TOR Browser: OrNET Onion + VPN

4.5 (36.5K)
196.4 MB
Age rating
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4 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for TOR Browser: OrNET Onion + VPN

4.52 out of 5
36.5K Ratings
3 months ago, linadio
Good for Suppressed Information
Very often, on a regular browser, the search results your looking for are hidden for surface level browsing. Less commercially driven, more independent informational sites are almost non-existent on normal engine & browser results , and it’s not because of the variance in the browsers. When using Tor, sometimes you will find exactly what your looking for, and you will wish you didn’t start using it sooner. It’s pretty evident that there’s a lot of harmful dissuasive information to drive people away from using tor specifically for this reason. All those story’s give people the wrong idea about this tool, and they don’t understand the power Tor offers. Obviously there is problems with both sides, but the positivity of Tor, outside of the anonymity purposes, needs to be acknowledged more.
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1 year ago, Alex ATL
Best (Free) TOR Browser with VPN
I’ve downloaded several TOR browsers and free VPN apps, and by far this combined all-in-one service by OrNET is the best I’ve found. It works for both mobile and desktops. It’s definitely the fastest one I’ve used. The only issue is that you can’t select a specific server location for VPN (I prefer to use ones outside my home country) unless you use the paid service. I had the paid service for a while previously but let it expire as I wasn’t browsing as much for a while, but I need to set it up again. It was worth it. In the browser settings menu, right at the there is a prominent and easy toggle off/on button for Java Script when you need to disable that for Security (very intuitive design). Overall it’s a great Onion browser to browse the DWeb.
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3 years ago, M.heyatzadeh
Best TOR Browser
This is hands down the best TOR Browser and VPN provider that I came across. The free proxy inside Browser and also the VPN are fast and reliable. I’m so satisfied that I’ve considered to order a yearly subscription. Keep up the great work. I have a suggestion though: please add an option that turns off the Adblocking or other similar functions because they may hinder the functionality of some websites like Google or Facebook. For example with the current browser settings I can’t log into my Google or Facebook account.
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1 year ago, SirScript1104
I want to thank TOR and it’s associates!
Hello , my review is going to be all positive and rightfully so . I am not a computer expert and in fact, don’t really know much about them . Indeed, I am the last person you would expect to be out browsing around the deep dark web . Thanks to Tor and it’s associates that is where you can find me today ! There designs work for simple people like me and they work great ! Once again , thank you and now I have something exciting to do !!! Lol
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1 month ago, 鸡很大很牛逼很粗
It’s very good!
This is my new phone and I’m not going anywhere else I can go with my family if you don’t mind if you don’t get back from me if I can make sure it doesn’t work and then you don’t want me to come in for you to go to the house and I will do the laundry and stuff like I have a couple hours of sleep I!
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10 months ago, Americanblue22
Lied and false advertisement to buy
I just bought this and was lied I’m a new client and they have different prices i bought the yearly and i paid the 34 because of it saying new and that means i get everything because it was all new and in order to get the speed boost i had to pay so i did and still got screwed because i get the Same thing as if its free like i already have i click on it and it says pay 69 when i just paid 34 so i should be eligible for everything NOW you would think… I’m requesting my money back dont pay for this a waste of money stick with the free one its all the same even when u pay… a MAD CUSTOMER
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1 year ago, ninjakidgaming8285
It improved a lot
Alright I am clarifying that this is a actual review. This browser had problems such as not being able to access certain websites my old rating would be three but it’s better now. It would be five stars if you make the sites that you need to check for secure connection the checkmark never loads so I wish that would be fixed but anyways not to bad of a browser.
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11 months ago, somethinorother
“Freemium” scam
I’ve heard the horror stories of Brave and Opera, so I decided to try this at the recommendation of some users off Lemmy…they must’ve been astroturfing because they peddled this as a free, private experience—and they lied. Instead, this is a “freemium” browser—you can use it, but only at the expense of slow speeds and constant self-promotion unless you upgrade—and it ensures that any search or even opening the app is preceded by promoting its own “premium” service that makes it go faster with its own VPN. Guess I’ll keep searching for browsers because the experience is honestly worse than Chrome or Edge. Pathetic.
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10 months ago, FeelingExtorted
Disabled until upgrade begging is finished
On launching the app, a begging message pops up and blocks you from using the app. It wants you to upgrade to the pro version. The message is on a timer that keeps getting longer and longer, disabling the app longer and longer. You either need to upgrade, or endure longer and longer times as punishment for not upgrading. I fully expect the app will become disabled entirely until you give them money. Extortion-lite is not a good motivator. It builds resentment and negative feelings towards the beggars. It’s a short-sighted and greedy practice. Shame.
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6 months ago, susRubbish
Can no longer play media thru app
I can only play media once wether it be a song or a video. After that, the video will turn into a screenshot, the play button will not function nor react to a press. And songs or other kind of content will only play once, making you back out of the page and reload it completely. I’ve used this app for a while but now it’s time to switch to another tor browser, it’s been like this for too long and I can no longer do my research on this app.
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1 year ago, dvdkdkshsntjirtbtj
THIS APP IS EVIL!!!! I didn’t know what i was doing and came across child pornography. I have reported this app and i’m looking to get it banned. I am permanently scarred for life and won’t ever use a tor browser. Please whoever uses this app watch out! I didn’t believe that the dark web could be real but what i saw tonight was very real. It was the worst thing i saw my whole life. Please i’m begging you don’t use this app get a much cleaner vpn. I am in total shock what i saw. My body went cold after i saw what i saw. It brought up child pornography even when i wasn’t looking for it which is terrible. God Bless
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3 months ago, person1079
Not great
Keeps saying errors over and over again, I clear my captcha all the time and keep redownloading but the same error keeps happening “this site can’t be reached” but normally the sites that I can’t go onto normally work and I would like if it was fixed in a way that it won’t do that…I did everything that I could to fix this problem but it keeps saying the same error over and over again. Been using this for a year now and this is very common to happen, if anyone could fix this issue I would love that :).
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8 months ago, PRICKODICKO
Never felt more safe
Many people feel the dark web is full of criminals but i actually feel more safe using Tor then any other web browser on the market. I also get a sense of freedom that you just can’t get anywhere else these days. Thank you Tor !!
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5 months ago, cuzcanbraddaman
I like the idea a lot
Nice layout, seems easy to use, but I have not been able to search the web with the vpn on at all, it’ll send me to bing or duck duck go or any chosen search engine, but it loads the page 85-90% on the top indicator, but the screen stays white. Nothing. Premium trail, I would pay for it if it worked but maybe I’m just missing something. My phone might be too old, (iphone8) or some such. Any feedback would be cool.
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12 months ago, Sam Gore
Very annoying
About every 10 minutes that you are on tor, an ad pops up and covers the screen trying to get you to pay $3.99 a week to become ad free and a few other benefits. If you don’t want to start paying, there is no way to close that ad. It covers the screen and you have to close down the app and reset it to make it go away. You lose whatever you were doing and have to pull it all back up again since there is no search history. Very very frustrating!
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11 months ago, StarSeedOverandOut
As anonymous as it gets
Seeing as to everything is under mass surveillance today wether you have something to hide or not this organization makes me feel like I can make spying 10 percent more difficult which is a win to me courtesy of Edward Snowden of course
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2 years ago, Brycehoo
Seems secure to me
Who hasn’t heard of the dark web by now ? This is the most secure way to browse the dark web if your curious but I wouldn’t engage in any of the activity if I were you in our present state of technology there are ways if one wants to know your identity bad enough
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2 years ago, andysharpie2000
Thanks for the update!
I opened this app (which I’ve been using for the better part of a year) one day and found that the VPN control/ interface had been updated. The VPN connects sooooo much faster now, and is way easier to use. Thanks!
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1 year ago, LucidCypher
Disgusting garbage
When this app says you can search the deep web and the dark web, what it actually means is that it’s going to shove dark web crap in your face. If they really know the difference and are encouraging people to use the dark web, they’re promoting illegal activities, and this needs to be taken down from the App Store. For crying out loud, I wanted a browser to search things privately, not a browser to search things illegally. Avoid at all costs!!
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6 months ago, Jay Wisdom
Twitter Access via Tor Onion Browser
Hi Team, I'm excited to share that I was able to log into Twitter using the Tor onion browser today. Although the experience was glitchy, I'm thrilled to have gained access. I believe this is a significant step forward, and I'm eager to collaborate with you to improve the platform's functionality. If you're interested in working together, I'd be happy to provide screenshots or assist in any way possible. Your efforts are appreciated, and I'm confident that together, we can make a positive impact. Thanks, and have a fantastic day!
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2 years ago, Bealrite32
I’m going to make this simple. If you a great secure connection than Onion is the choice. There is NO guessing whether or not your connection is secure and if you’re gonna have problems with your cell phone,tablet,laptop, or desktop any form of connection you have will be secure. Onion ,go ahead try peeling back the layers.
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7 months ago, KSTANK100
Tjis is so amazingly talented I can’t stop staring! This is so good to see in action with such great work in such detail as this and the work on it by all involved in this project I really love it so far I can’t wait for this to be completed soon thank you
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12 months ago, Joshuaha81
Tor browser
So I have a few mixed thoughts on this. First off, it is a secure browser. But something I don’t like about it is that ieliegal things like child pornography pop up all the time. Another thing is is that someone who is looking at cp or anything else their ip can get directed to you. 4/5 stars
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12 months ago, CrunchyCuh
Amazing app
In my opinion this is easily the best option for any kind of privacy. The browser is nice and the built in vpn is just perfect. I’ve had no problems with the app and it’s done a lot for me.
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2 years ago, Bibbittybopman
Favorite browser.
This app is my favorite browser. It’s generally very reliable. However it tends to favor bugs and crashes. It likes to boot me out the app and shut down. Then you can’t open app again for days. This isn’t good, and it’s frustrating. But that’s my only complaint. Other than that this app is tops.
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6 months ago, El Flaquito1107
Really good but still beware.
Really good app if you want to access certain sites and get access to certain things. But beware that you are still on the clear net for the most part even with the vpn cause of your cellular data.
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9 months ago, Boonchai24
Gets the job done
If your looking to just cover your tracks or not let a gambling site know your from Washington
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3 years ago, McMunkus
What you’re saying sounds good🤷🏻‍♂️
Would’ve been a 5 if I had anything close to a clue about how these systems operate. Might as well be casting spells and calling it magic👻. And I’d be like like a 🤡 and say “for real?”. Then you’d say “why would in lie?”. And I say “hmm, oook!!! I knew it was real”. But it certainly sounds good so 4/5.
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2 years ago, LucyBurns2150
Hoping for more
I really want to use TOR but It’s not working for me. Whenever I try to use a secure browser, it does a bot check and won’t stop. It just keeps going over the check, again and again. If I do actually get through the check., it won’t load whole pages. It’s just not working.
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4 months ago, WHAT IS THIShrorhskdhd
This is the third time I have used this browser and on the list of popular sites, I came across a “Torch” link. I clicked it and instantly saw some absolutely awful things. There is child pornography, human trafficking, illegal drugs, hitman lists, and worse. Services like this need to be illegal and this app and other apps like it need to be removed. Please do not install this app for any reason.
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1 month ago, Roromain11
Very much pleased
Recently I made a purchase from this business, and I am extremely satisfied with the entire process.
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5 months ago, Luvwife
Tor Browser
It’s amazing if you have people that hack your phone using this will help keep your information secure and safe
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9 months ago, US_Citizen1948
Evil App
Unfortunately, in our modern age, we have access to things we shouldn’t. While I do like privacy, I’m not interested in doing things illegal and this app makes it too easy to find things that are illegal and Evil. I believe that it’s not just this app, but others similar to it. As a society, we need more restrictions on things that are destructive to families and are despicable.
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3 years ago, GarlikSweden
Its all about money
Just downloaded the browser and its asking me to buy the paid version: 3 days for free then they start charging! Its a bit strange that they ask to pay without any try. This makes me doubt about "safety" and "anonymity" they pretend to offer...
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3 years ago, thalo_52
Not complete with older iPads
Does not show browser controls (forward/back buttons, settings, and other options) with 12.5.5 version on iPad Air. Can still search and type. Will try on other iPad (6th gen),
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10 months ago, localarabs
I recommend this browser
I came across this app so wanted to give it a try and I would say great job on the app! hope people in the future will use this
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2 years ago, The Eagle Patriot
Stop the ad!
This browser is incredible and all but can you get rid of the ad right at the start of using the app? It makes the app take way too long to get into and is extremely annoying.
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8 months ago, latuacantanta21
Bugs with Twitter
The broswer won’t let me click on and save a photo to my photos on my phone. The entire app just force quits on me
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6 months ago, PassionFruitOneTime
Load page times
Load times are slow for the pages. Speed up the load times.
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2 years ago, 12141986
Amazing collection community
Best way to make sure all my family isn’t up to anything suspicious. Thank you guys for the help really appreciate it.
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1 year ago, Dre or Baldheaded Dre
Tor review
I’ve had a issue with cops using stingray to spy on me and they’ve been. Letting a bum squatter who’s breached my home and hides in a hidden place while trying to hack. My data. I’m hoping this measure will help or eliminate their ability to intrude on my privacy without warrant.
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3 years ago, jimmie woooo
Love you all
I think this is the absolute best ever!!thank you kindly to a better and secure network this is true privacy!!Thank you again
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5 months ago, MGM Painter
Tor Browser
The only place I feel secure browsing, let’s face it everyone keeps track of you, Tor allows the most freedom!
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2 years ago, okn6
Does anyone know how to get into the page shown in the second picture?
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1 year ago, Geistropod
Good for the first like 2 weeks
I’ve been using this since about late October and after the first 2 or so weeks of using this the vpn as basically started refusing to work or turn on. It loads extremely slow or not at all, when it was working tho it was a very good vpn
Show more
1 month ago, AlpineSweet
Great app!
This app is easy to use and it hides your address… Tor Browser, the one that I like the best. Roses are red and violets are blue, I bet I’m still using this app, you should too! 🌸
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5 months ago, VicLC22
This app contains illegal content
Bumped in gore I’ve never had this issue with chrome stay away from it
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1 year ago, Zelda's blade270
History issue
The app works fantastic and smoothly BUT it’s very difficult to clear the search history and suggestions without uninstalling the app. For a privacy based app this isn’t very secure
Show more
1 year ago, jb814161
With constant now it works now it don’t now it does format like has bn created here it very much frustrates me to serve the web just fine then all of a sudden nothing can load the app crashes I can’t in good faith rate higher until something anything can be done
Show more
8 months ago, NoobVonteReview
I wouldn’t download again!
The app is filled with illegal activities and I wouldn’t recommend anyone access it! You can search for one thing and it will always recommend something sinister. Google chrome or safari is better than this browser, download at your own risk!
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