Tic Tac Toe ∙

4.5 (65.6K)
85.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Optime Software LLC
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Tic Tac Toe ∙

4.51 out of 5
65.6K Ratings
5 years ago, Gloryrevealed7
Tic/Ta/Toe One of my favorites
I love this game. Unlike Spades that I didn’t get a chance to review because there was no option. So, I deleted Spades & since your the owner I’m giving you this review. Unlike spades this computer opponent actually seems competent. I can play the game and expect the computer to know how to make a move in response. Please fix Spades, Meghan cuts me her partner & then sometimes they all under bid. Lastly, I don’t have control of the board. Everyone else can play a Spade first but me.
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2 years ago, I love Esskeetit
Way too easy
It was too easy the trick is to get in the corners and then you could get a double way win streak I put it on hard mode and it’s still really really really really really really easy guy I always beat my friend Johnny because well he doesn’t know the trick but still it’s just too easy if you could just make it like extremely hard really hard level levels that would be awesome so I really thought it be easy well yeah please make it harder that’s all I’m asking and people who are reading this review please do not play this game if you know the trick it is too easy it is a bad game and I really don’t like it so if you know if you’re good at it please don’t play it please if you’re really if you’re like a four-year-old playing it then yeah you should play it so this is probably like the shortest review or either the longest I don’t know what I’m talking about anyway way too easy there’s a few glitches in the game so it would also be really useful if you could play with friends online that be so fun you could be better really better and if it was better then I probably be playing this game like every day people please please please please please please do not download this game way too easy unless you do you need your little sister a five year old like mine to learn how to play Tic Tac Toe please do not download this game
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6 years ago, Shugenja123
Horrible Company
I have had this app for awhile. It’s a fun Tic Tac Toe app. At some point the company updated the app so that when you select the app a screen pops up for you to buy the app. It is deceptive looking so that you think you don’t have the app. There is another picture on the advertisement where you think “oh, they changed it, I have to click here”...then it takes you to screenshots. All the while the app is really there behind two deceptive looking pages. When you figure out how to close one...there in another page that looks like you don’t have the app and takes you right back to the purchase screen. If you can figure out how to shut down both pages then you find the app the way it was. It is just cheap and shoddy and I hate businesses that try to trick their customers. They already make you watch ads for other games so they are earning revenue. It’s just cheap.
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2 years ago, JaxPR
The worst game and scariest🫣🫣🫣
I love it but hate it at the same time, every 5 or 10 mins I get kicked out, and hear tapping and voices outside of my room window. The next day I played it again in the mornin the same thing happened. I deleted the game for a year or two and it kept happening, I moved out of my house and it stopped for a day or two. I was happy until this happened, I was sleeping until I heard tapping on my window again. I had to call the police because I was scared. Then I moved out again!!! The same thing kept happening… until I heard this “I’m coming for u🩸” I was scared so I had to give away my phone and get a new one. It stopped happening. I was safe. Anybody who has this game be safe please.
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4 years ago, Waterlilly01
Something is Wrong!
Why would an app open one time & then only show the logo for the app & never open again? Sad! I like simple, straight forward games to help keep my mind alert. Nothing complicated or devious to drain money from the players. I am willing to pay a fee, one time, to use the app. We have reached a Sad state of Greed in this world. This could be a neat app but I understand the developer has made an advanced app, for which there is a monthly fee. That is hard on people who have a budget but Selfishness seems to rule. Look at what China has been & continues to do to their own people.... not to mention the damage to the rest of the world. Does every developer expect to be a multimillionaire? If so, they are sad because they will destroy themselves. That’s what Selfishness does.
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6 years ago, SuperBananaLvr11
Can’t click out of adds
First of all, it’s nothing special, decking of all, there is so many adds which you can’t click out of! So it just runs forever LITTERALLY so when I leave and come back, it comes back before I even start playing! If I can’t play than why download? And I checked all over and there is no x! Even after 5 minutes, then I gave up. So fix your final fantasy adds will ya?
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7 months ago, Nickyl hesse
Reasons why you should get this game
It was really fun you can play against family members or friends you can have so much fun on this game. You should definitely get it there’s no ads included. It is super super fun. You can choose all different colors. you will have so much fun in this game. You should definitely get it. I had so much fun doing it and then you should too. Please get it.
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5 years ago, clouthes
I love this game🥰
I thank that this game is amazing because I can play with my brother and sister or by my self. So I don’t have to play with someone I can gust play by me self. It even has a easy, medium, and hard so if you can do the one that is the most comfortable for you. I have never had a complaint with this game and I hopefully never will. 😍
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4 months ago, Bonnie grover
I’m a pro at TicTacToe
So I like to play this when I’m board. Of course it’s easy, because TicTacToe is simple. I play against CPU on hard mode and still win. A lot, or at least tie. So I tried making the opponent go first and I still tie a lot. Also if you want to be harder, get one of the ginormous TicTacToe games.
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9 years ago, Soupkja
This game is great!
I love the fact that you don't need wifi to play first off. The game hasn't frozen or crashed or anything and I've had this for about two years so kudos to you guys optime software. This is a great game to play with friends or family and a good challenge for yourself if you're playing alone. Great game!😃😃😃
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7 years ago, Mattdayton
I just got this game and it's already my new fave! I am excited to be the first to write a review as well. I know you are probably thinking "That's just a baby game. I don't want it" well, anybody can play this game, whether you are old or young. I am 12 and I already love it! So do t e afraid to show that child in you! 😉
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3 years ago, bestcrituiqe123
Great game. Could be better
I was playing this game by myself and I realized if you use the same strategy, on all difficulties, the algorithm used for the bots is easily exploitable after like 10 minutes of playing. I would rate three stars just for that, but it is a great game for two players, so I will give an extra star
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5 years ago, TSH632550
I would have rated no stars if it would have let me.
I played this game for years and I had an accident with my phone. Got another phone and everyone of Mobil’s apps downloaded. The only one wanted me to put the app back was Tic Tac Toe. It’s unfair! Please help me get my app back WITHOUT paying! Thank you.
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4 years ago, Celie70
Easy game to follow
This game is easy to follow, X and O are different colors. Excellent to play with my family member who has dementia. Usually he cannot follow most games, but the size of the board and the different colors has made it something he can follow and play without frustration.
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8 years ago, Momo2231
Has Potential
The kids liked to play this game until they started network play with the grandparents. It can't seem to determine when a game has begun, after 2-3 starts it finally seems to work, except every move they have to exit to the main menu and select network play and reselect the game once it can determine whose play it is. Kids are so frustrated they no longer want to play.👎🏻
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6 months ago, azulmisterio
Ok game but but one problem
The game is good but when I pick Network player the other player doesn’t do anything. When It’s my turn and I choose a square the other player doesn’t pick anything Once I waited 5 minutes and nothing. You need to fix the network play feature
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4 years ago, about men
Good game but
If you are a casual player of tic tac toe this game is an easy 4.5 star game and will be challenging. But when you are a person who knows ways to win most if not all matches in a few turns like me, this game is boring and easy. Even hard mode is really easy! I suggest you make hard mode a whole lot more competent. (It is already just needs to be a little more.)
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4 years ago, 🏆👍🇺🇸
Very, Very Disappointed 😡
I really like this app and it is super fun for kids, but I have one problem, the one player is where you play with a bot but not with a fair play bot, the unfair bot kept on cheating and finding ways from me to win and I was getting so tired of the game and I can’t believe that I have to keep playing again and again and again so I could get a new win which I only recently have one win. So please make the bot more easier for kids and for me too
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7 years ago, changho78
Great if you're waiting
I play this game with my kids when we're waiting for doctors, etc. It's easy and straightforward if you're playing the game right next to your opponent. I haven't tried the other modes of play though.
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4 years ago, Retired Cz
i cant think of a title sorry😅
this game is good I love to play it with my family i’m 4 years old my mom helped me write everything thats why theirs no red dots the red dots mean that you spelled it right i give the game 5/5 stars sorry of my title i cant think of one
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5 years ago, Jacattack 1999
Tic Tac Toe
This game is really awesome. I played it when I was a little girl on the computer and if anyone won there would be a little dancing guy at the bottom right corner of the screen. Which was really cool. And that was 30 something years ago. 😊👍👍 🕺
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8 years ago, byutifulmo
Fun, fun, fun game
As of the time of getting this app, there are 2,500+ downloads. I said to myself that this tic tac toe must be fun. And yes your keywords are fun when playing this game. Tsk many times I lose. Anyway, gladly I found this app. This will be one of my faves during my free time.
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5 years ago, Isaac palma the tree
Not that happy about this game
Tic Tac toe is one of my favorite games but now it has ads, whoever made this game was fun back in the days now it’s boring and annoying that it Has to have ads and the are really annoying the bird out of me. Creators if you made this game please remove the ads thank you.
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5 years ago, someyahoo
It is not free - that is deceptive advertising.
After going through the process of giving my email address to create an account... it then shows me a screen asking me to signup, which will begin a monthly fee to be charged after the first month which is a free trial. I hate deceptive, data grabbing, time wasting, money grabbing, sales pitches and advertising. If anyone is filling a lawsuit, please count me in. This will be a perfect class action case. Just let a jury decide. I feel violated.
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5 years ago, Muustaine
It’s great you can play against everyone I won almost every time I recommend You buy this game me and my sister did teams it’s called catalie because our names are Natalie and Carys The only thing is when you type in a name it’s not really the person it’s just the computer playing but other than that it’s great👍🏻
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2 years ago, Chumpy2003
Network play needs improvement
The game itself is fine, but the network play against another player is awful. I have to keep leaving the game back to the main menu to refresh it so that I or the other player can take their turn. It makes it very cumbersome and not fun to play.
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7 years ago, Grandma Dor
My 7 year old grandson and myself all the time on my phone. We have so much fun trying to be the winner! Nice family game to play with a young family member. (I do let him win most times because he loves the game)
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3 years ago, jdhdjdmdndnndndhjd
I put 5 stars so I would be at the top
When I first got the game it had like 7 adds. So the when I finally got to the game it would not let my type my name. So I restarted my phone ALL FOR THIS GAME. Don’t waist your time on this game I was just bored and wanted to play took so much effort anyway. When I finally got on two the round it was so sketchy. I was already mad by then so yea DONT GET THIS GAME ITS A BIG WAIST OF YOUR TIME ps: this happened to my sister two
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1 year ago, Angela. K
I think personally that this game is super addicting, And is cool because it has different settings for the bots, like: Hard, easy, medium. Overall, you should download it!!
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3 years ago, Xcelerate Steve
Pass time
Great pass time when you’re waiting for something or someone to call you in.
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1 year ago, AceGraham
Game will not open passed ads
Tried to open game after only being able to play it one time. Get an ad as soon as it opens up that is not able to be closed at all. I have tried to close the game and reopen several times and get the same results. Stay far away from this game since the ads wont let you play any way.
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3 years ago, Tushar Kamal
Finally I found this
It took me 7 years to find this and I finally found it and my family loved I loved it too so This game made me crazy
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5 years ago, Cross-like
Love this Game (Teacher)
I enjoy playing Tic Tac Toe. I used to play this game with my students when learning new vocabulary words and with one and two addition word problems. A very good resource in the classroom.
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8 years ago, Livetalllibra
Fun... But
The online player option needs to be more consistent. They're super slow to take their turn, and more times than not, don't even take their turn. The one player option is super easy, even on the hard level.
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12 months ago, dear players CV te ip
Score check
It’s good cause I player 1 never lose while bc player two loses every round
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6 years ago, Huffelpuff for life
This game is great 👍 it’s perfect for family and friends or in the car or almost anywhere I highly recommended you download this app
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4 years ago, Chloe.Shahan
Ok I love the game but there are so many ads and I’m always playin with my friends but then what??? A ad comes up and we have to wait just please stop making ads come
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5 years ago, Ink print
Keeps them busy during wait time at restaurants
See above figure out how to say it yourself that’s what you get paid for.
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2 years ago, CW-Puzzle
Too many ads
Game works well, but there are too many ads that last too long for toddlers to cope with. So you can’t just hand a little one a phone or iPad and let them play for a while. Would gladly pay for an ad-free version of the game, but I can’t find one.
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5 years ago, Khalinya
Fun game for the kids
Would give 5 stars if it told you who’s turn it was each round in the 2 player mode.
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2 years ago, Bibha Haque
I love this app
I have played this game for a few years and it is just so fun it’s simple and does not waste my battery
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5 years ago, coffeelover1974
We love it
We love this game!!! My 5 year old and I have date nights and as we eat our dinner we play. Sometimes at bed time also.
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8 years ago, fabriceh
Nice but basic functionality missing
Nicely done, but missing the critical management of who plays first. No option to have starting player be last game loser No indication of who the starting player is either.
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6 years ago, girl pop 1234 I got this
The best
A good game to play when you are looking for something to do. I found my signature move so if you want to play Bring it.😎
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7 years ago, daguz22
Fun game
I enjoy playing this game alone and especially with the grandkids. It keeps score and keeps them entertained for a good while. Fun family game.
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6 years ago, NIKKIBOY00
How educated this game is
This game is very mindful of how it makes me the person Mr. Nick Bindert about how I should be thinking about my next step in my own life is going to be like for me
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5 years ago, ydbfufhbdibxhabubdu
greay but bad
I like the fact that you can play for free but after a while you keep winning it gets boring and I wish that you could do more than just be bored I just think it gets boring aftet a while.
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6 years ago, crystalspringwater
Tic-tac-just no
This game doesn't expect the average person to play. You pretty much have to be a genius to at least beat the computer. Plus, why do this against the lifeless computer when you could just play with a friend like the game was meant to be played? This app? Just no.
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3 years ago, Dj Kelly Moore
Thanks for sharing this beautiful notes 📝 and I like to see it again thank you so much ☺️ and have a great day
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9 years ago, Ron L. H.
I think this game is great, it helps to pass time while waiting in a doctor's office, a restaurant or just standing in line. I really like this game.
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