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User Reviews for Tiny PDF Editor - PDF Signer

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11 years ago, sbr7a
Awkward and quits unexpectedly
This software will work for basic editing of pdf documents, but now that I've tried it, I regret not spending more for something better.
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5 years ago, Gerry (UK)
It does one thing. And does it quickly and well
I use this for just one thing - adding my signature to PDFs that otherwise would require Acrobat or some other PDF editing software that not only costs a lot but is also a sledgehammer to crack a nut. You open the PDF, insert the signature, Print>Save as PDF, and you're done. It's super fast, and super efficient. The iPhone perfected the "do one thing and do it well" app. This is the equivalent on Mac. Don't expect anything more and you'll be happy. I just hope that the developers don't abandon it with each new iteration of the OS.
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12 years ago, Chrispy7dash4
Don't like new update
I've been using this app for a while now and it was working just fine. This latest revision made it worse. I liked the "X" instead of the checkmark. Why not give us both? I absolutely hate the long name change. What's wrong with just calling it Tiny PDF Editor? If features are to be added, why not make it so you can copy and paste more than just text? I'd like to be able to copy and paste the lines and boxes and such I create as well. It's still a very useful app for the price, but don't buy it with big expectations. Definitely worth the money to do the few simple things it can do.
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12 years ago, mjocfl
No help. Can
Wasted $4.99 on this app. All I want to do is redact documents to remove certain information from a public copy of them. From the description of this app, I should easily be able to do this, but I can't. I can scribble all over the document and publish it looking like a 4 year-old got hold of it (but I can't find a way to change the size of the pen), or I can clutter the document with a slew of tiny bold check marks, but, contrary to the app's claims, I can't place a picture to overlay information. There is no help on this included with the app.
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12 years ago, don.co
Thank god this exists
I literally almost went insane trying to accomplish the simple tasks this app makes possible. I do a lot of work with forms on PDF and it's a nightmare with almost any program, to say the least. This has saved me so much time I actually have time to review this app. If you work on PDFs, get this.
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9 years ago, udornvet
Tiny PDF Editor
I concur with the other satisfied users…Very simple efficient tool for editing and saving PDF documents. Prints excellent, as it looks when you are adding the text…Kudo’s..Love it, and definitely worth the 4.99
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11 years ago, AJOE6159
This is an easy to use software. It certainly will deliver the ablility to fill out, complete and or modify PDF. It has helped me tremendously. Well worth it.
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4 years ago, Oogie in HB
Just want to fill in a PDF form - crashed twice
I'm glad I didn't pay for this one. When I try to add text to a PDF form (not a fillable doc) the app crashed twice in a row. Still looking for a PDF editor (low cost) that will let me add text and save save the document.
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3 years ago, Myxyptlk
Some glitches
On a couple of fields, it doesn’t show the second word that I add and prints without the additional text. Thee was no way to correct it.
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4 years ago, Steve 29
Does not seem to work with Catalina
All I was after was a PDF form filler. This doesn't work, it crashes and wipes out the document and is very awkward to use. You can't get back into a line of text to edit an error or omission.
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10 years ago, ertyhj
Dont buy not worth the $$ editing controls not helpful
this app is just not helpful to me i have used pdf filler before and thee other one was much better easy to use .
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3 years ago, Terffderg543478!
Complete Waste
Filled out a 20 Page government form, only for it to crash right before saving. Crashed a total of 5 times before I deleted this waste of an app
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3 months ago, Denver24$$
wish it would stop crashing
i have had this app for years and really like it, works perfect for what i do, i just wish they would fix/ update the app so it wold stop crashing all the time wile i am filling out a pdf form.
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2 years ago, Gordie Choptops
It's "free" but unusable
The second I tried to save it the app tried to charge me. Then my account was frozen by the fraud department at my bank. Your company is straight trash!
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11 years ago, Another Casual User
Doesn't work, no support
The app didn't work, there was no way to fill out the form. The link to their support page goes to an expired domain.
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8 years ago, No Nickname !!!!!!!!!
It opens the PDF and that is it. It does not allow the PDF to be edited at all. You can only read the pdf. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY! Support Website is bogus. Apple needs to remove this software from the APP Store.
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11 years ago, Vulpine
Does not fill pre-created form fields
Worthless when you're wanting to fill and use interactive PDFs.
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6 years ago, student044
Terrible- they put a watermark at the end of each page so that you pay for upgrade. SCAM.
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5 years ago, dmmmd51
Crashes repeatedly. Unusuable. Deleted same day.
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13 years ago, Jordan Goldsmith
I needed this basically to edit current text on a pdf and it doesn't have the capability to do that. Until it is capable of doing it, this app is pretty much a waste of money. Also, there are only like 5 things you can do in terms of editing, and they are all pretty poorly done. Please don't waste your money on this app like I did.
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13 years ago, DKENT213
Very good, very useful and easy to use
I've been looking for something like this for a long time, other programs were hard to use and didn't provide the functionality I needed. This was a great find, it works very well and is relatively easy to use. I just finished editing a PDF that I had received from a client, which was a NDA form, editing it was a breeze, and loved how I could add an image such as a signature to the PDF, I could even resize and reposition it if I wanted to. I currently have no printer, and used to go to the local library 15 minutes away just to be able to sign a form, printing it, then scan it (costing money), and email it. Now I can edit PDF's in 60 seconds flat. Absolutely brilliant, a real life saver. Excellent app, recommended to all.
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12 years ago, Definition by character
Great App! Does what is advertised!
For what this app says it does, it does it well. Would have taken a trip to go scan a pdf form scanned by a colleague but got this app and was able to complete my task from my home. I looked at the other apps which are so expensive but know i would also need their features in future. Features like beinb able to delete content on a pdf document, edit them(not just filling in), and converting to word, ppt, excel and the rest. So if the developer can add these features and we pay for an upgrade, it would be a nice way to keep us from buying the others and you the developer in turn rip the profit. Cool app and hope to have upgrades to even better features.
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13 years ago, Logiql
needs some updates
I wish I could rate this higher. I just installed and used the app for the first time. It allowed me to easily fill in a PDF form, but some added features would really improve it. 1) Add a spell checker. I don't know about Snow Leopard, but I believe OS X Lion will provide a system wide dictionary. Having a built in spell checker would be very handy. 2) Saving the file as a PDF is clunky. I first saved the file, and assumed it was a PDF. When I was attaching the file to an email, I noticed it was a proprietary Tiny PDF Editor file. Not good. In order to save it as a PDF they have a "tip" that tells you how to use the Mac's Print Preview feature as a work-around to save it as a PDF. This works, but is definitely not the best method. I was hoping to find a PDF editor that I could recommend to my non-technical co-workers. Becasue of the reason I mentioned above, I can't recommend it, yet. Hopefully they will add these features soon.
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12 years ago, Albert Cheama
Great Application!
I have been using this app for about a week now to fill out scholarship applications that are mostly in PDF. Results are every professional look great. You do have to use Print>Print as PDF to convert to PDF. However I have been doing this on Mac forever, so it is no big deal. Over all easy to use and I love it. My applications look incredible.
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12 years ago, ZoBomb
I was looking for something that I could use to fill out employment applications with. I am a student Firefighter, and currently filling out tons of applications. I primarily use it to put text on the lines in the applications. And this worked great for me. I can chose font, size... Click where I want to put text, and start typing. Then you can move text around the App. however you want. Its great. I recommand reading the tips when you start the app, it helps a lot! I havent tried other features. Biggest draw back- you cant undo something once you saved it. So if you discovered a typo - you cant really erase what you typed in earlier. You would have to do re-edit the whole document again. If they can fix this, it would be a great program and I would give it 5 stars for sure.
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13 years ago, stuckfly
It does what it does
It's not a great interface, it needs more work…in fact it needs to be finished! But, it's very simple and it enables me to do exactly what the description says: add text, checkboxes, images, and my signature to any pdf. I use it to do all those things because I can't get Acrobat Pro to cooperate; it's annotation "tools" don't get the job done. Considering Acrobat's price tag, Tiny PDF Editor is well worth its tiny price!
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13 years ago, Guitarhero980
This App does what it says…...
I needed to fill out an employment application online. I couldn't get the PDF to let me type in the blanks. I downloaded this and now I can fill it out. It gives me the ability to type letters, have a pen tip (so I can circle yes or no) and check mark for boxes in the PDF. My application was 14 pages and this App helped out tremendously!
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13 years ago, Oscar Vasquez
Excellent little app - does exactly what I need
99% of my PDF editing needs are: - Enter text into scanned versions of forms - Paste in a copy of my signature This app allows me to do these two things very easily. Loads quickly, intuitive/simple interface. The only thing preventing me from giving it 5 stars is the save function. It requires one extra step of Printing to PDF, then selecting Save As PDF. (Smart solution from the developers perspective; leverages OS X built-in print-to-pdf functionality. But adds one extra step for the user). If 4.5 stars was possible, I would have given it that.
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13 years ago, no more birds
VERY basic, almost primitive
Here's the lowdown: 1. You can make SIMPLE updates, like add a signature, type a small bit of stuff. 2. It rapidly becomes impossible to deal with any serious pdf editing, like filling in a big form, because THERE IS NO UNDO FUNCTION. So basically. You can keep saving version after version of whatever document you are working on (i.e. manual document management) or you can be absolutely perfect and not make a single error, cause if you screw up there is no undo. It is a pain. The simple addition of an undo feature would bring this up to 5 stars for what it is -- a very simple app to mark up PDFs. As it stands, it is incomplete, even for the pen-knife style tiny utility it is.
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12 years ago, Fettuccine al pesto
Glad I bought it
For the price, this is a nice little App. If you want to do some light editing of PDF files, like adding a signature or filling some short forms, it is almost perfect. And you can save the edited file in tinypdfeditor format for later modifications.
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13 years ago, GPSTrailblazer
Saves a bunch of paper
Like other reviewers I use this program to execute documents that require my signature. I add some simple text like my name and title, then I use "Place Image" to add my signature images. I finish by printing to a PDF (using the standard Mac print feature) and I have a fully executed document...no printing and no scanning. Worth $5 in paper alone.
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13 years ago, D Reese10
Very Useful and Simple to use
This did everything I needed. I was able to quickly fill out a PDF and import my signature. I no longer need to go through the hassle of printing a form, filling it out and then scanning it. Simple to use and very useful
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12 years ago, o.aguilar
Simple and effective.
If you have to do simple additions to a a document, this is the way to go.
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12 years ago, MaxtonRoxEric
buggy - couldn't use it
Tiny PDF Editor v1.2.1 is a buggy mess of an app. Text boxes would randomly lock up and disappear. It was impossible to complete the simple task I was working on. I immediately went ahead and purchased RunePDF - PDF Editor, v1.1 (4+) which was sufficient.
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13 years ago, MyiLife
I thiought it would be much better missing features
Well Tiny PDF editor almost sums it up. It would be better to be called Tiny Editor. There is less then 5 options of which you cant change the size or settings on any of them. With added features and benefits this app would be more useful. Such as: Whiteout Censor Format Text/Size Change color etc. With these updates I would easily give this a 5 star review.
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12 years ago, eperson
It works
Having an Undo feature would be really nice, but if all you want to do is insert an image, it works.
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13 years ago, will.i.ams.
This is flase advertisement!!! I cant type where I need to on my pdf files. They dont let you select where you want to type but insetad have pre set spacing. They should be embarassed I wish I could get a refund for app purchases!! THIS ONE IS A SCAM!!
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12 years ago, ishkbiddle
This app is very, very incomplete
Incomplete to the point of being fraudulent. This app does basically nothing but take five bucks from you and waste your time.
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12 years ago, LuvDiPhone
Really wanted this to work
Cuts off random amounts of form data filled in, so even if it fills the form partially, what good does that do? Would take a refund if I could have one.
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13 years ago, syedabdulkarim
What a disappointment!
There is no UNDO function. Imagine signing using your Trackpad and not being able to UNDO! Nightmare….Please correct ASAP!
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13 years ago, ALl the reader
Misleading descriptions, Can not edit text.
I can not get this to edit text of existing PDF. Filling out forms I can do with Preview.
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12 years ago, choonkeat
This must
Preview does everything & does it better.
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12 years ago, T0X1ClllDR3AMS
it is a pointless app!
you cant even make real changes to the pdf! like i want to dont want to cross out a word i want to erase the word and put in something else. dont waste your money.
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