Tiny Planet Photos and Video

Photo & Video
4.8 (1.1K)
70.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Tiny Planet Photos and Video

4.75 out of 5
1.1K Ratings
4 years ago, Magic Mark Man
I’m a long time professional photographer. This is the most creative tool I own. I love that I can output 4000 pixel images and have so much control of the manipulation in real time or with images later. There’s a couple little hiccups with output occasionally that Inreprted to the developers and they were quick to respond to learn more. Even if they never get these fixed it’s the best creative app I’ve used to date. And even if you aren’t a pro photographer or only have a minimal interest in photography? This app is just fun to play with. Almost anything you aim the camera at makes you smile.
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4 years ago, H.A. Joseph
Amazing app!
It works very well. Everything is smooth. I thought videos were making the app laggy, but then I realized that the clip has to play it’s entire length before you can select a different option. After learning that, I have no complaints — just praise. It makes beautiful phots.
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4 years ago, stony brooker
Customer service took 7 weeks to reply
I bought this app as well as the expansion pack and the expansion pack doesn’t work so I contacted them. It took nearly 2 months for a reply so I gave up. The reply simply said what I “should” see on my app (his quotation marks) which did not exist, and he said there was obviously a problem with it loading. That’s all. No solutions, no fixes, other than deleting and reloading and paying again?There are no refunds, no obvious instructions on the app. I don’t like to give bad reviews because technology has its glitches but it’s annoying to simply get a shoulder shrug after 2 months. Glad it was a cheap app.
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7 years ago, John DeNicola
Best on the planetI
It's the best of the tiny Planet apps by far and I have used all them at the AppStore. I just don't understand why a great number of photo apps don't save in Tiff format for maximum resolution. The 4000x4000 option is okay, but it saves in jpeg only. On the positive side, it has a better choice of tool sets then other such apps. A diagnosis tool would be useful.
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2 years ago, give me my omanyte back
Pretty Good App
This app is cool for photos and like the effects you could do with them. The one thing y’all could have done better was make it so you can import video clips from your camera roll. Other than that, I think this app is great
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9 months ago, tetrwombetas
A great app . . . But . . .
This app is great, however it can only use still photos as input. If one could use video input with video output this app would be totally amazing. I would gladly pay extra for that feature!
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6 years ago, SceneOne4teen
So happy this app is still here
I downloaded this app years ago and completely forgot about it. I was looking at my history and found it and re downloaded... Soooo happy it’s still available for download .. Thank you
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7 years ago, Csbyu
Forgot about it, just rediscovered it
I had totally forgotten about this app, I was going through some old photos and remembered how much fun it was. While All the new Instagram and snap chat etc etc are technically impressive, this one rally is just lots of fun.
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7 years ago, litlwing13
Long time favorite
I think this is one of my first photo apps I bought. It has been a go to for years. The extras pack is worthwhile, and I look forward to using it for years to come.
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7 months ago, BeccaJ66
Creating abstracts
It’s so much fun to take a regular picture of the world we are used to and twist and turn it into something abstract and amazing. It alters my consciousness and blows my mind.
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7 years ago, Lets buck
Very cool !!!
I love an app that works !!! Makes my friends think I'm a genius lol. Would highly recommend. Checking this app out ..
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2 years ago, not a real tiny planet
Does not take 360 tiny planet photos
This app produces photos that kind of look like a tiny planet photo but they’re not the real thing. Rather than stitching photos into a 360 and mapping that to a tiny planet, this is just a photo filter that takes regular photos and makes them look kind of “tiny planet”-y.
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6 years ago, Ahsacv
Crashes every time trying to upload 360 degree pano
I just downloaded this and was trying to open a jpg that Was a stitched together 360 degree pano taken on my dji spark. Every time I try to open the pano image from my iPhoto library it crashes. Don’t give me my money back just fix it. Google SNL keenan williams fix it (seriously). And then FIX IT!! Thanks.
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5 years ago, KennaLiberty
This app is a lot of fun. You can only do a handful of things with it, but those few things make a great result. Try it with sunsets.
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4 years ago, Fossil Luver
Tried to like it, but app lags and doesn’t export any videos or images
Reviews were great until I bought it and the extra features... the extra features aren’t that special and you can’t even export any of your videos to your phone or save anything. Very disappointing.
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1 year ago, Sata-anna
Love it^^
Indeed a great app! Had it for 3 years and enjoy every time I get to wide photo I want to make a planet 😆
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7 years ago, KatiesLiveLaughLove Instagram
This is great! Takes some trial and error on choosing just the right photo~ Easy to experiment and simple to save! Crazy Cool 😎
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7 years ago, wwheeler48
Great little app
So easy to use, takes only a minute
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5 years ago, Pro Thiha
It is so fine.
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1 week ago, Nimue Estrada
I love the app and all but I downloaded it for the video but I couldn’t seem to find it and it may be my fault so can anyone tell me if it exists or not?
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6 years ago, Lewisp12321
Wouldn’t recommend
App stitched together low quality version of photo with minimal export quality. Ruins the photo and you have to spend extra money to use other functions of the app. Would not buy or recommend to anyone. Find a suitable alternative.
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7 years ago, Addictedtofitbit
Had for years
Fun app always turns out amazing!
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5 years ago, Fip Skarley
Great user interface
Well designed... high-resolution output... fun to use... well done.
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4 years ago, ChRomo1887
Trap, waste of money
Kinda mad there was no indication/information that you can’t do ANYTHING to edit the photo. It’s literally just uploading a photo and twisting it. Obviously it looks terrible and further editing is necessary. Perfect example how the company mislead the customer.
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6 years ago, Yancysimon
Useless, almost?
You don’t have control over the image, you have automatic settings you have to sit and wait through as they animate 100% to show you what it does. I literally deleted the app 3minutes after downloading it.
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6 years ago, Kidologist
Export crashed app!!
Cool App, too bad your amazing pictures are stuck in the app!! Cool pics go into the gallery. But if you try to export the app crashes. Boo hoo. Back to Theta+ which is free and works. This had more cool options, but with no export, its junk. :(
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2 years ago, Elizabeth14216
Can the dev pls clarify the TERMS OF USE as far as our rights as users of this application + which license applies to the content we create using this app. Thanks
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3 months ago, IrmaVioleta212213
As soon as l opened your app l was amazed of the app effects! It's great!!!
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7 years ago, MOMONY58
But you should be able to stop the motion where you choose and save your photo as such.
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3 years ago, hawaii phantom
Don’t buy it’s worthless. Plenty of other apps have better design and work better without lots of bugs.
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3 years ago, Spurtie
App Froze up on me
I was trying to get to my picture roll, now the camera mode and the entire app froze up on me, no way to get it back to beginning. Please fix this bug 4/3/21
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4 years ago, aerial photons
Good app
Great app, would be nice to have landscape orientation on iPad and ability to stitch photo?
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6 years ago, ChrisL04
Doesn't work
Everytime I try to open the equirectangular photo the app freezes and shuts down. I would like a refund for this non-functional app
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6 years ago, Yamaboi87
Cannot edit photo
Once you pay for the app, you have to pay again to buy a “starter pack” that lets you edit your photos.
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3 years ago, JoePool1923
Doesn’t seem to access all of my pics
I can’t seem to get the app to work with all of my pics.
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7 years ago, iamjasongarcia
Best app for tiny planet
My favorite app right now , I love it
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5 years ago, KungFLU-2020
Still very good
I am the king of my domain
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5 years ago, Rumbaboy
An absolute must have!
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7 years ago, Martika9
iPhone 6s Plus
Too bad you couldn't improve resolution for the iPhone 6s Plus
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2 years ago, awesomemcneato
Can we get 300 dpi resolution?
Would be great if we could get the option for 72 OR 300 DPI resolution on output!
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4 years ago, ChinaCampMan
Crap app not worth it. Want a refund
It’s supposed to take 27photos and stitch together. This is crap. Doesn’t work and if it does no explanation as to how to use it. Useless.
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4 years ago, Hurricane Eva
Love! Love! Love!
It doesn’t get any cooler. I love this app!
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4 years ago, photo-safari-noob
Interesting App, only by name
Just bought this app, but no matter which photo I use or feature the app crashes!!! arrrrgh!!
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4 years ago, poterpalsbd
Froze Immediately
I opened the app and can’t get out of the camera screen. It just froze up.
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7 years ago, Photonthewall
I love this app just so much fun
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7 years ago, DrFrisbee7
ASL Tutor Lab & Deaf Service Coordinator
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7 years ago, bs12345698
Not video
Can’t create video planets from ... videos. Only photos.
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3 years ago, Jim Austin
So so
Nowhere as good as roll world. Why did you abandon it?
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6 years ago, ted the twd
only for pictures not for videos it's a trash app
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6 years ago, chaseduncanohio
Don’t bother
Unless you want to looks like a bobble head, don’t bother.
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