TimeKeeper - Smart Tracking

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Tobias Tiemerding
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5 years ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for TimeKeeper - Smart Tracking

4.03 out of 5
35 Ratings
2 years ago, Tita Teresita
Reliable but I would like more options
It would be helpful for me if I could collect hours for a specific address totaled up for my work week which begins on Monday and ends on Sunday. All I can find on this app is having access to weeks that begin on Sundays and send Saturdays. I really appreciate how I can count on the app to keep track of my hours at specific locations for me because it definitely helps me. It would be nice if there was other choices though. Thank you
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6 years ago, Poonedja
Reporting is useless for me
I have the pay version. I go to multiple different plants every week. But the time is only consolidated to each site, not in one week. There should be some ability to change that. Also the reporting is very very useless. My avg day in is at 8 but the reporting says 10 because of when I check back in from lunch. It doesn’t understand that feature. Exporting to a csv is worthless. Gives you 0 extra data you would want. Checking into the location is simple and straight forward which does work. Needs major work on the little things and then the app would work great.
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5 years ago, zeuphorix
Great app. I need one thing though!
Can we get an Apple Watch companion app. That would get you that last start lol
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6 years ago, Millerlightning
Perfect for me. I check it out at the end of the week or whenever and I know exactly how long I’ve spent at any given location, without me having to tap a thing. Plus when I did have a problem (apple off loading apps to make space on the phone) the response to my email was immediate and full of information. Got me right back on track. Thanks Timekeeper
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2 years ago, jessicahandy
WAS great
I have the paid version and on my old phone it worked great. On my iphone 13 i can’t figure out how to get the app to check me in at a location automatically. I have allowed all the permissions. The purpose of the app is so i don’t have to remember to check in. If i have to remember to check in at a location, I don’t need the app. And of course i have heard nothing back from the creator. I have deleted the app.
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4 years ago, Md_ad
Horrible app. Don’t waste your time or money
Requires way too many steps to “check in” & out. With the technology available, this app should know when you arrive at your identified” work location. For me, remembering to check in and then out was a pain. In my opinion, for average (or even above average user) It’s not very user friendly. Requires too many steps.
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5 years ago, AntonHaddad
Great app. Auto updates a check in and check out that displays by day. Wish that interface was had better design (easier on the eyes) but overall I love it.
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7 years ago, Mike:-)55
OK but not great
The app does exactly what it says it does but nothing more. You cannot change parameters for a location once it is set up. You also can’t see the actual times for a check in until you are clear of the location.
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4 years ago, big 10 Kt
Great idea ! Just doesn’t work
Great idea and I was excited that I found this app. But it doesn’t work for me , no way to edit locations and blends all location that week together ! And I emailed support 3 times in the last 10 day with no reply!!! Still would accept the help to fix the problem and would re rate this app , great idea!!!
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8 years ago, AM contracting
Great app!!!!
I think it is a great app!!! I would like it to be able to set the jobs from my phone and when my employees arrived on the job I would clock them in and I would be able to keep track of it from my phone. So all they would have to do is show up and it would clock them in when they got there and clock them out when they left. Then at the end of the week I could go on my phone and see their time and have proof of it. No more fudging on their time. If you can make that app I could sale it to everyone that does what I do.
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3 years ago, GLowAR
Unhappy with free version
Hard to use. Not intuitive enough
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8 years ago, Tiptoe1971
Had to understand!!😞
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8 years ago, Grnkouki240
Liked it (past-tense)
When I first downloaded this app, I really did enjoy the features of it. I went ahead and upgraded to the pro, and used it every single day for work up, until a year later. Once that your mark it, I was unaware of the fact of a renewal charge. Granted it's only $1.99, but I will only pay that one time. Looks like I will be finding another time keeper app.
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8 years ago, Reigengo
Do NOT buy the Pro version!!! Scam!!!
Even if you like the app don't buy the Pro version. They charge $1.99 for removing the ads!!! There is nothing else in Pro! And the scam is that the ads still pop up every time you launch the app and you have every time to hit "restore" to get rid of the ads... until you start the app again.
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12 years ago, Justastupidname
Way off
The geofence is way off I checks me in and I am a mile away at another job. I would not and can not trust this for my job tracking.
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