To Do List - Tasks & Reminders

4.7 (2.1K)
16.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Monelyze Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for To Do List - Tasks & Reminders

4.69 out of 5
2.1K Ratings
9 months ago, Book_Luver
Exactly what I dreamed of in a to do list app-- just one thing!
The ONLY thing I can think of that would make it even better is the ability to click and drag tasks under the same list and due at the same time on top of/below each other in order of personal preference. For example, if I have 3 tasks that are due at 11:59 on a Friday, the "Scheduled" list seems to put them in a random order. In reality, I may want task #1 to be above task #3, and task #2 below both of those. They may all be due at the same time, but I want to organize them by importance.
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4 years ago, Snaredrumem
Easy to use, fantastic list app
I have A.D.D. which makes writing absolutely everything down a necessary thing, otherwise I’ll forget it all. I have used many, many apps to help organize myself but often little things like color options or list layouts just don’t work for my brain. ToDo has been exactly what I need. Particularly, the ability to list things by name and color as well as utilizing little icons has been hugely helpful. I recommend this app to folks who need help organizing but perhaps need that extra stimulation or variety to remain engaged.
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8 months ago, TheCoder88
Perfect for my needs, just need one more feature
I find this app very easy to use. However, this app needs one more feature that a lot of people might want to use. This app should have an Apple watch app. This will be easier for everyone because it is easier to view your tasks on something that is on your wrist rather on your iPhone or your iPad. Overall, this app is very good and matches my needs.
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1 year ago, NatashaInLA
It works. It’s fine.
But it’s nothing special compared to other things that are out there. They dangle a $10 purchase upgrade which doesn’t end up doing anything other than give you one extra list feature, and the option to change colors, but who cares as far as function. The stupidest thing is I tried to add a widget to my widgets screen, and using the middle size, the contents of my list still only takes up the right half of the widget, with the left half being the title of the list plus the number of items in that list which is pointless. If I wanted my list to take up half the space of that which it, I would just use the smaller widget, but then you have to scroll up because the title and the number of items on it it’s at the top, and you can’t even see what’s on your list without going into the app which I don’t want to do. The point is to see the content of the list from the watching the app. So it works fine, but not worth anything other than discardable use.
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2 years ago, lowqualitygod
Wonderful App! Just One Thing…
I’ve tried a lot of different to-do list apps and none of them worked for me the way this does. The sorting system is very intuitive and user-friendly and the icons and colors are aesthetic as well as functional. The only thing I would change is that I wish there were an option to schedule repeated tasks and events! It would be so helpful to be able to schedule that something needs to happen daily, weekly, monthly, etc. Otherwise, this app is exactly what I was looking for!
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2 years ago, Snap fanatic
Absolutely love this app but
I love everything about this app, but some things that I’m currently hung up on are more so the basic functionalities. If these could be improved that’ll be great! - when typing a description, the keyboard stays up and the screen doesn’t scroll down. so if you’re someone like me who writes down their daily thoughts that’s related to the specific task, you wouldn’t be able to see what you’re writing. my current workaround for this is to copy and paste from notes. i’m so ADD so i need to write my thoughts down as soon as they come up. - when adding a new task by hitting “return/enter” it takes you all to way to the bottom and not the next line below. otherwise everything about this has been phenomenal and i’ve been making strides ever since switching over from basic apple notes!
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8 months ago, $1959Lucy
To Do for Everythibg
Love the customizable lists and they synch between IPad and iPhone so always at my fingertips. I keep a list for Travel items so I don’t forget to pack something. Christmas present list with recipients’ names and gifts. Grocery list. Books to read. TV shows to watch. It keeps everything handy without the need for scattered papers or post-it notes. Great app.
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9 months ago, mira chaya
I want to see the list of tasks completed!!
Overall I like the app but I really wish on the “today” list it showed what was left to do AND what has been accomplished. It’s a bummer to go there and not get that dopamine boost. Yes you can go to the specific list the task is on to see all the things that have been done on that list but I would really love to be able to see all of the tasks that were marked as done that day. Please add this in the next update!! It’d be such a simple addition!!
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11 months ago, chipoala
ADHD Perfect
I’m 28 and got diagnosed with ADHD not long ago, and finding out that simplicity is better for me, I came to find an app like this one. I love it. Works perfectly for listing simple to-dos everyday (and putting them on repeat), and I see myself using it for a long time as long as it doesn’t change a whole lot. I think it’s perfect as is and I check it everyday.
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1 year ago, ali09392
So helpful
This app has really helped me organize myself. I like the icloud feature where it connects between my computer and phone. Im able to make multiple seperate lists for academic assignments vs my grocery list. Im also able to easily import my important assignment from my computers and still be able to see them on my phone.
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4 weeks ago, Hi it’s me! 1234
This app actually helps me stay on task with what I have to do!! I love how when you get something done, it moves it down so you know you don’t have to worry about it again. And there is also a lot of different categories like “to do”, and you can also make them!! That’s why I am rating this app with 5 STARS!!
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7 months ago, rozyourgurl
all about this app
This app is a great app for me. I am able to keep track and do my routines and to do’s. It was really hard for me to keep a lot in line because I was really lazy. I’m almost a teenager and I want you guys to give this app a chance I really recommend this app!😀
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10 months ago, Low End Man
Key missing sort option
I have used ToDo for several years, and like several aspects of the new version. However, I miss the Edit function that allowed resorting the day’s tasks without specifying specific times of day. I was able to reorder the day’s needs manually. That appears to no longer be possible,
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2 years ago, allworkedup
The Good The Bad The Ugly
This is a very ... inexpensive / basic-on / unimpressive attempt at a to-do list. It that's okay for you ... go for it. If you're expecting a full-throated to-do list, there are likely better fits. My first thumbs-down ... if they can list things in order of date/time due on their "schedule", why can't they do it on the "all" tab? There's no auto reminder. If you don't have the app open and visible, you could easily miss something. A main reason for me looking at this was an overwhelming need to juggle multiple things everyday in my work and person life. This ain't it. They did offer a refund. I'll pass on that offer. Keeping it at this low (for good reason) price allows me to better evaluate other options.
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1 year ago, andrea_angela_152
Works Fine; One Bug
I’ve been using for a handful of months and it gets the job done. Just recently the app started to display another language, but when I checked my settings it displays English. Not sure why the app has this bug, but it’s the reason why I am only give 4 stars instead of 5.
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1 year ago, PseudoSister
I was looking for a app that was simple and underwhelming. I was trying to find a way to transition from paper to app. I downloaded and tried several different planning apps but this one was not only free but had the simplicity and non-intimidation it was looking for.
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3 years ago, 🇺🇸AMERICAN HERO 🇺🇸
Very cute 💕
cute colors and icons for people with adhd, like myself, who need a little visual help to keep concentrated. Although i do wish there were more ways to organize lists into folders or groups on the list screen. Aswell as possibly a more in-depth color wheel? Still looove this app, just a view improvements that could be made!
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4 months ago, Thatoneguyyoumetthatonetime
Awesome but
Just needs dividers inside the list as well as sub task for things. Other than that super dope. Also would be nice if you can keep different list organized independently by name or due date and not having yo switch back and forth.
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3 months ago, dswisa
Great app
I use it all the time. It’s my main app for organizing tasks. But recently I can’t edit the widget to the list I want. It gives me the option for only all, today and scheduled. Where are the other list options?
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2 months ago, Yeah…..NO!
It’s a good app but I dislike that you can’t even make notes unless you get the premium membership… and I really dislike that people are trying to charge money for such a simple thing as making notes but besides that it’s a seemingly good app if you want to take short simple notes unless you are ok with being charged
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2 years ago, Manonbjj7
Great App!
Finally an App that is on one page, easy to write on it. Not having to go through countless windows to take simple notes. I love it’s all on one page, separated in categories and in different colors. Best one I ever had. 5 stars!!
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9 months ago, Very good 4 stars
Very goo substitution for reminders app
When i upgraded my phone to an iPhone 14, the reninders app stopped working, which is apparently a known issue. The fix (reinstall the app, etc) does not work. This app does all the reminders app does, only drawback is the free version does not back-up to the cloud.
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1 year ago, MP0023
Almost the same as the native Reminders app, pesters you to get premium
1. This seems to operate very similarly to the native Reminders app that comes with the phone. I didn’t immediately see anything additive. 2. If there were additional features, I didn’t get the chance to try them because it continually bothers you to buy Premium and doesn’t give you a trial to see if it’s any good.
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3 years ago, Happydessert
Happy Happy Smile
I really enjoy this app! It is easy to use and easy taking notes 📝. And it is plain simple not complicated at all. It’s good to know there are still good apps that are just simple and yet nice to use. Thank you for this type of app. Awesome job! Honestly....thank you!
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2 years ago, jdihdkjskabbs
Simple - easy to read widget
App is pleasing to look at and easy to get a quick glance as a widget. Love the colors. However I'd really really appreciate it if I could sort / order my tasks so the more important ones are at the top. Setting and "time" is too much work on the go
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8 months ago, Cassidy Taylor’s Version
You can’t add a end date but it’s amazing for keeping everything organized. I currently have 6 lists and i didn’t have to pay a thing. I love this app so much
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1 month ago, WindyAero
4 star reason...
The reason for 4 stars, is that I can't put the checked items in alphabetical order... Like the unchecked items. Alphabetically checked items are good for grocery shopping, so they are easy to find to add on to the unchecked list.
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1 year ago, Moni00007
Why am I yelling? Cause I begged the developers for months and months to finally add that alphabetical order sorting. I can’t see if I wrote down “sugar” on my longer grocery shopping list without painfully scroll through it and hope not to miss that item. PLEASE, I BEG YOU 🙏🏻
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8 months ago, Darlabella21
Very easy to use, I love it!
The only recommendation I have is I wish it had a little sound each time you click to complete a task lol.
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1 year ago, Read this before you subscribe
Can’t sort by date
Everything is fine but the only complaint is “sort by date” is missing . I think it’s pretty important since you have to pay $9
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7 months ago, ~Laydee P~
Love it!
First & only app I’ve ever seen to have no subscription, but a pay 1 time offer. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 I wish all the in-app payment apps had this!
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3 months ago, SPMF
No Reply
There is a bug in the Mac list view and no reply from support. Works well accross ios devices, however, would be better if the widgets would refresh without having to open the app.
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8 months ago, SirLeeWombat
This app is almost exactly like Reminders on an iPhone. The only downside is that you have to pay for all of the colors and an iCloud sync. I would suggest using Reminders. Overall not bad if you're not picky about colors ;)
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4 years ago, iSimp
Beautiful icons
It would be great if the app has task reminder and sound on click when check off the to do list. And it would even better if the app has passcode feature.
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2 weeks ago, appuser13579
Great, but can we have repeating tasks?
I love the look of the lists, and the widgets, but I agree with other users that the ability to repeat tasks would really add a lot of value.
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2 months ago, Scarletrook
So easy to read
I love that it’s fast to add a new item and so easy to check at a glance. It’s a lifesaver for overly anxious people like myself.
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7 months ago, babciakrysia
Can’t operate from Lock Screen
What’s the point then? Then after getting into the pop up from the Lock Screen, it only shows you reminders for the day, excluding all others. Pointless app - like original iPhone’s reminders, just worse as without the Lock Screen functionality.
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6 months ago, Vit Traveler
Love the widget!
Use the app all the time but when I click to open it, sometimes it deletes things off my list with no chance to retrieve it. Hopefully this is an easy fix. Everything else is great!
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7 months ago, 12alph25
Beautifully made!
Would love the idea to add our own alert themes from our devices.
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3 years ago, Gube!!!🇮🇪👧🏽
Buggy Boos Review
This app has been so helpful to keep me on track for all the time I’ve had this app, thank you todo!
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1 year ago, GMan#2112
Did I download a child-locked version or something?
Everything was paywalled. All I could do was created reminders in the form of a checklist, but couldn’t even change the order of the items on that checklist. There’s no way that was the actual product…right?
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11 months ago, Reefboy
Simple, clean, works!
Just that: simple, clean interface. Sync's beautifully. Does what I need when I need it!
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1 year ago, Sara_daboss1346
Love this app!!!
i struggle a lot with planning, and remembering stuff, ToDo helped me a lot with this and staying on top of everything i have to do
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2 years ago, Emaud224
Widget Troubles
I love the app but may have to delete because the widgets aren't working right. I tried to set a specific one of my to-do lists as a widget, but even when it says that list, it shows "all"
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3 years ago, ADovell
Great! But...
Really love the simplicity of this app. Totally gets the job done for me. Only one issue, I really wish there was a way to move items from list to list. Otherwise, it’s just what I needed.
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7 months ago, Reviews good&bad😅😅
You all are great
You all are great there’s actually no bad stuff or anything u need to make more everything is very the only thing is I never got a notification on my reminders???🤔🤔🤔
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1 year ago, mmlecc
Free Version
Free Version is simple and just what I needed for a day to day to do list. I love checking stuff off a list
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4 years ago, yomamsm
This To-Do-List app is very good and better than most To-Do-List apps. You should download it right away
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4 years ago, Super Dave UP
Site use
Easy to use, add, delete items! I just am getting used to using the app instead of a piece of paper and a pen! This saves clutter at my desk!
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3 months ago, Crobateon YT
I like the app very much. It works with my brain and is nice to have on my phone and mac. Just wish there was a forest green for the theme color. Otherwise I love it.
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