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User Reviews for Time Buddy - Easy Time Zones

4.76 out of 5
12.5K Ratings
6 years ago, Master-and-Commander
Extremely useful and stable
This app delivers as promised with all advertise functions. It’s simple, clean layout, easy to use, and well thought out. Even if you don’t have the need for this type of tool or function (as many of us do in today’s business climate), having this application at your finger tips (the moment you do need it) is well worth it. While most smart phones have a similar function, and that good thing, the smart phone function is not as clean and takes a few steps to see what you need. If you choose to install Time Buddy, take a moment and add a few major city time zones, say; San Francisco, Denver, Nashville, and New York. You can also add a few countries where companies like DirectTV, AT&T, or Dell out sources their support to. Frankly I wouldn’t do business with any company sending our jobs overseas, but if you do, it’s nice to see the time zone; New Delhi (India) or Manila (Philippines) would be a good start.
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4 years ago, vicky!1
I never review anything...
I never submit reviews for apps, but this one def deserves it. I pay for the $30 annual subscription and it’s worth every penny. I work in international business and I’m constantly having to schedule meetings with my team and clients moving all around the world. This makes it so easy and assuring that I’m selecting the right time frame for my meetings. Also helps me tremendously when I’m abroad and I’m trying to schedule stuff back in the States. Just in general helped me memorize some of the key time zones just because of visual ease of the layout in the app. My only gripe is that online I only get 2 groups, whereas in the app I seem to get many many more, and they’re easier to manager. I wish the groups I made in the app synced back to the website version. But this review is for the app - which I just couldn’t do business without - so 5 stars!
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3 years ago, Mcmmimi
I teach students from around the world.
This app has helped me be more competitive. When I receive an assignment email from my customer, I have to respond quickly, to say whether I’m available. I have to check my calendar to see if my yearly schedule is clear for the time the student wants to meet on a weekly basis; I have to make sure I consider the time zone differences; and make sure I don’t accept a student whose best time in my worst. All of this has to be done in seconds! Before Time Buddy, I lost out on assignments because I couldn’t calculate the time difference fast enough to respond before another contractor. Now, I miss a few, but not as many. I’m sure my competitors are using Time Buddy too!
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2 years ago, erfundengeist
Must-have for business & gaming
I have recommended this app so much that I started adding disclaimers in group messaging that I am not a salesman. - Clean, easy to use & read interface. NO TYPING needed! - Can add folder system for different uses, up to 10 zones each. - Organize as you please. No forced, pre-set rules. - Can also be set as a widget. - Option to list time in native formats very helpful when authoring foreign correspondence. - Shows you which time zones fall into separate dates. I wish I could have had this years ago, my only complaint is that there is currently not a desktop version as well. Worth every penny!
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1 year ago, Need a New MessagingApp
Living abroad & online teaching
I live in Europe with family in 2 different US time zones. I also teach online with students from China and the Middle East. It gets a little crazy with so many different times zones to consider, especially when traveling or when the US has its time change (of course a couple of weeks before we do in Europe and China and the ME has no time changes at all), and when calculating new class times. This app is a life saver, as is the website. I couldn’t manage my teaching schedule without it. I’ve recommended it to other online teachers, too.
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2 years ago, Nello Lucchesi
Powerful Customization Options
Very nice to see personal calendars along side times in multiple cities. This make it easy to see potential schedule conflicts. Can create multiple “widgets” each with multiple timezones; recall or hide a widget with a tap! Different colors available for weekdays vs. weekend. Show or hide timezone names. Keeps track of US counties and states that do/don’t observe Daylight Savings Time. Automatically looks up timezone based on city name. (In the US this appears to work for cities with population of 30K and above.) Just wish that the city lookup included even smaller towns.
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5 years ago, Malfunctious
Just what I was looking for!
Simple, clear and easy to adjust to the next time indications you need. It was exactly what I was looking for, in order to easily keep track of the varying times that I need to “check in” with a young son who is traveling by himself abroad. I tried 2 other apps before, but found both unnecessarily confusing and difficult to use. My son is traveling a lot while a foreign student in Istanbul, Turkey. His family and most friends are in the United States. This app has become a safety feature for him, so that someone always knows where he is and he’s off to next. Woo-hoo!
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2 years ago, Chic247
Time Buddy Is a Great Tool
I’ve relied on Time Buddy for several years now, and it’s never let me down. I work with customers and employees across the U.S. and Canada, and Time Buddy is my go-to confirmation that I’m not setting up meetings, training classes or making calls when it won’t work for those in other time zones. Personally, I use it so I don’t call family members out west, too early. ;) I like it that I can add multiple locations and change them as needed, and the app saves them as I’ve set them up. I highly recommend it.
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3 years ago, SEANOKANA
I hardly ever review
This should stay 5 stars forever... we’re in Guam and we work with people all over the world. I got tired of counting and doing math to figure out the times with the worry of scheduling incorrectly and missing a meeting. This has made it SOOOO EASYYYYY to schedule. Not only will it help you find the correct times for each time zone at the given time, it will also allow you to schedule it from the app!! It will pull up your calendar and enter into the information as well as leaving the converted time information in description. Amazing.
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2 years ago, clairelevier
A necessity for my job
I work in an international company and am coordinating meetings for customers and clients around the world. Being able to have multiple time zones lined up and knowing that these timings are accurate is a massive help. I wouldn’t be able to do my job without Time Buddy. It’s also great that it stays up to date with Daylight Savings Time, and even has warnings about the time change a few days beforehand. I use this app almost every day at work, and don’t know where I’d be without it!
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3 years ago, Miko Snow Leo
Nice App, but would like to see one thing added
I’ve been using the app for about a year and have been liking how easy it is to use. Adding cities or removing them, is very easy to do. The one thing I would like to see added to the app is to have an option for dark mode, to compliment the setting for the iPad. The screen as it is can be somewhat blinding if you’re in a dark location and launch the app for something. Having the ability to switch to dark mode would be a nice addition to have. Otherwise, the app is still one of the best and easiest to use that is available.
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2 years ago, WeldonAndCrystal
Doesn’t try to be more than a tool
When I buy a wrench, it’s the perfect tool for the moment when I need exactly “a wrench.” Nowadays when you go to buy a “wrench” online (meaning, an online tool that has a specific purpose) usually the developers or business people try to make it a hammer and a screwdriver and a knife and a measuring tape all together. Time Buddy is a wrench and it doesn’t try to be anything else but a wrench. So I use it every single time I need to see when a time overlaps correctly for a call.
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4 years ago, ksnyde
Great UX; simple but highly effective
My wife and I both travel a lot and when my wife told me about the app I was ready to be underwhelmed. I mean I've seen a number of attempts at conveying this kind of info and they all seemed about the same. Well once I got over my cynicism I suddenly realized that everyone else had missed a trick. Stupidly simple but highly effective. Love it. If I had one gripe, especially on the iPad screen, I wish I weren't artificially limited by timezones. On the iPad there is still tons of free real estate but I'm capped at 10 timezone which I can monitor.
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4 years ago, akapte
Super app
I have clients around the globe and have frequent video conferences. Before I got this app, I’d have to look up local conventions for daylight savings time, US dates for daylight savings, 24 vs 12 hour time representation along with each city’s time zone. TimeBuddy takes care of all that. While my calendar app also deals with all that once a meeting is scheduled, TimeBuddy is invaluable when searching for mutually convenient times. Also, back when flying was a thing, it really helped keep track of connecting times in different airports.
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6 years ago, mediawolf
I work with clients all over the world. This app is indispensible. I can list multiple time zones and see how they line up throughout the day. It accounts for the date line as well as whether daylight savings is in effect in different regions, so I don't have to remember that 10am in Hawaii is 9am the next day in New Zealand. There's a web interface that syncs with the app and shows all my saved time zones. This app has lots of thoughtful extras, including the ability to see my Google calendars. Highly recommended. I haven't seen a better one.
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2 years ago, DenaliDrift
Frequent traveling digital nomad
If you’re a frequent traveling business person or digital nomad hopping from country to country and working from your laptop like I am, this app helps keep the sanity. I really couldn’t function my day without a nap like this. On any given day I am speaking with a half a dozen countries in different time zones and I’m always traveling every couple of weeks so it’s critical to get a quick fix on time. I give this app five stars for making my life much easier.
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2 years ago, App Store Hero
Thoughtful details
Many apps do the same thing, but this one nails all the details: extensive database of locations, editable location names, showing weekends in different color, etc. I especially appreciate the warnings of Daylight Saving Time changes a week in advance. And there’s a web-based version with the same interface too, which is nice when using my computer. The screen can be a bit busy, but that’s the tradeoff for displaying lots of details, which I appreciate.
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7 months ago, i812ht
Nothing Compares and I have test 5-10
This is such a practical and amazing way to view and manage the way that you look at time and the way you compare time both from how you anchor the home into a time zone that you want to see the perspective from as well as how you can line up for seeing how it will cross against multiple time zones. This is an amazing app. Wish they had a native app to the MacIntosh operating system, I would pay easily 100 bucks for that app
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7 months ago, Wml230
Super easy to use, great UI, very intuitive
Best timezone comparison app. Let's you at a glance see many zones, and you can customize the ones that are most important to you. I think the best feature is when you tap the exact time you want to compare, and then a visual comes up that marks the time across all your selected timezones and states the time for each. ALSO IT'S FREE AND HAS NO ADS!!!!!!!!! So grateful for this. The internet is becoming a circus of advertisements and this app is a blessed exception to the rule.
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1 year ago, Mrs. Emma Peel
A Writer’s Best Friend!
As a mystery writer who sometimes strays outside my time zone this app keeps me believable! It’s easy to use and it actually stirs me creatively. If I write about a specific time in the United States sometimes I will create a scenario in another time zone to thicken the plot! It’s like that Tower of Clocks at Sainte Lazare train station in Paris, it’s always there whispering what time it is in all parts of the world. So, put on your Aussie Hat, lace up your German hiking shoes, and pick up your Irish walking stick…you’re going on an adventure!
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3 months ago, ChristinaLibra23
I love it!!!
Time Buddy has been the best app for while I am traveling. I have to keep track of three time zones at a time. Why I live, where my projects are and where I am currently traveling in. The slider makes it easy for me to both see what the items are at the given time but also what the time will be for setting up zoom meetings. Some time differences are as much as 12 hours. Hands down this is the easiest app to use!!
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3 years ago, MilleniumQueen
Reliable with a wish
This is very helpful. Over Spring Forward in several parts of the world and over a few weeks, it was easy to see the red indicators of when hours were skipped in which cities and the aligning times in the cities that I chose. The wish I have is that the paid version lets you load more cities. I now have friends all over the world and the paid version doesn’t have unlimited access or a way to move them up and down. Thank you for reading this.
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3 months ago, Johnnychsn
Sooo Helpful!
I love this app! I live abroad and was having to calculate time zone differences when planning meetings. It was hard to keep up w for business let alone just trying to stay in touch with friends. Time Buddy has made life so much easier — I can see multiple locations times all in one place and also scroll to future times to confirm we’re all on the same page when to meet / talk. It’s a great simple app!
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3 years ago, GDE Free
Not participating in Daylight Savings
I live in an area where we don’t participate in daylight savings. It used to be fine but lately I can’t keep track of meetings in other locations especially now that so much has become Zoom. Timekeeper has been really helpful. I’m also working with a company in India so that helps me understand what daylight Time is so I can contact them to ask questions as needed. I really like having this app.
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2 years ago, ljweiden1
Great app if you frequently need to convert timezones!!
I work with people from all over the world so I'm constantly needed to figure out what time it is where, and this app is perfect for that! It's easy to use, the interface is super simple to read. I bought the pro version and it was definitely worth it! Although I do wish they would add more slots for times as even with the pro version i can only add 10.
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3 years ago, Dreamswithfaith
Easy to use
This app makes it so easy to schedule things across multiple time zones. I use it to figure out what time it will be at my parents house three time zones away. I use it to schedule meetings across America, Australia, and Cambodia. It is brilliant and I try to get all my colleagues to use it so I don’t have to be the only one who knows the time options for meetings! It is worth the extra money to have loads of time zones listed. You will be glad you did!
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3 years ago, Foobard
Great for working with global teams
Trying to coordinate with my global teammates can be challenging. I really like this app. Very helpful. My only wish at this point is that it would be easier or faster to switch between am/pm and 24hour. Or set an individual preference for each time zone. Sometimes I want to see 24hour and sometimes I want to see am/pm, and if I’m in the middle of a meeting, I want to easily and quickly see the information without fumbling around.
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2 years ago, Older user 52
Great app for figuring out time in other places
I use this to help me figure out what time it it is in Europe as I have family there. It’s really very helpful. The only thing I’d change is giving the option of a 24 hour clock since that’s what many other parts of the world use and it would be easier to coordinate times to talk, etc, if I could talk their time language. We spend a lot of time adding and subtracting. Otherwise it’s helpful and handy!
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1 year ago, Mark Edward Davis
You’ll Wonder How You Ever Lived Without It!
I added this simple app as a way to keep track of meetings and calls across different time zones. It does that, and more! Now I can propose meeting times and instantly see what time it would be for everyone involved. I’d tell you more, but I hope you’ve already downloaded it and you’ll find out everything for yourself. Beyond highly recommended!
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4 years ago, Daisy EMS💖
I love this app! 💖
This app is honestly so helpful! I am a Kpop Stan, so much of the content my favorite artists release is in KST; (Korean Standard Time) therefore I used to have to calculate or always look up what time that would be in my zone. After I found this app, it became much easier and efficient to know what time a release would be done, and I can even put it in my calendar or set a reminder/alarm to be able to enjoy the content as soon as it comes out. 😊💖
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5 years ago, Jellis629
Exactly what I’ve been looking for...
I’m regularly trying to set up calls with different people all across the world. Some websites and apps have ability to do time conversions, but they never it presented in the way I wanted. I would create my own in Excel, which could be a pain to maintain. The interface and presentation is absolutely perfect. I really can’t say enough good things about it. Thank you to whoever worked on this - I upgraded immediately after downloading. One request - maybe it’s been considered already (or maybe it’s even possible) - would love to have ability to add my chart to a Widget on my iPhone. It’s super handy as it is - but if I could add it as a Widget - I’d be so happy that I’d start screaming and wildly clapping my hands. Very well done with this app - thank you!
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3 years ago, AKted
Never misses a need
I have a business that global and my clients and I can’t afford to have time zones upset our work flow. I have used this app for many years for many different projects, operations, with a multitude of clients and have not had a single ‘missed call’ or ‘early/late meeting’ due to time errors. Most often I am referred to to help the group grapple with compatibility of meetings across datelines and time zones.
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4 years ago, Kdkhands
Never miss a call again because you couldn’t calculate time zones
I volunteer with a team scattered across a dozen time zones. I insist that every new team member acquire time buddy so that we don’t miss calls. This is iespecially useful as the seasons change because multiple countries go often on daylight savings time,creating great confusion during the shoulder seasons. I just wish I could put every city into the app instead of being limited to 10.
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9 months ago, PMcD772
The best I’ve found
I’m participating in a class with students from multiple time zones. Between classes we meet in pairs and have to arrange our own times. Time Buddy makes it easy to coordinate. I just need to know their closest city and my closest city, and Time Buddy does the rest. The shift between Daylight Savings Time and Eastern Standard Time and any seasonal shifts in time at their end are all accounted for. Thank you Time Buddy!
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3 years ago, AZairy
I Use It All The Time!
I love this app and the website. I’m always working and meeting with people from around the world. Not everyone thinks to tell you when they want to meet your local time, they usually refer to theirs. So on a weekly basis I’m constantly pulling up my time buddy app or website to figure out when the meeting will be in my local time. I’ve been using it for three years. It has definitely made life so much easier.
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4 years ago, Jinjarella
This app is perfect.
I frickin’ LOVE time buddy. I’ve used it for years, both the app and the website, and keep coming back to it. It has the best user interface for navigating schedules across multiple time zones of anything I’ve ever experienced. Search works seamlessly to pull in the locales I need, day scrolling makes it apparent whether a specific time overlaps multiple dates, it’s easy to add and remove cities... I have no complaints. This app is perfect.
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4 years ago, jddc3
I never review apps and rarely recommend them to others, but this app is indispensable for anyone who travels internationally or has to schedule meetings with clients overseas. Interface is the easiest I’ve seen, and it makes it a breeze to figure out what time it is on the other side of the world, even half asleep and jet lagged. I have recommended this app to many of my colleagues and friends who travel like I do, and we all find it a lifesaver.
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1 year ago, DonCarreto
The Best!
Man! I usually don’t make the time to write a review on applications regardless of their functionality and easy to use features because I have a constant hectic agenda however “Time Buddy” is my best friend having to work with different teams in multiple time zones all around the world it has been a life changer. I love you Time Buddy can’t wait to see your evolution as an application.
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5 years ago, jalalaram333
Very helpful and simple
The app is simple and intuitive. I am daily in meetings with colleagues across the glob. I used to try to remember the time difference and count or have to take multiple steps in the calendar to see if the times are appropriate to all. Now I can visually see in one step and one view the times/dates across multiple countries and scroll back and forth to any day and time. Very helpful! Recommended!
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1 year ago, Mark FBCEG
Simple, easy and no surprises
I first started using this app when I was touring through Italy and Greece, and needed to know instantly what time it was in California and New York, so I could stay in sync with my customers. Now I am using it to know when to reach to to my friends traveling abroad. Using it to know when I can call my friends traveling in the Philippines. I like it and recommend it!
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2 years ago, JennahC
You gotta impress me to get 5 stars
And impressing me isn’t easy! I work among many different countries and cultures- (meaning many time zones ) at a learning centre - I am constantly adding or subtracting to find the time because of the differences - free and paid versions are awesome (depending on the need). I definitely recommend to people who work or who have friends/ family outside the time zone they are
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3 years ago, Sir V Sir V
Does its job perfectly
This is one of those rear abs that does exactly what it says it will do, and it does it perfectly. Very important to note: it shows you a scrolling bar of time. It doesn’t just tell you what time it is now, the wide scrolling bar allows you to look up what time it will be in the future if you’re trying to set up an appointment with someone else in another time zone.
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5 years ago, bekkii88
Great time difference app
I'm terrible figuring out what time it is in the USA while living in Japan. I just put in my friends and families cities and I can quickly see their time. You can also advance to the time you want to see in those cities, this is helpful when you need to contact a business so you'll know what time you can call them. I use it way more often than I thought I would.
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5 years ago, FayeWalker954
Takes the guess work away
The way the information and time table is visually designed takes out the guess work of trying to figure out how many hours to add or subtract when converting time!!!! Just add in the location and scroll to the left or right to find the converted time you need. The multiple days feature is an added BONUS!!!
Show more
10 months ago, Mz7727
The app does what it promises
An app that does what it promises to do all that I require. If it does more than that it is even better and it give me that extra desire to recommend it to others. The ones that are just basic and do not strive to do even more are not appealing to me. I never give a maximum score to an app because I feed that it might reduce the designers desire to do even more or go the extra mile or kilometer.
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4 weeks ago, scooterguy
Covering the international bases
I work with several international organizations and international boards whose members are scattered around the globe. Scheduling meetings used to be a time nightmare with many attendees getting times wrong. This tool has allowed for unexpectedly good time synchronization and an awareness of each members time zone. Now our meetings are well attended and always planed with everyone’s schedules known.
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4 years ago, Muffeny
Military family
Being a military family that every few years moves to another time zone, sometimes international time zones, this app is handy to quickly see what time it is where friends and family are before you wake them up at 2am. The app also helps when someone asks me to call them at a particular time in reference to their perspective time.
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9 months ago, Jazzmusic18
Straight Forward
This app is so easy to you. I love that I can have multiple time zones available to see all at once. This definitely helps me since I volunteer on a team that has people from all over the world. Thanks for making the user experience a breeze and the user interface clean and easy on the eyes.
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2 years ago, Kallir00
What more do you expect from a buddy
I have used my time buddy for work and personal needs. I have saved time and energy using my time buddy app. The coolest thing is the slider across the time slots. When ever I travel I use this app to explain to my family the different time zones and times, I’ll be in. What more do you expect from a buddy! Thanks
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3 years ago, london is calling
Making life easier
This app has as been one of my most useful. The app makes setting up meetings with our global team a lot easier. At a glance I can check different time zones. If you work with team members scattered around the world or even just in the USA it will save you a lot of frustration. If you travel it is a must.
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