictable in that, once you play for a while, you can figure out who moves where and when at each location. So it becomes very basic and simple. It would be awesome if they came out with more scenarios and characters and found a way for things to switch it up. But overall, this is a must play.
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6 years ago, Jilljilloasis
Game Request
I’m in Love with this game! And I read most of the my stories in the characters and they had like a cat or a dog in the past so I was thinking... You guys should add Pets! Pets would help you scavenge or defend while also help the little ones (if you bought it) and could make it feel more like a home while if you don’t have one a person can go scavenging while they found a stray dog and you could either leave it there or bring it with you.. Just a fun request to see to boost up the game a little more but all that this game is so fun to play!
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5 years ago, Amateurity1212
Perfectly done however...
I love this game, it's very entertaining but I have a few suggestions... 1) Pets. It would be amazing if you added dogs that could guard the house, or go with you when you scavenge and help protect you. They’d also need food, or bandaged, or medicated and could get depressed. This would be an amazing addition. 2) Is it possible that you guys could add more characters please, and maybe so that if you double tap on the bio for a character you can view an actual bio that has a back ground story. 3) I would also love to be able to have multiple save slots so I can play different games. Again thank you so much for a wonderful game. I love the feeling it brings of being there and going through war. This game can be ruthless and rightly so. I love the graphics but wish for thunderstorms. Anyways the game is amazing so thank you. (I will be hopeful for a response but will understand if you don’t respond)
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This game I gave a 5 star review in the past, but the new updates messed with the coding it seems. During the sniper junction event, there is little to no audio clue in which the sniper is shooting, making it extremely difficult to complete the mission without dying. The visual clues are there though (bullets hitting the ground). When in combat with firearms, you can’t hear the shots being fired. This bothers me a lot because it breaks the immersion to the point where there is no point in immersing the player. I know I’m asking much, but please fix these issues. But, in the end, this war of mine is a great game full of immersive experiences, and requires tough decisions and smart decisions as well.
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1 year ago, storeE8
Works better on 6 year old ipad than new iphone
decided to download to my phone after years playing this game. aside from more freezes and crashes, it’s got one main issue that bugs me: if you pause the game and your phone sleeps, the game most likely closes, meaning any daytime progress you made needs to be repeated. it’s a real drag, and doesn’t do this on ipad, no matter what app/refresh settings i select otherwise, it’s well made, very addictive, and a mainstay time killer
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6 years ago, (Mini me)$
Bought this game for iPad a few years ago, Love the game! It's fun, interactive and full of suspense but i stop playing it for a long time because it was in serious need of some bug fixing. I was very excited when I saw there was a new up date for it and jumped on it right away, but since the new up date I now can't get passed the loading screen in fact it don't load at all which makes me fell I should get my money back. But in all honesty I just want to play the game again. So it's a real let down that now I can't play it because it truly is a great game. Hopefully there will be a new update in the future so I can finally play it again.
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4 years ago, Redeyes24
Great game and devs.
Totally worth the money. I only have a few games on ios that I actually play. This one, Civ 6, Stardew Valley, Slay the Spire. For the price, this one is my favorite. I have it on iOS, steam, and switch. It may not be for everyone but if you like truly good games on iOS you should try it. Also, I'm not going into the specifics but the devs and support team did something amazingly kind for my wife and I when we reached out. And for that I would always support these guys and I can't wait to play whatever they release next.
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3 years ago, TJRedLeader01
I love this game but one small issue
I have played this game for a number of years and it is one of my favorite games of all time. But I recently bought an iPhone 13 which the aspect ratio does not detect, the screen is smushed and there is a large pink screen on the right hand side which makes the game unplayable. Please update this as soon as possible because I would really like to revisit this game. Once again, the iPhone 13 aspect ratio has to be fixed.
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5 years ago, RXGE
Beautifully written and engineered game
I am not one to just write a review for a game/app, in fact, I believe this is first review ever. This game deserves the best reviews, it truly exceeded the expectations that I had not only for this game in particular, but on the level of creativity a simple game like this can reach. This game also challenges the users to face some difficult moral choices that also impact the gameplay and potentially change the course of the game. Highly recommend for those who like interactive, decision driven, survival games.
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2 years ago, Fnaf 3 is cool
Fun game with a very thought provoking message
First off, gameplay is awesome and that’s all I have to say, for the gameplay alone you should buy it, but the message is also great, with all the media we see nowadays most seem to almost glorify war and not truly show how bad it is, this game perfectly captures what it’s like for civilians who are in the midst of war, and how they have to live during conflicts. I also wanted them to stop asking me to rate the game
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7 years ago, Jokes2900
I have this game for pc and ps4 I buy it everywhere I see it, I can never get tired of it, even when I do I always end up coming back because it's addictive. I will always support this game with every DLC as well. The game doesn't need a tutorial just by playing and reading you will know what to do after a while like I did. Keep it up guys maybe you can turn this game into a big franchise I would love to see a open world 3rd person bring survival games back to life! Good luck guys.
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7 years ago, genniel
Very Entertaining
I'm surprised by how few reviews this has. I keep playing this game. I have gotten completely through about 4 scenarios and keep going back for more. I admit, I quit if I don't like how it's going, but instead of getting frustrated and quitting, I choose another and keep going. This is unusual for me. I have a very short attention span with games which is why I don't normally buy anything more than $.99. This was well worth the $$. I highly recommend it.
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6 years ago, meta732
XS Max, iOS 12.x
This update has exceeded my wildest expectations, and in doing so, raises the bar for others who choose to pursue similar endeavors. Wow! ... Original review: Brilliant title polished and perfected for both iPhone and iPad by an indie studio that provides far more continued support than the largest companies in the business. TWoM represents the gold standard on iOS, as it is wholly original and has astonishing depth. By the way, it never hurts when a title's aesthetics and controls have been implemented flawlessly on its platform (ie, iOS).
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6 years ago, Math notetaker
Can we have a game speed option?
I have been playing this game for a little while now, and I rather enjoy it. I would enjoy This War Of Mine much more, however, if I could speed up the game. For example, when all of my players are either sleeping, or just standing around waiting for water to filter and vegetables to grow, I would love to speed the game up 2x or 4x so I am spending less time idly staring at my screen and wasting my battery.
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3 years ago, XxX_G-8oMBa_XxX
Great Storytelling Through Atmosphere
The depressing atmosphere teaches that there’s no glory or honor in war when you are a civilian. From the civilian perspective, you are shown atrocity after atrocity, until eventually your characters start pushing beyond their breaking points. The atmosphere is only a part of it, as you have to look at character Bios as they show what that character thinks. Great game, 10/10 would play again.
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4 years ago, X-Rays or Gore
Solid Game, Worth every Penny
I’ve been playing TWoM ever since it came out. Cheesy, I know. But I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed by the game when you purchase it. The different storylines and the different characters are variety to how you can play things out. The Little Ones DLC also adds a level of excitement and more depth to the game as you are forced to decide what to do with the lives of kids. Overall, fantastic game. 5/5
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3 years ago, Rhah123
Game is amazing but repeat crashes not fixed
Buy on pc steam if you can; avoid iOS version like the plague. I purchase because I see so much good reviews. Then I play and start crashing a lot so I change reviews to look at most critical and these crashes many players are having. It crash every time for zones of: makes these zones unusable the church the central market For survival every zone is important the central market is very important as can trade goods. I think there was another but cannot recall. Also crash sometimes when normal operation when need access inventory. Every time crash you have to restart entire day. This is unacceptable for a such an expensive application and no fixes have been applied for a very long time. Now patches have been applied, 1 even states fixes the church crashes but does not fix. The pc steam version works great no issues. I truly love this game. I just feel I have been cheated / taken advantage of by iOS version. iPad Pro 12.9 screen
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5 years ago, 다크지존준서
Something weird happend to me!
I bought this game in jul 9th 2019 but It's not in my purchase list. I have e-mail receipt that represents I bought this game. Apps which I bought at the same day is in my purchased list and I had no problem to download them. I have iphone and ipad and in ipad, already downloaded. but when I tried to download in my iphone, price tag appers which is not appears if I purchase What should I do?
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4 years ago, 8bitdee
Played lots of survival games in my time, and this one is too hard to find it enjoyable. The RNG screws you over a lot. Sites that claim to have certain items, like food for example, offer nothing but wood and mechanical parts. Day cycle isn’t long enough. No tutorial of any sort throws you right into the game wasting precious day time trying to figure out the mechanics. Backpack storage is laughably low it’s almost non-existent. I want to like this game based on what I’ve heard about it and I’ve wanted to play it for so many years but the mechanics just make it not fun at all.
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6 years ago, Fepamplona
The game is GREAT and I’ve been playing for hours. I recently got the “The little ones” and am really upset that the interaction with the kids doesn’t work well. I’ve tried two campaigns and get stucked when I try to feed or give some medicine (it repeats the action for the whole day - the child and adult in the interaction won’t do anything else for the whole day). The main game is great, the expansion needs some urgent QA.
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4 years ago, msvijts
A suggestion..
Please consider adding the option of gameplay to survive however long you can. At first I was curious as to how long the surviving time requirement will be till I defeat the game, and it appears from online research is that there is a limit to the number of days which is generated at random. The game is fun and so extending the numbers of days to unlimited creates a whole new challenge for the players.
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5 years ago, Cam Cam 32
Amazing game I love it!
I love this game! The game was really fun throughout the pathway of survival, I bought The Little One’s and played as Iskra and Christo. It was a hard experience but on day 7 I was glad to get a new person. I have thoughts about updates, I think the game should have dogs. Reason why is because I love dogs and companions will really help for scavenging. The dog could fined different areas that will appear while your scavenging. Amazing game LOVE IT!
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7 years ago, heiscsy
Best game I played this year
This is one of the best games I ever played on iOS and definitely the best one I played this year. It is actually an intense game - intense in a very different way. If you feel confused you can do some search online. There is a wiki for it! (It is for the PC version but the data are the same). If you play with your full heart. At the end you may start to respect the people who fight for your peace.
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4 years ago, jamesonthekingya
Keeps crashing.
Overall a good awesome game. It’s interesting to see how war can change a city and the people within. But the problem is I can’t even log in anymore. I remember clicking on one of the packs and it opened up the AppStore to purchase it. I didn’t want to buy it. So I clicked cancel and it signed me out. Every time I try to log in. It crashes and takes me out of the app. Please help. I wanna be able to play this game again.
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6 years ago, DaringDaredevilPro
Write your own stories
This isn’t as concerning as the no sfx audio, but it is a nice consideration. I’ve seen that in the PC version, there was an option to choose that particular option to play as the characters I’ve implemented. That was on the version 1.3 update. I was just wondering when the mobile version can also have the option to write your own stories. Otherwise, this game is glorious in its entirety.
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6 years ago, Kelly.s.davis
Amazing game indeed!
I bought the game almost 2 years ago I believe. Long time ago. It’s one of those games you can’t put down. One of those games That will remain on my iPad. Highly recommend this game. If you die quickly then just try again. You will figure it out. I have played every scenario and I’m really hoping for a part two. Thanks for your time! Good luck!
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2 years ago, Movieman006
Good game, but too small
I love this game, I’m currently playing it on PS5, so I put it on my phone too. The only problem is you can barely zoom into the screen, so it’s really difficult to read the text. I actually have to do a screenshot, zoom in, read it and delete the pic. That’s not a fun way to play. If you have 20/20 vision, you might do better than I did. If they could fix the zoom problem, I’d be playing this game all the time.
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6 years ago, A dweller teller
A review (and mild complaint)
The game is great and I love the mechanics and story but their is one huge problem for me. It keeps crashing. I’m quite sure it’s not my phone but crashes will happen often for a week or so and stop. Would play it more often but the crashes are annoying especially when the day is almost done. Other then the crashes it’s great. Keep doing what you do dudes.
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2 years ago, gamer#19383828
One of The best Games on Mobile devices
Since I played this on console I loved it great story and great variety of gameplay and choices now that it’s on mobile I highly recommend u buy it this game is extremely fun and yes it can be difficult at times but it truly just adds too the fun that this game has too offer.
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