Toon Blast

4.7 (2.4M)
342.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Peak Games
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Toon Blast

4.71 out of 5
2.4M Ratings
2 months ago, Ph.D 6
I was wanting to come up with the name(,) ‘Uzelksypen’ into World War Series, and I was pretty sure in a great promise that it would be a fruitful name compared to the name(,) ‘Ulysses’ of that composed name. And, the names(,) ‘Ulysses’ and ‘Uzelksypen’ both have the same initial or same initials, and they are the Letter U(s). So, it could be promised that the name(,) ‘Ulysses’ may need to be corrected into the name(,) ‘Uzelksypen’. And, this happened when I was with the Band at Angelina College by saying, “Yeah. The name(,) ‘Ulysses’ may need a Z or two into the name(,) ‘Uzelksypen’.”. And, what other letters but a Z does the name(,) ‘Uzelksypen’ have that the name(,) ‘Ulysses’ doesn’t have although they still both start with the same letter? It also has a K, a P, and an N. But, I forgot about the E(s) and the S(es). In the name(,) ‘Ulysses’, all three of these S(es) get shortened into one of them whereas that E gets lengthened into two of them. So, that’s why plenty of us want to come up with the name(,) ‘Uzelksypen’. And, we will love the name(,) ‘Uzelksypen’. Commas: The reason why these commas in parentheses after the actual words is because in proper English, we don’t know whether or not that the commas actually go there.
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2 weeks ago, The Niftian
An Addictive Amount of Fun!
I have been playing this game for I don’t know how long. Long enough that I have to wait for them to release new levels because I play through the updates so quickly. It is fun and engaging and an easy way to “shut down” your brain, so to speak. It’s not mindless, although some levels are ridiculously easy. Some levels will challenge you and are mostly impossible without using some of the rewards that you stack up, but I believe that to be all part of the fun and charm of Toon Blast. The only reason I didn’t give it five stars is because of one very important “reward.” You will often have the chance to win unlimited lives for a varying amount of time, from fifteen minutes to sixty minutes. Depending on your expertise, the day’s challenges, and any specials going on, you may even be able to “stack” the unlimited times. The problem? Unlike every other reward in the game, you do not get to choose when you use the reward. One time I had over three hours of u limited lives time stacked up but I was at work and couldn’t use it to benefit me. I had jumped on the game for a quick break and all of the sudden these rewards were heaped upon me and I couldn’t use them properly! I was very upset at the waste. I wonder if this is intentional? 🤔 Fix this issue and I’d give it five stars!
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9 months ago, sttub wubbz
Engaging but lacking
Toon Blast is a fun and addictive puzzle game that will challenge your brain and keep you entertained. The game features colorful and cartoony graphics, cheerful and upbeat music, and a variety of characters and levels to explore. You can join a team or create your own, and compete with other players around the world. You can also use boosters and power-ups to blast your way through the puzzles and earn rewards. However, Toon Blast is not a game for the faint of heart. The game can get very difficult and frustrating, especially in the later stages. You may find yourself stuck on a level for days, or running out of lives and coins. You may also be disappointed that you can't go back to previous levels to improve your score or get three stars. The game does not have a level map or a replay option, so you have to move forward no matter what. Overall, Toon Blast is a great game for puzzle lovers who enjoy a good challenge and a lot of fun. It has a lot of pros, such as the happy and positive vibes, the cartoony and high quality graphics and sounds, but it also has some cons, such as the high difficulty and the lack of a replay option. If you are looking for a game that will test your skills and make you smile, Toon Blast is the game for you. 😊
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3 years ago, M319
I really enjoy it but...
I've been playing this game for a while now and there's one thing I wish would change. You get random rewards once you finish a challenge. Sometimes that reward is free 60mins of unlimited play. You don't get a choice when to use it, you don't see it coming, it just pops up and you have to use that reward immediately or else you loose it if you can't play for that long. Sometimes I log on just to give my teammates some help with granting them lives, which I think is such an awesome option, but then I open my rewards and Bam! 60 minutes I can't use of unlimited play. For reference, you get 5 lives, or chances, to play before you run out and have to wait for them to be replenished with a certain amount of time in between to regain each life. So if you fail 5 times, that's it, gotta wait, or ask your team for life or possibly buy more life with coins. Every other reward gets added to your arsenal for you to choose when you wanna use them, I just wish they would do the same with this reward. I get it, it forces people to linger on the app just a little longer, but I wish it was an option instead of an automatic addition. It feels like a waste of a reward you earned, once it can't be used to your advantage.
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1 year ago, Ibshaun
Favorite game but don’t count on tech Support when you need it.
This is one of my favorite games. I have been playing it for several years and have never really had a problem until recently. I maxed out my levels, and usually on the weekends it updates and adds more. This weekend however, when it updated there was a bug and I could never connect to the game. I was not the only one that this happened to… There were several on my team that we’re having the same issue. Some of us were not able to participate in the team tournaments at all, and others discovered that even though they were playing their stars were not counting towards the tournament progress. When I contacted support for help, they kept telling me it was an issue on my end. They gave me the same old advice over and over about checking my Wi-Fi closing and opening the app etc. It was obvious that it was an issue on their end but never did I get any assistance. Even today after the app updated (which indicates they knew they had an issue since it updated so early), I got a response from support telling me to check my Wi-Fi and my connections again. it’s a lot of fun to play, when it works… Just don’t expect any help when it’s not working correctly.
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9 months ago, JoJoBear🧸
Enjoyable game, but slow
I do enjoy the game a bit, but everything that you do in this game has an animation they make you sit through to watch, can’t even skip it or make it go faster. If you want to go on to the next level and enjoy the game, you first have to watch every animation on the home page of the game first from advertisements of their coin packs and items, to the monthly pass animations, to the event animations, etc. making you sit through it for a solid minute or two before you can even go to the next level. It’s annoying that you can’t skip through the animation at all and just have to sit there and watch it all over and over again. Having to sit and watch pointless animations over and over again and making me wait until I can play the next level until it’s all over gets annoying time after time. Other than the animations you have to watch before going to the next level, the games alright, better than most other games related to this kind, although, the levels are now starting to get a bit more harder as expected (maybe a bit too hard for a kids game, but I guess that’s where the money part comes in, that’s where they get you I guess)
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7 months ago, Eileen perez m
No more ads for extra moves????
This game Was tons of fun and it is strategic but my only problem is that as soon as I open the app to check it out for a second, the game forces you to claim rewards that you are not ready to claim at the moment. That is unfair. Now my 60 minutes of unlimited play goes to waste!! There should be an option to save your rewards when you are ready to use them. Not to be forced to use your rewards when you complete levels. I’ve been playing this game for a long time now and noticed that my options to watch ads for free moves just disappeared. It was convenient to have as an option and now it is gone. When I reached out to support this is what they said, “Our game has many features that are still being tested. For this reason, it may be possible to see features added or removed from your account at any time. Other players can also have different features from your account, as well as when playing on different devices. Once the testing process is complete, the features will be added to the game or removed permanently.” It is ridiculous how everyone playing this game is able to have different features than others. That is unfair to everyone playing the same game. Why give others better features than the rest of us?? I am over this game already. Bring back the ads for extra moves!!!!!
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1 year ago, WxFizz
Game is rigged
The developers only choice at making the game harder is to rig the game to reduce the chance if not making it impossible to win. This trend seems to be getting worse. Beginners will love the game as the early stages are very manageable. Then they start rigging it when matching tiles to a disco ball will stop dropping after one is formed making the disco ball useless. Rockets will predominantly point in the direction that doesn’t do anything proving there is nothing random. I’m pretty sure rockets don’t always clear what they’re supposed to. (Developers basically said that was because what you see isn’t what’s really happening. No kidding) Games are designed to completely make all boosts earned or purchased useless , impossible to use, or steal them away from you. The only way to proceed is to play and play and play because eventually they will allow the game to create a winnable solution but that may take days. The worst games come when you have a boost for double stars making it near impossible to earn any. Also the graphics consume a lot of time which interferes with the timed events and boosts. So It’s a nice game if you really need to consume some time thereby earning the one star. I would definitely not spend any money on the game. But it seems to be coming to a point that to win some phases you will have to spend money which takes all the fun out of the game.
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1 year ago, bettysueallen
I’ve been playing this game for a few years. I occasionally spend money but that is going to change as of today. I did purchase the “Easter Pass” when it came out. I do usually purchase the “pass” to get the 3 extra lives. Today, I have been waiting for the 50 new levels to be “released”. Basically YOU have cheated me out of a day of playing because YOU also took away access to the tournament play. Nothing, not a single level to play to work towards my pass challenges….THAT I PAID FOR! How would you feel if you purchased something and it’s out of your reach? It’s just there in your screen and there’s nothing you can do about it. The VERY LEAST you could do is let the players have access to the tournament play until you get your thumb out of your eye and release the new levels! And, while we’re at it, let’s talk about how CHEAP the rewards are becoming. I don’t know who’s in charge, but players really got screwed last weekend and this weekend. Y’all keep messing around “goals” that need to be reached and you do that so the goal can’t be reached to keep from giving rewards. Or, to get the player to spend more. Also, free play is fine for a reward, but it shouldn’t be made mandatory to use it right then and there. The majority of time it goes in the crapper because there isn’t time to play out the “free time”. Another gain for you.
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5 years ago, Jahjah75
I used to love this game... use to sneak and play it at work, send ppl to voicemail to keep playing... the game used to be really fun to play with the weekly tournaments winning up to $1000 in coins if on a team, awards after completing 10 levels or gaining 20 stars BUT after playing this game for some time now I realized those rewards are all you will ever get ... Whether your on level 1 or 3001 you will get the same rewards for beating 10 levels and achieving 20 stars and with the weekly tournaments the most you will win is $1000 coins. Recently the game added daily challenges where you can win $100 in coins for achieving a goal but the game makes it impossible to achieve the goal or beat a level sometimes to get these coins...even with the weekly tournaments you can be stuck on a level for days during the tournament time frame but as soon as the tournaments done you beat levels. The game needs some new rewards like unlimited lives for 24 hours or an atomic bomb that blows up the whole board OR to allow use of rockets and bombs that you earned during the game not only at the start of the game.
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10 months ago, BKAkers
I just read a review and the person was talking about how difficult it is to pass some levels, so difficult sometimes that you need to use the boosters to pass the level. The Developer responded to the Review, He said “That’s what the boosters are for to use them to help pass the levels that are difficult”. Reeeeealllllllllly???? I have saved up over 25 of each booster I thought so when I really really needed them to help me pass a difficult level. Well I started to use them recently BUT I found that the game doesn’t allow for the boosters to help you, they put the 2 boosters far apart(If you do use 2 of them)and if you want to use the booster to it’s fullest advantage by combining them with another booster the game will make it so you don’t have a chance to combine another booster with the one you are using. For example I just used 2 boosters(a few days ago) and one was a bomb, So the bomb is over in a corner and the cubes around it are all mismatched colors and I tried working my way to the bomb to try to combine it but the game kept making the cubes mismatched colors so I couldn’t combine anything with it. This game is about as “fun” as watching the grass grow, I wouldn’t waste my time on this game if you were looking for a game to play, In fact I deleted my game from my phone I installed it again today so I could write this review.
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3 months ago, Fort Wayne 04
Continually goes downhill.
I have not only played this game for five years. I have been the “leader” of a team as well. Lots of things have changed over the time I have been playing this game. I thought the developers were improving when they added the double disco, a reward for those that a lot let’s say. It has already started to become a catch 22 because you work so hard to get it and then they make the following levels 10 times harder and you lose it again and have to keep playing. They want you to spend money to not lose the double disco balls just seems to be a never-ending battle of them wanting you to spend money and it has noticeably gotten worse. Like I said, I’ve been playing this game for five years and this is my first ever comment or review. I don’t like that they won’t let you change your name not even the ongoing complaint that I have seen from several people about winning Tim spans of things and not being able to use them when you win them because you may be in the middle of something else, etc.. at this point, I would say don’t waste your time on this game. There are others out there that don’t beg for money like Toon Blast has increasingly done.
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1 year ago, Iceburgh9374927492
Greed over good times
This game has fallen from grace. What used to be an ad-free, play when you like, low stakes, casual gaming experience, is now a corporate, bottom-line boosting, money-grabbing frustration pit. This game is not complicated, and you cannot convince me that 50 new levels with the same software functions released every two weeks is somehow breaking the bank at HQ, meaning the only way they can let anyone progress through levels is by purchasing boosts and extra moves. (Some players do get the option to watch ads for extra moves.) This is made worse by obvious flaws, where obstacles are not cleared by rockets or bombs as you watch, even though they certainly should be (looking at you, bubbles and honey pots). Helpful item/coin rewards have also decreased or been removed altogether, while individual tasks and group efforts have been made more difficult. The trouble is, this game still has the potential to be fun and rewarding, a simple distraction from the chaos of life. The developers could revert back to the better balance of play effort vs rewards. They could encourage and incentivize team involvement. They could reduce prices of packages and boosts. Currently, however, the game is discouraging many users, and our patience is waning.
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2 years ago, Not very good for my Band page
I have been playing this game since it came out. I wait every few weeks for the new levels to pop up and keep moving. Well in the last few months you’re doing exactly what candy crush did that caused me and tons more to stop playin….you’re making the levels impossible without purchasing all the power ups and coins to continue. And given enough time you beat levels with 15 moves left that’s taken weeks to pass. It’s not about ‘skill’ because I’ve been beating levels consistently for a couple years now, it’s about even the most advanced players not even having the opportunity to beat them with constantly shuffling tiles or adding power ups before the levels and during just to get past. I can see here and there but it’s becoming impossible, just the way candy crush was. 2 weeks on one level with no way to beat it then clear it with 18 moves remaining. Really? Stop making it about the money people throw into the game and more about competitive levels that takes skill to beat, not cash
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1 year ago, annieINsantaCruz
It hasn’t been fun after the last update
They greatly reduced the amount of coins you can win/acquire while being in control of how “lucky” you are in the game as far as what colored cubes come down the hatch. You need several of the same color to get boosters or you can’t win the game. So basically they make it impossible for you to pass more than one or two levels a week unless you pay money for their coins and boosters. It gets boring and annoying because I refuse to pay money. It used to be fun because the rewards were bigger and levels easier. While I understand the concept of levels getting harder the further you go I don’t understand why they would virtually cut the coin rewards in half. My playtime has dwindled and I’m probably going to uninstall it soon and try something else. Doing away with coin reward and instead giving you infinite life’s for a period of time has made this game far less enjoyable. If cut way back and hardly play anymore.
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3 years ago, Snowyleopard101
Initially Fun, but…
The game reduces rewards and ‘luck’ as you play. Initially, the chance that blocks fall in a pattern beneficial to the player (i.e. match 5-6 blocks adjacent to one another to create the lowest tier “special item,” the rocket) is artificially higher than it statistically should be. The longer one plays the game, said chance decreases logarithmically (think of a downward slope that starts relatively level, but progressively gets steeper as it declines); this is not indicative of random chance, but IS reminiscent of a pseudo-random number generator one of my former classmates produced in a computer programming course in Highschool. Having personally reached level 216, I have experienced this chance curve firsthand; furthermore, the weekly challenge reward “Infinite Lives” (which removes the limit on number of lives a player gets for an allotted time period) reduces chances even further, to account for the unlimited lives, which is underhanded, but barely noticeable early on. In later levels, such as 216, the reduction in chance from the unlimited lives “reward” effectively prevents one from completing a single level (I personally attempted to complete level 216 for the entire 15 minutes I had unlimited lives, but couldn’t even get close to finishing).
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6 months ago, FeistyChik_
Used to be fun
I’ve been playing this game for quite a while now and initially many members of my family also played. Now I’m the only one left playing and I am really considering just deleting this. The game used to be a lot of fun and challenging but now it’s practically boring when you’re stuck on a level for days and days. For a while there were ads to watch so that you could earn extra moves but that went away. It seems like the only way to pass some levels is to pay for things and it’s not worth it. I bought extra boosters twice (like a monthly thing where you earn extra rewards. It was $10 each time) and for a while it worked, but despite having paid for these extra boosters, I ended up stuck on a level for days again. It just feels unfairly rigged and now I get the sense that some levels are unpassable if you don’t pay extra money. I still poke at the game now and then, but seems like things became absurdly difficult and unattainable. If this game one day disappeared off of my phone, I probably wouldn’t really care that all that much. Kind of sad because I really like the game for the longest time.
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12 months ago, Crowl65
Was my favorite game
I loved this game. I have a great team and we all work together. But it’s not the game it used to be. I would look forward to winning stars, which could be used to buy an extra 5 lives to win a game. But now you win extra time, 15, 30 or 60 minutes of free play which you need to use immediately or you lose it. Who has that kind of time to play? So there’s no incentive to play anymore since they took away winning stars. My other complaint is something new. They raised the prices to buy specials that they run. For instance, they have a special called toon pass that I looked forward to playing because you could win the things that you used to be able to win before free unlimited time plus you got 8 lives instead of 5 during that period of play. It was $4.99 to play for something like 28 days so I didn’t feel bad spending $5.00 a month. All of a sudden the price increased to $9.99! That’s a huge price increase! I can’t justify that. Pretty sure they decreased how long the period lasted too. Time to move on to another game. I’m looking for something fun and hopefully I can take my entire team with me because they are as frustrated as I am.
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1 year ago, sinair
It was a great time waster for a while
It is a great time waster, can be fun and challenging. However, be advised there are NO mini games as mentioned in their adds or on the description above. I even sent in an email asking about them and they confirmed, what you see in the advertisements is not necessarily what you will see in the game………so player or buyer beware. After you reach the higher levels, nothing changes as far as new or different options, just more of the same. Not always a bad thing, but just letting you know. Also, the adds are really increasing in both number and how long they are to watch. (Unfortunately that is true for all games, the adds take longer to watch than play a game.). Last problem for me is the game is starting to “cheat”. I’ve watch rockets go through items that I needed to remove to win and the item is still there. It is definitely not random as far as rockets and such. As other reviews have mentioned the game is set up so you can’t win for periods of time and them magically you win. Again, it is a descent time waster, just be aware of the issues with the game.
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2 years ago, nmkabd
Used to be my favorite game
I used to love playing this game. It was a lot of fun and there were different ways to win prizes and coins. However they have changed so much of the game that I barley play it any more. Once you reach the champions level that’s it. And it is basically the same levels over and over. They used to give coins with the weekly team prize which is now 60 minutes of free play and it starts the minute you click on it. You could earn keys to open up chest for prizes over weekends. Now they have upped that to where it’s impossible to get them and it is the same prizes. If you are going to make it harder at least give better prizes. They lowered the number of coins they give you with the team challenge too used to be 1000 and now it is 500. It just seems they are more interested in making money off in app purchases than for people to enjoy playing the game. There is no way of earning free coins other than giving lives to your team or when it shows up on the prize bar which is always just 50. Very disappointed with all the changes they have made to the game.
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9 months ago, AnnWh1113
Used to be a blast
I loved this game. You can play for hours with no ads. You have lots of chances to earn extras that make play more fun. I’m at like level 8400. You can join a team and get more extras, chat with your group, and compete in tournaments. All great. But the developers got greedy and made it not fun. They come out with new levels every two weeks which is also great, but once you run through those, which happens pretty fast, you go into a Champions League and here’s where it all went wrong. The Champions League now is made up of only the hardest levels and it’s just not fun. I know they do this to drive people to higher in app purchases to keep progressing, but it’s not worth it. What you can win in no way is worth spending a bunch of money to progress, especially since they reduced prize levels you could get from winning tournaments. But even worse these levels are not fun to play back to back. One every now and then is a fun challenge, but they’ve ruined what used to be a really fun pastime while watching TV or taking a break from life. Now it’s just not fun accept for like the brief time with new levels. I play a lot less and actually am not willing to spend money to play the game like I used to.
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3 years ago, Toon Blast ex-lover
New updates are disappointing
The most recent updates are making it less and less enjoyable to play this game. Sky Mission and Cube Heist are thinly veiled ways to deplete a player’s ability to acquire coins and boosters. This weekend the Team Tournament awards were reduced by 50% and Team Chest was lowered to 200 coins. Developers are making it more and more difficult to acquire the things necessary to play the game without purchases. They may say that you can win levels without purchases and for the most part that is correct….but when changes are made to limit the ability that a player has to accrue coins and boosters/aids then eventually the player runs out and the only way to continue playing is to spend money. This game is fun and challenging and I enjoy it a lot but not enough to start down the slippery slope of buying what it takes to win. If you want $$$ then charge the player to download it up front. My rating has gone from 5 to 2 stars over the past month for these reasons. The only reason I give it 2 stars is that developers have the opportunity now to rethink the changes they have made in order to keep the player’s endorsements.
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3 months ago, SFry9
Even ad play is rigged
As many others have said here, this game has really gone downhill. It used to be fun and challenging and there were very hard to beat levels but now that is the rule rather than the exception. You have to buy extra moves with coins or by watching ads to beat the level and if you’re playing consistently, the ads suddenly will not load properly or will just black out so you have to close the games out to start over. This makes you lose your boosters and you’re back to square one. When I’ve played intermittently, I don’t have a single issue with the ads playing but if they know I’m in a playing mood, the ads don’t give you the extra turns, forcing you to use coins. With their new disco ball booster it seems levels are so much more difficult and nearly impossible to pass without the disco booster and a few extra turns. I’ve been playing this game for years and I think it’s time to delete it. Life can have enough frustrations and I don’t need some phone game to be one of them.
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6 years ago, Brynnybrynnbrynn
My review of toon blast
Toon blast is a fun but hard and challenging game. So any one who loves challenge and hardness get the game!! But this can also be Frustrating so that’s why I rated it it four stars because it can be very fun. But also very challenging. So I just want to tell the truth about toon blast. Because I think people should get a game they like not just on a channel. Because the Channel doesn’t even show you that you have moves. You can feel really frustrated when you don’t win all the time so just get the game if you love it. Don’t feel sorry for the game if you don’t like it and rated it at five even though you hate it. Delete it if you don’t like it get it if you want it the game doesn’t control you. But it can also be fun so just keep that in mind that’s why I am keeping it. Also rated it a four because it’s challenging! And Fun! You do get to meet cute characters and a really amazing and they’re awesome they have a cool names like Bruno bear or Wally wolf and cooper cat!! Get this game if you like challenge. I myself love challenge so that’s why didn’t delete it even though I rated it a four.
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5 years ago, T. R. Antonio
Amazing and Rigged
This game is a lot of fun. I’ll admit, I used to feel sorry for people who spent their time addicted to these types of games so much so that I hide my screen from my girlfriend when I became obsessed with playing it. Eventually, I showed her the game, after which we had a BLAST playing back and forth before bed. It’s, really, an entertaining and satisfying game. The game likely cheats, though. Many, many times I’ve been stuck in a level, used up all of my lives (at times, up to 19) then bought another 5 with 100 coins and beat the level immediately. I’m fairly sure you’re given a 50% higher chance of beating your current level if you spend the in-game currency, but I don’t think it has to be actual money to give you an edge. Regardless, if that’s true (which we’ll never really know) it’s very wrong and angers me a lot. I’ve maybe paid actual money twice to pass a level. For my girlfriend, however, I’ve spent in the area of around $30 so we could keep playing before bed and having fun. If it’s something that’s enjoyable in a unique way, then it feels worth it, but I’ve never felt content after doing it just sitting in my chair alone. My girlfriend agrees, though, that paying is really foolish. All in all, it’s a great game which, clearly, a lot of work has been put into making, but I don’t think it’s ever worth it to pay to win, even if your team is depending on you to beat a challenge. They all have better things to do with their money, too.
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4 years ago, Ms. Blue Bird
Decent game
I got this game because of the adds with Ryan And it helped me thought the toughest parts of college classes I’ve had it for three years and was pretty far in the game. The memories were sweet and old Toon Blast and I had Fun. But today the gods of Toon conspired to end me. In the middle of a game after a hard day on the front line the game reset my level in an instant nearly 20 thousand levels with five stars where wiped. In this game the first time completing a level is the only time, no going back to try and improve, it’s a one and done. but it’s good because then your not caught up in the past trying to prefect every level. I’ll never be able to replace the Nothankyou’s The lovely group i created, a group to go to battle with, to gather stars with, to share Hearts with but most importantly to gain coin with. To those that are looking for a fun puzzle solving color matching game with lots of content and funny animals this is a great game. But be warned the Toon gods may Blast away all your data and start you over from scratch. Farewell Toon Blast Farewell Nothankyou’s may the ashes of my levels be as annoying as only having five hearts and a 20min cool down timer.
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6 months ago, heartmizer
Losing team participation after recent updates
Since the addition of the magic disco approx 4 weeks ago, I’ve noticed some episodes in champions league have become completely impassable without a magic disco and some money in the bank. That’s perfectly fine if you like pay to play but I prefer to only pay when I want to. I’ve since spent more than one weekend tournament stuck on the same episode for 2 days essentially waiting for new episodes to release on Monday rather than ever passing the problematic episode. Perhaps the games algorithm is assuming everyone will pay eventually. I’m not sure if this is the case with the lower levels as I’m at 8700 but there has been a major decline in team participation recently. Only 20 of my team members participated in this last tournament and we still managed to get the 1st place trophy-that’s not the usual holiday decline. One plus to this problem is that I’ve been able to accomplish more things in real life, not a bad thing for me but definitely not looking good for toon blast.
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2 years ago, Swmnupsrtm
Garish updates
Current updates add this purple banner after levels. Purple blocks are a special color in the game so why add it as an ad banner ?. It is an assault on the eyes rather than an enticement. I hadn’t considered deleting this app since I play it every night but now I can’t stop thinking about deleting . I am on like 2555 so I have seen some updates . And maybe I never noticed before but the data trade off , geez it is far too one sided. My contacts , what ? I admit, they did well with the addictive nature of this game and I do use it to fall asleep (which may manage to steal my resolve) yet I this may be coming to an end for me . I will miss my team Mom n Dre . We have had many exciting wins and even when we’re paired with high rollers and there’s no chance , we still do well and after the tournament we open our team chest. I was ready to start purchasing team packages a couple updates ago which would have been fun but then ,before the weekend , the distracting updates happened. I admit it will take some effort to delete, whatever the motive of the developers I was in… ‘was’.
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3 years ago, TheKetchupTowel
Fun game ruined.
This game was awesome when I first started playing it, a challenging puzzle game. But then they decided to update to add the “cube heist”, at first it seemed interesting until you realize they got rid of coin rewards. Before you would win 100 coins after every 10 levels and as rewards for challenges. Now with the coin heist you can only win boosters and that VERY annoying infinite lives timer. It would be a cool feature if they gave u a choice on when to use it, but no. They give it to you and you have to use it right there or you’ll lose it forever. And even if you do get coin rewards it’s only 30 coins and I only get them like once every 2 weeks. What am I supposed to do with 30 coins. I can’t use coins to continue on a level so if I’m stuck I’m stuck for days-weeks on ONE LEVEL. I understand they definitely did this to get people to waste more time and real money on this game to buy more coins & use the lives timer booster. But I’m not spending a single dollar on this game, I’m closer to deleting it honestly. It’s becoming a waste of time, not a hobby.
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4 years ago, CLS123321
Addicted, but...
I like this game...a lot! I’m on level 787 right now. It’s getting harder to compete with the people winning extra coins and hammers because it’s harder to win the levels, so you spend more time on one level, but the people with higher number of levels mastered in a 48 hour window get rewarded with the most coins or hammers. That’s annoying since I’m probably spending as much time on the app. Then, you get 1 life every 30 minutes - up to 5 lives. So just now, I wasted my 5 lives on 5 tries where it wasn’t even possible to win the level. So, 7 minutes of frustration, and now I sit for 2.5 hours for another 5 tries. Or, I guess I could go back every 30 minutes for 1.5 minutes. I know eventually the tiles will fall in a way I can strategize a win, it’s just, who knows how long that’ll take. And I’ve thought about buying lives or coins or whatever, but the packages are limited to a 24 hour period. What if I don’t want to binge play? I do have a life outside of Toon Blast. But, the game is fun! Otherwise, these issues wouldn’t be an issue.
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4 years ago, bread master
An eventual effort in futility.
Would I recommend it? For a little while. There’s a number of the usual problems, such as it hitting a point where it’s unplayable without spending coins or boosters. Which it’s pretty generous of in the early stages of the game, but they petter off just as the difficulty hits the “you wanted to have fun? Too bad!” Stage. Which is a shame because the game is aesthetically appealing and well put together. However for people who DONT want to spend money on it it does become impossible. For a time the difficult as heck levels are followed by relatively easy ones and it’s a nice cycle. For a time. Then that stops or more harder levels follow each other and it becomes an unfun mess. It’s a shame that games like these aren’t better balanced for players who don’t want to spend money but then again that’s kinda the whole point. Making people spend money. As a final point of contention the lives take around 30 minutes to recharge, which is an UBSURD length of time. TLDR: fun for the first couple of chapters, then becomes impossible to beat levels without spending money. Lives take too long to recharge. Maybe if you’re bored or have exhausted all other games like it.
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5 years ago, AnimalRN
Fun at first
Toon Bast is a lot of fun at first with rewards for finishing every 10th level and gaining every 20th star, but the more advanced one progresses in the game, the more it feels like the house always wins. Coin rewards initially start out big, but gradually get smaller and smaller. If you only need a few more moves to clear a level, but the awarded number of moves runs out, you can buy 5 more for 100 coins. No problem early on, but as those rewards start to dwindle, you’ll need to fork over some real cash for some in-game coinage. Considering the game controls how “lucky” you are to collect similarly colored blocks (the method to clear a level), it appears the designers have built in unfavorable odds that cater to the impatient player who is willing to spend actual money for some in-app coins and power ups. Power ups are another commodity that are randomly awarded and, in some cases, needed to finish a level. If extra coins or power ups are in short supply, you’ll be waiting a long time to finish a level. Bottom line: fun to play, but either be patient or have money to burn.
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5 years ago, Cwazola
Should be 5 stars but...
... at some point, an update changed things. There is a Star Chest, that when you get 20 stars it’s available to unlock. At first, whenever you unlocked it, one of the prizes was always filling your hearts (life). So you could save opening that chest until you were out of turns, then open it to get 5 more. Guess they decided to change that, so now it never gives you lives and only provides some power-ups. The lives thing was a nice bonus, a shame they nixed it. Also, when starting levels with power-ups (from beating previous levels) they have changed the location of those power-ups to purposely be as far apart as possible.. it seemed more random before and occasionally they would line up next to one another. Small complaints, but they are obviously put in there to make things harder and hope people will buy lives. Hopefully no one spends any additional money in-game! The game is fun and challenging enough without these crappy tweaks.
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2 years ago, Carbon1123
Gives me hope
In my 13 years of owning Apple devices, I have never left a review on a product until now. What I say in this review has already been said before, but I want to reiterate how fantastic this game is. Not one single ad has been thrown in my face, I’m able to play online and off-line, and not once have I felt the need to spend any money on this game. It’s similar to many other match three games on the App Store but in my honest opinion this one has the most charming art style. The animations are smooth, the colors are vibrant, and it’s a very easy game to pick up and play for minutes or even hours at a time. I saw a review mentioned some thing about it helping them with their anxiety, I can second that. Whenever I play this game my mind is at ease. I’m only on level 40 so I have barely scratched the surface, but this game has quickly become one of my favorite time wasters instead of scrolling endlessly on social media and rotting my brain.
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5 years ago, KewlAidXP
Real honest review
So i personally love this game, and no I'm not a robot or whatever. Im at level 640, and honestly i really like that they still have new things to discover even tho I'm almost to level 700. This recent update though I hate that they don't refill your hearts anymore, thats in a way how i would play for longer periods of time. Still since downloading the game I’ve never spent not one penny on this game so i don't understand some of the reviews claiming the game is expensive to play and move forward. It’s actually not that impossible to complete higher levels, theres plenty of people who are in 1000s or 2000s so its definitely possible. If i play a hard level i just use 1 or 2 items i was GIFTED and its all good. Theres no reason to spend money for items or hearts. Im in a group so usually i ask for lives and i get some extras on top of the 5 im given so thats not an issue as well as items and coins arent hard to obtain so yall wack lol. Btw this is coming from a teenager not some older person.
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5 years ago, Heatherly r77
Great Game but lost its incentive with Chest
This game really is a great game. I’ve been playing it for ages and have beat all the levels, waiting for updates, several times. Even though, as is typical, we can tell the game is cheating us time and time again by sending 19/20 boosters in the wrong direction, I continued to play. It was that addictive. Cute graphics, challenging levels, the ability to periodically receive lives from teammates, team challenge events - all have turned this into my favorite game of all time. If I feel like a game I’d ONLY trying to get my money, I will not play. This one had the balance of difficulty and attainability perfected - enough to keep us coming back. However, with this last update, taking away the free lives in the Star Chest, it is having me question my loyalty. That Star Chest is gained after collecting 20 stars and ALWAYS contained the ability to restore to full lives (& 2 other rewards). We work really hard to get to 20 stars, knowing that reward will come, along with the ability to play a little more. How can you just suddenly take it away after all this time. Bring it back!!
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6 years ago, groomerfl
Needs improvement
This game is fun. You can get through the levels without spending money. However the way that teams are set up is ridiculous! When there is a team challenge Sometimes I do spend money, as I’ve always been a team player and I like to win. They promised 50,000 if you win, however, they paid each player (50 on a team) 1000 and the majority of our players have dropped the game so they’re getting what some of our players have worked very hard for. We can’t get rid of the players who quit playing. Only the team leader can do that and unfortunately he has quit playing as well the solution to this is to start a new team, but I like my team and as I have said I am a team player they should only give The players who actually played on the team challenge that. This would solve the problem or get rid of the team leader when they see they are not active this would make the game a lot more fun and I wouldn’t mind spending a little bit of money on a team challenge! I may quit playing soon myself but as for having to spend the morning I am around level 1500 and I am beating the levels! Just feeling a little cheated at this point!!
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4 years ago, jsrhvksjfhkrejhfl
Developers! (Read until the end!) ✌️✌️✌️
OMGOSH! #Most addicting game eves! Ok so I have played games like best fiends, best fiends stars, world puzzle games, and so much more! And all of them were pretty easy and addicting but Toon Blast is awesome. And I have a suggestion to make the game even better! So when I was looking at reviews before I got this game I saw pay to play as one of the titles. I just ignored it and hoped that it was false. I don’t want to burst your bubble but that review title was correct. I am a bit disappointed but I have enough money to “pay to play”. And it’s not real money. It’s just the games currency. Which is much better then “paying to play” with real money! Lol 😝! But that’s not the point! The point is you should take away the whole “pay to play” thing and make it a play, play, play app! If that makes sense. Well I hope in the future you can update and make this game even better! Bye! And developers if you read please say if you will change the whole pay to play thing!
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6 years ago, DrSnooks
Too Expensive and Frustrating When in a Team
I have been in a top team, but along with the others in that team I am frustrated with the de elopers of this game. Lately there have been too many challenges with impossible goals so that one is forced to spend money or take days to play the new levels. Some people on teams do not play for a number of reasons, even on a team of top players. I despise the dueling against top world teams and the ridiculous 6000 star chests with rewards not worthwhile for the effort. I feel pressured when on a team because I am an over achiever. I am thinking of playing with no team so I can determine whether to stay at all. New levels are too impossible to be fun, all while having a ridiculous 6000 star team chest. The cost of playing is absolutely ridiculous. Yet I did enjoy this game for a time until the developers got too greedy to force people to pay. There is no way to give and get lives without a team. Also, you cannot play this on Facebook or cinque platforms, unlike Toy Blast which is individual oriented.
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10 months ago, Elephant7
Don’t Waste Your Time
This used to be a really fun game the first year I played it, but I am done with this game. Very few ways to earn coins now for extra plays and very few levels can now be passed without additional plays/moves. The levels don’t give enough moves to complete the level. Some are absolutely ridiculous. The creators obviously want people to spend more and more money. There used to be a treasure chest you could earn coins and boosters. Gone. And in its place things that take triple the levels to earn and levels impossible to pass unless you buy more coins. The last straw for me was the weekly treasure box you worked on with a team and when collectively you earn 200 stars (used to be 100 stars) you’d get 250 coins and a couple boosters. Tonight we got the treasure chest and NO coin reward. Bye. Bye. I’m done with this game. It’s just not fun to play. I’d rather the game had a cost up front and levels a reasonable amount of moves given that a skilled player can pass. Don’t waste your time. Find a game that provides realistic plays to pass it.
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10 months ago, Haywood0303
Good game turned sour
This game used to be one of my favorites, but lately I’ve been displeased with many aspects. There’s an obvious increase in level difficulty with “super hard levels.” They really should be called “give up your hard earned money” levels as that’s your option to complete them quickly unless you pay money for power ups or extra turns. “Normal” difficulty levels are also becoming more ridiculous. Rewards are also becoming less rewarding; a 30 minute unlimited life is now just 10… unless you purchase the toon pass of course! Some ads consistently do not close after you watch them (the type that say reward granted at the end). I’ve seen this complaint multiple times in other reviews but it’s been a problem for months and there’s been no effort to address it. Obviously this wastes your time while they (probably) still get their ad revenue. I expect the same response from the creators as I’ve seen on other negative reviews: “we’re sad you’re not enjoying😔.” “All levels are beatable even without powerups.” There’s been a clear shift in the intent of this game and it’s not mindless enjoyment anymore. Would not recommend.
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1 year ago, Phoenix_757
Greed has taken over this game.
I've been playing this game for many years. I'm on an active team than wins many of the tournaments. I buy every Toon Pass but have bought my last. It all started a year or so ago when they cut the rewards in half for winning the Team Tournament. Then, they started giving time instead of coins for the team chest. Then, the "Super Hard", which they think is fun as they add an exclamation point, became more frequent. And now, the last straw for me and many of my teammates, a majority of buy the Toon pass and weekend Team passes. There has been an obvious and blatant change to make the Champions league as difficult as possible. It was a palpable change! My entire team noticed it. How can Zynga, who bought out Peak, do this to their most dedicated players after all these years? Answer, greed and desire to raise stock price. They are preying on the few that spend ridiculous amounts of money on this game at the expense of those that don't. I have bought my last Toon Pass. They are useless if I have no chance of finishing it unless I spend money. What's the reward if you do? 500 measly coins! Well done, Zynga. Before long Toon Blast will be dead adios!
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6 years ago, Misticfoe
Okay....Fun at First
This game is fun at first, and, yes, very addictive. However, as you progress, you’re not going to get through any levels very quickly. It teases, and tries to get you to spend lots of money. I do not. I have however purchased one piggy bank. But, I’m not dropping hundreds of dollars on a mobile game, that’s insane. It will eventually be nice and let you through levels. And, the challenges are ridiculous. You’ll never get anywhere on them unless you spend lots of money, which defeats the purpose of the challenge. Folks that win the challenges either have to be spending lots of money, or using cheats (if those really exist), OR it’s the developer running the stars up hoping people will spend money to “try” to win. (On the individual challenge So) I don’t believe that anyone can get 90+ stars in a matter of minutes after a challenge starts. At least not honestly. Even spending real money, I don’t see it. Team challenges, however, are possible to complete, IF a lot of people on the team play and contribute. Most folks on the teams seem to no longer play, I e found. It’s okay to kill a little time though. Mindless playing to relax.
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4 years ago, sgs6330
This game is all about money
Ok so when I first started playing this game it was fun and addictive. Now it’s just all about money. Especially when you get to the higher levels like around 800 and beyond. I understand that the levels supposed to get harder. But I noticed that when you get a key to a box now they rarely give you any hearts to refill your 5 lives. This didn’t start until I started getting to the higher levels like 800. That’s why I know it’s all about money. Trust me I’ve already spent a lot on this game as far as money goes I’m not spending no more. So it’s ridiculous that you have to wait long for them to refill you’re 5 lives. I’m going to give it 2 stars I’m losing interest in the game fast because of the money scheme. You have been warned at first it’s a great game but once you get to the higher levels it becomes irritating and frustrating because they won’t give you any hearts when your winning.
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6 years ago, Caln8tiv
False prize promises
Just wasted a weekend playing a team challenge and took first place. Challenge promises 50,000 coins for first place. I received 1,000 coins so I assumed each member if the team would also be receiving 1,000 coins. Learned later on Monday that only one of my family members got the 1,000 coins; two other members got nothing (and I’m sure the other 46 team members didn’t get the prize either). Tech support told me to have those that didn’t get their prizes to contact tech support and they’d fix the problem. My son got the 1,000 coins but my husband received a message saying he didn’t participate in the challenge and therefore wouldn’t receive any coins. That’s BS!!! Only 5 of us participated in the challenge so if that’s how the prize is doled out, then each of the 5 participants should have received 10,000 coins. The prize was NOT AWARDED so I don’t recommend anyone waste their time trying to win any of these bogus challenges! Very disheartening! Shame on you Toon Blast!
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2 years ago, RoguelikeMee
Fun game with great people, but….
So the game is great. The levels are fun and challenging. The teams are fun, and some of the chat is great, because it’s like you have friends that you’ve never met, but it’s cool to connect with people. Also the team helps you with lives. Now the problem…….. I bought the toon pass, and I will not be doing that again. I play a couple times a day and try to knock out a few levels, so it’s not like I’m on once a week, but even so I will not be able to collect all the toon pass items. Why? Because it’s hard to gain exp points and level through, sometimes you get stuck for a day or so on a level and that eats up time. Guess what.. the toon pass is only good for like a couple of weeks or so maybe a month. You have to complete 700 plus levels just to get through one “season”. Meaning you will NOT get through the pass because it’s way too short of a time. Develop need to extend the pass duration or give you daily challenges to complete to get more experience points. I’m not the only one complaining about the pass btw.
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5 months ago, Lanejem
Lost appeal
I’ve played this game almost 5 yrs and the last few enhancements have changed the game considerably. There is no more incentive or benefit for team play. So my team is really me. I never buy coins so rely on myself to get coinage. The ads to watch for turns has helped but they are annoying. The levels are kind of meh. I don’t get much for playing once done with latest level and move into championship league. It would be nice to receive coins when you pass to the champions league. This league should be a chance to accrue coins or lives and this just doesn’t happen as you have more requirements to reach the game’s daily goal. So, lately I don’t play this game much until a new level is released every two weeks. You drop back down into normal game play , then play through the new 50 levels then go back to the championship levels when the new 50 are played. We need some new enhancements that have strategy with better payoffs. I also find the game harder to play without glasses. It’s hard to tell what the squares are.
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12 months ago, Lilith Ltd.
Was more fun
They keep changing how the rewards are dispersed for tournaments and levels. Every 10 levels you used to get a little trunk with extra coins, anvils or boxing gloves that clear out rows and help you win. The rewards have become actually less gratifying as well as useful. Now they give you 15 min or more of free tries. By the time I get this I been playing for 15 min already and I have to go do something else. Once I got an hour of free tries but who has that much time to play a game on their iPhone? I have a job. Lol. While you can win the “super hard levels” without purchases, it can take a week or two. I’ll still keep playing. It’s relaxing. I just have very low expectations now. A lot of my team members are quitting and I loved my team. We’ve been playing for five years. Anyhow, A lot of times i am playing like mad to pass a “super hard level” so I can win a few rewards (free time, or a bomb and maybe an arrow) in the team tournaments but I cannot so it’s like I am not really part of the team. So What’s the point?
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6 years ago, Jma9961
It is possible...
It is possible to play through this game without spending a cent on it. This is what I have done and I have made it past stage 850 out of the 1100 total stages. This game is a way to cash out on all the pay to play games, but it isn’t that bad in my opinion. Have some patience and wait for your lives to regenerate then try again. However the stages aren’t really fun after a while. The gimmicks used in different stages are eventually recycled but have a different name and design to it, I.e. make matches next to hats to get carrots, by stage 800 or so they introduce birdhouses where you have to make matches next to them to get birds, same thing just different look to it. This game is fun at first, like they all are, after a while if you want something to do for 5 minutes you can try burning your lives on the same stage for days because there’s quite a bit of luck involved. You can also get on a roll and clear 10+ stages in one run. I have played this game for a few months and have cleared more than 75% of the stages without spending anything in this game, it’s not worth it to me. At this point it’s something to kill a bit of time.
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5 years ago, Kt8021
I agree with the last reviewer in that the game is set up for you to fail, lest you spend your resources to move forward. I add, it is fraught with glitches, which may actually be intentional attempts to frustrate you into purchasing. My most recent go at it on a level, suddenly ended with 17 moves left. I’ve had coins “disappear” without my spending as well. When addressed with customer service I received the ol’ deny, deny, deny response, further stating I had made purchases I know I had not. To the player I second the warning, beware as you play. They are not on your side and it was not just designed for your entertainment. The bottom line is as it always is, to make a profit. Know this as you play and read the reviews. The truth is there in print for you to see! Update: They’ve begun to make certain “cheaper” packages unavailable to further force your hand into purchasing more. Also be on the lookout for when your star chest doesn’t refill your lives, because that happens from time to time as well. Upon informing customer service they said “the update does not guarantee free lives” so they admit they punish a player instead of reward them. The app developer is a joke. Terrible system.
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