Time Doctor

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Current version
Mystaff.com LLC
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Time Doctor

2.75 out of 5
28 Ratings
2 years ago, Mountain Man Joe
So much potential yet so far to go
This app and company has so much potential to truly be great! However all their software is buggy and works sporadically. The mobile app is basically unusable for trying to manage remote workers and stay on top of time worked. If only works for starting/stopping a timer, nothing more. If you need any other functionality besides that, then you have to use a computer.
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6 years ago, Xgyrl
Known to Duplicate Time Tracked
We were thrilled to find an app that would track all of our remote contractors time in one place. That excitement turned to horror when one of our contractors noticed that their time was not being tracked properly and in fact was duplicating their time. If it was not for that person’s honesty we might have unknowingly paid our team for more time than they had actually worked. When we asked Time Doctor how this has happened they told us only that it was a known issue and they were working on a fix. No offer to help us review nearly 6 months of back data to figure out whether we had overpaid our team at any point during our use of the software. Unhappy with the apparent lack of transparency, concern or offer to make things right, we immediately stopped using the app. I asked that our account be cancelled on Feb 1st. I specified that I wanted our credit card removed from their database as well. Yesterday another charge was applied to our company card. I wouldn’t recommend this company to anyone based on our experience.
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8 years ago, Jon Munson
Great for managing time spent on fixed fee projects
I am a financial advisor and typically bill my clients on a fixed fee. It is very important to track my time spent on each client project to determine my profitability on the fixed fee arrangement. Time Doctor works good to accomplish this. I prefer the iPhone app to track time as opposed to the computer-based timer since I spend a lot my time in meetings and away from my computer desktop. I am glad I found this app. Monthly fee is reasonable based on the benefits I receive.
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4 years ago, Stupa fly
Horrible User Interface
This is the most unintuitive user experience I’ve had for a software in a long time. Nothing is where you expect it. You can’t find simple information like a breakdown of individuals for each team member by project. Does this even exist in your platform? They could solve a lot of their problems if they’d just do a little usability testing. Just watch new people try to use the platform and you’ll easily see all your problems. Trying to find help is the most frustrating of all. There are no tutorials in the user dashboard, only a help bot that doesn’t respond on weekends. The help videos on You Tube are all outdated. Thought I’d try this for my agency, but too discouraged to deal with it. Moving on....
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2 years ago, CoryDHamilton
Recommend as Web Application Only
iPhone and iPad apps are clunky with pared down features. I will use the desktop application or web application only.
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1 year ago, Blortski
Can’t login
I can login by web, but the app login is completely broken.
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1 year ago, C.L. Crocker
The wasted potential here is depressing
I have never written a review on an app before until this one… The reason is likely because I’ve never encountered a tool with so much potential, yet such an unsatisfactory user experience. If you just want to see the problems I’ve encountered, skip to the numbers at the bottom. What drew me in: - I needed a tool that would help me keep track of how my time was exactly being spent during the day. I manage assets for approx 500+ clients, provide fractional family office services to HNWI, sit on several NFP boards, and have some hobbies that require a decent chunk of my time, and have a personal life…or at least try to. What I loved: -I found time doc after looking into 3 other potential solutions. Time doc caught me when I found the project and subproject folder features…I fell in love. I could create project folders for general executive tasks, track time spend on individual clients, time spent on long term ROI generating projects to assess profitability…the list goes on Why I’m writing this review: The bliss came to a quick end. These are the reasons. Why… 1. After a day or so, I noticed that the platform is quite glitchy on desktop. Slow, glitchy, simply not enjoyable at all. This continued for a about a week or so until I just said F it and went back to the drawing board. 2. A rep from time doc reached out welcoming me to the platform and offered an intro call. I was like, “okay, the program is a pain in the A to use but I’ll give them a shot. I already invested about 2hrs inputting data on the platform so what’s another 20 or so mins…maybe I’ll have a change in heart. Nope! The time we scheduled for the call came and went. No call, nothing. No communication. This tool is solving a priority problem so I made sure to have the time cleared for the call. Wasted. 3. That experience in bullet 2 is from yesterday. I thought it over and looked more into the company after work today and find they have an app. Maybe this will solve the problem! Nope! App is unaccessible. Tried 6 times, no luck. I’m not even upset with the company (other than the meeting no show…but it is what it is at the end of the day) instead, I’m simply disappointed with the potential that they are wasting. They’ve built a solid chassis but that’s it. No engine, no body, no wheels. It’s disappointing. I wish them the best…and would consider coming back as a client if these problems are addressed.
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8 years ago, BusyBee12
Helps me track my team
Hoping the app keeps adding more functions from the website. Even as is, great to see who on my team is working and what are the working on.
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11 years ago, Luke Avedon
The greatest software of all time
Time Doctor is a godsend. The benefits to ones life and productivity are amazing. The only horrifying part is when you see how little high priority work you actually get done in a day ( maybe I should speak for myself) Even better, this thing cures workaholism. Instead of working all the time I now have PROOF that taking time to meditate, go to the gym, etc. lets me spend more time on high priority tasks and cross off more to do items. ---Luke Avedon Irvine, CA
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11 years ago, Fhfjhhf
Time Doctor
iPad version is wonderful. I have used this program on my last droid device. It has never disappointed me. It offers so much. I love it
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8 years ago, Icycombina
Great app, still needs work though.
I love your software. But the only thing lacking thus far is the ability to see screenshots on mobile app of the workers. Make that happen! :)
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9 years ago, GoodDudeNY
Absolute Trash
This app worked adequately until an update about two weeks ago. After that completely dysfunctional. Won't synch with the website; closed tasks start timing again when I hit play; I had one situation where 5 tasks were all timing simultaneously. There were scores of other problems. DON'T SPEND YOUR MONEY. THE APP DOESN'T WORK.
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11 months ago, Vlas Barabas
Can not login only iOS
Can not login with my iPhone. Shows error wrong password or mail. But it’s correct. Ok with my android phone. Also live chat on website doesn’t work(
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9 years ago, Renny Antoni Roberts
Simple yet effective
Good app. Works well with the online software. Would be nice to have an app for the administrator as well.
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