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User Reviews for Ticketleap

2.11 out of 5
99 Ratings
7 years ago, Andy452
Kinda useless
I ordered tickets online and created an account. Can't even view on iPad? Useless. And the only way to view on my iphone is to open app, log in and find my tickets? That takes way too long! I'll just print my tickets and take them to my event! Now, if you could add them to my apple wallet so I could view on lock screen or open with my fingerprint this would be useful!
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12 months ago, Hardin County Playhouse
Needs more functionality for hosts
I use this app for a community theater and it would be useful to have access to the names of the patrons who purchased the tickets & how many tickets have been sold for certain events. It would also be nice if there was a way for us to create the events on the app, as well. A lot of us who deal with tickets don’t have home computers—just phones & tablets. We’ve used Ticketleap for online tickets since we started offering online purchasing options. It’s a great site, but would be nice if the app had as much functionality as the website does.
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6 years ago, clejooo
Works just fine
I have no idea why this app is rated so low, it works completely fine. I'm assuming that other just can't follow simple direction to access their tickets, but this app is pretty straight forward. Buy your tickets, sign up, open the app and, boom, your tickets are there. Simple And easy.
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5 years ago, Rocker enigma
Issue with past events
I think the biggest issue at this point is that past events don’t disappear on the mobile app. Or at least there’s no way to filters the past events from upcoming events when your trying to check people in. It’s messy and frustrating. Plus it doesn’t tell you how many unbought tickets you have left
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7 months ago, Crew 99
Not user friendly plus doesn’t work
I’ve just spent more than an hour and still I do not have my tickets. Then there is the less than comfortable interface too but that would be okay if it actually worked. I am frustrated and a bit upset. I hope event planners choose another app instead of this one, if they value the experiences of their audiences. Life is just a series of experiences. This one was pretty pretty bad. But I’ll shake it off.
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1 year ago, benjherb
Poorly designed, barely functions
One of the most poorly designed apps I’ve ever used. If you swipe down to exit a foregrounded screen within the app, you’ll get stuck on this white background screen that you can’t navigate away from. Can’t add tickets to Apple Wallet — can only do this from website. No add to calendar feature either. Immediately trashed this app and I’ll be sticking to the website instead.
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2 years ago, Nitack RD
So poorly designed
My wife bought streaming tickets to my daughters play and sent it to me. The tickets didn’t show up in my account on the app even though it is the same email address, the email they sent had a PDF ticket but no link to the live stream, finally when trying to send the tickets to another email account I finally found the livestream link. What a horribly designed system.
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7 years ago, Kocheeco
Have to print
Wasn't told need to print tickets. Pay online fee to avoid the lines then you have to wait in line, a waste of time and money.
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3 months ago, Muted_Clapz_YT
Works for me!
I logged in and all the tickets I purchased for my event were there and ready to be scanned.
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5 months ago, tangy-swiss
App doesn’t work
I bought tickets to a show coming up 5 months ago, when I downloaded the app and signed in it said I didn’t have any upcoming events, and to be sure I used the right email. I searched my email I used to sign up, and my tickets were waiting for me in pdf form there; and the sender was ticketleap.
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4 years ago, Bob3124598
I have a current iPhone with up to date IOS operating system. Once a ticket is swiped away the app goes grayscale and freezes up. It needs a lot of work before it’s ready for use. Looking for alternatives to put my Norfolk Tide Train tickets on. Will also complain to transit system as they need to use apps that actually provide tickets upon purchase.
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4 years ago, smokinpig
No iPad support
Let’s you download the app from App Store, only to tell you that there is no iPad app support! How hard could that be, what about those of us who have iPads with cellular support, who tend to use our iPads more than our phones. Especially those of us with sight impairments, that need to use the iPad instead of the small screen on a phone.
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2 years ago, Amy Graham
Doesn’t work
I purchased tickets, downloaded the app, used the same login I used to login online (so no I did not buy them under another email address). The tickets don’t appear in the app. They are in my email but the app is useless if the tickets aren’t there.
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7 years ago, Droget Op Gwilim
What is this supposed to do again?
I created a ticketleap account when I signed up for a free ticket to a concert. But the iPad app says it can't display this ticket. And no matter what I do the iPod app won't let me log in. And the link in the iTunes Store for the support for this app points to a nonexistent page. Let me know when this app does something.
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3 months ago, Sophisticated_Ignorance
The app is not at all beneficial to organizers. And literally the full 7 days to even process. So pay out is going to come almost 10 business days after event. Even for direct deposit. I will no longer use this service.
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5 years ago, AR_Mom
Easy to Use!
So simple to use. Ticketleap has made our ticketing process so much easier!
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3 years ago, Martinp13
Can’t add events?
I purchased a couple of events, and that worked great. But then I want to purchase another ticket on the app, and I can’t. I can see my purchased tickets, and that’s it. :(
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7 years ago, Cowboy.
Works just fine!
Don't know what others are doing wrong.
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5 years ago, N1ckn3me
Does not work
I bought two tickets for two different event dates. I got email confirmation for both purchases. Then, I installed this app and registered with the same email. The tickets are not found by the app, so this app is useless. Deleting.
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5 years ago, Thermonana
Ticketleap - refund policy?
I’m new to ticketleap. Would be nice to have a place to ask questions....such as, what if something happens that prevents someone from attending the event they bought a ticket for?
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7 months ago, Jromf
Still difficult to use
Bought tickets and they didn’t show up in app until I’d signed in and out a few times. Sad one can’t add the tickets to Wallet. Printed them out just to be safe. I do not trust this app.
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6 years ago, Stevetu
Not very good
-It doesn't show the tickets that I purchased in the app even tho they are in the web portal. -settings consist of... "sign out" only -no support. It's best if you just buy tickets through the website and add them to your wallet app and or print them.
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4 years ago, Big Dally
Not user-friendly
Trying to play a webinar from last night and it will not play I’ve wasted an hour of my time trying to get it to play and at this point I just want my money back. A webinar should be simple Simons stuff.
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5 years ago, Cutty's Mom
Great app but ...
As a spectator this is a great app, but after attending the event there’s no instructions on deleting the no longer valid tickets. That’s my only gripe.
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2 years ago, mjjmerritt
Awful App
I've used other event apps with ease...this debacle is not worth even updating...a simple search for keywords in an event fails to find the posted event. Title words don't trigger even a hint of the event in this poorly designed app...use eventbrite
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5 months ago, Da boo boo 245
Easily allows me to scan in patrons at my event
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5 years ago, gunner_ou
Can’t add tickets to wallet.
It seems like for a ticket app, the ability to add the tickets to your wallet (see fandango as an example) would be a no brainer.
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2 years ago, SaxGuyMode
Unnecessary and doesn’t work
I got the app - nothing that it claimed it would do worked - I’ll delete after this upcoming. Event and stick to the email version of the ticket.
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1 year ago, Mattykae
Tickets don’t show up
Not worth downloading the app- tickets don’t even show up. Have to just show tickets from the email
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3 years ago, TeamLP68
Photos should be deleted
Photos that the app requires you to take should be auto deleted or let the use delete the photo. This app should not store any of that information EVER.
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5 years ago, WASTO1
No tickets shown after bought
I bought tickets opened the new account downloaded app signed in an wouldn’t ya know it no tickets on there with no way to contact for help
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5 years ago, DomsInABadMood
Easier to just show email…
Only downloaded the app to show my event tickets, but it was quicker to just scan the emailed PDF. Kind of useless at that point…
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4 years ago, Threatqwe
Decent app
Works well
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10 months ago, Mikey T Ward
App needs major inprovments
Love the app and improvements you have done so far but still needs changes. first on the sale tickets tab can you have it show total amount of tickets available for the event and how many are available for each ticket type. Next, as part of the sale tickets tab when completing the order can you add a way to add a check option. Currently there is only credit card and cash but not check option. I need to have this so that we can correctly track all payment methods that are used. Also on the check in area Can you do some serious work to that area so thar when they come in i can have it ask for there birthday if that ticket has a age restriction or ask us to verify if they are a student. This way we can prevent people from using discount tickets that they do not qualify for them such as asking for a current registration statement from there school that is dated no less than 2 weeks prior to the event. Also for ticket sales for both printing tickets and receipts can you add configuration settings in the app for it to be able to connect to BOCA printers this way i can specify one for tickets and a different BOCA printer for recpets. This way we are not wasting ticket paper were we can just use receipt paper instead or a regular computer printer for receipts saving us on costs. Also can you make your app where it can support Apple Pay. Also as part of the check in can you have it were I can scan a ticket already checked to so I can do a quick look up and check them out so that we can keep track of who is in the event area and who is not
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2 years ago, Aethan Tristifar
Doesn't work
Bought the tickets and they don't show up in the app.... pointless.
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6 years ago, BNJMAIN
Wouldn't show my tickets and told me I was using the wrong email. I wasn't. Account setup process confusing and overcomplicated.
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6 years ago, GamingSenior
Fails to find tickets
The event we are going to sent email to this account to sign in in advance. Ticketleap says there is no event. And yes it is the same account.
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3 years ago, JWinston
Captcha Craziness
After 8 attempts of tapping on busses and traffic lights and still never seeming to please the Captcha master... I gave up and deleted the stupid app. Thanks for wasting my time!!!
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1 month ago, ms.mona95
Ticket’s don’t flow into app
I purchased tickets, but they don’t flow into the app as expected.
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4 years ago, Naveen1805
Tickets found here are not legitimate and no correct customer service
Bought tickets for epic club crawls but denied entry by the team epic club crawls.
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4 years ago, Get Me Out Of This
Didn’t work and can’t delete this d**n thing
Sorry I added this
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4 years ago, BJinscore
Might as well just print
All I really wanted to do was add my tix to my Apple wallet. It said it could but it can’t. 😒
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2 years ago, Uhhhhhhhahhhhhhgyea
It doesn’t work
DIdNt work on email???? Wat
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4 years ago, MacGuy12
No Passbook?
Can’t add to passbook.
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8 years ago, ctando
Useless App
I bought tickets to an event and saw that they have an app that allows easy access to the tickets. I signed up on their website and downloaded the app. I just needed to have my email verified to have the tickets show up in the app. I clicked the "send email verification" link a dozen times and never got one. After a several days I called the company. They said they had no idea and to just pull it up in Safari or something. What a waste of time. (For the record I have a 5s with the latest iOS.)
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9 years ago, J.Michael
Decent Experience
The programmers must have recently made some changes to this app because my experience, albeit a simple one, was pretty straightforward and pleasant compared to the other reviews. I bought a couple of tickets online, downloaded the app, used the temporary password they included in the receipt email (and immediately changed the password, upon the app's request), and immediately saw my tickets. No selfie required. No confusion. But again, perhaps what I am asking of the app is simpler than other multi-person scenarios. I just felt like this app deserved a positive review, given my good experience.
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9 years ago, ProtoMM
Login & Finding Tickets
Logging in with email worked for me but I couldn't see tickets in the app until I verified my email address via the welcome email. TicketLeap could be clearer about this - they even have a few suggestions if you're missing tickets when you look for them in the app, but verifying your email isn't one of them. Not sure if others are having login problems with email or FB or what, but everything is working for me.
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8 years ago, LA events
Nice app, great customer service
Set up my first event with Ticketleap, everything went very smoothly. App / site is easy to use, and when I had a question, their customer support picked right up on the first ring. We made more $$ this year than in years past, and check-in was quick, solving our problem of long lines during last years event.
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8 years ago, Aaron-Himself
Launched too early..
App did not let me go through FB, which is always the easiest way to enroll. So I tried to go through email. I have no problem going through the process, but it is not full explained what exact information is needed. What ticketleap address are you requiring? I received an email advertising with tickets I bought, but no site or codes to enter like required to enroll on ticketleap. You guys need to give proper detail on what info you want entered.
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9 years ago, Zaulio
Great App
I read some of the reviews and it seems like lots of issues with the log in. I never had any issues with that ever. I also use this app as a vendor and when we are checking in people it is super fast and easy. I love TicketLeap!
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