TickTick:To-Do List & Calendar

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4 weeks ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for TickTick:To-Do List & Calendar

4.86 out of 5
28.2K Ratings
2 years ago, Some nickname123
This is the right one
Wow this is such a nice todo list, reminder, and note taking app, so smartly made and intuitive, it has everything you need to make a todo list you love and customize accordingly. I don't usually write reviews for apps but I had to write one for this right away. I love the batch import feature, it made importing my tasks to the app so much easier, you can just copy and paste and it recognizes that they are indivual tasks and ask you if you want to import them as such. The only thing that needs to be changed is when they ask you to login everytime you refresh or whenever, some people like me don’t want to login or be tied to some cloud server, they want to use the app as is, so for this people they should make it much easier to turn that feature off so you wont constanly be asked to sign in or log in. Other than that, its exactly the kind of app I was looking for my tasks, it literally has everything you need and so nicely set up and organized which is very rare to find. I downloaded so many that were bad or required a sign in to even use which I deleted right away, until I found this one. This app is simple yet has just the right amount of advanced features if you need to use them but without making the app too complicated to deal with. I give high thumbs up to the designers of this app. Thanks for making our lives a little bit easier.
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1 year ago, Movie Reviews mom
My favorite and only Todo list app.
I had been falling behind on my todos and today thought it would be a good idea to just print them out to keep them in mind… and even the printout is so well designed, with clear to read formatting, and organization… it made me remember how thankful I am for this tool. I started using TickTick more than a couple of years ago having outgrown other todo trackers, and have never had to look again. What I like about it? It is so well designed, so many todo apps do not seem to have had a designer involved in the process, but whoever designed TickTick fully understood how to make an intuitive, clear to read, engaging interface. I love the organization of folders tasks and sublists and that you can tag your todos, ooh the power of tagging goes unrealized by so many apps (notability hint hint). I use TickTick to organize and track my small business, my household and my family todos. The pricing, free, is amazing without any obtrusive ads. And I am also here to upgrade, which is so reasonable, compared to the math apps that I use which unreasonably expect me to pay $10 a month each —TickTick is in the $2 range for additional forward looking functionality. Thank you TicktTick for keeping me organized. I might not always get to everything that I put in there, but that feeling that you got my back motivates me to keep moving forward.
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5 years ago, MichaelaDR
Amazing task app!
Before downloading TickTick, I really struggled finding a task app with all the features I wanted. Things like due dates, reminders prior to due dates, calendar view, etc. I was totally excited to download TickTick and see that they have all of those capabilities and more! I group up each task by list, and with a life that consists of work tasks, home tasks, social tasks, and misc tasks... I LOVE the organization and it is much needed! The reminders are easy to receive and creating a task is so easy. Sometimes I’ll create a task whenever I’m thinking about it and that weight can be lifted off my shoulders because I know TickTick will remind me when I actually need to think about that task, but when it gets closer to time I panic thinking I forgot something until I look at the calendar view and see it was there all along! I pay for the premium version ($2.99 a month I believe) because it’s totally worth it to get to change themes and do other things like change the duration of how long a task will take. All in all, TickTick is my favorite and most used app on my phone! The only thing I wish that was a little smoother was adding a location to a task, such as an address... I’d like to be able to just click on the address and it take me to my Maps app but usually I have to copy and paste. Very tiny detail though :) great job making an app for your users, TickTick!
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2 years ago, Heartlesshunter109
Everything I Wanted
I downloaded every. single. to-do list app. And after upwards of two hours of combing through everything and comparing, I can confidently say TickTick is the best one out there. My favorite part of this app is how specific you can get with the organization. Put priority markers, put tags on each task, manually adjust the list. It makes things so much easier to help keep on track for the day. I also love the fact that you can set a list to be for task, for notes, or both. This, as well as how specific the organization can get, really helps you get the absolute most out of the free version. What really set this aside for me was how pleasant everything is to look at. There’s a good amount of color pallet options, even with the free version. I noticed that with most other apps like this is that it either look very bland and didn’t offer any options worth noting or it focused too much on appearance and began lacking in the actual functionality that brought you to the app in the first place. TickTick not only accomplished both well, but did so with an interface that is very easy to learn and use. Whether you want a list for yourself, or to share it with someone and keep things together, this is THE app.
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3 years ago, selaphim
The only thing that works!
I love this app. I’ve messed with bullet journals, regular planners, G**gle calenders, etc. all to varying degrees of success… but nothing has ever stuck or has been so easy to use as TickTick, mainly due to its widget function, minimal layout + pared back features, and ease of use. I wish more apps would realize that we don’t need to be able to do a million different things semi-well, as long as we can use just a few really well developed core functions, and I believe TickTick does that. I mainly like to use its task features, not so much the habits although the feature is nice. There are just two things I think could make this app better, the first being for a way to set your “end of day” time in the app. By default, the new day starts at midnight, but more often than not I am still working/doing things past that time, so it’s still technically the same day for me. If I could set it to like 2am or something, it would be great and I wouldn’t have to keep postponing whatever tasks I have “leftover”. Secondly, I use the free version of the app — I wish there was a way to get the premium version with a one time payment. I understand it’s more lucrative to use a subscription model, but dang I’m just so tired of having to subscribe to apps all the time. Beyond that, I LOVE this app and am grateful that it’s been so helpful in my day to day life.
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1 year ago, MamieCora
TickTick is Superior!
Over the years, I’ve tried ALL of the major to-do apps. Each was great in its own way, but each had at least one major restriction. I thought that I’d have to “settle” for one of them and used each for at least one year (and up to five years). When I could no longer take the awkwardness of design or the lack of a needed feature, I started looking again. How had I missed TickTick? I downloaded it. For almost a year, I refused to write a review. It worked very well but something was missing. That missing part was taking sufficient time to learn what the developers had done. They didn’t set up a system for me to follow. They set up a system that is so innovative that it conforms to my needs in multiple ways. When I took sufficient time to study it, I was overwhelmed with the thought that they put into it. I had set it up incorrectly, so I deleted my first attempt and started anew. I can now accomplish so much more without the pressure that had been placed on me by the other to-do lists. TickTick is everything that I have ever wanted in this category of apps. I’m so grateful! If you pass over this app or download it without patiently learning the details of its features, you will miss a true gem.
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2 years ago, MoJoUSA
Literally life changing
I’ve tried pretty much every task management tool out there…spent days transferring all my tasks to a new app, using it for couple of weeks and getting frustrated and moving all the tasks to another task management software…times 12 at least. BUT this one changed all that! Every detail of this app is extremely well thought through. I can’t even think of any other software in any other category, not just task management, that I’ve come across that is this well done. The more I use it the more features I discover (some are a bit hidden because there just so many ways to organize and manage your tasks…for eg just discovered how you can mark percent complete in Mac app…really neat). There’s so many different ways to configure the tasks (using tags, lists, priority etc) and notes section has a ton of great layout features…but the best part is that EVERYTHING is super intuitive…to the point that the app is actually fun to use. I’ve probably only ever written a handful of reviews ever and was compelled to write one (and to upgrade my acct to a paid acct even though I didn’t need to) solely based on the flexibility and intuitiveness of this app. Kudos to the team (especially their UX people)!!
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3 years ago, WrigglingOstrichEgg
An Honest Perspective
This application is very well suited for people to organize their lives in one place. Physical planners tend to have monthly calendars, weekly calendars, daily to-do lists and even some form of habit tracking and this is the only application that offers that in a friendly interface. Room for improvement would be to add a “project functionality,” but that can be achieved a number of ways with the current software without the written designation. It could also use a deadline function similar to Things3 and a “plan ahead” function that takes the events yet to be assigned a deadline or due date then helps you organize them into your schedule according to the time it takes to complete the task and the openings you have within a given period of time (which would be scalable for people looking to achieve long term or short term goals/projects) A personal note—I was hit by a car recently and have a degree of memory problems and this application is a life saver for me. Having habits, calendars and my to-do list all in one place helps me immensely. I always know ai need to check in with one app and not three. The collaboration elements help me coordinate with others during COVID as well.
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1 month ago, animations!23
I don’t do reviews ever but..
Ok i don’t ever review things so this is like my first time but honestly this app has changed the way I schedule things and my whole life sort of. I’m a student and have been using this app for a year now and it is very very helpful and you don’t need premium or anything for it to be incredibly helpful because I don’t have it and it’s still just as helpful. There are timers which include breaks in between as well as ways to track your habits ( mine is guitar practice and maths) which you also review every day by saying how it went , as well as this the split sections are very helpful as i can also organize my life and non academic related things without having it messily all together. There is also a widget you can have so it goes on your front screen and it’s very helpful as i can open my phone and know what i need to get done. There is also like levels and you can see how long you’ve concentrated on a specific task using the timers. I think overall this is a very very very good planning app and i’ve recommended it to many people who say so too!!! if you are a student it’s really perfect for studying and ensuring you keep a good work life balance
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8 months ago, Ryryspy
I’ve been using TickTick for about two weeks, and now that I’m using it daily, I’m coming out of a lazy depressed cycle I was in, and I have tried nigh every productivity app. Todoist, Taskade, Monday, Notion, Obsidian, Bear, MindNode, Tasks, Google Tasks, Asana, Bullet Journal companion app, and probably a few more. This app has it ALL! The UI is simple which is great for HSPs or INFJs. The UX is good, too, as the app is customizable. Don’t want a habit tracker? Cool, it’s hidden. Don’t understand the Eisenhower Matrix, again you can hide it with one or two clicks. Also, I find the haptic sound played when you press on a task that you’ve completed incredibly satisfying, and I loved Todoist for that same reason. If you have ADHD, I HIGHLY recommend this app. The free version is incredibly generous, and they have tons of widgets, including Apple’s new StandBy feature. There are no ads, no forced paywalls. Whoever is behind this app deserves a ton of hugs and high fives. I can now happily delete almost all of my other apps that I was juggling because none of them could be everything I needed. TickTick is finally the app that—for me—has it all, without having too much. I could probably write a blog about it. Just get it! It’s free!
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5 years ago, PrintableGirl
Great task manager
I love Tick Tick for all its features! It works great and is a blessing for sure. There is only one feature I wish it had: to prompt me when putting in a task to assign how long it will honestly take to do that task. Then when I open the Today list it would automatically tell me the total amount of time it will take to complete all the tasks on my Today list. For me it would be very encouraging to see my big list of today tasks will only take, for instance, 3 1/2 hours to do. Most people make To Do lists, but rarely assign how long it will actually take them to do the task. Then they may feel like a failure if they don’t get it all done, because they had never considered how much time is required for them to complete each task. So while I manually put how long a task will take me to complete next to the task I enter into Tick Tick, for instance: Empty the dishwasher (15 minutes) it sure would be nice if the Tick Tick app would automatically total all my times for the today list and all other lists created in Tick Tick. It would certainly help me to see if I am being unrealistic in how much I think I can accomplish in a day or if I have much more time than I thought to do the things I’ve been wanting to do.
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2 years ago, jmazeing
Best Task Manager Ever
I love this app and I have tried them all. Todoist, Trello, Evernote etc. This one has all the best features of those apps rolled into one and because it is web based I can embed it into Notion where I keep my other documents and longer content. I also love the habit tracker and the built in pomodoro timer which once again eliminated the need for my habit tracking app (Habitica) and using my phone timer. The other thing I love is the calendar. Now instead of setting false deadlines and having to keep moving tasks back, I can just keep them on the list and pull them into the calendar when I have time. Really helps with time blocking and when you do pomodoros it puts the task you are working on and the pomodoros you spent on the, right in the calendar. Lastly it creates a summary page of all the week’s activities automatically. Great for weekly reviews and reflections. Other features I love: - Easily converts tasks into notes - on the mobile app when you hold down the add button it allows you to dictate the task instead of having to type it out. I could say more but needless to say once again I LOVE THIS APP!
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4 years ago, cdrhbkutgjids3479
LOVE the app, but...
So let me just start off by saying this app has kept me so organized ever since I downloaded it and it is very convenient. The tags and lists are a great feature that I definitely am using, the personalization for each task is great, and the calendar is extremely easy to use. However, there is one problem. When I say one problem, I mean out of the whole app I have found only one problem (which is fantastic!). The problem is that when I’m not able to get something done that I put in as a task for the day, there is no option for incomplete. The only options are to mark it as complete (which effects the statistics) or leave it alone and it runs into the next day as overdue; but, I don’t want a lot of the tasks I can’t get done in the overdue section. The other button it has is a delete button, but then I can’t go back and see the task as incomplete because it’s gone. If I choose delete task and it’s something I have set to repeat (like my workouts), it automatically deletes all of the future workout tasks. What I’m trying to say is that I really need an incomplete or something like that button. I hope you see this feedback and can get back to me about fixing the problem. Thanks for the otherwise perfect app!
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3 years ago, chumlette
Great app but…
I’ll start by saying that (as a former Wunderlist user) I really like many things about the app. But customer support takes forever and sometimes no one ever responds. And if you are lucky enough to get a reply, it is scripted and has little useful information, so then you can go back and forth for days or weeks trying to resolve issues due to lag times. I’d like to see their customer support system vastly improved and beefed up, not only for those of us with paid subscriptions but also those with free accounts. An online community forum, manned by support staff, would also help. Maybe even have customer support through Twitter? A multi-pronged support system would be ideal. Also, the latest update for both iOS and Mac has bugs, which I’ve reported, that would probably be dealbreakers except I know that this developer updates the app a lot, so hopefully the problems will be fixed in the next update. But this could be another opportunity where a customer forum could help us understand how widespread the issues are and inform us of possible workarounds until bugs are squashed.
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4 years ago, verticalQ
Overall good but needs some refinement
The app as a whole works very well. However, there are just a couple tweaks that would make it perfect. 1.) Calendar subscription settings do not currently sync between devices. I have about 12 Google Calendar calendars in my account, but I only want to see 2 of them displayed in TickTick. That’s not a problem, but when I have to turn off the others from displaying on my phone, iPad, and computer, it becomes a hassle. Setting it once should be enough for all devices. 2.) Adding events to the calendar isn’t very intuitive. I know this is more of a task management app, but the integration between calendar and lists is why I’m using TickTick. It feels like it takes 3 minutes to figure out how to add a calendar event every time I use the app, and I’m still not sure I’ve figured that out. That said, TickTick has been a great way to get my lists and calendars into one app. The addition of the widgets for iOS 14 has also been a great for keeping task reminders right on my home screen. I would recommend TickTick without hesitation.
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7 months ago, vvlove0323
Perfect, everything I dreamed of and more
As an overworked college student with ADHD and hella anxiety, I was suffering from major burnout. Since downloading this app, I still have 99 problems but my to do list isn’t one of them! My favorite feature is how the app is designed: you dump all of your tasks into your inbox, and from there you can organize as much or as little as you need. Want to organize your to dos by class, day, or priority? Done. Want to set notification times for some reminders but not others? Done. Want to see what you need to do today without worrying about everything else? Go right ahead. Want to set a pomodoro timer that gives you a lil’ tomato when you finish a cycle? They have that too! I don’t know why it’s a tomato, but it gives me the dopamine that my brain simply does not have on its own. I don’t want to bore anyone with a full synopsis of the app; just know, that FOR FREE, it has every feature you could possibly need, without being overwhelming. The design is sleek, simple, and probably perfect. Just try it, it has helped me so so much.
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2 years ago, kytrailhikers
This one reminds & snooze reminds!
I have downloaded and removed so many reminder apps from my phone. They all remind me to do something but the reminder doesn’t stay visible & I end up missing it. This app is a blessing. I love the snooze feature so much. I can snooze a reminder for 15 minutes, an hour, or more, or mark it done. It’s so easy to add a reminder by pressing + and hitting send. Then, with one swipe, I can set what time and date I want it to remind. I love the widget that shows how many reminders are set for the day, so every time I open my phone, I see a red number telling me how many reminders there are. What a cool feature! I love the shopping list and I love that I can set reminder notification sounds to something I hear better. I can also change the background color to match my phone which is pretty. I just wish the premium features were offered at a one time lower fee. I don’t want to pay monthly and don’t want to pay the yearly amount. Overall, this is the best reminder app & I am so glad I found it. Finally! They got it right. 😊
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4 years ago, dbdndideond
Get This App If You Have ADHD
If you have ADHD—you know it’s incredibly overwhelming to organize your day, start new projects, and keep yourself focused. This is the task manager that will actually help you! This one is the best because of the way you can organize your tasks AND projects within the app. I’ve had countless therapists tell me I need to break down my big projects into smaller tasks. But of course actually doing that creates a mess of little to do lists that I will definitely misplace. This app will help you keep it all in one place. And being able to actually visualize your schedule and interact with it on a screen makes it loads easier to organize it faster. Now you can actually start your project instead of thinking about “how” for hours. I recommend this app to nearly everyone I meet with the same struggles as me. I stumbled on this app through a lot of trial and error on other apps. I’m so glad because I don’t think I would have graduated college without it. I still use it post-grad to organize my hobbies, my job, and my day to day.
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2 years ago, TotoroGeek
Subtasks! Habits feature needs improvements:
I just recently got tick tick to help me with productivity and goals. I’m a little old school and had been using pen and paper for my to do lists forever. My issue with other apps was I couldn’t subtask my larger tasks. After complaining a little my partner suggested TickTick and I’ve been very happy with it. I can organize everything in my life in a way that works with my brain! If subfoldering and subtasking is the way your brain works this app might work for you. I’ve started using the habits feature as well and it’s been helpful to keep track of and begin some good habits. I’ve given 4 stars only because the cumulative habits feature needs a little bit of work. It can be a little bit annoying to have to swipe then input the specific amount of completion. I’m someone who checks off tasks as soon as I complete them throughout the day. It would be nice if I could tap the little check box multiple times for each cumulative task rather than a once at the end of the day or fiddling with the record input feature each time.
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8 months ago, FR Sims
Tick tick is taking up all my time
I was using multiple apps to accomplish what TickTick claimed it could do in one place. Lots of shining stars. Not an intuitive app! Click on something thinking it will do what you need, suddenly an entire subgroup of tasks to do is marked complete and irretrievable. Trying to work through this app is like following rabbit holes that lead to dead ends. The “welcome” page w its waving hand, the only place I could find as the “help” page, has literally no answers. There is a one minute, maybe shorter, video tutorial. Doesn’t come close to what’s needed. Have written for help because after importing all my entries from google calendar and my apple calendar, all entries from previous dates, like when I last had a meeting w a client, etc, were gone. All previous calendar history, gone. I asked for help days ago. No response. My day was planned to a T today. Now all messed up because got caught trying to get this GTD app to help me GTD. Yikes! And I PAID FOR THIS!!! —frankie sims, with one “m”.
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2 years ago, The Foreshadow!!
Best Productivity App I’ve Used
I have used countless of these apps. However TickTick is the only one that’s perfect in basically every way. It’s perfect for me as a college student with school and other things I have to get done. I also LOVE the focus feature and the statistics they give you. And the way I can look at all my tasks in list and calendar form is perfect. I used the free version for a long time and it’s amazing but I bought the premium so that I’m forced to stick this one app to do everything on since I have a problem with using too many apps and not integrating all the informationin between them; resulting in me missing deadlines. For a student the free version works just as perfectly as the premium but if you want the full calendar view then the premium was very helpful in that. Honestly this app is a life saver for me and it even has lists I can make and habit trackers. On top of that it has a really nice design because too many other apps have interference which isn’t what I wanna see everyday.
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3 years ago, Technis27
Everything I need
I dislike giving out 5 stars and I avoid paying for premium versions like the plague because no software, service, or item is what you expect or exactly what you need. This is doubly true for productivity software. I obviously feel different about ticktick. I have bounced around from one app to the next trying to find one that felt just right and it took up years before a friend recommended ticktick. I bought the premium version within a day of using it and I’ve used it everyday since then. The app has bugs that annoy me and the interface isn’t perfect, but the fact that it’s constantly being updated and features are added based on how useful they are rather than just because it’s content makes it worth every penny. Seriously, take a cynical and broke penny-pincher’s advice. If you need a flexible calendar and task list, this app is worth the money. I recommend it to everyone who asks how I organize my time.
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4 years ago, selmatard13
Get Rid of Todoist Now
I adopted time blocking as my work/task management approach a while back and had been using ToDoist with its 2-way Google Calendar integration to make it work. But what ToDoist seems to refuse to do is to allow me to set a duration for a task, or a start date. I decided to look at TickTick and I’ve been impressed with what has been a mostly seamless transition from ToDoist. Now, i have all the tools I need in the app to time block with ease, and I subscribe to the TickTick calendar feed to see my task schedule in whatever calendar I want, mostly in my corporate Exchange calendars in Outlook. I think ToDoist still does some things better Than TickTick, but those things are insignificant compared to TickTick’s time blocking capabilities. 4 stars so far because some of the navigation around the app is difficult, and because I can’t login to the Windows app with my Apple ID (support request pending). However, I don’t do rating inflation; 4 stars is an awesome rating for me and 5 stars is very hard to achieve for an app this complex.
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2 years ago, MDLeader52
The tl;dr is this is a really good app, compared to apple reminders and one other I can’t remember lol I am the kind of person who found it hard to relax because I had “so much to do today” and when I wanted to do work around the house, I’d feel overwhelmed with all the stuff I had to do, let alone set aside time for my side hobbies. Well, enter ticktick. I can hold the plus button to say “every monday at 8pm take out the trash” and will set a reminder every monday at 8pm, “take out the trash” you can do daily, weekly, monthly reminders. Heck, there is a section just for friend’s birthdays! I can organize with multiple categories of tasks, so my house chores can be one category, my daily health and hygene can be another, my upcoming events can be another. And I can see all my tasks for the day in a handy “today” section. It doesn’t send push notifications until a task is past due. it’s totally free, unless you want to support the dev for 30$ a year, and then you get lots of interesting aesthetic ui reskins, and a handy calendar view for all your tasks. I choose to support the developers, but it’s really great that a tool that can help so many people doesn’t require payment. I am on the second week using this app, and while I’m not perfect at getting all tasks done, I’ve been so much more on top of things, and I’ve been less stressed during my relaxation time, not having to think about “all I have to do today”
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3 years ago, Michael Ndudim
God Bless The Developers of This App!
The title says it all. This app has Exactly what I needed. On my quest to finding the perfect To-Do List style app, I tried using Google Tasks, and Todoist. Neither had the functions I really wanted. It wasn’t till I started using Tick-Tick. Despite the name which reminds me of an app that shall not be named, I love the UI and the widgets they’ve created. Don’t get me started about the widgets! This app has about 8 different widget options to personalize your homepage. I’m trying to make my IPad look cooler so the one with the habits is great, It works better for me because I have daily tasks. These daily tasks are basically habits. Since I do them every day. Thank you Tick Tick for making me more productive in the morning, reminding me to eat breakfast and creating an overall amazing app. I purchased the yearly premium because I was so impressed. And to any Dev reading, consider adding hotkeys and support for the apple magic keyboard. Just a suggestion. :) 10/10.
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3 years ago, Lisaaaa K
Perfect app for ADHD Business Owners especially if follow GTD by David Allen
This app has changed my life. I have never found a system that is so easy to use and customizable. I am 51yo with ADHD and I have my own business. have always struggled with constantly trying to find systems to keep me me organized digitally. Often my life is full of post it’s and to do lists everywhere. I have tried so many apps and it works for a while but after a while does not seem to fit my needs. This has reduced my stress dramatically because I can easily capture thoughts with one click. I am a morning person and often on my way to work I have all these ideas pop into my head that I want to capture. With this I literally start talking and it puts it directly into my “inbox”. Boom out of my brain and I can mentally move forward. This is just one of the gazillion ways I use this app. The best app I have ever used. Much love to the person that created this app - thank you. ❤️
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7 years ago, SemperFi57
So far, So good. I use both Wunderlist and TickTick. TickTick has numerous features that Wunderlist lacks. Wunderlist was is a very good task oriented program, but falls under Microsoft’s umbrella of apps. Therefore, by design Wunderlist requires Outlook to get the full benefit of a calendar program to give the user a Calendar view. This isn’t the case with TickTick as it is right in the app. Genius...LOL.. While, I still use Wunderlist as it features a desktop version that doesn’t require web connection, I may consider moving on as the yearly subscription is twice that of Wunderlist. The desktop version is the only reason I still use Wunderlist for my Work related Tasks. TickTick at this point is used for all personal related tasks. As a matter of fact, I have changed to a monthly Wunderlist and have started moving my information to TickTick..Keep up the good work on this excellent app and when you get a Desktop app that doesn’t require a web browser I will get a second account for my Work related tasks.
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3 months ago, Lovexme23456@&$)(;:/-
Tick tick to happiness!
This app is amazing for extra activities you might not want your whole family to see. For example I had activities I wanted to put on a calendar like workout, but I didn’t want it to be on the regular calendar app. So I got this one and it really helps with personal activities! Tick tick is also helpful in making sure you are doing your activities. It helps you get organized in what you want to do and or need to do everyday! Their are marks for stuff that is really important that is in there first to get it done! Like anything this could be a life saver! I love how you can just delete a activity you don’t want to do anymore! As a bonus, it makes a sound when you finish a task! And the best part is, if you didn’t finish your task you can reverse it so it goes back on to your calendar! I highly recommend this life changing app, it is high quality and free! Thanks tick tick you are amazing !!!
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4 years ago, App_critic 42
Everything I ever wanted
I can’t tell you how amazing your app is. I love all the features and think it’s by far the most thought-out, all in one to do list and planner. I love that you can keep habits separate from your regular calendar—it keeps it from being cluttered. There’s a pomodoro timer built in, so that’s two less apps I have to download! The interface is intuitive and lets you easily drag and drop tasks and neatly sort by priority, it’s easy to organize lists in multiple ways. It’s also just nice to look at! Some other apps out there just have terrible designs. There’s also so much room for personalization with this app and I know it’s a small thing, but using emojis to name lists makes it easier to see what it is and sometimes apps don’t give you that freedom. Plus I have it on my Mac too! I have tried sooo many popular task management apps and this is by far the best. I really appreciate you offering such a well developed app for free. Thank you so much.
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5 years ago, cdsayswhat
What I Been Searching For
Tried many. Todoist was great, paid for it for a year, but worked better for managing work projects, not so well for personal. Anylist is good, still a current subscriber for Grocery Shopping and Recipes, just not for day to day tasks. Wunderlist was probably the closest I got to something like TickTick. Used it for a long time, but something as basic as sorting properly didn’t work for me. Lag in completing a task and having the next one show up was frustrating. So I moved onto Apple Reminders. Something simple and easy, but it was too simplistic and lacked in even the basic of features, again looking at you sorting. We get to TiskTisk. It checks off all my needs. It works as I would expect it to, and has the features I need out of the box without needing to go pay. Though I am seriously considering subscribing to get a couple of those features and if anything support the development of this app. Where has this one been. Thank you.
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2 years ago, Fidi22
LOVE this app
Former project manager/biz dev exec. Current stay at home parent. I’ve used practically every app in both business and personal capacities (trello, ayoa, airtable, todoist, asana, etc). I even tried to switch to physical planners. I LOVE this app the most. My favorite feature is the ability to time block my day in the calendar view. It has made a huge difference in my day to day happiness, productivity and - most important of all - expectations of my productivity! The various views help me keep my list for the day manageable, taking into account all the other stuff going on. In the past, I’ve been enjoyed a physical to do list more because I love checking things off. But I love the haptics of this! And find it just as satisfying. I also love seeing my completed tasks in the calendar. My only change would be the ability to see habits at a time in the calendar view, vs just the whole day. Thank you so much for making my favorite app!!!
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1 year ago, wolf5stars
Pretty happy with TickTick 😊
TickTick has been awesome for me. It’s like multiple apps in one, while maintaining simplicity. Works well with GTD (Getting Things Done) approach. My self-improvement goal was to be more efficient and effective. So things like time management, task management, dynamic prioritization, etc. I tend to be easily overwhelmed by my anxiety condition. It would make me stress if there are too many things happening, or if I have to spend too much screen time. That’s why I stopped using Notion and some other heavy apps. Other competitors seemed to be Todoist and Apple’s Reminders. They were both okay for me, but I wished they had a few more functionalities I wanted. Thankfully, I came across TickTick when someone recommended it on TeamBlind. I got excited when it had Pomodoro timer or stopwatch option with a Focus goal so you can set intentional small goals to make progress. You can even set estimated Pomodoro time for future tasks hehe The app also had the Eisenhower Matrix and tags/filters, which greatly help organize my sheer volume of random thoughts that come up every few minutes. The app has a ton of other great functionalities too, and I’m very happy with the TickTick’s mindset of empowering the user to get things done. I’d like to thank the TickTick team very much for helping me declutter my life and manage my anxiety level with this app and the team’s valiant efforts! 🥰
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2 years ago, RyanD8766
Great to-do app, but…
I’d love to give this 5 stars. I use it daily, and it really is the best to-do app I’ve used. There’s one issue that keeps me from 5-stars. The price. I would like to upgrade to premium. I absolutely would, as I think they do great work, and should be paid for it. However, $3 a month, or $27 a year?! That’s just too much. I have the best adblocker available, that I would be willing to pay those numbers for, but even that only cost a one time purchase of $3. I’m not trying to sound cheap. I just think a monthly/yearly payment is too much. Even if it was $27 for the lifetime I would do it. But yearly? That’s too much. It’s a bummer, because I like to change appearances and stuff, and I would gladly pay a more reasonable fee to do so. But I also don’t see myself paying for the next 10-20 years to do so. I think there should be a one-time purchase option, and can’t believe there isn’t. Otherwise it’s great, but I’d really like to be able to do more.
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2 years ago, Gabbygal88
If you're a student you need this app
I was hesitant to use this app because these kinds of apps don't tend to stick with me. I've tried everything (so many apps), being someone who struggles with a lot of executive functioning skills like remembering dates, deadlines, assignments, but mainly time management of my assignments/studying, and prioritizing. But this app has changed my life and has every feature I am looking for plus more. Premium version is definitely worth it if you are a student and you are struggling with any of the same things I mentioned above. It is more customizable than I expected and Tick Tick keeps coming out with new features that I never knew I would benefit from. Whoever did the UI/UX for this app, I have serious respect because I'm definitely your target customer, being an undergraduate college student, and it feels like you can read my mind. The timeline function is great for people who need visual reminders, and the fact that Tick Tick can link with your Google Calendar is...amazing. I would recommend this app to students, as I am an undergrad student, but I definitely see myself continuing to use it in the future. Unless I find a better to-do list app, but I'm doubtful because Tick Tick is perfect and I've been using it for a month now consistently along with my linked Google Calendar. I finally feel on top of my life. Give it a try.
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5 years ago, alX★
Absolutely Outstanding
This app is a hidden gem - it’s honestly one of the best I’ve ever used when it comes to task management. I love the format and the additional functions of being able to create folders, lists, and subtasks. Yet it’s so flexible; you control how organized or how simple your lists are. And the additional Pomo timer and habit tracker are so helpful; I don’t have to switch between apps since it’s all in one place! Yet even with all of these functions it never feels cluttered. The design is so streamlined and breathable that I could have a full schedule and not feel overwhelmed. And they offer extra themes (and a dark theme for night) all for free! This is an absolutely amazing app that deserves so much more credit - I thank the creators for making something that has honestly improved my productivity and my life. My only problem is that I didn’t find it sooner. Can’t wait to see what’s to come and I’m excited to upgrade soon. ❤️
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3 years ago, lovetolearn4
Three apps in one!
I have been using the free version of this app for a month or so, and I love it! It replaces three of their apps I had because it is a to do list, a promo timer, and a habit tracker all in one. It has really helped me get organized and stay focused on what I want to accomplish. I check my daily list each night and clear everything on it by either moving it to another day or checking it off. As they say, lists don’t work. Systems do. I love this app so much I am paying my teenagers to learn how to use it for one month. I think it will be invaluable for them down the road. The only feature I wish it had that it doesn’t is something to celebrate when you clear your list each day. I miss that from Todoist, where it shows a girl in a bicycle and plays a happy sound and says, “you accomplished 13 tasks today! You deserve a break.” Sounds silly, but I loved this. Thank you, Tick Tick developers, for a truly life enhancing app.
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4 years ago, NF (Scrum Master)
Best Productivity/Notes App Ever
I have tried a lot of apps to help manage tasks, track habits, and stay focused but none have measured up to TickTick. The app/website is clean and simple so you don’t get overwhelmed with the things you want to accomplish - which is what I want in an app. But the reason I love the app is the features. It is everything I was looking for bundled in one and provided a better user experience an the competition, too. 1. Habit Tracker - easy and fun to use 2. Tasks/Notes - nothing too crazy or out of the box here - but effective 3. Focus timer/stopwatch - this is my favorite feature. It’s SO well integrated in the apps it makes a breeze to actually use on a daily bases. Then, the thing that make it all possible to use in today’s society is the apps. The app for Mac is awesome. When the app is enabled there’s a small emblem telling you how many tasks you have or how much time is left on to focus depending a quick to configure toggle. Lastly, it can sync to you calendar which can be a big deal if you manage your life off your calendar. My suggestion to TickTick, I would like to see is more options when it comes to alerts on tasks and option for the sound that notifies you when your focus timer has ended. My suggestion to you (the person try to better manager to time and habits)... Download it!! Overall, a well deserved 5-Star rating!! Good work, keep it up.
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4 years ago, pixeltarian
The best there is
I have tried the two most famous (and expensive) task apps as well as TONS of others. seriously, I’ve demoed every task app I could get my hands on for the past 6 months. None of them match the workflow and features of TickTick. They are rather cumbersome, lack features, or are overdone and overwhelming in the UX/UI department. TickTick is basically perfect. It does everything I need it to do (repeating tasks, routines, due dates, widgets, pomodoro focus timer, calendar view, Today view, multiple lists, notifications, inbox, tags, sharing, and more), and does all of that without feeling messy and cluttered. It takes all of the best ideas from other task apps, and leaves the messy/nonsensical things behind. This is the app I recommend to anyone before they go drop a bunch of money on the 2 more “famous” apps (omnifolkis, thangs 3 😉). TickTick blows them out of the water in every way.
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3 months ago, harleyquinnzel
Everything in one app
I love this app! I have used many apps for journaling, calendar keeping, note taking, and task management. I have also used many apps for routine tracking, habit tracking, and time tracking/pomodoro tracking. This app has it ALL! I have been using it for everything for a little over a week now. I can export everything to save, save custom templates, and do everything I want to do. I’m absolutely obsessed with it. It truly is an all in one! It is also customizable in appearance with a low price subscription. The subscription fee is quite reasonable compared to many apps. I’ve not been able to organize myself so easily until now. It is amazing! The folders, projects, everything… I can’t think of a complaint except not completely syncing across all devices when first setting up. Other than that… perfection!
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4 months ago, Guiz56
The missing link between a task list and a project manager
I’ve been trying productivity apps, task lists and project managers for over thirty years. From the clumsy Franklin Covey digital planners to GTD methodology apps, I’ve tried them all. I’ve used Things from launch and Asana from the early days. I’ve tried Monday, Pagico, Notion, Opus One, Planmore, Jira, Basecamp, Trello and a long list of task lists. I can tell you this App is unique. It’s build up from simplicity to complexity and not the other way around. The consequence is that you feel you have a solid engine behind a minimalist interface allowing you to be highly productive without assuming the role of the “project manager”, a guy who does not create value but knows how to handle a certain tool. They are very close to achieve Nirvana; if they can create a share / collaboration ecosystem they might galvanize the productivity apps category.
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6 months ago, Jdawg8867
Game changer
A few years back I tried every popular task app there was. This is the one. I have everything in here, from camping lists, to daily to-do lists, to projects, to wishlists. The fact I can set a date for everything is amazing. The second best feature is the ability to create sublists. The very best feature is the ability to collaborate. My husband and I haven’t had an argument over groceries in years and we are always on the same page. It never used to be that way. It’s $3 a month but it is very worth it. The only feature I’d like, if it’s even possible, is the ability to tell Siri my reminders and then have them inserted directly into this app, rather than the iOS reminders. Might be possible with IFTTT or some other API but if it is possible, it hasn’t been obvious to me how to do it. Same with syncing with my iOS calendar.
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4 months ago, shari jenks
Life changing app!!!
I love this app!!! I love that you can have multiple folders for different goals, work/self care/chores/habits etc. I love that you can choose different levels of priority as well as different levels of notifications with the constant reminder feature for really urgent/important things. The Eisenhower matrix lets you see everything all at once grouped by priority. I could go on and on….it syncs from my phone to my watch and to the pc desktop app. I love it so much! ****The only suggestion I have would be to improve the reminders syncing across devices. If i complete a task on my phone and mark as done, I still get the notification on my watch and my pc so I have to mark it done across all platforms. Eventually it does sync them all, but it isn’t instant which causes some annoyance when the reminder is dinging. ****
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5 years ago, Eeeew444444444
Love this app
I love making lists but I always do it on paper and then I loose them. So then I tried making lists in my notes but then the stuff that is repeated I have to uncheck or rewrite a bunch of times and it still feels unorganized and calendar isn’t easy to use for the same reason. But then I found this gem! I can set repeats I can set times or no times I can access it from my computer and it automagically syncs with my phone. I can have my workout as one task with a todo list for the workout inside of it!!!!! It’s just perfect. The only thing I have found that’s weird there are things I can do from my computer that I can’t do from my phone and visa Versa but it’s fine because I do have both. Like I can skip today’s task and fast forward it to the next time it’s suppose to be done on my phone but not on the computer and I can set times better on my computer.
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1 year ago, Glad_e
I’ve literally tried every task and habit app to ever exist and this one has everything. The dedicated habit section with its week, month and record view is amazing. I’ve never worked on tasks by viewing them in an Eisenhower Matrix and this has been so helpful. The colors are fun because geez, a lot of task apps are boring! I love the calendar view so I can set realistic timelines on when I can work on a task. Tagging rocks, the ability to add subtasks and assign a due date to each one is awesome, and I love that I can include attachments It’s perfect for my needs and I don’t get bored looking at it. Because for real, once an app gets boring, I lose motivation to open it. Thank you developers for making such a cute app that actually makes it fun to cross items off my to do list! There are so many helpful features and it’s worth every penny!
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3 months ago, LxSaka
FINALLY-I'm planner-hopping no more! Helps combat my compulsive list-making.
Okay. This is a true game changer. I have EXHAUSTED myself for many years in my searches for the perfect planner. I often ended up completing more organizing of the to-do list itself rather than the actual tasks. 6o for me, this was a no-brainer investment as far as the premium version of the app. I like being able to see the full calendar, set multiple reminders for tasks, and even see the full action history on my task completion (or archiving, etc.) Customer service is excellent as well. I still have a long way to go as far as retraining, my brain and learning how to prioritize and not get overwhelmed, but this has been quite helpful. I can find relief and that l don't have to search for an alternative planner or calendar anytime soon at all! TickTick continues to impress.
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6 years ago, Boniverfan
I’ve tried around 10 or 15 different calendar and to-do apps and so far this is the only one that had the features and intuitive design that I was looking for. It’s like a far better functioning (and looking) version of Apple reminders mixed with google calendar. One app for all of my scheduling and reminding needs; now all of the things that I have to do are in one place. It’s as simple as you’d like or as involved as you need it to be, and it’s a joy to use. Absolutely worth the money for premium. I love this app. PS: To the developers - the only changes that I would make would be to allow users to make sub tasks for sub tasks, allow an “admin” for collaborated lists, and to have the option to edit or delete just one instance of a recurring task, instead of only all of them. Other than these things so far this app is absolutely perfect.
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1 year ago, Meh57420
This app helps me to be the best version of myself
I can’t say enough good things about this app. I struggle with ADHD. Medication and a lifetime of practice have got it under control for the most part; but I often fall behind on small daily tasks that become overwhelming to catch up on and it can really throw my whole life out of whack. With TickTick I have a focused display that keeps me organized, on a schedule, and rewards me for being successful without distracting me and drawing me into my phone. I feel a weight off my shoulder knowing that I have a clear plan for what I need and want to achieve and can visually organize my schedule for the day in just a few seconds. I truly accomplish so many more things in each day when I use TickTick; my sleep habits have even become more regular and I feel great. Thanks TickTick!
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3 years ago, Astrid Clone User
THE App for Astrid/Astrid Clone Users
I've used Astrid and Astrid Clone to keep myself on task since my college years in the 2010's. I'd be lost without it. So, when I finally broke down and moved to Apple, I was heartbroken that Astrid's Clone was not available. I searched for a long time for a similar app or just any todo list app that I liked. After days of searching and I don't know how many apps downloaded and deleted, I FINALLY found this one! The look and feel is so similar! And, there's a few extra features that make me actually like this one more! It may take a bit to figure out how to set the due dates up just the same, but the options are so wide, you can get pretty darn close. The only feature from Astrid Clone I haven't found in here is the sorting: this app will sort by date, then by priority; not a combination of the two.
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8 months ago, BloodElk
Just what I needed
I’m 39 and work in tech as a product designer. I’ve had ADHD all my life and have struggled to find ways to cope. Lists and pomodoro timers have been helpful in the past. I stumbled across this app and got excited. TickTick ties together my to-do list and my precious pomodoro timer in one place. This helps me stay focused. But with the calendar sync and the priority view, I've been able to get ahead. I lead our team sprint plan on Fridays. I copy over my weekly work tasks. Furthermore, I add my next week of personal items during the weekend. By Monday morning, I've time blocked most of my week. If I can get it in TickTick it will get done, or I won't forget it. The app is intuitive and easy to use. It has a surprising amount of depth, however. Tags and folders as well as timeline views let me nerd out and organize my life. And I am enjoying digging into my stats. I would like it if I could easily click a meeting invite from Teams and open it from TickTick. A simpler way to sync with ADO would be nice too. I would be curious about how they handle AI in the future. I've seen other apps that work to protect your tome with AI. All that said, this is an amazing tool for me and well worth the price. It's something I use every day.
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3 years ago, sowparnij
Excellent with a Few Caveats
Hi, I have been using the app for a few months now and combination of habit manager and task manager in a single app is really great. I am giving 4 stars due to a few caveats I observed. I have already sent these as messages couple months ago and did not get any response. Hence I am posting here. 1. The Today list shows the tasks and the habits. But tomorrow's list shows only the tasks. Can you please modify it to show the habits for tomorrow so I can review it the previous day and plan it accordingly. 2. We can agree that Inbox is a separate list to facilitate the GTD methodology. The tasks are still in the inbox even after I assign them to a particular date. The task is removed from Inbox only when I add it to any list. I have a few tasks that do not go on any list but just need to be reminded on that day. I don't want them in my inbox after I reviewed it and assigned a date. At least implement a filter in the inbox to show tasks without any due date. 3. Skipping a habit is not syncing to other devices. I don’t think it’s a sync issue as marking it as achieved or unachieved is being reflected in other devices. So essentially even if I skip a habit in my iPhone , it is still showing up in Today on my Mac. Please sync the skipping action to other devices. Thank you
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