4.3 (33)
50.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Your Giving, Inc.
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Tithe.ly

4.33 out of 5
33 Ratings
4 days ago, MotherGooch78
Update is terrible
I love the convenience of Tithely, but I don’t like having to do separate screens. The previous version had the ability to make/see all on one page. Having to enter my address for each gift is ridiculous!
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4 weeks ago, jvdock2022
Was very convenient and easy to use, but…
When I first started using the app quite a while ago, it was very convenient and easy to use. However, with this new update, the format has changed quite a bit and it doesn’t have the same sorting capabilities when you check your donation history. It was working just fine and I wish that the developers would have just let it be.
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4 weeks ago, DeddyTeddy
What an upgrade!
This new app update is a breath of fresh air. The outdated, utilitarian feel is gone and the giving experience is so fluid. No more kicking out to the browser to fully complete the donation and the fact that I can set a “home” church makes things feel much more consistent. Great work!
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1 month ago, loganmoore
Such a reliable and easy-to-use app for tithing, and this giving app has exceeded all my expectations! The user interface is stunning and intuitive, making the entire process of giving a joyful experience.
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5 days ago, H&r1
New app is slow
The number flash and go in slow. I need my address to save and not add in each time.
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1 month ago, JustinJDean
So easy to use!
Giving to my church is so easy, and the new app is just beautiful! EasyGive makes it as easy as hitting a button anytime I want to give. And I love that I can manage my own account and recurring giving.
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4 weeks ago, Loveydre
New App is AMAZING! Love the Tithely app!
I’ve been using Tithely for years. The previous app was fine, but this new one is such a massive improvement. Looks nicer. Quicker to use. Love the new direction y’all!!! Makes giving to my church so easy!!
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4 weeks ago, Annsarf
Multiple funds not available
I love the previous giving form because you have the ability to give to multiple funds in the same transaction. In this new form, you can give to only one fund at a time. Please, bring back that feature. Thanks!
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1 month ago, amazingflyingpoo
HUGE update
I’ve been using the Giving App for years, and I was very excited to see this update come through. The app is better in every single way!!!
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3 weeks ago, KB9999a
Unable to give
System down. Chat bot has no ability to report error. I am unable to donate. No messages on system related to upgrading system and/or system issues. Have been a satisfied and happy user up until today but the lack of support for donors makes this a frustrating application to use.
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1 month ago, KrisWParker
Amazing Update!
The latest update to this app is amazing- I love all of the new features and user interface improvements.
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2 weeks ago, Dlj69
Wont let you enter your member number. The screen keeps jumping and won’t allow you to enter number. Happening since the update to me and everyone I know that uses the app I guess your not reading what I wrote. I did the current update and that’s when the trouble started with the member ID before that I had no issues
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3 days ago, Accurcius
Multi line items
The app works well for the most part but the loss of multiple line items is kind of a bother. Definitely an easier way to give than cash.
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3 weeks ago, savvy9164
Issue with recurring transactions
I made my first transaction and my receipt showed a recurring payment. I did not check the box for recurring. Now I cannot find how to stop it. Reaching out to support but you cannot call them only by email or AI messages!!! Not a good experience for my first sign up!
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6 days ago, Ambassador JuFu
Poorly designed
I can pay… or so it tells me, but then the church doesn’t get it or my recurring gets messed up and I get behind. I can’t view my history to check to see if a payment went through because it says there is an error. All I can do is pay. Deleting and going to cash payments for tithing.
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1 month ago, 9883738/8
Best church software
Been using for years and they have never let us down!
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1 week ago, pirateschick
It’s so pretty 😍
HUGE improvement from the old app! It’s so beautiful and easy to use! Sooo grateful Tithely took the time to do this MUCH needed update!
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2 weeks ago, ssprot19
Bad update
The new version is painful when u do a quick give. I’m logged in but always have to provide additional verification code(s). Old version was much better.
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2 weeks ago, AAMJJ
I’ve used the competitor of this app—this one has a far better design philosophy. Phenomenal work!
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4 weeks ago, Dcak0911
Super easy to use
Giving is easy and intuitive
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3 weeks ago, Dgjvchjxhug
Everything good except nations-specific needs to have a box to enter the Nation.
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1 month ago, Prezo18
Tithelys new app makes it so easy to manage giving to my church. Love the interface!
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1 week ago, wantsomeMoe
I don’t like the new update
I’m unable to give tithes and offering at the same time. No my church has to get charged multiple times to receive their additional offerings. I’ll be using another form of payment until this gets changed back.
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4 weeks ago, Bunz65
This app makes giving so easy.
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1 month ago, JMHoltkamp
So much better!
I love the new look and feel of this app!
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1 week ago, SSSMLH
The app was fine until you changed it. Now you have to go in each time in order to give to a department and it appears that you have gone up on the fees. Very disappointed with this app.
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4 weeks ago, Chanc_s
Major improvement in this latest release. Great work Team Tithely.
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2 weeks ago, glorybees7
App is Terrible. Keeps doubling my gift! Then Apple said to contact my church to get my money back bc it’s not an “app issue”, they never heard of this before. In the meantime, I’m running out of money! I’ll just delete the app, go back to using checks.
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1 month ago, Ttye
Amazing updates
Love the new UI!! Very intuitive and flows super smoothly!
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3 weeks ago, Dne467
Horrible app
Doesn’t work properly, isn’t tuned to the phone, can’t find my local church, I extremely do not recommend this app. It shouldn’t be difficult to give to a church, but this app makes it miserable.
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4 weeks ago, SharonBryant
Hate the update
The home page is so crowded with unnecessary links it is frustrating and hard to read for older people. Wish I had never updated
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3 weeks ago, Mimij3
Selected tithes but said offering. Contact info incorrect
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2 weeks ago, glamurous
I love to use this App for giving ❤️
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3 days ago, Upgrade has problems
I used to love this app-since the upgrade it says there's a problem with payment.
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3 weeks ago, pmaddo908
New version a mess
The new version froze and it’s difficult to find the Apple Pay option - I will not enter card numbers for security concerns.
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2 weeks ago, GDP812
Horrible update
The process to give seems to have been made more complicated. I person do not like it.
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1 month ago, Robert Barradas
Easy As It Gets
Great app! Love the new update!
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2 weeks ago, Roweby123
Tithing made easy
Really good App
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3 weeks ago, Pie Giver
Great App & Very User Friendly!
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2 weeks ago, Lyn’Neetra
New Seasons
It’s always hard to give because the number keep repeating itself.
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1 month ago, Jvandervoet
Can’t get a hold of anyone, cannot stop recurring charge
Horrible customer service, can’t get a hold of anyone and I cannot stop a recurring charge
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7 days ago, DexRA69
New Update
What is going on with this app? B4 the new update, this app was working perfectly. Now I’m having difficulty submitting payments.
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2 days ago, l MMO no
Not working
Trying to enter my $$$ amount and it keeps putting 1111 in. It doesn’t allow me to enter 150! Help
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4 weeks ago, BHSIII
Tithely App
Very difficult to make changes to amounts!
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1 month ago, VP Chez
VP Chez
What a massive help for the church and ministry community!
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1 week ago, Metromedic
Very simple and secure.
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8 years ago, ericksmoves
Still having issues with my visa going thru
Love the app and have been using for a while but in the past 12 months it has been very difficult to use on my iPhone. Have tried erasing & downloading many times and no resolve. Have tried different cards, still just pinwheels after I input my amount and after I select "give to C3 Milton". Please update soon to fix this so I can continue to conveniently give while I'm traveling. Thanks!
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1 week ago, False account
Revelation Church LA
I love this ministry and im so grateful for the wisdom and revelation Prophet lovy elias shares with Gods people.
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5 years ago, Willie Wappers
Does not work on my iPhone 7 Plus
It opens to a blank page when I click give now. This App keeps malfunctioning making it difficult for me to use it. Every time they fix it, it defaults back to going to the blank screen again rather than the giving page. This needs to be fixed in order to be user friendly. There is no way to update the recurring giving amount. Adding a new recurring giving amount does not work either. I am getting very frustrated with this App. It needs a total overhaul in order to work for the users. Please fix it because I would love to use it to do my giving to the church. This should be easy and convenient but it is anything but.
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5 years ago, JustWhit
Needs to be much better
I have found that the app is just not good and could certainly use a major rehaul. Unless I’m doing something wrong, this app doesn’t remember my credentials even when I activate TouchID = no bueno for me. You have to find your church every time, would rather there be a “favorites” or a default church so I can conveniently pay my home church without the mess. The app also takes you to a website to complete a transaction, maybe should have been embedded in the app itself. Using the button from my church’s website makes it much more convenient than the useless app.
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