TimerCam - Self Timer Camera for Selfies -

Photo & Video
3.5 (143)
4.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Daisuke Yamashita
Last update
8 years ago
Version OS
6.0 or later
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User Reviews for TimerCam - Self Timer Camera for Selfies -

3.48 out of 5
143 Ratings
8 years ago, Pastor KWE
Just Stopped Workinf
Used to love it until the button needed for it to work just disappeared.
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7 years ago, Little PDX
Great App!
I love being able to set the phone up and use this app to take pictures either facing the screen or the back of the phone. It gives a 5 second count-down so you can get in position, and it allows you to review the picture before saving it. I use this app all the time and have no complaints.
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8 years ago, JustAawfull!!
Nice and Simple
Nice no frills timer app for your camera that allows you to adjust the focal point by touching the screen and review your shot before saving it.
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8 years ago, SusieBlueJeans
Waiting for burst feature
Great app. Works well. Will be happy to upgrade when they add the burst feature.
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4 years ago, Angelbaby87
Cam timer app thingie
What happen to the effects like could do mirror image or black and white etc
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8 years ago, hey893
Good app
Gets the job done. I love that the last 3 seconds of the count down are loud
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2 years ago, Terrysuebraun
Where are my photos?
It worked great at first, but now when I try to save photo, it says I can't because of parental controls which I don't have! Where are my photos?
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8 years ago, E.Longo
What happened
Suddenly the screen is too small and has no button, can't take any pics. iOS update issue??
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5 years ago, Salt P
Photos won’t save?
Took family photos. Saved them all. None of them went my photos. Took a few sample ones to troubleshoot .... nothing .... we were on vacation. They’re all upset. Thanks
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4 years ago, Hogsters
Not saving photos
I love this app, it use to work great but now it’s not saving my photos. IOS update issue?
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5 years ago, older sibling
Can you add video assess because nothing else has a timer on the video and I thought you would so plz add a video section thx
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7 years ago, Fo'Kasia
Good app
Takes goods pics and like the timer
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8 years ago, Hahrjxsko
Sc e
Japanese paneu ANSI abeyance Neisse qomnblos
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8 years ago, Bumblinbeee
Great camera
It does the job!
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8 years ago, Valkatie1
Fix please!!!
I used to love this app but it doesn't take pictures. When did that happen?? Please fix asap!!!
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6 years ago, asimo124
Great app
Works great, no problems with it at all
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5 years ago, Bonseye24
Bad App
I took important Easter photos today using this app, and hit the save button. Guess what? They are nowhere to be found. Don’t waste your time or money on this horrible app.
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5 years ago, fflooddd
Photos don’t save. Pointless app!
I take a picture, hit the save button, and photos are nowhere to be found! Major flaw, Timercam!!!
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8 years ago, Lolabellllla
No button?!?!
The screen is half size and no button to take a freakin picture?? Waste of $2.
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5 years ago, sakanet
Seriously, what’s the point of this app?iPhone’s native app already has this feature and it’s without the ads.
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6 years ago, ❗️❤️🌹
Really necessary
Why can't you just use your photo app that comes with your device No point!😡
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5 years ago, Nikki0783
Photos don’t save
Took photos and hit save and now they’re nowhere to be found....
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5 years ago, Sakura
Great but...
Where do my pictures go when I take them?!?
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8 years ago, Tallat611
Total junk
This app doesn't even work.
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8 years ago, ShortyyCake28
The Worst 🙄
Couldn't Even Take Any Pictures
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8 years ago, WhyTLSwhyyyy
no pics for freei
so jank go jump off a cliff, this is so horrible u expect money for this i really hope you get sued or die
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5 years ago, Mikesd2727
Good app
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10 years ago, 26mgmt33333344455566666
Um this app is a really good app but it's not the best it can be. You see, I think that if you have 30 seconds That's to much unless it takes you 30 seconds at the most to take a photo. Which is somewhat unreasonable, but if someone can explain to me why 30 seconds is so short and have a good reason then I would be impressed. Y'all are saying that 30 seconds is to little but it's not. ALSO!! I can never position it correctly it's partly my fault but really if it came with instructions like, put your device somewhere there's good lighting or something like that then I would raise it to a 4 MAYBE 5
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11 years ago, EvrAftr
Ads on PAID FULL version!
I wish there was a 5 second refund rule on iTunes because I wouldn't need to review this app. I started with the free version and upgraded to full version and the ADS are still popping up on my screen! 😡 It also doesn't have a settings feature (or its well hidden). The features in reality are the following: #1 timer 5-10 seconds #2 front/back screen. Does NOT take multiple pictures. Useless for the purpose I needed it for. If settings were easily accessible and the ability to take multiple pictures were available AND the ads disappeared them is say buy it. If these features are available then perhaps make the settings as such so user can tap "arrow" or "settings" button and view and change settings.
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10 years ago, Chassy_nacole
Picture perfect
I dropped my and it cracked...a lot cracked my front camera so I haven't got it fixed yet but I love taking pictures but more then using arm and selfies so I use the timer app on a table ore something a pose and it turns out great so it comes on handy also in the back camera u know how it's hard sometimes to press the button when the phones on the back camera well this app comes in handy u can push it then. It will count down and look good with out clicking tons of random things so enjoy
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11 years ago, Firey432
Crashes a lot!
I remember giving this app a high rating before.. but that was before I noticed its horrible crashing. The app doesn't close, but when you leave the app after taking a picture (with the timing setting), and go back to the app, it would ignore your setting and take a "fake" picture. It counts down and then snaps but no picture is made. It's very annoying to keep closing the app and reopening it. Also, I would not even pay $1 for the paid version. I downloaded a camera app that also has a timer and it was also $1 with a lot other features and much more stable. Sorry, I don't mean to be mean but this app is not very good and isn't going to compete.
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12 years ago, PS Otter
Good free self-timer, but . . . .
This app makes taking self-timer photos easy. Unfortunately if you use it while traveling, most of the EXIF data never makes it into the iPhone camera roll when you save the pic. If you take travel or vacation photos, no GPS data is stored with the picture, so the "Places" function won't show you where the photo was taken. Also none of the camera shutter and aperture settings come through. I use the location data all the time, so I am checking out some other self-timers.
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12 years ago, Politically incorrect redneck
Actual working pro photog review
I am a full time photographer by trade for a living for the past 17 years. New owner of iPhone 4s and was stunned to learn IOs 5 did not have a selftimer. I searched several free and paid apps out there and have to say this one is the simplest and best app for what it does. And it free! Love how you cab use this just like your existing camera app on ios5 it works and looks the same, is super simple and the biggest plus over others it does not alter the photo quality of your images. Great job guys! By Visccara bleep com
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12 years ago, Cosmic-spectator
Does what it says!
Finally an app that just does what I'm looking for. Nothing fancy, just the basic timer for photos I was looking for. No annoying ads that pop up when you're using it. I'm able to take pictures of myself doing things without having to get someone to take it for me and I can take pictures with people and be in them. What a concept! I would have given this app 5 stars if it had something extra I wasn't expecting. ("wasn't expecting" in a good way of course) worth the download folks!
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12 years ago, Vgysdbjudcbjutg
Three stars because....
This timer camera app is really helpful when you are taking a picture of someone or just taking a self pic. Minus one star because of the ads. There are too many! It takes up too much space on the screen. Also, you can't find your pics even if you save. It's unfair. I hope there's another app like this where you can save your photos. Overall, this app is a success and a fail. I would give it a B-.
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12 years ago, Molly and Daniel
Great from the get go!
I read an article about a great camera timer app called Auto Camera. When I got home and loaded it my joy turn to disappointment! It caused my phone to lock up, and you get adds from stores you do not want. So when I found this app and loaded it and it work great from the start I was very happy. Kudos Redseven Apps for this fine working app for my iPhone 4S.
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10 years ago, Youlovetheted
Easy and simple
This is by far the easiest self timer app out there. If you're with your friends and you need a picture taken of yourselves and no one is around just prop the phone up somewhere, hit the time you need it to wait, jump in the picture and boom you got yourself a self timed picture. Super simple, not over the top, exactly what it says it is, a self timer camera app, :)
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11 years ago, Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee💚💚💚
Some Work Needed
The app is nice but the countdown color should change, because you cant see it most if the time. Also the speed of the countdown. Also how long you can make it because I wanted to take a family picture and I had to move it far away and I put the timer at 30 seconds and didnt make it there in time. So I think the timer should be adjustable (I might of spelt that wrong) But otherwise its a good app.
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12 years ago, shakurav1
Works for me
Title says it: it saves to my camera roll and it works as a timer. You reviewers who wrote that it didn't work then only give it one star must have it turned off in their privacy settings. As the developer says you go to privacy >photos >timercam And make sure that it's turned off. That's it for iOS 6. The developer does give instructions to make sure that it saves to your camera roll. For those that this isn't working for, right to the developer, make sure you let developers know what version of iOS you're using. It is possible it won't work in earlier versions. But I give it five stars for balance. Because it does work, at least for me.
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10 years ago, santoroa2
Love this app but....
This might be a result of an update that went wrong, but every time I take a picture and press save the app crashes. It doesn't save the picture, so I've lost a lot of good ones because of that. Also, if I screen shot the picture the quality is poor compared to the save feature. Pictures should save automatically and can be deleted later.
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11 years ago, Cottencandyluver
SO helpful!
This is SUPER helpful! There were many situations when everyone just has to be in a picture and know one to take it. And then I remember this app. It is amazing you can choose how long you want it to wait before taking the picture. I would really recommend it! I don't get why people give less then 5 stars on this.
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10 years ago, Kay the bay
Timer Cam does get the job done: snaps photos on the front/back camera using a timer. There are various intervals of time you may choose from which is convenient. I would enjoy this app and use it a lot more if there were an option to turn off the loud snapshot sound it makes when I take a photo. Please change that! Other than that, thankful for this app. It does help!
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12 years ago, Zw1333
I love this app I actually us this app more then I use my camera on my phone I love it it is easy too use and it is funny if u have multiple friends or family that u are trying to take a picture with and u want someone to be in the icture with u u absolutely positively need and should get this app u will love it :D
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11 years ago, Kaylee frields
Umm. This App is pretty amazing! But what I don't like about it is that. That's say your device dies. And that photo that you captured is really great but you. Weren't able to save it because e you couldn't press "save". I wish it saved the pictures automatically save. Or if you didn't press the save or delete button it would end up saving if you didn't press anything.
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11 years ago, Rgartman
Crashed phone
I had 80% on my phone. Took 3 pics with 10 second timers and my phone shut down. Not just the App but the phone too. When I turned phone back on it had 19%. I opened the app again and took one pic and it shut down with 0 battery life. I charged my phone back to 100% and tried it again. It killed the phone again. Soooo. I charged my phone to 100% again. I deleted the app and got 2 days of life out if battery again. I have an iPhone 5 with 32gb. I have GPS apps that I run that won't do that to my battery life.
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11 years ago, Katie M. :) <3 $$$$$
Awful but great
I love this app but it has some TERRIBLE things about it. It has light glitches which REALLY bug me AND the most ANNOYING part is that when you use the timer cam and take a photo, it flips your photos backwards. Now this may not seem like a big deal but if you are trying to take a pic of words or a selfie for Instagram, it gets SUPER ANNOYING! So if you hate that DO NOT GET THIS APP! If you wanna try it out, it's fine by me as long as you remember what I said. Trust me, there are probably MUCH better apps out there.
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9 years ago, hnnnnnnnng
Works great, the ads don't interfere with basic functionality (which is good). I have a major issue though: can't understand why there's no option for multiple shots. Seems like it would be fairly easy to do, and it would be REALLY helpful. I am rating the app on the features it has, but I can't understand why that isn't one.
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10 years ago, Abwilliams33
Really Great
This sort of changed my life. I've been struggling to take photos of myself doing yoga poses (for many reason, like perfecting form, etc., but mostly for Instagram I have to admit) and I would try everything not to have to ask someone to do it for me. I'd resort to taking a video on my MacBook and cropping screenshots. Now I don't have to! Thanks to the creators of this convenient app.
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11 years ago, JackieeeeStyles
It was what I needed
This app is really good. It's what I needed. I couldn't take a picture of my friend and I without touching the button and I didn't have anyone around to take the photo. So it toke the photo in 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 15 seconds, 20 seconds, 25 seconds, and 30 seconds. Which is plenty of time.
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10 years ago, Buy the album
I really enjoy this app. It's very easy to learn. I like how you can use both front and back lenses which is great. My only recommendation is to add a feature where it takes multiple photos in a row. I was taking a photo on a bunk bed and when I wanted to do another pic, I had to get down every time.
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