Total War Battles: SHOGUN

4.2 (76)
635.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
8 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Total War Battles: SHOGUN

4.21 out of 5
76 Ratings
8 years ago, VitalyVS
Awesome but crashes
The game is awesome but every time phone goes to sleep the game crashes and you loose your progress of current mission. Can you please fix it.
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8 years ago, syntheticvoid
Total War Battles: SHOGUN
Even though I don't really care about the enhanced visuals (or the doubling of the game's size...), it is nice knowing that SEGA has updated this one and that it'll work into the future (at least until it disappears or an OS update breaks it). It is a fantastic strategic lane battling game. Actually, it's probably my favorite, and one of the deepest available in the AppStore ATM. While I understand loads of people were upset that this wasn't an 'actual' Total War game - I'm very glad that we have this available to us as, as I said, it's probably one of the deepest lane battling games on mobile right now, 2-3 years after this was released... not a bad entry if ya ask me. =oP Here's hoping SEGA keeps up with more of their older mobile titles (I know they can't keep them all updated and current, but there are a few I'd love to see get updated/fixed), especially their paid titles... anywho... THANK YOU SEGA...
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7 years ago, TractG
Favorite Strategy Apps
I very, very rarely review apps but TWB:Shogun is just incredible. The entire storyline is extremely well made and fun(not quite finished yet myself), and the graphics and engine are on a tier of their own for mobile. Sometimes troops fight slightly better or worse, and one of my most memorable moments so far, was an entire army at my doorstep, but the tiny surviving samurai from an earlier attack continued carving through the enemy's defense and xpeked the general before mine died. While there are minor bugs and unfortunately no multiplayer other than local, such features would only bump it to 6/7 stars from 5. Worth every cent.
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5 years ago, Madmartigan8
A Must Have!!!
Best undiscovered app in the store!!! Play it! Buy it!!! Support Sega and Creative Assembly on this one! So much fun and a brilliantly unique real time strategy with lots of options. Incredible graphics, Risk on an octagon Chess board. BTW, this is my first ever review. Please share with friends we need more games like this. I don't work in video games but I am an author. My wish is they re-skin this for a pirates, Knights orAmerican Revolution. Baller status game!!!... (just downloaded this on my new iPad; CA, please re-skin for Empire Total War)
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8 years ago, Hodoar
I am so happy that this amazing game was updated and improved in visuals wish you could zoom in more and maybe have the ability to add guys in a single hex unit as well as online multiplayer but it is an amazing game,already beat it and am just playing my favorite missions and skirmishes
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7 years ago, daiquirikiss
Not what I remembered
I really love the 1998 version of this game. It was a mixture of Risk with live action battle and strategy. It also had a hint of Civilization. However this version is more like most other wargames that are available. Build some buildings. Deploy some troops. Move on. I must say I was pretty disappointed. If you could make the 1998 version available on the App Store that would be amazing!
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2 years ago, Master Emper
This game is the BEST!
I love this game so much but I wish you would make a way for you to be the blue faction or the takeda and play has their leader being forced to betray the crane and take part as their leader and fight back against the enemy.
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3 years ago, Masterchiefs Apprentice
Awesome game!
I played this game when I was a little kid and I decided to give it a go again. Its such a wonderful strategy game, and I love to play it over and over again. Can we please get a sequel?
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6 years ago, AtomicGdog
Update caused flag not to work
Great game, one of my favorites but I hate that the flag no longer works. Very fun though still. I would give it 5 stars but flag no longer works.
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7 years ago, Sat4747
Best game I've ever seen!!!
When i seen this game i thought it was just going to be a normal strategy game but when i got it it was so gooooooooooooooood!!!!! i recommend you try it.
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3 years ago, officially_gleb
Actually great!
Creative Assembly making the best mobile games at the moment!
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6 years ago, Aung36
War Banner Bug!
Come on! I have bought instant war banner production upgrade with 800 exp but instead of producing immediately, it freezes to zero progressions, not evening progressing to normal rate. I love the game and the strategaty concept of it but it is painful to have an upgrade that give me disadvantage. I hope you all developers fix that bugs ASAP. :(
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12 years ago, PiePie24
Stick to regular total war
This game is great if you like the shogun era or if you've played a total war game before. But like I said stick to the computer ones. Some of the side missions for more xp are just about impossible and I finally got to the very last mission in the game and find that it too is much too hard for me to figure out. I need to see difficulty settings and perhaps another one in a different era, focusing more on battles rather than building as it is shown in this game. Really, I would try to stay away from that altogether. Maybe a napoleonic era game focused almost 100% on battles that don't include building when some guys are fighting would be much better. Also, get rid of the hex system so you can stop your troops anywhere, let your troops move backwards, and lower the price or make the in game purchases available for xp
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7 years ago, Enzypher
Force closes
I have played this game and paid 5 dollars for it and it force closes a level I play every time I have turned my phone off and restarted the level many times I want my 5 back
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7 years ago, MoziMozi
New graphics makes my iPhone 6 runs hot
I used to play this all the time. I regret updating it. New graphics makes my phone hot so much I can't hold it in my hand.
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6 years ago, Angelikaa
One thing
Can you please add ninjas to the multiplayer mode
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6 years ago, stirletz
Game crashes
During remnants side mission the mission crashed the game 7 times in a row as soon as combat between units begins. This did not happen at any other point... only here. Can’t continue to play the game because of this.
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7 years ago, Imjafj
Great game
I wish there were more like this One!
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7 years ago, Chester925
😬worth every penny
Great game! Looking for more total war franchise!
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7 years ago, gregwk
Would be a good game but there are places you just can’t complete without the game crashing first.
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1 year ago, CPTKILLEE
I can’t login
I can’t login or change passwords
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7 years ago, Mr.wafool
Its lit
Its lit
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11 years ago, SRegs064
I like the game, but...
Having only played skirmishes this is my experience so far. I find that the game isn't so much a strategy game as a reaction game. I feel that the Total War folks need to adjust the AI here to give one a least a fighting chance! There's a few things that are a bit annoying about the game, one being trying to figure out the proper placement of the structures. You can use up quite a bit of time doing this and by the time you've got your village laid out you're being over run by waves of opposing samurai from the other village. They completely out produce you and you just can't keep up. Perhaps others have had better luck coping with this but I have not, it just gets ridiculous after a while. I'm not looking for the game to be a roll over, I want a challenge but at the same time I'd like a fighting chance! They also should include some kind of guide so you know what structures do what and what the troop types are etc. Perhaps a training module or something, but it needs something. If they could fix this, the AI gameplay and make it so the village could fit together a bit more easily I would definitely add additional stars. Another thing is the inability to move backwards but thats a minor point. I do give 5 stars for design and overall visual quality, it's a nice looking game and other than the above issues I like it quite a bit.
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12 years ago, Ken Tyson
Online connection required?? Or what..
First I will start with how much I enjoy the play style. The units and building have very unique and enjoyable art style. The combat animations make the combat all the more exciting as one would expect from a portable TW title. Unit movement and placement is all the challenging with the "no step back" play-style. The down side is game progress seems to get lost when not connected online. The story and hence your progress limits units you are able to use. Therefore only a few battles allow for all unit combat. $6.99 is a fairly high price for an app but I felt it was and still is worth it. But the addition for in app purchases for experience cheapens the title IMO. All this feature does is point to greed. I would very much like to see wifi or online multiplayer as the current single device version dumbs down the game. What I don't want to see is people having an unfair (I bought my exp) online matchup with exp bonuses. This is a good start but I feel if EA wasn't involved leaching every $$ possible; would have been a much better game. The strat wargame market is rip for the pickings on the IOS. Like they say "the first with the mostest wins".
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11 years ago, Andrew Bridgers
Functions well as a mobile game
Presentation: Beautiful graphics with a hand-painted flair. Isometric camera style with 3D models. The menus are a breeze as well - this is a well designed mobile game. Gameplay: Don't be fooled: this is NOT the experience you get on PC. Instead, this game offers something that is uniquely mobile. It feels like more of a real-time chess match where you have to manage a small village while producing units with different strengths and weaknesses. Units can't move backwards, so the game revolves around making meaningful assaults while maintaining a defensive line. It is not like similar games where you pump out as many units as possible to overwhelm the other side - positioning and reinforcing ensures you feel like a commander, and successful commanding is not easy. There is a lot to consider in every game, so you'll have your fair share of heart attacks while forging your path to victory. Difficulty spikes, but it's a strategy game so learning is half the fun. Overall: I absolutely recommend this game - it's the best strategy game I've played on iPhone, and the skirmish mode will keep you around for hours after you've beaten the campaign. Online multiplayer would make it perfect, but for now 1v1 local will have to suffice. Thanks for this gem Creative Assembly, please keep the trend with Rome 2!
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11 years ago, Mke9634
Could be better, much better
Graphics Fantastic, the motion of the players looks real, like they used motion capture. It is easy to get caught up watching and rooting for your troops. Story Pretty simplistic, a little weird how much this brother and sister love each other, but maybe it's just me. Sound Standard fare, nothing shocking. Whatever is good is offset by the horrible over reading of the story text. My wife is Japanese, and she said this dramatic style is typical in story reading, but as an American it is over the top, and the Japanese accent seems forced. I disliked the execution on this. Gameplay This is where it could use improvement. Can't see all that much of the field at one time, and to recruit troops you have to touch the building you placed. This means that you have to swipe a few times back to the home camp, wait for the troops to be recruited, and then place them. It really is cumbersome, and timing is important for moving. Moving is also a pain, where the troops automatically stop to attack a building but don't continue. Can't go backwards, so you better be in the right row because you and only move left and right after the movement bar refills, painfully slow. It's cool to upgrade troops and the super general powers. Troops deployment is painful too. Can't move through your own buildings, placing is limited to your 40% of your field. Nice game, but poor execution at key points.
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12 years ago, Man Without Qualities
Brilliant -- but Tough -- Adaptation of a Great Series
The developers deserve praise for coming up with such a clever, elegant adaptation of a series that would be virtually impossible as a straight port to mobile devices. The graphics are nicely detailed but still smooth (even on my first-gen iPad), and overall the game benefits from lush, thoughtful visual and aural aesthetics. The controls, and gameplay in general, work very well for touch-screen devices. But note! This is almost as much a puzzle game as a war game and even in its early stages demands the player to manage a delicate balance of timing and economy with both in-game resources and space on the board. This makes for some pretty frustrating moments, but the game is no less addictive for that. In the end, a worthy addition to the series and a lot of fun for seven dollars.
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11 years ago, Matto0407
Love This Game!
All you whiners who complain that it is too hard are those people who want it easy like when u play COD on easy just for the fun of shooting people. This game is suppost to be hard. It is suppost to challenge your mind. The only bad thing about the campaign and skirmish mode is that when u begin the battle. You want to build buildings and save up resources but the enemy is already sending a unit of cavalry, ronin, and matchlocks at you. It would be appreciative if the AI can be slowed down a bit with its decisions to attack. P.S. People would be buying this ge even more if there was a online multiplayer and more campaigns and this time. You can choose your story by playing a different clan instead of always being the Crane Clan in the game. This game is 5/5!
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12 years ago, Shayne0423reviews!
Great game, but may not be the best for everyone
Total War Shogun 2 looks really good, but I will never be able to play it thanks to the graphics cards being $100. However, this game showed hope. The game was fascinating. I really enjoyed how fun it really was even though sometimes the difficulty got hard. Skirmish battles were horrible and the campaign got really hard at times but you could pass it if you were really smart. That wasn't a big deal. The game gets addicting at times especially when you start the game. The game is definitely worth the five dollars that you pay on it. I also like the gameplay. It was lots of fun fun and got very addicting at times especially when you were in trouble and he somehow won out of nowhere. This game gets a 8/10. Great game Sega!
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12 years ago, Das mike
Awesome RTS game!
The animations during battle are pretty sweet, and give it a satisfying edge that fun games need. The depth of the game adds to the experience and the unique element of not being able to turn back is great for a exciting twist. The cons are no online multiplayer, with the ability to build bases. And the controls are a bit unresponsive sometimes, as I can tap something a few times before it registers. Also the units will automatically attack a building and it's a pain to try and get them to, say, kill the archers bombarding them with arrows. I wish there was a toggle switch on the characters so they would automatically avoid attacking buildings. All in all, this is an amazing game and is a good sign of where the app store is headed.
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11 years ago, Lord Dundar
Good for 2$
If your looking for the PC game on an iPad this isn't it and you should really consider the platform you play on, but if your looking for a fun strategy game this is something you should pick up. Pros: solid game play and good Rock Paper Scissors game play. The game has a good amount of units and can be challenging at times. Cons: no unit info or building info when you first start playing its hard to figure out building placement and what buildings/units do. I would say the hardest thing in the game is building placement it's like Tetris but you can't see what spaces are available to build on. Overall good game needs some tweaks and pop up info to make play fluid. Graphics are good but not realistic when you play remember retreat is not an option.
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12 years ago, BTam
future updates
Above all other things you should invest in making better, work on the Multiplayer. There really isnt any other multiplayer game like this one and I woud love to see it made even better than it already is. I really think that mountain/hill terrain should be added on to this, to improve strategy, where people to claim hill to gain an archer advantage. Also, multiplayer should be based more so on strategy than luck, which it seems to me that the two oppents have an unfair unit comesition spawning for them. This doenst make any sense, in order for this game to not require luck, have both players spawn exactly the same units. This game is awesome but i really like to see you guys make it even better!
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12 years ago, Sus_CA
I enjoyed it
At first I was skeptical but after some work I got the hang of it. For a slow game you have to think quickly, place buildings strategically, and always have an ace in the hole for the rough patches. I would suggest doing the side "exp" missions so you get a better handle on all the nuances of the game that really come in handy later on. And also if at all possible make sure you drop a temple and the building that comes from erecting a temple. The samurai and horses you get from that building are a must! Also the temple gives you a banner later on to increase production of a certain resource. I would place it next to the temple for increased spirit output so you can field more samurai and horses. Cheers
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12 years ago, devxx
have been wanting to like this game but it hasn't happened yet. really, besides placing a few buildings isn't it a game of just butting heads? i know reviewers are stating the inter-dependency of the buildings adds strategy but in my mind the game area is too small for these restrictions and they seem to just get in the way. also, why are the game graphics so nice and the icon displays on the left and bottom so comic book-ish? one last gripe, the IAP's. paying $7 and then having to pay more to realize the full potential of the game is plain greed. i know people say you can beat the game without the IAP's but that's not the point. without the exta EXP you can't realize the full potential of the game and for 7 bucks you should be able to.
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12 years ago, Saber Altria
Great update for a great game, still some minor issues however..
I love the optimization. I almost thought you guys forgot about the game. Now I love it even more. I'm even impressed at the fixing of the icon. It always bothered me that the old icon was a bit blurry. Also I actually think my game loads, starts up, and resets battles slower now :\ And did you change the scoring system? I noticed all my campaign scores are turned into 1 star instead of 3 star. I'm hoping there will be may be survival maps, a few new missions or campaign in the future. Even if it was an IAP to add a new area, I think that would be fun. Thanks for the update!
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12 years ago, newinTKA
enjoying it, but stuck
my version is stable, and honestly, it's a fun and smart game, and as I figure out nuances, I keep moving forward, but I got stuck on the ninja challenge of the campaign, and have been unable to move on. there is no instuctions as to how anything really works, which was a challenge, but now is annoying as I can't make my little guys visible or invisible as I like, and I am stuck half way through until get some clarity.. so it's like being addicted to something that leaves you stuck... is it just me!?_
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12 years ago, mjlee916
Not bad
Fun play dynamic and a much needed RTS for iPad. The game is engaging and I went through the campaign quickly. The controls are clunky and can take some getting used to. I found myself not caring about the story at all. Seems like they could have gotten more creative with animated cut scenes to make it more engrossing but I guess I understand not wanting to spend the money on that. But I guess I feel a little jaded though that it costs so much to get all the upgrades. Unlike many apps I see in iOS you can't get all the upgrades without spending some money in the in-app store. And it's very expensive to buy the EXP. I'd be more likely to pay if it were more like $5 to get the highest package. I don't mind paying I just think it is overpriced.
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11 years ago, Jedilink109
Update this game with an offline mode!
So I played the demo and found this game to be fun so I bought the full game. Well, as is the case with almost EVERY game on the App Store anymore, you ARE FORCED to be online in order to play the game. AT ALL. No, you can't even play single player. Oh, you mean you had NO INTENTION of ever playing people online or using the online modes in the game at any point? Well, they don't care, you STILL are forced to be online to play the game in any way. Every time I tried loading the game up without being online the game immediately crashed. GIVE THIS GAME AN OFFLINE MODE AND STOP FORCING PEOPLE TO PLAY GAMES ONLINE IF THEY DON'T NEED TO. This isn't an MMO. If I'm playing single player then there is ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE as to why I should be forced to play this game online, ESPECIALLY since I frickin paid for it anyway. Update this game and give it an offline mode!
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11 years ago, le_saltimbanque
Scam - keep your money
I paid full price for this app, but after the first two or three tutorial missions, the game becomes nearly impossible to beat ! You have to spend "experience" which you can only earn a ridiculously small amount of, before facing missions that are impossible to beat. But the developer, Sega, makes sure you're aware that you can BUY more "experience", to get the upgrades needed to have a fair chance of beating the game... Sega wants you to shell out another 20 to 30$ to have a playable game !!! (The first ten dollars wouldn't be enough to make it a fair fight) This is outrageous and should not be encouraged. Sega isn't the respectable game company it used to be in its glory days... Furthermore, the game mechanics are much closer to a slow version of Plants vs Zombies than a decent and somewhat rich and deeply layered strategy game. In short : look elsewhere or be ready to pay 25$ to 35$ for the actual game. (Also the campaign is probably quite short as well from what I can tell). personally I'd rather buy a platinum console game for that price, or at least a game that has a high replay value. This one is unfortunately much closer to a scam than anything else. Be warned. I wasn't.
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9 years ago, Grazillion
Game crashes always with iPhone 6Plus
Please fix the game and make it not crash anymore when being used on the iPhone 6 Plus. I have it for my iPad Mini with retina and it works fine. But it won't work on the 6 Plus. The game is very enjoyable but I also want to be able to play it on my phone. Please fix. It doesn't even let me get pass the first few screens. It asks my language then it asks me to type my name in. It crashes all the time while I'm trying to type my name in. I haven't yet been able to get pass that part. I deleted it and re downloaded. I even rebooted my phone and still it crashes. Please fix. And please make more total war games.
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11 years ago, aaronk214
Amazing Game!!!
I'm not too big on strategy games, but I downloaded the lite version of it anyways... Needless to say, I was hooked! I bought the full game and now wish they would come out with more. Could we maybe see some other Total War titles on iPad? The gameplay is challenging and intuitive...I've lost tons of time playing this! Great job to the devs, I would gladly buy another Total War on the iPad if you would make it. Also, would a console version that would be similar to the computer version be possible? Keep up the good work!!!
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12 years ago, Thisnameisthirtycharacterslong
Difficult but rewarding
This game is amazing! It's like Total War: Shogun's style and unit/resource management mixed with Plants vs. Zombies lane system but with offense as well as defense. Some missions will require you to properly utilize one specific type of unit while others will challenge you to to combine several or all of them to win battles. The game's levels start out HARD but get easier later on; minus a few obnoxious exceptions, through a talent system. WARNING: Picking bad talents early on can seriously screw you over as you can fill up on talents for units you won't obtain until the last third of the game. I didn't notice any method to undo these choices. Overall it's a seriously fun game, if you are are a fan of strategy games you should pick this up. If you are a fan of TW: Shogun you need this. Ps beating the game gives you a unique clan to play as in TWS: Fall of the Samurai.
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10 years ago, Daze823
Great game!
The game is challenging but not impossible, it forces you to play to your troops weaknesses and strengths. I also love watching the different troops fight between each other. Building placement is a little time consuming but if you try it a few times you'll get it fine. The only thing I would suggest is please, please, please make a multi-player. At least locally so I can play with my friends on different screens without getting in each others way and seeing what they have. Thanks!
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11 years ago, Rikx Yarix
Very good strategy game
I love the TW series and even though this one is a different formula it is an interesting and challenging one. The tile combat and maneuvering adds strategic thinking that must take place or you will lose the battles. The graphics are really good, as are the sound effects and music. The story is well written and voiced, very faithful to the setting, and engaging. It's not a pay to win game, it has various achievements and challenges, and it has multiplayer as well. It's a very good but for any strategy fan.
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11 years ago, 1074killer
Great Game!
Even though this game has no real-time battles, I still think this game is worthy of being called a Total War game; it combines everything that Total War stands for; battling for supremacy. You create units by building certain buildings, managing your economy, and eventually destroying your enemy or completing the objective with Japanese soldiers. This game perfectly synthesizes real-time and turn-based gameplay. The only downside to it is that this game does not have the best graphics, and the battlefields are so tiny.
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12 years ago, Sol Opacus
Crazy fun and challenging
I've only completed up to the bonus for campaign level 7 (first one of the second section), but I had to stop and review it because I was so impressed. The gameplay is incredibly innovative and offers unique challenges, and the levels and missions are designed to make the most of these unique rules. I highly recommend this game to any hardcore strategy gamer looking for a good challenge on their iOS platform.
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12 years ago, Mercury2wo
Fun RTS Game
I am a casual gamer on the iPad and love games that are engaging, look beautiful and have just the right amount of difficulty, choices and variables. Too difficult or flood me with too many options to choose from, the game begins to drag - I mean I am not a hard-core PC gamer who spends 4 hours a day playing a single game. With the above requirements, I must say TWB passes in flying colors! Looks beautiful. Love the mini battle scenes. The game is intuitive and fun. Won't be disappointed!!
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12 years ago, Gujarti
Sheer excellence
A great foray into this iOS market. As a longtime TW fan I can say this is a great mobile game that manages to standout amongst the lackluster iOS strategy games. I will agree that it needs skirmish and online multiplayer, but CA states they have more features coming. I'll also agree that some levels are a bit tough and difficulty is not changeable. I look forward to seeing how this game can be improved and whatever else CA brings to iOS.
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12 years ago, Guy in Portland
Engrossing but a bit buggy
I love this, it's fun and enjoyable. That said, I find that if I start playing a game on my wifi iPad 1 and then continue it once I'm out of wifi range it will always crash. It seems to crash at the end of the next level. After this, I have to manually kill the game before I can restart it successfully. Still, all said and done, the game is still well worth playing - the crashing is more of an inconvenience than a blocker for me.
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10 years ago, World Dominators Sqd. 40
It is a rich strategy game, but most of the levels can be accomplished in a few minutes. They require varying mindsets: some require you to flood your enemy with cannon fodder, others give you two troops and ask you to advance across a packed battlefield. The only 2 ways I can think to improve it: Cross-platform cloud saves Online multiplayer. Those ninjas and buildings really mean a lot to me. Thanks!
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