Tinder: Chat, Dating & Friends

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Tinder Inc.
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1 month ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Tinder: Chat, Dating & Friends

4.07 out of 5
1.1M Ratings
4 years ago, Elijah219
Shadow bans
Tinder used to be amazing. When I first started using tinder, I’d wake up to dozens of matches a day. In my first week I’d have easily over a hundred matches and countless conversations with some pretty cool people. I made lots of new connections whether online or in person. But idk what’s happened over the last year or so. After the last couple times I’ve downloaded, I get almost no matches. It will say I have 100+ people who swiped on me but will literally get no more than 2-3 matches a week. My messages don’t go through, and matches randomly disappear during a good conversation. It’s extremely frustrating and the app is definitely playing people. Even the secret admirer function tells me to pick one of 4 cards that swiped on me... but when I pick one it says better luck next time. Every single time... there’s so many better apps out there that don’t do this. One starts with a B and another with an H. I’d highly suggest trying those out and deleting this useless app. This review would get one star except for the fact that tinder used to be good and I would’ve gave it 4-5 stars a couple years ago.
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1 year ago, Bianca144
Banned for no reason
Like other reviewers, I was banned for no reason. Lately the app was glitchy for me. My profile disappeared from matches and then reappeared. It was odd. So, I had to delete and then redownload the app twice in the last day. Maybe that triggered the ban…? They never explain why & just send you their terms & community guidelines which I doubt they have read because I did nothing that violated it. There was nothing in my profile or correspondences that was against their terms. Everything I wrote was a G rating. I wonder if the men who send 🍆pics are still on there. I guess it’s time to find another route to meet people. Sad because I had some interesting matches which are now dead in their tracks. Incredibly disappointing since the ban seems so random and unwarranted. And, they prompted me to report a match which was ridiculous. The guy, who was visiting NYC from London, wrote that he met up with friends & visited some galleries. Nothing in our conversation was controversial. I know there are so many people on Tinder, but beware. They behave like a bouncer at a hot club & this could happen to you. Oh, and there’s no warning whatsoever. And in this climate with so many angry men, it’s just ridiculous that they don’t do any research into why people are reported. I get way more customer support from Poshmark if there’s a dispute.
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3 years ago, AlexRuck99
Why did I get banned?
Now typically I wouldn’t get upset over something so silly but the fact that I’ve never been banned from anything and that I actually didn’t do anything wrong really bothers me. I read through all your terms and conditions and thought maybe I made an honest mistake and somehow violated them but no. I did not violate your terms and conditions and I have no idea why you banned me. I’m gonna take it as a sign that I just shouldn’t be on Tinder but I mean still. Plus this app has no way to like fight the ban or even be reconsidered unless you are simply under review which is kinda dumb. I’m a real 21 yr old female, who is from American and currently lives in Italy for my job and I was literally on Tinder for a day but my phone service was not operating correctly so I tried deleting my account but it wouldn’t let me so I paused it. Then when my phone started to operate correctly again I tried to log back in to unpause my account and it said I was banned. None of my photos are copyright and there’s no way I could’ve gotten reported or anything when my phone was so messed up I couldn’t get any matches like it just kept putting the same people up over and over. Maybe you should ban the app instead of me. Whether it be my phone service or just your app bugging out, who knows but it definitely is not my fault.
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8 months ago, Wrongful termination
0/5 if I could Horrible customer service time and time again!
I went on a horrible date with a guy I ended up not interested in as he was into drugs and things that I don’t surround myself with. the guy was upset I didn’t want continue our date so he reported me to the app as going against the rules and I am banned. I attempted to explain the situation as I am a rule follower and no one hear my side of the story or help. I used the app for a. Very long time and never had an issue until I met this guy. So. Beyond frustrating as I take rules regulations guidelines and terms and conditions seriously. I have tried multiple times to contact their customer service and everyone continues to quote that they take their terms and regulations seriously but no one will elaborate or explain what exactly I did wrong. I was responded to by the developer who then told me to contact them and they will review it only to get the same excuse of here are our terms and conditions and we cannot elaborate. This company doesn’t care about their terms and contracts and don’t take customer service seriously and take false accusations and ban those who actually want to find someone verses those who actual do not follow their own terms and conditions and don’t look into anything and won’t actually help or look into it like they say they will
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2 years ago, Robert MacTenj
Shady practices and easily exploited moderation
My complaints with tinder primarily fall into two categories: auto-moderation and the gender ratio. Moderation is automated, with profiles being banned automatically after receiving *any* three reports, regardless of their validity or content. This is a common way to cut costs that is known to be easily exploitable by users. Men and women maliciously false report each other for rejection or not replying fast enough, leading to automated bans that cannot be contested. You can find videos of so-called “pickup artists” getting women banned after exchanging phone numbers so there will be less competition for her attention. I personally was banned after not replying to women for two weeks; several of them falsely reported me out of revenge and tinder support refuses to review the situation. Tinder’s male-to-female ratio is notoriously poor, in some regions being as bad as 9-to-1 according to one study. This leads to unhappiness for everyone, as women are spammed and men are ignored. To give the impression of there being more women, tinder ignores your search preferences and shows you women far outside of your age and geographic ranges. I do not want to date 18 year olds, they cannot hold a conversation. If you want to see women no less than X years old, you must set your minimum age to X+3 in my experience. This is clearly not a bug.
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2 years ago, shfiek
Disappearing matches and app lies
Ive noticed that sometimes when i get a match the entire profile ive matched with just goes away out of nowhere. At first, i thought it was because they chose to unmatch since thats happened before but then a few days later they will reappear but the conversations ive had with them will be gone. I once got 7 matches in one day and had fairly good talks with all of them but then they all disappear. Then a few days later they're all back with no notifications or anything they're just back so now it looks like im ignoring them. The app also lies to you about how many people are in your area to keep you on longer because if it really helped people to delete the app and actually find someone they'd lose money. I know this because after swipping for a few minutes the app will tell me to increase my range because no one is left. But coincidentally all of my top 10 picks for weeks will all be within 10 miles of me. And when i increase my distance range there will still be people in my area even though the app just told me no one is left. Terrible app that lies to you to make money and buggy matches. If you end up actually having a good talk with someone just get their snap and delete this app
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8 months ago, poijnbgt
Waste of time and money
After signing up for the $40 month level, I still am not able to see who “likes” me, nor can I message a single person I’m shown. I’m also shown the same profiles every single day, and must wade through the same ones I did not “like” the previous day. (Are these profiles even active by real people, or are they algorithm driven A.I. accounts?) I may have wasted $40, but I’ve learned my lesson about Tinder. Won’t happen again, since I’ve cancelled my subscription and will be allowing it to expire at the end of the month. Update 3 November 2023 I have been unable to delete my account through this app and on their website. I have followed their directions regarding deleting my account, all to no avail. I have contacted Tinder support several times, with no results. They merely reply with a copy of the instructions I’ve already completed. It is my opinion that the user is not meant to be able to delete their account, for the purpose of allowing Tinder to use your account as they see fit, after you give up in frustration. I have forwarded a copy of my latest email correspondence, demanding the deletion of my account, to my State Office of the Attorney General. Never again will I use, or recommend Tinder to anyone. Wish I could get a refund for what I paid. Lesson learned.
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2 years ago, misfitglory182
I normally love Tinder and with their newest updates they include the ability to share a lot more information about yourself than you could before (if you smoke, are 420 friendly, are in college, etc) and you can even specify what you are looking for as far as a long term, short term, or hookup which is immensely helpful. HOWEVER, all of these great features are COMPLETELY WORTHLESS when I am not matching with ANYONE and I can’t see the messages my matches are sending me. I must have swiped through 200+ with no matches AT ALL. NONE. That’s incredibly abnormal based on my use of Tinder up to this point. One match who I was really interested in and talked to for a day, I couldn’t see his messages at all when he was trying to contact me after our first initial chat. Luckily I was able to reconnect with him on Instagram after I realized I wasn’t seeing his messages. He then sent me a screenshot that showed all the messages he sent that I did not receive. I’m not sure if these issues apply exclusively to the app though because I tried on their site and had the same problems. And I must have messed with my settings and deleted and reinstalled the app on my phone 10 times, and still nothing worked. The match I reconnected with told me Tinder has also been buggy for him as well. FIX YOUR APP, TINDER.
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2 months ago, Paulaus M. L.
Banned, appealed, and denied by an automated system
I honestly have zero idea what I could’ve done that led me to have been banned. Tinder hasn’t been transparent at all with letting me know what exactly I did that could’ve possibly warranted a permanent ban either. I never had a cross word with anyone, and certainly never, nor would I ever, use the app like a creep trying to harass people. Sad thing is that I was really enjoying the app and all of the cool people I was meeting. I think that it’s definitely possible to meet interesting people on the platform; and this is coming from a black man. The reason for me rating the app so low is the really poor transparency and efficacy of customer service. I paid hard earned money to subscribe to various features of the app, and to be banned essentially right after I signed up for em’ and basically told by the system to screw off and enjoy having my money wasted without a chance to say anything in my own defense? Nah, that’s fraudulent and devious. Do better. Be transparent and open with your consumers. They’re the reason you exist in the first place. If you’re gonna kick people off of the platform, and essentially take their money for nothing, at least give a reason why and some evidence other than stating amorphous violations of terms and services that aren’t proven. PML
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2 years ago, Loren KLD
Admitted to banning my by accident - now blocked forever
I’m like the thousands of others who left a one star review about being banned for no reason at all. My account was banned. I have the most vanilla account on the planet and was certain it was an error. Tinder responded and admitted it was their error and that my account was banned (forever) because it was accidentally flagged as a spam account. Then they proceed to tell me to sign up again, but that’s impossible because you have to use your phone number to sign up (you can’t use a burn number) and my phone number is forever banned. So thanks Tinder for having the worst algorithm on the planet that bans real accounts FOREVER with no way for those people to ever get back on the app. You have an obligation to have a more sensitive and compassionate process around this. You know many of the people on your app are already feeling rejected, lonely, and depressed, and you make it worse by banning them from a way to connect with others and accusing them of doing something they didn’t do. It’s so wrong on so many levels. I mean does anyone on your team actually read these reviews?! You would think you would change the process of banning accounts by now given the thousands of complaints that say they all experienced the exact same thing.
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3 years ago, Harmoino
Banned for no reason/without explanation
I have noticed that tinder doesn’t reply to these. Many of my friend use this app and have noticed they will randomly get banned after paying, as it happened to me as well. I personally think they either need to set up a appeal process or renew everything on the app process. I know tinder isn’t about to even reply to this, but I just want it to be known that all of my friends are coming over to one Star this app until they set something up to make this process better for everyone. It is honestly ridiculous you can let people looking for thirds who play themselves as females to harass people about it or you get the people who will just report you for not replying why is that even an option on the reporting. Sometimes people can’t reply because the app is so freaking glitchy that messages sometimes don’t appear. Y’all advertise tinder as a great app but in reality if people are always complaining from what I’ve noticed about the glitching or having to get whole new numbers and phones to make a new account. It’s honestly sad seeing how bad this app can get like how do you not have a support line or even email that gives people an actual reasoning to why they were banned ect. Have fun hinge is way better y’all go there they are also cheaper
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3 years ago, TD0625
Worst Dating App with no way to get unbanned
I had this app for over a few years. Then one day someone got my profile information and started uploading explicit pictures on my profile. Instead of emailing me, texting me, or trying to contact me about the situation they banned my account. I went to Tinders website to try and plead my case and repeal their decision. I could not find any such place on their website except a customer service email. I emailed them to try and and explain my situation, but was left with “at this time there is no repeal process put in place to allow someone the opportunity to be unbanned”. I don’t understand how in a world where people are constantly getting hacked that they have no plan or repeal process for situations like this. I tried making a new account with a new email and tried making new social media’s. Unfortunately they have linked my banned account to my phone and everything on my phone. It’s fine, I’ll spend my time, energy, and money on different apps like bumble and hinge. This inferior app has so many other problems with it, I’m sure I won’t miss it. Will never recommend this to anyone looking to use dating apps. I will always tell people from now on not to use this one because of the constant sexually charged males harassing women over this app.
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1 year ago, Kkarpa19
Banned for No Reason
I was banned about 12 hours after making my account. I read through the community guidelines. I hadn’t had any matches yet so I couldn’t have said anything mean, all the pictures were fully clothed and of me from the last year, and everything in my bio/prompts was respectful. There was no personal info about me like my usernames or anything. There are only two things I can think of as possibilities for me being banned 1) they don’t think I look like my pictures because my hair was cut short recently and was uncombed when I went to verify or 2) they thought my answer to the prompt “I’ll fall for you if…” was soliciting (I said you buy me flowers or little trinkets that made you think of me.). I contacted support because I have no idea how I violated the guidelines - I’ve had an account in the past and an account on a different app with identical pictures and bio/answers and was never flagged. All they told me was I violated guidelines. If they would outline specifically what I did that violated guidelines, I would not be upset, but I read through the guidelines and I don’t believe I did anything wrong and the fact that support won’t review my account again and tell me what I did wrong indicates to me that they don’t know what I did wrong either but are too stubborn to admit it.
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2 years ago, sixcollars
On the Decline - New Features Make it Buggy and Unuseable
UPDATE: App is completely useless and unusable now. Every time I send a message, it doesn't show up in the chat. Any time I type a message, the keyboard glitches and lags. App constantly crashes and freezes. Pictures and videos get removed for no reason, without any explanation why. Matches will randomly disappear and reappear again. This is with the most CURRENT and UP TO DATE version. Deleting this app now. Previous review: Tinder used to be a simple app - fast loading, easy to use, worth paying the cheap price for premium. It was perfect 5 years ago. Now the app has added so many over the top, ridiculous, useless features that everyone hates. Other users on the app immediately give you their phone number or social media handle right away because the app is so bad. Messages don't refresh unless you close and reopen the app several times, trying to type has significant lag and delay, the app randomly freezes and crashes constantly. If you listen to music while using it, it will cause your music to glitch too. My phone has been significantly slower since downloading the app, its like simulating what an iPhone virus would be like. Overall an irritating, buggy, glitchy, slow app that gets worse every update.
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3 years ago, JunkMonster86
Tinder is a scam
I wish I’d have read the other reviews before paying for the “Gold” package. I recently went through a break up and considering I’m not from the place I am now living I thought I’d jump on Tinder and meet some people. I literally was only trying to meet people for friendship. Things are going okay, I’ve met a couple cool people, shared some music, seems all good, open the app up about 4-5 days later: YOUR ACCOUNT HAS BEEN BANNED. For absolutely no reason at all. I read every single word it the terms of agreement and the guidelines, I did not violate a single one. I was never disrespectful to anyone, if someone never responded to my “hello” or stopped responding when we were messaging back and forth I wouldn’t send another message, I wasn’t even on the app to find hook ups in the first place. Tinder is operating outside the lines of good business practice. You can’t contact them in any meaningful way whatsoever, they have no appeal process, nothing. Tinder is a sham. Apple should be ashamed of themselves for even allowing them in the App Store. I have now read through hundreds of reviews, Reddit and Quora posts and posts elsewhere explains this exact same situation. Tinder is banning paying customers for no reason, with no explanation and keeping their money. They are taking advantage of people simply looking to meet other people. Tinder is trash.
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3 weeks ago, Shyelle G.
Not worth it
So recently there’s been some backlash about tinder discriminating, so they decided to combat that with not allowing users to filter based on race .. However this is clearly counterproductive because the complaint was never for the user, it was for the app itself… No one cares if people have racial preferences , we all have preferences .. We want quality options that’s being hidden or not even suggested.. Tinder certainly controls who is being seen because I’ve had tinder on and off for a few years before this claim and I’ve always gotten plenty of BM to choose from me being a BW who is interested in BM .. Now ALL I get is WM .. 1100 ppl swiped right on me , for every 15-20 WM there is ONE BM.. after 24 hours of use I need a FULL refund , I’m done with the systematic bull.. it was fine before , the initial complaint was holding back good options it was never about racial preference .. People pick who they pick because that’s who they are attracted to .. I don’t want to match with a WM that doesn’t even like BW .. and he shouldn’t have to Vice versa .. 1100 people and not even 10 of the BM recommended to me have so much as a bachelors degree ? But my WW coworker has HUNDREDS of educated BM on her potential matches and she doesn’t even like BM 😂 please be for real .. find a different app to use because tinder is not it anymore ..
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1 year ago, JustACityBoy96
Completely fraudulent
I’m far from the only person who experienced this, but in case someone who doesn’t know and is thinking of getting this app is reading this: Tinder and pretty much all dating apps are scams to get you to shell out money to them and keep shelling out money to them. They prey on loneliness. Maybe once they worked, but not anymore. You sign up with a basic account, no money, and you see you’re getting likes. Then you pay for a membership and the likes disappear. And no matter how much you swipe, super like, or boost, they don’t come back. It took me too long to realize that Tinder’s hope is that you’ll pay them more money after paying for a subscription. And they’ll do anything, including lie about their predatory business practices, in order to bleed you dry. Especially if you’re a guy, you have next to no chance of finding love on this app. Stay away from Tinder, Hinge, and any other dating apps run by the “Match Group.” They’re not really dating apps anymore. They’re money farms that use people’s - especially men’s - loneliness to make money. I can’t think of anything more despicable and demoralizing. Save yourself the money and the heartache. Do not, under any circumstances, download a dating app. But if you must download a dating app, download a different one than this.
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6 months ago, cloudmusic
Good dating app
It's good for what it is. You meet a lot of people because it's very active at least in my area. The only thing keeping me from giving it 5 stars is the fake profiles/bots that are on the site, but that seems to be getting taken care of because I'm getting less of them. Now that you are charging tinder get rid of the fake profiles at least. Update Overall it’s been pretty good experience I have had two meet ups made two friends. I probably could have met more if my schedule wasn’t so crazy right not, but that’s just dating and not Tinders’ fault. What is puzzling though is I was offered a super premium membership $500 a month. My issue isn’t the money really as much as the complete lack of communicating what the premium offered over Gold membership. It could be VIP parties, access to top a network or models, a champagne brunch or it could be exactly the same, I have no way of knowing. Maybe Tinder is still rolling out the feature or maybe they are just taking advantage of members willing to spend a little idk. I would love to know
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7 months ago, David Baca
App doesn’t even work
I’d give 0 stars if I could, back when the app ACTUALLY worked it was 4 star worthy possibly even 5 stars, in the past 8 months I tried to deactivate my account and it wouldn’t let me, so I had no choice but to pause it. Months later I come back and “reactivate” my account. I start swiping through “potential” matches after updating my profile, close app, re-open. Next thing you know 8/10 of all the people I just swiped on pop back up again, I’ve been getting no matches or likes and in the past I used to get likes, I used to have hundreds of matches, now I can’t even get $10 likes. I can’t deactivate my account. Went to support to see why people are reappearing and they give a sorry little excerpt that the accounts may be deleted even though the cards say active/or a problem with connection; literally no help or way to actually FIX the situation, and I DEFINITELY know it’s not my connection. This app used to be legit now it just seems like a bum sham and scam. Thoroughly disappointed. If the app actually worked the way it’s supposed to without having to pay then it’d be worthy of at least 4 stars, but the app doesn’t even work properly and I can’t even delete my account, what a load of nonsense. 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽
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8 months ago, Svede3
Playing with people’s lives and hearts
I was really enjoying tinder in canada and was chatting with some great people I planned to meet—until this month— I happened to go for a trip to Peru, one of their “test” zones, and immediately upon entering the country, every single match and conversation I had was suddenly cancelled and “expired” bc they are testing a new expiration feature in South America. I had zero warning and no “countdown”, no chance to extend my time with matches, a clear technical glitch that I wrote support about and which they are taking ZERO responsibility for. I now have no way to contact a person I have been chatting with for 3 months who I was excited to finally meet upon returning from my trip. They are a horrible company that do not care about people or truly helping them connect and find love with other humans. This is a dangerous app. Don’t even try it. It took me so long to find someone I was excited about and now I can’t message them. **update** I tried to contact support and they said they actually won’t help me (lol) so this response from them is bogus. Pathetic excuse for a “relationship” app as they obviously don’t care about the humans involved if they will Willy Nilly expire all their matches and convos without warning bc of a glitch and then do nothing to fix it.
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2 weeks ago, dobbadooba
Manipulative, greedy & broken
I’m sure you’ve already read about the price gouging with premium subscriptions and shadow banning free members- but did you know they also pester you with fake notifications? There is very frequently an unread notification on the app when you have no new matches and no new messages. You will get notified of new messages- and find nothing when you check them. Tinder has stopped trying to make matches, and started focusing only on engagement. You’re implored upon by the app daily to grace the dating pool with your presence, and pressured to use the rapidly dwindling pool of daily likes that they allot you. Worst of all, the algorithm that sorts potential partners is designed to grab attention over all else. You will find only the most put-together, rich, boat-riding beautiful people when swiping through matches. Real people anywhere near your league? A rarity. Meeting a gorgeous Lamborghini enthusiast would be great- but Tinder isn’t concerned with how well the relationship would work out. They only want the prettiest faces up front to get you engaged. They’ve been slowly raising the price of love for years now, and now with these dishonest practices made to look like glitches, I’m out. The real people are on Bumble or Hinge. And of course, I assume, out in the real world.
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3 years ago, Jay'sCraft
Terrible App
To start things off Tinder is filled with bots, every second match I get in tinder is some “girl” trying to give you a massage and send you to a website. They don’t do any background checks on the people who join to make sure they are human. Secondly they spam it with advertisements and every 7th person you swipe on is an ad. Thirdly the amount of times it tells you, “you need to upgrade to get women to match with you” is incredibly annoying. Fourth, if you swipe right on everyone on the app Tinder actually throttles how many people you can match with. The first day I ran a test and swiped on every girl, I managed to go through about 40 women before it said I’m out of swipes. Next day I do it and get about 20. Now when I load the app I swipe on about 4 women before I have to upgrade my account because Ive ran out of swipes. It’s very unfair and flawed. Lastly they have these stupid “swipe surges” and other random events that “guarantee you’ll match with someone.” Ive gone to about 4 of these events (and by go I mean had the app open) and haven’t matched with anyone, and yes I know it’s all about appearances, and I wouldn’t say I’m ugly nor attractive but still. This app is a huge scam, waste of time, try something like Bumble or Facebook Dating. 1000% better than this trash app.
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2 years ago, Jmac.Attack
Absolutely Terrible!!
Tinder has so many glitches it is not even funny. I had so many issues with the site. At some point in time, Tinder decided to just stop my account from working. I was texting a couple matches who verified all our messages disappeared and they weren’t receiving any of my messages. I tried messaging Tinder and no response. I decided to delete the old account and create a new account losing all my contacts from before. After creating a new account, someone flagged my new account, and got put on a hold for a bit with no reason why or anything. It apparently got squared away after a day again with no explanation. Now out of the blue, Tinder once again just banned me permanently for no reason while I was talking to a few people that could have been real connections! Now when I try to log on or create an account it says I am permanently banned! I am still trying to wrap my head around it, but I wouldn’t use Tinder ever again after this experience! The sad thing is that there were some really great connections I had made and was in the process and either meeting or about to text before all of this went down and no way now for me to connect with them! Terrible service who truly don’t care about connections! I will stick to Hinge!
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3 years ago, Da Saber
Banned for no reason
Update: I’m afraid I also have been banned for no reason. I used to read these reviews and roll my eyes like people can’t be banned for no reason — must have done something. Nope. I’ve been permanently banned for absolutely nothing. I’m never even remotely mean or inappropriate. It must be an automated system when someone claims anything. Which is not a business I want to support. Maybe an ex saw me or something. After 6 years and many subscriptions, tinder has lost me permanently. Sad to say but it’s ironically not my choice ———————— Used to be decent. Now they’re giving out free passport apparently? But you can’t control if you swipe on people genuinely local, or those using passport “pretending” to be local actually 8k miles away. So now, 19/20 swipes are from random profiles around the world. Different languages, countries, with high language barrier and zero intention to come to your area. It has completely ruined the entire experience and made it impossible to use tinder for what it was created to do — get to know people around you to find a partner / friends. Not make virtual pen pals who are messing around. Add in the horrific allegations about their CEO, their horrible customer service, and pathetic squeeze for money, this is how a five star app became useless, nearly overnight.
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9 months ago, okokokoooooooo
Banned for being trans
I’m a trans girl, and i like to think i’m very pretty, and clearly a lot of other people thought so too I was getting tons of matches. Now obviously I know not everyone is comfortable with that, that’s why the word transgender was the first thing in my bio so people KNOW. and i get not reading bios and just seeing a pretty face and swiping, so before i started a conversation with anyone i would tell them to read my bio, sometimes i’d get unmatched sometimes i wouldn’t. I had maybe 2 or 3 conversations longer than a few texts because I just wanted to scroll on tinder and see what was out there, but I did meet some actually nice people. I even paid for a weeks worth of tinder plus so i wouldn’t run out of swipes. Within TWO days of being on tinder my account was under review, I figured okay i’m sure some people reported me because that’s the way things are, but tinder will clear it up and I can go back to being on the app. NOPE was banned after i spent over 24 hours under review. I paid 14 dollars for a week and got to use it for less than a day. People that had read my bio and I was genuinely connecting with just gone. Tinder support clearly just doesn’t care if you actually do something wrong, you can’t be different and also harmless.
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10 months ago, donaldtrumpiscrusty
Will not let you delete account
I bought gold then every time i tried matching with someone it would give me an error message (plus other small bugs). I tried using different wifi, data, i tried logging out, deleting the app, logging in on another device etc. nothing worked so I contacted tinder support. 3 times. Every time I submitted a request I got an email confirming that my request went through and that someone would be in contact with my shortly. Two of the times I reached out, I got an automated email saying my request was being sent to someone higher up and that someone else would be in touch with me shortly. I have heard nothing. I finally contacted apple to get a refund for gold, which went through completely the day before yesterday. I just tried to delete my account, and I am getting an error message no matter what I do. I did some googling and it sounds like this whole situation, not being allowed to delete your account included, is something tinder does to a lot of people as a kind of punishment or something. I’ve reported all of this to the apple store and may be starting a class action lawsuit if this is not resolved by the apple store or by tinder support because not being able to delete your account is a major safety issue.
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1 year ago, BambiRaptorrr
They now limited poly couples from having a joint profile, which is pointless because now we’re just going to have more people we end up accidentally matching with that turn out to be someone in a poly relationship. It makes more sense to give people in poly/open/enm relationships *their own category* so that people who are looking for that type of relationship or interaction can find each other, but not ending up in the same pool with people who are interested in monogamy. Tinder is the biggest dating app thus it has the most amount of users, so that’s both good and bad. More people you don’t find remotely attractive to swipe through, and constantly being reminded you have 99+ likes or whatever, but ultimately you’re more likely to find at least a few people to choose from to talk to. A lot of creeps and people that are just looking for hookups, or people that don’t bother to even read your bio and just swipe based on photos, which is annoying but expected on any dating app. But there’s also more of a chance of finding someone compatible. Just make sure you don’t accidentally meet your soulmate and blow it on the first date.
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2 years ago, bartledoboy
Shallow and Fruitless
Imagine a slot machine where you invest your time, money, and dignity only to receive fleeting moments of self-worth while gradually deteriorating your self-esteem until you’re hardly sure of your own value. This is Tinder. I have paid for Tinder platinum for 3 months now, I have spent countless hours swiping, editing and adjusting every small detail of my profile, used all the boosts and super likes and still have ultimately made little to zero progress in the dating realm. Now I know what you’re thinking, I must be doing something wrong, being creepy, boring, or not posting the right pictures or something but I try my best to avoid those specific issues as best as possible. I’ve had more success on hinge without even paying a dime for their service and yet here it feels like they are constantly demanding you for money just to be slightly prioritized for a very short period of time. Not to mention the sheer amount of bots, fake accounts, and people simply not using the app, or only using it to promote their brand is frustrating to say the least. I’m just not sure there’s much you can get from this app other than shallow physical encounters. There is not one other app that has caused me such mental anguish. I wish I could say anything different.
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1 year ago, Caden Lyman
Money fishing app.
I used tinder a few years ago, it was a lot different. I was getting likes on my profile every day, at least one, I paid for the gold once for a month and I eventually found a girl that I dated for the last 3 years. We split up and I chose to download tinder again assuming that I would have the same experience. This is not the case, now there’s 4 different memberships to choose from, you have to pay for everything. I started out for the first 2 months not paying a penny, I would get 3-4 likes on my profile a week at least. As soon as I paid for the gold membership for the last month, I have yet to receive a SINGLE like on my profile but I am getting tons more push notifications to buy or pay for boosts or super likes. Not to mention only about 1/6 people that do like my profile don’t send me a message at all, leading me to believe those are the fake profiles that tinder makes to keep people hooked on buying and paying for extra stuff. I’m not an ugly guy either, I know I’m not that boring to talk to either as I don’t ask dead end questions or talk about myself almost at all unless asked. I do not recommend to use this app unless you are casually swiping and don’t mind being bombarded with ads to pay for things.
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2 months ago, Rootless.origina
My feedback in this review couldn’t possibly be more scathing. I’ve used Tinder for years, and it’s been a reliable app throughout that time, with the exception of one recent, crucial incident: I finally matched with someone who is a solid catch, and we’re both mutually excited about each other. I’m pretty picky when it comes to dating, so this scenario isn’t exactly common. However, my ability to respond promptly to my match is undermined by Tinder suddenly breaking down in its functionality: a three minute lag in sending messages (a lag that requires me to keep the app open as the app makes up its mind on whether it’s gonna send the message or not), or not sending my messages altogether. This has resulted in my match and I trying to sustain conversations about finding an app where we *can* communicate with each other at a very early stage in getting to know each other, thus threatening the organic development of chemistry between each other. I would strongly recommend against entrusting this app with enabling reliable communication, especially since it is currently failing me miserably on that front. This is the one time that I was counting on Tinder to work, and it is absolutely failing to deliver on its most basic functions, which is totally outrageous
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3 months ago, Bendekstar
I have to ask why is it that I now am finding a bunch of dudes swiping on me. I have it listed in my profile that I am straight and only looking for women. I have nothing against people who are trans, gay or so on and so forth, and I certainly don’t wanna waste their time but now I’m slightly irritated because now not only am I wasting peoples time, apparently because these people are finding me on tinder, so that’s a wasted swipe for them, but the fact that I’m showing up at all to these people shows a complete lack of respect for both mine and their preference I should be able to only see people I have an interest in and have an interest in me when I select that I am only interested in women. That’s the only thing that should show up and that only women who are looking in men can see me because that is what’s the point of having somebody you have absolutely no interest in finding your profile? someone’s preference is not just going to change just because that person took a leap and swiped on them. so they need to fix this preferably as soon as possible because that’s a waste of our time and severely disrespectful to peoples preference.
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4 months ago, Ed Naso
This app is fraud! Class action anyone?
So I paid $50 for Tinder gold, which comes with certain features you get pushed to the top of the list so you’re seen more often, you have unlimited “top picks”, you can send a message with Super likes… During the one month. 99.9% of my matches were fake bots or scammers! In the entire month, I may be had 3 of top picks. It constantly said none were available. Then, on a day I did have a topic there was only one to choose.. interestingly, the second my subscription expired, the app is now showing me seven top picks! This app is complete fraud. I would love any attorney to reach out to me as I have multiple screenshots of the 100s of fake accounts and the rampant fraud on this platform. I got tired of reporting the fake accounts when I’m a paying customer, it’s not my job to sort through all the fake accounts this platform is defrauding users and it’s completely unacceptable! They are defrauding Shareholders of Ticker MTCH I plan to launch a full investigation as I have sent an email and the company refused to respond to my complaints or issue a refund. They allow bots to fill their database in order to make fake advertising money. They are defrauding users. They are defrauding advertisers and should be put in prison for their crimes.
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2 years ago, LunaRose244
Please Help All Of Us !!!!! Banning everyone is not working
I love tinder I’ve used it on and off for years and never had a problem. One day one of my friends were banned we were both confused as they did nothing wrong and the next day I was banned as well doing nothing at all that would break rules and regulations of tinder. Even more confused we decided to see if others were getting banned for no reason I’m seeing so many complaints on social media from people getting banned for no reason. I have been trying to be patient and wait for news of y’all allowing and people to file some sort of annulment or complaint but have seen none. I’ve emailed you twice with nothing but a copy paste explanation saying I violated the terms of service and community guidelines. I’ve read over all of them several times and have not violated any. This is extremely frustrating and I’m starting to think I’m being hacked or the whole app is being unfair to users or people are being banned for petty reasons by others such as getting flagging for example not answering. innocent people are being banned. I want my account reactivated I’ve given you my time, my money, and my hope for something more using tinder and I’m extremely disappointed. Please help me.
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3 years ago, shhutfg
Scam to get money then Bann you
Do not get and definitely do not put money into tinder. Users are describing having issues the erase conversations for one person and the other still sees them there’s nothing but bots basically all the issues you can have in dating apps exist in tinder and they will never fix them. I was banned for unforeseen reasons and no given no means of correcting this issue and was even about to pay premium for this app before I got banned. Used to tinder for three years and I have no clue why my account was banned so I am probably going to do the same thing again somewhere else. You can’t make another profile because it all connects through Facebook. I now realize that I also had the bug where you don’t see your matches in your match list they keep disappearing and coming back. My conversations were also disappearing and coming back it would be days and weeks in between. I will never use dating apps again I’m just going to use Facebook dating if anything and that’s it this app has ruined all dating apps for me that’s how bad this app is. This app is trash. 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼
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3 years ago, SeekAndDes7roy2
I got banned for no reason
I don’t understand the terms and policy of this app what so ever. I was banned for no reason. All of my photos are appropriate and my bio did not have anything close to being worthy of being banned. It seems like tinder has a very flawed system in which it bans whoever it likes without giving any warning or notifications on why you were banned. This is an abuse of power right here from an app that has too much power. You can’t even appeal the reason why you were banned. It just doesn’t make sense to me. I’ve had my profile since 2015. I have deleted it every now and then to take a break from it. But redownloading it recently and have been using it for the past week, everything was fine. Until today, this afternoon I went onto the app to find out I was banned. If this is how Tinder works and does things, by asking for personal information, wanting a bio and having you do so much to make a profile, just seems like a huge breach of privacy and an abuse of power. I recommend anyone that wants to use this app, to not even download it. Because the amount of times I’ve seen my friends use this app, just to get banned for no reason, kind of blows my mind. Again, I highly suggest no one downloads this app at all.
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3 months ago, AmazingEmily20
It works if you work
So I have a long history with tinder. I have downloaded and deleted this app several times over the last 3 years. It started out mostly as a joke with my college friends but then it became pretty entertaining honestly. Seeing who is out there and figuring out your type is really fun. I never really expected to find anyone on the app that I was going to have a serious relationship with. I was just having fun. But suddenly, there he was. The love of my life. We have so much in common and we hit it off immediately. After a week of calling and texting, he came to see me at college and the rest is history. I’m moving in with him in about 2 months and I fully intend on marrying him within the next 2 years. I scrolled through hundreds and hundreds of guys but I actually found my life partner. My needle in a haystack. The app works if you do. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I also never encountered any issues or scammers on the app. If someone isn’t verified and it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Just be smart, people.
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1 year ago, FriendlyMaker77
Customer Services is PATHETIC
I was banned from Tinder for absolutely nothing. I have had the app for a while and as sad as it is to save I’ve even paid for it for a few months. I never even come close to violating the terms or conditions. I’m genuinely trying to build connections on the app, which is probably where I went wrong. But anyway I was randomly blocked this weekend so as any normal person would do I reached out to customer services to see if maybe they could help explain to me what had happened. After going back and forth with them simply asking for a explanation and receiving the same auto generated response of “Your account has been banned from Tinder for violating our Terms of Use and/or Community Guidelines”, I was told that “We are unable to provide further assistance, and so we may not respond to additional requests about this case”. Excuse me? I’m asking for an answer about MY account and why I can not appeal this. Customer service was absolutely the worst I have ever worked with. There are men on Tinder who assault women they meet on the app & are reported but somehow they continue to have an account. There are men who have their 🍆 just on their profile yet they’re still on there. ALL i’m asking for is an explanation Tinder, that’s it.
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3 years ago, 1stTymeWritingA-reviw
Getting banned for life with no detailed explanation or refund
Eventually you will get banned for life with the only explanation is that you violated their terms of service. No warning and no indication of what you supposedly did. If you are a paying Member, and you get banned they keep your money with no refund. With people easily offended, and the ease to report another Member on the app, just stating in your profile that you’re “super straight” will eventually trigger some people as offensive and will report you as offensive behavior and you will get banned for life. Of course you have to be a match to report someone, but people can match just for the purpose of reporting you because they are offended by information in your profile; political views, race, age, sexuality, and once matched, report you as offensive. Also they are shady on their Membership costs and overcharge more than what they quote. Before I became a paying Member, I would get pop ups of their Membership packages (months/cost). First time I bought a 6mo gold package and was charged a little more than the cost quoted in the pop up. Next Membership I upgraded to 6mo platinum and was charged over $160 (which was substantially more than the amount quoted in the pop up) and I was banned a week later.
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2 years ago, toasteroven5
banned for no reason?
I’ve had tinder for like 2 years and out of no where and for no particular reason I was banned. I didn’t have any inappropriate photos of myself, wasn’t rude to anyone & always just had friendly conversations. I sent an email- my appeal and they wouldn’t let me know why I was banned and just told me I “violated the users guidelines agreement”. If you’re going to ban me for whatever reason, at least let me know why I was. I’ve heard this happened to a few of my other friends for no reason at all too. I think that is extremely annoying because you cannot make a new account unless you change your apple ID or phone number. I wouldn’t have minded if it let me go back on after a certain amount of days but i’m now banned for life I guess. I quite frankly really enjoyed the app as well. Although it’s a HOOKUP app, I’ve made some really good friends on that app. And considering that it is a HOOKUP app, I don’t see why I was banned. I’ve had about 4-5 photos, would change my photos frequently and update my bio whenever I got bored of what I had. So it wasn’t like I was a scam or bot. Just very annoying because after reading a lot of the reviews it seems like tinder has gone downhill by banning a lot of people. Do better tinder ‼️
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1 year ago, lingo3echo
The worst dating app imo
I’ve deleted and reinstalled this app a few times and the experience is always the same. When you first create a profile, it shows you to a bunch of people at once and you get a ton of likes in a suspiciously short amount of time. You can spend months swiping and will never get the chance to match with these initial likes and you won’t see them unless you pay for a premium subscription. When you do, you discover that the likes you got were either scammers, people not in your area, or people you wouldn’t have matched with anyway. On top of that, after you get gold and can see your likes, they completely stop coming in. This is their opportunity to sell you the boosts so that you can be seen again. The whole thing is precisely designed to siphon money from lonely men and just feels gross. Now, in fairness, I have a couple friends who seem to have a little success on Tinder, which is why I keep getting suckered into giving it another shot, but for me, it has proven the most expensive and least fruitful of all the dating apps I’ve tried. I have managed to get dates from Hinge, Bumble and CMB without paying a dime and not one from Tinder after $90, so my suggestion would be to try any of those.
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4 years ago, objective interviews
Waste of money. Hinge or Bumble is better.
I hope the developers read this. I pay for Tinder Gold ($30/month, I will be unsubscribing soon). This is most expensive “paid” version of this app. I regularly “match” with paid advertisements who look like young single women. These are Paid advertisements facilitated / sold by Tinder. Should a paying “gold” user be getting hit with adds? No. Additionally, I regularly match/see women who are all 80-99 miles away. I have my radius set to 40 miles. I’m not interested in matching with someone who lives two states and a three hour drive away. Also, about 10-20% of the female profiles on Finder are fake/scammers who immediately want you to add some obscure social media account name that doesn’t match their Tinder name or picture. The app also crashes frequently (yes, it’s fully updated). If you’re looking to spend money on a dating app, you’d be better off spending money on Hinge or Bumble. Use the free version if Tinder if you like, but they don’t deserve your money. Also, I have heard from other people who are seemingly arbitrarily banned without any way to challenge or contest the ban. I guess that you can’t be accused of having terrible customer service if you don’t have any customer service to begin with...
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2 months ago, Cbrayden89
Tinder, All Too Well!
I swiped through the profiles, left and right Searching for a match on Tinder in the night Your bio piqued my interest, a charming bio line Thought we'd hit it off, have a great time We were swiping on Tinder, hearts beating fast Conversations flowing, never thought it wouldn't last Arranged to meet in person, the chemistry fell Now I'm swiping left, remembering Tinder all too well Our messages were witty, full of fun and jest But meeting face to face, put our connection to the test You were not the same, as your filtered pics Tinder's a tricky game, playing all these tricks We were swiping on Tinder, hopes running high Dreaming of a love that would touch the sky Our date was a letdown, a bitter pill to swallow Back to the app, my hopes feeling hollow The unmatched conversations, the unanswered calls Tinder's highs and lows, its rise and falls Thought you were the one, but it didn't end well In this digital world, memories of Tinder dwell Swiping on Tinder, seeking a spark Navigating through profiles, in this digital park Back to the app, my heart in a shell Swiping through profiles, remembering Tinder all too well Back on the carousel of Tinder's game Hoping for a match that's more than just a name In this swipe left, swipe right carousel Living and learning, Tinder all too well.
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5 months ago, Monket
Do o not pay.
At first I got the free version and I got 2 likes but their face was blurred and I couldn’t give them a like to contact then for that, I had to pay the Gold Membership. Fine, is a business, I get it. So I pay for one month on the Gold one. That was a total waste of money! Supposedly, once you send a like to someone, they have 24 hours to like you back (Bumble has 48 or 72 and you can extend that for 24 more if you want to give them more time to answer). Everything until this point seems ok. The problem is that since I paid I got the message that someone liked me and another one giving me her name, problem is that they send me those messages during the night and I was already asleep. When I wake up and went to the app, the app said that I had 0 likes! It was just a few hours since they send me that message and now I got 0 likes? I wonder if the same happened to all of those ladies that I liked before. I think I’m going to save and pay one of those more expensive services because these ones just steal your money.
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12 months ago, Q & Nick
I found my husband !!!
So I downloaded tinder back in 2021!! I had no goal/outcome of downloading the app I was just curious as to who/what was on the app. I had been single for 2 years prior to downloading tinder and I guess I was ready to SLOWLY start getting back into dating again. That being said I didn’t purchase anything extra in the app I only had what it came with. I was on pretty consistently the first week or so then slacked off and would only long on here and there. One day when I got on I had a match (not unusual but just had a different feeling about this specific one) In 2021 I met this guy (my now husband 😁) and it was truly love at first sight!!! We went on our first date shortly there after and we have been in love ever since!! Our 2 year anniversary is approaching soon!! This app helped me find my best friend, partner and lover!! We recently got married in March of 2023 and we both couldn’t be happier! It’s so crazy that downloading an app can truly change your life!! 🩵💍 Don’t give up searching!!
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2 years ago, tyler-986
Banned for no reason
I’ve used tinder frequently throughout the years. I have always been appropriate with how I approach my matches. Recently, I had re-signed up for tinder after deleting the app from a few months ago. When I downloaded the app I bought tinders gold feature. After a week or so of using the app I was prompted to get photo verified and I submitted my picture then. After waiting an entire day of not being able to access the app because my photo was still under review I sent their customer support an email message about the issue. Later the same day, i still had received no response back but was able to again access the app. A day later I was prompted that my account was banned. Between getting photo verified and being banned I messaged zero people and before that I had not in weeks if at all after my initial download of the app. I tried to reach out to their customer service via phone and I received busy signals, I reached out again using email and have not gotten a response. This was an extremely frustrating situation that do not completely understand myself but I have moved on from it. This review is to state my experience so that viewers are aware of the risk they take by just using the app.
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3 days ago, WZBadazz
Let me start off by saying I’ve had very good experience with this app for the most part, that’s why I decided to subscribe and have been subscribed for long time. But… Recently I’ve started to see ads in my discovery deck even though I’m currently an active platinum member. I’ve contacted Tinder support a few times about this, and they are treating me like I’m making things up even though I’ve sent them screenshot proof of multiple ads showing up in my swipe deck. Furthermore, if you look at the benefits of being a Platinum member, one of the listed benefits is the ability to hide ads—yet I’m still being shown ads, even though I’ve been subscribed for months, without interruption. This is my second to last resort. If this issue is not resolved I will report it to Apple support that they are scamming paid users by claiming they won’t see ads, and I will cancel my subscription. Like I said, I get pretty good results with this app every month, that’s why I don’t mind paying for it — but with that being said, I’m starting to see way too many bots and scammers on the platform and I’m being shown ads even though I’m paying to not see them. I’m not a fool, and I don’t like being scammed, so maybe it’s time to go somewhere else.
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8 months ago, AbiVGoolz
Low quality guys spoiled by easy girls. Models aren’t always fake and this app is misogynistic
Designed for men to take advantage of women?! Major cringe. If you’re a model, you can forget it. This app isn’t for you. You’ll be banned if people think you’re “too good to be true”. I was banned a while ago, I made a new account a few weeks ago, and it was just banned too. This is so ridiculous! It’s not as if there were any cute girls that wanted to talk to me anyway. Dating apps in general are a joke compared to meeting people in person, but Tinder takes the cake for the very worst right after MeetMe. I guess I’m either too pretty for dating apps, or Tinder (an app for adults I thought? And I was not explicit by any means!) hasn’t been clear enough on what isn’t allowed in bios. Regardless, Tinder lost someone that the vast majority of people would swipe right on, and I lost access to an app that did nothing positive for me, and left MUCH to be desired. I guess I should go to clubs where they only let in women that are too good looking to be real so I can fit in and not be seen as fake, and meet girls as cute as me. But this app was NO GOOD. I met one cool guy on there back in 2016 but it wasn’t worth the time and effort in the end. Mostly traumatic experiences. Just go outside!!
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3 years ago, dissappointed user 55372
Took a simple, decently working app and ruined it.
I’m a software engineer. Tinder in concept is not a difficult app to implement. I’ve had the app on and off over several years, and it used to function fine and give off the impression of being fair in presenting potential matches. In the past couple years they have somehow taken a perfectly decent app and ruined it. The app is very clearly now about maximizing profit at the expense of the user. This is made abundantly clear by shoving paid features down our throats and showing higher quantities of higher liked users only to paying members. Meanwhile non-paid members are left with a limited experience and fewer matches. The decision makers at Tinder are insulting the user’s intelligence by thinking we won’t notice it. The users notice this and are vacating the app. The user base is clearly not as alive as it used to be and I’m sure Tinder sees declining numbers in there regular user count reports. And after putting up with all of this, they have the nerve to randomly ban and delete my account, with zero warning or explanation, thus deleting all conversations I had going. If any other app developers want an example of how to take a decent app and run it into the ground, look not further than Tinder.
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1 year ago, arkistudent
worst dating app experience - scarred
this has been the worst and most heartbreaking experience I’ve ever had with an app or a service. My account was banned out of the blue, with no warning or indication what I did to violate the policies. I’ve reached out multiple times to support and just been flatly told that there is no appeals process and no way that they will tell me I did to be banned. Aside from this being a completely humiliating, violating and and frustrating experience, I’ve received so many times graphic violent and sexual messages from men on this app and had my reports be dismissed and never taken seriously. I have always conducted myself as respectful and more conservative and I’m literally speechless as to what happened to have led to this outcome. On top of everything, my phone is still receiving notifications from the app of new messages and new matches clearly indicating that my profile is still up and active, I’m just blocked from accessing it. This is literally a scam platform, keeping up profiles to look like their user base is much larger while blocking people and refusing to provide a semblance of customer support for someone who even paid for tinder gold at the time I was blocked and additionally was not refunded.
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2 years ago, THE RATER ( FOR REAL )
Banned randomly-no help
I created an account. Added like 5 pics of me alone, one with a very covering bathing suit top. Added a few tags. Then just put “polyamorous” as my “about me “ section as a placeholder until I could come up with more to say about myself. Then I swiped some. I looked at tons of profiles. Some for many minutes because I was on the phone on a call as well. I got a few matches. Then the app said I didn’t have any swipes left. And I hung around on the app trying to swipe more, looking at the plans that it offered and just around the app. Then it randomly popped up that I needed a photo verification. And I assumed it was because I swiped too fast and it thought I was a bot or something. So I took the pics in the positions. I was in a car with the inside lights on-so not the best lighting. Eventually the screen that was blocking me from using the app and processing the verified went away. And I looked at the app for another minute. But then it blocked out my screen and told me I was banned. I’ve reached out to support and they have basically said they can’t do anything. Like?????? You can’t review my profile? And see my activity??? You can’t see if it violated guidelines??? You can’t even look??? Absolutely unacceptable
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