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User Reviews for Total Video Converter Lite

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8 years ago, Alex Lee 668
Good Converter, but w/ serious voice delay problem!
Yes, It is easy and good for use product even the others I have seen before. However, I found there are 50% converted files presents voice and video doesn’t match issues! I wondering if I need to purchase a pay version might solve the issue or not? I am looking forward the good explanation on this problem.
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5 years ago, Raptor Dave
I needed to convert some H.264 to anything viewable and decided to give Total Video Converter Lite a shot after reading the reviews. The install was smooth, simple and Did Not require system admin password. I'm not fond of apps now a days that system access. I read all Terms & Privacy, some I allow, some I don't. "T.V.C. Lite" DID NOT ask & did not need it, that's how simeple this app is. Pick you desired output format then drag & drop your file to convert, push the big green convert button & Presto! Within 40 seconds the file was done, they are around 70MB each. I started reading about all the features and thought I'd buy the pro because I know I'll need it soon but the free version does all I need, its truely free 👍 I'll buy it just because I appreceate quality when I see it.
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7 years ago, ModoNayr
I don’t write reviews, so why am I writing one now...
I rarley ever write reviews because i find it time consuming but this product deserved a review. I had about 30+ .FLV files that I needed to convert but could not find any application that would work without having to spend big bucks. I finally found out about Total Video Converter Lite and thought “yeah right, it will probably want money after the first video” but somehow I still decided to download it. I coverted the first video and was not asked for any payments to continue so I converted the second file and still no popup asking for payment. “Okay" I thought as I converted the third, fourth, fifth, and as of now I am on my 32nd video an still no popup. DOWNLOAD THIS NOW, DOWNLOAD THIS NOW, DOWNLOAD THIS NOW
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9 years ago, dhfsdgjeoge
Great app, worked perfectly
Wish I had found this app first! I wasted time with others that were severly crippled in lite form. This one did a great job - even converting .ts streaming MPEG4 files which are difficult. This is a great little app, quick, reliable and idiot-proof (well, my old dad can use it, too …). Fast, efficient and FREE; I found no fault with it. what's not to like? Great work keep it up.
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8 years ago, Joel Kaplan
Total Video Converter Lite
Works great most of the time. At other times, it quits unexpectedly. I sent the reports to Apple. Hope they can make it woirk 100% of the time instead of 85%.
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6 years ago, Myithz
I only write reviews if they are 5-star or 1-star, THIS IS A 5-STAR!
My son was leaving for work at 4:30am so I knew he was on my video cam. Never needed to use it so I didn’t know the codec wouldn’t’ play on a facebook post. Coverted in SECONDS!! HIGHLY recommend this app!
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9 years ago, Review2578
This one works
I tried two other “lite” converters that either didn’t work or crashed. This is the only one that worked. It was easy to use and I highly reccomend it.
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9 years ago, gfish26
Update slowed down the conversion
I have had this app for 2-3 years, it is very versatile however with the new update converting takes at least twice as long its only frustrating because the app was so fast before
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8 years ago, CBartholomew
100% of the time it crashes all the time
Crashes every time I try to run a WMV conversion to a QuickTime. Being that I’m on a MAC I figured it would convert windows format to a QuickTime format at least well enough to use. This product is broken in that regard, maybe it works with other conversions, but specifically I was only trying to do that conversion.
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4 years ago, Randyhath
What happened? No Saves!
App used to be great, the few times I used it weeks/months ago. But today conversions were not made or not saved. They were not anywhere. No error messages. Just no results, as if never made at all. I used the app months ago, but today, all waste of hours. I emailed the techs and hope for good result.
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7 years ago, Works Wonderful123
The Best!!
Application works perfectly! If you need any format converter I highly recommend getting this one!
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9 years ago, Live and Grow
Impaired After Upgrade to El Capitan
I have very simple needs for a converter, and this one worked flawlessly until i upgraded to El Capitan. Now, I cannot convert .caf files to .mp3. I am hoping that the company repairs this problem, as I found the app to be the best ever. I would have given the app five stars before the upgrade.
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6 years ago, YIXIANGZHENG
thanks what i need just a MPG2
thanks what i need just a MPG2, this old file is almost disappeared in the market. This Converter is having it. Good.
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5 years ago, CaptainGlitter
Great little App
I needed to reduce some video files for sending via email. Was fast and efficient. Perfect for this job.
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8 years ago, name-already-taken
Not Useful
I am not tech savvy and thought this should be an easy fix for a google docs video someone sent me. I downloaded the app and converted the video according to the icon for apple products. It converted my file but won’t play on my imac because it says I need version 7 of Quicktime. I have version 10pointsomething.
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8 years ago, squash4dave
Every time that I try to drag a video to it, it crashes. I can’t comment on the quality of the conversion if I can’t evem begin the process. I am totally up-to-date with El Capitan, so that shouldn’t be an issue. I have MAC FREE 3D VIDEO CONVERTER that lets me make 2D and 3D for TV’s and anaglyph 3D that I can use on my Mac and it’s totally free. Got it at CNET. It works great with a lot of options.
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8 years ago, minkman333
iTunes No Go
They advertise it will auto transfer to iTunes. I have attempted over 6 conversions from .MKV files and not one has played or auto transferred to iTunes. Yes! the box was checked in Preferences. Not to mention even after conversion manual file drop into iTunes still doesn’t accept the file.
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7 years ago, Audi4LF
Sound is way off from what it used to be once converted from the previous update.
I now convert videos from .Mp4 to .Mpg to play from my SD card in my car and the audio sounds way off from what it used to sound on the previous version of this app’. Please fix this, please!!
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4 years ago, ehsannnnnnnjw
Very useful and effective
By far, this has been the best software I have ever used for conversion
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6 years ago, Icecreammm808
Thank you
I’ve been looking around for a free converter and this is the real deal. Download this. No regrets.
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8 years ago, GaelicSoxFan
Used to be good
This app used to be good. I wanted to down convert some files I had from HD to SD, so I figured I’d give this app a try. I downloaded the latest version since it needed to be updated. What a mistake. I drag the file into the app, click the button and it crashes.
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8 years ago, UID-1597072
Great APP!
This APP is great! It can convert your video audio to any format! It can even convert video to audio! Thanks!
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10 years ago, Scoterican
Great app, but doesn’t release memory after using it.
I like this app and am using it quite a lot, as I live in a remote place with slow internet that doesn’t allow me to upload large video files. The two major flaws that bother me are: 1) When the program opens it defaults to automatically converting files and normal quality. If you want to change the quality you have to unclick automatically convert every time you open the program, select the file and then select the quality. So it isn't user friendly. 2) It doesn’t properly release the memory it uses after converting a video. I’ve not noticed anyone else reporting this problem, but it is possible that you would find it too. It says how happy I am with the results that I’m still using the app in spite of these annoying flaw and even though I have to run another app to release memory after converting a file.
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6 years ago, 幸福的小熊
Just converted a rmvb file to a mp3. It’s free, and it’s working, so no reason to complain.
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8 years ago, jmschilling
Works great for me
Does exactly as it says, and very well. No issues for me. Thanks for the freebie.
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4 years ago, Majid.d
it is fast and perfect, all I ever want from a converter app. its FREE. thank you so much guys.
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9 years ago, BleuMoose
It does what it claims!
I’ve convereted a half dozen MOV files to various versions of AVI and it works great!
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8 years ago, Blk Livs Matter
Love it… It converts in MANY seems like all formats… easy…thanks
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6 years ago, JasonSbix
Video/Audio out of sync
Easy to use but when the audio and video tracks aren’t in sync with one another after converting then what’s the point?
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7 years ago, hlp040812
Free!! Quick and High quality
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7 years ago, albabe63
I need to convert one flv file to MP4. THis app looked like it would do the trick…but crashes every time I start the conversion process
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6 years ago, Tq1for
Crashes every time
What else is there to say?
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6 years ago, Shanta Islam
Just never download it. Waste of data.
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9 years ago, not yet Alex
It’s not useful for GIF
43Mb became 123kb... What is this? Don’t use this for gif convertor
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8 years ago, cinenovela
The Best!
Best of the Best!!
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9 years ago, delaRiva559
Excellent app!!! Definitely recommended!!
I’m a web designer and need to use video in websites not infrequently—but I’m no video guy. So sometimes I get videos from a video guy that are in formats I can’t use for one reason or another. This app gives you the ability to quickly and easily convert almost any video file from one format to another. And it compresses it in the process, making load times faster and websites lighter. It seems like some who are reviewing this app are criticizing some of it’s default functionalities or settings; annoyed that they actually have to adjust things manually because the app doesn’t automatically do what they want it to do in their own one-of-a-kind, unique situation. Well, nothing does that. Take it from a professional: If you need a great app that quickly and easily converts and compresses videos, this is the one! It couldn’t be easier or more effective!!
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11 years ago, Grim Axel
Very, very good, just one complaint
This program works incredibly well, goes very smoothly, and converts files incredibly quickly. There’s just one thing I wish it would do (although if I understand correctly, the pay version has this capacity): a conversion queue so that I can convert multiple files without having to drag and drop each file separately. Otherwise? Perfectly fine.
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10 years ago, Synapsis88
eh, it’s ok at best
I decided to DL this for a few quick conversion on videos that I had downloaded and needed to convert them over to a iPad-playable format….for that task it worked well, and seemed somewhat efficient and quick to complete the task at hand. Unfortunately, over the past 2 months I have been receiving notifcation after notification on my laptop letting me know that “Total Video Converter Lite has been updated!” First, I figured no big deal, however there has been an update or bug fix released EVERY DAY since April 11th. I’m not sure what they are doing in regards to the app, however the constant updates and notifications I received from this program were enough to make me delete it and I’ll worry at another time to find a suitable replacement.
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12 years ago, Piskick
Great Video Converter
First of all, before the Mac App Store, I had always been looking for free video converters on the internet, and was never satisfied. They would always force you to download trial versions and your video would only be half converted. Now, I find tons of different video converters for free on the App Store. But which one to choose…I was using Smart Converter, until recently. I needed to convert my HD video to FLV, and had to find a new converter. Not only is Total Video Converter Lite free, but it works extremely well and I was able to convert my video to FLV in seconds. I am very pleased with this converter, and it seems like I won't need to download another one.
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10 years ago, vv0nderboy
I only have the lite version so this might be different in the full version. If that’s the case you need to clarify that. It only says the full version has “batch conversions and much more.” As it’s advertised, no technical knowledge is required. Yet, that is what makes this bad at the same time. I am converting a HD MOV file to a HD WMV file per client’s request and the bitrate is way too low so the quality becomes terrible. There is no way to change this because the app wants you to think it knows everything and is doing it for you. Yet for us who know what specific specs we need I cannot change it. Let me know if this is part of the “much more” in the full version, otherwise I wouldn’t buy.
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10 years ago, Alandanious
Really great
Absolutely great, so good i upgraded to the paid one. Converts video files really fast and beats out ideo convertors like toast and the rest. Honestly its well worth a try is easy to get straight into and using and gives great results. Love the batch ability and the sending to itunes options theyve saved me loads of time and effort. Just strt it up, add the files and let it do its thing. Couldnt be simpler 😊 really happy!
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12 years ago, Joe_Kewl
5 Stars definitely w/o a doubt! iMac
This Video Converter (even the lite version) is amazing! I have tried for so long to add my movie collection to iTunes with no avail. Within minutes I uploaded five movies to start with even one at a time - with no problem! You set the iTunes folder to where the converted file will go to and drag and drop the movie file right into Total Video Converter box and Bam… finito!
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10 years ago, barrrp
Almost perfect—annoying flaw
I have a couple hundred videos in ASV format that I wanted to convert to MOV in order to save space. Total Video Converter Lite works quickly and accurately with a minimum of fuss. The problem comes after the conversion when I want to do another. It does not automatically reset, and it does not have a Next button. I have to quit the program, and re-open it. It’s an unnecessary annoyance.
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10 years ago, IdahoBike
Nearly flawless
I tried 3 online converters and 3 app store converters. This is the only one that worked. It worked well, and was simple and fast. Thank you. One note, I didn’t carefully enough choose the format for .mov before I converted the first time and it used a very low bit rate— it looked terrible. I then chose one of the HD formats and it worked well.
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11 years ago, epilis
Simple: It did exactly what I needed it to do.
I needed something to convert MTS files from a video camera. Although I wish I had a little more customizable export options, I ended up with a file that I was then able to export using QuickTime X to then make it usable in FCPX on my first try! This gets 5 stars for ease of use and unnoticable quality degradation.
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12 years ago, nmrandick
best converter out there
Amazing converter! I spent all afternoon searching for a converter to help with my movie files from my PC. This is the only movie converter that was able to convert the movies and easily import them into iMovie. It was easy to install, easy to use, and there's an email address to use if I had any questions. So glad I found this!
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10 years ago, ED_VERITAS_VOCARE
Great Freeware!!
I’ve used this software for around a year or so through all updates. I film hours daily and this video converter is extremely efficient, easy to use, and sports a wide range of functionality, all easily reached within the user interface. I definitely recommend it. Well done!!
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9 years ago, A guy who likes fries
Free is great, but not the best results
Sure, the big selling point for this app is that it’s free, and does offer more than a few options for conversion outputs, but the fact that the results of the conversion look like they were filmed with a potato is a bit of a deal breaker. File sizes are reduced drasitically as quite a bit of detail is lost which leads to extremely grainy video quality. Very fast conversion though, but definitely not for use if you have any real $200+ video editing software.
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10 years ago, alteddy
Easy to use
This video converter works smoothly. I just dragged one video into the app, and then set the output format and the saving desitination, and the conversion was done quickly. The output file was automatically added to iTunes library so I can view and organize later. It is very convenient to use.
Show more
10 years ago, ArlinB
Converts individual files - any to any format - Awesome free utility
I used this to convert .m4a and .mov files to mp3. It could not have been more simple or intuitive. “No technical knowledge is required” is 100% correct. If you have a lot of files to convert you need to buy the upgrade - no hidden fees or surprises in this free version.
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