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User Reviews for TipRanks Stock Market Analysis

4.77 out of 5
12.4K Ratings
2 years ago, R.Nasa
Wealth Of Critical Information and Tools, Brilliant !
I’m not a professional investor, in fact I’m only about 6 months into this. I can’t tell how much I have learned from this app being new to investing it helped me understand my stocks better especially when you want to buy a new stock or not sure what price range to consider for buying and selling. So many tools you can use and measures that are in sync With what’s actually going on its a good tool for self evaluating while it’s also fun to see your scores in comparison with the rest. Ability to import your portfolio, Stock analysis and price forecasts are daily routines for me now and much more. All that and I’m only using the free version mainly because the size of my investment compared to the price but for those with big investments and you don’t have this app? Do yourself a favour and check it out. Another thing is the fact I had a question about one of the features and got a quick response from the app support. Thank you
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4 years ago, kkkgghb
Revolutionary financing application
TipRanks is nothing short of a revolution in the financial analytics world. Their conglomeration of data puts vital, accurate and valuable information literally at your fingertips, at the touch of a button. This app, in addition to their already extensive website platform, is intuitive and easy to navigate. I never felt more comfortable with my investments as when I used TipRanks to do my research. It’s financial information on steroids! In fact, their tools help guide me towards new investments and understand current trends in the market. After a minute on the app you’ll never make another financial move without first working it out through their rigorous data sets... You’d be foolish not to.
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3 years ago, Shawn c
Billing/subscription not straightforward
After a day in the TipRanks ecosystem, I do like the service and the app quite a bit. I had shopped around and pretty much settled on TipRanks to get my stock game to the next level. That being said, I went to subscribe to the Premium service on the website and then found it was a bit cheaper via the app. The button on the app said Free Trial or something similar. As soon as I clicked that I was billed for a year immediately. I was expecting a 7 day window to try things out, but billing was immediate. I am happy with the Premium service but the wording about free trial in the app is misleading. I could also do without all the ads/buttons/banners touting the Ultimate service on the website. I know what it is and I’ll upgrade to that later if I think I can use it. But I’ve paid enough money already to not be blasted with promotions for a higher tier.
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3 years ago, chungster007
charged during trial period
I had a free trial til august 17th, but on the 16th I got a bank alert that $350 was withdrawn by TipRanks. So I contacted Apple and was confident it would be fixed. Apple emailed me a couple days later and said i would be refunded. This morning I woke up and discover my brokerage has locked me out. Then I realized I forgot I had a deposit that was already mid transit with my brokerage. I was very upset and still am. Because of getting charged before trial ended, I had to spend my time dealing with this with Apple, my credit with my brokerage is no longer good, I have to pay a fee with brokerage and I can’t get into my brokerage account till my new deposit clears in a day or two. Funny thing is I actually liked this app and even emailed TipRanks to compliment about how It had more info on companies than their competitors. But charging users before trial ends is pretty shady and unprofessional and stains the reputation of a company.
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3 years ago, snowidog
Great Service; Mediocre Tech
I’m enjoying the service, and am realizing the value. Unfortunately, the mobile app and web service are really frustrating in some key ways: - the watchlist doesn’t sync. The web & mobile watchlists are completely distinct. To get around this, I created a custom portfolio to use as a watch list because it syncs. - there’s a glitch (maybe?) with the measure performance chart’s numbers. The comparison has a really good number (i.e. +20%) while the most recent bar is negative 8%. At best, it’s accurate but confusing. - it repeatedly doesn’t sync with my portfolio stocks. There’s supposedly a 24-hour delay, even though transactions have completely cleared my account, and I’ve manually synced it with TipRanks. - some accounts fail to link entirely: Voya, and MN-PERA. They says successful, but then they’re nowhere to be found. I contacted customer service about this and they were unhelpful, quoting the 24-hour delay. If that were the issue, I wouldn’t have reached out. All of this adds up to not realizing the full potential of the analytical features for my portfolios, and a frustrating experience. But all that aside, the info I’m able to get from the service has proven financially valuable. Wish I could take it to the next level.
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3 years ago, Words1k
Excellent Customer Service
This is one of the best resources I use for trading currently. I recently had a syncing issue with my broker and customer service was on top of it immediately. The speed at which they replied was probably the fastest of any service I have ever used, literally. If you’re a trader looking for a good amount of resources rolled up into one site with a dedicated app, then this is it. Lastly, some of the other services have a separate subscription fee for their website and their app and that is crazy to me. TipRanks gives you both with one subscription, love it.
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3 years ago, Myaben3
Overall balance not correct
My overall balance as it was imported into TipRanks is not correct… I emailed their team and I haven’t heard from them, it’s been 2 weeks. It is a pretty expensive app, so I was expecting some type of customer service. But what i received is no customer service - my question was simply ignored. And what’s the point of paying $350 a year for an app that shows you the wrong data? And if something as simple as my overall balance is not correct, what about the other data? I really wanted to like this app given the information it provides, but I am skeptical about the data they are showing us now, and also for what you’re getting, it is not worth the $$. If I could get my money back, I would have. I would pay not more than $20 for this app if I knew I was going to deal bugs, wrong data and no customer service!
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2 years ago, FriscoCFP
Worst customer service ever!
I am an Ultimate subscriber (too level) and have had numerous problems with the app and web versions of this service. It’s a good idea, but VERY poor execution. THE WORST part is trying to get help from these people who have a year of my money! I have submitted at least 5 requests for help. NOT ONE has been answered! I have never had this experience with another expensive service. In fact, today I was contacted on a proactive basis by an “experience ambassador” from my current favorite app, simply wall st. They are a fraction of the cost and offer a different approach. At this point, I’m going to request a refund through Apple because of the inability to contact anybody with the company. Best of luck searching for a service that you really find useful. I’ve also had a positive experience with seeking alpha. Be sure and use the trials!
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3 years ago, ochsenrc
Great Resource for Stock Insights
TipRanks has several categories by which stocks are analysed including professional analysts, the TipRanks community, bloggers, company metrics, news sentiment analysis, etc. as well as a wealth of great news articles written specifically for TipRanks members. I have gotten more and more use out of the analysts recommendations and articles as time goes on. It's definitely worth the subscription cost to me.
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8 months ago, ...emankciN
Options calculator????
For all of the ads and pop-ups on the website to use the options calculator, you would think it would have the calculator since the app blasts your phone for about a minute before you can use the site. Downloaded the app to maybe get around that, you guys want $200 for an app that is missing the calculators…. Otherwise I would have used this, but it’s missing the tools section…. $200 and it’s missing the tools section…. Then the stock screener has an option for bloggers sentiment?? $200 for what someone else on a keyboard is saying just to blast the price one way or the other so they can make a profit?? That’s what your asking for? $200 for what someone on Reddit says or tiktok? Kma
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10 months ago, Wingmanjon
Failure to update stock purchases
I have been a user of TipRanks for many months. I like the format and presentation of data. However, I have had continuing problems with have my portfolio updates to reflect recent purchases or sales. Without up to date info on my holdings that rest is both misleading and useless. I was attacked to TipRanks because it provides an overview of a portfolio. However, if the underlying data is inaccurate one cannot rely on the data presented. After several attempts to correct the problem with no results, I have canceled the program app. John H. Skinner
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3 years ago, Lyon4ik
Good app, but some issues
When you manually update the portfolio holdings, the app is glitching a lot - the changes either don’t go through (returns an error) or the number of shares / cost per share keep reverting back to old values upon reopening the app. Another issue that’s really annoying is the fact that the app doesn’t automatically adjust for stock splits. I had to manually update the shares / basis for my holdings in AAPL, IHI, TSLA, which affected the portfolio stats (average return and sharpe ratios) even though there was no real change to my holdings.
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4 years ago, Yt1960
Overall very good service
I like the value of the premium package and I benefited from the subscription. A few comments for bug fixes and improvements: - the total value of the portfolio is incorrect in the app and is showing the correct value on the web access - The gain per position is incorrect in the app as it shows the value change since the position was added to the portfolio and not since it was purchased. - show the ranking of an analyst in the email notification as part of the data on the analyst.
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3 years ago, rancho756
No response from custom service
I don’t know what happens in general, but I am a ultimate member and I called the custom service four times, but never got any response back from them. I am a ultimate member, and they claimed to have real time email alert, top-priority support and 30 days full refund. I called them for the first time because the news in their ‘real time’ email alert was for a least 5 days earlier. I didn’t get any response from them on this issue. So starting from the second time I just told the stuff to cancel my subscription and get my money back. Over the past week I called them two more times, but still never received any response from them.
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2 years ago, KushNbuds
I bought the premium for a year and it hasn’t really been any benefit at all. Literally zero, stick to free version of this app it’s all you need because they have a “premium” and an “ultimate “ version which is just another way for them to dupe you into spending more. The coolest features are all locked behind the “ultimate wall” and I paid more than $200 for access to the “premium” and it’s complete trash! just do your own research they are over charging! Analyst ratings and price projections on here aren’t even that important.
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2 years ago, 𝓛𝓸𝓿𝓮𝓵𝓮𝓮𝓽𝓲𝓶𝓮𝓼
Simple to use
This woukd be more functinal it was easy to add shares or sell. Portfolio market value should not be a job to find or tell the differance between stocks vested or not vested. If Ibhad a million years to read all the privacy policys and terms of use then I might have time to study the market trends. Thats why I always miss the super important little words good job very clean display.
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1 year ago, CHAZZMAN01
I currently have 4 brokerages. Two of which cannot be synced and 2 that can...E-TRADE and TD. Both sync successfully but are always showing incorrect data and not syncing daily. I trade daily so my portfolio changes daily. They want money for DD you can do on the web. Who knows just really how good they are once they have your money. Plus, deleted both portfolios and tried to re-sync. App says SUCCESSFUL but doesn't show up when you click the portfolios tab. Weak. They want money. Upgrade to what?
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2 years ago, JohnD7778
Great App…but
It’s a battle to try and update your portfolio. No matter how many times I try import my portfolio is an old one from over a month ago. Otherwise I love this app as it is such a great reference and resource any investor. The information and analysis at your fingertips is truly amazing! A+ except the update functionality for portfolios.
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5 months ago, Foxfan33
No Solution To Downloading Account Data
I have been an Ultimate Plan user for years as well as a TipRanks Smart Investor subscriber and I have been very satisfied with the service. Recently the application has lost the ability to connect with Fidelity accounts and my portfolio is no longer correctly reflected in TipRanks. There has been no communication to users on how to manually update the info until the problem with Plaid/Fidelity is resolved. I will be canceling my subscriptions if this problem remains unresolved much longer.
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3 years ago, LifeInLoFi
Much info, little digging
Even at the free level, there is a lot of information that’s readily available to help me make better informed decisions for my investments and shorter-term trades. Subscription choices are reasonably priced and enhance the functionality of the app unlike other apps where a subscription is required to get anything more than rock bottom functionality. I like this app!
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4 years ago, Dc,2344
A Pleasant Surprise
Downloaded this app not expecting much but boy was I pleasantly surprised! The app is very slick and it’s very useful even using a free account. I love how they post market updates with very relevant news throughout the day(usually the highest trending stocks). I also love their market feature which tells you the top gainers and losers of the day. Everything about the app is very impressive!
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3 years ago, Nedia
Buyer beware! The portfolio sync is not accurate!
While TipRanks was successful at linking all my portfolio with different brokerage firms, it didn’t accurately do so, my cost basis shows the price of the stock on the first import instead of my original purchase price, as a result the portfolio performance analysis is completely wrong! I reached out to their support several times who told me that’s the way it is. Don’t buy the premium membership if you expect to take advantage of the portfolio performance analysis, you will be very disappointed, and there is no refund after the first month not even partial. $600 down the drain!
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3 years ago, tbscrane
Investment info incorrect
Excellent source of market analysis. Easy to use platform and very informative. My reason for only 4 stars is because after linking my Robinhood account to my tipranks app, all of my account information has been completely wrong since I’ve started using the app. No matter how many times I sync my investment account, all numbers and info remain incorrect.
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4 years ago, Serv117
Amazing Tech!
The app is amazing! You can create your portfolio and a watchlist, you can do a allot more with the app. This makes it easy when you are on the go. I ‘m definitely going for the subscription as I can get allot of value from it. It needs some bug fixing but I’m confidant they are working on that. I highly recommend it for any trader por or novice. Cheers Tipranks
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3 years ago, green swann
On and on and on
I have a tablet and when I go to this app the information takes forever to load...and goes on and on and on for more than ten minutes. Information is useful when you can finally see it. About the ratings. I am unsure if the ratings are accurate. I need more experience with the app. However is disappointing that the index funds don't have any ratings.
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7 months ago, keviburg2
Excellent information and easy to use
I have added my portfolios into TipRanks and it is quickly becoming my “go-to” app for portfolio updates. It also ranks analysts and organizes their feedback in a user friendly format. This is an app that deserves consideration for any serious investor.
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2 months ago, Supreme.Being.
Every man for himself!
From the reviews that I’ve read it seems the only time the developers respond is 1. When they want to portray themselves as caring, and ask for further details, and 2. to reinforce the kind words of others. Maybe I’m missing it, but I don’t see anything where developers have responded with actual changes and results that have occurred indirect response to someone’s misfortune. Especially considering they are very specific about their issue! I HAVE NOT SEEN ONE REVIEW WHERE SOMEONE MENTIONS A SPECIFIC ISSUE AND THE DEVELOPER HAS RESPONDED WITH THANKS
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2 years ago, nynaptural
I started using this app a few days ago because it was suggested by a youtuber and I am highly impressed. It usually takes me months, sometimes years, to write a review and i had no problem writing one within a week time frame. Thank you!!!
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3 years ago, Human G. Person
Really helpful for starters
It was really helpful for me to chose which stocks I thought I should pick, and you don’t have to use real money! You can track how you would have done if you had that stock. I give it a 10/10, 5 stars, 100%, amazing app.
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4 years ago, iehixon
Great market app
This is the most helpful app I’ve found for watching the market. I can create multiple portfolios. I have a portfolio for my stocks and a different portfolio for other stocks I’m watching. I can see everything in one place and the app makes it easy to do research on various stocks.
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4 years ago, Swakums
Helpful but slow loading screens
Lately this app has been loading various screens very slowly. It’s making it frustrating to use. I’m a paid user and expect a faster experience than a non-paid user. Also it continues to limit your ability to only follow a maximum of 5 analyst at a time. I want to follow 10. If they don’t fix this soon I’m going to one of tip ranks’ competitors.
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3 years ago, HvAC Medic
One thing missing
The app is good. Very useful, BUT… one thing is missing. I wish they would add the calendars to the app. You have free access to the calendars on the website, they should add that as a free service on the app. Other than that I’m very pleased.
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2 years ago, Boogeyman112
Impressed and Happy
More than I could have asked for! All the news relevant to my portfolio at the touch of a button 24/7, makes my life easier and this is a GOOD app to stay on top of things in real time
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3 years ago, candygramr
Nice Platform
Stocks are organized, and information is readily available. Sources of information are compiled from a good selection of trusted resources. A nice site that is fun and educational to use for new stock players. The only improvement I could suggest would be a forum, but that might get messy!
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5 years ago, Swangtime
Wow Factor
I love this app. It has everything that I want. I don’t have time to do the research and need some guidance. It’s all right here in the app. It syncs my Robinhood portfolio as well which is very nice. The navigation is a bit clunky but the data and views are stellar. Excellent work by the developers.
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3 years ago, Cousinsautomotive
You need this app
I absolutely love this app ! So easy to use and so much information. Even a newbie like me can use this app to make money. Imagine someone who does stocks for a living, wow ! Trust me take the free 7 day trial. You won’t regret it
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4 years ago, Filoe Bedoe
Great desktop but App so slow as to be useless
The app takes more than a mi Ute and a half to load analysts estimates during market hours - I’m an “Ultimate” user so I’ve already paid $660 for the annual fee. The desktop version works fine but clearly unless Tipranks increases server capacity for the App I’m not renewing and wouldn’t recommend buying it as I do 90% of my trading from my iPhone and I can get essentially critical info elsewhere from several other “functional” apps - this ones a toad.
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5 months ago, Wolfxman69
Lots of information
I’ve tried many other apps but this one is way more informative hands down ! If you’re a beginner or expert this investment app is all you need ! Trust me ! Thank you @ TipRanks ❤️
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4 years ago, Titans-fan42
My new favorite investing app
I'm shocked at the less than 5 star rating. This app has replaced several other apps I was using. The stock insights are great but equally great, is the visuals throughout the app that makes this app not only resourceful but appealing to look at.
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4 years ago, wishitworked. ohwell
Good idea - poor execution
The website and app are useful for both investing ideas and for monitoring personal portfolio. The app has improved with fewer crashes and improvements. Would recommend
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2 years ago, Techy David Jon
Don’t know why y’all updated to where you have to rotate the screen to see your holding details. Then when I update my details the screen does another 180, this is so unnecessary having to flip your screen. BRING BACK THE DETAILS TAB, i dont want to flip my phone, it’s not a game or a video
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4 years ago, camillesoder
Off to a great start—needs improvement
The good is that it is easy to find and do great research on stocks. The bad is that it often takes a long time to load. Suggestion: enable inputting partial stocks. Many of us have less than one full stock in our portfolios
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3 years ago, lp42006
Awesome App
I have this app to check target price, pretty much the health of each stock. I synced my accounts to see everything. I love this app. Thank you for the free stuffs from your business.
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4 years ago, Hector Gotay
Gains discrepancies
Cant still make it right, On the Holding Details tab if you edit the purchase price to your average or your purchased price, the system will not average the gain based on that as it should, what is doing is just averaging the price (gains or losses) based on the “Price When Added” the stock to your list. Those new updates haven’t fix the issues at all.
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3 years ago, big o boss big boss
Good app
This app was easier than the others for me. I literally downloaded and started using it to see its opinion of Quantumscape and it gave me good information and a realistic outlook based on analyst ratings.
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3 years ago, Celtics 10
Accurate data ?
Good concept. But there are several problematic issues such as data is not accurate at times. Customer service is poor at best! Getting to a live person is impossible! Not great if they have your credit card on file!
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3 years ago, mrbristol
Great site for the investors
I have been very impressed with the amount and accuracy of the stock information that this site freely puts out.
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4 years ago, saltyconsumr
Updated Version
First off, The design is gorgeous. Second, the design is gorgeous. I have yet to see an app this seamless, beautiful and easy to understand. And this is just for the free version, I’m currently signed up under vector vest, but depending on the accuracy and stability of my experience with this app, I will probably get an upgraded membership with this one too. Again, to the designers, very very well done, and the pricing is perfect for new beginners.
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3 years ago, rabbirabbit
I can’t remove from my portfolio
For some reason I can manually add any stock I want to portfolio. I had to do so bc my ribbon hood account won’t transfer idk why. But I sold some stocks and would like to remove the ones I sold and for some reason can’t. Does anyone know why or what I’m doing wrong? Please help
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3 years ago, Stash 525
I love being able to see how all my investments are doing as far as value and the current buy or sell status as a guide to trading
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