Tomb of the Mask: Color

4.7 (77.2K)
159.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Playgendary Limited
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Tomb of the Mask: Color

4.74 out of 5
77.2K Ratings
1 year ago, Not what I was hoping 4
The last good game series
A while ago I installed tomb of the mask and was pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be one of the best mobile games i have played in a long time. I had no idea that it had a sequel that was just as good, if not, better. ToM: color is a faster paced version of its predecessor with smaller levels and a different completion criteria, you have to color the entire background of the level for you to win. I personally enjoy the faster nature of this game and have already found myself around level 70 due to how addicting it can be. Another thing I appreciate about this game and it’s predecessor is how original it is, mobile games currently consists of copy-pasted “time wasters” that get boring after a couple of days and are littered with ads. Not only does this game have unique and original gameplay that features numerous enemies and traps that challenge you and make you rethink your strategies, but it also has a charming 8-bit design that sets it apart from all of the bland time wasters that all practically look the same. Ads are not very common at all and only usually pop up after you die. With all that being said i do genuinely believe that tomb of the mask is one of the last good mobile game series out there and appreciate the effort that was put into it when they could’ve easily made a terrible clickbait time waster. 10/10
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3 months ago, Rotten Bottoms
As the title says, this is an awesome game. The animation is smooth, the colors are so vibrant, and it’s genuinely a fun challenging game! While it might look like the easiest thing ever, you have to figure out how to completely fill in the maze without getting in a trap. Sometimes they throw easy levels at you, but sometimes you have to make sure you don’t get hit by a monster or something that shoots out monsters. Sometimes a train will randomly come out! If you die in this game, you can revive by spending 50 coins (you earn coins by playing) or watching an awarded ad. And about the ads… I don’t know what happened, they used to show me ads every other level, but now I never get them! I don’t know if it’s an update or something, but you can still watch them for awards. You have infinite lives, and the game doesn’t require WiFi! Seriously, when I’m on an airplane, this is what I’ll normally play since most apps I like require WiFi. All in all, I 101% recommend this game to everyone ever!
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5 years ago, Goood mornig
It’s amazing but...! A few suggestions!!.
I think it’s really good BT maybe they could add more things or maybe try harder to do better. For example the could may use more characters, I know they can make this game a popular game of the week or even month. Anyways maybe they could add unique powers to each character. Like maybe you reach a rare level and you could get a new character you could get to another rare level on and on lock their unique power or skill and do that for every character they unlock that my second suggestion. And my third one is you could add a fever to when the beat a level to be more interesting. Again for example like the game stack fall... every time you don’t stop or if you keep holding the button to go down without hitting the black lines you’re able have a sparking glow before you go down faster and go down being able to go through the black lines. What I’m trying to say is if we go through enough levels and not die we could have a rainbow color when we play instead of the random colors. Then we could be able to take a lot of hot and slow down time and be able to move faster. Although of course there’s a catch to that the game gets 4x harder and the better you do without dying it get 2x harder every level you beat without dying that my third and final suggestion, anyways besides all those suggestion the game is really addicting a can’t lie. Even though I just started I can’t wait to get far in the game!
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12 months ago, Lyw22
Clever new take on the original
The first TotM game has been one of my favorite puzzle games since it first came out. This is a super fun new twist that I’m hooked on. Clever puzzles with some tricksy obstacles, but also quick, not requiring a huge time commitment or spending money. Define good for a dopamine boost! Worth it to get the ad-free version for a few bucks. Love the old school sounds and 8-bit graphics and appreciate that the developers are good about updates and bug fixes. There seems to be a bug with the snakes that causes the app to freeze and require close and restart right now. My only other caveat is the skip button that appears after a few seconds- I feel like I’m racing it and it ruins the zen of solving the mazes. Would love to see it there permanently instead of as a pop-up.
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4 years ago, Splorgusborgus69
Honestly pathetic with ads
This is an unoriginal but interesting concept for a game that I think TOTMC pulls off alright. Look, I do hate it when people get angry with games that have so many ads that generating revenue seems to be the actual purpose of the game. However, you can get around this with this thing called airplane mode. The reason I’m angry is because there is one level (242) I’ve come across so far that is impossible to complete without watching an ad. This is either because it was a simple error, or they literally just want one more ad view from you as a player that badly. Say the latter is the case- that is honestly pathetic and immature to screw your own app over so people have to view ads. You’re childish and greedy and I’m done feeding into it. Say it’s a simple mistake- fix your game, the least you can do is play your own crap to make sure it works nimrod. Outside of this, some ads are still way too long anyway. I’m still getting 25 second “no skips” that I should literally have to ask to watch.
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6 months ago, Rayssa Deoliveira Fernandes
Absolutely love it
I absolutely love this game, it is a little challenging but that is just the way I like it. The game has really smooth graphics and animations and barely any ads at all! I really love the game and I’m just waiting for a new version of the game to challenge me even more. (Not saying that it’s too easy, I just really love something to challenge me) It’s so addicting and I totally recommend it’s an awesome game and I really love it, nothing to improve it’s just the right game for me, and even others too, absolutely love it only good things to say about this game, it’s really good and has been recommended by me, if I were you, I’d really download this super fun and addictive, and smooth game with barely any ads! Totally would download, love it so much!!!😍😍😍
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3 years ago, sqash27
Yes, it is rare, but this time, I have found that this game is perfect! All those stupid reviews about the amount of ads are all written by lazy people. If you hate the ads so much then just turn off the WiFi. Anyways, great game to play during long car rides or to enjoy on an airplane, anywhere there ISN’T WiFi. You did very well on this and I like it better than original tomb of the mask because you do not have lives, it just restarts to the first maze of that level. Do not stop here, keep doing the grand work! Edit: people are also complaining about how difficult level three is. I am on level twenty-one so I do not know why people are complying so much. If you think level three is hard, wait till level eighteen
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1 year ago, onionsandcake
my favourite game
both this and the original totm are my favourite games to play when everything else bores me. i've almost fully completed the original (including the masks and power-ups), and i'm on level 666 (lol) of this game at the moment. i've only had this game for exactly 2 months today, which says a lot about how often i play it- especially since each level has 3 sections. i'm not removing any stars for this because i really do love the game even without it, but i would love it if there were some larger levels than the ones currently available. don't get me wrong, they're already very entertaining as they are, but it'd be cool to have some that take up more screen space than just the square in the middle. (also, there should be an option to ignore the "skip?" button that automatically appears when you're taking a while to complete a level. sometimes i'm just thinking about how the quickest way to solve it would be or admiring something about it, and it's really annoying having that bright blue at the top.)
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5 years ago, Juju Gamer Diva
Amazing Game, but not a 5
Please read if you are a beginner to TotM! I think this game is amazing, I overall would give it a good review, but, it’s a strong 4 weak 5. This is the reason. Concept: I overall am a fan of the concept of filling in a box with colors, but it kinda bothers me and so many other people this concept since it’s used very commonly by a lot of companies. Levels: This game consists two or three levels that are impossible without skipping, it kind of bothers me. Coins: I think we should use the coins for more than continuing levels when you die, I would like to use them for skins or shields like the original TotM. Skins: Like I already mentioned I wish we had skins to play around with. Going back: I wished we could go back to levels to have fun with them, usually people like to make videos about how to get past TotM, but if you accidentally forget to make the video, you can’t make it at all. Arcade: I think that the arcade was a fun way to practice, I would like it to be here in TotM Color. Not that hard in beginning: In the beginning all the levels’s stage 1 begins with no shooting stuff or anything, it’s just blank. Thank you for taking some of your time out to read this!
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1 year ago, lola mckena
No adds is worth it
I got this game yesterday and when I first got it I hated it because there were adds everywhere like before and after every level and during them so I got the no adds for 2.99 and now I literally cant stop playing it. Hitting the no adds is definitely worth it because there’s nothing like “you need lives to play” or something so with no adds it’s just un Interrupted and I really like it. I got it yesterday afternoon about 4 and I’m already on level 190 (and there’s 3 mazes in each level). I really like this game but don’t entirely recommend if you cant get the no adds. If you can then 10/10
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2 years ago, piano game! Best game!
Please download!🙂
Parents, this is a game that is safe for your kids! No inappropriate adds at all, honestly you don’t get adds unless you’re trying to get bonus awards and/or prizes. This game I recommend for kids at least 4+. This game is fun for kids, tweens, teens, and even for adults! My dad one time played this and LOVED it! So parents if your finding something for your kids to play in the car, on the way to their grandparents, and etc, this is your app! Don’t listen to the bad reviews that say this game is bad, those are just people trying to trash this game. Thank you for reading! I hope this was helpful!
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1 year ago, aDeadPigeon
Pretty good game ! Expect…
This is an amazing game if your looking for a non WiFi game to play on long car rides or basically anywhere. It’s a fun, entertaining game to play. However, I found it’s quite laggy most of the time. For example, when I try to swipe my finger it will do it but be delayed. I have no idea if that’s my internet or the game. There is also lots of ads. But that’s why this game is a great non WiFi game! With no WiFi there are no ads, however when you are connected to internet with this game it’s pretty laggy with all the ads. And turning off your WiFi every time to play the game just to get rid of the ads gets pretty annoying over time. Anyways again, amazing app! ☺️
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2 years ago, supasudi
I’m currently on part three of level 908. I’ve been stuck on it for a while and concluded that there is no possibly way to beat it, no matter where I go. From what I can remember, this is the only level that is actually impossible, although this same level has appeared before but I got past it because I skipped it. Right now, I for some reason can’t skip. The skip button is light blue and has a loading sign next to it, but it won’t let me skip. Doesn’t matter where I am or whether WiFi is on or off, it just won’t work. Please fix, or else I’ll literally be stuck on this forever. Only problem I have. Otherwise, great game.
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5 years ago, He4rtb3at
Disgusting how monetized and ad-ridden this game has become.
Feels really great, sounds great, and has lovely pixel art and animations. That’s what drew me to the first one. But now there are so many IAPs it’s not even worth playing to me. I get ad monetization, and I’m ok with it, but playing an ad every 2nd level is too much, and on top of that, get ready ladies and gentlemen, they want $7.99 A WEEK FOR THIS GAME. For a cute once-indie mobile game. Let’s do some arithmetic folks, if you subscribe to this garbage for one single year, you are paying THREE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY FOUR DOLLARS. If I sound frustrated I am. Whoever thought this was a good idea is seriously mistaken. If you take your game so seriously, put more budget into it, and make the app cost money. Once. Once. Not a subscription to a tiny mobile game. And chill out with the adds. So, so many adds of all different shapes and sizes. In closing, I am disgusted.
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3 years ago, AllKindArtist
Awesome but there is downsides
GREAT GAME! So addictive. My cousins just want me to play another game because I play it so much (lol) 🤣. But..... there are a few things that should be changed. One, sometimes the games levels are impossible. So annoying!! Two, the levels keep repeating. Not as in like I’m at level one hundred and then it goes back to one. I’m saying that for example level 102 is the same layout as 515. I’m kinda getting annoying. And if in one level there wouldn’t be three sections, I would be far in the thousands. Please answer back creators! Thank you! AllKindArtist
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5 years ago, mew bucket
Too many ads
Normally I love pixel art simplistic style games or just time killer to have on my phone but the amount of ads is very frustrating. I get it you need to make money, but compared to the last game there are way more ads. Every three small levels is just to short of an amount of time with ads, and every time you die too? The end of three levels I guess could be fine, but the death ad ruins the point of the price to pay to get a continue. Normally in a mobile game you can choose to get a ad with the Beni fit of getting the continue when you do so. This is just, I get a ad anyways might as well get my free continue I deserve. The other thing is with the ads is that it’s these bad ads for other mobile games that misrepresent their own apps so it’s torture to watch them for me. Please tone it down on the ads and I will consider redownloading
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2 years ago, lilkrisman
Its a perfect game, except one issue
I find this game to be perfect to past the time, I even played it up til level 908! The issue i’ve encounter is that there is one specific level that is impossible to solve. At some point the levels start repeating themselves and I have no issue with that but this is the second time I’ve come upon this level and theres is simply no way to beat it. Last time I just skipped it because I had no other choice but this time I decided to report it because it’s a genuine flaw that is impossible to overlook. How can you mess up like that is beyond me but I hope the creators look into it and fix it.
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4 years ago, Kiaraa(:
App Suggestions !!
I also agree with another review on here I really liked! Like one level you’d be able to customize your own & build one yourself, just thought that’d be a fun & creative idea. Although one issue I have with the game for some reason is I can’t seem to get past a certain level. It may sound ridiculous but it’s been quite some time now and I can’t seem to figure it out, seems almost impossible to do. Like you can’t move your character to those certain areas in the game. Very frustrating because I just remain on the same level and end up just switching to another game because I can’t seem to get past this. Maybe it’s just me, but hopefully I get a helpful explanation to this.
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4 years ago, MrahImaMonster
Some issues
Great game. The original (TotM) was my favorite, but I’m currently playing this because I beat all the levels on TotM. The concept is great, but like other reviews I wish there were more uses for the coins. Additionally I have found two levels so far, I’m on level 250, that are literally impossible to beat. You have to skip them in order to proceed because the path in the game does not allow for you to successfully complete. This is tad frustrating. Further it feels like some of the levels are rather repetitive. The original game was also more challenging with increasing difficulty in the levels. Overall this is a 3. However, if you haven’t already check out the original TotM game. It’s definitely a 5 star game.
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3 years ago, Lilmonsturr
Good, but I can't progress anymore. (Edited)
This is a very fun game, and up to level 242 Part 3, it was relaxing. Now, it's just frustrating. I read some reviews, and the ads are fine, just turn off your WiFi and (if u have an iPhone) turn off Cellular too. But on level 242 it's not okay. You HAVE to watch an ad to get past and I'm not happy with that. I literally can't watch a video because my internet is horrible, so I'm stuck with just going in a loop. I don't know how long I've spent on that level, and it's driving me insane. So fix it, or I'm deleting the game. I hate having to just skip level because then I don't feel like I earned to go to the next level.
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4 years ago, lolizzy123
This is an absolutely addicting and fun game, however i have noticed that most of the later levels are just the same ones repeating at different angles! this is not a good use of levels and should probably be fixed soon. Also I have an idea for a feature that would be amazing. Maybe sometime in the future there could be a sort of “make your own level” kind of thing where you could customize and build a level of your own! This would be extremely fun to do and would be cool to see how much goes into one of these levels. Thank you for reading.
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2 years ago, fhxaoxfggnsu
This game is awesome it starts out really simple but then it gets harder and harder and really funTo get more levels than like you had to be more careful where you’re going there shooting guys those dragons are really difficult to get pads but you can see the blue part where they shoot out of so it’s kind of like just gotta watch out and this is my favorite game ever I play it every day and I love it and then like when you run out of things like you can go to the unstoppable place where it’s so nice
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4 years ago, PIGYEYT
Amazing game with even better potential
This game is amazing! I love how so much can fit into one level and how it’s so satisfying to fill in all the blocks! I like how you can try as long as possible to beat a level and have to wait for the energy to refill. Though I love the game, there are many things I think could help the game: 1. Masks. I think you should be able to unlock masks around every 30 levels, and this would give the player more of an assentive to play. 2. Powers. I think if you did add mask you could do things like have a mask that double coins, or can have a random chance to not die when hit by an oppsticle. 3. A make your own level. This would add more content to the game without much work. Also, you could make it cost coins to make a level and more or less depending on the traps they desire to use, giving them more of an assentive to buy coins. If you did these things I’m sure you would have an amazing game in no time! Thanks for reading!
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3 years ago, taffymarch1
Too hard
The app normally would have been great. There are some problems... for one, it’s too hard. There is a fine line between too easy, hard enough that it’s challenging, and too hard. This game is a bit too hard. I rarely ever win. Another thing is adds: there will be adds. I expected it. But I didn’t expect as many adds there are. There are a LOT. And a lot of them are the same add over and over and over. I downloaded this about a or two month ago and I got this add and it’s been all that time and it’s still playing the same add. So yeah. Other than these things, I don’t see why you shouldn’t download it if u want to.
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4 years ago, Life-Is-Tough
To be honest, this new game is nothing like the original. The size of this new game is too small and the game is too easy. I have tried this game and played about 30 levels and I already despised myself for downloading this app. I like the original game better. The size of the board is huge and the game itself is more engaging and challenging(somewhat). This new app is beyond boring. P.S. on the old game, can you change the color of the level number on the map when you missed a star or two in a level. There was one level I couldn’t pass and I can’t find it. It would be helpful if I can see what level I didn’t master when I’m scrolling through the map.
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5 years ago, Sidchelsea
Fun, but LOADED with ads!
I had fun playing TotM temple, and decided to get this game to see which one I liked more. The game is really enjoyable, and provides a similar level of challenge to TotM temple. The biggest complaint I have, however, is the amount of ads. I’m usually okay with ads, but the amount that this game has is INSANE. They’re not all normal ads, either, some of them are news articles with timers. It’s incredibly annoying, and it seems as through the game is trying to force you into buying no ads for $2.99. All in all, I would skip getting this game and download TotM temple instead. That one is more fun, and has less ads (but still has a lot.)
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3 years ago, Leettuce
Lovely :)
I’ve played tomb of the mask forever and my addiction to it comes and goes. I’ll randomly get so caught up in it for like 2 weeks, then I won’t play it a lot for a couple months. But tomb of the mask color is so relaxing and I just play the small levels like everyday. I honestly use it to cope with stressful situations or social interaction. It’s an easy game to play to look busy on your phone or avoid talking to people. It’s a wonderful distraction and fun on top of it. The game mechanics are so smooth it’s wonderful :)
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5 years ago, PickMyBooger
Paid for ad-free, still forced to watch ads
The game’s free version is nearly unplayable. Ads appear very frequently. So I decided to pay for the ad-free version. The ads disappeared, but they still pester you to watch ads to skip levels (or to revive yourself if you don’t have enough coins). What is unacceptable, however, is that they have a level that can’t be beaten that shows up every now and then that forces you to press the “SKIP” button to move past, which then plays an un-skippable AD. This also has the added feature of forcing you to be online when you play in case you encounter this level. I’ve purchased way better games on my iPhone and PC for the same amount of money I did for this game that don’t pull this garbage. Money is a corrupting force.
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4 years ago, jazzybox12
Impossible levels/tedious gameplay
First off, I love this game. It’s addicting and colorful, and all in all I think the developers did a good job. However, I have stumbled across two impossible levels so far, and I haven’t even completed the game. Also, I would like there to be a menu page where you could see your progress, because sometimes I want to go back and redo previous levels. Also, some of the maps repeat just tilted at different angles, which can make the game feel tedious. My last thought is that I would like the maps to be a bit longer, as they are in TotM.
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2 years ago, Mousse--Like The Tasty Dessert
Very fun, good concept, but one major flaw that brings it down to a 2/5 stars
Like I said, very fun, good concept, but one major flaw, and that flaw is the amount of ads. On average I get a test every 2 maps I complete. With some calculations, I found that on average it takes around 56 seconds to complete two maps. So every 56 seconds I’m getting an ad. It’s completely ridiculous, and this doesn’t even account for the times I get an ad after 1 map. This game has so much potential but it’s ruined by this one thing. Please fix this. Update after many years: The game still has this problem, I literally play on airplane mode to avoid the ads.
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2 years ago, AnthonyNino
I love this
You should’ve added it to the original tomb of the mask game though because it’s a whole new different game and it would’ve been better if it was still in the game itself just like the “arcade” this could be called the “colors” and it would be much better I think it would be easier and more comfortable to play rather than switching apps or games and if you can still do this then please do it would be good and help out a lot thanks!
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1 year ago, Pizza😔
Great game!
I like playing this game when I have the time I’ve had the game for some time now and it’s great, the only problem is in some levels there really isn’t a way to solve it. In level 908 the last box to check cannot be checked cause it’s not beatable, this also happened in another level but it’s mainly at the end. I truly like this game and all the levels just wanted to let you know that, that level is not beatable. Overall it’s a great game!
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4 years ago, Lil'Kitty
Pretty good game
So before I even got this game 4 weeks ago I just looked at the ratings to see if there were people who liked it. When I first saw the ratings, they were pretty hateful. But I decided to download this game. There were some ads popping up out of nowhere, but you can just turn off your wifi and you can play ad-free. This game is really satisfying to me, to be honest. So for all the people who said that there’s too many ads, you’re just lying so you can encourage people not to get this great game.
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2 years ago, oryci
This app is simple but genius
To spikes to things that! shoot- uh. Fire balls? Hello(: my name is Aria ZzZzZzZzZ oh sorry I’m awake🤣this game is awesome! But it’s never that easy. If you easy fans Love easy like you would do all the easy levels. But every game can’t be that easy! But it’s not that hard either. This game is great! Thank you to everybody and the creator. I’m sharing my pictures. In one of the color by Number apps. Just type. “ Color by number” we’re not talking about this. I love this game already I just started playing it. Thank you for reading this. Bye!
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4 years ago, Court-Coko
Is it just me or..
Do I play this too much? I am level 500.. 😅 5 stars this is a real time killer and when your upset maybe come here and beat some levels to forget about it! (If its little) But maybe remove the ad after every like 3 levels, because you know lots of people ad revive, so why even have normal pop ups? Overall very clean game, a lot better than the original! You don’t have you wait if you die 5 times. 😀😁🙃
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4 years ago, bre.da.bae
I love this game so much it’s a time killer it’s fun it’s different it’s hard sometimes Nd easy sometimes it just a really great game to download like I said it’s a really good time killer it works off WiFi or on WiFi it’s just great really is but the down side is there are way to many ads like wayyyyyyyyy to manny I can’t even believe how many ads there are but my trick is to turn of my WiFi Nd cellar data Nd play ad free hope this help Nd I personally say download the game 😊. Also thanks for taking the time to read this 🖤.
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12 months ago, Glitchy Foxy
I got stuck on a level that seemingly is impossible
On level 823, there was the shooter and a spike block, right above the spike block was an opening to more space I had to cover, but it was impossible to get to with every way I thought of, and the game is bugging out with an “Oops! No internet connection!” When I turned airplane mode off, so is that the end of the game for now or is it just a mistake made in the map?
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5 years ago, forbidcassidi
Okay so...
this game is really fun (if you play on airplane mode so you don't have to deal with the insane amount of ads they run). i'm currently on level 536 and i have yet to run into a problem with this game besides one very annoying level; in the level it is physically impossible to get into this one area and you are forced to watch an ad to skip it. i've experienced this level 3 times so far and i've played this game for a while i know how it works so they need to fix that and then the game will be a really good game with no issues
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3 years ago, tomato_chicken
Read this before you get it
Don’t listen to any ppl that say it’s dumb or glitchy or anything, because it’s awesome!! I couldn’t get the original game but then I saw this and it’s amazing!! I love it so much!! There aren’t a lot of ads but here and there it can be annoying, just like all games. But other than that, there’s like no ads ever. I always expect one after I’m done with one level, but it goes to the next one. So fun too!! It’s so fun and amazing. Thanks for reading this
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2 weeks ago, KentuckyFriedCheese
Needs more
This is one of my favorite games to play if I’m bored, but I noticed something a bit weird… I found out that after you get through a certain amount of levels it just makes you play ones you have already played before. I think you should add a level maker to the game and an online level player so you can play levels made my other people. Just a suggestion. I still play it a lot though and it’s still a good game.
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5 years ago, Ahota0001
Ads ruin an otherwise great game
I loved the previous tomb of the mask game because of its addicting nonstop gameplay, and now they’re asking me to pay $3 a month so I don’t have to see a 15-20 second ad every 3 levels. This game will make you watch ads even when you’re doing well. Don’t make ads part of the gameplay, keep them as optional punishments that benefit the player, like a quick revive from the last game. Stop trying to push auto-renewing subscriptions onto consumers to grab as much cash as possible before you have to churn out your next cookie cutter mobile game.
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2 years ago, wurhwvcjd
Love it but serious problems
I love this game but every three rounds that I play an add pops up ,sometimes when I just started the game an add would pop up. It’s really annoying to have to watch three adds after 1 to 3 rounds. Also sometimes when I’m playing the app would make my screen freeze for no absolute reason and make lose the game. Please fix this, I love the game but it’s working for me
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4 years ago, kelcog3
Fun! But one major problem...
I really love this game! Very addicting and a good game to pass the time. I would like to see an addition of more levels because they become repetitive after a while. I also think being able to buy characters, backgrounds, or new “enemies” with coins could make it more interesting because coins easily build up. One major problem with this game is that there are a few levels which are impossible to complete if you start in a certain position.
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2 years ago, smoothsailerbbg
So much content yet so little
I’ve had this game for years now and I can’t ever fall out of love with it! I’ve played to level 7653 and plan to go even further. The only thing I would like from the developers is to add the visuals back to the trail from the character. When you added that the first time it was a fun change. Other than that there isn’t anything I would change!
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3 years ago, GryffinGirl09
great time killer
on level 243. don’t ask :P great time killer, you need to understand that the company wouldn’t be able to make any money without the ads. please don’t complain about them because if it was your career you wouldn’t be able to help asking for money to take ads away, just like how anything else is paid. have a great day, and god can bless all of you christians but i’m an atheist so byebye 👋🏼
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2 years ago, Cherry-Cherub
Impossible level
I’m on level 832, I’ve been playing this for maybe a year and a half as something when I’m bored. While it’s not the most interesting game it is entertaining enough, though it could stand to make improvements. My issue is that there are a few levels that are literally impossible to win, specifically the one I’m on now. I’ve tried multiple times to get past it, but the only way I could ever finish it would be to watch an ad to skip. It’s annoying.
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3 years ago, ddppmmmmmmooo
Game is great! But is missing something now
This game is fantastic it’s so much fun and some how doesn’t get boring or repetitive! I’ve been playing this game since it first came out. I will be playing this for a long time BUT what happened to the cool color fills?? When you would move over a blank spot, the color fill would seem to move and look very appealing. But now it is a plain color fill😔 what happened to the moving color fill
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1 year ago, 🫠🫥🤥🫣
Not bad at all! Definitely recommend 👍
So I am ADDICTED to this game. It’s so fun and satisfying. There are some ads but it’s not too bad. Only just like a thirty second ad after each level, and you can skip them. I also like it because ads won’t pop up if you have airplane mode on so that’s pretty cool🤷🏻‍♀️ So yeah, this game is good for car rides or when you’re bored and I definitely recommend this game. :]
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4 years ago, Rachel312312
Minor Issue and Q
I have had an issue with the game quite often where the screen will freeze when the snake/dragon starts to cross the board. Each time it happens, my only option is to completely close the app and let it refresh. Otherwise, I find the game entertaining and a good way to pass time. I’m also really curious about how many levels there are to the game. I’ve gotten to level 1,006 and want to know if the levels repeat infinitely, or if there is a stopping point.
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4 years ago, Aubrey Baddoo
Do not recommend
I just started playing this game and I give it a 0/5 it’s completely trash. I am on the blue level and I got a commercial, the commercial is over and I click the X, it was a fake X that lead to the App Store it didn't let me click off until I bought the app, it was 20 dollars. Not only that but one time when I was playing I don’t know what to call it but those skull things that shoot you, so I was playing and I accidentally stayed on top of one for to long and since it was the last level I didn’t want to restart. So I click the add, finish it and after I click the X it shoots me again. That happened over 10 times. Do not recommend
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