Top Nine for Instagram 2023

Photo & Video
3.9 (24.5K)
46.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Beta Labs
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Top Nine for Instagram 2023

3.9 out of 5
24.5K Ratings
2 years ago, TDRock
A little buggy but fun
It's always a solid SM post for me that performs well. And it's fun to see what stood out during the year. It's always a little buggy whether I've done it online or through the app. Paying three dollars to remove the watermark seem to have helped a bit, and it looks better so it's worth it.
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5 years ago, Littlebird64
Definitely NOT What It Used To Be
Well after two days of trying to get this to work because they have millions of people trying to use it at the same time apparently, I was finally able to get it to work. But it’s a lot different than just using the website last year. This year, if you want to save your Top Nine without “TOP NINE” written across all your pictures, you have to pay to remove the watermark. But the biggest scam of all was the “Get your Top Nine Video”. Since my Top Nine turned out so crappy looking because the majority of my highest ranking posts were videos, so it only showed a blurred section of the video in the box, I decided I’d purchase the Top Nine video for $1.99. The problem is, it doesn’t work. Oh it gave me a video all right. It showed my profile icon on the front page and then all the “videos” were white blocks with the words Top Nine written on them and that’s all I got. I never got an error message and it was supposedly completed successfully. So it was a complete waste of money in my opinion. I paid $1.99 to remove the watermark so my followers could see some boxes of blurred images from their favorite videos and I paid another $1.99 for my Top Nine videos that I was never able to get. To top all of this off, the image that is saved is too big for Instagram so the top and bottom are cut off. When this used to be done on the website, it always worked great. It’s a shame that it’s such crap now. Maybe another company will come along and do it better.
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5 years ago, Cynthia554
Doesn’t work!
I’ve never written a review for an app before but I’m so annoyed and frustrated by this app that I had to warn others! First of all, it takes a really long time for it to even load your top 9 photos. I keep getting a lame message about how “millions of people are currently using the app, so try again”. You should have anticipated the volume and prepared for it— why create this app, promote the crap out of it and then not be ready to provide the service. I was finally able to get the top 9 photo grid after 20 minutes but I paid for the video too and it downloaded with NO CONTENT. There aren’t any photos in the video — just blank white squares where there should be photos. I’ve spent 45 minutes trying to get my video but nothing. I contacted their Facebook “live support” only to get an automated message saying that they have “millions of users” they’re supporting. This is a piece of crap and I’ll be sending a complaint to Apple to get my money back!
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2 years ago, ellieoop
Does Not Operate As Advertised
After entering my IG handle & patiently waiting much longer than “up to a minute”, I was then prompted to redirect to IG to enter my login credentials (even though my account is & always has been public)- I suspiciously acquiesced, only to again be redirected to a single page within the app where I am asked to CHOOSE MY OWN top 9 with no other options? If I go back I am asked to repeat this entire process over again. I have done this at least 4 times already due to the anxiety of user error (including deleting the Top 9 app altogether and trying again). I was under the impression the app calculates the top posts for you, needing only your IG handle if your page is public… yet I’m being asked to provide the additional login info and then being asked to do the apps’ job for it?… Am I missing something? TLDR; this app wasted my time & then asked me to do its job for it- so I used the Best 9 app instead ☻
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3 years ago, stury
In app purchase issues
I like the ability to get my top nine photos I’ve posted to Instagram, and this app does that well. I purchased the in app ability to remove the watermark, and saved the image. But when I went back to the app later, it seems to be taking me through the same setup steps, and asking me to pay for the removal again. I already paid for it. Why can’t the app remember that? After exploring the app some more, I finally found the Restore Purchases link in the settings. That fixed it, and I’m able to get the image with stats in it now, without paying for it again. Thanks!
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4 years ago, DancingVixen
iunno when the watermark got there but it wasn’t there before the first few times I used it, now that it’s the end of the year it feels like they’re just capitalizing off of it. I have to pay to remove a watermark placed on my own art? Gross practices, get off my phone. Already was really wary of the app when it would constantly ask for my email when it definitely doesn’t need it and yet would limit all “functionality” of the app unless I gave it to them. And then it takes 30 days to remove my email? It takes 24 hours at most for other companies. They’re harvesting emails for money and that’s disgusting, the “it takes a few hours to get your top nine ready so we’ll email you it instead” is such a lame and fake excuse. Do not support this company, despite the fake positive sounding text and bright colors it’s shady as hell. Ew.
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5 years ago, .........kl.........
Don’t waste your time!
A completely useless app. You type in your Instagram account name and give your email, then you wait and it tells you you can’t get your pics and to try again later. The one time I thought it was going to open it didn’t open the app it wanted me to sign in to Instagram through the regular Internet app. For all I know they’ve stolen my data, taken over my account, and that’s why I’m waiting so long to see what my top nine are. Oh yeah, I still haven’t seen my top nine, it’s still “loading”. You’d be better off going through your own account and looking at every single picture and finding your top nine on you own. It’ll be way faster than this useless app that doesn’t work. Oh and if you want to save it without the watermark you have to pay $1.99! Don’t waste your time with this horrible app.
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2 years ago, Storm id: ninjaturtle840
Can’t get it without paying
I see a lot of people saying it’s making them choose their own top 9, it generated the top 9 photos of 2021 for me but unfortunately it has this censored bar on every photo that says the like count underneath and the middle photo is hidden under a giant lock unless I spend $2.99. What happened to this being a fun free thing to see your most liked photo? I could just take the time to make one myself for free. I tried a second time to make sure I didn’t just hit the wrong thing or something and now it won’t even load anything unless I log in and give it permission to access everything on my account. Why does it need access to my account all the sudden? What a scam.
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6 years ago, sydney shoaf
kinda worked but not really
so I used this app for two of my accounts (my regular ig and my finsta) and it worked completely for my regular account! it told me the total number of pictures I posted in 2018 and told me my total likes and average amount of likes. but when I tried doing it for my finsta it just told me the data for my top 9 posts? it said I only posted 9 pictures on my finsta in 2018 and that’s not true (I posted like 400 haha) and it’s only telling me the amount of likes for my top 9 posts, not ALL of my posts. I’ve tried this several times, both online and through the app, and it does the same thing every time :(
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2 years ago, TJ Fertterer
For all those saying the app doesn’t work…
Anymore, it works but you have to make you account public, it doesn’t work anymore for private accounts. It wasn’t working on my personal private account but worked no problem for my public business account. As soon as I switched my personal account to public it worked without issue and generated the top nine.
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5 years ago, magsmessmer
Works but they want you to pay for the photo
The app worked fine. It found all of my information and generated the photo collage in a few minutes. However, the photo has a watermark on it. If you want to save it without the watermark they will charge $1.99. It’s not super expensive but I don’t feel like paying for something I can go create in another app for free myself now that I know my top 9 photos from last year. And I also haven’t paid for any of the collages in the past so it’s annoying that they are charging now.
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5 years ago, ColinKM
They’re using your info
The app requires your email address to “send you” the single photo it needs to create. The free version has an incredibly large watermark over the entire grid that will be $2usd to remove. Then when you request to have your email removed, it states that it’ll be done in 30 days...why? Is it being done manually by one person? More likely that they can still squeeze some sales out of your email that way, even if you had the app installed for 2 min, they get to use your info for a month and the trade is an image you won’t want to use unless you pay for it.
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6 months ago, DoIHaveToUseANickname?
Overpriced and underperforming
$2.99 to wait twenty minutes to see something I could have compiled myself? Absolutely not. The developers clearly don’t actually care about the app or it’s users, as is evident by their promotion of it yet complete lack of effort to make it at all usable the one week a year that people want it, as well as their childish responses to these reviews. So many people also report paying for features yet never getting them as advertised. In previous years, this would be excusable but now that it’s a paid service, there’s no reason it shouldn’t work.
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5 years ago, LianaCreates
I used it thinking that it was simple, I entered my Instagram and said they could look at my account. DO NOT LET THESE PEOPLE FOOL YOU! They’ll ask to manage your account and now I get locked out of my Instagram every day for the past 3 days and today. I have to reset my password everyday. Do NOT let these people take control of your Instagram. You can ask them to forget your info but I could take up to 30 days! Be careful people and do not use this app! I may have to restart my whole Instagram account now, deleting posts and starting all over again. Developer, if you’re seeing this PLEASE fix this!! I just wanna live! 😫
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2 years ago, Brojase
Piling on
Nothing new in my review, but maybe a chorus of discontent will move the ad creator to GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT. I downloaded your app so that you can tell me what my top 9 posts were. My views of my top 9 posts (which, by the way, I don’t even think it will allow me to go all the way back to January if I try to select my own) do not necessarily jibe with the cold, hard, facts. And sure, I can figure that out if I need to…but that defeats the purpose of having an app to do that, doesn’t it! Giving this til Christmas, and if it ain’t fixed, I’m deleting and moving on with my life.
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2 years ago, Kai🧀
total scam.
never in all my years of owning iphones have i made a review in the app store, but this made me so angry that it brought me here now. this used to be a fun thing that people on instagram (especially creators like myself) would do as a community trend. now we have to pay money for it?? it’s not even the app that costs money.. you download the app and (if it works) realize you cant even use it without paying. it only gives you the “top 9” images (one of which has a huge, ugly lock image over it), but you have to pay for the rest of the information. if i just wanted a collage of 9 pictures from my instagram id do it myself. from what i can tell this app is completely useless unless you want to waste money. i would understand paying for additional features but this is making you pay for the bare minimum. waste of my time!
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5 years ago, HeatherChadwick
I am having an especially hard time getting my top nine for both my Instagram accounts. It took me a couple of hours to get one and it came with a not at all wanted watermark. I am trying to have it removed via their website and it absolutely will not work at all. Will be looking to see if there are other providers of this type of service. This has been very frustrating and not worth either the time or effort. And why ask for my email when you’ve never asked for it before? Email lists regarding this service and completely unecessary.
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2 years ago, eurcynia007
lied to trick you into downloading
I get these services have a cost attached to them, which is made up for through ads and watermarks. they blogged the app is free and water mark gone (i don’t mind the watermark). i hate downloading extra apps, but alas i want to continue tradition. then you use the app and there’s the paywall. The app is free, but you still have to pay $2.99 for your collage. Maybe $2.99 is cheap, i throw change away at things all the time, but considering i felt misled to even download the app, i think i’ll check out alternatives.
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5 years ago, Caitybgirlie
Watermark now?
Was able to generate my top nine a few weeks ago through the website no problem. Had a few updates to my Instagram and thought I would generate a new one closer to the end of the year. Taking forever to load, which I understand, so I downloaded the app since it says it’s quicker. It definitely is, but now I have to pay to remove a watermark? I get it, and I wouldn’t mind the question if it was consistent, but the mobile site didn’t give me a watermark, so why does the app? Not worth it...
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5 years ago, AJ Flower
They put a watermark on it
Ploy. Will keep not work on the webpage repeatedly and not email it to you after either. Then when you download the app they put a watermark over it in an attempt to get .99 cents payment to take off the watermark (which I’m not stupid so I’m not paying). And then after all the hoops to jump through it will finally go to your email without the watermark. They really should be ashamed of themselves. People don’t need an app for one picture for the year. I assume my email at this point had already been sold off before I can unsubscribe from this!
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5 years ago, PhotoXplorer
30 seconds to take your email, 30 days to remove it from your servers. Unacceptable
First thing your app did when opened is ask for a review. Second is ask for Instagram account handle. Third is ask for my email so that I don’t have to wait?! No... it’s really so that you can have my email. Otherwise explain it better. I received the download link by email almost instantly. Fourth is ask for money to remove the massive watermark. Fifth thing I did is delete your shady app. Sixth thing, I requested to be unsubscribed from your emails using the link. Seventh is you take me to a page where you hide behind the fact it can’t take several days to generate a top nine, therefore you need my email. Eight is make me retype my email in another page just to unsubscribe! Ninth, finally unsubscribe by telling me it’ll take up to 30 days to remove my info?!?!? Fix your systems
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1 year ago, ricsne2010
Can't adjust photo positions.....
The issues I have (and why it gets 3 stars) is 1) you cannot sort the "top 9" that the program picks nor can you make it "rescan"... I had other photos that got way more likes than the ones this picked 2) once it selects photos or reels, you cannot adjust or center the photos in any manner ... some of my reels only show up as the very top of the reel while missing all the content.... and as for the photos , I'm unable to readjust the images within the given 10 templates (that you pay $2.99 for) Previous versions of this program were worth it. Sadly unless they allow these feature and quickly, this review will remain 3 stars.
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2 years ago, RMU2015
Doesn't Work
If I could leave a 0 star rating I would. App makes you select your own photos (defeats the entire point) and doesn't even give you metrics. On top of that it requires you to log into your account through their portal which looks hella suspicious from a security engineer's perspective. Like counts are public data, so why they can't pull from the available metrics is strange. Remove this app's access immediately from your Instagram account to prevent getting hacked later on!
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5 years ago, Ux biker
Test your app before you launch
I’ve tried this app for three days and it hasn’t worked for me. I’m now getting an error when I try and no images have been emailed yet. I completely understand that you need to monetize it and get paid for your work but it should function smoothly after multiple days if you’re taking emails, making users download your app and also pay for it. Or, use it as an opportunity to show you care about your users with some kind of communication (all those email addresses!!!).
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5 years ago, Nima Bah
Another app to steal personal info
This is such a useless app that just wants to steal info. It asks for your email address for nonsense reasons that (it may take a few minutes!!), and wants to have access to my photos and they have a window pop up to rank them 5 star on apple store and that window doesn’t let you change the rating. So I guess they have built their rating based on people inadvertently clicking on that pop up window while trying to change the rating from 5 star. All in all a dishonest app. Deleting it now.
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5 years ago, B-rggs
After first being popularized by the iconic Undefeated Air Jordan 4s way back in 2005, Nike’s “Flight Jacket” theme has appeared on many a silhouette since, even coming full circle last year with the release of a collaborative Air Max 98 in 2017. However, it’s not just collaborations that boast the beloved color scheme — Nike’s Zoom Fly SP has now arrived in the instantly recognizable combo of olive-green and orange.
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2 years ago, King Stid
Missing data
If you want your number count left on the grid you’ll have to screen shot. An option to add or remove it would be nice. Otherwise you get a grid of pics in order from high to low of your top 9
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3 years ago, 7MRC3
Used to work
I have been using this app for the past 3 years. It was awesome. Now, 2020 it doesn't work. Glitches, blank screens, spinning wheels that go no where and no email sent. Makes me sad. Wish I could still use it as it is the original Top Nine available. 12/28 Update: I got an email from the developer that they fixed the bugs and did a update. Asking me to check it out. Yes, it now works BUT how lame is it that they are now charging 99 cents to remove a née watermark feature that did not even exist before the update?
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1 year ago, KeaChaos
Wow. Don’t waste your time.
What a rip. This used to be free (but with ads) and now there’s ZERO option for a free download, not even WITH watermark. I literally cannot generate a top 9 unless I “unlock” it by paying $2.99 - otherwise it blurs out your likes count and places a HUGE LOCK SYMBOL in the center of your grid. I wouldn’t have minded a free version with the top9 watermark somewhere on the corner but again, that’s not at all possible. Don’t waste your time unless you plan on paying $3 for a grid of your OWN content.
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5 years ago, BrandyJT
Obviously this app is meant to be used at the end of the year, but they don’t seem to be able to handle the user traffic. It kept telling me that millions of people are using the app, try reentering my info again later. It said that for half a day and then sent my top 9 to my email 7 times within an hour. Not really that user friendly.
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6 years ago, Jcjbabyboo
Very disappointed
I was so looking forward to download this app because the video was amazing and unique. How disappointed was I to see a collage instead of a video 😒 I will keep checking till January 31st to see if u have change it back to videos. That's what made this app special, it was different 😞 Once again , now December 2018 ...very disappointed, last year you guys said you were bringing the old format which was a video not just the picture. It made this app unique. How sad to see it as boring as the other apps
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2 years ago, jennyjennyjenjenjen
Finally worked!
Logged in today after trying a few times a week for the last few weeks. It finally generated my top 9! I paid to unlock more out of curiosity and don’t mind the small cost.
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5 years ago, CPE03
Misleading advertising
Be forewarned that while it is easy to use, which is nice, you will be asked to pay a fee to remove the watermark of the company which is imposed over your image. I have no problem paying for an app. What I do have a problem with is taking the time to use it, be impressed by the results and then get tagged with a fee. To me this is false advertising and click baitish. Just tell people up front ro remove your ugly watermark rather than gather up their information and waste their time under a false illusion.
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5 years ago, t18462!
it’s okay
i mean i can’t complain because it did work but i wasn’t impressed because i only wanted to look to see what it was, but there was water mark and you have to pay to remove it when you could go to other sites that tell you and show/ give more background. Therefore just find an app you don’t have to download because it wasn’t very impressive and when i hit the back arrow it made me have to log in completely AGAIN.
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4 years ago, LittleRoseGirl
Huge watermark
Watermarks are okay but not entirely across MY OWN images. Top Nine just uses a basic algorithm then plasters a watermark over a simple collage as if they deserve full credit for something. Put a border around the collage with the watermark neatly and cleanly set to the SIDES. I don’t mind paying for services but this is clearly overpriced which is why they put the watermark across the entire collage. (Note: that kind of watermark can make it harder for people with visual impairments to see the pictures so it puts a price on accessibility for some people).
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4 years ago, Cmk42288
Didn’t work at all
Downloaded the app and signed up. Didn’t want to give my email address so I followed those prompts. Had to sign into my Instagram account after a couple minutes of waiting. Then it took me to an authorization page. I clicked authorize and it routed me back to the login page. Tried to log in to Instagram again through this page and it gave an error that there wasn’t an account by that name. Even though I clearly had just signed in with it. Got fed up and deleted the app.
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5 years ago, OhioMLA
I Fell For It
I paid the $1.99 to get my “Top 9” video, but all I got was a video of 9 white squares with the words “Top Nine” printed in them - not one pic from my Instagram account. I contacted “live” support, and nobody ever acknowledged my repeated messages. If you want a free collage of your top 9 insta photos with an obstructive watermark across the entirety, then this is the app for you. If you want the collage without the watermark, you’ll pay $1.99. If you want a video collection of your top 9 Instagram photos, you’ll pay an additional $1.99 and get nothing. Don’t bother.
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5 years ago, natalie_elaine
Same Message on App as Online
Downloaded the app because the website was taking a long time and I figured it would be faster with the app. Still can’t get my top nine photos because it says there is an “undisclosed error.” Then when the app finally started working I was told to try back in few minutes because they were so busy. Seriously?! I downloaded the app to get things done quicker and I’m still getting the same message. No thanks. This was a bad experience all around.
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1 year ago, Gracie ❤️
Why is it called top 9 if it only gives us 8 photos? I think it’s ridiculous that we have to pay to see the completed project. I purchased expecting it to just generate 9 photos for me in a short amount of time and for me to be able to save it with no water marks or problems— but unfortunately that’s not how it went. I’m better off just making my own collage and doing the calculations by myself.
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2 years ago, AMVogler
I don’t know what the issue is - I’ve used this app every year and never had any issues. For everyone complaining about picking your own - their website says “it’s coming”. This morning I checked and the auto generation we all love was available on the app. However, they says it’s free, but when you put in your IG @, it asks you to pay $3 to see the results. Second, it glitches out and locks my phone when I use the app. Bummer.
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4 years ago, papiidorian
takes too long
i am trying to use this for my spam account (@pimpdaddydorian if y’all wanna give it a follow) and see how many likes i have overall on all of my pictures but for the app itself it keeps me on a loading screen saying “Whoa! Top Nine is currently being used by millions of users worldwide.” and it won’t load past that. i don’t know if this is an issue with the app or if i’m doing something wrong but please fix it
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5 years ago, Sophie Jane Blake
Doesn’t work
I’ve tried using this several times today and it never connects to my Instagram account. It makes me log-into IG, and, annoyingly enough, requires an email address because they email you once your collage has been created. Problem is that it never connects to IG, doesn’t generate your top nine pics and it’s doing who knows what with my email address. Tried it on and off wi-fi and two phones and it crashes every time. Don’t bother downloading. It’s not worth the frustration.
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2 years ago, SeeReeves
Cannot work anymore
Instagram shut down the API connection needed for this and similar services to work. Which means it’s impossible for Top Nine to analyze your posts and pull out your most liked/engaged posts. That’s not their fault. But they should be upfront about it before people download the app and connect their Instagram to it (and, I assume, give away access to data on their phone) especially if someone is getting the paid version.
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5 years ago, BittaSweetD1920
Worked quickly!
Wasn’t like the other apps I tried....everything popped up with app and it also popped up even though my account is private. I did have to provide authorisation, but still was quicker than any other one I tried!
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2 years ago, Pacalicious
No longer works for personal accounts?
The app made me choose my 9 photos for the grid, and that seemed weird, so when I looked at the FAQ I noticed that they mentioned it works for business accounts but not private accounts. Maybe this was an error, but with a personal (public) account I wasn’t able to access a top 9—And not all my posts showed up in the selection menu even though my account is public.
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5 years ago, mrynky
No support AT ALL
I had to submit my info multiple times throughout the week before I finally received an email with my Top 9. Each time I submitted, after the first time, I sent an email requesting support and I even tried their live support (which is just an automated Facebook messenger conversation) and never once received any sort of indication that my requests had even been submitted! Eventually got my pictures but it took over a week and frequent attempts with no support at all.
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5 years ago, wunderburg
Crashing but worked
The app kept crashing when I entered my email numerous times, but eventually did work. However, I was sent a top one photo w a huge watermark on it. The email gave a link to remove the watermark but asked for all of my info all over again, then said it may take days to process, and I don’t have the time or patience to try and figure out how to get the image w out the watermark. This was very annoying.
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2 years ago, A. Kelsall
Find a different app.
I don’t know what’s wrong with this app, but I can’t even get an image without paying $3. It’s not even asking me for an email to send me the basic low-quality image. It’s either pay up or go somewhere else. As for the watermark other reviews talk about; seeing someone else’s watermark on my art that I have to oay to get removed pisses me off to no end. Find a different app or put a collage together yourself. This app is so useless.
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5 years ago, kjones17
I tried to use their website and it told me it would take a week to email my picture. If I wanted it instantly to download the app. I figured I’d try the app and see what happens. Still haven’t received the email with my picture but I have received multiple other emails from them promoting their terrible app that I already downloaded. Not sure if this is a scam or some site trying to fish for emails. Either way, save yourself the trouble and do not download this horrendous app 🖕
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2 years ago, Koolkhalida
Doesn’t work anymore
At the end of 2020 this app worked. It let me log into my Instagram account and it sorted my top 9 most liked photos FOR ME. i tried doing it again at the end of 2021, and that’s when I noticed it stopped working. When I open the app and log into my Instagram it says it can’t find any of my photos. It is now May 2022 and this app still doesn’t work. Please fix this… hopefully by the end of this year
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