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User Reviews for TIAA

4.69 out of 5
7.3K Ratings
3 years ago, Mjfryber@
Great app ! Thank you guys/ gals.
Great business app. Thank you again. Easy to use. Just touch the area your looking into. The phone services were very supportive. Although I did lose my password over time with face login. I was happy the caller was patient to allow me to reset and move forward, also I had another great call to make sure I entered my account information correctly to help with my loan needed to keep up with my bills while out of work this Summer. All done for now. Back some other time.
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4 years ago, joeyt1995
Absolutely amazed at the lack of customer care regarding my paycheck
I signed up for a new account and got my card in the mail. I reluctantly decided to trust this bank with my direct deposit payroll and when it came time to get paid there was a restriction put on my account without notifying me therefore I did not get paid. And when I called in they said there’s nothing they can do, and said I’d have to wait. I requested to speak to someone immediately seeing as they have 24/7 customer service but I came to the realization that was a lie. And I would have to wait until Monday. Closed my account immediately as I will not do business with people who show a complete lack of care about their customers getting their money they worked hard for on time. So I will highly recommend you stay away from this institution and not trust them with your money. I learned that the hard way. Oh also their check deposit feature never worked on my app either and I got charged $50 from another bank for a failed transfer so this has cost me greatly and yet I never received the service I came here for. Stay away you’ll never see your money again. And be left high and dry. Interestingly I also have 300,000 Instagram followers and I’ve made a post about my issues with Tiaa. Im sure that should help prevent this issue from happening again to others.
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2 years ago, MosTuf
The app is serviceable, and I appreciate that, but it’s not well designed. For example, the reminder about widgets comes up every time I log in. How many times do I have to choose “I understand” before it let’s me bypass it—or at least let’s me choose “Don’t show this again”? There’s a button saying you’d like feedback, but the only option is to dismiss (even though the button stays when I do that). I had to go through the app store to provide feedback. Given such problems, I use it only if I want quick, simple info, and use the website (which also has some design problems) for everything else. Of course, if spending money on redesign would be at the expense of personal client service (which is terrific) or returns on investments, living with the design problems might be preferable. Still, those problems may make it less likely that tech-savvy clients will put or leave funds in TIAA than in competitors with better app and website design.
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3 years ago, UniversalTime
What a buggy banking app
I don’t understand why the reviews of this app are so high. I routinely encounter bugs that make me very nervous about their IT practices. Some examples: - When I re-open the app I can briefly see all my account balances before it flashes an annoying “Session expired” message and logs me out. When you switch back to the app you should never see the balances without FaceID. - You have to manually choose Face ID to log in almost every time, unlike normal finance apps that just automatically read your face on the login screen. If I have FaceID set up, why would I want to log in using some other method? - When I launched the app once it gave me a full screen warning “Your account has been locked” then the warning immediately went away allowing me to access my account. This made me *super* nervous. Was my account hacked? Or was it just a bug? I think it was a bug because I can still access my account. But still trust busting. I have provided feedback through their in-app tool multiple times with no response. And still it asks me constantly if “I am enjoying their app”. No I am not! But I am stuck with them after they took over my prior Everbank account when they merged. Only staying with this bank due to the friction of switching, but certainly no loyalty to this bank. And their app is not helping.
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2 years ago, GoodMonster786
Feels clunky
I want to like this app. I deleted the app because I didn’t like it but I recently gave it another chance (bit the bullet) because I wanted to have a convenient way to access stocks from my phone. I’m spoiled for sleek design, coming from Robinhood. I know. But this app just feels painfully clunky. What I want is to press one obvious link and find what I’m looking for. What I get though is having to dig and remember the order of operations for finding what I want to look at. I can’t see pending limit orders (or I can’t find that info), and I have to use outside apps to for more clearly laid out information on a stock (and/or go to my desktop computer, which defeats the point of an app). Also, my first limit order executed this morning at open, but it was unclear what my average price per share was. I’m just seeing number of shares and total value. So again, I need an outside app (calculator) to figure out price per share. To be real, I want to leisurely do my stock trading in the morning, in bed, beside my sleeping partner since I wake up early and she sleeps in. I don’t want to get up and go to my computer, juggle apps, or go on a quest through the TIAA app to find what I need. I want it to be streamlined.
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3 years ago, PapaHubbs
Love it but I’d love
I’ve been using the TIAA app for years and am very happy with it although it would be nice to have access to some other features offered on the web. I’d love to have a simple way to view available funds information for my class. The web offers this ability. The app only has close to this ability if you’re transferring funds or want to search for a fund when creating your tracking list. I’d love access to some useful forms and better yet the ability to fill them out in the app and print if needing notary witness, or submit if not. On the web and app it would be nice (if possible) to display on TIAA funds risk assessments.
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4 years ago, JintheD
Good App, but should provide notifications
The app is good to see my bank balance, see the latest transactions, make check deposits, and send some payments. However, I’d really like to see push notifications available for all transactions in and out of the account. My foreign bank account and most of my credit cards offer this feature. This could reduce fraud and offer further protections to account holders. The bank offers text messaging options, but they don’t provide much information besides that a transaction took place. Please include this feature in future updates.
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3 years ago, Ssaaddiieethedog
Pretty good, needs more configuration options
This app generally works great, and I rarely have to go to the actual website. I do wish the views could be customized more for user needs. Every day I need to re-toggle my brokerage holdings tab back to day change. There should also be a way to see the performance graph for each of my holdings from that summary page, for my own shares, without having to be sent to the main stock page. That gives me share price changes, but I would like to know how the value of MY holdings have changed over the time since I purchased them.
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4 years ago, disabled widow
Taking advantage of a disabled widow
These people did not correctly transfer my husband’s assets to me when he died. After months of asking them they have not corrected their mistake. They agreed that they made a mistake. However, they will not fix it. Every time I reach out to someone they get back to the same team, bereavement beneficiaries, that failed me in the first place. Losing a Family member is hard enough without being cheated by the company that holds That family members assets. I reached out to people in the financial management section, Escalations(Alexis Ledesma), IRA management (Andy McCoy) And instead of helping me they just referred me back to the people who messed up in the first place. I am disabled so it is a little bit difficult for me to access help. But still no one at this company cares.
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4 years ago, Billyous1000
Better than others, which is not saying much
I like the app for its clean interface and easy to see details. I also appreciate being able to view account details including current interest rate. And TIAA has been a great institution for my cash positions and 529 plans. Having said that, I wish there was even more functionality offered through the app. There is no reason for certain functions to be limited to the web portal. The industry really needs to focus on the app as the primary access point for most of its customers. The demographics are changing and older financial institutions really need to catch up to fintech.
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4 years ago, SNLH123456
Easy to keep up with my retirement funding
I’ve had a retirement account since starting “real” work at 22, and although I knew it was there, I never really kept up with it. I mean, I’m retiring in 45 years, if I’m lucky, and trying to remember to login and reviewing things...well, I had more pressing needs. The app, however, is a great way to get a quick overview of your account in an easy to understand way. Now I find myself checking in on things every few weeks instead of, maybe, reading the quarterly emails sent my way. Overall, I would certainly recommend.
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5 years ago, StrongManJack
TIAA Mobile App: Quick and Easy
My personal retirement information is available with a touch of my finger all the time. TIAA-CREF’s mobile application is so quick and easy to use that I rarely have to sign in on my computer anymore. Most important, I can view my retirement balance at any time without opening the app, simply by entering my fingerprint. In addition, I can easily adjust my investments on this app and perform all the other functions necessary to maintain my retirement account.
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3 years ago, Dr.Lack
On the go
I’ve recently become homeless. Not because I lost my house but because I sold it. As the Covid outbreak has effected us all I’ve started to prepare for the eventuality of not being able to pay bills. We are down sizing our home and trying to do it while my wife’s pregnant and not working. I’ve had to tap into my retirement funds heavily. It’s been reassuring to know the app has all the needed information and the ease ability of the regular site. Thanks
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2 years ago, Nathan Stepp
Brokerage section needs help.
I know TIAA isn’t the best to use for brokerage apps but my work retirement is through TIAA so I like to use it so all my mo he is in one spot. I feel like it would be hard to be more like TD Ameritrade app. There is no option to buy or sell options either that goes for the app or website. If you want to know how an individual stock is doing since you bought it you have to click on it then an expand arrow to see, instead of a day gain/ total gain page like TDA.
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4 years ago, Dark_Knight_4u
Excellent Financial App
This app takes the online format of TIAA and lays it out in a manner that is intuitive and easy to use. Clean and crisp design. I love that it uses both Facial ID or Touch ID and that takes the hassle out of having to remember a password. I can quickly see how my investments are doing, make investment changes, and see my overall portfolio. Overall, excellent design and integration. It makes me proud to be client of theirs.
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2 months ago, Belloit
Update not as functional.
One of the things I use on the app is the ability to look at my holdings on my IRA accounts, click on a stock and get a detailed report showing my cost basis, value, gain or loss, and transaction history. I used to get the information on my iPad, but an upgrade on the iPad app caused that to fail. I did not get too upset because I could access the information on my phone. Now, with yesterday’s update, my phone does not access that page. My phone and iPad both are running the latest iOS. Please fix this quickly!
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4 years ago, Dhajsor dj
Security freak
Not bad, but I’d like a “view only” option. The last thing I want is a hacked mobile device transferring out my life savings. It would be great to be able to log into the web interface and limit what the mobile device is able to do. Well, ever further than what it is limited too now. Otherwise it’s a very nice app. It has not crashed on me, it is functional, and fairly intuitive. I must say it is a pleasant application and I don’t regret my decision to install it. It’s a keeper :)
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4 years ago, Freeport Mainer
TIAA Touch ID – why do they ruin it?
EVERY time TIAA updates their app, they lose my Touch ID and I have to re-enroll by reentering my User ID and then go off to find my long, random-character password and look it up, before I can enter it. It may seem like a minor inconvenience, but doesn’t that defeat the ENTIRE purpose of Touch ID, its reason for being? Other, more intelligent apps don’t do this. Isn’t there a safe, secure way to temporarily store the encrypted Touch ID login credentials and then reinstall them after the upgrade? — “Computers should work for people, not the other way around.”
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2 years ago, Fiddledeetee
App great. Not bank
The app works fine for me. I have no issues with it. However, as large banks go, I find this one feels rather archaic. Is it run by old men who have not kept up? I really am shocked how slowly respond to messages about problems. Their Zelle policies are especially frustrating. No other bank I have used imposes the arbitrary limit of $250 per transaction. I feel treated like an irresponsible child around that issue by this bank and its silly policies.
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4 years ago, ScottBell1
Newest Version Is A Step Backward
The previous version was very good. The new version that I had to download is terrible. Two factor authentication is nice, but I check my balance a lot and I had relied on Apple Touch ID. Which brings up the second VERY bad thing. I cannot get to the settings. It just hangs on the cursor spins forever. I like security, but there comes a point where the app is no longer usable. The third thing is a preference, I can no longer see my ODP. Today’s dollars are worth more than tomorrow’s. This means I just don’t use the app any more. Please fix the bugs and allow me to use Touch ID again.
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4 years ago, R2d2ky
Good overall picture, slow reaction
This web site app presents a good, simplified picture of my investments. Although accurate it takes a long time (sometimes days) between when action is initiated and when it is displayed on the site. I know that rules govern much of this, however, a display of the verbal disbursement order would be helpful, if only shown as a temporary, pending order and then replaced by a completed transaction receipt.
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3 years ago, sladepatel
Easy to use- easy to stay in the know!
Love having my banking, retirement and brokerage details at my fingertip! Love the “peekaboo” feature so I don’t have to log in and see my balance. Easy navigation to my accounts and quick functions to the most necessary tasks! Depositing checks is a breeze! Changing investments is a breeze! Sending money to my kids is just way to easy with Zelle!
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9 months ago, Be stet
Perfect for this retiree
The app has always functioned properly, loads quickly, is easy to navigate, and does everything I need it to do. I have simple retirement accounts in it, don't do a lot of fancy stuff with it, but it's convenient, love the Face ID feature where I don't have to login each time, and I feel that it's secure and well done.
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3 years ago, Adamgriffith
Great app, ALMOST everything you need.
I have been using the TIAA app for years and I absolutely love it. Like most mobile products, there are some features of the web site that are not available on the app. Some of the navigation is a little wacky, like fund information, performance and prospectuses residing under your user profile as opposed to being linked to the top menu performance and transfer functions. Very stable and usable.
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6 months ago, Mannyo1153
TIAACREF Cellular Telephone Account access
Love the convenience of the TIAACREF accounts on my cellular telephone, where I can view and follow the daily changes to my accounts. I dislike the minimum use of graphs showing these changes. I wish this app had more individual line graphs showing both the gains, losses and contributions of each accounts, like it does with the overall balance of all the accounts together.
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2 years ago, Nancy20850
Easy to see your portfolio total
I’ve made my portfolio total my homepage, and it’s so easy to log in with face ID from my iPhone. I wish it was easier to find activity, for example movement of cash from TIAA to my checking account. Getting that information is not intuitive for me, though I eventually always find it.
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3 years ago, MPabroad
Good but could be better
Gives you an easily accessible view of your Retirement’s current value, and making trades is fairly simple, but access to your trading history is limited and it takes more steps to look at your holdings than it probably should. Overall, given the volatility of the market, if you have a TIAA account, you should consider getting this app.
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4 months ago, Atomant22
Very Helpful
I have been using the app for a very long time. I have learned to navigate efficiently and really find the information accessible to be quite useful. It is a different look from access on the website but really find it helpful when I do a quick check every morning or evening. Thank you TIAA-CREF
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3 years ago, MissKittyPurrs
Takes a little time to master, but a solid app
First of all, like most financial apps, there are some things you just have to do on a laptop or desktop. But for most common functions, the app works well. It took me a few times of using it to really feel comfortable, but now I do. It’s glitch-free for what it can do. That’s really all I ask from any app.
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10 months ago, Colorado Mountain biker
Useful, but…
This app generally meets my needs. But, the inability to modify the start screen frustrates me. When I open it to check the status of my IRA I have to ignore the large ad in the center of the page encouraging me to open an IRA. I am retired, I am already a customer with an IRA, why am I not able to permanently dismiss that suggestion? Similarly I have to ignore the invitation to set goals. I have goals set with my advisor. I do not want to enter them to satisfy an App. Let me delete it.
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4 years ago, Gary-G
Why go any where else?
TIAA and CREF have my money. They have my sisters’ money. They have my friends’ money. When singers perform, they get the best backing band. Your money deserves the best backing investment people. The app provides me fast and easy to read information at my finger tips. I can see balances, performance information, remote deposit to my checking, get alerts, and much much more.
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2 years ago, Bien Dormi
Highly functional, user friendly
This is the best financial services app I have at this time. It is fast, allows me to access most of the information I need efficiently, and seems to be secure. Some features, e. g. access to forms, are not available on the app, but otherwise it is fine.
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5 years ago, Stock Saver
Enjoying The App!
I find the app useful to purchase and sell holdings. To see the total in the morning without having to get on-line. It has improved over time. I’m looking forward to be able to choose a particular lot I want to sell in the near future. At times it is not available due to their new site improvements with updates and fixes. I do recommend having it!
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5 years ago, ituneshater34584
Useful functionality, irritating execution
It's good being able to deposit checks, check balances and pay people form your phone. It's irritating that you can only do it about half the time without running into 'temporarily unable to log you in problems' and, when you can fit in, that you must click through the same pages of instructions and agreements every time you deposit a check.
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4 years ago, acm_
Too much whitespace on iPad
TIAA is trying to get their banking customers to transition to this app from the "TIAA Bank" app. This new app does not make a good use of whitespace. The old app I could see dozens of transactions in the bank landing page. With the new app, I can only see 5 (on an iPad). Additionally, this app takes more taps just to see your bank activity. I am signed up for two factor authentication, yet somehow the app does not require 2FA to sign on, which seems like a security risk. Hopefully they fix these things in future updates.
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2 years ago, Dr.A rocks
Solid App for the information I need
Have been using the app for a while now, happy with the improvements they have made. Basic information at my fingertips, if I need a deep dive I still go on the web page to my account. The app gives me my daily information.
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2 years ago, WUP from Maine
Awesome balance tracker!
I’ve been using the app for quick balance review for past 4 years and it allows me to set a period to look back and review the data I noted on my phone note pad each day. By doing so I can track performance of portfolio for the period I choose, it never ceases to amaze me. Thanks TIAA!
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2 years ago, Pop D54
New Features make it even better
Easy to understand and use, bill pay capabilities and transfer between accounts work great. New feature to sneak peak balance just added. Deposit via phone camera improved; works great!
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3 years ago, 195320
Easy to use
This app is very user friendly and, so easy to use! I enjoy being able to have access to my accounts and, check them whenever I’m on my phone. Also banking with Tiaa is simplified with this easy to use app. Great for depositing checks or transfers of funds or checking your Tiaa accounts!
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10 months ago, neogomez
Excellent, it does what it needs to do
Great app, it keeps me informed and up to date on my account. It does what it needs to do. The Website is more complete, but this app is a great tool to have 24/7. It is easy to navigate and is clear displaying the information you seek.
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1 month ago, Big Daddy Coool
I am new to the app but I’m thoroughly enjoying it so far and once I have more than one deposit under my belt, I’ll be able to take full advantage of the app because I believe it be able to see a lot more things going on and I’m really excited
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1 year ago, SgtRat
Great option
I’ve used the app for quite a while and have found it a quick and easy way to review my account. So much easier than going to the website to quickly review my account status.
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2 years ago, redondo5c
Poor design
Difficult to get the information I need. Not intuitive. Designed by those in the inside with knowledge of how it works. Those of us outside that circle have a difficult time finding things. Suggest having a user, perfectly a retiree on the design committee. Even the website is terrible. Old site was much better. Every designer thinks they are the only site a person uses. Most people use multiple sites and cannot remember all the intricacies of each site.
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11 months ago, TLC NH
Simple to navigate
Benn using this app for several years. It is extremely easy to navigate. However, I hate it when they change things and it takes a while to find everything. Stop changing things and only add things germane to the pages that are there.
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3 years ago, man_from_mozambique
Easy to use app
This app is extremely easy to use (actually almost too easy as I think there could be some additional features)! For checking my account balance and simple transfers, it’s perfect. If I need to get more complex I can check via the web interface.
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3 years ago, jancie13
Where is my statement
The TIAA Bank app makes my banking transactions super easy. Even external transfers are easy to set up - easier than at the banks I am transferring to and from; I use the TIAA app regardless of which way the money is being moved. I am so used to going to the TIAA app, I am always surprised then disappointed that I can’t seem to access my monthly statement without going to my laptop.
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4 years ago, HUGECorinneBaileyRaeFAN
It’s a Great App
Always Easily accessible, a majority of the changes you’d like to make can be performed in APP. That is with the exception of borrowing against your retirement fund. Stocks and balances can be set up for view on the app screen without logging in. In the year that I’ve had the app I’ve never had it crash on me.
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2 years ago, Alētheia
Annoying Flaw
This app allegedly permits you to get a peek at your balance without having to log on. The feature worked for awhile but then started to do something bizarre: it keeps telling me I have to log on to see my balance, but when I log out it then gives me the sneak peek, rendering the feature useless. I’ve tried turning the setting off and then back on in various ways, but nothing works.
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4 years ago, tugpup
Not very helpful
This app is primitive and very poorly designed. I wanted to find out about a TIAA offering, but could find no way to do so. I had to thrash through unintuitive pages asking to change investments, choosing which holding I wanted to sell, when I wanted to sell, how much I wanted to sell, (each on a new page with unresponsive buttons) then I finally got to a long list of options, but there was no way to find out about any of them. They should study a good app like Vanguard’s.
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4 years ago, focusgh
Critical Issue with Deposits
The current version of the app does not scale check images properly; it incorrectly captures the back side of a check, and “squishes” the image, to force a “wide” check image into a “tall” check size. This makes the app unusable in its current form for banking with check deposits. Please correct this ASAP. An online bank is totally useless if it can’t handle basic functions like this one.
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