Total Connect 2.0

4.6 (245.8K)
179.8 MB
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Current version
Resideo Technologies, Inc.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Total Connect 2.0

4.63 out of 5
245.8K Ratings
2 years ago, RFreeman779
Fine, but…..
The alarm system and app basically get four stars but I have to, for my own peace of mind, give the overall rating of just one star. Nothing ticks me off more than designed incompatibility and unreasonably high prices. I have two Ring doorbells and a number of other cameras both inside and outside of the house. there is no reason, with the exception of a Honeywell wanting to sell over priced cameras, that compatibility with other video cameras couldn’t be built in to the Lynx Touch, especially compatibility with the Ring doorbell system. Ring is the undisputed leader in video doorbells and will always be better than any such system that Honeywell would make available. for those of us who have already invested in video security system and now have Honeywell, please don’t think that we’re all going to drop our current system I have cameras to take advantage of the additional features of the Lynx Touch. incidentally, I just upgraded from a Honeywell lynx plus system that I had installed over 11 years ago, and have been buying video security cameras since long before the Lynx touch was released.
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6 years ago, Mr Fire Man
I had this system installed in my home a couple years ago. We have two tuxedo touch keypad’s, thermostat, 4 cameras, and automated front door deadbolt, water sensors connected to my sump pumps. We have a bunch of lights and outlets connected to the system through Z wave technology. I’ve never seen a better system out there that doesn’t rely on your Wi-Fi is this is using a cellular radio so even when all the power goes out in the area our home and still protected unlike some of these do it yourself Systems you see on TV. I would recommend this to anybody because it’s amazing even the garage doors connected to it. We have what’s called a seen set up called going to bed that we click one button and it will go and close the garage door if it isn’t already, lock the front door, shut off a bunch of the lights including the outdoor lights, lower the temperature on the thermostat and armoire system. You cannot get all those features in one app with these do it yourself commercials we see so if anybody wants a real security system that is really going to work in the event of an emergency I would go with this one. Even all of the smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors in the home are connected to it so I know when the middle of the night if something happens emergency help is on the way and all four of my kids and my wife are protected.
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3 years ago, Kensingtonuser
Bad user interface and worse functionality
From 2021: still terrible. The same problems with functionality persist two years after my first review. Now even worse. The programmed events do not work. I have programmed a Monday through Friday open/close schedule. Every Wednesday at 1pm the system moves the temperature to the “off” hours temperature so into he winter we get cold and the summer we are burning up and have to go manually adjust the thermostats. Most days the program does. It turn on in the mornings. In the summer not a big deal, the AC catches up fast, but in the winter, my business is cold for two hours if I do not remember to raise the heat from the app while I’m still at home. My contractor that installed the product has been unable to figure out the problem. Totally unacceptable. I am building a second office and have instructed the contractor that we will not be using this product! From 2018: I have used this app for over a year and a half for my business. When controlling the HVAC it won’t accept a change in temp or fan setting on the first try. It has always required a second change before actually updating. The scheduling options are limited and time consuming to edit. The “circ” setting on the compatible wall mount control panel is not available in the programming options. I thought there would be an update to address this but still having the same issues I’ve had since day 1.
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5 years ago, Dunket123
Extremely not happy customer
I have had the alarm system for abt 3 yrs now. The alarm part works fine. The camera they could never get to work.. could not connect to my Wifi for some reason. The first attempt to get a camera was abt a year ago, I believe.. they took the camera back down and took it with them.. due to not being able to connect camera to my WiFi. Mind u, my WiFi works perfectly fine with every other wireless product I have had.. so I thought I’d give it another try and called them back out to try to install another camera before I was to leave for out of state for 10 days.. I’m goin to cut to the chase.. once again they couldn’t connect to WiFi and blamed it on att.. so att gave me new router and said everything looked good and in working order. Tried to get a tech back before leaving for vaca and after 2 hrs on phone and climbing up and down ladder trying things the guy on the phone was having me try, I asked to speak with a supervisor.. They could not get tech there before I was to depart so I argued to let me out of contract so I could go elsewhere and they refused..and needless to say, myhouse was robbed and glass sliding door busted out while I was gone. Would have been nice to have a camera working.. I’m still contemplating taking my police report and suing them for the price to replace door ( which I obviously had to do immediately upon arriving home) and my stolen property.. I definitely would NOT recommend amp or total connect.
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1 year ago, CK Input
Ready to arm
Hello , I’m a user and installer and curious if it’s on the horizon to have on the main security screen GUI have the ability to show and say “ READY TO ARM” when nothing faulted. And with out having to goto the keypad. Also some thing when a zone is faulted. Would be nice if it says “NOT READY” This would make things faster for users to determine if it’s ready to arm from the main GUI , with out going to keypad. I’m aware you can see if a zone is faulted by looking at the sensor icon but clients always miss that. And constantly are having to wait to see what’s open by the automation sending them to sensors. It’s just a thought and curious and there maybe a reason why this hasn’t been implemented. Any way you guys have worked hard and the results are fantastic. Keep up the great work and lol forward to hearing back. Also recently I have an issues were troubles don’t clear in the app. When it’s cleared in the panel. Thanks again.
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2 years ago, mjmacinhack
Hire New Developers
Every new version of this app is better than the next one. In other words, it just keeps getting worse. Sensor bypassing used to be simple, intuitive, and right on the home screen on iPad. Now you have to go to a separate screen and even after bypassing sensors it is hard to tell if they are actually bypassed. How hard is that to get right? I would recommend working on connectivity issues which have plagued this app from the start rather than “tweaking” the UI which these current developers clearly understand little about. This app should be simple and intuitive to use and with rock solid connectivity. Currently it has neither. I paid hundreds of dollars for the hardware and am wondering if I will have to do that again with a different vendor just to get a decent iPhone / iPad app to control it? Come on Honeywell, hire some decent software developers! Update - this app has become unusable and rarely is able to connect to the panel anymore... Zone Data Error... Cannot Connect To Panel At This Time... This Junk DOES NOT WORK AT ALL ANYMORE!!! PERIOD!!! How hard is this to do Honeywell??? Hire some competent developers and fire the clowns that ruined this rather simple to do app. I am going to have to switch vendors for my security system ... I am paying for this!!!
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6 months ago, SimsLn8384
Camera is Unavailable ALOT
TC deserves zero (0) stars. Don’t kno if its an iPhone thing but I hope to God that nothing ever happens at my house because these cameras won’t warn me, help protect me or show evidence because they’re always unavailable. If u turn on notifications you’ll get one for ever visitor but also every car that drives by, every bicycle that goes by, every car started, school bus pulling off at the corner and I don’t live on the corner, every hammer that hits a nail to hang a sign across the street. You get one for every bird that chirps, bass from a car in the distance, boom from military trainings, a conversation next door, and any other noise u can think of. You can’t control the level of notifications. You get them all or u get none. Like if my neighbor across the street coughs I don’t need to kno and it’s a pretty good distance from her porch to mine. If their on I get a notification every 5 minutes all day. Then I click on it and the clip and live is unavailable. I’d pay for Ring or something better but I’m I someone else’s house. My family member is wasting their money and has been for many years now. This camera system and doorbell camera system is complete garbage.
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3 years ago, Asst Village Idiot
Doesn’t update I. Real-time, has minutes-long lag
It’s especially bad with Lyric thermostats that have been added as additional devices in the app. If I change the temperature anywhere else, whether on the thermostat itself or on Honeywell Home app or HomeKit app, this app will not update the temperature for minutes after. Even if the change is on this app itself, it still lags. I opened this app and canceled a temperature hold, and it said that it was resuming the schedule but it wouldn’t update the temperature to reflect the temperature in the schedule, despite that it did update in Honeywell Home and HomeKit. At least with the security panel you have the option to force sync it, because it lags with the security panel it was primarily designed for also. But it’s supposed to be compatible with Lyric thermostats since they’re part of the same product line but it’s barely compatible and clunky. Crappy app.
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6 years ago, RonM7
Usable, not fully user-friendly or accessible.
TC 2.0 has a host of helpful features. As a user of Voiceover screen-reader on Apple IOS, however, some of the buttons such as disarming and keypad are not labeled. In addition, I noticed the app shows a progress indicator after signing in, such that I am unable to arm the system from the app. This was not and issue with the previous version, but it seems to be now that I am unable to hear and activate the buttons for keypad, sensors, disarm, keypad. this happens randomly at some particular times. The progress indicator either keeps the app busy or masks the icons from voiceover speaking them also, in the my locations tab, it is somewhat difficult to determine via voice over whether the panel synch or user synch was complete. I thought this would resolve progress indicator, however it did not. other than that, the app is very helpful.
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6 years ago, Ross Holcombe
Great app, but Apple Watch crashes make it 2 stars
I use this app on my phone and Apple Watch to arm and disarm my home security system. It works flawlessly on my phone, but the latest version has been very buggy on my watch. The app frequently crashes, times out, or fails to arm the security system. More than 75% of the time I am unable to set the security system from my watch. It used to work flawlessly in previous versions, but after the most recent updates has it started failing more than it works. And this is on a series 3 Apple Watch, the latest hardware. I tried to reach out to customer support to ask about these crashes, but in order to send them an email they require you to opt in to future marketing communications. I guess it’s not that big a deal to click “unsubscribe” once I start getting them, but it’s still pretty scummy that they can’t reply to my email without also making me consent to getting marketing communications at the same time. I hope that this app is fixed for my Apple Watch in future updates. Until then, it’s basically unusable on the watch for me.
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4 months ago, stowers aka BLove
The worst Customer Service and Salesman lied.
Can you believe that this company is all about collecting checks by any means necessary. The salesman used my wife’s credit she never wanted this company. I told her to trust me. We can get it fixed. They never took it from her name to my name. I was the one that called met the salesman little did I k w that would be the last time I would see this guy. The third party technician the installer was not telling me that this company sucked all he said is they cut me a check for my installs. I should have been more alert and maybe asked more questions. But I hate blaming myself for other people that are currupt. The salesman was there really to close this card scamming. Not realizing it was in my wife’s name. I signed and off he went never to be heard from again. 15 texts with no reply I felt uneasy. But when my equipment wasn’t working I got no love at all. I stopped paying the bill and paid off the loan I took out for the cameras that do t work. Frustrated with out security and I’ve had to call the police twice. So do yourself a favor and stay away from this horrible company.
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6 years ago, Ilikenewme
As a new owner, we got an installation for the security panel which stopped working after two weeks. The guy who previously installed it came back and was very nice about the issue and reinstalled a new panel. About a week later, the events to see previous movement from the doorbell doesn’t work. I called to figure out what was the issue and the lady joked on the phone with me talking about how I need a Ring type camera system which I have no idea what she was talking about. Seriously, unprofessional. She stated that the entire issue seems to be down and that they are working on it, however she wasn’t able to assist me since I wasn’t home. I’m patient enough where I can understand issues, however, this is a security company that clearly has made a horrible first impression especially with not having the system for a month and two complications happening. Not only that, I get a representative on the phone joking about me needing a Ring door bell instead. Super inconvenienced, don’t feel like my house is secure, really want to drop them if I can any other issues within the next week.
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1 year ago, DigiPay
Terrible functionality
I have used the TotalConnect apps for many years. They have always been slow, buggy and over-priced. I have lived in this house 12 years and have upgraded my security panel FOUR times and still, I switch a Z-Wave+ device off via the app and there’s maybe a 25% chance it will work — despite it working fine at the panel. Try to run one of their smart scenes, which can only be controlled by the app and not the panel, and 95% of the time the API calls to their servers or the calls back to my panel fail. It’s just flat out ridiculous how unreliable this garbage is. For a small fraction of the price of this security system, and for a small fraction of the monthly service fee, I can secure my entire home and integrate high-quality 2k indoor/outdoor security cameras with Wyze. I can automate everything exactly how I want, they don’t nickel and dime me for every little thing, and every single time I try to use it, it works perfectly. I’ve been using it on the second house for over a year and just love it. Soon I will be ripping out my “old” Lynx Lyric panel and replacing it with Wyze. Good bye, Total Connect 2.0!
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6 years ago, tiquinha
Response time for the app is a bit sluggish. The geofence option for alarm reminder is nice but I frequently find myself 5-7 miles (or ten minutes or so) beyond the limit before it sends a reminder. I guess if I am walking it would be a shorter distance (sarcasm). Update: has been a while since the first review. With the new appearance, I had hoped for better improvement on the geofence. Instead, it seems even less reliable. I would guess the average response time has worsened. I found myself 20-25 minutes outside the fence several times before a response. Once I was more than 20 miles out. Once I didn't receive a response until I reentered and left again. Is this a difficult functionality? Update 2.0. Wow. First time in weeks I suddenly start getting notifications that I left my geofence. Problem is that I left it 45 minutes before and I returned 30 minutes before the notification. So would anyone in the company like to make a comment about how this is being resolved? Because right now, it isn’t giving any advantage to have notifications.
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3 years ago, Mollys Mom 2000
Not happy with this app
I’ve had this app for about 3 years as part of an upgrade to a wireless alarm system. I was told the app would allow me to arm and disarm my alarm in my driveway so I could open and enter the garage door without setting off the alarm. It worked okay off and on, but I haven’t been able to get it to connect to the alarm for several days. The alarm company verified that my system is working fine and they offered to send a technician over to “instruct me on how to use the app” and charge me for doing it. I know how the app should work. I have deleted the app then reinstalled it. Still can’t connect. I rebooted my router and my iPhone. I loaded the app on my iPad. Nothing has helped it connect to my alarm. I just get a message that says “connection timed out” and suggests I check my wifi. My wifi works fine with everything else and I have strong signal everywhere near my house of 15 to 20 Mbps. In the past, the technician blamed Verizon for the problems now they are blaming me. I think its time to find another alarm company that doesn’t use this app.
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4 years ago, H8DUKE
Customer support unresponsive; new app doesn’t allow control of sensors
I upgraded to the new version of the TC 2.0 software. After upgrading, I can obtain a list of all the sensors, but I am unable to activate/bypass any of the sensors, if necessary. I contacted customer support through the app and received a Robo message referring me to the FAQ page. Obviously, if the FAQ page and answered my question, I would not have needed to actually contact “customer support“ to try and obtain a resolution. The only option that you have on the app is the FAQ page, or you can send a text through their app. Despite requesting a phone call to resolve it, I have not received one. I did receive, as part of my Robo response, a suggestion to contact my dealer. I made a point of explaining that I would not incur a site visit fee for a problem that obviously emanates from the app, only to be told by the service personnel that it is an app issue that they do not control. Very disappointing. I would note, that the website still works fine, but what is the point in having an app for convenience if you cannot perform the functions that you want/need to perform?
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4 years ago, 77tiger
Way too finicky!
The thermostats and the VAM (vista automation module) lose their connection Frequently. Trying to set up the VAM is extremely difficult. You need Multiple attempts to find the internet connection and get it to connect. 3 hours the first time! There is no customer service from Honeywell because the alarm system controls the thermostats so I have to have an alarm tech come out for any issues. The website that I can go to to check the connection is so old and the security certificate expired. Not sure why Honeywell can not come up with a better site. The features of the thermostat are limited once it becomes part of the alarm network. Permanent hold is not even an option! They updated the total connect website but they discontinued setting the schedule for the thermostats. Now it has to be done by creating scenes... good luck trying to figure that out! Lucky the app still allows me to program the thermostats following a normal time sequence. Two years of experience with these units and I should have bought another brand of thermostats.
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7 years ago, GM1
Marshall Miller, Canton, Ga
This app is mostly unresponsive, when I need it to work. Have been stranded and unable to turn off my alarm so I could get in the house. When it does work it takes way too long to turn off or turn on the alarm. It’s likely I will be dropping it and getting a standard remote soon. I do wonder if steel doors could be blocking the signal, but if I stand at the door long enough, it may eventually work. I’m sure what seems like a long time may only be a couple of minutes when it works, but it’s no competition for the remote that worked very well and from up to 50’ and inside my car. Well, I just updated the fix for Dec 18, and it seems to be working much better. I’ll try to use it for a few days and let you know if there’s improvement. Thanks for the update.
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2 months ago, Md4 MTW
Poor connectivity, do t bother
I pay extra money with my alarm company every month to have the functionality to use this app-where I can turn on and off my house alarm away from my home. It rarely works. For example, right now… It says connection failure… And tells me a path to follow to modify locations, or some other odd language, that doesn’t make sense, the path it says to follow does not exist. It’s Sunday morning now and it hasn’t worked since yesterday, my alarm company office is not open on the weekends, so i cannot use this app I pay extra money for every month to have until someone can help me figure out what’s wrong with this thing again… When my contract comes up, I will gladly Find another company whoOffers the options I want, and they actually work within the apps I am to use. Don’t use this app, don’t bother, it’s a waste of time, installing, uninstalling, every Hope you could jump through lead to the same outcome…Errors telling you to follow path so they do not exist to resolve the issue
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2 years ago, S2budd
Not amazing.
It nice to lock a door or arm/disarm from the phone but the app doesn’t always work. The doorbell camera is the WORST doorbell cam on the market and costs more than the far superior Eufy or ring. That makes no sense coming from a powerhouse like Honeywell but it’s time to get out of the 2000s and into the 20’s Honeywell. A control 4 system from 2006 would work better than this. Don’t waste your money on cameras, I learned the hard way and ended up removing and trying to sell to recoup the cost which was not even worth the time. The cameras are glorified baby cameras… Dont waste your money on those.. The biggest annoyance of this app is in the name. TC 2.0. Ever since I’ve downloaded it EVERY single time I type 20, auto correct changes it to 2.0. The only solution and I’ve done it and it works is to delete the app. Yes, this is an apple problem too but why have the version in the app name. Just call it Total Connect and roll out new versions as they are released.
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3 years ago, WWFchampion.!.
The system is impressive and it’s fairly user-friendly, but the “ring” style door bell does not notify you if someone is at your door or ringing the door bell. The house doesn’t even ring when the doorbell is pushed. The doorbell is basically just a live feed of the front door. Nowhere in the settings does it specific where you can enable notifications for the doorbell. Although there is a setting to enable push notification (which I have enabled), it still does not notify me when the bell is pushed. Had a lot of trouble with the lock-unlock switch on the app. That has since been resolved and is working fairly well. The lights, which can be switched on and off from the app, take some time to actually communicate with the light sensors, and sometimes the light will show in the “on” stitch’s (ie 15%) but the light not actually be on. There is obviously some thing that need to be resolved with this app, but as of right now, does not really seem worth it to have. Unimpressed with it overall.
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2 years ago, December 1960
Exceptional Installation
I just want to commend Clint on his flawless customer service. During his initial visit, he informed me that my internet speed was not fast enough, contrary to what I was told by the sales rep. He assisted me with the phone call to Spectrum, to request their wi-fi. Clint was very personable, friendly and knowledgeable. He kept me informed of any issues and/or updates as he worked to install my surveillance cameras. After installation, he helped me with installing the TC 2.0 app on my phone. I absolutely loved his final question, “can you see what you need to see?” I replied, “YESSSS!” So far, everything is working perfectly. Even with a few spiders crawling around the cameras. Thanks again Clint and Guardian Alarm!
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2 years ago, seewee2
Worst App and Security Service
Worst than the App not working half the time and freezing up when your trying to alarm and disarm the system is that the company that is making us use this crappy outdated technology is forcing us to pay the remaining $1600 plus $1000 equipment removal fee because we unknowingly signed a 5 yrs agreement. I am a small business. I have two years left on my lease and need security services. Just because I wrote a bad Yelp review the owner of the business came to my office to threaten me with a lawsuit and he said he was going to forcefully take my equipment away and charge me for it. Do we live in America? So now I’m dealing with a legal issue and I’m standing up for the good of human kind against other businesses who take pleasure bullying and being hurtful to other businesses. He said “you are nothing to me, I am a nationally running business and do not need you.” Well, at this point I’d rather pay all the fines and an attorney and keep my bad review on Yelp because it is 100% truth.
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1 year ago, Pair a Dice
To disable the annoying and repetitive “Marketing Communications” opt in screen please do the following… 1. Log in 2. Select “My Profile” icon at bottom screen menu 3. Scroll all the way down to “Marketing Communications” and deselect “Opt-in” This should prevent that screen from popping up again. Here’s the review I wrote before I realized this… Currently when you log in you’re forced to see a screen asking you to opt in to “Marketing Communications” EVERY SINGLE TIME. It’s extremely frustrating when get home to open my garage door and then I go into a panic to disarm my system before the alarm goes off. This “opt in” screen has lead to the alarm going off and getting calls from my professional monitoring company for a false alarm. What a waste of resources and time. There is a delay to arm or disarm because my device is sometimes switching between Wi-Fi / cellular data as I’m at the outer range in my driveway. The fact that this has gone on for months leads me to believe if they cannot fix a small bug quickly how long will they really support this app and system before it’s considered obsolete? I doubt I’ll pay to upgrade at that time and I’ll just switch to a whole new self monitoring company and system. It’s a shame because other than this bug and it not being HomeKit compatible, it’s pretty good.
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2 weeks ago, Help expected
Terrible security system
I have had the police come out numerous times because there is either a glass break error due to a thunderstorm or a sensor is not correct. When I call for help, this company does not send anyone here to help me. The tech calls and leaves a message. I am currently waiting for the police again even though when I was just called by the security rep, I said I was trying to clear the sensors per instructions. I have paid for the use of security, but not had security during my vacation (early May) until now, which is an entire month, because no one will help me. There was a thunderstorm during my early May vacation that said “glass break” although there was no glass break. Jason called and left a message. I was told when I purchased this system, help to me was at no cost and he would come out “anytime”. This is the last straw, I will be cancelling my contract with them tomorrow, if this is possible. If not, I EXPECT someone to come out and fix it!
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7 years ago, okie79
A Good App But I Have a Suggestion
We have had very good experiences with this app and our Honeywell system in general. I like the feature that reminds you to arm the system as you travel away from home-but those alerts can come too frequently and can be a pain to listen to at times. One suggestion: it would be nice if the app were able to automatically arm and disarm the house at the same times each night. There are times we can't arm the system as there will be a pet-sitter coming in each day while we are on vacation. I just can't count on folks to understand how to disarm then arm the system when they come and go. If, however, I could set the system to auto-arm itself at midnight and auto-disarm at 6AM (when there is little chance of pet-sitters yet higher chance of break-ins) I would feel more at ease while traveling.
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6 years ago, tonster01
Hello! I’m a homeowner with your Honeywell system, who is very frustrated. Well, I guess I should be thankful that the basic system seems to be stable, and operates normally, but when I try to use the remote features, like the TC2.0 app, it’s got a lot of issues. EVERY time I leave my designated geofence area, it will notify me that I have left my house unarmed, when in fact, I haven’t. Of course, I always have to go into the app and verify, and when I open the app, the first page is ALWAYS green, saying “disarmed”. I must go further, to the keyboard feature, where it always confirms that I have in fact armed the system. Can’t anything I spend tons of money on, just work likening ya supposed to? ( p.s. my security cameras are inaccessible while away from my personal high speed internet at home. They need a tremendous amount of bandwidth, and hardly any place else on earth, other than my home, has what it takes to see my cameras. I should have gotten Simply Safe!!)
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2 years ago, Bass1702
Need SME features added and some removed
In the app, we need the ability to trigger a panic alarm as if we were at a physical keypad. Fire, police, aux/medical all need to be available in the app. Why? What if someone broke in, my system is disarmed, I lock myself in my room and closet with no keypad. Yeah, we need the ability to trigger panics via the app. TO REMOVE: If a silent alarm is triggered, the app should NOT sound or alert on the phone. That defeats the purpose of it being a SILENT alarm. I accidentally triggered my Silent Holdup Alarm, keypads did nothing, but my phone went off with what the alarm and everything. Defeats the purpose of it being a silent alarm. These are things that should be rectified as soon as possible. There have been many time where I, or someone in my household, have needed to trigger a panic alarm (medical emergency) from our phone and we can’t. It needs fixed.
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7 years ago, Notforme300
The app is okay, the system is terrible
The app works, and it’s finally showing some ease of use improvements (allowing you to add users here, change camera settings), but it stinks when it comes other uses (an example: sensor alarms—why is it going off when nothing has touched it, is the battery low) When it comes to the system, I will never again put this one in a house. We have more false alarms (always in the middle of the night) than we have ever had with ADT or Xfinity at our previous dwellings. The camera is grainy and can only record in 10 second increments (by time someone walks close enough to the door to possibly identify them, the camera has cut off). The window shatter alarm had to be permanently bypassed because the sensor was installed near the kitchen and shutting a cabinet made the alarm go off. Their motion sensors cannot bypass pets, but this was true of all systems we have tried. The Honeywell keypad looks sleek and nice, but that’s about the extent of our enjoyment of the system.
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1 year ago, Jeep_Ride
VERY poor user experience
We constantly have problems with this app! We expected service from ADT only to find out we don’t even GET an ADT monitoring app, but instead stuck with this app. It clooks nstanrlt freezes up, never connects to the alarm to arm and disarm quickly, only sometimes records and sends notices about arming and disarming, and often times can’t clear an alarm due to its failure to connect with the panel. Even worse, ever since the recent upgrade, the app cams run slower, freezes while trying to watch playbacks, and is now causing a waste of time because every time I log in I am forced to say no to receiving the marketing crap bc after saying no to the opt in, it shows up every time I log in. We met with ADT yesterday and are doing our best to switch to a different camera system so we would not have to rely on this app because it is the most non user-friendly app I’ve experienced the use of in years.
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6 years ago, 56 Norm
Camera clips
Clips are poor as the clips are miminual, for example, when a car stops at the house, the clip shows the person at the step, instead of getting out of the car, moving towards the house, nor does the clip show the person walking off the steps, getting into the car and driving off. We had Comcast before and regret leaving Comcast. A company that does not specialize in security is higher ranking than Ackerman, (at the least Comcast clips detailed the events)a quote unquote security company!!! Shame, shame, shame!!! Your rating no stars. In addition, we were charged for camera service for one month and we did not have the camera. And, we did not receive the credit the sale associate stated we would receive ( you know who you are)!!! Ackerman gets a No star rating!!!
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1 year ago, Dave the top tech
This TC 2.0 is awesome !! I have my whole house conveyed to a z wave built in hub to the touch screen keypad. I can control anything in my home through the system on my smart phone app. From lights to fans to heat/a/c, to water control, outside/ inside cameras, door bell cameras with audio, all my pool controls, “pump, lights, chlorinator, heater, deck lights, and the ability to create seems. For an example : I made a sean called “night lights on”, so all my night lights come on and off at a time I program into the app. I truly give the system five stars!! Ps I have credibility, as I’ve been in the security business for over 40 years and seen it all. This is the best!!!
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3 years ago, Peanut+2
Not compatible
The reason I’m giving the system a two stars is because when I purchase it it was for the ability to view my camera system through my keypad. Now since I have upgraded the camera system it is not compatible to my keypad. Why would Honeywell make a product that’s does not compatible to upgrades based off of the users demand. I am presently waiting on a technician to reply in reference to Ackerman having a unit where I can view my cameras from my office or I might have to weigh my options and go with another security company ATT or somebody that can meet my requirements. I will wait for the feedback from the technician or representative from Ackerman security company and then I will move forward from there!
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5 years ago, Bookem4096
Decent functionality, but it needs work
I had my system upgraded a few years back and have been using the TC app for a while now. I use it on my alarm system only. It has two partition which the app now recognizes, which it good, but adding new users does not seem to work anymore. When I add a new user, it says I need to “manually sync users”. I read all of the help, and it says I should have a “sync panel” button, and a “Sync Users” button. I only ever get the “Sync Panel” button. I sync the panel, and the user screen says still says “not sync’ed” and no user gets added. I might have to pull out the instruction book and add new users manually and if you thought the interface on the app was bad, wait until you try the interface on the alarm panel!
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6 years ago, Roseok
Constant camera problems
The alarm system is ok except it takes forever to connect with the panel. My problem is the cameras. When first installed I kept getting knocked off wifi. The techs said there was no correlation but when I unplugged the cameras the WiFi was fine. I increased the modem speed which solved that problem. I still don’t get events half the time even though my dog is home and I know there should be events. 10 second views are too short. Night vision doesn’t show and I know my dog is peeing in the den. The techs with the security company can’t contact tech support because of hold time. Very disappointing to say the least. UPDATE Still having the same issues. Customer support wanted me to email them giving details, which I did, but no response to my email. It appears Customer support is no better than their app. Looks like I need a new service!
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4 months ago, pb, md
Slow and iffy control
The app is frustratingly slow to work with the security system and cameras, with significant lag despite an Orbi mesh system with great coverage and signal strength. It is faster for me to walk through the house to activate/deactivate our security, which is on the other end of the house from where I need to let the dog out at night, so this app doesn’t help me in the middle of the night when I most need it. Access to camera feed is also laggy. The security system and camera hardware are a separate issue, but they were expensive and on the lower tier of available tech (which we did not adequately research at the time, having been sold on these by our home security provider, so mea culpa) when we bought them, and the quality of the app matches the quality of the hardware.
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3 years ago, Ruzzlefan
Priority One the One you need!
Recently our alarm system stopped working properly, we called central office for help and from the first hello (Leslie), to the service agent on site (Derek), we were blessed. Leslie was kind, patient, relational, and knew her stuff. They were both 100% in their concern to make things right and care for our situation and didn’t quit until full service was back to normal. Actually it was better than before since Derek (also kind, respectful, patient, and relational) assisted us in knowing our unit better and giving us informational aiding materials to use in the future. I highly recommend Priority One!
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7 years ago, Babsy314
Trouble with skybell and window sensor
My skybell has had to be serviced and replaced all within a year and a half. It keeps losing its WiFi connection. The service team at Northstar read the notes on my account and end up hanging up on me and I have to call back and wait a long time to try again to get help. I don’t like that they want to charge me for a technician to come out to fix their malfunctioning equipment which means that I’m paying for service that I’m not receiving. Now my skybell has lost the WiFi connection again which means I must spend my day trying to get back online again. The alarm on my window sensor just went off for no reason so they disconnected something and now that doesn’t work and I’m paying for it. If you go to complain they hang up on you.
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11 months ago, Do not use Safe Streets!
Worst security company ever!
The cameras don’t record when people are clearly walking by. They only work when they want to. I can rarely pull up the camera feed on my phone. I had a visitor from out of town set off my alarm. It sounded for 30mins before I was able to turn it off. No one called me to see if everything was ok. Police did not show up at my door. If it was an intruder I’d probably be dead. I’ve called multiple times and had multiple techs come out and attempted to fix these issues. They’re never resolved. I called to cancel my contract and the woman told me I could cancel for $700!!!! The contract doesn’t mean anything if the services aren’t being provided. I will call once more to cancel this contract. If Safe Streets does not allow me to cancel. I will close my bank account so they’re unable to charge me for services not provide!!
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2 years ago, bay's my front yard
Love the app
Very happy with it. Manage your expectations for alarm panel communications. Alarm panels are not super fast computers and may take a minute to respond. Remember that once you send a command or request from your phone, the signal must go to the nearest cell tower or your ISP, then to AlarmNet360’s servers, who process the request, authenticate and communicate with your panel. If it takes 30 seconds to get status is that the end of the world? To me, it is not, so I’m giving this app 5 stars as I’ve had no trouble. Can’t speak to other features like Surveillance or Smart Home etc as I strictly use TC2.0 for monitoring my alarm
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6 years ago, JDB1876
Cameras are good quality but the software needs work. Motion sensors pick up every time a cars lights go by, cobwebs and even when the sun goes behind a cloud. I also get an alert when the camera changes from day to night mode. No need to have this alert me. I have 4 cameras and with it alerting me when it turns to day mode and then night mode every day that equals 8 notifications I don’t need. Also need the ability to set some of the motion sensors to only work late at night when no one should be around. I live in a small cul-de-sac. I want to get notified when someone turns around in front of my house between 11pm and 5am but no during the day. Overall good cameras but software needs to do a better job.
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6 years ago, jkirkwood00
App used to work flawlessly
Before most recent update app work excellent, after update cannot use quick arm keys and always shows unarmed on main app screen have to go into keypad to arm or disarm alarm. Very inconvenient considering it takes a while to get the keypad open. Contacted customer support by email as soon as I noticed this and was told it is a cell signal issue. Funny now that I look more people are having the same issue and yet my signal seems to be fine. Think it is time to fix the errors with this update and put out a new update for the app so everything will work again. Everything is definitely set up properly have had the security system for many years. Just recently this started happening. I had a technician come and check the system and all is fine.
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2 months ago, Rockon54
Reviewing phone customer service
My alarm panel was beeping in the middle of the night( of course). I called the 7779 number in the morning, and it wouldn't accept my prompts. I called another number and spoke to Sam, who sounded like he was eating or chewing gum loudly, and he said he was new and to please bear with him. Eventually, the call was disconnected. I called back and spoke to Caleb, nice fellow, but he tried to sell me a new system. No thank you, can I speak with tech support please? I was transferred to Brittany, and she explained there was a problem with the towers that they were trying to correct, and helped me reset my panel. All I can do is sigh and shake my head, because I had to jump through several hoops to get my problem solved.
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1 year ago, Olie029
Get some design help
I have tried to supply feedback to the development team but all of the links to do so seem to be 404 not found. The app itself is ok have been using it for years. The recent update has some issues. Read below I appreciate this app, but some of the interface seems half baked. Is there a UI designer helping this team? Is there a product owner managing the development backlog? Something as simple as the new opt in to marketing button. When you login. As an end user I get it. You want to send me something. But why must you ask me to opt in or opt out. EVERYTIME I use the application? At least 2 times a day you are asking that question to the end user. After login in a few times it will get annoying doesn’t it? I just use the app for the alarm function, and I am paying allot for the subscription service. Please fix that prompt to opt in or out of marketing. If you ask every month or so I get it. But not every single time I log in to turn on or off our alarm. Please add that bug your backlog. It might not be high priority but it is sure high impact
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5 years ago, No customer appreciation :(
Dissatisfied customer
I recently got my front door replaced which involved replacing the door frame as well. The sensor is in the door frame which unfortunately does not work properly anymore. I called tech support and tried to get assistance with getting it repaired. Of course I’ve been told that it would cost me $130 for some to come out to repair the sensor or they can send me a different type of sensor that will cost me $65. If I had know that this equipment would impact me getting a new door I would have never obtained this alarm system. I wish I had know this before i renewed my contract. I don’t plan on renewing this contract once it expires.
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3 years ago, lcac012653
Problems with TC 2.0
On June 23 (using the June 11 updated version) both my wife and I began experiencing problems using TC 2.0 on both our iPhones and our iPads. We can disable and enable the alarm system using the app but we can no longer bypass or clear stations of our alarm system unless we use the master keypad. This is a major problem for us and our alarm company has not been able to solve it so they have told us it is a problem with the app. My alarm company has verified with Residio that this is a known iOS problem for iPads and iPhones. The only solution is to utilize Safari or Chrome and laboriously log in where full functionality still exists - in other words not to use the app! This is unacceptable so I hope they offer a bug fix soon or I will have to evaluate another alarm provider.
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2 years ago, Tcheetz
Doesn’t sync real time and disarm/arm delays
We have been using this app for home security now for almost a year. It in a short term rental (vacation home)We have various guest going in and out a week. We often have to hit disarm or arm multiple times in order to shut the alarm off for people coming into the house. This can be very frustrating with someone standing at the door, and we can’t let them in because it takes 10 minutes to disarm the system. The lock also does not sync. It took us a few times of running back to the house to figure this out, while the app says the house is unlocked it was actually locked. We would turn all the way back around to go home to lock the door because the app wasn’t working all to find out that the door was locked all along.
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5 years ago, Pauladi
false alarm and worst experience
just transferred to this alarm company about 6 months ago and this is first false alarm issue. lady left message i had alarm go off and which zones and that they may call police. i tried to call the 800 number back and it took me a good three to five more minutes to get thru to customer service! the robot prompts are terrible and then the guy who answered asked my phone number again which it should have picked up immediately and knew who was calling in from caller id. he asked my ph number, then name, address and finally asked my passcode. he seemed to not know why i was calling! then after asking me the passcode wanted to know my email address! the whole experience with this new alarm company was horrible! i also could not disarm my alarm from the road from my app on my phone! just a horrible experience and i have had several alarm companies over last 20 plus years and this was worst trying to get thru to live person!
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3 years ago, Will KC
Buggy, hard to sort out issues, Intermittent
I have it connected to our Tuxedo home system and this programs has good intentions but just doesn’t live up to its goals. Quirky, inconsistent, hard to understand and figure out when it doesn’t work, won’t Sync, Syncs Automation but then not the Security Zones, won’t connect to the Panel. Reboot everything and still get the same issues. The hardest things to work with are things that work intermittently and this program does that. Very frustrating. I wish they would get it figured out as it could be a very good program. Perhaps it is trying to do too much and integrate too many disparate applications and it’s not possible.
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4 years ago, yep.. thats me
Frequent -unable to communicate to panel
I like the idea of entering a password to arm and disarming the system. This app is easy to use and I like the visual displays. The only drawback that I experienced is with the app communication with the panel. At lest once a day I am unable to use the app to arm and disarm the system. This has been happening consistently for the last 6 weeks. I have the technician come to my house 6 times and he was unable to completely resolve the issue. He changed the panel, ensure I have optimal wireless connection, ensure the system have ample power, worked with Honeywell technical support, etc.. the conclusion- the company doesn’t know if it’s the equipment/wiring of the panelor the app that is causing issue. My problem is still present.
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