Time Off

4.7 (512)
42.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Meta Section, LLC
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
9.2 or later
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User Reviews for Time Off

4.69 out of 5
512 Ratings
4 years ago, wakkoroti
Works Great. Accrual Year Range Set?
Overall the app works great. Question though about accrual. My company gives me 25 days of vacation per year, they apply those hours over about 47 weeks instead of 52 (I don’t accrue on the last 5 weeks of year). Is there a way to account for this in the app? Feature Request? :)
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5 years ago, aconibel
This app needs work
This app has a great interface and looks great, but there’s no way to manually enter accurate leave amounts based on what I have and how accrual works for my job. For example, my employer’s sick leave policy is that there is no maximum for sick leave accrual per year. We also begin accumulating sick leave from our date of hire and there is no limit to the time we are allowed to begin using it. Furthermore, our annual leave accrual maximum has decimals. With the way that this app works, there’s no way to do that. When I tried to adjust my times for leave, it gave me some crazy, inaccurate number and trying to fix that was a debacle. The math was WAY off. So, unless you work for an employer whose leave policies fit into a cookie cutter, this app is likely not for you.
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9 months ago, StephReads
Can’t thank you enough. Our time at work is all added and subtracted manually by one overworked person. This app helps both of us, and works perfectly.
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12 months ago, Reycuba89
Great app, but needs a few improvements
This app is great. It makes it easy to track your time off at work. My main recommendation is accessibility and the UX design. The app is not fully accessible with voiceover and does not have text labels on the bottom tabs. having only images for tabs with no text leaves users, guessing what the tab titles are.
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4 years ago, Parchasermatt22
This is a GREAT app!!
Very happy with this app. It is perfect for my needs and works flawlessly for tracking my leave balances at work.
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5 years ago, Steve Medici
Update review - FIVE years to respond to a review?
I was just notified that the developer responded to my comments from five years ago. It would have been best to not bother. That’s half a decade. That’s long enough to bear a child who is attending prekindergarten now. Better late than never does not apply after this long. Customer service = zero stars. App became useless. Now that we have an update, it deleted my entire year's worth of information. Not happy.
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4 years ago, annoyed with stuff not working
Problems from the start
In sure this could be a good app.... if you could sign up for a account.... I entered my name and email then tried to make a password and the thing wont let you type one in then says you have to create a password. Again not letting you enter anything. Even tried to delete and re install the app but no luck
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6 years ago, app832674
Version 4 is an incredible update
Really stable and less steps to take Time Off.
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6 months ago, Rainymadman
Works great
This app is awesome I tried a few this one works the best for me
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7 years ago, KC-473
Must have!
Keeping track of vacation couldn't be easier. Requesting vacation is simple. Sick days are tracked too. I gave it four stars because it lacks available vacation when future vacation is planned. Remaining vacation doesn't reconcile when determining available vacation. **Edit** I've reduced my rating from 4 to 3 stars. Cloud backup is by subscription after trial period ends. I have my own cloud service which is not permitted with this app.
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12 years ago, Fastfocus12
Very good app and thanks for it!
Highly rated for working consistently every time from my iPhone 4S without bugs, hangs, or lost data. I have successfully tracked and planned my benefit days all year using this app exclusively. It's extremely beneficial to show my wife how concise the information is displayed, calculated, and summarized so we don't over or under utilize my "use or lose" benefit. It's flexible to update changes to benefit time allowed and the calculations will adjust automatically under remaining time. I don't suggest withholding a ratings comment for what this app is in lieu of using a standard feature request for what it could be; i.e. different platforms or program options. I wanted a lightweight and accurate app to track benefit time and its delivered solidly every time for the intended market.
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10 years ago, Bear Tavern
Very useful
Gives a quick, straightforward way to record, request, and review multiple categories of toile off. It's my first point of reference when planning vacation time. Much more reliable and easier to use than my employer's online system. Just one feature request—a way to plan time off in the next fiscal year while still tracking the current year.
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13 years ago, Scuba Rich
Instant aggravation
Set up job. Entered in time off per year. Tried to enter week I already took so amount of PTO is accurate. App tells me I can't enter time for previous year. Hmmmm. Not a good start - not entering wierd stuff, just trying to put in time I took off 2 months ago (in the same year) to have an accurate display ... App has potential, but useless to me if can't even set it up without bugs. Like someone else stated in a review...needs to accrue by pay period. Even if I could set it up I get the impression it will have severe limitations to those with all but the simplest time tracking needs. It also seems (but I can't tell for sure) to want to roll over time based on the calendar year. That works for some things, like floating yearly holidays...but some PTO time revolves around hire date. Since the app didn't ask for that I have a bad feeling it will have very limited flexibility. I'll be on the lookup for fixes and will change my rating accordingly. Oh, and a note to the dev. The pop up dialog that occurs when you try to enter time off that asks if I want to continue or cancel? What is that for ? I can hit ok and the next screen prompts me to answer essentially the same thing. What is the point if asking me twice.
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9 years ago, assault_is_eternal
Now even better, but…
I like everything about this update. However, at least once or twice a year my phone gets a problem (usually after a new version of iOS gets pushed out) and the solution is always “erase the phone and start over from scratch" or "delete your apps”. I’m tired of meticulously putting in my data only to lose it later because there is no iCloud support. Sure, you can back up to an Excel file (which is nice), but there is no way to import it back into Time Off.
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10 years ago, SemoTech
Excellent and almost Perfect
I love the look and functionality of this app. It clearly shows that the developer has put a lot of thought and work into it. Only thing missing is an automatic "carryover" feature. As in the ability to specify and automatically roll over the maximum allowed number of days or hours to the next fiscal year. In this way there is no need for manual entry of carryover data. This would make the app perfect. If the developer's reading this, please add this feature. Thank you for a great app.
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13 years ago, Mighy Mark
Great App to keep track
There is no comparison application on the apple store market to this beauty....Hands down excellent ui and excellent features that will keep me on track with your sick, vacation and personal days from work. Will make sure you are very welll organized...A must have no doubt. The developer responds quickly to the slightest issue...Need I say more
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10 years ago, Iancass79
Needs work
I bought this app so that I could keep better track of my sick and vacation time. I had high hopes for it, but for me, it's not usable at its current state. I have a job that I accrue vacation and sick time monthly not annually. I also have a second job that I accrue vacation time annually on an anniversary date but also get a set amount of time for certain holidays. I wish this app was smart enough to at least add "X" amount of hours each month on its own by rules set by me. If it did this, I would be able to use it and would give it more stars.
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10 years ago, RoshuaJogers
Love the update!!
I've been using this app for 2 years and it works like a charm. Great at tracking multiple types of PTO, report generation, generate PTO request emails...simple and straightforward. I'm so glad I kept this app on my phone even though the interface was dated...now it's all new and fresh again! I'd like to see it add Evernote as an export option for year-end reports. 5 thumbs up! LOL :-D
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12 years ago, KJ1028
Amazing App
This is a wonderfully intuitive app!! Great graphics, easy to use and the freedom to use from anywhere. You don't have to be tied to emailing your request for time off, you simply tap a few buttons and off to your supervisor it goes. It does everything it promises and more! It's a must have app for me.
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11 years ago, Frustrated_2_much
Absolutely Love It!
There aren't many apps available and kept to date to keep track of time off. This app lets you decide what type of off time to select. The report is great! And the end of year cleanup works like advertised. I just love it! In future would love to see an iPad version and sync with iCloud would make it perfect. Good job...
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8 years ago, iTuner2909
Big Fan
This is so much easier (for me) than using an excel spreadsheet to track my PTO. I can keep my boss updated easily with this. I love the report formatting. The only downfall is that the reports say "Fiscal Year" at the top - our PTO is based off of the CALENDAR year (not the fiscal year). I can't find a way to eliminate the "fiscal year" heading from the reports. This app would be perfect if we could get rid of that heading.
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12 years ago, PeeLou
Nice App!
Just what I needed. I really like that I can email my supervisor a time off request directly from the app. If you get a set amount of days off a year, it's perfect. If you accrue time then this might not work for as well for you. I am sure an update for this is coming soon. One to watch.
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11 years ago, Cspradlin
Looking good, but needs a few things
This app is great. Tracks everything and does what it says. And it is easy to use. We need the ability to renew sick and vacation time at different times. My vacation year and my sick and personal time renew at different times. Also we need an iPad version, and the ability to have the data sync to all devices. Great app, keep it up.
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8 years ago, scottyman
AMAZING! Great to see more new features!
The updated design is clean and simple and I'm particularly excited about some of the new features like cloud syncing and advanced accrual. There are a few smaller details that are nice as well, like PDF reports, and additional leave types. It's a great app that keeps getting better.
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12 years ago, Skywalker627
Great app!!!
This app does exactly what it says with a nice clean interface. Would be nice to have a little more to it like time tracker/time clock also. I would like that since I work a ton of OT and would like to track it thru the year. Overall app does exactly what it says, and does it with style!
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12 years ago, TheMaximusPrime
Almost perfect...
This application is very nice looking, and it does exactly what it claims too. One feature I'd love to see is accrual time. I earn time every month and if the app could calculate that it would earn five stars. Another bonus feature would be if they added syncing via iCloud. It would be nice to have the data consistent across all my iOS devices.
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12 years ago, xspetite
Just OK
I have vacation days but sick hours. Needs to have the option to change between the two. Other than that, it's a good tool to track vacation/sick time. Also, my sick time is accrued depending on my hours worked, typically and maxing out at 80 hours a year with it rolling over to the next. It would be nice to set it to calculate this automatically somehow.
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10 years ago, kennlucas
Not Enough Settings
The app has no option to turn off "supervisor" settings. I don't need that. So why do I have to choose an option there? I should be able to turn that off in settings and save a step. Why do I have to choose the job on launch? I only have one job entered. Why does the app not start me where I need to go? Why is the order of entries not descending? The most recent date should be at the top. Or at least let me choose for myself. Too many things that cause wasted effort and time wasted. Add settings so users can use the parts of the app we need and turn off the BS that we don't. The more I use it, the more stars I remove! Why does it not tract by accrual? I want to know what I have accrued as of today. Not what is left in the year.
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10 years ago, iToNeG
Great for tracking time off but needs some updates to be 5 stars
Nice user interface update. Please add option to remove request from supervisor pop up. If user inputs start date and number of days, automatically data fill end date. Have sync to iCloud n input data into iphone calendar. I contacted developers, hopefully I get a response and we see possible updates.
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9 years ago, Seas_Sempiternal
Not what I wanted
The idea and the look of this app is great.. Unless you are someone like me who gets 4hours every month on a certain day. This app is designed for people who get their hours for the year up front and is basically just to subtract from that until the fiscal year is up. Need to make the app to where you can also do monthly hours instead of just annual.
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9 years ago, drmacmike
Great app and easy to use
This app is very easy to use and effective. My work show remaining time off in hours. So I enter that time in as hours. Then when I ask for time off I ask off in days. The app easily switches between the two. The reports that this app generates are very nice. I would like to be able to move days from the "carry over" section to my normal days off section if I need to. Or at least copy the information from one to the other. Keep up the great work. Best money that I have spent on an app.
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12 years ago, frankster222
I'm giving this app 5 stars because I had a question and the developer got back to me under 24 hours. And the app is a simple way to keep track of time off.
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13 years ago, JasonGalicinski
The best App on my iPhone!! MUST BUY!!
This app is one of the best apps on my IPhone. It's designed so well and makes keeping track of your vacation time, sick days and personal days a breeze! It's a must have on your iPhone. Worth every penny!
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11 years ago, kkrnorth
Awesome app.
This was exactly what I was looking for...actually *more* than I was expecting. I only needed to track my time, this app goes a step further and allows me to send an email to my supervisor to request the time off. Good job!
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9 years ago, silentstardust
Just what I needed
Like others have stated it would be nice if it could also track accruals as well. We get a certain number of hours per month. But for me I like looking at the hours yearly. I rarely review my purchases for anything so for me to take this time to write a review means something.
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10 years ago, Schooleronies
Start Date needed
It's nice to be able to put in the fiscal year but you rarely start a job on that date. You also often don't have all your days available to you up front. It would be great if the app could prorate the amount of days off that you get in your first year and then show what you've accrued.
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12 years ago, Fourplustwo
Great Tool
Great app. Does everything it claims to do and displays it simply. Love the ability to run a report. Would like an option to track accrual time and a calendar. Could also use option to add a category for other time off i.e. comp time. I find it very useful in planning vacations,etc. Love it!
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13 years ago, ia_teacher
Good, but can be improved
This is a nice program and I would give it five starts if it had ONE small addition. I get a certain number of sick days per year but can only accumulate 135. This program will roll over unused days, but you can't set a maximum number. If it could do that it would be perfect!
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9 years ago, Hbfitness
Good idea but not what I need
This is designed with annual allocations in mind. For those of us that accrue every 2 weeks, it is more work than help. In an update, I would like to be able to: use multiple types of allocation, have automatic accruals that would require approval or correction before allocation, and near max accrual notifications so requests can be requested before deadlines. Great idea; needs mor refining for me, however.
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11 years ago, Halawakee
This is a much needed app
This is a simple to use & very functional application. It would be great to be able to add more categories. I have more than 6 that I need to track. I had to create two companies.
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11 years ago, Bettybuyin
Very functional app. I use it for all my work time off and have recommended it to all my friends who love it as much as I do. Thank you for making an app that meets all my time off needs and is so easy to use.
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8 years ago, Buffy72
Super useful app!!!
This app is perfect for tracking all my time off! So simple to use. I finally found a way to easily keep track of my vacation personal & sick days! Thanks for helping me stay organized!!
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11 years ago, Timelordjason
Need more
I like this app but it is not completely helpful. I need added a weekly addition. For instance i earn 2 vacation hours per week. ALSO please add a set limit to rollovers. Once i hit 30 days the rollovers stop. Hopefully this would be an easy addition and helpful to others. I will keep this app in hopes you can make it better
Show more
12 years ago, Barnsb
This is it!
I don't have time to write reviews but I gotta say: any other vacation time apps I've tried were overly complicated. This one is very simple, user friendly, intuitive and perfect! Nice UI!
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10 years ago, Scalt
Time Off is a solid performer to keep track of any type of days off. I add a note to be able to recap why I took the time. App has been on my first page for a couple of years.
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13 years ago, Keith Fischer
Very useful, great app
For first issue this is great. It looks good and the HTML report is beautiful. When accrual hours is added soon this will be a definite 5 star for sure. If you have a complaint don't post it with a one star, try writing your own app. Remember what you paid. This was well worth the $2. KC in AZ.
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13 years ago, ChiTownRed
Great time saver
The time this app will save me in running my payroll reports is worth more than the $2 I paid. So far the app is bug free and the interface is well thought out. Good job!
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13 years ago, Stime001
Useful App
The only thing holding me back from five stars is that I get all of my sick days and vacation days in hours... Not days. So it's a little funky to figure out days instead. Otherwise it's useful and easy to navigate which is a must in my book!
Show more
13 years ago, The40s
Scott... It's great. You did an awesome job, and I'm really proud about the results. This is completely new about anything available on iTunes. Overall the app is outstanding based on all the features. Congrats. Hermano Queiroz
Show more
13 years ago, 1859361
A solid app ideal for its purpose.
This app is impressive on a number of levels. The interface is fluidly intuitive. Some features, like the supervisor communication and rollover, were unexpected treats from a vacation tracker. I recommend it.
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