Touch Cricket

4.6 (14)
6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Alisdair Mills
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Touch Cricket

4.57 out of 5
14 Ratings
5 years ago, Mr. Kalopsia
iPhone notch compatibility
I have been playing this game for over 5 years and it was disappointing to see that there has not been any updates recently. What made me write the review is that this game is not compatible with the notch at all and I am unable to play this game with my new iPhone.
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11 years ago, RS Ali
2.2 update messes up winning formula
** The 2.2 update really messes up the game with new difficulty levels. On easy/medium, the ball feels floaty, whereas it feels more realistic on hard. But on hard, the ever-changing field settings makes the game far too difficult. Please either decouple ball speed from fielding positions (have 2 separate settings) or roll back the update. ** Finally an update to my all time favourite iPhone cricket game! The 2.1 update has fixed the bat backswing/release control sensitivity issue, making it easier to control shots. The tweaked format and variable scoring zones are great. I can literally lose hours playing this game, it's that addictive.
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15 years ago, brij.s
pretty good
I really like the controls,it lets you choose to play either on the front foot or the back foot. and moving the right thumb controls the bat-lift and the timing of release. I wonder if you guys can enhance this game by providing the standard 3D TV-like view(like other cricket games out there). That way, you can really extend your controls to cover entire 360 degrees. The game ran smoothly, didn't crash even once. To make it more interesting, you can also add a graph for the statistics section & also add other interesting stats (like performances against different bowler types/ separate limited & test stats etc)
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5 months ago, 6826282672
Bugs doesn’t allow me to play online game
There are no new updates to the game since ages. And when I try to play online game, it doesn’t allow me to create a new game. It doesn’t allow me to delete the games that are in my queue. It is so frustrating. Even a dollar is waste to invest on this game. Free apps are 1000 times better. Don’t purchase. And BAZ cannot win a game batting first. LOL
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5 years ago, woo pig 2012
This is a fun game
This game is fun Best cricket game on iOS hands down it’s so bare yet so fun to play
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15 years ago, Vjsidd
Chilled beer can't bat
This game is pretty good. Does need match summary and player scores for all formats
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15 years ago, hriday
Unlike most games where you can pretty much master in a matter of minutes, this game is rather tough. It has a lot of scenarios and is very engaging. I'd give it an A+ just for that. As a bonus, it has very innovative controls and loads up amazingly fast. This game is seriously under priced. I think that they should have a free lite version for people to try out, and price the full game higher.
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11 years ago, Jollyguy23
Ultimate cricket game in the App Store
This is the ultimate cricket game available in the App Store. I have tried a lot of them. I installed this game when I first got my iPhone 3GS like four years back and after four years this is the only game that I still have on my phone and play everyday. The online mode is awesome. First of its kind for the cricket game. I like everything in the updates except that the controls are hard now. In v1 it was almost perfect. What would be awesome is a world tournament. Where you can play as a country and play with each country and a points table and see if you advance to the next level.
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15 years ago, hyronv
Very good game! It's incredibly hard to get cricket on such a device (iPhone, iTouch) but this game succeeds in doing so. Highly recommended! I do wish there were more features like bowling n fielding n option to pick yur own team for the actual matches!
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15 years ago, Jagat Shah
Need to update the game
I am a very big fan of this game and used to play allday this game But since last couple of week with the new iPhone software update the game seems to not work any more Every now now and than game hangs and I have to restart the game for few more balls before it hangs again. Please fix the problem asap Thanks Jagat
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15 years ago, Patheidi
Great App
Love the app. Once the get the idea of how to control the batsman, it's awesome. Well Done.
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15 years ago, JuzzyP
Very challenging, but what a great implementation!
Almost a batting simulator in two dimensions, this great little addictive game has brilliantly thought out controls. But be warned, this is not like most other cricket games (where you are soon hitting 4 or more boundaries an over). This game is tough, and like batting, takes concentration every single ball. The revolutionary controls are obviously carefully made for the iPhone/Touch platform. Two thumbs are needed, one controlling the backswing of your bat, the other the movement of your batsmen in both forward/back foot and crouch/stand tall dimensions. After that, it's all timing and the choices you make. Like wielding a real willow out in the middle, batting in this game is quite a confidence/rhythm game. Some times you are just cracking off the middle, other times you are a bundle of late blocks and poor footwork, deciding the shot you will play even before you see the ball. Note also that bat-swing motion is purely backswing. You let go at the top of the arc and the batsman will swing through by himself. This makes it more about timing than fast thumb "slash" movements. Make sure you play with the sound on, as I think the sweet willow on leather sound helps your sense of timing. The variation in deliveries you get is excellent, especially when you consider it is only in two dimensions. Fast balls that rear up at you gloves, and spinner deliveries that kick on at you. Be prepared for good days and bad days. When you crack a fast bowler for six, the feeling is as sweet as the real thing, and when you get a century, it's an achievement and you know you earned it. Don;t expect to do it every game (or even every 30 in my case!) I think there is room to make a few improvements, so here's my 2c: (1) allow player to choose quick play method (save match, century, draw, or random). I don't have the patience (nor the skill, apparently) for 20 overs of defensive blocking for a draw. (2) I would dearly love it if there was some randomness to the catching. i.e. you got dropped every now and then. As it is now, there is no suspense once you misguide one into the caught zone, just a sense of doom. Give us a life every now and then! (3) The little red leading arrow can be hard to see with two thumbs on the screen. It's never obscured, just a little too quick to truly get a feel. Short balls are particularly hard to get out of the way of I found. (4) the game is somewhat back-foot biased for me, maybe due to my comments in #3. Although coming forward to smother works well with the spinners and medium pacers (and is quote satisfying), I find that I spend almost all fast bowler deliveries on the back foot standing tall (dreading the caught behind off the gloves ball) and trying to punch runs. A few more yorkers would help balance that out. (5) Would like to see a little scorecard showing the last 6 deliveries. I really hope more people discover this great game, which has dominated my last few weeks as a firm fave next to Parachute Panic and Harbour Master. Having tried four other cricket games (ranging from okay but limited, to downright abyssmal), this is the only one I want to always "have a quick game" of, trying to beat the damn thing.... Congrats to On-Sea for a great idea well implemented.
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15 years ago, junkRG
Just can't get the hang of it
I thought this wud be really great. But after 2 days still can't seem to get it right. Too difficult fr me...
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14 years ago, S2RINI
This game is awesome. Initially it's very tough but as you get a hang of it, it becomes so fun. Lost two games by 7 & 3 runs respectively. Good chances of losing wkts at tight times
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15 years ago, Chilled beer
Pretty lame
What's the whole point of cricket if u cant bowl? Try aus vs England test series. Much better game and more fun. This is cricket for idiots
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15 years ago, mattshack
I did not enjoy
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