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User Reviews for To MP3 Converter Lite

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5 years ago, joelwright
So Far So Good…Works Straightforward..Can’t See Reason to Complain about a good FREE product?!!
I read the reviews of other and in particular a very positive one from a DJ swayed me to try this app. My use is mostly converting audio files from wma to mp3 for buisness use on occassion when someone send me a file. I was able to quickly downlaod the app fire it up, point to the file I wanted converted and BOOM, it worked. I was then able to change the target destination folder from the app developer created one and tried the conversion again to see if it work…BOOM! Along the way I noticed other stray files that I was able to convert, cleaned up music related folers and saved precious space on my hard drive. In conclusion, I can’t attest to whether the application works for heavy duty use, but for one-off times that it is needed to quickly do a conversion, this app has now become a part of my essential tool box! Lastly, can’t image how there can be deep seated complaints for something that is free and works in a straightforward fashion !
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9 years ago, MAH6
Easy to use just make sure you cancel subscription before you are charged again
The app was fast and did exactly what i wanted. I paid the dollar so I could do folders instead of just one song. All was great but the only thing is once you sign up you have to cancel before month end or it charges you again. I think they should have explained how to do this or at least where to go. After digging i found out it is through your Itunes account and not through the app. Just go into your Itunes account and you will easily see where to cancel. Other than making me search for an answer, the app was great, and faster than the other one I had tried earlier.
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6 years ago, James Wilcox
i'm not sure what some of these people are complaining about but listen: I'm a DJ who used to run Video and have converted to just running visuals in my sets and playing MP3's... that being said i had over 400GB to convert to MP3 to help cut down on my library size and this program was absolutely PERFECT! i dropped 3187 files into it and boom, 95% of them converted with absolutely NO issues. teh only issues i rand into was encoding problems from my original MP4 file and thats not this App's fault. I didn't have to pay even $1 for this app but i can tell you right now i would GLADLY give these guys $ for the ammount of time they saved me. Cheers to the developers... you guys are amazing.
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3 years ago, pdx_funkjunkie
VERY helpful, but not perfect
I have a collection of .aif files that need converting to mp3. This app does that, beautifully. It is “free,” that is, until you exceed some limit of files and the app notifies you that for Batch conversion, you need to upgrade with a license for $3.99/month. It’s worth every penny of that for me, so I happily clicked the ‘upgrade’ link (and made a mental note to cancel the subscription next month…) My one complaint is the functionality of the “Send to iTunes” button after conversion is finished. This asks you which Playlist you want to send the files to. I don’t want any of my playlists involved, just want to import the album(s) into iTunes. Fortunately the workaround is pretty easy, so it’s not a show stopper.
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5 years ago, HintsFromHomie
Easiest One ever!
I’ve tried 3 free FLAC to MP3 Converters, used to put FLAC content into MP3 form so I can add to iTunes and into one of 3 iPods. As we all know iTunes is an imperfect software but this app works the best of them all. Its very fast to convert and a one-click transfer to iTunes is built in- it goes under its own app name for easy ID and with a simple double-click that file can be renamed, typically to the artist by name and date. My search for the right one just ended, I am deleting the other two from my Applications and moving on to other issues. You should do trhe same with confidence.
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4 years ago, DeeeetheBeeeee
Easy and fast
I am so thankful I tried this app - it took about 30 seconds to convert a WMA to and MP3. I had been searching for a downloadable version of a relaxation cassette tape I had 20 years ago, finally found it and was so excited to listen! However, when I tried to play it on my iPhone it didn't work. I was so upset! I then learned that the file was WMA format, and since I have zero tech skills I had to look up what WMA is. Long story short, I tried few different apps and immediately deleted them. This was an absolute breeze to use!! Thank you!
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4 years ago, Gramcoop
Amazingly Fast!
I have Mac and an old PC. For some reason years ago i downloaded all my CDs on the PC and gave away the Cds. All my music was in WMA format, and I thought there was no easy way to convert my old music to my MAC. O my gosh, i down loaded To MP3 Converter and within an hour i had located and converted several albums. I even subscribed for a year because I think this app is so worth it! (I never buy apps). Believe me when i say I searched and tried so many other converter apps but nothing comes close to the ease of using this app.
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5 years ago, DickDerby
A really solid app
I lost a TON of music lately. I was heartbroken! I also downloaded some songs thst I just could NOT add to my library. Thanks to this app, I was able to do that. So, I had some, but not all, of my music. A solid 4/5. it also has enough features to change mostly anything you want. You can save it anywhere, do a big batch of albums or just a couple songs, and best of all, it works with just about any music file. I’d like it to also be a music player, and perhaps even an iTunes alternative. but other than that, it’s a really good solid app. easy to use, easy to manage.
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4 years ago, doc snow
Simple, straightforward conversion; cataloging, not so much
Had a good experience for what I needed, which was quick, simple conversion of wma to mp3 file. The drawback is that the file is sent to iTunes (cataloging in which is horrible anyway) and with dumb naming defaults. I used 'get info' to edit title and artist information, which is OK for my purposes. So the primary functionality seemed great, but the secondary aspect could definitely be improved. I'm happy, but users should consider their use case before downloading. If you're just doing a few files here and there, this should work for you. And--free!
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5 years ago, Unthinkable O.S.
Great Addition to My work Flow
Absolutely wonderful. I downloaded the free app and followed the instructions. This thing is so good that when I pulled up my Ableton Track and exported it to the browser selected, it was already an Mp3 file. Wow… how good is that. Less the headache and increase the workflow. Good job guys. A side note for beginners. If you start dabbling in the parameters of your browser, you will be charged a small monthly fee and I do mean small. It depends on how many conversions you do a day. Overall this is a great! product. Enjoy… Unthinkable O.S.
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6 years ago, Antigone227
Quick and easy to use.
I recently upgraded to a Mac and found that most of my music was in .wma format, which couldn’t be imported into iTunes to sync with my phone. I had a moment of panic, and then found this excellent app to help me out. I used the free version and it worked perfectly. You can drag and drop multiple files at a time, so I set my desktop as the destination folder and then placed the files where they belong. I will definitely keep using this when needed.
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2 weeks ago, Sumbro2000
Converts directly from Whatsapp
I don't write many reviews, but this was too good not to share. I got the free version and this thing prompts you to convert when a file is shared in Whatspp. you don't even have to download it to your computer! You can click the button and will import it into the mp3 converter directly. Amazing! (Note: I am using the desktop version of Whatsapp and To MP3 Converter Lite. No idea if there's an iOS version, but the desktop works great!
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6 years ago, dna.x
Excellent! Just what I needed
I love this app! For many years I used the free app All3MP3, which was great. Then at one point, probably with an OS upgrade, it stopped working. Today I needed to convert 30+ MP4 and M4A files to MP3. It handled them all beautifully! Sound quality is great, conversion was reasonably quick. Usage was so easy, I just grabbed a bunch of files and dropped them on the app. I can see why it’s so highly rated. I recommend this app. Does what it says simply and easily, and does a good job with the conversions.
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3 months ago, ip-ag1837
Just what i needed
It converted my *.wma files fast and with no learning curve. I also had some songs that were *.ogg format from linux which neither Mac nor Windows can read at least not without trying to find some special piece of software. And since my technical skills are below that of a "script kiddie", this tool is really useful. it also has some more technical stuff you can dive into, but yeah "script kiddie", So thanks to the authors!
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6 years ago, MarcoSprings
.wma to something Mac can read in lighting speed….
Similar to others that have posted here, I downloaded some files to my Mac from an older iPod type device but it was not an Apple product, so nothing would play, I found this and in less than 10 minutes problem was solved, great product as it was easy to use and understand the pop-ups associated with the program. Thanks!
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6 years ago, NDM914
Not Perfect, But Pretty Close
It converts quickly and will put the mp3 files wherever you tell it to in advance. I have found it useful enough to pay for the annual subscription. One bug I've found is that, when used with iTunes, it tends to populate the "Album Artist" field with the album title. Some reviewers have claimed that it's only free for "a few albums." Not so. If you want to convert in BULK, yes, it limits you to -- I didn't keep track, but it must have been a couple of dozen. But you can always convert songs one by one.
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6 years ago, Glad Midsommer
Easy to use
I converted an mpeg4 file ( originally recorded in Garage Band but uploaded to Google Drive and converted to Mp4) to Mp3. Easy to use. Soundcloud doesn’t accept Mp4 files so this converter is highly useful. I was able to edit the file with with the mp3converter settings so it sounded better than the original. The settings are on the left ( a gear icon) when you open the app. I used the 320 Bitrate for solo piano, and the sound was excellent. Excellent app!
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4 years ago, Mayra :-)
Worked for me
I needed it for 1 file. Was a bit concerned about it having access to my files but their privacy policy seemed fine. I tried it for the 1 file and it worked fine. The reason for 4 stars is that it put the new file in a really hard to find folder called "mp3 convert" or something like that. Would be easier to find if the new file was put somewhere more user friendly. Other than that, works for what I needed it for.
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4 years ago, Li'l Z
Excellent In The Now
Simplistic Genius in every facet! .. not certain of the future of the product, but certainly appears to have improved according to earlier ratings. Needed to convert one song for now.. one drag and drop, and done! Quality is great thus far.. going to social media share to see if it pairs well with external site players. Cost? I'm willing to share with others willing to share.
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5 years ago, Wailupi
Easy to us -does what I need
I received a WMA file I could not open from my boss. I remember he told me he converts them to MP3s. After searching online as to what I needed to convert the file I found this app. It's great, easy to use and really does what it's suppose to do eliminating time I can't afford to waste and I can do my work. It's not complicated at all. I get my work done without the hassel. I recommend it!
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6 years ago, WynterTheCat
This is the best
This app first of all works down here on OS X Lion still, which is great. Secondly, it works seamlessly and amazingly well. It gets the job done in almost an instant (for regular song-length files, haven't tried longer ones myself, but it will likely be fast in comparison to other converters in any case) and works semlessly with its partner application "Tag Editor Free" (which also works great).
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2 years ago, K-4-A-D
Very easy, converts all at once extremely fast with artwork but NOT FREE
Converted all my flac files in one go at almost lightening speed, along with all artwork, etc. Seems to be some loss of fidelity though from a very high quality FLAC to MP3. Went back to process another batch conversion of an album and got pop-up asking for $3.99/month. Meh. Four or five stars instantly got dropped down to three stars. No, I don’t want to rent your program, developer.
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6 years ago, Janet Beth
Free movie to MP3 converter
I’m thoroughly pleased with my first efforts to convert for free my homemade movie recordings using Photo Booth and the default Quick Time player on my Mac computer to MP3s. I was having trouble with on-line converters, not to mention the distasteful photographs accompanying these sites. By searching in the Apple store I found something fast and free, just right for my uses. I can only say thank you to Apple!
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4 years ago, hereticprofit
King of the Hill
I have three audio converters, but this one is without doubt the easiest to use, the most intuitive interface, and produces the best results. This is the only audio converter I've found that will convert .m4b files (which the Music app won't accept) into .mp3s. I have others for other reasons, but I always come back to this little gem.
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8 years ago, Garfield23232323
so easy
This converter app is absolutely so easy to use. At first i only used the free version but then I decided to upgrade. the only problem i have is the monthly fee - yes it is only $3.99 but it is charged monthly. Maybe just a one-time purchase would be better. Other than that, I think this is such an easy and useful app to have and use.
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3 years ago, Ani-mozo
Works as promised. Needs to say how many songs are converted for free
It does the job, the interface is easy to manage, although it tells you "Send to itunes" once coonversion ends, looks like this feature doesn't work. I have to drag the converted files to itunes manually. Overall ia greeat.
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3 years ago, Not A Sucker!
Not Free, Pretty Expensive
It was very unpleasant to me to convert some 2 Gb of M4a files to MP3 and then when I wanted to continue using my FREE App I got a Pop Up Screen that demands payment of $3.44/month or $6.99/year if I want to continue using it. Not what I expected when I use an Apple approved App. I have screen shots of my unplesant experience. The quality of the MP3 files was excellent, it is just that I don't like to deal with people that offer one Free thing and then want to get into your pocket with steep prices. Shame on you guys and Apple for allowing this to happen!
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5 years ago, Mattstar69
The first video file I opened after downloading this app (To watch not Convert) triggered about 5 or 6 pop ups that each had to be closed and then wanted confermation that I meant to close them. Obviously i did since i didn't run the app in the first place. Unless approved by the operator no app should be able to sercomvent preffered programs and make themselves the default program nwhen any video file is opened. Shady and boarderline malicious. maybe the app works well for what people want it for but I can't say since I wont keep anything on my computer that acts without consent.
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8 years ago, Skydreams4evr
Simple and easy to use!
I’m not the best or worst at computers. This software is easy and quick to use. It helps me download some of my favorite songs. I highly recomomend and even the subscription is not that bad. When you look at all the features it comes with! Point is I HIGHLY suggest giving this a try and you’ll fall in love with it!
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5 years ago, itsmyguitar
So I have not had a lot of time to work with this app, but right off the bat it does some amazing things very intuitively. I purchased the full product and it was worth every penny, even though I may not use it a lot. I highly recommend this app if you need to convert to mp3 and the drag and drop functionality is, amazing!
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1 month ago, BansiPlayer
Clickbait Software. Works free once and then strong arms you into buying the app.
They don't warn the user at all that they are using the premium version of the app. Then when you try to convert on another session the paywall pops up AFTER it already converted your file. This is the recent trend now among software devs and its pretty cheap. Calling things free and then locking it down the 2nd time you open the app. I reccomened you use another piece of kit than this one. I went back to using Logic Pro to do my conversions. It takes longer but oh well.
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4 years ago, Alfonso Faustino
Thank You For Creating This Application!
Hi. My manager recommended this application to me. I’m an actor in Los Angeles; and, recently, I have been getting a lot of voice-over auditions; hence, I needed an application that would extract my my voice out of my iPhone videos to MP3 format. This application does the job! Easy-peasy lemon-squeezey — all my voice recordings in my videos are quickly, accurately and effectively extracts to high-quality MP3s for my auditon submissions. No hidden charges; no annoying advertisements; and, excellent user-interface. Do you have a version of this application for the iPhones? Keep up the great work. Thanks! /s/ Alfonso Faustino
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4 years ago, V0LT Tech
Nagging, and yet doesn't work
Long version short, you'll be much better off using a free and open source program. Not only does this program constantly nag you to pay for the full version to unlock basic features, but it doesn't even work properly. When converting files, it consistently corrupts the metadata, while at the same time injecting an ad into each one. No matter what you configure in the app, it'll always replace various metadata files, such as the Comment field, with an ad for the program.
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5 months ago, MaggieAlwaysLovesDami
Had to use this app to help me do school work. They require you to use a Windows laptop specifically because they are sending things like MP3 files and things like that...but THIS app is proving my school don't need a Windows just to download an MP3.
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6 years ago, jimilee69
Wow! Really, just WOW!
I had some original recordings that I thought I would never be able to listen and send to Pro Tools for mastering because they were in wma format. I was blown away at how easy this app made it to quickly convert them for use in my iTunes library. This is a great app for audio file conversion.
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6 years ago, Ms. CLove
This app just save my life and time.
I was so not in the mood to sit in front of my computer to figure out this app. It took me 2 mins to convert five mp4 files into mp3 files. It was so easy and quick that I use my extra time to come back and leave a review, which I never do. Thank you!!!! You guys are a life saver.
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7 years ago, Marcia Boatman
Does what I need
I needed a quick way to convert Quicktime audio files to MP3 and this app works faster than Itunes. So far I haven’t had any issues, and I like that I can drag and drop multiple files and they’re converted quickly! As long as it keeps working, I plan to stick with this app.
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8 years ago, Cindylou48
Simple and Easy and It Works
The latest iTunes update didn’t copy all of my music and I have been in a panic! I found where I had backed it up on another drive but it wasn’t in the right format. For $3.99 MP3 converted the music in a few minutes with a drag and drop. Thank heavens!!! Great ap and worth the $!!!
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5 years ago, Leaping
Not a lot to say other than it works as advertised and for me so far it has been solid. Got this because I was trying to convert files using another software and the files would not play, used mp3 and they worked perfectly!
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5 years ago, AaronLuThe1st
Great for converting audio clips for videos
This is a great converter, where all you have to do is drag and drop, and it then does all the work for you. It may be a little bit hard to maneuver at first, but after that its great. 10/10 would pay money for it.
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5 years ago, Rivua
The concept that you can pay endlessly for an app you never use, and the only way to cancel the subscription isn't through the app store but iTunes (as if that makes any sense, thanks Apple for the broken user experience). Should have listened to the reviews. The only notification you get that you're being charged is your icloud email, so if it's not an email use use regularly you'll never see it. Been charged over $80 for an app I only used the month I bought it.
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2 years ago, aylablue22
Works great and super easy!
I've used this for a while now to convert video files to audio files. It works and it's super easy to use. You just drag and drop the file and then get the converted one. It's also completely free.
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3 years ago, mekusal
Easy and good
Glad to have discovered this app. Quite easy to get and to make the conversions. A little confusing in terms of saving the converted files but once I figured that out, it was fast and efficient. A good tool to have in my toolbox.
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7 years ago, BEASTfan14
Free version
I needed help when some files i downloaded would open up with QuickTime, but i found this and it was fast and I was able to listen to the clips. Keeping in mind this is the free version and the one I’ll probably keep. It helped out a lot.
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2 years ago, ZoundsMama
Works well
I needed to convert mp4 recordings to mp3 recordings, and this did the trick quickly. It did recommend another app that I didn't really need, so not thrilled with that. I did end up paying for a year's subscription, because I have a lot of recordings to convert. The cost is worth the benefit for me.
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4 years ago, Nicothed
I converted several large files (120MB) and everything seems to have worked... can't ask for more! The feature to convert all files in a directory and its subdirectories is amazing! It'll simply make an mp3 in the same folder as all the wma files.
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4 weeks ago, EAwriter
Easy & Quick
I was able to convert some recordings of my Dad speaking his thoughts 30 plus years ago. My sister sent them in Windows version. MP3 converted those files to MP3s I could play on my MacBook. No problems at all.
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4 years ago, Furious Furd
Better than Smart Converter
Better because you can load more than one at a time. Could be better by loading "folder at a time" for bulk conversion. Needs to add some "old" formats like .ram and others. Destination folder can be set but unable to reset after start. No "pause" feature. But - it is free?
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3 years ago, Andrea Centazzo
Fast, fast, fast
Eccellent application. Faster than any other audio program I'm running on my MAC. The fact that you can just drop an entire album and get it converted in second is really amazing.
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6 years ago, Don's Review
Does What It Says
I was looking for a compact utility to convert my MP4 video files (music videos) to MP3 file format so I could import into an iPad App for Guitar practice. Works Wonderfull. Great app. Nice to be able to change the default output folder to my own location. Works very well. Good work from developer. :)
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