Tixr - Event Tickets

2.6 (54)
16.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Tixr, Inc.
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Tixr - Event Tickets

2.57 out of 5
54 Ratings
1 year ago, nicoman14
I like Tixr, not the app
I find Tixr great for buying tickets when just using it through the browser, but the app is pretty frustrating. When logging in, it doesn’t allow you to paste a password from a password manager, which is a red flag for any app. Also, whenever you open the app it plays a weird little audio/video sequence that stops the music or other media on your device, which is jarring.
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1 year ago, Boyziggy
Garbage app created by soulless corporate dildos that hate their end users
Don’t download. This app is a waste of your life. You’ll spend over an hour trying to log on because this app doeoat work at all with any password managers. Because you can’t view or copy or paste your password on this app, it’s effectively impossible to log in if you already have your password established. After dozens of password resets, if you’re able to eventually log in, it will kick you out after less than 5 minutes, requiring you to log back in all over again, which usually ends up requiring even more password resets since this stupid app can’t work with password managers. Also they require passwords more complex than is required to launch most nuclear weapons just Nigerian hackers wanted to bumb a ticket to a local gig. Also, the event listings in this app are not really as accurate nor as up to date as bay of the event websites, making this app utterly pointless. There is no reason for this app to exist, and the same is probably true for those who conceived this awful waste of life. There should be consequences when people make apps that waste so many peoples time like this one.
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1 year ago, Mr.Fluff29
Worst ticket buying experience ever…
The actual purchasing of the tickets was a simple process and I was excited to go to the concert. However, the app gave me the wrong concert venue so I completely missed the concert. After being taken to an extremely sketchy venue where people were doing drugs openly and literal children were trying to sell weed and rolling blunts on stage, I caught the vibe that I might just be in the wrong place. Looked up the concert on the internet and found out I was at the completely wrong venue, despite the fact that the app had advertised otherwise. They had sent me to a place where literal gang members had been performing on stage after doing lines of coke which they advertised to the audience. I felt extremely unsafe and feared that I would be mugged or worse. I probably should’ve looked up the venue online earlier but I trusted the app since it literally had a time, date, and venue for the concert displayed.
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8 months ago, dk=thief
Worse than ticket master!! A scam!
Recently I tried to purchase tickets through Tixr when they were released and immediately was put on a waitlist the second ticket sales opened. They take your information and if tickets become available you get them and they charge you. However supposedly you can remove yourself from the wait list and then you won’t get the tickets or be charged. I removed myself from the waitlist 6 weeks before the concert, but then I still was charged for tickets 7 days before the show. When I contacted customer service about my cancellation they said all sales are final even though I cancelled it. Terrible customer and all around experience.
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3 months ago, Villa Pacifica
I just wanted view two tickets I bought before going to a show at a venue I will most likely never go back to. I'm not going to the venuw becuase of the venue, I'm going to the venue becuase of the artist and I could care less what app is used to get in. It's a good thing I tried in advance becuse it has taken me TWO HOURS to get this silly app to work. That's longer than the show itself! The app won't recognize your password used to buy the tickets and locks you out for trying too many times. I'm not trying to access a Swiss bank accout, just want to view two event tickets. This app will guarantee that I don't ever go back to this venue. Absolutly ABSURD!
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2 years ago, TheCollegeManYeah
Blown Away…
I’ve been going to concerts, shows, and festivals forever and typically I’m buying tickets on ticket master or stub hub. However, I’ve noticed more and more shows are using Tixr and I can tell you I’m blown away by the experience. Customer Support - 5 stars! They were helpful and caring and went out of their way to help me when I had a small issue with delivery. Website - 5 stars! Blown away by their waitlist button. As soon as a spot opened up for a sold out festival Mexico I wanted to go to, I got issued a ticket. Didn’t need to obsessively check the site. It just worked. Overall I hope more shows and festivals end up using Tixr instead of awful ticket master in the future.
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2 years ago, danielcarrera
More than just a ticket app
Tixr has made shopping around for tickets and viewing what is showing nearby a better experience! I love all the upgraded in the UI that they added and makes the app feel sleek, fast, and luxurious. I can’t wait until they add more concerts to their app, my last experience at a concert was effortless with the help of Tixr!!
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12 months ago, Timothypjr
Being a little generous. . .
The service is ok, but the app is rough. It’s shows no event for my account, while the browser certainly does. Really slow to update? Also, I hate that you are forced to give a birthdate. Seems like unneeded Intrusion. If it were my choice, I’d try another service.
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2 years ago, Obi93
Everything is so smooth in the app. Great eye for design!! Works like a charm and they have some big names onboard to buy from! Checkout experience was great. Able to discover new events with crazy ease. AXS, Ticketmaster etc could NEVER be this seamless 🚀🚀🚀. Looking forward to future updates.
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2 years ago, mrMek91
Fantastic update all around
The update made it much easier to find events and view my purchased tickets. Easy to navigate and a clean design makes this app such a joy to use!
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2 years ago, space hash
Cool app, one suggestion
When I make an account via the app, I can’t paste into the password field, meaning I can’t use a password generated by my password manager. That’s fine. I’ll just use a filler password and change it immediately when I’m In the app. Nope, can’t change your password from within the app. Pretty cringe.
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1 month ago, berler
Beware, app doesn’t work with password manager paste
Seriously, this is so frustrating. If you use a password manager and already signed up from the website, the app doesn’t let you log in. You just get an error saying your account is locked. The only way to get the app to work is manually type in your password one character at a time. The devs of this app should be ashamed of themselves.
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1 week ago, KKP1102
Easy to Use
I used Tixr to buy tickets for Miami LIV and the checkout process made it super easy. It’s easier than other ticketing apps. Highly recommend!
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11 months ago, yogimckee
Can’t log on
I can log on to the webpage just fine but the app says invalid log on. So I guess I have to go back to paper copy. ? And no help available on the website.
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1 year ago, bdcritte
Great when it works
For the most part, the app has worked well. Lately I can’t even view events without it crashing. It doesn’t matter if I search an event or just tap one on the homepage. Kind of a pain.
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2 years ago, ChristineyB3
So smooth!!
This app is gorgeous and easy to use! Better than any ticketing app I’ve used for past shows!
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5 days ago, jillmango
Easy to use
Easy to find events and purchase tickets and extras right on the app!
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9 months ago, Samspam314159
Blood boilingly frustrating
What horse **** is this? I can’t even log in the app is so glitchy. I can’t force the keyboard out out of the way to hit the submit button, and when my password manager enters my same password that works on the website it tells me I have it wrong. 0/10 recommend.
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6 months ago, StEvE-O985
Garbage Service
When trying to buy tickets the “follow event” option populates right over the purchase option. After following and unfollowing the event several times (in order to get to the buy/complete button), I just gave up and decided not to go.
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1 year ago, Dusk Night
Update it always
So I try to order tickets for a convention I try to order but it kept crashing. So you might need to keep updating it.
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1 year ago, tcsmithbiz
App Should be removed
This is, without hyperbole, the worst ticketing app I have ever been forced to use. I will literally NEVER attend ANY even that uses this app. Worst ticketing experience, zero help and even the event planners said they were furious with the app. I’m certain litigation will follow. Just don’t even bother with this garbage.
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2 years ago, stfd_dai
Smooth and clean
Very nice layout and ticket purchasing experience!
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1 month ago, tyler.jacobs
No Stars
Yep, yet another app that deserves no stars. I can’t check out, doesn’t have login options other than Facebook, and has little to no functionality to build in preferences. It’s a shame Ariens Nordic Center went with this vendor. Hopefully, the contract with Tixr is short.
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1 year ago, 12bar
Terrible login experience
The website has flashy signup & login stuff, but it doesn’t work very well. I figured the app would work better. Had to reset my password twice before actually getting in. My advice — keep it simple.
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9 months ago, Irish Jenn
Great site-But
Please bring back payment plans.
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2 years ago, mikemikaels12
Only Took 45 min to order tickets
And why is there the most difficult password criteria ever . My bank doesn’t have all the Must Be This. Lazy software design, and just putting a difficult password is not a feature .
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2 years ago, mKwpwmd wnqowmenowozkxidm
This app is AWESOME!
Great job TIXR on this incredible user interface. This is one of the best ticketing apps I’ve ever used. Well done.
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2 years ago, pkambhatla1
Refund requests
This company has the worst refund request policy I have experienced. In spite of showing an at-home covid positive result and proactively notifying them of being unable to attend an event at the Story in Miami, they refused to process a refund until they saw a positive result from the doctor’s office or cvs.
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1 year ago, Mr_Saw
App crashes
Clicking on an event as a search result repeatedly (and predictably) crashes the app.
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7 months ago, rj satx
Can’t synch app to online account (can’t access account in app at all) … caught in an endless loop to “verify” my account by email…that the app then never recognizes. I have no idea how I’m going to get into my shows. No idea. None.
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9 months ago, IUfan29
Absurd account login settings
There’s no reason a concert ticket app should have more strict login requirements than any financial or email app I’ve encountered. Took 10 minutes to just see the ticket.
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10 months ago, Norrisokc
Took over 800 and got no refund and no tickets
The took my money. They never answer the phone. Only reply threw email then just tell me it’s the bank. Not them. They are scammers.
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1 year ago, fromtheabove
Unconventional Method
This app entirely will have you questioning the title. Why does a company need free app downloads? Are the quotas being met and how much money do you rake in from frustration and disappointment? Let me know with a reply Tixr! (:
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11 months ago, Unmatched Perspicacity
Can’t sign in.
I can’t sign in after multiple attempts. App keeps wanting to re-verify email after I’ve already verified it before.
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1 year ago, justinlsu
Trash. Fails. Bugs. Slow. Won’t work
Trash app. Will pay more and use Ticketmaster or pay scalped prices on StubHub to not have to use app and waste my time
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8 months ago, Hunterreis
Horrible ticket experience
Awful app makes buying tickets very difficult and stressful
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1 year ago, Callis123483
App keeps crashing
Everytime I click on something the app crashes
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1 year ago, To32414
App crashing
App keeps crashing, deleted it installed it and change this is such and inconvenience
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3 weeks ago, Leland Burrill
What an awful app. It won't let you a very invasive registration on the app, it reroutes you to mobile web.
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1 year ago, JayTay420
App keeps crashing
When I click on anything the app crashes.
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1 year ago, GaLyKi
Convoluted navigation
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1 year ago, rellavi
Unable to open tickets and there is no proper support
Unable to open tickets and there is no proper support
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12 months ago, Funkybadchad
Copy and paste
Downloaded TIXR on iPhone 14 Pro Max current OS and could not paste password or email into credentials this needs to be fixed.
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7 months ago, ArgonKnight7
Tixr horrible app and website
Tickets disappear and support is absolutely no help.
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10 months ago, Trav Reviews
This app would be SO MUCH better if it would do one simple thing: STOP MUTING MY MEDIA!!
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5 months ago, FeezyF
This is not real at all ! Fraudulent website and company! Dont spend your money here !
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2 months ago, jsjdhdjsbsjsjsvd
don’t download
don’t download it took 88 dollars from me and didn’t revive my tickets worst app ever
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10 months ago, sad boi :( 69
horrendous UX
title says it all. bummer of an app
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7 years ago, Nancymariahp
The worst ticket buying experience I've ever had
I bought through Tixr because they had the ticket I wanted for slightly less money than other sites. Simply put: not worth it. I would never recommend using Tixr to anyone. The site is really hard to use, and it doesn't seem to have any option for an electronic ticket, you just have to wait for it to come in the mail. The representative I talked to when I needed help with an issue fixed the problem, but was incredibly rude. I found it really odd that the representative who helped me told me they needed my password to login to my account and fix it for me, and she made it really clear that it was a huge imposition to her. She couldn't do anything to help without logging in as me. I know it's not the representatives fault, she's just doing what she has to, it's the fault of the company.
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7 years ago, Bryce_Larkin
Good experience and would use again
Everything was seamless. The app is helpful in that it organizes all my tickets in one spot so I don’t have to rummage through my email looking for the ticket while I’m waiting in line. Other reviewers mentioned difficulties with the form of ticket (electronic, mobile, mailed physical). I’m pretty sure the venue has final say in method of ticket.
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