Topside Federal Credit Union

4.2 (347)
44 MB
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Current version
Topside Federal Credit Union
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Topside Federal Credit Union

4.16 out of 5
347 Ratings
4 years ago, Mclark6991
App review
The app returns to the login screen 1-2 times when I try to log in, but does not indicate that I have entered my login information incorrectly. This happens on my iPhone and iPad. When I bank with one of our accounts, the account information does not update per each transaction, and is delayed my several minutes. The other account seems to work as expected, the account information updates per each transaction.
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5 months ago, Itis Me Miname
Topside mobile app
1. movement to different screens requires excessive number of clicks. E.g., to move from checking/draft to savings/prime requires you first return to Home Screen before proceeding to the desired screen. 2. logout requires extra screen moves. E.g., after clicking “menu”, must scroll to bottom of list. This should be more accessible by placing it nearer the top & possibly on the master template for the website. Thus it would be immediately available from any page. 3. excessive number of login credentials are required (which could be reduced). E.g., if an individual has a trust account & an LLC account, it requires 3 separate logins. This lends itself to more tracking to maintain the various logins. For example, Wells Fargo site allows a login per individual. From the login, the individual can manage each account by selecting the account from a pull down box located at the top of the current account being viewed. Thus (as an illustration) the pull down menu consists of: Individual checking Individual saving Trust checking Trust saving LLC checking LLC saving Thereby, each account is more readily available to the member. Or in other words, it is more user friendly. Topside app has only minimum user friendly features.
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3 years ago, OUC Mac
Very useful App
Use the Topside Mobile App almost exclusively. Have on incurred one issue and that was when making a payment to loan. Would have been nice to just transfer funds from my account to the loan account via the transfer at lower screen vice having to go through the drop down menu.
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3 years ago, Washburns3
Love the mobile app
First off I love NSWC Topside! I had this bank over 11 years+ and I have always loved the customer service and the access I have to my account on the mobile app. I can look at my transactions, transfer money and even talk to my bank if I need to. Highly recommend the bank and the app! Keep up the great work!! :D
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8 months ago, computer1896
User Friendly
The app is getting better and better, very user friendly everything is in the right spots and easy to find, love the monthly check ups for 2 factor authentication to make sure the device is registered. Great app with amazing interface
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10 months ago, 5Reaper2
Pretty good
The only problems I seem to have are with the mobile check cashing. Sometimes it forces me to write “for mobile deposit to topside” and sometimes it won’t accept it when I write it.
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3 years ago, Wanda Singing Wind
Customer Service
Customer service at Topside is exceptional. The online banking has been very beneficial during these crazy times. Topside is willingly available if have any online issues. I highly recommend this institution to everyone.
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1 year ago, oombazoomba
Topside FCU Ratings
I think this app is easy to use and straightforward. I have had some stolen identities twice in his many years and Topside has been very good at climbing back my money, which is important because I live on disability and I’m often too sick to fight. For myself.
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5 years ago, HokieRoaster
Easy and super fast
I can’t say that I use all of the available features in NSWC online banking, but the Bill Pay, Funds Transfer, and Mobile Deposit have made my life much easier and LESS complicated. I’ve been with NSWC for almost 20 years and STILL recommend it to all my friends.
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12 months ago, Buc N
I have an account here for over 30-years but no longer live anywhere near by and the app make it simple for me to maintain my balance, transfer money and just be comfortable with where my money is located
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4 years ago, Gift list disappointment
Face ID login.
Almost every time I log in with face if I get an error snd have to redo. In the background the second attempt I see my info but there is still a half screen error. I X out of error and can then do my online banking. Very annoying.
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3 years ago, TCNITRO58
Everything I need at my fingertips
What else can I say. This app does everything I need. Kind of miss the people at the credit union, because I rarely need to go to the branch. That says a lot. 5 stars
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1 year ago, P;>
Mobile deposit?
Had some problems with making mobile deposit even after representative walked me through steps to set up. Otherwise, nice app.
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12 months ago, Bigpapaj85
Good banking app
Have been with Topside since it 2007. The app has gotten to great point handles everything well. No real issues with the app locking or glitching like my other bank app does routinely.
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1 year ago, LinyPR
Nice app
I can see my accounts and handle them easily. Can be glitchy at times but most of the times works just fine.
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4 years ago, fhrudbdbfufnd
Not working
The app was working fine, until just recently it’s having me login twice, and it’s not loading my account information, the account balances they do have is wrong... idk if it’s a glitch in the app... I looked and there no more updates... hopefully be fixed soon
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5 years ago, Dardenmc
Latest update really slowed app down
The latest update really slow it down You have to wait 30 seconds for it to load transactions or bill pay. Please fix it was a great app
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5 years ago, terrible horible app
Mobile app
Your mobile app is terrible. I’m always getting locked out constantly having to call to be unlocked. The app should automatically recognize my finger print. It doesn’t I have to click on it every time. The app should safe, quick and easy to to use. It is far from it. I gave two other banks / credit unions I use and never have issues with their apps.
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4 years ago, Paul Maneer
It works
I have an iPad and a Note 8. Why is it that I have to register each device every time I use either one? I would think once registered the bank would understand that hey this device is ok, and not ask me to reregister every time. It is a PITA. Other than that the app works like it should.
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1 year ago, vda321
Barely functional
Not a big fan of banking with topside but as far as the app goes, I can’t see account and routing number for each account so I need to call to access it and when I call they give me the wrong info. Trying to convince my husband to change credit unions.
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1 year ago, Lupangu
Buggy But Usable
When I don't close the app after using and then go to log back in, I can see the last page I was on just fine, but going back logs me out. I have to close the app and then log back in to avoid it booting me when moving between account summaries.
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1 year ago, wubwub
Great banking app
Been using it for years and never have had a problem. Solid and reliable.
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4 years ago, dwip4
Great App
Works well. I’ve used it since it was first released, and it never gave me any problems. Nice to be able to reach my account on either a PC or iPad. Thoroughly recommend it.
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4 months ago, Sammy Harmoush
New Device!?
The App keeps asking to register new Device which is my IPhone that I registered numerous Times before!?
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3 years ago, long time happy member
Very easy to see what and where you need. A lot of easy to use commands, especially lit online bill pay and mobile deposit.
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2 weeks ago, imjustara
Easy to use
Love the electronic check depositing. We don’t live local so we can do a lot with the app. Love how I can link accounts for my kids too!!
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3 years ago, Dub504
App Crashes
The app keep crashing have to delete and reinstall app for to work. Been doing this for a few days now. Please fix?
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4 years ago, Khoag002
Update to Topside
Ever since the app was updated with the Topside stuff, the app has been slower to load and requires my log in ID multiple times before it will let me in, sometimes not letting me in at all. Not sure why. Everything else is wonderful, though!
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4 years ago, pistonfreak987
Love the app and love the Update
Recently my Credit Union changed their name and updated the app to reflect it. Love the new look and it works great always! Great job, thank you for all that you do!
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5 years ago, KarenZ01
Easy to navigate
I like using the Credit Union app because it is quick and easy to get on and see all of my accounts.
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8 months ago, Small town Cutie
Easy to use
We love the mobile deposit option...Otherwise a great app.
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3 weeks ago, jsbryan
Long time member
I’m happy to stay with Topside FCU even though I moved away from the area. Benefits outweigh the inconvenience of not having a local branch in Richmond area.
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4 years ago, Sully & Petey
Easy to use
I only wish the calculator feature was still available. Otherwise, this is a great app.
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3 weeks ago, D.K.Pistol
Daniel Preston
This has been a pleasure to work with for 15+ years and I want to thank you for all you have done!
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4 months ago, shiafrank
App is convenient and easy to use. Most of what you need taken care of can be done on the App!!
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4 years ago, M&S Dixon
Poor service
Since the app was converted to Topside I am required to log in twice to get to not the app. Also, several time while in the app I have been kicked out requiring me to log back in. My wife and daughter also use the app and have experienced the same problems.
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2 months ago, jeanieab
Great as long as it keeps working with no issues!
Apps like this are so good as long as it keeps working!
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3 years ago, JM😼
Not good but not bad
Ive seen worse banking apps but yall need to make it easier to make a payments. I still havent figured out how to make a payment and i still havent got a message back on where i could send a check to.
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2 weeks ago, Kim9598
Easy to use
This app is very easy to use. I would recommend it.
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1 year ago, Cnearmy
Quick and easy online banking.
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6 months ago, AP Cal
Ease of Use
I can maneuver through it very well and it’s easy to find the help needed.
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5 years ago, Studly Field Mouse
Basically good app but room for improvement
Are use it all the time in the basic functions are very dependable, but navigating to do exactly what you want is not terribly clear. The language in the descriptive buttons needs to be cleaned up
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6 months ago, zekefarsiguy
Very useful banking app
A very useful banking app, it does all that I need other than withdrawing physical cash!
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4 years ago, ljpw816
Glitchy since update
Since the update and name change the app has been incredibly glitchy preventing me from being able to see my accounts. I can only see balances not the details of the accounts. Very frustrating.
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2 months ago, J m Carson
Good app
Very useful app, ability to navigate most times
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4 years ago, USNMustang
Crashing since ‘name change’ update
Ever since the name change update, the app crashes on startup. Have to close and reopen to get it to work. Used to be very reliable, but not anymore.
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7 days ago, Lody Lo
No issues and very easy to use.
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4 years ago, NSWC FCU
Takes two tries just to log on
Once you are recognized it will act like it is logging you in but brings you right back to the home screen. Once you log in for the second time then you can view your accounts. Never fails, always have to log in twice!
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1 year ago, Tiredofwritingreviews
Great bank!
Online services are almost immediate - and accurate. Thanks!
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3 years ago, JKBinVa
Good app
Fixed the early problems after name change. Now app is stable and nice to use
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