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User Reviews for Todoist: To-Do List & Tasks

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3 years ago, Kat Dablin
A Diary of My Life
I'm not kidding when I say you could basically read my diary by checking my completed tasks in ToDoist... my husband and I operate off of ToDoist for everything - daily chores, monthly chores, annual chores, scheduling annual doctor appointments, reminders to purchase anniversary gifts, packing lists, ideas for long road trips, reminders to plan a date night, work projects, finances, reminders to change our address when our car lien expires, etc. There are plenty of pro-users out there that use every trick ToDoist has, but we LIVE off of the multiple projects, sharing, tasks, subtasks, priority levels and due dates. There is not a single day that goes by where we don't use ToDoist and it improves our mental health to have everything we should do written out and easisly check-off-able. We have our daily walks with our dog, exercise, a reminder to start cooking lunch & dinner, medicine reminders, etc in there too. Cannot recommend enough! Also, for work, I am consistenly recognized as the most efficient person for completing my work. I owe this all to ToDoist. Everyday, I clear out my easy stuff that takes a total of 5-10 minutes apiece for the first 1-2 hours of my day, then jump into my big projects for the day. I know exactly what to do when based on due date and importance level. Couldn't get through my workday without it!
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3 years ago, RealSosiosh
Best Keeps Getting Better
I've used Todoist for quite some time, and gladly pay for the premium version. I appreciate the ability to define and use as many tags as you want on items, the ability to define sections within each project. I personally add sections for backlog, in progress, and paused to help keep me focused. I have few complaints: (1) on mobile, rearranging items by dragging is made difficult because tapping on an item first brings up a pretty long menu, and you have to slide your finger outside of the menu area to make the menu go away so you can drag the item to a new location. (2) While I like being able to arrange projects into a hierarchy, I would love to be able to select a parent project and see a consolidated list of all items that isn't divided up by project and section. For example, I have "work" and "personal" projects, and under each of those I have other projects like "Q3 planning", and "yardwork". and so on. If I click on the work project, I'd like to see all the items in one list, not just all the items in "work" followed by all the items in "Q3 planning" followed by sections for each other subproject.
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4 years ago, Rlatic
Missing some mundane things
Been a paid subscriber for awhile, Todoist has the best overall user experience in my opinion. However, I have come to find that Todoist is missing two very basic features that Microsoft Todo has. The latter's UX is not as good, but the lack of these two things prevent me from thinking Todoist is flawless. 1. When I have a repeating task, say daily, and I forget to mark it as complete on the previous days, making it as complete treats it as marking the *last* occurance as completed, and the next occurance is shown. i.e. I haven't marked a daily task as complete for three days, marking it today treats todays occurance as complete and the next notification is tomorrow. Maybe a design decision from having to mark the same task as complete many times, but is annoying fo rme. 2. This is the sticking point for me, and I am likely going to cancel my subscription: There is no way to notify when a task is ADDED to a shared list. Todoist only notifies on shared lists when items are assigned to you, or when items are marked as completed. This is very annoying for shared lists, because you might see an item that was just added via a notification that you can quickly address. This is a bigger issue for shopping lists. My wife adds some items to the list, I have no idea unless I open the app to see, or unless she assigns them to me (assuming I am the one going to shop).
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1 year ago, techollec
It's definitely gotten worse
I removed Todoist a while ago but decided to give it a go again because I wanted an easy way to maintain a living list that I can re-order as needed (as compared with pen and paper). I hit nothing but headaches right off the bat. I can only add items to the bottom of the list, not the top, unless I want to make two extra clicks for every task. Once I have all these items at the bottom of the list, there's no way to drag them all to the top at once. I have to do one at a time. If I give them a priority of 1 and group or sort by priority, there's no way to manually reorder the individual items within a priority group. I can't do anything with multiple tasks at once, including delete or move to another list. I can't click and drag to copy a portion of my list and paste it somewhere else, like in a status update. To delete a task, I click the triple dots and see that there's a keyboard shortcut, but that only works if I've selected the task. I can only seem to select the task using the arrow keys on my keyboard, but that only works from the top. To get to the bottom I have to arrow all the way down. Once I do delete a task, my selection is gone and I have to start from the top again. It really is maddening, and I don't know how the devs could actually be using this. I started out with three stars here but I've changed my mind to two.
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4 years ago, tcbhowe
Like the service, application buggy
I like Todoist as a program. It has good features and definitely works to help keep me more organized and help me track tasks and projects. The Todoist app has some glaring bugs, however. Sometimes, after it has been open for a little bit, it does this weird thing where the little blinking line goes away when you're typing. You can still type, but there is no blinking line so it's hard to track where you. When this thing with the blinking line starts, it usually also will do this thing where the feedback from the interface stops. Normally, you can hover over the dots on the side that allow you to drag a task to rearrange its position in a list but sometimes that will just stop. You can still select a task but if you are just hovering over the dots, it won't change the interface at all, which is confusing for using the program. When these things happen, I usually just quit the app and relaunch it. This sometimes works to remedy the problem but often does not. Another issue that sometimes happens but that cannot be fixed by relaunching the app is that occasionally the circle that you can click to check off a task will just disappear on certain tasks. So overall I like the features of Todoist and its layoout and all that but this particular app has some issues.
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4 years ago, Ad Z
Worth the effort
I switched over from Wunderlist, reluctantly, because Wunderlist is being discontinued. Todoist took me some real getting used to, because the UI is a little busier than other todo lists. However, I can safely say that after putting in this effort, I am finally arising from the mess that is my previous todo-list system into one in which I am not dropping balls and forgetting stuff. While some of that is my own personal systems, Todoists "today" and "next 7 days" windows and the natural language date and recurrence settings ('every' vs 'every!' is a great little feature) have certainly helped me to tackle the mountain of todos I previously had. It also helps with ubiquitous capture, as it's share sheet acction thing on iOS is great, so I can quickly toss something into my inbox for later processing. I just switched to pro or premium or whatever for the ability to forward emails to todoist, and now I'm consistently, daily even, reaching inbox zero. In short, it won't solve your productiproblems for you, but it definitely has all the tools to let you do so.
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7 years ago, nemu_
Great, but not the best.
What won me over was the ability to add to-do’s from email straight to the ToDoist app. I’ve been using this everyday at work to remain on top of what needs to be done by order of priority and day it comes in and it has proved useful. I’ve looked at other applications similar to this, but this by far has better extensions that complement the application. I do agree with some of the other reviews how the application could streamline the UI a bit better, but I’m happy with it so far. If you are curious about getting this, take a look at the platforms and extentions that it supports. If used correctly, this application could certainly prove to be very useful, more so than the others. [edit] This app has gotten buggier over time. There are instances where certain parts of the menu won’t scroll down so I’ll have to resize my window to kick it out of it’s weird ‘stasis’ that it’s in, as well as some other instances of irritable glitches. Come on, please fix this. I’d hate to jump ship to another app.
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6 years ago, LBIP
So close but too far !!!
I have been in search of a program to replace Wunderlist- This program has what I liked about Wunderlist in terms of sharing and multiple platforms. I had a great start to the program and will get to what I think the fail is in hope they will correct it quickly. They must have also gotten this complaint before because they have a useless work around they reference. When you create a project a task or however you decide to use the program, when you complete a task it disappears. You can bring it back, but it is cumbersome, Wunderlist would just collapse them, and you could see them at any time by un collapse them. It was suggested by todoist i look at an option for being able to see my tasks by placing an : in front of them but the instructions clearly say this makes them not completable. Why would you make a to do list not completable ? For those of you that do to see a problem with making completed items disappear, if you are collaborating on a project which this program has projects, people need to see what has been completed and read the notes if you have entered them.
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5 years ago, kraushouse3
Free version is VERY basic - not what the screenshots show in the app store
Tried out this to do app after seeing the demo photos in the app store. The demo images are for the PAID version. The free version is very basic and no better than Wunderlist or other similar apps. With the free version I was not able to create new folders or tags. You are stuck with the most basic and generic defaults. Even something as simple as creating ‘Home’ and ‘Work’ folders could not be done. I tried to cancel my account through the app, only to be sent to an endless loop of filling out an online form, clicking submit, and then going back to square one as if nothing happened. Also note that I started the account by signing in through google/facebook option, which then requires you to change your password (not a bad idea, but why even offer those options if the password has to be changed?). After this attempt, same issue of endless loop of changing password, app not accepting change, and repeat over and over again. I finally have contacted customer support to cancel the account. Hopefully this will work. UPDATE: One day after requesting cancellation by email, my account was cancelled.
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3 years ago, Sam - ToDoist
Best GTD list manager
I am a GTD practitioner. I have used GTD list systems on evernote, OneNote, Microsoft To Do, and pen-and-paper in the past. ToDoist is by far the best I've used. Everything about it is quick to use. It works equally well on Mac, Windows, IOS, and Andriod (I have a lot of devices) and syncs perfectly. The keyboard shortcuts save me so much time and attention. I can capture a quick note from anywhere and process it later. Moving notes around is faster than on any other app. You type the hashtag to move a task to a different project. The due date feature is super useful. If you type any date in the title of the task, it will automatically save that date as a due date, and the app has a "Today" view and an "upcoming" view where I can see my tasks organized by due date. My GTD weekly reviews are quicker and I am inclined to capture more ideas, since I am confident I'll be able to organize them quickly. If you are a GTD'er, I highly recommend!
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3 years ago, Thebobrt
An Awesome App
There are a million to-do list apps out there, and I think I've used about half of them. I love this one, though, because I really like it's flexibility. There are just a lot of different ways to use it, and so I can use the app to manage my day the way I want to. I'm not much of a calendar person, because I'm the sort of person who thinks in terms of what I need to get done in a day and not in terms of a schedule. And this app lets me manage each day on those terms. So, I can use it to manage my work schedule, meeting agendas, random errands, my daily routine, and everything else I need to get done. But because there are so many ways to use the app, I can easily manage it all in a way that's clean and easy to follow, but also in different ways depending on what I'm doing. For example, I can use the app to easily see what all I'm doing over the course of the week, but I can use other parts of the app to only keep track of the meeting I'm running.
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3 years ago, Savina Hawkins
Couldn't live without this tool
I have been using todoist for almost a decade now (!!!!) and I can confidently say this is basically my second brain. It took years to build the habit of thinking "with" todoist, but I can say that it saves me days of work per week. It also helps me strategize and prioritize my work, which means I'm doing things in the right order. AND it brings peace of mind that nothing slips through the cracks. Thank you todoist for organizing my life for all these years! My feature requests would be making it easier to leave a todolist item that's got a voice note attached (use case: I am trying to get down an idea really quick and want to then after make it a great todolist item) and also to be able to group tasks into one item (use case: i have 4 errands to run today, and I use the mulit-select feature on mobile to select those four tasks and group them into one task called "errands).
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5 years ago, abeautifulnewworld
Better than Nozbe and Omnifocus in my opinion
I was using Omnifocus for a while. I never seemed to get into the groove with it though. For me, because of my ADD, although I am organized, I realize that the best option for me is to always keep things simple. Omnifocus was just too cluttered and it made me uncomfortable inside. Not sure what it was but I never seemed to be able to truly stay on top of my game with it. At some point, after a couple of years trying to use it, on and off, I decided to give Todoist a shot. It took me a minute becuase of its simplicity compared to Omni, but I soon began to notice how better organized I was becoming. And here I am today, a superman of getting things done and keeping myself on track. I’ve never been able to do that before. Whether its solely Todoist or the stripping away of all the unecessary bells and keeping things simple for myself, its working. Oh, and Omnifocus charges way too much for each kind of device you have.
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4 years ago, krisskross98
Changed My Life
First of all, I don't usually write reviews for things but I had to for this. I have been using ToDoist for years now and it has completely changed the way I structure my life and manage stress. I have a lot of anxiety and a million things to remember all the time and I used to keep multiple planners, calanders and notebooks. But once I tried ToDoist, everything became streamlined into one intuitive, organized, and manageable place. I love the ability to sort projects and labels, assign dates and recurring tasks, and move tasks so easily. It makes each day, week, and month feel way less overwhelming and lets me adjust my plans as I go. Plus, when I finish a task, the satisfaction of checking it off is unmatched. The only thing I would ask is that there be some sort of log where I can reference completed tasks after the fact. But otherwise, I recommend this to everyone!!!!
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4 years ago, Bruno Koppel
Great but It could use improvements
Todoist is good because it lets you organize your tasks into projects(big groups for tasks) as a place where you can have sections within them, or even other projects within a this project. Todoist does prove to be good in this sense of organization, it also lets put filter, and labels so that you can do all sorts of cool things. One thing that would help me engage more with my tasks, would be a mental map or visual map like the one implemented in the TaskHeat app: It proved really useful as a way to cordinate tasks into a sequence something that Todoist fails short to allow you to see. It usually feels like a clump of things to do with no order or visual hierarchy what so over. This could be implemented as an alternative toggle on/off view. However I've stucked with Todoist because they offer a good product with constant updates and good costumer support.
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4 years ago, AFuesler
Best To Do List Ever
I love ToDoIst - I've been using it the past five years and it's gotten me through college. Over the years I've tried basically every app and calendar out there, but ToDoIst works best for me because it's simple, but doesn't rely on a sleek aesthetic to convey it's simplicity. I've never upgraded to Premium. Unlike other apps where you're limited and essentially forced to pay to reach it's full potential, I've never felt limited by the free version. You can add an unlimited amount of projects and schedule things out super far in advance. You can also add other folks to projects, which I've utilized for group projects and home life. If you want a task management application that is easy to use and implelent in daily life, this is the one. You will not be overwhlemed trying to learn the system, but you will be impressed with it's function. As to do lists go, this one checks all the boxes.
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6 years ago, Nickname1144
Free version isn’t great
I switched to Todoist from Wunderlist because I needed a secondary to do list app. At first, Todoist seemed like a great match for my needs. Then came two major issues. First, even though all of the notes associated with my existing tasks were easily imported from Wunderlist, I couldn’t create any notes for new tasks without subscribing to the premium version of Todoist. By the time I realized that, though, I’d already invested a lot of time in cleaning up my old Wunderlist account and setting up the new Todoist account. Second, the Todoist app shows countless options that aren’t available without a premium subscription. Those options aren’t marked, hidden, or greyed out for free users. That means you’re constantly trying to do things and getting the pop-up: “XYZ are premium features.” That’s both annoying and terrible UX design. It’s also deceptive to hook users with features that are actually blocked and to include countless icons/menu items throughout the app as though they were functional even though they’re blocked. I’ll pay a hefty one-time fee for really useful apps, but there’s no way I’m getting sucked into a subscription for this. Overall, the app looks pretty and it’s fine for one-line to do list items (if you aren’t annoyed by the constant prompts to pay for the premium version). If you’re looking for a free app that allows detailed task entries, though, I’d definitely look elsewhere.
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4 years ago, Halkypi
First rate
I've been using this app for a number of years now and it is flawless. It interacts seemleslly with other tools, has impeccable documentation and has a meaningful impact on all my workflows. I love the new kanban project section options and the fact I can embed relevant lists whereever I need them. Labels, projects, autocomplete, due dates, reminders, gamification, the list goes on. I've tried many alternatives and this is the best for GTD integration. The Desktop app, browser plugin, iphone app all just work and it's fast, zero lag, like ever. It has markdown in comments fields, images drag and drop intuitively and our family can collaborate on shopping lists, vacation plans etc. Any colleagues that I've recommended it to at work have gone out of their way to thank me afterwards. Thank you for this fantastic tool. O and the python api is as simple as a pip install, all the examples in the documentation work great.
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3 years ago, Device man
Essential To Health
Most people who right a review discuss the effectiveness of Todoist from a productivity perspective. Very much an essential tool to know what is the most appopriate task at the moment. However, often we do not here the perspective that Todoist add value to our health. For me, todoist encourage more mindful connection with what I need to do at a given moment. Additionally, I have an ease of mind when I spend my 1 or 2 hours a week setting my tasks and projects for the next week or two. That time to reconnect creates a mental freedom throughout the week. Todoist allows me to know that whatever that needs to get done, charted, projected, or scheduled can be accomplished with an simple process. That process, when trusted, relied upon, and maintain, adds to a deep mental health that can't be calculated. Thank team for an awesome product.
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3 years ago, ElleBlue3
No longer worth the cost
I used Todoist for many years, but then noticed a curious thing. After it was purchased by Microsoft a few years ago, updates for Mac/iOS/iPadOS were behind updates for Windows (which I run at work), and the cost switched to a subscription rather than the one-time purchase. Fewer updates, fewer features, yet annual cost? No thanks. In the meantime, the Reminders app got better and better (and is free and part of the OS). I can now tag, group, create folders for projects, and do much of what I wanted to do in Todoist but was frustrated in doing. Plus I can see my Reminders in Widgets on all of my devices, control when time popups occur, create place-based reminders like my grocery and errand lists, and do far more than Todoist offers. I also don't trust Microsoft for privacy, and why pay for something I can get for free that's better? In short, I recommend using the new features in Reminders, and getting rid of Todoist. It isn't worth the price, and most of the reviews (e.g. Verge) are either for Windows or reflect earlier Apple OS versions.
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3 years ago, Fantasiaferret
Best Todo List but..
This is one of the easiest and best todo list apps I have ever worked with. So easy to log tasks, sort them into themes, subdivide them etc with all the timers you would ever need. It is the best, in my opinion, and so you would think I would be happy to pay a premium. Well here comes the "but". I am happy to pay a premium but just not every month. The subscription basis makes this app very expensive and they do withhold important tools in order to encourage you to pay up. I'd happily pay a lump up front for such good software, but this pay for the rest of your life scheme is not fair. The guy who made my office desk worked hard on it, but imagine if, after purchase, I also had to pay him $10 a month to continue to use it, because he felt it was still HIS and unfair not still to be cashing in? Oops, galloping away with my hobby horse!
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2 years ago, selmatard13
Best of the best
After trying pretty much *every* task manager available, I think Todoist is tops. If you're at the start of your productivity journey, just stop now and download Todoist and then work with it for at least a month to get used to all the features. A huge advantage with Todoist is the integrations and I highly recommend Tascaly becuase it moves your tasks from Todoist (2-way sync) to your calendar seamlessly allowing me to do what makes me the most productive: timeboxing. If I had a wish, it would be that Todoist just bought Tascaly and integrated it into their core product, but it works so well that it really doesn't matter much. Just get Todoist and don't worry about missing any important features becuase it has everything the rest have and probably more.
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7 months ago, MKay17
PLEASE change the hashtags back to circles!!!
I love this app and have been using it for organising basically everything for about seven years now. It has really helped me systemise my to-do list and if it stopped working tomorrow I would probably be completely lost. However, I am quite frustrated with the change of colour coded categories from circles to hashtags, because it makes it a lot more difficult to see the differences in colour. I get that the change was probably so new users would understand that adding a hash tag while writing a task would put it into that category, but if I can barely tell the colours apart because they're tiny lines then it defeats the whole purpose of the different colours. Please change it back!!! Or at least make them more visible again by boldening the hashtags or something.
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2 years ago, nadirait
Was good, now unreliable
Todoist used to be good, even if it lacked functionality. With more functionality added the support has not scaled. Currently it's plagued with server syncing issues (making it impossible to use across desktop/mobile/browser). Backups are not showing. Tasks are being lost. Configuration errors are causing people to resubscribe to the app (at additional cost). There's been plenty of issues with timezone support mixed with calendar integration. It goes from bad to worse... Customer service is asleep at the wheel, and does not respond to issues in a timely way (have waited over 3 days for any response - and only got one after I started to chase heavily). They apologise for not getting back to you, and provide solutions that are not real (article on FAQ site that is only remotely tied to the problem). It's highly ironic that they talk about the zen of productivity. It really pains me to give it such a low score (and really wish I could go lower) because it used to be good.
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3 years ago, Wheninseattle
Todoist Has Fundamentally Changed the Way I Track Important Tasks and Manage My Time
Time management and tracking important tasks is a lifelong struggle of mine. Todoist simplifies the process of creating reminders, and makes it possible to break tasks into small pieces. Integration with Google Calendar ensures that I see important tasks alongside my other scheduled events. Integration with Asana (Via Pleexy) enables me to track work tasks alongside my personal tasks. Natural language processing makes it easy to make recurring events and quickly type out tasks without having to click about. Finally, the app's beautiful interface makes this process a joy. From a guy who has struggled to find the perfect tool to take on my disorganized mine, thank you for creating it!
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4 years ago, bumbualex
All is greate except for the edit feature
Before one of the recent changes, the experience was great. It was easy to manage a list, do quick edits and move on. Now if you click on task name, instead of going into text edit mode, it opens task details. Now one has to Alt Click on the title to directly edit it. That's cool, but: * I heavily used the tool for 2 straight years, now even after few weeks I catch myself first clicking on title, swearing, closing the modal, then alt clicking on it. A solution to that would probably be to provide an option to be able to customize this behaviour * imho this functionality is a downgrade as the idea in a todo list is to manage a list of items as simple as possible. And that was the strong point of Todoist where one could do almost all critical things (set/update name, date, priority, project...) using only task title. Creating is still like that, but editing now became a clicking game.
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2 years ago, larrykz
Amazing App!!!
I've never had a dedicated Task/ToDo app as I've always used my own "cobbled together" system. I read a lot of reviews re Todoist, and the most common thing I saw was "I don't know how I got along without this app", or something similar. I'm not really a power user, but between my remote work and personal life I spend a lot of time organizing a lot of projects. Todoist is a major game changer for me and I can honestly say "I don't know how I got along without this app". The intuative, minimalist interface and customization, are great. There are many "under the hood" features that should cover just about anyone's needs. If you need an app like this I would highly recommend Todoist and you'll probably be as impressed as I am. Cudo's to the developers!!!
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1 year ago, Dasreyh
Love this app, but...
Absolutely love this app, but it kills me inside when I want to view an image I have attached to a todo item. The thumbnail of the image in the comments is too small, so if you click on the image it enlarges it. but for SOME REASON, on MAC, it zooms in like 900% so I end up only able to see a tiny portion of the whole image. So now I have the option to click "View full size in another window" but if I do that, IT OPENS A WEB BROWSER? Why?? Now I have to go through the process of signing in in the web browser, because It NEVER remembers my login. An I use google as a sign in, but when ever I try to sign in with google it always says INVALID ni the web browser?! I just want to look at the dang photo in the native application that im already signed into, id ont want to go somewhere else. if you try and drag the image from the comments to anywhere on the desktop, the application just freezes and does nothing, it basically crashes. Thats my rant, thanks lol
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4 years ago, JanetML923
Couldn't live without it!
I love this app for several reasons. 1) Organization is easy. I wear many hats so it's so helpful to have "Projects" to keep tasks categorized. 2) All the tasks for the day show up in one place. 3) Ease of editing. It's wonderful to be able to quickly push off a task until a later date. 4) Priortizing. With 4 levels of priority indication, I can quickly see the tasks that most need my attention. I also use priority status to indicate which tasks are "sitting/computer" tasks, and which are "get up and move" tasks. This way I can alternate between the two, so I guess you could say this app is also good for your health! I've shared this app with many of my friends. Again... love this app!
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4 years ago, Janez41485
Used to be excellent; now I cancelled my subscription
The app went the same way as many good apps: getting worse with every new version. In the beginning, developers were occupied with squashing small bugs and the app was getting better and better. Now they are occupied with adding useless bells and whistles and its getting worse and worse. "Upcoming View" was finally too much. It takes too much space, in particular on the phone, but also on desktop - Todoist is blowing up with every update and will eventually require to be run as full screen app, I suppose. I want to see a list of tasks, not a calendar over a third of the (iPhone SE) screen. Customer support keeps responding to our comments that "You can create a filter" but it doesn't really help: the app keeps switching to Upcoming View (or I do it inadvertently), and it doesn't allow me to drag tasks between days. I also suspect that my use of the filter is responsible for tasks that end up in "Inbox" instead of "Today", which means I'll likely miss them. I have been a subscriber for four or five years, now I'm back to putting reminders on paper because I find it more convenient! I cancelled the subscription, but would be ready to start again if Doist Inc. starts listening to their (paid) customers, some of which may have phones (not tablets) and notebooks (not 23" screens).
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6 years ago, Writer_Rose
More than a list
I love this app. I happily paid for the premium upgrade (and I *hate* subscription model pricing) because I use it for much more than just a checklist. • I am always saving things to Instapaper, or flagging emails, but it does no good unless I remember to go back and look at them later. So I have a “To Read” list (which IFTT adds to automatically <3 <3 <3 ) and I have it remind me on the weekend to catch up on articles and newsletters. • For upcoming trips or events, I make a project and for every stage (making reservations, contacting organizers, travel info) I make an item, and I can either put the info in notes (or location, etc.) or I can link to the relevant email/note/webpage. • I can also use IFTT to sync reminders between Apple’s Reminder App and Todoist, which is a workaround for making Todoist notes with Siri. I’m sure there are free apps that will do these things, but Todoist just does them seamlessly through the share menu, app integration, or the quick add feature. (After writing this, I realized that I use it like some people use Evernote, only instead of saving text and pics, etc., into the app, I just link to the original, which I like better.)
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3 years ago, illyay1
this app changed my life
If you are into getting things done, this is the app for you. Never again will you have the excuse that "you forgot" to do something needed. Never again forget to: replace the HVAC filter every 90 days; clean the vacuum filter once a month; replenish the nutrients in your hydroponic water supply every 2 weeks; send a birthday message to a friend; read that book; buy that cheese next time you're at the grocery; check out that restaurant next time you're in New York; etc. This app focuses on helping you get things done, and feel good about it. It makes it super easy and intuitive to capture things, reschedule things, set reminders, etc. Truly - it is not like anything else.
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3 years ago, Alli K L
Best Organization App... And I've tried a bunch.
My biggest problem with task lists in the past is that I will have tasks on my list that I can't get to until next Thursday, or next Monday... But it still sits on my lists, taunting me with my failure to get it done. Now, I have ToDoist open on my computer all day, on the "Today" page. If I see a task I can't get to until Thursday, I schedule it for Thursday and it disappears. On Thursday it will send me a notification on my computer and phone, and it will be on my list of tasks to get done that day. I love that I can sub-organize my tasks for DAYS. Everything about this program is everything that I've needed for like 10 years to get my life together.
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6 months ago, D. Moose
Good, Could Be Better
It's not bad, but not a whole lot better than others that are free. Here are a few things that could be better: Make it easier to set up recurring tasks. As it is, you must type in "daily" or "weekly" etc. It's difficult to see this until it shows up on that day (if it does) and impossible to edit it to tweak for differences in months with different total days (31, 30, 28, etc.) especially for weekly tasks. Allow us to set up recurring tasks that can be descarded if not completed. As it is now, they show late, but remain in the inbox and on the "Today" list. What happens if we miss one, but then want a new one for the next day? Now you can only complete it or delete it. That's not what happens in reality. On projects there's a character limit of 15k. That's enough for a good bit, but once it gets full, it makes me just go back to using MS Word, which is unlimited. Reminders for a certain date and time are bulky and clumsy. They default to weird times and it's not user friendly to fix them on a phone (it's easier on a Mac, but I use this 90% of the time from my phone). They should use a calendar instead of the canned date thing they have now.
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7 years ago, SamManns
The Lightweight Heavyweight
Love this app. At first, I didn’t like Todoist because I didn’t look into all the features. Bounced around to Wunderlist, AnyDo, and ultimately the beast that is OmniFocus. After getting a headache from the complexity of OmniFocus (and realizing I didn’t have time to learn it or use all its features), I decided to give Todoist a second chance. No regrets. Paid for Premium, worth every cent. Use the labels, use Filters, use Reminders. Plus a beautiful, uncluttered interface. I could see it lacking for businesses in need of more serious task management, but for me (freelance designer) it’s perfection. If the developers read this... PLEASE give it a calendar widget. Mac Calendar integration makes the cut, but I would love something within the app.
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4 years ago,
Better than OKish
Need a simple-to-use Project app for working with a team. The Good: - Relatively simple and intuitive - Good team features - Affordable - Some power features (custom filters, etc) - You can modify mulitple selected items at the same time - The Bad: - macOS occasionally will become unrepsonsive and not rerspond to the mouse, and then after like 10 seconds "wake up" - they removed the see all nested projects and grouops feature - I wish you could put projects into folders - The template feature is a hack at best (you can't easily modify templates, and you can't take a project to its end and then create a template of it) - the macOS app GUI can be a bit janky when selecting items and dragging items - Comments support markup, but not everybody likes writing in markup - I'd like to see a simple editor in comments (bold, color, numbered/ordered lists, attach links to text) - I wish projects could have a small section at the top for project description, links/attachments and timelines (the work around involves keeping a task at the top and using the comments section, but it takes three clicks to get to the project links) - no easy way to share a link to a project
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3 years ago, Ryan0948741365424532
Helps organize many of my tasks, BUT I really want DO dates.
The super quick entry feature makes it SUPER easy to add tasks, so even the smallest tasks are easy to add. THis makes sure I don't miss even the smallest tasks. The custom filter views are also suuper helpful so I can view any tasks I need to get done if I have time, or view all the urgent tasks related to school. Overal super helpful. BUT I really wish there were DO dates instead of just DUE dates. Sometimes I would want to do a project on a certain date, but it's due on a different date. Instead, I often just have to label the task as long term and keep pushing it back, sinceit's not really something I can divide into subtasks
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4 years ago, Brian27818
Amazing Tool
I used this as an upgrade when I was frustrated wit to-do lists and the eisinhower matrix. This tool allows me to decide what day something needs to get done and what project it's a part of. You can even assign sub-tasks with specific due dates so that you can break up projects into parts. Helps you get over the problem of having a single large project sit on your to-do list forever. Also it syncs between phone and desktop, which is awesome. I just love being able to realize I have something to do, assign to a specific day, and then forget about it. When I wake up my day's tasks are decided for me. This app has increased my productivity so much!
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4 years ago, pugh221
Best task manager overall, but some annying quirks
The dev team does not seem very responsive to the community and tend to overpromise and underdeliver half-baked features and make uncessesary changes that are just... baffling. Sometimes options and features are just removed. That aside, the core functionality of premium is the best way I've found to organzie tasks and actually nag me to do them. Also the cheapest with student discount, no need to buy by-the-device. It hasn't improved much in years but it doens't need to all that much, other than some modern UX elements that would make life easier and the app more comparable to competitors. TDist purely for project planning and personal to-dos, in my opinion, and is almost unusable for shopping lists and daily habits due to the way subtasks are handled.
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3 years ago, Swordguy98
Does the job well easy to customize
I've been using Todoist for nearly three years and have always found it useful. I recomend it to friends and coworkers whenever productivity comes up. The team behind it regularly puts out quality updates and a fast to fix any issues. It does the job it should - keep track of todos. It also is easy to expand and customize if you feel inclined. The premium version is worth it too if you want access to more labeling and fliters as some power-users might. Bottom line: if you need an app to manage tasks and todos with, this one does it better than any others I've tried.
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4 years ago, sethmbro
For me, this is the best to-do app out there
I've been using it for about 3 years. I tried so many other products before I found my home. All of these apps have to strike a delicate balance between ease-of-use & advanced features. Which is challenging. I feel like Todoist gets it right—simple things are simple, & complex things are possible. YMMV depending on your mental model. Todoist is simple & versatile enough to work for anyone, but it happens to pair nicely with the GTD personal organization system, which was part of my initial attraction. Out of the box you'll see how project structure & labelling really dovetail with GTD. Or you can take it to the next level with features like location-based reminders. Setting recurring tasks using natural language is one feature that really stands out to me. You can tell Todoist something like "Water the cactus every fifth Saturday at 2pm" & it just takes it & runs with it. Impressive. UI is clean. They have solid API support & decent documentation for you developers. I've built at least one custom app off it. Anyway, great product. Going Premium for $3/month is a no-brainer for me.
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4 years ago, WolverineBBALLA
Very helpful for productivity!
App is clean, visually appealing, and makes it easy to manage your tasks. I particularly enjoy the text parsing that Todoist handles when creating a new task, which makes it easy to set recurring tasks or tasks with a due date. I also enjoy the three priority levels that are offered with the Todoist base version that help separate out what is most important to you. I've switched over from Todoist from Wunderlist about a month ago and I am nevery looking back! -- I plan to use Todoist for the long term. As an added bonus, the company that makes Todoist, Doist, shares helpful productivity tips and blog posts that I enjoy reading as well. Great company!
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4 years ago, JGarr16
Very Good for GTD
I really enjoy using Todoist. For the most part, it flows really well and blends with my personal approach to task/time management. I particularly like its ubiquitous presence (on Mac and PC, burrowed into Outlook 365, on my iPhone/iPad and even on my watch - there really isn't much of an excuse for my laziness on this front!). I think it'd be a step closer to the perfect app (if there is such a creature) if I could define variables for my reschuling shortcuts - or for at least one. Example: I use the 'tomorrow,' 'today,' and 'next week' triggers frequently, but I also need a 'this weekend' button. I get that you can't cover every base, but maybe if one of the shortcuts was a configurable item I could decide what was the most important to me and use it as I see fit.
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4 years ago, Gfresh
A lot of room for improvement and needs better integration with Twist desktop app
I haven't ponied up for the paid version, but I won't unless the app integrates better with Twist. My company mandated we use Twist, which is great, since we now don't receive junk mail and inbox clutter, but Twist is a disheveled mess at best, with no date sorting, and only flagging available to mark items needed to be done. My hope was Todoist would help me organize, but the automatic name that is generated is goofy when I have Twist create a Todoist (could be my company's job coding), but what I really would like to see happen is when you click the link in Todoist, it takes you to the job on the web version of Twist, and does not open the app.
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5 years ago, jallenv
Good, but not great -- has gotten a LOT more complicated
Like many others, I was looking for a replacement for Wunderlist once it went down the Microsoft enterprise rabbithole. Todoist was it for a while, but I may be consdiering other options soon. It's a powerful system, but their handling of completed tasks, as others have mentioned, is very cumbersome. Even something as simple as a persisent grocery list is now complicated, while it used to be simple. With this most recent update, things got worse. Speaking only for myself, workflow that used to take 3-5 clicks now takes **checks notes** 5-10. For some reason they just keep burying my high use clicks under additional steps, rather than surfacing them. Todoist is still prob one of the best out there if you like the GTD system, but the signs on the horizon aren't good. If was looking again for a to do app (which I may be depending upon what their support group tells me), I'd look long and hard at others before commiting the work to converting to Todoist. UPDATE: While I hadn't noticed the bugginess of the desktop/web app as others had, with this most recent update, I now need to restart my Todoist desktop app daily otherwise it... Thinks today is yesterday.
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2 years ago, TaylorPlayer
Good app but pricy
This is a wonderful application for what it does. I don't really have a complaint about how it works, just the pricing. They have raised the Pro subscription to $48 a year, which I think is a lot for what is really a simple list app. I had an opportunity to lock in the $36 a year rate they used to charge me but missed their deadline. I contacted them later and asked whether they would consider giving me that price even though I had missed the deadline but they said no. I thought they might want something from me rather than nothing but that was not what they were willing to do, so I have moved on. There are so many other apps with more functions (TickTick) that cost less so I have moved on.
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4 years ago, Vgxp
use it for work, use it for shopping
Absolutely worth the price. I really like the # tagging system. This allows me to go back and see what was completed for a given project. The search feature is also great, you can always go back and double check when/if you completed a task. I LOVE that you can schedule due dates by just typing the month and day or including "tomorrow"/"every other week"/"at 5pm" without having to pull a little calendar, scroll through and pick a date then a time. This saves A LOT of time! Great tool to also keep a list of ideas or tabled projects you would like to accomplish.
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3 years ago, Grady2boy
Good tool - terrible customer support
I have been a premium subscriber for a number of years now. The user interface is sound. The tool works well but please be aware that if you ever need customer support, it has been my experience that it will take days for them to get back to you, and then when you do hear back...if you hear back...they will ask questions so rudimentary that puts the ball back in your court that makes the issue drag on for days. For example, you can fully describe an issue describing what you've done and you'll get back, "Did you logout and login?" when this action has already been fully described in the support ticket. So, good tool. Just be forewarned about the less-than-engaged customer support.
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4 years ago, aZronious
Generally good, but missing key features
I've used todoist for several years. It's pretty good. But the free alturnatives keep getting better. There are two key features that could help keep Todoist worth paying for. First, there is no way to set a start date for a task, just a due date. I would much prefer it if I could set a start date and a due date. before the start date the task would appear grayed out. Second, you can attach files to tasks, which is good. But when you do this todoist uploads a copy of the file. So if you revise the file, the revisions don't show up in the version of the file on Todoist. Also, I would like to be able to connect folders to tasks and projects. So If I'm working on a project I have quick access to all the materials I use with that project.
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2 years ago, anonymous_dash365
Sometimes you gotta think about the customer rather than use techy terms for investors
I get that you want to use natural language processing to add dates and stuff but its like a new programming language i have to learn. It is not very easy to pick up for complicated recurring reminders. Why not provide an option to use traditional options through click and select to setup recurring reminders. Seems like leadership is very bad. Why go all in on natural language processing when its simpler to add recurring tasks traditionally. For this very thing, I'm moving back to Apple reminders. No wonder they are eating you guys all up. They concentrate on the customer and make it easier for them rather than worry about implementing complicated concepts just to look cool. Very dissapointed. This could ahve been something.
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