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User Reviews for TimePassages

4.89 out of 5
39.4K Ratings
11 months ago, Andyman......lol
Absolutely fantastic app
The Time Passages app is an absolute gem for astrology enthusiasts and history buffs alike. Its exceptional accuracy and wealth of great information make it a standout choice among astrology apps. The app's horoscope readings are remarkably precise, and its celestial insights offer a fascinating glimpse into the alignment of stars and planets at any given moment. Whether you're seeking daily guidance or a detailed analysis of your birth chart, Time Passages delivers with remarkable accuracy, leaving users in awe of its consistently spot-on interpretations. What truly sets Time Passages apart is its dedication to providing users with an abundance of historical astrological knowledge. The app presents captivating articles and tidbits about famous historical events and figures in relation to astrology, giving users a deeper understanding of how celestial phenomena have influenced human history. The user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation ensure a seamless experience while exploring the vast collection of astrological data. In summary, Time Passages is a wonderful and accurate app that seamlessly combines the mystical world of astrology with fascinating historical context, making it a must-have tool for anyone interested in the cosmic wonders that shape our lives.
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3 years ago, FloriteGrl
The Real Deal
I appreciate that this app does not collect my personal data (unlike other astrology apps out there) so I don’t mind paying for features in a concrete way instead of paying in data and thinking it’s “free.” The free features offered are helpful to those somewhat familiar with looking at a chart or aspects, and even if the app user isn’t super familiar, there are decent explanations—even brief explanations on different house systems. But the paid features such as transit charts or stored natal charts for friends are really where this app shines. In other words, I think the “Pro” version is worth it. I love the daily horoscope that includes a chart and aspects for the day. To me, this app is so much more useful—more practically applicable—than other astrology apps peddling little fear nuggets only tangentially related to astrology to keep people opening the app. I don’t ever feel like this app is first and foremost about Capital. I don’t find the text explanations of aspects, houses, or signs in this app to be anything other than constructive. Sometimes I do wish there was a bit more text, as some explanations can feel short, but this app is a tool, and it does its job well!!
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2 years ago, SageMarjorie
Finally Astrology makes sense!
I feel like every other astrology app out there will tell you all these insightful things about your chart but I never understood WHY. With time passages they will explain the planetary aspects and motion and this tells me why this energy, expansion, contraction etc. is entering or exiting my consciousness at that time. I wanted to understand why the sun could affect me so differently in comparison to the people around me, and Time Passages gives me the chance to explore that! They include all the angles and aspects (and detailed explanations of what that even means) for every different part of the app, not just a snippet here and there. The friend chart feature is super easy to use and I’ve collected almost everyone I know now, and I can compare them so quickly and accurately. This app is an absolute wealth of knowledge. My deepest thanks to its creators!! Blessed Be
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2 years ago, ZionAstro
Disappointing Experience
I found many good things about this app- the straightforward design, ease of use, and ability to use most features for free. I realized very quickly that there was some glitches (for instance every synastry chart would say person b has an Aries rising even if they didn’t), but overall I liked it. I didn’t like that it offers no explanation for Lilith, or nodal placements or aspects. But even worse, is you should be aware that any individual purchases you make are not retrievable should… let’s say, your phone crashes and must be wiped, and then you lose access to that apple account, you’ll never get your stuff back. In fact, when I went to input all of the names back into my new app, I found that the app is charging me to even input another chart. Previously, I’d put in over 30 names for free, but it cost me to do any synastry, transit, or progressed charts. Communication with support was speedy and polite, but you should be aware of these things before purchasing chart by chart. Pro app might be better choice for amateur astrologists- wish I had known that before this app left such a bad taste in my mouth.
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6 months ago, Musicamust
Absolutely the Best
I can’t believe this app is free, going to upgrade soon because I feel I owe them something after all these years I have had their guidance. Easy incredible tool to guide you on what to be conscious of daily! You will not get such specific guidance assembled together for you in an apt for free. Not just basic info. lf you are interested in your inner growth and what might be affecting your life in the present and want more understanding about what actions you need to take and what behavior will help you in your day or in long term, this is it. It will also teach you so much about yourself and astrology as a tool. Very positive input, even the hard aspects are described honestly but with a viewpoint of the positive growth that can be achieved. It can make you constructive and positive during a hard time, enabling you to face challenges armed with info about your tendencies that you may need to be more aware of—so you can watch and change your behavior. Totally right on in input, whether you like it or not!!!
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4 years ago, Abdiel Ortiz
Great app. premium version worth buying but..,
I’ve been looking for an app that does a ton with astrology and charts. One of my favorite features is the ability to comparo your chart with a friend or someone you might be getting into a relationship with because it helps you understand yourself and the other person. Love the fact I can use this as a road map which is great. Plus the daily horoscopes are much more accurate than other apps I used and this app provides you even more detail. The one thing I however don’t like about this app is the fact the UI is not developed for devices like the iPhone X, XS/XS MAX/XR, 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max and the iPad. If the developer updated the app to fully support the device’s screen resolutions and sizes, that would definitely make this app 5 stars for me. Bug fix updates are great but a full design implementation for the devices I mentioned above would be even better. I hope that update comes soon. Great app overall and I’m deffinitly going to buy the $30 edition of this app.
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5 years ago, DME_Ski
Several Errors But Impressed With Dev Response
Review As of June 12, 2019: Thank you, Developer, for your reply. I did check the location settings several times on my iPad. I had already deleted the App before your reply and will consider downloading it again. Thanks! Initial Review Week of June 10, 2019 with minor updates in parentheses): While I really like the explanations of the planets in certain signs this App gets several things wrong. First, it seems to have trouble getting my correct location via GPS (unless I’m getting something wrong. It has me listed as New York, Kentucky. I try to put in my actual location and no luck.). Second, when I switch to Whole Signs Houses it gives me the incorrect information (which could be from that location issue). I have Whole Signs House charts from other sources and they’re in agreement with each other (and no location issues). Also, there’s no distinction between Tropical and Sidereal when you choose Whole Signs House.
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1 year ago, Addie (Gi Gi)
Lots of info
I definitely would highly recommend this for people that want to have a deeper look into their chart, my only complaint is I wish it would include some more astroids and stuff, but it has so many details that I couldn’t even think of, it goes into your house placements (for the planets) and aspects beautifully. It also includes the current chart that is happening at the time, it is very aesthetically pleasing as well. It is easy to understand and with a little money you can add new people and take a deep look into their chart as well. I would highly recommend. It has nearly anything you need and doesn’t make mistakes, I love the way it words things it really seemed to have a good understanding of how things affect you. One more complaint that I have is I wish it would go into your house placements (like explain the ones that come after your ascendant if you know what I mean) but that’s very minimal. AND NO ADS. Much love bye bye
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6 months ago, Patty, Pennsylvania
After using this app for years (and owning the desk top version with several add ons), I am disappointed that the terms for iPhone app upgrades had changed. I purchased the Unlimited version some years ago and was able happily to use the app for multiple transits, progressions, etc. Because I got a new phone, I needed to download the app and discovered that my Unlimited version no longer includes the same access. I would have to pay $30 for the Pro version. it seems to me my original purchase should be honored with the more expensive Pro version available for new customers. I contacted support, but they were uninterested in helping a longtime customer regain her original purchase. So I am shopping for different apps including desktop. When there is no honor in astrology, it is not to be trusted. If I have to buy the Pro version to acquire what I had previously paid for, it will be with regret. PS - Why is there still no interpretation for aspects with Nodes and Asteroids. Why include them with no description?
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2 years ago, MzzzParker
Excellent astrology app
I love this app for delivering the daily transits in an easy to reference format. It gives both the general and the specific of the transits impacting your chart personally. I also like how it ranks the transits based on how significant they actually are; as with natal interpretations, you can easily go down the wrong road over-interpreting a minor chart aspect, or a minor transit, that is really not all that significant, and this app helps clarify that. My only addition would be to have the nodes included in the individual transit lists, and to have specific transit pages devoted to retro grades or major events like stelleniums, etc., to help point users to larger themes. But other than that it’s a very handy and more comprehensive app than most out there, which are often cute but don’t give you any real info you can actually use in your life.
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4 years ago, Star Gorl
Literally the most in depth and customizable astrology app that exists ! You can tell so much time and detail went into the descriptions and the app’s curation. The layout is intuitive and well designed, and it functions well (can’t remember a time it’s crashed). I love that it shows the details of astrological events behind the explanations it gives you, it helps you learn more about the actual inner workings of astrology, whereas other apps will calculate that behind the scenes and only describe you without letting you know why this is occurring. Even started using it as a way to keep track of all my friends birthdays, since I’ve made copies of all their charts, lol— the pro version is expensive, but they do break it down into $10 manageable pieces if you care more about certain features than others, and honestly the price is worth it to support whoever made this!!
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1 year ago, Meagmonge
The only Astro app you need
I tell EVERYONE about this app! It offers a plethora of knowledge regarding planets, signs, and aspects. If you want to know WHY the planets are making you sad today, this app will explain it matter-of-fact with no cryptic poem to decipher (which is why I hate most other astrology apps!) I could see this app being confusing for someone who does not desire to learn about astrology. If you’re looking for novelty horoscopes, this isn’t for you. Whether you’re looking to learn astrology in depth, or you already know astrology and want an in-depth astrology resource in your pocket, TimePassages is a MUST! I do think it would be nice to be able to receive notifications for daily horoscope aspects, and a widget for the Home Screen would be very cool. Something to think about :)
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2 years ago, Dreven123
Great Astro app
I really enjoy this app and the way everything is organized. I especially enjoy looking at the transits and daily horoscopes. I love that there is a metaphysical angle (with a balance of shadow and light) to the analysis/the way different aspects are conveyed in the descriptions. One critique is that the descriptions are repetitive - of course that’s somewhat to be expected when it’s not a live human interpreting the way things intersect. It would be cool though if the interconnections (in a daily horoscope for ex) could be highlighted/ framed with more precise nuance. I also wish you could download a pdf of a natal chart you already purchased.. there’s no way to save them- other than a composite of fifty+ individual screenshots. I proposed this and they said they would look into it, so maybe it will be a future feature:) Overall I really love the app!
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4 years ago, bellastar567
Love this app!!
This app is amazing!! It helps with understanding the complexities of Astrology and compatibility with those closest to you. Worth the download and even the money you have to spend to compare charts. I do wish that you would have 3 free custom people you can add so that I don’t have to spend so much (I have a big family). Also, once you purchase the “Compare” feature, I would like to not get charged another dollar to go back and look at it again. This has happened to me a couple of times. And for some reason the Chiron feature in the compare section is not working, and it has been almost a week. This is such an important aspect that I hope it gets fixed soon. Still worth the money and deserves the 5 stars even with my feedback above!
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3 years ago, Saruhtothemax
Great App in Theory, Customer Service is Sketchy
I love how detailed this app is. I love the options and the ease of adding new charts. It gives so much information in a way that seems unrivaled in any other app I’ve used. However, they don’t keep any record of your purchases somehow. One day I opened it and saw that all of my charts were gone. Every single one. I’d spent well over $15 on this app and asked a lot of loved ones their exact time and location of birth which you don’t really want to do more than once. I tried to restore purchases, nada. I contacted them and they told me to wipe my whole phone and restore an old save. What? No. I asked again if there was really no way they could see all my purchases. They totally ignored me. Super bummer because the app seems great on the surface. But just know that all your charts may disappear without warning (I’ve literally never had any other app just lose my data like this) and they don’t care.
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4 years ago, heheweewee
AMAZING APP, one issue tho
the app is extremely accurate and 100% recommend. but if you’re trying to see your friends and family’s signs, you have to pay $0.99. but the REAL issue is, once you delete the app and try to redownload it, you lose all of the information you’ve put in and all of the money spent. like i accidentally deleted the app, so i redownloaded it as fast as i can, and all of the money i’ve spent just went to waste. like for example, i spent a dollar for 5 of my family members and a couple times when i just got the app and was when i was confused on how it worked a bit. so i’d try to switch the information to see my family’s signs because i didn’t know “friends and family” were an option. which on that part is my fault, but the rest is me losing all of my money for accidentally deleting the app. and i feel like thats a small issue that should be fixed.
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2 years ago, Awesome ❤️💗💕💖
Second review: Still great!!
This is my second review of timepassages and after using the free to use version of this app for over a year, i can confidently say this is a wonderfully useful app! no matter if you don’t know anything about astrology or you’re a pro, this app can help you understand not only your chart but other’s charts as well. the free app is best for those who don’t know much about astrology and are mostly just starting to understand their own chart, but i would DEFINITELY recommend the paid version of this app if you plan on looking at transits and other peoples charts. it’s a great place to get everything you need to understand and read a zodiac chart. if you want to learn about astrology and your zodiac chart GET THIS APP!!!!
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2 years ago, Ol1v1a
Essential but questionable
Great app. I love the learn sections. I love being able to add charts for friends and family so I can keep track of them. However, I’m curious about the timing of the transits. For example, today it’s marked at Sun in Sag and showed new moon last night - however in my other apps and some websites I follow they have new moon for Wednesday. This is not the first time I’ve noticed but recently I’m questions who is really correct and when I journal my moon emotions it can throw me off if I’m trying to connect my life to the transits. This gives me confusion and makes me conflicted. Maybe it’s a glitch or maybe no source has the actual correct trajectories. Idk 🤷🏾‍♀️ but besides that. Love the app and am considering purchasing for full features one I figure out what’s going on with the timing thing.
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3 years ago, 1R3dRuM
Crazy Accurate
I have to start this review off by stating that I have at least 10 different astrology apps & do use most of them regularly (lol). I’ve noticed that Time Passage’s planet aspects & chart descriptions are quite accurate, and go into much more raw detail than you’d normally find. It can be a little hard to follow at times, especially in the comparisons, or if you aren’t very familiar with astrology in general. But if you can easily follow along to what you read, and are able to correlate different ideas laid out, and put 2 & 2 together, it’s honestly insane how correct these horoscopes tend to be from a predictive aspect. Super satisfied with the price point as well, in comparison to many others you find in the App Store.
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4 years ago, MrsGoggin
Exceptional writing
While I love all of the features as a semi professional astrologer that are in this app the number one best part is the interpretations that they have written for all the various transit, aspects & planetary positions. It’s simply excellent. I bought the pro version it’s a wonderful support to my practice. Astrology is as much art as it is science and the interpretations are helpful to validate whatever energies you were already picking up with a client. It’s also a wonderful teaching tool. Some of my clients are interested in learning astrology I always recommend this app along with other texts as a place to start. Very well done. The only thing I wish it did was have cloud storage so I could share charts across devices. That would be epic.
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4 years ago, laurennova
Don’t Mess Up Or You’ll Literally Have To Pay
I was so excited to try this app but when I was filling out my birth data, I had the place, date, & time all filled out correctly and I guess I touched the wrong part of the screen? Because it took me out of the data screen and to a chart with my name on it for the birthday of TODAY. “Oh, odd” I thought. “No worries though because I’ll just go correct it.” Nope! It told me that changing (in this case correcting the glitch) my own personal birth data would be considered a new profile that I would be charged for. That’s just bananas. So this app has been deleted and I won’t be doing this again!
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1 year ago, Foxtrot '72
Older version deleted my charts
First of all, I love and use this app everyday. Checking the "curent chart" is my favorite feature, and I'd be excited to see if/when they dive into nodal transits! My only qualm, happened when I was using a much older phone, so def an older version of TP, and needed to free up my storage on the fly while at a concert. All my other apps retained any purchases etc when I eventually did re-download them, but not TP. All the charts I had paid for were gone, including my own. I'm just saying, it would have been nice to have been able to keep those since I bought them! I do have a better phone now w the updated version, but I have never since deleted the app, just in case it happens again.
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4 years ago, chlojo4
Customer service is not so great.
Love the app and the features itself (have been using for several years now). Customer service however is not so great. I didn’t pay for the unlimited package, just for a few features that I need/use regularly- and they do not make it easy to transfer purchases from one device to another. Apparently you have to have it backed up via iCloud, which I don’t have enough space to use anymore. Interestingly, I actually had this problem once before and they were able to give me a credit to restore the purchases on my new device, but the second time around, no luck. They said last time they did that because I had “backed it up”, but that’s not true... anyway, a bit disappointing how they haven’t come up with a more effective and straightforward system of transferring your purchases to a new device.
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4 years ago, sorave554
Really strengthened my astro skills!
I’m a hobbyist and do chart readings for friends and family for fun. I love this app and got the pro version! If it wasn’t for this app, I’d still be struggling through house systems. I love the way everything is organized and it’s detailed but not overwhelming. Bravo! My only gripe is that when I leave the app running in the background and go back to it, the app reverts to one of the main screens. For example, I’ll look at my friends chart and click on a aspect. Then say I answer a text and come back. When I come back, the screen reverts to just the list of all of my charts instead of staying on the screen with the aspect. Then I have to find the friends chart again and the aspect. It’s nothing major but can be a little frustrating.
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2 years ago, t.regah
Favorite Astro App; Few Neg’ Notes
Aside from thinking it’s wack to pay $0.99 every time you add a person, compare a chart, etc., I wish they’d be a bit more informative regarding House Calculations. Also not sure why Current Chart takes me to Kentucky, when that isn’t where I am at all. Don’t know the reasons behind that. Overall, easiest app to calculate Natal aspects. Definitely use the app more than any other, love the in-depth strongest to weakest aspects listings. Way better than any free, online Natal birth chart calculators, although some go into more detail with certain things like your Natal Elements and feminine/masculine qualities, and so on. But yeah, it’s a bangarang app, and it coincides accurately with Numerology. 9/10.
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5 years ago, Calyke
I’ve been angry at this app a couple times, (but support was very pleasant, and replied within 5 minutes) mostly because of my purchases disappearing (That being said, if you will buy something from here, get the pro.) However, I have to be honest; it’s a fantastic app, sets a whole new standard among astrology apps. It blends the lines of professionalism/amateurism. Full of knowledge, and easy to use. I can’t wait to see what they do next, if they could improve the aspects page, to include weaker aspects, and more information over what’s already there. Asteroids would be nice too. I’m excited to see how much they improve it. Well worth the time, and money.
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4 months ago, Retpunzel
Actually accurate
So I like astrology as more of a entertainment thing. I take it with a grain of salt and a lil bit of skepticism. However, the accuracy is kinda creepy at times lol. I’ve been going through a lot within the last year.. my mother passing, new health issues, job loss, homelessness, abusive relationship, etc. Some very particular situations and this app has helped me get through it all with some crazy accurate guidance, if that makes sense. Like for real, the things it has said have been on point almost always. It has helped me focus and pay attention to my strengths and weaknesses. 100% recommend.
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2 years ago, lilac_es
Best App for Astrology info
They give you your entire birth chart, and if you don’t know how to interpret the chart they have an “aspects” option that will list all your birth planets and what houses they are in. It’s been great knowledge with understanding some of my behaviors and how the houses will affect the planets in the specific sign. This is been my go to recommendation for astrology apps ever since my therapist showed me. You can compare charts with a friend within the app, you just need their birth day, time, and location for the best accuracy. They don’t spam you with notifications and provide quality info. -gemini sun, sagittarius moon, scorpio rising 💞
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2 years ago, amireezie
Should be an option for Sidereal charts
I like this astrology better than any other out there. With that said, it’s outdated. Why is there still no interpretation for aspects between the north node? Or aspects to Lilith? These are energies widely used in today’s astrology. Secondly, why would there be no option to make the chart sidereal? A lot of the interpretations between squares and oppositions and conjunctions read the exact same words. You guys should put more time into accurately differentiating between a square affect and an opposition affect versus a conjunction or a trine or a sextile. It’s a really good tool for being able to visually see what chances are happening on a given day. As far as the interpretations go, they are severely lacking and need to be updated.
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2 years ago, rose13eef420
I love this app!!
I have used this app after being suggested by several astrologists I respect, and its been awesome in helping me further understand my own chart and inner workings. The only critique I’d say that disappoints me is the fact that you can make charts for friends, pay $0.99 for each chart, but the chart doesn’t save and you have to pay a dollar everytime you want to see their chart, with the information still being saved. It doesn’t make any sense to me. I wonder if this could be changed, so you can pay the dollar for a chart and it stays accessible?
Show more
First off, I don’t write reviews on the App Store. But this app is wonderfully detailed, accurate, and mind opening that I need the public to understand what a true gift this app is. It works for beginners and pros, I myself am somewhat in the middle of that. I love everything about this app, it does not hound you with extra charges and even when it does ask you for the extra $1 for chart comparisons (REASONABLY PRICED for the fantastic results) DO IT MY FRIEND YOU WILL NOT REGRET. This isn’t to say that the app is going to sell you a dream and tell you how perfect you are, it makes you take a mirror at every aspect of your life and character and re-examine. My only wish is that it would expand on certain phrasing and have less run ons because the sentences are loaded with powerful info. As an over-analytical person I could read sentences and have them take on various meanings. But nothing a dictionary and intuition can’t fill the gap for. I LOVE THIS APP AND THE MAKER OF THIS APP GOD BLESS!
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3 years ago, celestialheart
One of the most legit astro apps
Most other astro apps pale in comparison to TimePassages. I wish that there was the option to use Sidereal instead of Tropical, but I mostly check the aspects anyway so it doesn’t matter too much. I recommend this app to everyone who asks me which one they should use. The interpretations are great and serve as a wonderful guide to my life. Whenever I’m feeling some kind of way, I can always check this app and see “Oh, of course I feel like garbage. My moon is square Chiron.” It’s simple, easy to use, and the design is straightforward. It focuses on quality rather than aesthetics, but it doesn’t look bad either!
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5 years ago, I_am_David
Seriously buggy and glitches out
Tried to update this but I cant see text in this app. I would switch if I hadn’t paid so much for the charts over the years. I wish it was a subscription instead of per chart. This app was great when it was new but it seems abandoned. I wind up paying twice or thrice for each chart reading depending on which name you tap first, and if you leave the app when you come back it doesn’t remember where you were, you start at the main screen and have to through all the menus all over again. I love this app and I dropped a lot of money on it but I’m looking for a new one now because I don’t think they’re developing this anymore I think they’re just collecting money on its existing users.
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5 years ago, nibor4
Loving it so far!
Very thorough! Gives you a lot more information about the relationship between your planets and the houses they fall into (sometimes more important than the sign!) and the aspects of your chart than any of the other astrology apps I’ve downloaded. I like that you can change the house system and it isn’t just defaulted into one without giving you other options. I can’t comment on the horoscope section yet as I’m still parsing through all the information provided on my chart, but I like that it has all the current aspects listed as well as their meanings.
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5 years ago, Jayne212
I LOVED this app. I used it consistently and was in awe of all of the information it told me. I had saved the charts of close to 20 friends and family members.. and then it accidentally deleted in an unlocked screen snaffoo and when I redownloaded it ALL the charts were gone. I was so disappointed. It is an extreme design flaw that has disenchanted me with this app entirely. Being able to see the interactions of my chart with the charts of those in my life was my favorite feature - which is no longer an option unless I bug all of my friend and family for their information yet again.
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2 years ago, morganlettinsights
Def worth the purchase. Just don’t delete the app.
I love the app. As a business astrologer, it’s one of my go-tos for doing a quick check-in with my personal transits, especially the Moon. But I’m extremely upset that you lose all data and have to repurchase the app anytime you do a phone reset. I’m not sure if it’s a way to save data, but I purchased it on my iCloud and reset my phone and then I lost all access to my previous data. So that part is not fun. But the app is nice even though I never bought it again. I just use the free version and that works fine with at-a-glance chart check-ins.
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3 years ago, WhyDoINeedANickname01234
Best Astrology App
I have used a variation of horoscope and astrology apps and I have never came across an astrology app this specific. It not only has the sun and moon transitions listed but it also has your natal chart including and points out your natal chart and the current energy and how it effects you and even has dates for times you will be more likely to feel certain energy. 100% the best app I have found and I am going to switch from the free version and pay for the convenience of a one time payment of thirty dollars. Very satisfied !!!
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3 years ago, MIUSRNAME
So much insight! And it’s not skeevy, either
Really enjoying the app! It gives a lot of insight and unbiased explanations on the placements. The explanation for aspects are also probably some of the more in depth and legitimate ones that I’ve seen; aka, it’s not saying that I’m doomed to a life of poverty or saying that I should sell my house to go abroad cause I’m a “wandering soul.” So that’s nice. I am definitely interested in what their view on the placement of the lunar nodes are, as the app states it’s not available “yet,” so I’m excited for that! Edit: removed something due to developer response, thanks!
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2 years ago, BeReal-BareAll
Great for novices wanting to go deeper
This app has been entirely informative and insightful. I imagine that translating all of this information from the stars into the written word was quite an undertaking. Typos aside, I typically find the information spot on. I’m eminently appreciative of the daily personal horoscope. It’s giving my stressed mind and heart some solace in seeing the greater pattern playing out and how my particular manifestation of life energy intersects with the moment. It’s healing for the heart to know what’s coming up is what is meant to be present and moved through. Thank you!
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3 years ago, NeshaMP
Love it! Except for one thing
I love this app and have *so* many charts! But one thing I would really appreciate in the app and on desktop version is just the simple feature of an arrow that lets me easily click through transits. If it’s already there, please let me know! But right now I have to put in the date, time, etc. look at the transit. Then go all the way back and start over, reentering info if I want to see how the planets are moving through the chart. I just want a little arrow that lets me click through the hours/days/months easily. Besides that, this app is my fave!
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3 years ago, Horrible !!!!!!!
Wow this app is exactly what I’ve been looking for
Wow I finally found an app that does exactly what I need!!! I recently became comfortable with my full natal chart and learned what it means to have multiple signs. Now I wanted to learn about the different moon phases and what it means when someone says the planets are currently in a certain sign, and this app does that and more. It’s veryyyyyy beginner friendly and now I’m finally learning how to look at the current placements of planets and apply it to my chart. I’m not an expert yet I’ve only had this app for a week 😅 but I’m learning so much it’s my new favorite. Thank youuu!
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3 years ago, glossiestangel
i use this app to stalk my boyfriend. I feel like it gives me great insight into the functioning of his brain and how his mind works. It confirmed all my beliefs that we have a really strong, spiritual connection. Also i've learned a lot about reading charts on here. Getting a lot better at it and i'm just gonna keep improving. This app is way more accurate than any other one i've used. I love their outlook on things and love the insight i receive from it. This is definitely my favorite astrology app. It gives me hope and reassurance that everything is happening as it is supposed to.
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3 years ago, susan88
A Good Astrology App
I check this app daily along with 1 other. It’s a good one. Very much worth downloading. The free version used to allow me to have several people saved so I could look at their chart too. I saved my kids. Sadly that changed a long time ago. In the past I considered getting the paid version. I have hesitated because when it listed the days transits there were always duplicates on the list 🤷🏻‍♀️. Attention to detail is important. That may have been fixed as I haven’t noticed it for a while.
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4 years ago, LivNLetLiv637
So In Depth!
I love this app and have been using it for a while now. It’s my go to app when I’m curious as to what’s going on with me or the cosmos. There is so much personal information it provides even for the free version. I felt like I found gold after downloading. The only thing I would like to point out to the developers, and it’s really not that big a deal, is to check for spelling and grammar errors. Other than that I love this app, and I appreciate the time that must be put in to provide as much personalized information on my chart! Thank you!
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3 years ago, Dvotan
Just one major problem
First, let me start by saying I love the way the app is setup. User interface is simple, and I love that the are so many options. One major issue though, there is no option for Eastern Chart. I once believed Western vs Eastern astrology to be a preference, then learned that Western is actually flat-out inaccurate. While some aspects may be in the same place dependent upon which year you’re born, Western doesn’t account for cosmological changes in the procession. It’d be perfect if you offered the Eastern charting option (or just converted, sick of the West getting away with deceiving people).
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4 years ago, ellabrienna
New transiting aspects
I think under “transiting aspects” in the daily horoscope section, the new aspects should be like highlighted until you click on them so you can tell which changes are brand new and keep track of things better. Right now my strongest aspect is sun square natal moon and I think the very day they are square each other and it appears in my horoscope, it should appear like a notification of some sort. Like it doesn’t need to alert my phone but it should be a different color. Otherwise I like this app and look at it everyday. It’s explanations are great and it’s organized well.
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1 year ago, Dhcprouter
Ok hmm.
I have read many books on astrology. First it got my moon in my ascending at time of birth. A couple chart making professionals (I used to be a psychic reader at a large chain on the west coast) so I was able to read many different books and theories. Some of them were astral chart books. Both of those told me my moon was in the tenth house. The lead astrologer used his app on his pc and confirmed it along with the chart I made. I know that I can’t argue with the app you created. But how could 3 different ways of making my chart and verifying it be wrong in yours? Nothing bad and I’m not complaining but please explain why or how my moon has moved from the 10th house to my ascending house.
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5 years ago, Me want icon
Great App!
Love this app, gives great interpretations and am considering buying the Pro... however, it’s quite glitchy — when i switch to another app quickly to say check the weather & come back to it, it completely resets, which is annoying and very time consuming. It also doesn’t have support for aspect interpretations with the North Node or any of the major asteroids. I sound harsh on it but I really do like this app, it is concise astrology for astrologers, doesn’t use vague romantic language like the more popular ones. Also lets you change the degrees of aspects and such. I hope these problems get fixed up soon because I would buy Pro without hesitation.
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8 months ago, Old Washer
Great convenient way
As astrologer, sometimes I just want to know what’s up right NOW. On the spot. No matter where I am. This app is hugely convenient. I love it. ———— I also am an astrologer and love a quick peek at the planets for the day. It’s a great source of information and immediately right there ____________ I appreciate having this at my fingertips as a quick way I can find out what’s going on with the planets As an astrologer, I enjoy being able to look up where the planets are, no matter where I am. It’s a great app.
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4 years ago, AlwaysSunshyne
My Favorite
The info is so in depth, I really appreciate that. I recommend this app often and let them know to set aside some time to be able to read all the info provided. I’ve had this app since 2016 and tried others and this is my go to. The only con, would be that the Node and a couple of other aspects are not explained. But that would honestly be it. I’ve had a issue here or there with the app wanting to charge me again for a chart, but when I reach out to have that looked into, its always addressed. Thank you!🙏🏾🖤✨
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