4.3 (22)
14.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Sean O'Connor
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Topple!

4.32 out of 5
22 Ratings
2 years ago, ilovethree
PLEASE put out some new puzzles!
I absolutely love this app and it has definitely helped me with stress many times over! My only complaint is that I’ve played all of the puzzles too many times. I would gladly pay for additional puzzle pack/s (for iPhone/iPad)! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
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3 years ago, Poots O'Malley
Fun enough but such lazy development
For a $2 game, you barely get any puzzles, considering how much in-game purchasable content there is. Half of the Quips puzzles are quotes by one person! It’s so lazy! The two pages of Quips are basically the same 4 people over and over! This is ridiculous, there are hundreds of thousands of diverse and notable quotes throughout history and they used the same handful of people for every puzzle. It’s a fun app but some of the puzzles are so incredibly lazy it takes the fun out of the game. Diversifying should not be such a novel concept, but I guess you get what you pay for with this app.
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3 years ago, REckert_21
Great take your time game
I’ve only played this game for three days. I find it to be challenging but without the pressure of a time limit. Once you get into a rhythm of developing a technique in finding the correct answers, the game goes quick. A great game for those that like word puzzles.
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6 years ago, She'sUpToSomething
Still a favorite
I’ve had Topple since it first came out, and it’s still one of my favorite apps. When I complete the many packs I have, I delete and reinstall it and start all over again. Good brain sharpener whenever I have a few minutes to fill.
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4 years ago, nicmarie
Keep updating please!
Still a favorite and I’ve had it for many years. Always loved I could play this with no data connection. So glad it’s still being updated as many old apps I have are not.
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2 years ago, Fuzzy7777
Fun and the game collects 0 data from you!
It’s a great puzzle game but best of all the game isn’t collecting any data from your phone. There should be a category in the App Store for apps that don’t collect any information.
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12 years ago, Topsailangel
Won't Give It 5 Stars Until ...
This is a good relaxing game and worth the money for the app. For that I give them 4 stars. I paid $2 for the app and 6 pages of word puzzles, or 288 puzzles total. Now they want to charge half the original price for 1/6 of the quantity! $1 for each additional puzzle page of only 48 word puzzles, not happening! I would recommend the game. I would NOT recommend buying any of the in app pages unless it includes a bundle of pages. I would pay more if I could create my own puzzles with quotes that I want to add.
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6 years ago, Perthwolf
Pretty Please, Sean!
My husband and I LOVE this game. We play when we go on cruises. We have been on 19 cruises and need new material. Please, Sean. Write new quotes. There are so many that you should be able to add a lot of pages. Thank you, The Podgorsek Couple
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1 year ago, Aupapillon
Where is topple 2 ?
I enjoyed this so much, where is the next wonderful set of quotes ?
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2 years ago, Arr99
Kind of fun
But you only get so many before you have to pay $10 for all of the rest. That’s way too much.
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5 years ago, Imradiant
Doesn’t work
The free app worked fine, but this one doesn’t. I’m using on an Ipad Air 2. The last letter of the top row wont go up to it’s spot. Disappointed because I just waisted money...
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4 years ago, Djmcclanahan
Love it
Please add some Spanish puzzles.
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13 years ago, Selune13
Fun, but additional puzzles are cost prohibitive.
The execution of the game is near flawless. Being able to either type the tiles in or drag them is great. Tiles are easy to read and place. Love the quotations, jokes, etc. There isn't much not to love about this game.......except the price of additional puzzles. I can fly through these pretty fast, and .99 for each additional page of puzzles won't have me running to the iTunes store. Also, it would be nice to have the option to set up additional users and to clear out entire sets of puzzles (although if you just added additional user feature, this wouldn't be an issue. Overall, I love the game, but maybe release five sheets for .99. That would be much more reasonable.
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14 years ago, musestreet
Good times
I am almost done with all the puzzles, and I have greatly enjoyed the many hours I've spent with this game. If you are a quotation fan, you'll probably find that you can solve the more common puzzles with ease since you have seen them before, but rest assured there are some tricky ones too. A few puzzles were repeated by mistake - would like this fixed in the future, but not worth dropping a star on such a good game. Would also like quote attributions after completion for my own education/amusement. Really hoping for more puzzles, either as free updates or for purchase. I'll be waiting!
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14 years ago, JHerlocker
My wife & I LOVE this game
My wife & I play this while waiting in line, before the movie starts, on the plane, wherever. Only complaint: the small letters take practice to learn to maneuver correctly. Sometimes it's easier to tap a letter at the bottom (to make it float to the top empty position) then move it from there. Our other problem: at some point we'll run out of Topple puzzles! Even 288 is not enough! Sean, we'd pay for more, so this could be your opportunity to sell expansion packs.
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14 years ago, DemonicPumpkins
Great game but needs more
Very addictive game but needs a timer, score, and achievements. Also needs to fix the repeating puzzles which really diminish the games playability. Also an option to change the background, tiles, and have an account so other players can play. Perhaps an option to erase all of the solved puzzles too for replay value. Maybe a hard level where the letters are not in line with the spaces. Thanks for taking many hours of my life!
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12 years ago, RowanLuis
Great, but...
I really enjoy this game. It's all of "Wheel of Fortune" without the cheesy, campy drivel. The "but..." part of my comments is born of my frustration in that they offer no "single letter hint" option if you get stuck on a puzzle. What gives, guys? Give us a hint option instead of just having to surrender. An added touch would be the ability to shuffle the fallen letters, much like you can shuffle the tiles on a Scrabble game. The first is a must for a five-star rating... The secondary idea would just be icing on the cake!
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14 years ago, mallorysd
Must have for word puzzle silvers
Ok, at first this game annoyed me because the letters don't lock into place when you put them in the boxes. But then I realized, where is the challenge in the guessing? Only when you solve the puzzle yourself is this great fun. For Dell and penny press game magazine lovers, it's a must have! Like quote falls. Fabulous concept, great and fair price. Will surely be up there with all the top games for iPad. Well done on this one. M.
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13 years ago, Edawg311
Great game but some suggestions
Great game very addicting! I would make a couple suggestions though. One make it game center enabled or something so if you try the free version and get into it then those games that you have completed transfer so you don't have to do them again. Two, more levels with full purchase and make it a little more expensive to support that increase.
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12 years ago, one upgrade
Good Game, but one upgrade I would like
I bought this game a while ago and I have bought all the games groups available and completed them all. I would like it if I had some way of clearing out the checks in the groups so that I can replay all the puzzles in the group and not have to keep telling it that I want to 'Play again' for each one. New groups of new puzzles would be nice also.
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14 years ago, frankfromnj
Good but not great
Debberkay2u: the problem isn't joke #26, the problem is your solution is not correct. Go back to the drawing board because you're almost there. Think about it though. Does it even make sense for it to say "The snowman says to the owner?" I'll give you a hint. THE is not correct. Fun game but the design is kind of boring and a hint feature would be nice once in a while. It would be nice if more thought went into how the letters were lined up too in some puzzles.
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9 years ago, mberendsen
Fun, but new version lost a useful feature.
I enjoy this game, but was quite disappointed that it no longer restores a puzzle in progress. Before the update, I could replay old puzzles without finishing them and upon re-opening the app, my unfinished puzzle would display. It is discouraging to finish half of a puzzle, then lose it all when exiting the app.
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13 years ago, Missa Me
Lost paid packages
My app was uninstalled by accident and when I reinstalled it all my puzzle packs I paid for were not there. Showing I had to pay for them again. Can you please help with this so I can get them back. And also can you make so that if we want to reset the game it can be done. Thank you.
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14 years ago, jgro1986
Pricing of in App add ons is very high
I don't understand the strategy of pricing the add-ons at significantly higher rates than the original puzzle. You get 5 screens for $2 in the original game, but they want $1 for each additional screen? They should have bundled pricing for these add-ons - I'd pay another $2 for 5 more screens, but as priced, the value just isn't there. I'll pass on these. Come out with some bundled pricing in 1.4 and you'll have a customer back.
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13 years ago, Babchi
Not as easy as you might think!
Once I figured out that the letters only went straight up I was addicted! This keeps my mind busy, which is what the doctors are suggesting we do to stay sharp minded. One suggestion...drop the blue "great job" box lower so it doesn't block part of the answer at the end of each puzzle. Thanks!
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12 years ago, StitcherIam
Really love this game but agree about extra costs
I don't mind apps that have SOME additional costs for extra chapters... But this game is over the edge I. Charging for every additional page. They really ought to group the additional pages - say, charge .99 for 10 additional pages instead of just one. There are a lot of people that would pay an additional few dollars this way, but won't pay .99 separately - DO THE MATH DEVELOPERS!!
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14 years ago, Jena82388
Great game. Very addicting! Frustrating at times, but nit to the point where you want to quit and forget about the app. I would have given it five stars but there needs to be some sort of answer or hint option. Especially for puzzle 41!! Any help???
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14 years ago, Debberkay2u
Great game!
My hubby and I love it, however, on Jokes, number 26 puzzle there is a letter missing and you can't solve the puzzle. You guys try it and see if I missed something somewhere. It is as follows,,,,,,the snowman says to the ooner (yep, there's the problem) there is no "w" to make the word owner. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
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13 years ago, Remoh Cuz
Fun Game
Simple concept that requires thought to play; intuitive controls; game saves even when midway thru a puzzle. Though more puzzles from in-app purchase are expensive, I bought them & found them harder than original puzzles. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Topple.
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13 years ago, Artanimal
Favorite word game!!
MORE, MORE, MORE!! Looove this game, but have now done almost all the 960 available puzzles and crave more!! If you like clever word games, enjoy quotations, and love getting inside the English language in a fun way, jump on this and the in-app additions. PLEASE offer more quotes -- i'll be first in line to buy!!
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12 years ago, Kar9904
Lots of fun!
This is my latest app addiction. It's challenging, but not so challenging that it's frustrating. The additional pages of puzzles are way too pricy though. I will not purchase those unless they get bundled. Wish there was a hint button. Otherwise highly recommended if you like word puzzles!!
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12 years ago, shesfancy
I love this game but...
You have to pay for each category. That adds up quick. I downloaded it for free and enjoyed playing the free categories. I will not pay for each additional category though. If you lump it into one lower price then I would consider purchasing it.
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14 years ago, Maikaddy
I just got this app and I think it's quite fun. I don't have complaints necessarily... four stars because I would like to see stats! Times and averages would be sweet! And new puzzles would be awesome too :) Other than that... well worth the very reasonable price!
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14 years ago, GJM999
Great game
I give this five stars. I loved it! The only problem I have is that I have completed all of the puzzles and would like the option to get extra puzzle packs. When will that happen? Sooooooon.
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14 years ago, Sloaniee
Love it!
Love love love this game! The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because I wish it had a hint or answer feature. I'm stuck on a few puzzles and I just can't figure them out! Otherwise this game is amazing!!!
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13 years ago, Salbatcat
Great Game, But....
This is fun to do, you get many games with the first installation. But after that, each additional game board is $1.00, which seams cheap enough, but can add up quickly. I would buy more if they offered many more game pages with the purchase, but a buck a page....too much.
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13 years ago, WackaDoo_99
I have over 100 game apps, I spend more time on this one than any other. Yes, it cost .99 for 48 puzzles, but worth it. I was just on a plane, in the middle seat for 2hrs, and 2 seatmates played with me the whole way. I need more puzzles!
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14 years ago, F&K
Awesome word game for whole family. Combines puzzle playing skills as well as word formation Hope you come out with a topple 2 soon, We are running out of puzzle levels.
Show more
14 years ago, CrookedCat
Ready for more puzzles.
Great game. I've completed all but 6 or 7. I re-try them a couple times a day determined to get closure. Please let us know if more puzzles are coming.
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14 years ago, Shijuro
Challenging and fast, a single puzzle can sometimes be solved in under a minute. Perfect for a quick bit of fun. Great selection of quips and quotations, too.
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12 years ago, LeisureLane
Amazing & expensive
I love this game! It makes you think in different ways and the sayings are a treasure too. Buying extra puzzles is way too expensive. Please bundle 3-5 sets together for the $1!!!!
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14 years ago, Kalan7798
Great word game!
This looks like a beautiful board game with wooden letter tiles. It reminds me of Wheel of Fortune, except this game provides the correct letters. There are over two hundred quotations, so it will give you hours of fun! I love it!
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9 years ago, Bopee12
Sound problem
Love the game, but the sound effects keep cutting out on my iPad Air. I have to reboot in order to get them back, but that only helps for awhile.
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14 years ago, Gbug7
Love it ;o)
I can't get enough of this game! I enjoy it so much. Please add more puzzles. I bought it hoping that it would have more updates. A must have!! More puzzles please....
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14 years ago, lmarsmom
Almost 5 stars...
Update please!! Needs hints and answer option...timer option and score would be nice too...then you have a 5 star game!!
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13 years ago, Ashland2011
New puzzles please
I have completed the puzzles you have and need more. When are you going to add more?
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14 years ago, Aroh18
Addicting Game
It's one of the most addicting games I've ever downloaded. And today I just got 48 new puzzles with the latest update. Just great.
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12 years ago, DragonDDH
Fixed and loving it
New update fixed the problem. It is working and is so much fun
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13 years ago, Simi Girl
I LOVE this game but if you paid $2 for it the game, it's fair to charge more. Other games like Angry Birds don't charge for new levels. They just add them to their updates. I would of given this game 5 stars if they didn't charge for the additional games.
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12 years ago, Player1153
Working again!
Fixed! New update works!
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