Tomb of the Mask

4.7 (1.3M)
222 MB
Age rating
Current version
Playgendary Limited
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Tomb of the Mask

4.69 out of 5
1.3M Ratings
11 months ago, Cryztalwolf08
Wonderful job! I definitely recommend!
Extremely addicting game! I admire when people actually make games that aren’t just to leach money by showing you a thousand ads over the course of an hour. While there are ads, there is purpose to the game aside from the aforementioned ads. And who am I to tell you you can’t make a little money for the hard work you’ve done? I mean, you could charge a couple bucks for the game itself- and personally, I’d pay for it- but it’s easier to get people to get a phone game if it’s free, so I understand. The gameplay is smooth and easy to get the hang of without being too easy. Plus I’m a sucker for eight-bit graphics and logo animations. The old style arcade music just makes the whole thing come to life as if I were playing on a arcade machine. I adore it! While I would absolutely love to see some storyline in there (like maybe at the beginning to explain why you’re traversing this huge temple), but it’s set up in such a way that you can almost come up with your own story. To be fair though, I’m only on level 20, so there might be storyline later in the game or at the end, but I don’t know. All that to say I love your game, and I recommend it to anyone looking for something to play in the car or while waiting. The levels are generally short so there’s a lot of pausing points if you need to stop. Anyway, thank you for your wonderful work and keep it up!
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5 years ago, O_My_Bad
Overall good game! Some issues/suggestions.
All in all, this game is a very great game. It is a very fun and different style of gameplay then what I’m used to. It’s addictive nature is what sells the game. The ads are fine by me, I simply play without internet. (Although it could get a bit annoying but I understand it. It’s a free game.) My only problem with this game is the energy system. I don’t understand it. (I have reason to believe that it stops players from speed-running the game.) The system seems more punishing to players that make a wrong move or swipe on accident, rather than being a balancing aspect of the game. Most games that have a energy system are very good games that limit themselves by preventing people from playing constantly. Some suggestions/additions I’d make would be, music for arcade mode (It gets a bit quiet). And maybe a level creator? It sounds like a stretch, but this game has created the perfect platform for creators to develop and publish levels for other TOTM players to enjoy. And this can be balanced: limit level creation to only premium members who spend money on the game. (It is a free game, but I understand the pricing for premium) Although I’d favor that PLAYING fan-made levels should be available to everyone. But overall, a very great game. The aesthetic is fun to look at, and the game is a challenge that requires patience and some insight. Nice job.
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5 years ago, Typicallbesson(Why don't we)
Problems I experience
This games is really, really addictive. I have very minimum space on my phone and I decided to try this app out. I deleted it (due to amount of space it took up) but then quickly regretted my decision. Very addictive game. The only problem(s) I experience are the ads. After I complete a stage, an add pops up and they are usually 30 seconds - a minute long. This gets frustrating because I can glide through the stages in under a minute. This really is frustrating. Another problem are the lives. When I'm playing a stage and fail, I loose a life. I would play the game more, but loosing a life every other stage or so, takes all my lives away in under 10 minutes. I just wish that we didn't need to rely on the lives. My last problem that I have experienced are the power-ups. For example, during the tutorial, the directions say to double tap the screen or tap the shield in the bottom left corner. Sometimes I go to fast and accidentally double tap, therefore wasting my shield when I didn't need to. The double tap is a pretty good idea, but not for a game like this where you may accidentally double tap. This game is really, really, really fun and addictive (quite literally) and I hope all the problems get sorted out to make this the dopest game of the year. - Thank you for reading
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5 years ago, Mr. Person 12346890
A fun little game but has its problems
The game itself is fun, I like the movement, the traps, the sounds, the Pac-Man-esque style, but I have a few problems with it. For one, after around level 100, there are a few challenging levels, but pretty much from then on every level was repetitive and too easy. I preferred the challenge rather than just flying through level after level, putting limits on myself or else I would beat it too fast. Another problem is the ads: I know it’s how you make your money but showing an ad after literally every game is excessive. I watched some videos to open chests (because that’s pretty much the only way to finish the “open X chests” challenges without waiting for days on end) so having more ads on top of that is annoying. Finally I have issue with the “diamond membership” that you and a bunch of other games have been offering lately. $7.99 a WEEK for what, 4 masks you’ll never use, 400 coins per day, and no ads, which on any other game would cost like $3.99 once? Do you really think this game offers almost 4 times as much value as, say, Netflix, which charges like $9 a month? I would pay $7.99 ONCE for these things, maybe. I bet you offer the 3-day free trial so people sign up for it and forget to cancel, too. Having finished all the levels, I can say all in all that this is a fun game that could have been better executed if more effort was put into the levels and it weren’t muddled by greed.
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5 years ago, brinnakiss
To easy
I rated this three stars because it is to easy it is hard to understand the concept of It being this easy so I feel that the screen needs to be a little tougher maybe not you are not too easy maybe like just right for kids 12+ something is for kids 12+ it should be harder for the older kids in the younger kids so saying this I feel that it should ask you for your age and then based off of the age make it just right for that age so like if you’re 12 it should be hard if you’re up 4 it should be easy It should be based off their age because it’s just right for that age and they should be able to change your aid my a it should be based off the age because it’s just right for that age and they should be able to change The age of the person gets older like I’m 11 so it should be harder for me than a four-year-old and then like if you’re 12 it should be harder than a five-year-old so based off whether you’re 12 11 or10 whatever you should be able to change your age that way if you’re four and then you turn 10 within six years then that age should be hard enough like just rain but not harder than it should but this is too easy for me being an 11-year-old so I’m just saying that it should I ask for the age also parents just so you know this game has certain add to it I’ve seen that are age-appropriate starting from the age 8+ year-olds so just make sure that you know that the ad can be inappropriate
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6 years ago, Dylan Cookies XD
I love this game and I got it only 3 weeks ago and have gotten half of the masks and beaten all of the campaign levels. Now here’s my question... Is there any way to make a level editor? I’m probably not the only one to have asked for this but am definitely one of the most enthusiastic for this to (hopefully) come. If there was an editor I would definitely consider buying the Diamond Membership and would enjoy the game much more. I would also share the game to all of my friends and recommend it to anyone I know. Now I understand if you guys will ever add this that it will take some time (2-3 weeks dependent on how many people are working on this add-on) and I will be very patient in waiting. Please, if anyone in the Playgendary team could get back to me, I would love to inform you on what else I would like added because I can see a very big change (better version) of this game to come. All you guys would need to do is to make a server capable of handling millions of people uploading their own levels... not that hard right??? Well that’s all for now, thanks for making this stupendous game! - DolanTheCookie... (As a side note please add all the fractures that are currently in the levels. My favorite of them is either the rotation of 90 degrees or the blocks that appear after having been touched.)
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5 years ago, Gabe Gidbits
Fun and Skillful Game
Even if you get the game for free and don’t buy anything, like I did, the game always has ways for you to keep playing. It’s like pac-man but with traps set up. Every level is genius in it’s design and never lets go of that sweet retro nostalgia. I highly recommend this game to anyone to at least try and see if they like it. While writing this review, I don’t know if it was a new update or something, but when I first played this game there were relentless ads. They popped any time you completed a level, you died, or if you played a level. Now, when you play, ads only pop up if you want a second life in the level. They also pop up for chests (a spinning wheel that gives you coins and unlockables) and energy (if you run out of energy you have to come back and play later.) If it wasn’t for this ad reduction, my whole rating would have dropped a couple of stars. THIS GAME USES A SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE FOR THE FULL EXPERIENCE. I usually don’t usually sign up for monthly subscriptions unless I REALLY need to, but as I said, you don’t need to sign up to have fun. There’s a LOT of levels, I don’t know exactly how many, but there is a LOT. That’s that, I love this game it reminds of those times as a kid playing games that felt similar to this one, have fun!
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2 years ago, cacaplayar
Great game! One thing…
This is a great game that I love playing cause it’s really addicting and fun and I love that there are really cool skins and fun prizes and there are some cool challenges that you can do even if you run out of energy cause it’s really sweet to put another game in tomb of the mask for the people that may run out of energy quicker then others and I love that cause of that tomb of the mask is awesome and cool to all people whether they have hard times doing it and if they are great at it! The thing is that there are a ton of add, that can be really annoying sometime cause you have to hav adds for everything you want like free chests, skins, shields, and even coins! And that is really boring for me cause I’m always running out of coins and shields and that makes most of my times watching adds and that really takes time out of my gaming. Cause if we took adds out of things like that and instead make people pay with the money they already have from the game and I think that should improve the numbers of people cross country playing tomb of the mask. So I really recommend this game to everyone and if you don’t like adds you should not download it but if you don’t mind having to spend time a little waching adds then you should be playing already! I really adore this game!!!😁😊😍
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1 year ago, TherealRickae
Complete frustration
I open the game, forced tutorial with full volume and no access to settings. Play through the tutorial, get to the level selection screen and click the gear icon to get to settings and it opens a 30 second ad. It’s unbelievably blood boiling to get locked behind an ad when I want to turn off the sound, and then after the ad when I can select the sound off, I click to turn off notifications (because it seems it’s on by default without asking). The next moment I close the window it has a pop up to turn on notifications, there isn’t a “no” button, so I tap off the edge of the pop up and it does nothing. Baffled I stared at it for 5 seconds before the “no” button appears. Next thing it pops up I can double my chest reward with an ad, having already been bombarded by ads up to this point, I don’t want to watch another and get at least another 30 seconds of game play. Again, there isn’t a “no” button so I tap off the pop up border, and it plays the ad anyway (I guess you need to wait 5 seconds to say no to watching an ad). I play 1 more level, and it gives another ad at the end of it. This game has 0 respect for the players time, if I want to spend money on the game it’s so I can support the developers, but instead it’s as frustrating as possible to try and force you to buy “no ads.” The gameplay is fun, but I would never waste my time to play if my time isn’t respected at all.
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3 years ago, Too many ads!!!!😤😡😾
I love it but...
Ok I love this game! It’s fun to play in my spare time and gets me that adrenaline rush I need. But there is a few things I noticed that annoying me. For starters, the time between traps going off is too short in MY opinion. Sometimes I’ll be trying to get through a level and ( I think I have enough time ) I get hit with a trap, just saying you don’t have to do anything about this but it would be nice if you would. Second, the lasting time for the power ups, I think it’s not as long as it should be because I always run out of time before I can use my power up, for instance the shield. Like I said before, you don’t have to do anything about it but it would be nice if you did. Last but not least, the rising thing at the bottom, in MY opinion it moves to fast I know when I first started playing it got me a bunch of times. Say what if you missed a dot? And you went back to get it? You would get caught by the rising thing. Anyway~ I love your game and hope you keep making this one better. You don’t have to do anything that I mentioned but you can if you would like. Thank you for reading and I hope you have a blessed day.
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6 years ago, Enderlord204
Bad business practice
This game is a lot of fun. It has a great art style and I have thoroughly enjoyed playing it, however that doesn’t excuse it from the two major flaws it has. The first major flaw is the ads. It shoves ads down your throat every chance it gets, and it gets really annoying. I’ve gotten to the point where I turn on airplane mode just to be able to avoid them. The second major flaw is the membership program the game has. I’ve never seen anything like it in a smartphone game and it kinda scares me. The game allows you to pay 7.99 for 4 masks (in-game skins), 500 coins per day, and unlimited energy all of which, in my opinion, should be free. The membership program really doesn’t offer anything substantial and has no use of being in the game, it’s just blocking you from things that should already be included in the game, plus, the price is just absurd. Paying 8 dollars a week for something that gives you a few items that should naturally be in the game is just awful business practice and shows that most companies don’t care about the consumer anymore. This game is lots of fun and I would definitely give it 4 stars if the developers showed they cared about the consumer and didn’t have these awful, greedy, practices within their game. The saddest part about this though is that everybody just gobbles this game up and gives it a perfect rating, not even noticing what’s going on with the game.
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10 months ago, moo moo master
Crappy game with so much potential
This game has such a cool pac-man style, and the concept is original! Unfortunately, the game is a buggy mess, trying to find new ways to pop up ads every single minute. Did you die? Here’s an add! Did you win? Here’s an ad! Are you in the middle of playing the level? Here’s an ad! Not to mention the rewards that you can watch ads to collect. Them alone aren’t bad, but there are obnoxious pop ups for them everywhere! There’s even an energy system where if you die enough times you have to watch an ad to play more. Speaking of dying, I guarantee you that if you play the game that more than half of your deaths won’t be your fault. The game is to busy finding an ad to respond to your swipes. Sometimes you move 7 seconds after you swipe, and sometimes you don’t even move at all. There’s also a premium version for the game, which requires a subscription for about 8 dollars a month. Why? Did you not already make enough money with your shameless ad plugging? The thing that bugs me the most, though, is that this game had so much potential to be amazing! The arcade is a really good endless version, and the graphics are astounding! I would buy a payed version of this game if it was actually functional. (And maybe a bit more polished.) Great idea, bad execution. 1.25/5 P.S: The only use to playing this game would maybe be on road trips to escape the annoying ads.
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5 years ago, princessly19
Joy, with Complications
This is a great game with adventurous levels. Though there are many complications while playing. These include that when playing a level, if a gamer would be needing to swipe quickly the they would receive problems. One is that while the gamer was swiping, sometimes, the game understand that they were swiping at a different direction. This causes the player to either continue by watching an ad, pay game coins, or restart the game. Another swiping problem is how when a player swipes quickly, the game could understand that they are double tapping. This results in putting the shield on, which wastes it for when the gamer could need it. Another problem is also how every two hundred levels, the game would say “NEW ADVENTURES ARE COMING”. This causes the player to wait until the new levels come. Though new levels are coming, like other games the Tomb of the Mask game developers should be working on new levels every day; since gamers finish levels quickly. Though this game has many complications and frustrations, it also has it’s joys. The levels are adventurous, and make the player work harder on each one. Though in between the harder levels the game gives players a little break by adding a few easier levels.
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4 years ago, Odawg2703
Too many ads, breaks the immersion.
This style of game has always been one I’ve been attracted towards. It plays beautifully, it was developed flawlessly, and it’s incredibly fun to get into the zone with this masterpiece. Though it plays well, it’s just like every other cheaply made mobile game. Advertisements aren’t a problem, one every once in a while is ok, it’s how developers get pain, I think everyone can respect that. But there was once a time when a quality game was shown before you even click on the app in the AppStore, it was an app that showed $4.99 instead of get. I would without hesitation spend five dollars on a mobile game if it had a trailer that looked as cool as the gameplay from this game, but this game was taken a different direction, the kind where you need to subscribe to a monthly plan just to get the few benefits the game offered. This game is amazing. I even once was in a video game design class and remade this game for my final, (I passed with flying colors). If the developers are going to read this, or anyone working on this game at all, please consider making this a game on steam with a story, or even just making people pay a flat fee like in 2010. All of my favorite mobile games were from then, and the potential is gushing out of this game. Thank you for creating this amazingly fast and colorful game, and I hope this helps start something even cooler. :)
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5 years ago, Scurvywaif4
Extremely fun, but the ads kill it.
I absolutely love this game. It’s one of my favorite mobile apps so far. The fast paced movement, combined with the skillful dodging of obstacles and collection of dots, makes it a fun platformer. One of the only flaws with the game, however, is a deal breaker: the ads. Now, I know free apps have to run adverts in order to stay afloat. I get that. But the frequency at which ads are shown are a bit overkill. Here’s an example: at the end of a level, you’re given an option to watch a video ad to earn a free chest. Now, if you take this offer, you’re given the item and sent on your way. But if you pass and just tap ‘next stage’... it shows you an ad anyway. This is a bit ridiculous in my opinion, especially since this means you have to watch an ad after EVERY LEVEL. And the “diamond membership” is downright predatory. $8 a WEEK?! That’s $24 a month, just for a few masks and other superficial benefits. This, along with other IAPs, are shown suddenly, without warning in places where you’re just tapping through the menus to start a level; this makes it extremely easy to accidentally confirm to purchase one of these IAPs, another shady practice. All in all, great game, but the way the developers handle adverts and IAPs is pretty anti-consumer.
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11 months ago, Kehshshhsh
Super unique and super addicting
Warning: I like to write long/detailed reviews! I definitely like the unique style of the name that makes it stand out. It’s really fun at satisfying to play; I love the game! There aren’t too many ads to where it’s ridiculous but there are ads every now and then that don’t bother me too much. I do have one issue though. The Home Screen thingy is like super chaotic and I can’t tell what’s what. So maybe if it was organized a bit more it’d be better? But I’m new to the game and maybe when I understand the tools and stuff more I’ll be able to use/understand them (and the home screen won’t seem as messy and unorganized). I have to say though if you don’t be carful you could really get addicted to this game!! It’s super fun and the dark-neon theme is cool. That’s pretty much all I have to say. Thanks if you read all this!! UPDATE: if you like arcade style games you should really get this!! I highly recommend it. The style and game itself reminds me so much of arcade games. Overall it’s okay in my opinion, not my favorite game but definitely really good (these are my opinions)
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12 months ago, chiefcag#12🤩🥳
fun but…
i recently downloaded this game and i’m pretty hooked already but there’s a couple things that annoy me about the game. 1) THE AMOUNT OF ADS. i know this is an issue with a lot of games but for this game it’s outrageous. there’s an ad EVERY TIME you complete a level, which is highly annoying. there’s ads when you’re idle from the game for too long, which isn’t as much of an issue for me but it’s still annoying nonetheless. if there’s a way to tone down the amount of ads in the game PLEASE do that because i hate having to watch an ad after every level. 2) THE AMOUNT OF TIMES IT CRASHES. this only started happening to me recently and i hate it. when i try to open my daily chest? crash. when i try to continue the level i left off on? crash. when i close the app, open it back up, and try again? crash. it’s SO ANNOYING because all i want to do is play the game and i can’t seem to do that without it crashing. i went onto the app store to see if i needed to update it but i’m all up-to-date. i don’t know what the problem is and i don’t think it’s my phone that’s the problem because every other game/app i have works fine. if there’s a bug issue that needs to be fixed PLEASE fix it. overall this is a fun and challenging game!
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7 months ago, SashaaM
Very Addicting Game But I have a Few Problems…
This game is good and is very addicting. But, there are some problems with it. The major problem is the advertisements, when I go to revive after dying the first time an advertisement appears but I cannot exit out of it or skip it for that matter. So I have to go out of the game in order to make it to the next level. When you can, could you please fix it? And also, the fact that you have to pay when you want to remove ads is annoying in my opinion. How can I remove ads if I need to make a payment for it, especially when you don’t have enough money ‘-‘ And another thing, after completing a short amount of levels, a pop-up appears saying “Having fun?” something like that and a rating appears but I can’t interact with it because it takes me to the actual review so I’m mainly typing this because of the rating. I am able to click/tap on the stars with a 1-5 scale but like, why take me to the actual rating review when there’s a pop-up for you to look over it. But besides all that, this game is good. It’s just those problems or errors that keep appearing as I progress during the game entirely.
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6 years ago, Potterhead fan
Ads + Money
I personally loved this game. It was nice and the levels are good and fun. It took me a very long time to get to fifty, and I’m still getting to 100. As nice as this game is, I hate about half of it. Why? Because the ads are just plain stupid, annoying, and costly. Every tie. You die, or complete a Level, you go into an ad. Immediately. It’s stupid and that’s not it. Every time I go into the app it shows the title screen. Then immediately and ad for a fishing game pops up and I accidentally click on it. This game is not even using a clever strategy to get you to buy games, it is just plainly trying to get you to click on them by accident. After I click on the ad, nothing happens. Until I get into a level. Then while I’m PLAYING the level, the fishing game’s AppStore page pops up. Not only is it late, it has costed me so many lives it’s unbelievable. I’m still not done. Then it is the costly in-game prices. Not gonna lie, 8$ a week is the most stupidest, frustrating, outrageous thing I will ever see. Or maybe not. Then, in order to stop seeing ads about every 15 seconds, I have to pay 20 something dollars, MONTLY!!!!!! I have seen no ad purchases on other games. They are ranging from 5-8 dollars. Overall, I like this game, but all this side nonsense makes it have a 3-star rating
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5 years ago, Baca373
What you should fix
I think you should fix one thing it’s an app purchases it doesn’t let people fully get to know the game and it disappoints me to see how I can get things I want but it’s not possible I cannot get those opportunities I should get one playing the game and The second thing is the lead on this speaker trying to re-create sometimes gets hard for little kids trying to play like 879 all those that range and they don’t know how to do it keep trying and trying but the problem is the lives I think 5 lives is way too little and show make more lives like six lives or even seven the force that you need to fix is very important it’s how the game is made and it’s not because the Internet but it’s because of how you make it I’m actually thinking you’re trying to make people pay you up did you know that people get credit card bills for everything you buy and you are making them add more and more money also impossible to pay that back so I hope you’re able to fix the problem there’s more but since I am a kind hearted nine-year-old I will not say anymore but change those sold more and more people can come into your game and be happier. bye, signed by Isabella.A😀
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6 years ago, Stingman84
Best mobile game ever
Hands down best mobile game I’ve ever played. It strikes the perfect balance between games you can quickly pick up and play and games with some real depth and content. In an era where hyper casual is dominating the market this game offers a breath of fresh air and breaks the mold from other games in the genre. There is some real depth and thought and challenge to this game that is unmatched. I’m rating the game 5 stars for the amazing and addictive gameplay. Overall the game is not without its flaws like the annoying music and SFx but I just mute the audio. Also, the ads are a nightmare. An ad after everything you see or do. And a subscription model to remove ads? These guys sure know how to make money. If it was any other game I’d have deleted it by now without a standard option to remove ads for $$0.99 or something, but because the core gameplay is so good I still rate it 5 stars. Don’t rate a game bad simply cause it has an annoying monetary system. Rate a game for what the game is and if you do that then this deserves 5 stars. Thanks devs for putting in the effort to make something truly great!
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5 years ago, isabella kitty queen123
Good game but....
There are way to many adds witch makes it harder and all the adds are games or apps I have and the adds give me headaches but I love the game it is very fun and addictive and I cannot stop playing but the adds are the things that make me want to stop playing it’s just really annoying to have an ad pop up right after you die it’s getting annoying, sometimes I hope and hope that I won’t get an ad but it never works but like I said I love the game and recommend more people to play but please get rid of all the ads yea I know you can by the get rid of ads thing but you have to pay money and so people like me don’t wanna waste money on a game just to get rid of ads I hate when I have to do that. So please get rid of the ads and all of the glitches and stuff but I still really love this app and I hope more people play this game, also one more thing that I dislike and get a bit stressed is that you have like moves or a certain amount of time and I hate how you have to wait 28 or more minutes just to get one more move! Also my adds to refill the moves won’t work and I wait 20 or so minutes JUST TO GET ONE MORE MOVE! But like I said 100 times I love this game very much 👌👌👌.
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1 year ago, han from the ban fam
Well respected.
I seriously respect this game. I genuinely enjoy it. It’s well made, and all. But like I hate the ads after every time you die. Or pass a level. It gets annoying, but like whatever. Also I don’t like the whole energy thing. It doesn’t just go for this game, others have to us aspect as well. It’s just not well appreciated in my book. Aside from my complaints, the actual game itself is really fun. Although frustrating some times fun. 😏 Little edit: so I do understand how these ads (that have a consistent pattern) are used to make money. Like sponsorships. Although I can understand it, it gets annoying. I do appreciate the pattern though, because I never {not that I can think of}, have gotten an ad in the middle of gameplay. I can also understand how these ads make the money for this game, I also am considering how this game is free and this is one of the only ways to make money. Not the only way but one of them. I do appreciate this game being free, considering how interesting this game is. But I do feel maybe they could be less consistent, and less hard to work around. These are just my thoughts.
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6 years ago, BlanketClub21
I like it BUT
I would have gave it a 5-star review but I can’t play with all the adds I know that it’s a free game but how do you make a add ON EVERY LEVEL it’s just stupidly time wasting I mean playing it is SUPER FUN but really? Cmon guys I have been playing it for an hour and it’s really really fun but I can’t even play it bc I only get 5 try’s or you can’t play for a hole day not just that if you want to go to your home menu there’s a add if you die in the game there’s a add if you want to just restart there is a add I just don’t understand like I said I know it’s a free game but all the time it’s a add more and more adds you put the more I want to delete the game but when I delete it I want to play it then when I want to play it there’s a add and I’m not paying 2:99 just for no add like really you guys really need that much money really that’s so unseasonably because when you put that much adds do you really need that much but all I’m saying is PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE AT LEAST PLAY (or die) THREE TIMES BEFOR A ADD but I LOVE THE GAME and I think that it’s really cool that you put puzzles in the game well thank you for reading please fix it good bye -Isaac
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4 years ago, 𝑛𝑜𝑛𝑎𝑡𝑖𝑜𝑛
Best Game ever .. But The Ads ....
I love this game ! I’ve been having it since last year . The only thing that ruins it is the ads . I understand that you put ads for money but there is a limit . Like come on the players want to play not watch ads ! Oh and you know the ads you watch to revive and stuff .. yeah those really aren’t it . There is this one specific one that is about 40 seconds long . Almost a whole minute ! And sometimes when I watch the ads to revive it makes me watch like a 30 second ad and then it doesn’t revive me . And I’ve been reading the reviews and almost everyone complains about the ads but no one is talking about that one ad on the bottom when you actually play . Sometimes when I try to scroll down I accidentally click on it and it brings me to the App Store or some website . Then when I go back to the game I die right away . It’s so annoying and that ad should go . But besides everything I’ve been compiling about the game is really good . I’m in level 227 and it’s really hard . Hope to pass it soon !
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4 years ago, i love the gem
Love the game! ( Too much ads kinda! )
Okay so this is a very incredible game, I’d just wish for you to not like have so many ads? If that’s the word? It makes me feel like School was then.. But now we’re in quarantine, But anyways! I know games make ads to get money and all that and you need the money right!? But this is a very awesome game! This definitely belongs in an Arcade! If it isn’t already, I’d also love to play this game on my birthday with all my friends! I just got a load of new apps and this is one of the few that downloaded, And I love playing this when I’m grumpy and don’t like doing anything else if you know what I mean, But I also play it when I have free time! From Walking the dog, Playing with the dogs, Feeding the dogs, And other stuff! But after all this is a game most people can’t finish! And that’s something people like in games! But some people like to complete them! I don’t really care tho, But anyways! Just wanted to say all of this in my free time! I will continue playing this game! And just love typing! And yeah!
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2 years ago, z047
I think it’s impossible to beat
Ok I know that the title makes it sound like I'm a 6 year old who is angry they have skill issue but hear me out. So the stage I’m on ( And the one that makes me write this review ) is Stage 127. It uses these blocks which once you ram into them become solid. The beginning of the Stage starts off with a somewhat tight space where you have to quickly zoom across a C shaped area with 2 of those blocks I mentioned earlier and a Blaster. It’s a little tricky but nothing to bad. Then we have the part that makes me think this. There was a room the shape of a box with a half zero with another blaster and two more of those blocks in an L shape without the Bottom-Left part. You have to quickly zoom the first block then go down left up left down right and up to hit the second one. Then you have to go down after the block under dissolves to the half zero and go back to the right side of the top of the L shape then go up to get to the next room. I have been on this level for almost a month and have yet to get past the level, the main reason I put 2 stars instead of 1 star is because I think that maybe ( just maybe ) if you have a few energy drinks you’ll be able to get past
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2 years ago, iphone207me
Great game,fun,addicting but some issues
now this game is a great game it is addicting and after two days I have played for over two hours and I’m on level 20 and I like how it varies in difficulty depending on how long since there has been a new feature introduced to the player. And this game was a classic for me but I never got around to playing it for a while but once I started I could barely put it down. I’m not sure if there is a lot of ads because usually I play off-line, but I like the optional ads for rewards and stuff. This is not a flawless game and that is why I’m not giving it a five star rating but I wish that I was allowed to write half stars because this would be 4.5 stars easily. Again this is one of the best Mobile games I have ever played and I think should not be conceived ever is a crappy mobile game.I know some of the ads are a little misleading but at this point it doesn’t matter because everyone who hasn’t been living under a rock for the past year knows about this game or has played it. By the way sorry for the lengthy message but overall it’s a very good game.
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2 years ago, Kiaa Jay
Overall fun but…
It’s a fun game but 1st of all when I spin the wheel it most of the time gives you only 25 coins even if it’s about to land on the 200 coins. 2nd all there are too many adds, I’m not a game creator or someone who uses adds but I assume the more adds your players watch the more money you get but there are just way to many adds there is an add sometimes when I open the app there is an add to open a chest or get coins which I understand. When you get on to a new level or finish the level there will be adds that pop up or just randomly and it is really annoying. 3rd of all it takes 30 minutes to get 1 life and I think that is unfair. If you want us to play and enjoy playing your game you should at least give less time to get a life so we would actually get to play the game instead of playing and losing then waiting to get full lives or just some lives and again. Another thing there is only a maximum of 5 lives and when we lose them all we have to wait we don’t get any more than that. I really enjoy this game but everything that I listed. I really hope some of these get fixed because they need to be.
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4 weeks ago, Rainbow7631
I don’t understand the shield
This game is super fun, and I love it. I think I might show it to my sister who’s all about retro. But I don’t really understand the shield thing. I’ll apply a shield during a stage, but if I touch the spikes or something else that will kill me, I still die. It’s like what? Is the shield even real? Because the whole point of a shield is to protect you from dying. Right? Am I right? Some people who are reading this right now might think that this is a glitch, but think again. Because this happens every single time. I’m only on stage 10 or 11, but I highly doubt it’ll stop happening. A glitch does not happen multiple times, only once. And one more thing is the ads. There’s a lot of ads. When I finish a level I have to watch an ad. And there’s something wrong with the buttons. I’ll touch the next stage button but the game will act like I touched the open chest button and give me an ad. Please fix that glitch with the buttons, and either see what’s going on with the shield or just get rid of it. The flaws take away an entire star, but it’s still a fun game.
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2 years ago, StarsxComets
My time killer
TOM is overall an amazing game! Arcade/endless mode and story mode are well put together, even though story mode isn't really a story, just levels. I like the colors, different masks, and how there's many enemies in game! There's even challenges to complete which I love doing. Here are some of the flaws I've seen however. There's an ad every two levels in story mode?? Very frustrating. Masks are very hard to get considering how much coins they are, and most of the only work in arcade mode. Every revival is 200 coins, and everything past level 27 is like hard mode. Waste of coins! And the ads, glitch almost everytime they come up, and are low quality+very odd or sexual. 😭 But this is my preferred game and time killer! I love it and play it everyday when I'm bored (I get bored VERY often.) I like to play this and always check what challenges I need to do since y'know, revivals and masks are pricey. Download this game if you're looking for one that works offline and so you can be distracted. Happy playing!!
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6 years ago, Vincilio
This game follows a trend of mobile games these days where they barrage you with ads and shove ads down your throat and force-feed you ads constantly unless you pay them 8 dollars A WEEK for a “premium membership”. This is a minuscule phone game with one primary fundamental game function, which is swiping. Sit down, game, you are not the Church and you can’t steal money from people that easily. This game does not deserve Editor’s Choice. Remember when Lite games existed, or even just free games in general that didn’t have the most obstructive ads you could possibly imagine? Why not have a bar at the bottom of the screen that displays ads? Why do you have to absolutely annihilate the player every single level with an unskippable ad? Mobile games these days are absolute garbage. It’s a shame, because this game could have been fun if I wasn’t being incessantly fed the most annoying ads of the century. Better yet, you could just make this game what… a buck? 2 bucks? And not lure kids playing this game into paying 8 dollars a WEEK for a membership in a MOBILE GAME? It’s sad how far mobile games have sunk. Every developer is a cash-grabbing greedy fiend these days. Trash. If you don’t particularly like to play a game that’s more ad than game, I would suggest not picking this piece of trash up. Save yourself the hassle.
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6 years ago, Chibifairy
Way to many ads!
This game shoves ads down your throats every chance it gets! 30 second ads when you use a revive, start a new level, exit a level, enter the game. It makes you spend energy points to play levels, and you get one (1) energy every 15 minutes or so and if you want more energy you have to... can you guess? Watch another ad. There's also a 3 day free trial for no ads and unlimited energy! That's so cool right? Wrong. Because after three days it's $8 every single week. Seriously? Now don't get me wrong- this game is extremely fun, I'm guessing that's why they give you ads 24/7 and make you pay so much money to have them stopped. But it's truly not worth it. You can't get any actual gameplay done because half of it is just ads. And even when you want an ad in order to get that one extra energy point to complete a level, sometimes they'll say that there's no ads available and you're stuck waiting 15 minutes for an energy to load, then you get yourself killed and lose the game in three seconds and you have to wait for energy all over again. I'm pretty sure you might read this review and decide to download the game anyway, that's cool. But I guarantee you that you'll be the next irritated person writing a bad review for this game. Give it a couple days.
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5 years ago, kawaiiwoof-panda🐺🐼🦄
Ummmmmmm hi
Okay, so I don’t normally write reviews, so anyone contemplating getting this game, here’s something you need to know. 1. There are quite a few ads throughout the game. 2. It is very addictive, and sometimes it can be easy, but also challenging. 3. There are only 200 max levels, which I just beat. 4. There are characters you can collect by beating different levels in order to level up. However I am a little stuck at the moment, because as I said before, I beat all of the available levels. 5. If you are broke like me😢 coins are not at all hard to come by. 6. There are also challenges that you can complete to earn rewards, and a endless arcade mode. 7. Also, which I personally love, the lives refresh every 30 minutes, normally compared to the hour or 5 hour wait in most games. I don’t exactly have a complaint against this game, except I wish the developers would come up with different levels. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to listen to my rant, and I might have wasted 10 minutes of your time. Byeeeeeee!!
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2 years ago, Ira*•
The game is good, but..
i don’t know, back when i was in freshman, this was my go to game to pass free time, especially offline. it’s been a while since i played the game, and i decided to download it again recently. i’ve had it for a while now, but it’s kind of changed. there are so many ads, and i don’t know if i’m remembering it wrong, but it wasn’t like this before. the game is great, but the whole experience is ruined when all i see is many different attempts at money grabs everywhere. it’s not even fun to die in this game anymore, because you have to watch an ad everytime you die and when you wanna play another level- even to open chests, which i think is kind of dumb. i understand that the devs have to make money somehow, but this is doing too much, and it’s kind of starting to feel like every other game nowadays that only exist to be bombarded with ads, it’s honestly ridiculous. maybe if you guys could find another good way to incorporate ads into the game, it would actually be fun to play, but this honestly just feels lazy and doesn’t feel like the same game i played those years ago.
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1 year ago, Not what I was hoping 4
One of the last good mobile games
I had seen the ad for this game a lot but was apprehensive due to games usually not being accurate to the ads or being unplayable due to the amount of ads they have. Only just recently decided to download it because i was bored with the current games i was playing so i thought “why not”. Turns out i should’ve downloaded it a long time ago, not only is it faithful to the ads, but completely addicting. The gameplay is simple but effective, the maps are interesting and have new mechanics to keep them from becoming repetitive (like the teleporters, springs, spikes, and other enemy types). Not to mention the game has this charming 8-bit aesthetic, the music, sound, and overall visual design are great and really reflect that sort of indie game vibe. The ads are fair and not abused, you only see them when you die, revive, or get a free chest. Overall, this is the last genuinely good mobile game left out there and would highly recommend it to anyone. 5 stars.
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5 years ago, 🐘🐈🍄🌊❄️
I need new levels please
I love this game, it’s difficult but not to the point where it gets frustrating. The graphics are cool, the music and sound affects are well done, the enemies are unique from other games and each other, Tomb of the Mask is definitely one of my favorite games. The arcade mode is fun but I’m not really the type of person who can enjoy trying to beat my own high score over and over again. I love the story mode though. It’s really entertaining and since you only have a certain amount of lives, it keeps me from getting bored. It wouldn’t be as fun if I could just zoom through the levels without much of a challenge. I don’t have any problems with the game at all actually. The ads get a bit annoying but you can just turn off your WiFi. My only dissatisfaction comes from the fact that I played through all 200 levels and I don’t really have much else to do on the game since I’m not a huge fan of the arcade mode. So please release new levels as soon as you can. Or at least give us an update as to when they’ll be out. I hope you read this, thanks.
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6 years ago, BenjaminL666
Good game, really enjoyed
This is a really fun game! I enjoyed it a lot. For the most part, the levels are challenging enough and it seems to me that a lot of thought went into making the game. I only have a few things that I think could be better. First, I would love it if the energy had a larger maximum capacity or replenished faster. I would even be satisfied if I could buy upgrades like that with coins. Also, the levels are really fun and interesting, but some of the later ones just seem much shorter and easier than they should be. I just wish they’d add a little something to the post 100 levels to make them more enjoyable and less of a colorful pixelated scavenger hunt. For example, I loved that little rolling ball that follows you and I would like more of it. It’s a shame the late levels don’t have as much effort put into them as late stages in arcade. Also, there are a lot of ads but I just keep airplane mode on and disable my WiFi to get rid of them. Overall great game and I’m gonna expect a lot from new levels if they add them.
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3 years ago, Moniqelixi
Used to love this game but...
The controls freeze when you are next to an enemy. No doubt about it. You deliberately make players die to waste all their coins and/or watch ad after ad...It’s really annoying and unfair. It has become one of those types of games where it makes you die and you have to wait out a dumb timer when you lose five “hearts” in this case, lightning bolts. I used to love the idea of this game and it’s a shame that everything has become a benefit to multiple corporate ventures with dumb ads. I see the same ads on many social platforms and it’s really annoying. I’ll be deleting this app soon or just avoid watching ads altogether or spend coins. It shows how greedy these app developers are. I already paid for no ads, but it keeps shoving them in my face with all the dumb and unfair deaths due to janky controls. I also died and it offers a 30 second ad to continue, and it just instantly killed me right after without even giving me a chance to move at all. It used to be a great game and I still like the gameplay, but it wasn’t really unfair when I first downloaded it a few years ago. It really is a shame how much times have changed.
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4 years ago, so1989123456
Please DEVELOPERS read this :)
I really like this game at first when it was really easy but then I got to level 13 and there were these werid things that we make you go really fast and it was hard to control it so I did that level a couple times then I realized that you kind of have to think about your moves and you have to come up with a good strategy so you can beat the level I Learned that once you are done with level one through 12 and you are done with all those levels it gets super challenging but it really is fun and I like a lot of things about this game like there are nearly never adds on other games there are always adds number 2 that literary nothing cost money a lot of other games if you want something and it is super popular it cost money but this game lets you play and get anything you want with out you buying anything or spending your money Number 3 this game is good for any ages like toddlers kids teens even adults it is really fun and I really like it! :)
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11 months ago, Cat can cat can’t
Great game I love it one of my fav games
OK, so overall great absolutely amazing I love it. It’s not too easy for me and it’s not too hard but there is one thing there is some levels and puzzles. I don’t completely understand but really great game I do want to say one thing though the way to get lives is kind of long so it has me play other games. I love arcade but the way it kind of brings arcade to show kind of better than the levels because of the fact that you don’t have to wait an hour or two it feels like I don’t get to play the actual game and I play more of the arcade but it’s still a really great game and I would suggest if anyone else is reading this to see if it’s a good game or not or if they should actually download it I probably download it if I had a choice and I had money to afford it I would absolutely would download it still. It’s a great game. I really love it. I don’t know if this changes your opinion or not but you really should get this game it’s really great.
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6 years ago, Bonfire636
Fun game with some major annoyances.
This little adventure platformer is simple and easy to understand, pleasing to the eyes and ears, and calming even when it gets difficult. I played it without paying any money for a little while but eventually got sick of the ads the game mercilessly buries you with, so I finally caved in and paid to remove them. This was nice, but there’s still some ad-based features that are quite annoying, mainly the energy system. There are no monsters to level up, no materials to collect, no buildings to place, so why is energy limited? You would think that $3 would be worth infinite lives in a game like this, but nope. Either watch *more* ads or pay more money to keep playing, or you have to wait for energy to regenerate. I was under the impression that the $3 was for the full unlimited game (aside from the $7 week membership which is NUTS for such a simple game) but still it asks you to watch ads and puts limits on you. So that’s pretty disappointing, especially considering how many games are on the market for the same price and offer so much more in depth and freedom. Still, it’s a good game, a curiously greedy game, but a good one.
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6 years ago, pengwynne123
Love the GAME but....
I really love the gameplay on this. Fun, addicting, and simple, but I just wish they didn’t play an ad EVERY 10 SECONDS. I understand that apps need to advertise, but oh my god. This would be a perfect game if they played an ad after every idk 6 games, but after every level, every death in arcade mode, every defeat in a level, you are slammed with an ad, which takes me out of the gameplay and makes me want to play less. And after all of that, you still have to watch ads to gain coins, or refill energy, which takes forever to refill btw. This game seems thought out and over all high quality, but the amount of ads makes me feel like I am playing a much lower quality game, and that makes me like it less. Overall a great game, but seriously it’s frustrating to play a game and be annoyed with dying not because you want to win, but because you know you’re about to be slammed with an ad after being asked to watch an ad to revive yourself or watch an ad to get an extra energy. The game is fastpaced but it takes forever to get from level to level because of the amount of ads you are offered and then forced to watch.
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6 years ago, Mary Dana McLaire
Has its drawbacks, but I would recommend.
The game is really fun. It's challenging and exciting. However, there are a couple things that could be fixed. First of all, the ads. There are a ton of them, from the second you open the game to once you run out of lives. There are videos in between every turn, and if you fail a level you have to watch a video. If we as players are forced to watch ads in between every failed attempt, the videos should only be 10 seconds as we see so many. Also, the ads are becoming really repetitive. Over the course of two days I saw the same ad every time they showed me one. It happened to be for Bowmasters, which is a game i'm not particularly interested in. The ads should be more diverse and shorter. Also, we should have more lives. The second my five lives are up, I exit out of the game and don't return for hours on end, instead spending my time on other games. If we can't have more lives to start out with, I suggest making ways that players can earn lives (for example, watching more ads). Overall, the game is fun, but there are still some things that can be fixed.
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5 years ago, GothicAquaKittyAnimeFan
Fun until
The controls are iffy some levels. You literally swipe to the right and the controls of this game think it is up and the character goes up into certain death. Not fair in my opinion. Besides some of the controls don’t work at all (not all the time but it still happens or it is really laggy some levels). Check the game mechanics with every single level before you publicize it. Also the flashing black and yellow lines without a warning for epilepsy is a poor choice from the developers. You must have a lot of complaints about people having seizures, especially since this game is advertised everywhere and seems fun. Should have an “epilepsy warning” at the very least. That or remove the toxic black and yellow flashing lines since there is no point to the actual game play and it is painful to look at. I almost forgot a cheap trick they did. One into making people purchase the in-ad purchases. When game over there is a back box with a yellow button labeled “replay”. You conditioned us to tap the button to replay over and over so we do it without thought. You thought you can take advantage of it and put an identical black box and yellow button that makes you pay for something in game. What a cheap trick to gain more money.
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3 years ago, Awesmazingnoah
One of my favorite games ever!
I’ve had this game on my school ever since I was in middle school and now that I’m getting ready to finish up college this is a game that I couldn’t live without. Anytime I’m ever bored this is my go-to game almost like a more challenging subway surfers in its endless mode and I’ve completed every batch of the story modes since the game introduced them. Unfortunately for the last few years I had this glitch that wouldn’t allow me to use shields. I tried everything! I think either it was because I had a max of 32 shields on level 18 or something else. Anyway I tried to uninstall the game and just reload it hoping my progress would still be there, but it’s gone and now I have to start over. Just apart of the joy I guess, I’m not too mad. But for as much as I love this game, I’m hoping that big issue can be fixed. As for me I’ve already restarted and are just glad to be able to use shields again. Now for the road ahead, onwards and upwards!
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4 years ago, hdhdhdgdhhshdvdhvshdghshdbdh
I like it
It’s great I love playing it because it’s just one and you can get new skins and you can like play on this fake earthquake arcade thing in it and it’s really fun it’s great passing time and I think that if you are reading is that you should probably get it and that it’s a good game I like that you can get new skins but I don’t have as many skins because I just got the game but it’s a really good game and you should probably get it and it’s great for passing timeIf you don’t have anything to do so it’s a good game and if you read this then you you should get it and thank you for Reading this and you should get this game it’s a really good game and you can get new skins and it’s really fun I got this along time ago but I still don’t have any skins it’s really weird like I thought I would get more skins if I played but I barely got any sleep I only have like four scans and it’s starting to get boring because I can’t get as many skins because there’s not as many levels so it’s kind of a issue
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5 years ago, Emora_71045
Not so bad, but please fix the lightning.
I love this game and find some of these more old-fashioned arcade-like games something I quite enjoy. You don’t need WiFi, it makes you think, is exceptionally a good game for children, isn’t to hard or easy, and much more. One of my personal experiences playing this game, however, is the lightning/ thunder. I understand payment for masks, free of ads, etc. But the lightning is a little bit like losing money, (I guess. I just think about it like that.) We shouldn’t have to wait just to play the game more than five times. I understand that you get to watch ads for more chances, but those chances soon run out when no more ads are available. This is only my personal opinion, and I will say I think I am a very selfish and picky person, but I mostly love this game except the lightning and chances. I wish for all of the people playing this game (including myself and my family) simply to play just for fun and not be playing games controlled by people obsessed with money or not letting you play just for the fun of it. Thank you, and I am very sorry.
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6 years ago, Nemo123456789101112
Ads, ads, ads
This game is fun don’t get me wrong, with endless and stages there is no way to go wrong. The progression is very well done with upgrades unique to the game and experience points that actually unlock different items in the game. HOWEVER, there are SO many ads. There is an optional one to be revived, an optional one to get an extra reward. I have no problem with the optional ad opportunities, ITS THE NOT OPTIONAL ONES. What kind of game has optional ads and ones that are required. When you first open the app there is an ad. When you open a chest there is an ad, when you start finish a level there is an ad. And there is always an ad on the bottom of the screen. THE ONE THAT REALLY GETS ME is the ad that plays after the optional ads, so you might as well have watched the optional ad because your going to get an advertisement anyway. This game is too bogged down with ads that it can’t be enjoyable in a realistic way. I can’t play for more than one round at a time because after one round I’ve already watched 4 ads. I spend more time watching ads than playing the game. And I know there are ways to turn them off and everything but that’s almost even more of a pain.
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6 years ago, Katie.LoveAll
Great, few concerns
The game is very fun and addictive. At first, it’s very slow at getting coins other than the wheel you receive for free every few hours. I absolutely love this game, but I have 2 “major” concerns: 1) Firstly, upon loading the game, in net with a screen talking about the weekly subscription (Unlimited energy, 400 coins per day, no ads and some masks). Sounds interesting and helpful, right? Well, they give you 3 days for free, but then it’s $7.99 per WEEK. Personally, I feel that is very expensive for a single week and I may purchase it if it does lower in price. 2) Secondly, I think it was a great option to have a “free” and “paid” option to regenerate a second life per level. I tend to go for the free option, only taking about 30 seconds and returning to the level. But, more than half of the time, the ad doesn’t even work and I’m forced to close the app, restart the level and wasting an energy. I know many will say/think “Well, it must be your internet!” when it’s not. When I do complete the level, yet another ad comes up and it perfectly shows.
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