Tile - Find lost keys & phone

4.8 (749.9K)
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Tile, Inc.
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Tile - Find lost keys & phone

4.81 out of 5
749.9K Ratings
4 years ago, Jrod32190
Tiles are a must have for a parent
Love my tiles!! My wife and I have one on each of our sets of keys and time and time again they’ve been a life saver. When my son was a young toddler he put my spare keys in our wine glass storage case and that’s where they remained until we decided to move and began packing. At that time tiles weren’t available. Not too long ago I spent 3 hours looking for my one and only set of keys to my current truck only to find out they were in my sons backpack at school! I immediately went and purchased a 4 pack of tiles after that morning which left me extremely late for work. I now have a 2 year old daughter who is obsessed with hiding things such as keys and I’ve never had to look for my keys for more than one minute! I will be purchasing some of the stick on tiles next for the things I’m left searching for the most and I couldn’t be more pleased with the price and dependability of the tile products. The key chain tiles have no down side. The only down side to the stick on is the fact that batteries can’t be replaced so you get about 2-3 years from them. There would be no way to change the sticker tiles in order to have a battery option unless it became bulky which would cause them to be less desirable and unable to use in many applications. Considering the great price of all of the tile products I’d say 2-3 years is well worth it. This product is a must have!
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9 months ago, Bbgun900
Lost my Keys
I used to carry both sets of keys for my car with me, just incase I lost one set. I was on a trip and I had stopped at an ice cream store on my way up to our lake cabin. I didn’t realize I had left them on the counter at ice cream store so when I got into the car I just dug in my purse and pulled out the other set. A month later I realized I had lost my other set of keys and had no idea where or when I had lost them. I was talking to my daughter about losing my keys and she said, “did you have the tile on that set”? She had given them to me for a gift quite a while before. Oh yes, I had forgotten that I could look for them on my tile app! She grabs my phone and hits the tile button and “Waalaa” there they are on the map at the ICE CREAM STORE! What a relief. I stopped back at the store and when I walked in I told them I had left my keys a month before. They could not believe I came back and they said “We never thought you would come back for them!” After they gave the keys back to me I showed them the tile I had on it and told them “I never would have if I hadn’t had that “Tile” on my key chain”! They were pretty impressed, and I was so “RELIEVED”! 🤗 I won’t leave home without my Tile and I have given my grandson a set when he went off to college. And I put the flat billfold one in my purse to JUST IN CASE I ever leave it or if it got stolden 🥰
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4 years ago, Kelbel1313
I’m going to make this kind of long because I know people are looking at Tile for their pets! I’ve read bad reviews, I’ve read good reviews. Here’s where I’m at: The batteries off the bat are working good! I don’t like how they hang on my cats collars, I’d rather them be smaller and have a way to slip them onto something. I glued a couple to the actual collars so they don’t hang but they’re still big. They are slim so that brings the score up a little. Now to how they work: Its kind of like hide and go seek. You have to walk around a little before the the Tile goes off. I can’t tell the distance but it can tell if a cat is right by the house if I’m inside. The Tile community is good if someone’s Tile catches something you’ve marked as lost. It’s good if your animals don’t stray far from your home but if they do you need something with better range. It is a good babysitter though, not if they come and go as they please and you don’t pay attention! If they’re outside and I have the app on and one of them goes out of range I know to go out and start looking! I purchased the once a year subscription for $39 for the premium for all 4, that’s doable for me but there are other options. Your best bet is, try it, you get 4 in a pack you can register! Worst case scenario you don’t like them for your pet you can use them for your keys and remotes because they make the noise so you can find them!
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3 years ago, Knocktwit
Good but not great
The product generally is good but in my opinion it’s reliability has declined over the past year. For example, there is a feature where it is supposed to warn you whem a tile needs replacing. I’ve had a couple occasions recently where I didn’t receive that warning with the result that I couldn’t locate a couple things -/ one was a set of keys-/ because the tile had gone dead without me being warned by the the app to replace it. In another instance you are supposed to be able to find your phone by pressing the button on the tile. I’ve had a couple instances where that doesn’t t work including one this evening where I literally tore the room apart to find my phone because I couldn’t get it to respond to the tile. After I found the phone, I held the tile right up next to the phone and the phone did not alarm as it should have. In still another instance I left a set of keys at home – which I did not need. However, I wasn’t sure if I took them with me and so I activated tile to see if I could locate them. Tile informed me that the keys were nearby, I looked for 15 minutes trying to find them but couldn’t get the tile to sound. In fact as it turned out, I’d left them at home. So my assessment is that Tile is good but not great and is mostly – but not always — reliable.
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2 years ago, CAP001
Works; but subscription is iffy
Overall, the Tile app works and has helped me locate things in the past. Honestly, have had better luck finding things with a Tile than my fruit company tags - app seems to work better in always locating the product and sound is loud on the Tile devices. My only complaints are the battery life on the devices - for some reason, 2 of mine don’t last long - maybe due to extreme hot/cold weather changes, I don’t know (however the fruit company tags don’t seem to die as quick). What really annoys me is that I have the Tile subscription and they never send me replacement batteries on time - actually, they sent me a replacement battery once; but I had to chat with customer service. My expectation is that they would know when my batteries are running low and ship them out before they die. As of today, I have 3 tiles with dead batteries, and zero intentions of renewing the subscription since it’s cheaper to buy the batteries myself anyways, was just being lazy and paying for the convenience. Thought it be like my smart printer, where they do an awesome job shipping me ink and paper way before I run out. So Tile hardware and app get 5-stars; subscription gets a 1 just because it does a decent job with historically telling me where my stuff has been.
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1 year ago, TheRealKoby
Never losing anything ever again!
I am one of those people who can’t set something down turn around and walk into another room, and then forget where I said it down at that quickly, because I am so busy in my brain I lose sight of small things like my eCig, keys, purse, already put up one on every pair of my shoes. Sometimes I miss placed one, but I won’t go that far even though I might need to someday just not today, lol anyway, what a awesome product love the options of the card for my purse, the tags for my keychain, but my favorite is definitely the buttons because I have a four different styles of eCig, and I have bought a button for each one and it is a blessing. I don’t drive my husband crazy I don’t have to summons my grandson for which he is my finder go to or when I lose something what do I do when he’s in school I went without till he came home, lol no, no more I will forever and ever feel blessed honored to use your product. Can’t wait to see new thoughts and ideas of ways to tag things in the future should I think of something I will let you know. Blessings to you all your business and everyone who came together on this invention Way to go. Kudos price isn’t bad either.
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1 year ago, MattSammy1
Excellent really awesome n good 👍
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3 years ago, Stourleyk
Software design
If Bluetooth is not on Tile will not find items. No warning is given that Tile is not functioning. However, a message at the top of the phone screen invites the user to turn i Bluetooth on. Instead of "Do you want to turn Bluetooth on?" the app could more helpfully say "Bluetooth is off. Tile will not work unless Bluetooth is on." Once I realized the invitation to consider turning on Bluetooth was not merely some random pop-up, I got the app to look for my wallet. It said the wallet tile was "out of range." Then I clicked on the wallet icon on the map and was informed that the wallet was in my house where I was using the Tile app. It is confusing to the point of uselessness to inform the user that the sought item is out of range when, in fact, it is a few feet away. Rather than go on with other pecularities of the app I would draw readers' attention to the obviousness that in the examples given the designers of the software have a dim understanding of how to explain things. This is bound to result in obtuse software. It is lost on these kinds of people that their knowing how to use it means it that those unfamiliar with it may not find it the same.
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6 years ago, Chooseup
UPS Was Amazed...
I left my keys in Phoenix on Easter weekend and had family ship them back to me by UPS overnight. Keychain had all the important keys and a tile! The keys were lost and a claim was opened so that UPS could begin the search. I was told that it may take several days to a week to locate them (if they were found at all). At the end of the first day I remembered I had a Tile on the keychain so I launched the app and pressed “lost” to initiate the alert to all Tile app users. It took about four hours to get an email alert that my keys were found at one of the UPS buildings near the Ontario California airport. The next morning, I followed the map directions in the Tile app and it took me literally to the security gate at a large secure building. I had to make several calls to reach an employee in that building who came out to meet me. I explained the Tile system and gave them my iPhone to take back into the building and it will guide them to my keys. In less than five minutes the UPS rep returned to my car with my keys! Following her were six other UPS employees who wanted to know how the system worked and where they could buy the Tile. I found my keys in less than fourteen hours and UPS likely would still be looking for them. Absolutely incredible. If you ship anything of value, consider attaching a Tile to it so YOU can locate it in case it is lost.
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3 years ago, SoDigital
Been a Tile user since the beginning
TILE Just keep getting better! I’m getting rather old in age and I need a Tile even more now since I lose things frequently. Tile comes to the rescue! Thanks Tile!! One thing I want to mention, I recently purchased the flat billfold tile. I love this flat tile and it’s perfectly in my billfold, however something I haven’t thought about… I have one of the RFID billfolds and hadn’t given any thought to using a Tile inside my RFID billfold until I receive my billfold Tile. To make a longer story short, my RFID billfold severely limits the tiles range so my billfold can’t be located when trying to find it just several feet away. I can take the tile out of my billfold and lay it alongside the billfold and the range is good but not when it’s inside the billfold. I guess I should feel comforted that my billfold is protecting my credit cards from RFID SKIMMING. Actually to do it over again, I need the capability of locating my wallet more than I need the capability of RFID protection. I didn’t buy the Wallet for the RFID protection I bought it because I like the wallet, big mistake. I hope I can find a non-RFID wallet that I like so I can use the flat wallet Tile.
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4 years ago, sarilks
TRY reaching this company!
I was an early adopter. I replaced my tile when the app told me to. I put the new tile on my keys. I didn’t misplace my keys for about a month, and when I did, the new tile didn’t work. I called the company (googled the name and found the phone number) The person I spoke with found my order and said she’d send a replacement. I never received it. I found a message saying it had been shipped. I got a loooong tracking no. for DHL. Turned out they said there was “no such number” so they gave it to USPS who gave me another tracking number before I found out it had been returned to sender. I wrote an angry email. Same day I got a robo message saying my order shipped (only with no order number on it this time). That was a month ago. Now I can’t find any phone number for them or even where their alleged chat feature is accessed. I hate them. They have my $30 and if I lose my keys the dead tile on them won’t help. Today I got two batteries in the mail! (This is about a year later). It was a pleasant surprise as I thought the whole tile would have to be replaced. I guess this is Tile 2.0 where the battery can be replaced instead of the whole Tile. Thanks!!
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3 years ago, mike hollan
Time and Life saver.
I have had tiles few years now and this is a honest review because I believe in this product. I cannot express how much I appreciate my tiles when I cannot find my keys, wallet or phone. As long as I can find one of the three it will lead me to my phone and from my phone I can find the others. Only when I’m running late for work the only time this seems to happen. Lol The best way to illustrate how having a tile Slim in my wallet is to share a story. I was working out of town and had went to pick up some dinner. On the way back a critter of some sort ran out in front of me. Raccoon , big cat, dog , opossum? I hit my brakes and watched my food slide off my seat into the floorboard. I drove back to the motel and ate. It was then I noticed my wallet was missing. So I scrambled around found my phone and checked my tile . Not in range. But I was a plane to find it on my tile app. Iy It showed me where it was… on the side of the road. No way … I mean no way … would I have ever found it without my tile. I can promise this… at the time it felt like it saved my life. Tiles save time. Tiles save lives.. Figuratively speaking of course.
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3 years ago, 1Skyler
It stilled worked.
I was very pleased with the tile gift I received on Christmas. It found my keys and wallet several times. However once I got a new Iphone about 6 months ago it did not seem to work any more. Yesterday I could not find my keys. Searched everywhere. Even revisited three stores I shopped in. This morning I decided to try to use my tile. Initially I signed in but had a typo in my email and I had someone issues trying to set it up. I explained the issue using chat before the live chat was available. I received an email acknowledging my question I raised and they indicated the support team would get back to me. I decided to started my sign in entry from the beginning using my correct email. In seconds my account opened with all of my tile protected devices. With in minutes I was told the keys were very near and I activated the signal and “Wala” the keys were on the second shelf of my bookcase where the natural light is limited. It worked great. Thanks Thanks Thanks for a system I thought had to be downloaded again. I will be purchasing more for myself and as gifts in the near future.
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3 years ago, wowdrewsentms
My Savior
My Tile is the savior of all saviors. The logut in the inevitable darkness of losing one’s phone/wallet/keys/etc. Hands Down the best gift anyone has ever gotten me. Earlier today, I lost my phone while skiing as it fell out of my pocket at some point. Of course, I tried Find My iPhone, which was great for finding the location of my phone, but kept glitching with My location, so I couldn’t tell if I was getting closer or further away. And of course, my phone was on silent so it wouldn’t make a noise. Luckily, I had my Tile that i kept in my wallet on me. I double clicked that bad boy probably 70 times as I retraced my steps down runs I had done earlier that night. Finally, the Tile made the noise indicating that my phone was ringing. No matter day or night, ringer on or silent mode, this baby makes your phone sing louder than sirens. I found my phone right under me, buried Several Inches in the snow, singing it’s lovely little tune. And boy, that feeling of relief was better than any high drugs could give you. I am eternally indebted to this device for saving my phone from being shredded by grooming machines. Thank you, Tile.
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5 years ago, gazorpazorpzxcvb
Still better than the pebble bee
My bf got me this last year for christmas. After about five months it stopped playing the song when I would try to find it, however, it still tells me the general location. Frustrating when they are not in a usual spot, but still, I know what room they are in. My dad had also bought me a pebble bee, which I stuck in my wallet. I never lose my wallet, so I haven’t had to use it. However it came with a second one. When I decided I would put both the pebble bee and the tile on my keys ( that I lose very often) I found out the the PB app had logged me out. When I tried contacting customer service they were of no help, and flat out ignored me after I told them I had already tried what they asked me to do. I don’t know how helpful the tile people are, mostly because I have had no issues with the tile. It says that the battery is running low now, and it needs to be replaced. You can buy a new one in the app. While I’m not worried about the expense, I AM worried about the environmental cost of throwing these away every year. I am definitely getting a new one of the tile, as it has helped me very much, and I will try to recycle my current one.
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4 years ago, skyscraperC3
If only sooner, I would have my keys and sunglasses...
I believe everything happens for a reason, including the loss of my one set of car keys and prescription sunglasses... with that being said, I neglected to buy Tile sooner due to some negative reviews. I got a great deal on a bundle during the holidays. I really do not understand the negative reviews, including the within-app notifications. Tile DOES NOT WORK PROPERLY if location services is not set to “always.” I realize this makes your battery go down faster. I, personally, only set it on “always” when leaving the house. The app itself it simple and easy to use for all. Tiles themselves can be expensive if not purchased on sale or in a bundle. You must also have keychains or stickies (which I bought on eBay for my older Tile models) to attach them to your items... unless you have the bulky-looking Tile Sticker. The item locations are not so precise as Apple’s Find My iPhone, in which one case located my phone in my car in the driveway. I love the ring feature of the Tiles for lost items or phone around the house. Again, for this to work, location services must be set to “always.” Give Tile and the simple app a try! :)
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6 years ago, Harleymaxx13
Love having a tile!
As one who has a tendency to “misplace” my keys, IPad and IPhone I was delighted when about 16 months ago a clerk at BestBuys told me about Tile. She showed me hers and how it operated. I was sold on it! I immediately bought a Tile for my IPhone. Besides my iPhone and iPad, that was the best money that I have spent on electronics. It was definitely the least expensive. I cannot tell you how many times the Tile has kept me sane. I am not sure where I put my phone or if I even have it with me at times and I just press the Tile. Immediately I know if I have the phone with me or can use my iPad to get a general location for it. I gave up my landline four years ago and just have my cellphone, so I am up the creek without my phone. In addition, I no longer remember phone numbers or addresses, so I am lost without the phone. I have had to deal with Tile customer support electronically and have found them to be very helpful and respond immediately with a satisfactory resolution. I am one happy customer, wish I could say that about some other companies I have had to deal with!!!
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4 years ago, Azankino
Limited app
I have had this app to go with my wallet and keys the find function works great for in room stuff anything actually lost outside like in a park or on a bus somewhere will require you to have premium features that logs where you have been so you can use that to track down your lost item. It will not give you live GPS location movements like find my iphone will. So I use this pony to quickly find my misplaced items instead of lost items. As for the sms or text messages that you left something behind that never worked for me, I don't know if it was a gimmick or some false advertising but no matter what it didn't work yes I had the premium service and and had the smart alerts all on but it never told me that I left anything behind. This app is a great idea but when my premium expired I was going to purchase a full year but when I saw that the wallet tracker was not in the replacement with the premium I never bothered to renew. I will always have to buy new items as the battery dies and that's OK but for what the GPS claims to do its a bit expensive imo. If it was live GPS and the smart alerts actually worked I would say yes that 30 dollars a year price is fine.
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4 years ago, Jmik7c
New tile warning
I am not sure if the problem is with the tile or the app, but to me they are one in the same. Purchased a pair of tiles for my wife to track the cat, HoboJo. He likes to hide. To test the product before I set up for my wife I downloaded the app and set up the tile pros. Everything seems to work as expected except location info doesn’t seem accurate enough to find in the house without activating the sound, but that is not my biggest issue. I thought I would just log into my account on her phone and she would be set. NO!!! I had to set up an account for her and the when I went to reprogram the tiles to her account I found out there was no way to start the reprogram feature again without calling tile support. BAD THING IS THERE IS NO NUMBER TO CALL!!!!! now I am left with to useless chips until I am graced with contact from Tile. Yes I tried email/txt support and only received automated replies during business hours. I even dig through the trash to find the box, hoping there might be some contact info available. NO LUCK!! Seems like to me with such a sophisticated device the could add a not when pair that unpair this device will take hours of your time. ENSURE YOU PAIR THE TILE WITH THE CORRECT DEVICE UNPAIRING WILL BE DIFFICULT!!! or impossible. I am hopefully, but still have not resolved my pairing issue.
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6 years ago, December SunShine
Does support even exist for this company!?
Hey guys so my issues is I’ve been trying to get a full refund on a set of the new Tiles but all these options online and instructions give you the run around and none of them really help you. You can’t call anyone in, the text in option through the app doesn’t even exist like it says, and they aren’t available on weekends?!? What large company doesn’t have customer support on weekends when people actually have time to do anything. Any how the app itself seems fine no issues with it for now except that you can’t hit a Go Back button on certain sections so you have to close the app completely and open it back up to get to the home section. My biggest complain about the NEW PRO TILES is that the sound goes off every other minute because the center button on the tile is so sensitive making these tiles more annoying than anything and a waste of money. It is also made of plastic which would easily be damaged if dropped hard enough which I feel was a major downgrade as I am used to the Sport version a harder shell with non-interchangeable battery that doesn’t go off every other minute because it’s easily activated by anything that even slightly runs up against it. Buyers do more research when planning on purchasing these tiles
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2 years ago, rjsgrl
Tile on my tortoise
I acquired a sulcata tortoise a year ago. She’s now almost two. Their diet consists of grass, clover, dandelion flowers and just outside stuff. At first I used a small piece of duct tape and attached a red long pipe cleaner on her back so I could see her at all times while she and I were outside… but one day I looked away for one second and she was gone… I panicked and finally I found her under all the huge hostas. I thought there’s gotta be a better way to keep track of her. Then I found the Tile. I bought the large one first but it was WAY to big. So I bought the small one . Then I thought… how can I attach it to her shell so I can take it off her with out hurting her and so I bought some alien tape. I can cut a small tiny piece and it attaches to the tile and to her shell with ease and I never worry about it falling off. This way I can just twist it a tiny bit and voila!!!!! It’s a great game changer!!!!! Also , she’s gotten used to the sound of the Tile when I track her. She stops moving because she knows…. Times up for now!!!
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4 years ago, KetelOneMan
I will be giving up Tile
I decided to give up my Tiles since they decided to FORCE you to allow them to track your location all the time. My iPhone keeps waking me that Tile requests my location about 200 times every 3 days. Even my iPhone finds it suspect. I would understand a little more if I was a premium user and I cared about tracking the location of my devices for a month but that’s not the case. I just occasionally need to find my keys or my phone. It used to work fine but now Tile provides you with a long explanation about why they need to track you. When you read through their lengthy explanation you realize it’s nonsense. They just expect that people will just opt in to rationalize the $30 they spent on the tile. If they put a warning on the box that says Tile requires 24 hour location tracking they probably wouldn’t sell as many as they do. We’ve all ready enough about what companies do with our data. Tile has zero justification for making you allow them to track you 24/7 just so you can find your keys once a month. Again, it used to work just fine several months ago but they now have a way to sell your data so they adjusted their technology. Not a lot of other options but I’d rather lose my keys. Tile... you know what you can do with it.
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6 years ago, AJM2011AJM
Dies fast, not a wide range, expensive per year
I preordered the product when it was still in development. It took a long time to get, but I was very excited for what it could do. The ad showed someone losing a bike and finding it with their Tile. Unfortunately, that’s not even possible. The original ad was a lie. There are not enough Tile users in their network to make something like that happen. You need other users to connect to the app to find your lost items and they have to be right next to the item. Maybe the thief could help you find it if they connected to the app standing next to your item, but what are the odds of that? I have to be right next to my cloth purse in order for it to find my keys inside it. It works half of the time. The range isn’t even a few feet in a normal (not steel) house in the same room. I had to throw away 3 tiles I had never used (not cheap,) because they make them stop working after close to a year. It didn’t tell me that when I bought those ones. It’s a great idea in theory, but there are other similar products with better range or that work with better technologies. It can’t even find your car in your driveway if you’re standing right next to it, so it definitely can’t help you figure out where you parked. Very disappointing.
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1 year ago, 777Phil
Airplane tile apps are terrible
Before our recent plane trip, I bought the two airplane tiles that were highly advertised. One had a range of 250 feet and the other had a range of 400 feet. A previous review & several ads had said that you could track your luggage to see if it was on the airplane and could also track it to see which baggage carousel it would be at when the plane landed. We flew on American Airlines and had the app for American also. That app would track our bags. However, Tile did not track our bags at all. All they did was give the airport where we had checked our bags, which, of course, we already knew. The only time that one tile, the 400 foot one, actually identified my luggage is when it was already coming down the carousel shoot and I could see my luggage already. So Tile was no help at all. Too bad. Because they are very helpful when looking for things around the house.
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4 years ago, MReynolds5623
Mostly an add for the premium service
The app seems to work. It can find/ring the tiles, tiles can ring it back and find my phone. The "free" (it's not free if you bought the tile hardware that only works with the app, is it?) experience isn't great though. On every screen the top half is dedicated to advertising the pro features. Instead of giving you easy access to things you can access for "free" you always have to scroll past pro features. The app also doesn't respect your privacy choices. I did not allow background updates for the app and I set the GPS use to only when using the app. I do understand it won't allow me to use all of tile's features, I'm fine with that, the app isn't. Every time I open the app it reminds me to always allow location acces, it's annoying and I'm not going to change the setting anyway, I like it this way. I thought iOS didn't allow repeated prompts from apps when it comes to any privacy settings/access but seems like I was wrong. I'd rate the app with 4 stars if it were to allow me to use just the limited set of features I want (locate a thing near by, I'm fine with last known location being outdated) and not put the premium features so in my face.
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3 years ago, RKW-sea
Big issue Tike Pro
I’ve used tiles for almost two years. Didn’t like that I had to replace th whole unit when the batteries died, so “upgraded” to the larger, battery replacement Pro version. What a disappointment. The keys in my pocket trigger the pro inadvertently, because of the movement pressure on the devices. Same with my wallet. I get the tile app singing in my cell up to several times a day. To disable the noise, if my cell phone is unlocked, I have to open the app and disable it. Clicking on the wallet or key icon does nothing. There should be a far less sensitive trigger on these devices, or a two stage trigger that works when you press the trigger and have another finger on another area of the app, to prevent it from triggering because the keys in my pocket or wallet get normal everyday pressure. I just moved jobs and tried to change my email address: can’t, except through a three stage, add a new account, transfer the tiles to the new account, THEN, contact customer care to eliminate the original account. REALLY? I swore by my old Tiles, encouraged friends and family to add them. Now... it’s more of a pain than a solution. Richard
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4 years ago, Rodvhfs884
The up-sells are super annoying
I bought four tiles and they’re fine. But the app is super annoying. They try to squeeze every penny out of you with in-app marketing and up-sell to try to get you to pay every month for more features. I wouldn’t mind static adverts, but it’s interruptive, with ads that are disguised as features or settings. Like there is a button for sharing your tile with someone else (for instance so your spouse or grandma can also find the kids’ stuff). But when you click on the button to share you get a pay prompt. I don’t mind it in a freemium product (company has to make money) but I already paid for this! Stop it! Put that stuff in an advanced features section or paid features section. It’s not “user first”. And then there are other things like every time I close the app I get a notification that if the app is closed it can’t track me so go to setting and enable always on location tracking. If I wanted to do that I would have done it after the first dozen notifications. Stop bugging me! And put that energy into making the core product better. Sometimes the finding capability doesn’t work even when the tile is just in the next room.
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6 years ago, Slimdotkom
Great App BUT:
The only issue I have dealt with so far is: The app should not have to run in the background at all times in order to find your phone! My kids play on the iPhone & habitually close apps, so they do not run the battery down. If they mistakenly close the app & we do not realize it, then lose our phone..We are not able to use the app to find it..☹️This is frustrating! If you keep the Bluetooth on, there should be a way not to have to keep the app open. This situation just happened to me. It still took 10 minutes to find my phone because I could not use the tile since someone closed the app! Other than that, it is an awesome app!! I have not used it to find out keys yet but I am sure we will, as my husband loses them all of the time! Hopefully you guys can find a way to make it work without the app running..In the meantime, we will spend more time using it & working with it/getting used to it. So, I will update my review once I get the hang of it.. I recommend this for anyone who loses their keys/phone! It does work well as long as the app is running..
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6 years ago, SunshineOnMyToes
Now you can be irritated about your lost keys AND your useless Tile!
I was an ecstatic early Tile user. Having had some brain glitches that lead to memory issues, among other things, my Tiles literally helped me feel more normal when I no longer had to be stuck at home, after being ready to head out the door, because my keys/wallet/med bag were in the pantry/linen closet/back of the van from putting them there when I grabbed groceries to bring in. My Tiles made such a difference that I continued to receive them as loving gifts... without heart to say that Tiles have been useless 60% of the time for at least a year and a half. My 8-pack birthday gift this year was so sweet (as was the 8-pack one year ago)... but this is the fourth time I’ve tried to find my iPad today and the Tile app continues to tell me it’s out of range, until I find it under a pile of laundry/in my file cabinet/or on the seat of a chair we never use, pushed under the table. Yea. Go Tile. So good at letting me know my iPad has been found the second it’s in my hands. I’m in the same boat I was pre-Tile... only irritated by the many other things which would have been far more helpful in our lives. I’m off to resume the Day’s Search #4...
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3 years ago, BriShow
The tile product continues to disappoint.
Tile is one of the most disappointing technological products of my generation. Just about every feature that the company promises does not work or when it does work it does not work reliably. The device can barely ever find your keys when you lose it. To devices smart locations flat out don’t work. The device barely ever rings when you’re handset notifies it. The shame of it is I’ve been using this product just about since it came out and I believe it worked better when it first came out than it does now. There needs to be a viable competitor to this product. Only buy a tile device if you can get the individual device for under $15. The management of the company tile should be ashamed of putting this garbage product out. No one who works in the upper management level of tile should ever put their experience for working for tile on the resume. It should be an automatic disqualification for future employment if you have a history of making a product as shabby this. Do not believe any review about this product that does not give it a one star rating they are disingenuous. The one star rating should be reserved purely for tile. Tile is the benchmark for what bad product should be measured by!
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4 years ago, exceedingly displeased
Extremely displeased
It really bothers me that I need to have the app open for this product to work. Previous version of this product did not require perpetual location services and operation of the app for it to work: if the tile was in range I could ring my phone from the tile regardless of if the app was open or not; and in that same token, I could open the app and find my lost item as long as said item was in range, regardless of it the app had been open prior to my misplacing my item. Also, I recently misplaced my keys. When I opened the app, it said the last place the app connected with them was at a Walgreens I had visited. However, I used my keys to gain entry to my house hours after the app last connected with my keys. I later found them in a city 45 mins away from the Walgreens where the app stated my keys were last known to be: this is extremely misleading and could have— in and of its self- caused me to assume my keys were lost entirely as the Walgreens staff said the did not have them, and could have lead me to actually lose my keys unnecessarily. Why do I use this product if it actually makes it more likely for me to lose an item. As opposed to less likely: the entire purpose of this products very existence.👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
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5 years ago, McNiggy
It works great, but only when you’ve got it open:(
I love this app; I’m really prone to losing things so this app isnperfect for me and gives me the peace of mind that I’m not totally boned if I happen to lose whatever I’ve got a tile attached to (at the moment it’s my car keys.) However, since it runs down my battery pretty quickly and eats up data like crazy, I can’t keep it open, which is the only time when the app actually works! It would be perfect if you could find a way to make it work even when it’s not actively running on a phone or computer, but since I’d have to leave the app open whenever I’m out with my keys if I want any hope of finding them quickly after losing then, it hasnt been terribly useful to me since as I said before I can’t leave the app open, even in the background. Fix this issue and you’ve got a real winner on your hands, but as-is it’s still a great app that works exactly as it’s meant to! Due to that one issue I feel like I just can’t give it a five star rating, but literally everything else about the app is great!
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2 years ago, JennChadd1980
Couldn’t locate my phone within 1 ft.
I purchased four tile; two for myself two for my daughter. I am constantly miss placing my phone, my keys so I purchased premium. Most the time the button on the tile gets pushed by accident and my phone goes off loudly with the Tile notification so it can find my phone. I use my phone to locate my keys half the time my keys cannot be located. My phone fell out of my pocket and after I searched high and low for it decided to use the tile to locate it and push the button probably 20 times all around my car all over the house and anywhere in between and the tile could not locate my phone. I finally dropped something by my car and had to pick it up when I bent down to pick it up. I saw my phone underneath my car maybe a foot from the edge of it. I push that tile in my car around my car and it did not send notification to my phone to be located, I found it by chance. I can be with my wallet tile all day, and it will not have a location history. I wish I would’ve purchased something else even one of the cheapies for sure I would’ve had better luck with it and would’ve been better product.
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4 years ago, Baygoesmoo
Smart alerts help
I love tile but i wish smart alerts worked better i know its in beta but the idea is just so good to have. It doesn't work some of the times. Only sometimes will i get a notification saying i’ve left my item or items. Sometimes it till tell me i forgot my item when i have it next to my in my car or at work which makes no sense. I would just love to have the beta fixed or updated i don’t know when a full version is coming out but would love to use it when it does. Also the maps location i don’t know if thats beta or not but, when i loose lets say my purse with said tile, when i track it with its location or last known location with maps it doesn't give me the exact location its in and it will send me to a random location or say my bag is 2 minutes away it will say its 250ft when its nowhere by me or my location. It Could just be me but thats what happens when i track something via the maps and its the main thing i find annoying. To me its like its not even tracking my lost item if its far away from my phone.
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1 year ago, TexBlueGas
Found key 6 miles from house!!!
Oh wow!! My silly 17 yo decided the best place to put our only key to our old Lexus was on the back trunk of my car. Not knowing this, I drove to work (13 miles). We had know idea the key was lost until the next day. The Tile app showed the key somewhere around an intersection 6 miles from the house on the way to my office. We searched at Ight with flashlights and could not find it. Turns out I’m just needed to clear the app and restart it for it to reload the closer location. 48 hours later during the day time I came and walked to the exact spot where it showed the Tile. And holy cow! There it was!! The key FOB was in pieces. The Tile was barely alive but it had sent its last Titanic message of SOS!! I found everything and put it all back together and everything still works!! The Tile and the key FOB!! So impressed by the device!! Love it. Wish I could load a pic but it won’t let me!!
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3 years ago, Evedau
Not loud enough
I really really wanted to love this. I misplace my keys almost single day and surprisingly I still don’t realize it’s going to happen until I’m about to walk out the door and need to be somewhere. I have run this and had it not make any sound but tell me my phone was nearby but I still couldn’t find it. I’ve had to text the company to get help on why it wasn’t working and they do not have a customer service phone number – you can only do a chat with a person online and it really is so much harder for me in speaking with someone by phone. I’ve replaced the battery several times and it will ring for a little while but then the battery seems to wear out quick and there’s no indicator of when the battery is getting low so that’s always very inconvenient. And when it does work it just is not loud enough. I have to be within 10 feet of it to actually hear it ring. I have been able to find my keys with it a few times so I suppose it’s better than nothing but a few times when I really really needed it to work it didn’t. Sorry!!!
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6 years ago, jennapalmr
Love the Product! It keeps me sane.
My husband is a perpetual keys, wallet, and phone misplacer. I've had tile for years but eventually decided to drop a small penny and get him his own tiles. They've saved me from so much panicked house-searching and the app particularly is so helpful with their map and chiming functionality. One time my husband lost his keys after we put a tile on them and we couldn't find them for a few days (we weren't looking intently because I have my keys and we only had one car). After using the tile we found out they were in the car so he searched up and down the car with no luck. He then had the tile sing to him, only to find out that his keys were somehow underneath the windshield wipers. Apparently in the days prior he left his keys on the roof of the car and when we backed out, they slid down the front of the car and got stuck in the wiper blade pocket. We seriously never would have found them without tile. Thanks!
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4 years ago, USF-Galaxy1
Customer for life...
Even if the beautiful and appreciated improvement of the tiles with increased range and replaceable batteries had not occurred... the other day you guys won my business for LIFE. I’d set my wallet on the roof of the car and driven off... likely singing to the radio with some stupid grin on my face (Hey.. this is why I GOT the tile in the first place). But the wallet hung on like a champ.. for quite a while, actually. Somewhere miles from home on a very busy highway.. it let go. Meanwhile, at my destination, I shrugged at not having it.. must’ve left it home. I used Apple Pay and went on my way. The next DAY.... the Tile app directed me to just the right part of New Jersey Route 73 where I patiently waited for breaks in traffic, used the radar graphic and listened for my tile like... well, like a maniac in the median. After a few minutes, I found my wallet!!! The grass had been mowed and the wallet was well shredded, but every single item was there. ❤️😅 truly tears of joy.
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3 years ago, bdnsksbsksbs
Mixed feelings
I gotta say for the most part that everything is going pretty good with my tiles. I like how even without wifi I can locate my tiles on the map(without streets) so I get a general idea of where they are. Also when I’m on my phone and I try to find my keys, the tile is very quick to respond. How ever, the only downside is that using my tiles to find my phone DOES NOT WORK. Properly at least. What I mean is that when I double click to find my phone it just keeps ringing on and on. However the moment I open my phone and go to the tile app my phone begins to ring. I think this complete ruins the whole concept of finding my phone with the tile, as in order for my phone to chime it needs to first be unlocked. I kept testing this again and again and each time I try it doesn’t work until I actually open my phone. I would truly appreciate if this was looked into because in many cases prior to this, I lost my phone and needed to find it fast but couldn’t. Thank you for you time
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4 years ago, U2skifan
Battery drain
If you set this app to function the way it is intended expect a huge battery depletion. I accidentally left it open today and it drained 42% battery on my device in the background. What good is it to have tiles if my phone is dead when I go looking for them so I can’t ring them? I understand the desire to keep track of things but with how infrequently I use the app, I think it uses way to many resources. They should consider different throttling options to allow people the choice on how much it drains with transparency of how it will affect performance. Right now I have to limit location to just when using, Keep the app closed, and turn off background refresh, although I think it would be better to not have to shut it down completely, but have options in the app that maybe allow a range of how frequently it checks for connected tiles so that it can still do is job but not be a burden on the phone.
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7 years ago, Abelrm
Tile Saves Time and Stress
In all seriousness I lose my keys, wallet and to a lesser degree, my phone all the time. I’m also pretty Type A/high strung. Nearly every morning buying before tile I would run late and freak out about my keys and now I just always use Tile and it solves the problem ASAP - no time, no stress. I also love the GPS functionality and the fact that I can ding my phone from my keys (had to do that a few times too). I’ve had Tiles for over 3 years now. Love their long battery and the fact that they offer you retile discounts and reminders. Will say that some of my older model ones will once in a blue moon not ring and just “buzzz” but overall couldn’t be happier. It’s loud enough to hear in a large house if you just walk around to find it. love love love - great product that I really use - can’t wait to upgrade to the newer sport models, once I do my next retile,and see if they’re even louder!
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2 years ago, Vic198273645
Not reliable at all.
I will not purchase anymore. I get too many alerts that I left one of my tiles behind when I have it with me. And when I do leave something behind, the alert comes way too late. It does not alert me until I am about 4-5 miles away. When I have use one to find my iphone, my iPad usually starts ringing instead, and I’m unable to stop the alert with the tile. I have to get my iPad out of my backpack, open it, and then turn it off. Very annoying to me as well as anyone that has to listen to it. I wish there was a way to select which device is alerted when I press the tile or at least alert all of them. And the location of the tiles is not always accurate either. I lost my keys one time and the Tile App said it was in the parking lot at an apartment complex that I passed by on my way home. When all along they were in my friends car. I left them when she dropped me off at my house. But the last location was not at my house. And then I lost my wallet and could not find it because the battery had died.
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5 years ago, Giwana
3 stars for the product
The tile itself is really great. I love it, and have many of them. I was excited when they introduced the one with replaceable batteries, so I don’t have to spend $25 each year to get a new one. But the app uses a ton of battery life. Way too much. The last few nights, I wake up and my phone is at 20-30%. I thought that this was because somebody bumped it off the wireless charger by accident or something. But this afternoon I looked at the battery usage on my phone and saw that it actually was plugged in the whole time, but for some reason the app was using so much battery that the charger couldn’t keep up. This doesn’t make any sense to me, it would have to be using a lot of power for that to be possible, but it happened. I understand that for the whole crowdsourcing thing to work, you need it to run in the background, but this is too much. I don’t know why all of a sudden it’s been using so much, but I turned off background app refresh and I suggest anyone reading this does the same.
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3 years ago, Annoyed Facepalm
Very annoying pushy “markety” app
App tries way to hard to sell you on a plan. It limits your location history if you don’t buy the plan, which makes no sense since it doesn’t require any additional effort (ie servers and/or processing power) from Tile in order for my own phone to remember the tiles’ location history. It’s like when Verizon used to charge you a monthly fee in order for your OWN phone to calculate its gps location, which ended in a class action. I’d understand if it was a free service but I’m already paying a fortune for what is basically a Bluetooth modem connected to a crappy tamagotchi speaker. Worst of all, the app is absolutely obnoxious about trying to get you to give it location access “always.” If I understand the limitations of not giving it access (ie subpar location history, which is not that great anyways if I don’t want to pay the subscription), then stop pestering me every time I open the app. FYI literally this is the only app on my entire phone that wants location access “always.” Even Google maps these days seems to be ok with “while using”.
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2 years ago, Shurrrl
Life saver
This thing is a life saver! Okay maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but it’s definitely a sanity saver! I lose things all the time, always have. In the 80s when pagers were a thing, I used to say, I need a pager for my keys, my wallet, my glasses, my backpack, whatever I was constantly losing at the time. I finally got smart and started putting things in the same place but still manage to lose them when my husband or one of the kids borrows my car keys or moves things when straightened up, etc. my daughter gifted the Tile to me a couple of Christmases ago and it’s been the best gift I’ve ever received! I’ve replaced the batteries only once in the couple years I’ve had them, and I’ve bought a few more for other items. As I’ve gotten older, losing things in my house is only getting worse! 🤷🏻‍♀️ Thankful for the Tile!
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4 years ago, Successfulshe
I have a love-hate relationship with my Tiles. I love them when they work and I hate it when they don’t. And unfortunately they don’t work quite often. I don’t get it. Sometimes they can connect superquick other times I have to push the button and push the button and push the button and push the button restart it and push the button and eventually it’ll connect. Sometimes the sound goes off. Sometimes the sound doesn’t go off. Seriously don’t get it, meaning not sure what the magic formula is for the dog gone thing to work but they seem to do this across-the-board on all my tiles and I have quite a few. Replacing the battery doesn’t help. UGGBut I won’t give them up because when they finally do connect I am super Duper excited to find my keys, wallet, or whatever else I got it connected to. I’m hoping the tile or somehow fix these issues and or Sumen will create a better tracking device. Because given as many times as I missplace my keys, I am their ideal customer. :)
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1 year ago, BSHoser
I’ve been using these products for many years. Initially I found the standard ones to be lacking as far as volume was concerned and when those wore out, I moved to the higher level Sport tile which had a louder volume. I currently use the Pro and now that I am in my later 60’s I find that lacking sufficient volume. Were it not for younger ears helping me the battery would surely die before I find it. I have 6 TIles operating currently phone, keys, In fairness they have helped me find my keys (quickly) many times in the past. I seem to need the Tile more these days but if you can’t hear it when it is 5 feet away but covered by a blanket, why have it? In 30’s, 40’s and 50’s I’d give it 4 maybe even 5 Stars. In my late 60’s it drops to 3 Stars. Funny but the request to review this comes on a day I’m looking for my wallet. Tile says it in the house earlier today and it finds a weak signal then loses it. Argh! Still searching as I hit send for this review.
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6 years ago, Rob-the-Paddler
More than I bargained for!!
I am well known in my family for misplacing things, so one of my sons got me a few Tiles for Christmas 2015. They and the App have been helpful locating items around the house but then I lost my keys at Newark Penn Station on December 5, 2017. The App reported the last location and I went back and searched to no avail. I thought that was the end it, but then on January 4, 2018, the Tile App notified me that they were detected in Hoboken Terminal (a completely different train line and a place I would have never checked). It turns out that they were turned in to the terminal’s Lost & Found 2 days after I lost them and the day before I filed a Lost & Found report with the train line. (So much for the efficacy of their database!) We got the keys back because the Tile App detected my 2 year old Tile, even though it was long past its replacement date. I am very impressed!
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4 years ago, Elizabiscuit
Very inconsistent
My husband and I loved Tile in the beginning (about 3 years ago)- we bought tiles for family members and got backups for ourselves. Luckily we never needed to actually use the find function-we never lost anything! But in the last year there has been a few occasions where we did have the need to locate keys, and using the green “find” button on the app for that particular item didn’t appear. We shut phones off and on. We deleted and reinstalled the app. We checked the batteries. Sometimes it would be successful and just as often was not. I have taken to testing the app-just seeing if the find buttons would appear on either of our phones. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t. It’s like a disappearing act. And of course when we really needed to find, say, the keys- no “find” buttons would appear. It’s been frustrating to say the least. If one is panicking to find the keys and it seems like you should be able to rely on a simple push of a find button to have the Tile play its little tune, it is maddening that this investment in security would fail.
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6 years ago, jdexe
Too much in-app selling
Bought a set of 4 Tiles to track family keys—even with a Black Friday discount, I spent $100. And what do I find at every turn within the app that manages these pricey little baubles? Relentless advertising for the premium service, on page after page. -Trying to familiarize myself with the app, I encountered ad pages and boxes littering the space, making it hard to find actual functions. - When I chose Dismiss on some top-of-page promotions, rather than Remind Me Later, the same promotion reappeared every time I returned to that page of the app. - Even on the Settings page, half of the first screen is filled with Premium options, rather than the settings I needed, which were shunted onto a second screen. This really turns me off. I paid no little sum for this bit of tech, and though I appreciate their need to promote their services, I am very annoyed at the heavy advertising hand that slows down and muddles my ability to use the tool I just paid for. After all, once you’ve set up your Tiles, you are only in the app at points of impatience and frustration. A month from now, when I’m looking for keys a teenager abandoned in a backpack somewhere in the house, I am not going to stop to pay a company $20-30 for...anything. Extra location tracking or extra usernames at that point will be beside the point—I will just want the bloody keys. An ad that gets in my way will just make me crazier.
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