Tiny Tower: 8 Bit Retro Tycoon

4.7 (51.8K)
274 MB
Age rating
Current version
NimbleBit LLC
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Tiny Tower: 8 Bit Retro Tycoon

4.74 out of 5
51.8K Ratings
3 years ago, congrats tiny tower
Great Game!
Have had this game for years and decided I would leave a review maybe to convince someone to get this game now I love this game because first you can play it anywhere as long as you have some phone or something and the premium is really good you get to ride people on your elevator you can customize you elevator and the speed for a currency called bux bux are used for expensive customizations to your tower and make it look better and taller and it doesn’t need to look tall if it is tall so to make more floors on your tower you get to buy some with another currency called cash which comes in surprising abundance even if you play for just a few days and the customization of your tower doesn’t stop there the people living in you tower are most fun to customize but first you have to earn the skins buy riding special skinned characters on you elevator to get them to a floor to either live there or buy products so it’s pretty simple to get skins and customize your tower and you even get seasonal sales that only come around once a year so once that season starts be quick to purchase those customizations for you tower and don’t forget if you rebirth your tower and use your golden ticket you get special rewards and get to have twice the fun as before but don’t only take it from me try tiny tower yourself it’s free so it’s not even difficult to get so get out there and build a tower!
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4 years ago, Unamused Whovian
Best Mobile Ever!!!
This is the best game I’ve ever played on mobile. The only adds are ones you accept to see (to get Bux) and the game is so fun! Spend the initial $20 (or $40 if you wait to buy it) to get premium and add friend and stuff and it’s just the best game ever. It’s a little slow at getting new floors, but that’s okay because there’s plenty to do between getting new floors,Ike adding new tenants, deciding on whether or not to remover them, choosing which type of floor to get (or if you get premium, which exact floor you want to get). It’s overall the best game ever, if not just for not having constant adds after adds after adds and you even earn the buyable currency while playing the game (just slower if you don’t spend money) and the changes you can make to each floor makes it fun and gives a goal to those who don’t get premium. For those who do get premium, a goal will be collecting all the skins and being able to get golden tickets for every shop. Honestly this is the only game that I’ve seen that compares to console games. I play this with my mum (I’m 21 and she’s 53) and we both got premium and are having so much fun on FaceTime and playing. The ONLY problem I’ve encountered were the free bux videos not working. The both of us wish that we could move people from one apartment to another, but other than that 100% amazing game and please don’t put adds!!
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5 years ago, Madmonkeman
Free to play done right
I’ve had this game for over 2 years now and it’s really enjoyable watching your tower grow. While it would be boring to just play this for 30 minutes straight, the fun part is checking throughout the day and seeing your tower progress. I’ve compared this to other “free” games out there where it’ll be fine for a little bit but then the wait times get ridiculously long really quickly and you’re pretty out of resources constantly and have to wait forever to get more or pay. This game is NOT like that. I’ve had this since the beginning of 2017 and it was only till the beginning of 2019 (I log on to this every day) where it started to take a full day to build something but I still had more than enough of the special currency (in this it’s bucks but in most games it’s gems) to speed it up if I wanted to. You’ll never feel like your scrambling for coins as long as you keep everything stocked (which will never be a struggle), and it is very easy to get bucks and the game will frequently give you npcs to help. The game is truly free, you’ll never feel pressured to spend money, and you’ll actually feel like you’re making progress. I’m giving this 5 stars because when it comes to mobile games you never see anything like this. The game is fun and I really appreciate the devs for making this game truly free.
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4 years ago, EllieDubs
My Favorite Game Ever
Tiny Tower is perfect. Truly. It took me a few days to figure out how to play (I probably skipped the tutorial), but when I figured it out, I got sucked me in. I’ve always been a “play for a few days, get bored, and delete it” kind of game player, but I’m nearing a 300 day streak with no sign of stopping. I can’t even keep a snapchat streak going longer than a few days so that’s saying a lot. After a few months, I purchased the VIP pack as my birthday present to myself, and it’s the first time any in game purchase ever has actually been worth the money. It gives you an automatic elevator, the freedom to choose a business you’ve been wanting, and gives you 20 free bucks every few minutes instead of making you watch an ad. It’s not a necessary purchase but increases the enjoyment of playing. I sometimes play for hours while I listen to podcasts and sometimes just check in a few times a day to stock my floors. I can spend as much time or as little time playing as I feel like, and it doesn’t try to take over my life the way some games try to. My favorite part is getting a new business where I can rename it something cheesy that makes me giggle and pick a uniform for the workers, usually also cheesy and punny. It’s just sweet and fun, and I have such a soft spot Tiny Tower.
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4 years ago, Kalel Rojin
App is perfect, 5⭐️ totally worth downloading
Usually when I get a game, I always look at the reviews, and this game had so many 5⭐️ reviews, that I had to get it. Some reviews on apps are totally a lie, but I am not kidding. All of the information that you are going to read is 100% real. This game is absolutely the best game ever. It is really fun, and it doesn’t make you watch ANY ads if you don’t want to. The only way you could watch an ad is if you choose to watch one to get bux/money. You can get floors very easily because they are at a cheap price. This game is totally free, you can customize your floors, and it is so addicting. There is completely nothing wrong with this game. It even gives you small easy missions to get more bux/money, and if you don’t like the mission, it even gives you the option to skip the mission for a new one. As you progress, you can upgrade your elevator, make it prettier/cooler(for the guys reading this) and make it go faster by upgrading the motor. This game is so addicting, and you should totally get it. You can also customize the lobby. It also has this little thing at the bottom, and it has 2 b’s on it, (BB) it is a place where all of your patient can talk, and it is really fun to read their comments that they post. Some are really funny😆.
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2 years ago, Tydestroyer4560
Entertaining yet satisfying
I usually hate 8 bit games especially the ones that are 2D. But I do have a love of running things, from businesses to cities and now to enormous modern skyscrapers. This game is a dream, it has life and purpose that is easy for anyone to enjoy. And yes, you are able to use money in this game to buy V.I.P packs but you don’t need to use money to have fun plus you get 2 free gifts every day so you get plenty of money. Plus you only get ads if you want to watch videos for extra money. And to add even more, despite this game’s age it is still getting updated, with its new research update you can upgrade your tower to make it better than ever. This is by far the best building game. In this game you use money to add more floors and aim to make the tallest tower and customize its lobby roof etc using bux. Plus this game has amazing atmosphere and a lively mood by making a chatting room for your residents with Bitbook which is practically Facebook for A.I and checking into what they say while restocking shops will put a smile on your face every time. This is a amazing and relaxing game which can only improve, get this game, ignore the 8 bit graphics even if you don’t like these types of graphics, get this game it is very worth your time.
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7 years ago, PandaQueen326
This game brain washes you!😅(pros and cons)
This has been one of my favorite games to play since the first resident came up that elevator! This game brings pure joy to all I know who have it. This game is entertaining, has a new concept, isn't FORCING u to buy bux (they practically give them to you!) addicting, has great graphics, easy concept, and easy controls! This game has so much to offer! The few complaints are mostly to help this game become better cause people write reviews with only complaints or only compliments, and I honestly wrote this to get this game the popularity it deserves. This game needs more outfits, needs a better chance to win the golden ticket lottery, on Bit-book I wish the fake people were a little more polite, more difficult or different missions to complete, more options for the cute music, I want the lights not to turn off when stock runs out (just I little icon on the side telling u to restock and then after a while lets the lights turn off) , take a longer amount of time to run out of stock, to make the decor cost less bucks, and to make the bitsons say more funny things on bit book. Other wise this game can brain wash u to take full care of these little 8 bit people! And I would like to thank the developers for making such a terrific game!
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5 years ago, 🤖🐧
I love the new update, but...
I love this update. The new character customization is something I’ve wanted since 2011, and the piggy bank in app purchase is something I’d be happy to spend some real world money on when it gets high enough. If you’re taking cues from bit city, you might also want to add in the free unlocking of roofs, elevators, etc. after a player has left for a while. That’s brought me back to bit city more times than I can count. I also would like to see an option for non-vips to pick which floors to build at the cost of bux, similar to how it was before the anniversary update. I also think the VIP membership is a bit pricey for what it offers. I’m not saying the devs should get rid of it, as many players are happy to pay the price for it, but maybe let non-vips try out the instant elevator for two minutes after watching an ad, or give an option to double fireworks displays after an ad. There is one more feature I would like to see implemented: new backgrounds. At the cost of bux, you could see your tower in Las Vegas, a desert, a coral reef, or a plethora of other locations. I’d price locations similarly to how roofs are priced right now. Sorry for the length, but I love this game and I’m happy you guys still give it the love and attention it deserves.
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9 months ago, JoJo’s Tower
Amazing Game and Great Customer Support!!
I’ve played Tiny Tower on and off for around 10 years, and it just keeps getting better. It’s a great game to play if you want to relax and decompress. Also getting dollars and coins is a lot easier than before so you can progress your tower so much faster! I also really enjoy the daily rewards and the different ways to get prizes! I love the different fun costumes and the pets that are so adorable and creative!! The only thing I would say is that there are ads (of course nobody likes ads) but the rewards for watching the ads are SO worth the 30 seconds. I don’t think I can fully express how much I truly love this game! I personally don’t have the premium version of the game, but I did recently purchase one feature of the game. I am someone who never purchases the extra features but the deal that was being offered was too good to be true so I went for it! I had a couple issues with my purchase so I contacted NimbleBit support, and they got back to me quickly and respectfully! Dani provided helpful information about my account and even compensated me for my trouble. 10/10 game I love everything about it, and hopefully you will too!
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7 years ago, bx3boysmom
Love the game
I wish there was more ways to win the golden tickets, even if it was a purchase. Also I kind of would like some explanation as to the ratings of the characters. Like it makes sense that the highest number 9 is the best worker you can get it what does it mean when someone with a lower rating for their dream job has a star? What do they have to offer that an ordinary level 9 character couldn’t surpass? I also agree with the stock taking longer to run out. I love love love to play, but I have a life outside my phone like everyone else and I hate to come back to a dark empty tower that’s not able to do anything...... maybe some way of restocking ahead of time or having some kind of back stock ? I’m just throwing ideas out because I genuinely love the game and I’ve got most of my family playing as well. There’s a lot of room for potential here. And if I’m being honest, I could live without the fake Facebook deal. It hasn’t helped or hurt the actual play of the game in my opinion. Those are just some thoughts from someone who genuinely loves the game and would like to see some changes and improvements, especially since I’ve actually contributed my own money to the game on an occasion or two.
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4 years ago, 👶🏼jack-jack????
something to look forward to everyday
I look forward to opening up new floors. Overall this game is just so well-designed. The floors are unique and pretty and the designs of bitizens and other things are just super cool. I just love how the game looks haha. Also the 3 game songs are super catchy and lowkey bops. I came back to this game after playing it when I was little and I don’t regret it. I’ve now been playing for 76 days straight! What happens if I just start writing random stuff... Hi guys how r u doing. hope ur doing well and everything is going fine. if not, j wait out the storm; you got this. also porches. like raised porches with simply designed but very cool stair designs??? awesome. when i get a house i’m going to get an awesome porch. no. matter. what. as i’ve said before, even if I only have one room, i will have a beautiful and exquisitely designed porch!!!! hopefully. and a very pretty red brick driveway lined with stone brick and little plants. not those regular old bushes (who are fine but just not my style), but those little makeup-brush-looking plants. anyways, sorry for the thought dump, thank you developers!! have a great day everybody!!!! :))))🦀👶🏼
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4 years ago, Lexi Hos_22
❤️ love love love ❤️
I love this game. The only reason that I gave it four stars is because of how demanding it is. I was playing this game and got up to eat dinner. An hour later I came back to my tower and all of my stores where out of stock. I’ll put my phone down but two minutes later I’ll have to pick it back up again because I’ll get a notification saying that a store is ready to be restocked. I will say though, the vip pass trial is worth it. I am currently in the five day trial right now and it’s amazing. I made 100,000 coins and 1,000 bux in just one day!! (No wonder it’s $30 for the actually vip pass😬yikes!!!) aside from the vip pass I don’t think there are any other things that you would need to spend your actual money on. This game is a great game to play on the plane or in the car. I can see why people would think this game is boring, considering that all you do is take people to their floors and restock stores, but there’s something about it that just makes me want to keep playing!! I love this app soooooo much and would definitely recommend getting it (unless you can’t be on your phone much throughout the day, then probably don’t get it) but aside from that, It’s a fun game to help pass time and a great game if you love....well....tiny towers!
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4 years ago, lava_lamp
This game is pure gold! But one tiny thing could be done...
Hai! This game is absolutely amazing!🤗Who? (Would like it) People with great taste and imagination. What? (It is about) The object of the game is to tower up, build floors, make money, and have fun! Where? (Is it at) A tower in the sky.🤪 Pretty simple. When? (Is it at) Ummm..... when it’s night where you live, then it will be night on the game... i think. Same with day... I think.🤔😝 Why? (Do I like it) Kid friendly. And please please PLEASE make it so we can buy money for coins but keep the coins for money. Thanks!😊 Also, FYI, LEGO totally ripped you guys off😮 with a game called “LEGO tower”. ugh!😫 All it dose is make me mad!😠 I tried it. Same music. Same noise. Same EVERYTHING! UGHHHH! THE ONLY THING I DONT LIKE ABOUT LEGO IS THEY RIPPED OFF A TOTALLY PREFECT AND NORMAL GAME! Anyway, (love the new pets 😛😋😜)thank you for you time and thank you for this amazing 😉 game and thank you for (probably not 😐) reading this! Merry Christmas and happy new year!🎆🎈🎊 🙏🏿 😋😉 😷☹️ (Also, people make reviews with complains or compliments. I’m just trying to get people to like this game and to make it popular with one tiny thing that could be changed! Bye!)
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2 years ago, HollyDolly1010
Many years later, this is just something to pass time.
I’ve had this game maybe since around launch, and I’ve played it on and off. After almost 3 years I started playing again. It’s now just something to pass time and not something I take seriously anymore. I noticed my bitizens do not update on Bitbook anymore, I don’t know if it’s a glitch or not, but it’s sad to see the last post by them was “1334 days ago” (roughly 3 1/2 years). Every time I redownload there’s a new update I kinda don’t care for. After 3 1/2 years, I noticed there’s an airport and house feature. I rarely use the airport feature, I feel like I don’t gain anything from that. The house feature? Well don’t have enough bit cash for that. I feel like 25,000 bit cash to finally have your own space is too much, especially players who have been (un)consistently playing since the beginning. Also after years of playing I have not won a single golden ticket. That’s frustrating and there’s no way with only roughly 1,000 entries I never win ever. Like I said I dont play as seriously like I used to, while it’s great to come back, the new features are pretty meh, the older features need tweaking and work, and I’d like to win a golden ticket, just once!
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7 months ago, deliaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
I love tiny tower and I have for years!
Before, my only complaint would’ve been that it was really hard to even win 1 golden ticket. I got really discouraged with gameplay at times because I had gone years never even getting one. Over the past few months though, they have made the chance to win/ earn golden tickets accessible to everyone and I’ve been pleased with the amount I’ve been able to get. It’s a great game that’s helped with my anxiety, and is easy to maintain and play throughout the day. It’s also a game that you don’t HAVE to invest any money in to be successful (although I’ll admit I have spent more than I should at times!) There have also been many new floors made available in the last few weeks! A suggestion for a commercial floor I would love the developers to consider is an unemployment center— because most of us serious game players have more residential floors in our tower than there are commercial floors to employ bitizens. Regardless though, I love tiny tower and can see myself playing for years to come!
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3 months ago, Kitkun
My favorite game!
A great revamp of the classic game sim tower I used to play as a child. This is more of a game you would play to pass the time, a couple minutes here and there when you can each day. The game is in real time, so as you build higher you make a lot more money but building takes a very long time as you build up. The time gates are quite significant. The VIP pass is a must have, but the other things paid for with real currency aren’t worth it at all. That’s my only cons. The customization of the people and stores you build are super fun to play with, same with the tower themes. There are events and updates. Raffle every hour (free), and a store for in game currency with free goodies that changes every few hours. It will definitely keep you coming back. Best tips I can give you is spend all your bux on upgrading elevator speed as that’s your big income. Then build the Berj Kaliyah landmark, it’s quick and easy and gives you an easy golden ticket that is extremely useful!
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4 years ago, DaltonTK
Almost Perfect 9/10!
I love this game. I think it’s amazing distraction from using social media. I quit using instagram and used this game when i thought ab insta. Eventually I became hooked and I started playing this game as often as my restocking allowed me. I think once you get over the initial hump of starting out the game. It slowly but surely becomes a reality fun game to get into and stay up to date about. That’s this game’s biggest flaw though. The initial time it takes before you start thriving at all in this tower is forever. Ridiculously long. Your best option is to pay for a boost if you want to skip any of the dragging first few weeks of this game. If you can bare through that pain for long enough this game truly becomes a fun addictive game. I do recommend you play this game if you’re willing to spend a lil extra no more than $40. That is the maximum price on a single item. I wouldn’t really recommend spending that much on this game though unless you’re truly invest and want to support the company and developers. Just wait until it’s on sale. Then if you buy it, it would boost you a very substantial amount. Good game for when in class bored.
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5 years ago, BYOP
Tiny upset
I played this game when it first became popular and I loved it! The simplicity and the challenge of getting more floors was enough to hypnotize me. After over 100 floors I stoped playing. I came back eventually only to have to start over. Every time it says that an old game has been found I push restore and nothing happens. I’ve played off and on for the past couple years but every time I have to start my tower over. There has been changes that I do not like. In my towers I never have a resident that does not have at least one 9 level skill. It used to be that a residents highest skill number matched their dream job which made sense. Now they can have a low number for their dream job and a nine in something else. One of the most fun parts about this game was getting enough floors in order to put residents in their dream jobs. That was always one of my main goals. Now though you just use the celebrity to make them love their job, which is LAME. Took some fun out of it for me. I also miss the menu where it told you how many sales you were averaging. Sad they took it away.
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4 years ago, mnm_11.27
❤️ I love love love love love this game ❤️
I have been looking for a game like this for an extremely long time. This game combines design and, business, and a whole lot of fun. I love that the only ads you ever watch are the ones you choose to watch in order to earn bux. I can’t stop playing this game, I just want to keep checking it to see how my tower is doing. I also love the Bix posts, they’re so fun to scroll through when I’m bored. The customization is definitely a big plus as well. I definitely recommend this game to anyone and everyone. The only bad thing I have to say about this game is that sometimes when you watch an ad you don’t get the free bux. And I think that a mini game would be a really nice add on. Or maybe you change change to a different mode and be living as one of the bix. You could go to the park, watch a movie, or order some wings yourself by tapping on the section of the tower for that specific thing and choosing that option. Or you could switch to that mode first and click on it to play in it.
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7 years ago, Laekin Frailing
Favorite game of all time. Just one problem...
I have been playing tiny tower for years. It's is my favorite mobile game to play on my phone and has been for years. I had a tower that was 109 levels tall and I had put A LOT of time and effort into it and then one day I opened tiny tower and was greeted with the tutorial and a one story tower. All my effort and time gone. And there was no way to get it back. You can even look on my Game Center account and see all of my achievements from my old tower but the tower was gone. Then after 2 or 3 days of this new tower I got a little message on my tiny tower screen saying there was an old save file found (or something along those lines, I'm paraphrasing) and it had an option to restore my old tower. I, extremely excited that I would finally be getting all my hard work back, clicked on restore and to my disappointment literally nothing happened. I clicked restore and it stayed the same with my new sad tower. Years of dedication just gone.
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1 year ago, a nice game of war
An Easter egg or a copy of the tf2 engineer
If you do not know what tf2 is which is abbreviated for Team Fortress 2 then just look up tf2 engineer and you will know on the front page in the App Store it shows the exact thing tf2’s engineer whould look like pixilated his hard hat his overalls his RED shirt his gloved hand and a little yellow pixel on his shoulder which in 4 k whould show tf2’s picture of what an engineer whould do or something an engineer whould use like a wrench which no REAL life engineers whould have and they most likely were red shirts and the reason of the Color RED because in tf2 there are 2 teams team blue and team RED and team red is most oftentimes used as the main color in tf2 fan based creations or SFMs and I don’t know if the dev or devs like tf2 and put in a little Easter egg of tf2 or they just cold heartedly stole it and the game is great and devs if your in to tf2 and you are marking your own city add a mode we’re you protect your city and then you can add the soldier from tf2 or medic from tf2 and if you had no idea of tf2 many change the engineers shirt to yellow and take away the yellow pixel on the location were his shoulder whould be just curious
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4 years ago, YorkPhoenix
I don’t like some of the new features
When I was younger I played this game very often. I stopped playing for a few years only to start playing it again and fall back in love with it. Although I did notice one very annoying thing. Back in the old days to upgrade elevator speeds you would just buy a new elevator look. So I spend days saving up for the elevator that I had when I originally played this game, only to find out that it just changed the look of the elevator and not the speed, which is kind of insulting. Why would you change that? What’s the point of spending thousands of Bux on elevator looks if it doesn’t affect the speed whatsoever? The whole upgrade motor aspect of the game is just an insult to those who played the game for years and spend bux for the elevator speed and not the look. Please make it so that upgrading the elevator look affects the speed, and not just changes the look. You can keep the upgrade motor feature but make it so that your elevator breaks down every once and awhile and upgrading the motor changes the frequency in which that happens. That’s just a suggestion tho.
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1 year ago, mrme119
Awesome game, but one thing…
I’ve been playing this game for about a year now, and I’ve loved it. I’ve always loved idle games and the progression, and this game is very rewarding. However, I do have one issue, and that is in the special events and the new system with the legendary bitizens. The tickets are incredibly difficult to procure and the and tokens used to buy the bitizens are so few and far between, they may as well not be present in the game. Since they have been released, I have been playing religiously and have not been able to get a single extra bitizens besides the few they give you at the start. I have not spent any money on the game, but it in this area it really feels like I have to to make any progress. The rest of the game is very friendly to free to play players, but this area in particular feels more like a cash grab than a meaningful addition to the game. Just a thought to chew on, love the game though and love the community around it❤️
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5 years ago, GamingWithPPastel
Amazing game! But needs a bit of work
I can’t find any bugs or weird things going on personally with the game. My favorite part is customizing the characters to make them into movie characters or memes and it funny when they work at places or post on BiteBook. It almost funny that they even exist! But I do wish the little people actually formed relationships with each other and like they started dating or becoming really good friends or maybe have a baby. And like you could help them in their relationship. Or the problems could be more personal based instead of just being random quests. Maybe the little people could have personalities that you could read or change and like that determines if people wanna date or not. I dunno but I find myself shipping my little characters and wondering how funny it would be if they actually dated! Great game and I can’t find anything wrong with it though! Just I think needs a bit more longevity and content 😍😍😍😍😍😍
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1 year ago, A_Mac99
Old version was way better
I finally just deleted it again. I got so tired of how bombarded it was. This game used to be the most fun casual game. Simple with none of the dash of modern games. I really miss the early 2020 version before the houses came out. Ever since that house update, this game has gone downhill. I deleted the app at 200 floors when that update came out and I lost the whole tower when I had came back. It was an absolute waste of 25K “bucks.” Ever since then, the game has gotten busier and the interface is very clustered and frustrating. There’s always 5 or more things grabbing for your attention and it makes the game way less fun to play. Just bring back the classic version. That’s what was good about this game. It was a timeless classic and now it’s just another stupid modern game. Set yourself apart and go back to the nostalgic and unique game it used to be. If anything, the only updates it ever needed was an easier way to peruse floors without finding them in your tower. That was the only thing it ever needed more. I just want to undo all these updates. Idk, at least have the old version as a separate app. Just make the modern one a new game and leave the classic alone. ☹️
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3 years ago, Tdg5 was ejected
When I was young I remember playing tiny Death Star which was such a fun game to play but when I tried finding it on the App Store it wasn’t there so then I found out Disney removed it from the App Store which made me a little sad but then I found tiny tower. This game reminds me of Tiny Death Star which why I got it in the first place it’s such a fun game to play brings back my childhood playing tiny Death Star. The thing I love about is owning the building and giving people jobs and extending the hight of the building and also very addicting. A few suggestions tho one would be to extend to the bottom of the tower like whatcha could lead to new jobs like mining or finding oil. Two using the air plane to travel to new places and new towers like traveling to other people’s towers . Three Can we get user names instead of the user name YOU and get larger slots to put bitzens in so you more people in jobs.
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6 years ago, Dream812
Miss some old features
Ive been playing this game for at least 5 years on and off. I got board of it abd stopped playing for awhile. I re downloaded it and noticed that they’ve made some new changes I don’t like. I don’t like the new celebrity vip. Before she would just bring a lot of customers to the store. Now she makes whoever working on the floor Love there job and make it their dream job. I also really miss the missions. They were challenging and fun to do. I miss the feature where it showed you the percentages of each category in the tower and which ones had the most floors. That was really nice and it helped me determine what I should get for the next floor. I like some new features like you can choose what exactly you want that floor to be instead of just what category you want. The option to load your tower to a cloud is also nice. Saves it Incase something happens. I do like how it’s a lot easier to get bux. I still do over all love this game I just miss some of the old features
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6 years ago, 1123ThisGuy3211
It’s a time waster
There’s no real way to say this: the game is a time waster. All you do is stock floors and build up your tower. However, there’s a certain degree of fun that comes with this game, and the sense of accomplishment as you see your tower grow. You can customize nearly everything, from the people’s clothing to the look of the elevator. As for being able to buy your way up your tower, there’s really no need to. I’ve been playing for about one year and have 110 floors. I also have about 45$ worth of bux, the currency you can buy in game. I have never spent money on this game and the game hasn’t punished me once for it. That’s not something you see very often in mobile games, at least from what I’ve noticed. Everything is very pixelated, giving the game an older look and feel. Everything works as it should, with no glitches or anything. In conclusion yes the game is a time waster, but it’s one worthy of your time.
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2 years ago, Atherton AK
Nimblebit Fan
I am a fan of most of the Nimblebit games for the past ten years especially Pocket Trains. I had never played this one before until this past week because I have been entertained plenty by the others. I am thoroughly hooked on Tiny Tower now. All the choices for floor type, little inhabitants, their costumes and their pets are so much fun. You can play in an easy frame of mind or enjoy figuring out all the strategies for more efficient game play. There are plenty of free supplies available with an option to turn on or off the ads for additional coins and bux. This game can be played with others or with yourself on a second device, gifting inhabitants to each other together with their costumes and pets. I totally recommend this game for relaxing and fun play whether for a few hours, a few minutes at a time or for a binge session. There are helpful tips in the Tiny Tower Wiki.
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1 month ago, Vincent Lamar Staples
Best idle game of all time, no exaggeration
I’ve been playing this game on and off since launch, this year I’ve played the longest consecutive playthrough I’ve had. It’s simply the best, no way around it. I’ve played many idle games and none compare. The art is great, the tasks are simple and it’s just one of those games you can get lost in playing while you do other things if you want. For example I play it a lot while I watch TV after work and need to just relax. The seasonal events are great too. The ability to roll dice or spin a wheel to get more bucks is also very surprisingly rewarding compared to other games who barely reward you. If you like 8 bit art and a good idle mobile game, this is the one for you, don’t hesitate. There’s a reason it’s been successful all these years. Kudos to the developers. Their other “bit” games are cool too but nothing will top this one!!!!!!
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2 years ago, hgythfyutf
Tiny Tower
I love it! The costumes are so funny, and the things they post on bitbook, you can’t make up! The people are hilarious, and being able to rename anything and anything makes me feel like a god! Also, I feel it is somewhat accurate to the real tower ownership experience, where you collect bux, and coins, so you can expand your tower, have more people move in, and make new stores! Plus, it (to my amazement), is not very pay to win too! If there is anything that I would like you to fix, it would be that I would like to have infinite letter placement on anything. Also, I would like you to make it so you could rename objects. Because, I am a vegetarian, and when I got sky burger, I instantly renamed it “Beyond Burger” (copyrighted), but I have to stick with “Big Burgers”, and “Nuggets”. Overall, it is an amazing game,5 stars worthy, and would recommend to anyone and everyone.
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3 years ago, Chubberz07
Very fun to pass the time
Tiny tower does what other mobile games do wrong. The gameplay is engaging and there’s much more to do than just build floors. You can customize your own wacky characters from a huge list of costumes and pets, complete quick but fun missions they give you (such as finding a misplaced bulldozer), and you can visit friends’ towers to give them a nice tip. Never once does this game force an ad upon you. There is an option to watch ads, and the rewards given are completely worth the thirty seconds if you’re up for it. Last but not least, the detail in the games unique pixelated style shows how much care was put into it, as each floor was created pixel by pixel. The enjoyment of seeing your unique tower grow filled with some rather questionable but funny floors (who puts a car dealership in a skyscraper?) will have players of any age constantly eager to make their tower bigger and better!
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4 years ago, Melody50
Tiny Tower is great!
I gave Tint Tower a 5 rating, after playing it for several years. I knocked a star off because the ads often give no rewards for viewing. Also, I sent a note to Nimblebit about a problem a friend had receiving gifts and got no response. I don’t know how to contact Nimblebit with problems or I would try that avenue first. I have watched ad after ad with no cash rewards. It’s frustrating. Otherwise, great game! I am not a kid, but I find Tiny Tower a great way to spend some time to relax and unwind. Tiny Tower is a great game that doesn’t require you to spend cash to play. The process of building the tower is fun, and you can do a variety of things in the game: try to match bitizens with their ideal jobs; decorate your tower by choosing elevator, roof and lobby styles or decorations; quests that require you to find various items in the tower; and many more activities. Bitbook is funny too. A great way to relax!
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7 years ago, #BabyGrootPandaGod
I love the game and I want to see some new changes.
Okay... so what I’m really frustrated about with this game, is that you can add friends, but u can’t communicate with them other than leaving a tip. You can’t even talk to them. On any other game I have, for example: bakery story, you can leave a tip and communicate with that specific friend. Another example(a building game) is sim city. (Great game btw) this game, you can trade, send bucks and coins, communicate, create clubs, buy needed items off of the global market, and Sell anything you want. (You can even build futuristic homes and start wars on other clubs, destroy your city or the opposing clubs cities, it’s great). I want to see at least a change in this communication problem. Trust me when I say, the game will gain popularity sooo fast, you won’t know what hit yah. Anyway. The game is great either way, but if you expect people to keep playing it, your going to have to do something about this communication thing. K? 🙃 -TeaDrop92
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2 weeks ago, Ollie Ollie pop
Still amazing
I’ve been playing tiny tower on and off since my HS days and I feel like it’s better now than when I originally started. You don’t need to spend money on this nor do you really need to watch ads. I did get the VIP so I could choose the floors and make the elevator go by itself, worth it. Other than that, I’ve never spent money nor felt forced into it. I don’t watch ads unless I’m low on bux but in two days I can be back up to the thousands. I love my little bitzens and the bitbook; I just wish I could like their posts. I’m honestly not to sure where some of these people are seeing “inappropriate” ads unless it’s the weird “Choose your Destiny” ad but that’s not really inappropriate? Anyways, Tiny Tower is a lot of fun. Don’t let the bad reviews deter you away from an idle game where you don’t need to spend money to play.
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8 months ago, spottedfrog37543
New Updates
I love this game, and I have been playing it for years. However, I am not a fan of all of the new updates, including all of the pressure to spend real money. While there are now lots of opportunities to get free coins and bucks, I literally cannot spend my coins on anything other than floors. I have over 400 million coins that are just sitting in my bank. However, if I want spins on the wheel or dice rolls (both new additions to the game), I have to spend real money. I understand that’s how you make money, but you are also giving me a million options to watch ads, so I assume you make money from all those as well. It feels like this game is losing quality and instead trying to do too many new things that can give them more money. Please, if you don’t want to lose long-term fans of the game, allow us to spend our coins and stop pressuring us to spend so much money. It’s not fun.
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3 years ago, dannysband1
Sometimes you play an ad and have to watch it with no reward
I love the way this game doesn’t really feel like it’s forcing you to buy bud, but if you want to, it would obviously be very helpful. It also has a free raffle system every hour to get you a gold bux which is really cool as wel, but I have yet to win it. Also the customization options are awesome! The game is great for just killing time. My biggest complaint is that sometimes it asks if I want to watch an ad for something and I say yes, and sometimes when I do that, it pulls an ad up with no timer and when you close that ad, you don’t get the reward you were promised. Basically I was coerced into watching an advertisement with no gain. Also sometimes when I come back to the app, when it asks me if I want to watch an ad to double my earnings while away, I say yes, and nothing happens, no ad, no reward, nothing. Just pretends that I clicked no.
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10 months ago, Snowywolf5645
Ever since the icecream event..
I haven't hardly played at all since this event, everything was all cluttered and too much was going on. I couldn't keep up with the event, I tried but it was too annoying to do so I stopped playing. Went down to only checking to stock and do my fireworks once in a while then stopped playing completely. Today I got a notification saying "Hey! Your tower was restocked check it out!" So I was like ok I'll try it again. It's now updated where everything is less cluttered, the little event things are stacked so its out of the way and everything looks cleaner. After I did most of my daily stuff BAM ad plays. Never once have I had pop up ads in this game, and since they updated now they have random ads. Looks like I wont be playing this game anymore ever again because that's just ridiculous, give us like banner ads or something not something you're forced to watch, especially after the torture of the long ice cream event that sucked. Used to love this game. Uninstalled.
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5 months ago, By Your #1!! Fan
Very nostalgic
TLDR; All in all, the perfect game to spend 5 - 10 minutes on in those random snatches of time. Not pay to win, just slow and nice. 10/10 would recommend. The reason why it’s nostalgic for me: Been playing this game ever since it came out. I wouldn’t play for years at a time, then I would spend months working on it. About 2 years ago I lost all my progress and rage quit, but finally started playing again 6 months ago. Played it every day, but it’s kinda sad now because I “finished” the game. I’ve built every floor that can be built, finished the tech tree, and soon I’ll have built all the monuments. Still a long way from collecting all the special bitizens, but that’s pretty much it. Sorta sad that I now have dozens of unemployed bitizens who’ll never had jobs because there aren’t any floors to employ them.
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6 months ago, Baie blou
Awesome even after years BUT
Update: I still love this game, it’s amazing. My only thing I would say is they’re starting to really push micro-transactions which I am not a fan of. They’re starting to make certain events hard to finish unless you pay for upgrades or the needed tokens which is frustrating. I will say besides that this game is amazing, I’ve done my tower over quite a few times and the VIP is worth it especially since it’s a one time purchase. I like that they keep adding new floors and outfits because I have fully built the tower a couple of times but it’s still fun to redo them especially when there are new floors to get. I've been playing this game for a very long time on my iPad, I got a little busy and didn't play for about a year but then I came back and it's still so fun. I love my little bit citizens
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4 years ago, billy bob rick joe
best mobile game I’ve ever played
this is honestly the best mobile game I’ve ever played- you don’t need to buy a bunch of stuff to make advancements, advertisements are optional and reward you with in game currency, and it’s really fun! no, it’s not a game where you can sit around and wait for things to happen, but you come back every hour and see that you can keep advancing your tower and even connect with friends. I personally joined the discord so I could connect with a bunch of people and visit their towers while they visit mine. I also bought the vip package, which in the long run was expensive but 100% worth it. you just have to be smart and buy it when it’s 50% off, and then it’s a steal. I’ve been playing this game for about four years now. it has been a fun game to take my mind off of everything else and talk about with my friends. 10/10, I recommend.
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2 years ago, disappointeddownloader
Free, fun, and addicting!
This really is the most perfect mobile game. The graphics are super cute, the writing on Bitbook and in the prompts are funny, and the concept is fun. Start your tower off with a little solid playing time, and then the game kind of plays itself in real time while you live your life. Check in and play for short times, you play for hours at a time- either way never gets boring. The best part is you can easily play without spending any real money ever unless you want to, and there’s no forced intrusive ads (you can choose to watch ads for coins or bux but it’s never mandatory). There’s no glitches, freezing, lag, or anything. Just smooth, continuous, free gameplay. Really, all mobile game developers should take notes because this is how phone games should be made. Love it so much.
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2 years ago, Moff Gideon Enthusiast
Costume Suggestion
First of all, love the game! It’s a great idle tycoon and I love the 8-bit theme. A thing I don’t like is how hard costumes are to come across, I’ve played for a long time and have not even come close to get them, I know it’s just a cosmetic thing and that it isn’t too big a deal but I wish costumes had a tier or rarity to make the simpler ones easier to come across and the more complex cool ones be a little harder, I think it would also be cool that every once in a while you get an ad to watch to unlock a costume or maybe after unlocking a certain number of costumes a shop that sells 1 costume per few days for a good amount of bux and depending on how rare it is the more rare it is to come across it and the more it costs. Just a suggestion I had thought of. Love Tiny Tower and keep up the good work.
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7 years ago, Fun in Paper Land
New again
I played Tiny Tower for a year or so when it first released. Then I upgraded my device and decided not to add the app as there hadn't the been any real updates for awhile. Well I just got to playing it again and it is still an oddly fun game in that not a lot happens. My original tower was restored so I didn't have to start from scratch and now there are many more new floors I can add. I haven't gotten into the golden tickets yet. Not sure I need to. Overall I enjoy the game. My only issue must be a bug- whenever I get a high value bucks reward, like when a Bitizen pays for party damage or rent, it may say 1500 bucks, but when I tap it, nothing happens. The bucks don't show up in my total. It happens each time without fail. I do get the bucks for completed missions and if I watch ads, and the daily fireworks. This bug is why I took off a star. Otherwise it's a fun game, and easy to let it go for awhile.
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2 years ago, CriticJess
Honestly I was scared this game was going to be a money grab but it definitely is not. You are able to play the game and still have plenty to do. Premium is 20$ (if you get it early) but you don’t need it in order to enjoy the game, I will say if you enjoy being able to customize every detail it is worth it, you can pick out what stores etc. you want with premium and it definitely has its perks. You can play this game for hours and you always have ways to improve, they have little quest you can do which usually take less than a minute to earn buks and coins. I strongly recommend this game as it is a great time passer but doesn’t necessarily need you to be on it 24/7. If you are looking for something more fast paced then this probably is not the game for you though.
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3 years ago, PB&JX3
Fantastic idle game
I don’t often leave reviews for apps but I think I’ve had this game for over a year now. It hardly takes up any room on my phone, it’s a nice little distraction for a spare minute, the graphics are cute, and this game is not pay to win. I’m on my second tower in the game and I haven’t spent a dime of real world currency but I don’t feel like the games punished me for it. Coins are easy to get and you save up the bucks for the cute decorations, not for anything major (besides the new house feature, which is expensive but I understand why). I appreciate them adding new stuff like the house (haven’t unlocked yet still saving up) and the little side quest deliveries. Very simple, log in a few times during the day to stock my floors and see if I want to build a new one. Love this game.
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7 years ago, God Girl 777
Great game
This may be a long review, but please read, as I go in depth as to game play. I will break it into multiple paragraphs. Also, please note that I have not spent a single dime on this app. When you first get this game, you have 2 or 3 floors. It is cheap to construct a new floor, but it will take time, as you don't have many businesses. As you progress, it cost more to build new floors, but you also have more businesses, and are therefore making more money daily. You begin with only a few costumes, but as you play longer, you will gradually have more. You can use these costumes to personalize your bitzens. You can also change the names of your bitzens, evict them, and change their outfits. The bitzens have dream jobs, and if you place them in their dream jobs, you get 5 bux. There are 5 types of floors: residential, creative, service, recreation, and food. Residential floors house your bitzens. The other four are businesses, and your bitzens work here. There are two types of payment: coins and bux. Coins are used to buy floors, while bux are used to upgrade a bitzen's talents, upgrade a floor, or rush something. Overall game is easy and as you progress, it continues to be "challenging", but not torture. Thank you for reading all the way through, GOᗪ GIᖇᒪ777
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6 years ago, Riley👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Tiny tower is an awesome game. It deserves more than five stars. It is filled with lots of different things to do that keep you busy and it has funny/cute costumes to put on your bitizens. I love that they aren’t super pushy about getting you to buy bux and they don’t force you to watch ads. When you do choose to watch ads it gives you free bux, so you aren’t being forced to watch ads, and the ads you do watch are actually helpful to your game. This game has easy controls, cute graphics and much more. One thing he that I think might make the game better is if I’m bitbook you could “like” the bitizens posts and they could go into a separate icon in the app so you could keep them. Overall I am thankful that the creator decided to make this game because it has been my favorite game for a long long time. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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1 week ago, not surprised just sad
It's good.
I've downloaded this game several times over the years. The concept is there for sure and at a glance it's good. The issues I have are that the shops run out of inventory way too quickly, it takes too long for the inventory to stock, and the main screen is WAY too busy. I play this game casually, probably opening it three times a day. I have a kid so it's as often as I get a break. It's frustrating that every time I turn it on all my shops are shut down because everything sold out. Even using bux to make the inventory larger. It isn't enough. It's also frustrating how long it takes for the stock to come in. I try to always have something loading but I'd prefer to be able to have everything stocked up all at one time. The screen clutter is just absurd at this point. I get that buying things keep the game going, but that shouldn't mean it's being pushed every second and covering a good part of the game. I have spent money on games in the past and honestly I'd absolutely consider a one time thing for this game, but everything is so expensive and only good once. As for game play, it is quite a fun game. I do really enjoy it overall. I did delete it again though. I really hate 'idol' games that require you to play constantly. It's just not possible for a stay at home mom to be on a phone constantly.
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7 years ago, Cproteus
Exponentially less fun with time.
After making the initial investment for VIP and 25,000 bux - as that seemed a reasonable gaming expense (read also, the other options were clearly not a good deal) to actually see what the "optimised game play" would be like, I can say: don't waste your money or your time. As you play, everything just gets exponentially more expensive; and therefore exponentially less enjoyable. The game play isn't well explained - there is no help to assist understanding the golden tickets and how to apply them, for example. Pro tip: don't waste it on a residential floor with residents. I had five dream workers on a floor, and wasted a golden ticket on it. Literally nothing happened. I emailed support to finally learn that "upgrade all moved in bitizens" means all *newly* moved in bitizens - ie: after the upgrade. Which essentially means that is useful only on a newly constructed floor. Yeah. Stupid, eh? I thought so too. Spend it on a floor with inventory, or you'll regret it. So bottom line: I'm out a load of money, and I'm feeling like the value isn't there after about a week of game play. I have continued to play the game, to see how it progresses, and the only exponential increase is in cost to play - the amount of bucks generated in the daily fireworks does NOT get bigger every day - it caps out at about 1000; and as game play increases, this means it takes at least a day of game play to make one upgrade. Don't waste your money or your time.
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