Touch Round - Watch game

4.1 (1.8K)
120.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Tocapp Games S.L.
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Touch Round - Watch game

4.1 out of 5
1.8K Ratings
2 years ago, jtailor888
Great app to cure boredom
This is a great app to play when you are bored. There are 8 different tracks in all to play on, including a couple of racing style tracks, one mud track, a road course, and 2 tracks that you can only go right on. It’s got great content with minimal ads, and you can unlock cars by doing challenges, or watching more ads. The cars can be a little slow, but that makes it much easier for new players. If I could add something to the game, it would probably be some sort of reward to make players come back to the game, like maybe an in-game currency, or a days played in a row meter with rewards on it. All in all, great game to play when you can’t find anything to do. To developer: I found a glitch on the fourth turn of the first circuit, letting players with their watch turn their car onto the grass, and drive through the whole rest of the track without driving on the road. It should be easy to fix knowing it’s something with the invisible borders.
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1 year ago, ToroEarlEmmee
Good except one thing!
This app is perfect it has no ads and you can play it on an Apple Watch which is awesome but one thing when you are racing I understand that when you bump into the walls it slows you down but when you try to pass another car if you run into it will turn you around and then you won’t be able to know if you are going back wards which normally would be longer like if you are almost at the finish line and get ran into then it would be a longer time to the finish Line because you might be going backwards so at least give a warning sign because sometimes going backwards is the same amount for going forwards and there is no needs for you to turn around so maybe the sign could say something like Warning if you go this way it may be longer!
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2 years ago, ProTurtleMan
Good watch game
This is a pretty good game for the Apple Watch, and still enjoyable on the iPhone, too, which is pretty nice. I have been having a hard time getting scores to submit off of the Apple Watch, even when the app is also opened on my phone, and the feature where you can watch ads to unlock more cars is not working for me. Otherwise, it’s a great Apple Watch game, and those two things I mentioned are pretty small things, but still annoying. 4/5 stars
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2 years ago, gvx799
Love it! Devs plz read.
This is a great app and it’s very fun! It has interesting abilities on phone but I prefer it on iwatch. I think it is easier to control ok Apple Watch. Overall it’s a great app and I recommend it to everyone. Now I do have a problem and I have noticed that on Apple Watch some of the levels don’t have boundary limits. Developers please read and fix! I also would like the ability to have more levels cuz I have easily finished everything.
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4 years ago, aLleieldl
I think this game is great but needs better thing like long tracks that you can drive around and the one that is left right you should have more of those also. Make the cars more controllable. Have a nice day! -Game review dude
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1 year ago, hiiiiiii9
Very fun
Played for quite a while *bug on iPhone you can do this * swiping down on the top right of your screen. It’ll pull up control center and in control center while the game is running you can instantly teleport when you get out of control center.
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12 months ago, Hot C 1227
Cool app but one thing…
First of all, WOW GREAT APP! I can’t believe that there could be a racing game on watch. On the topic off racing, the CPUs are a little overpowered. They can go in a straight line after a turn, whereas I have to take a few seconds to straighten up. Also on the first circuit 3rd turn, my car suddenly took a hard left and crashed. This game is awesome but could be better
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4 years ago, Tyler.1015
Great!... but
This is a really fun game to play when I am bored and have my watch on though you need it to fix it. It lets me play two maps but all the others it kicks me out of please fix it!
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2 years ago, mop pop drop
Best game created 😄😃😀
I don’t like this game 😕I LOVE IT this game is very good the controls are great but I would change the maps a little longer. I got this game on my watch my phone my iPad my iPod touch. Great game😁👍🏻
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2 years ago, lomkno
I would give 5 start it IS a fun game on phone but it is a lot harder on watch I can’t move and I keep trying perhaps make the controls easier or add buttons? But fun game either way
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5 months ago, Ethan. .
Love it
I love the game but it won’t let me watch a video to get the better cars I wish there was tech support to talk to for problems like this
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11 months ago, uhfrhg
Good game
Its a good game on the i phone but for some reason i cant get it on my watch but i got the gymkhaka drift game and i could get that on my watch so i dont know if its the game or my watch.
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8 months ago, WB🎮
Kinda unfair
The npc’s stats are insane. Pls change it!
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1 week ago, So good by cars
Why it’s amazing
Because you can play it easily and not worry about any more pay things
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4 years ago, MrsBeeATL
It’s a really fun game- especially considering the fact that it’s a free game. It’s hard to control on the watch but I may just be doing it wrong. Other than that minor detail it’s a great game.
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3 years ago, Awesome nesss 2020 Dec 7
Good for all devices
This app is good for when your board I first got it on my Apple Watch know on my iphone I give it a 5 start but pls make more tracks
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3 years ago, Toxic_Master
I don’t like it
I personally don’t find the game fun. It’s very repetitive and there isn’t any drifting which is the reason I downloaded it in the first place. When you turn it’s very skippy and not fun.
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4 years ago, Cal Reviews
Super fun must read
When I first got it I didn’t know how to play but then I did and it’s so fun and it’s for boys and girl I love it
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3 months ago, GRAE5608
This game is not working
I go in to the game and try to play one of the map then it crash and after that I try it again and again and it didn’t work so try to fix the game please.
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3 years ago, LoWrKaZ
Idk if this is a glitch but the car won’t move is this a problem with anybody else?
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7 months ago, fhbhfjcndjxkskxk
I guess it’s OK. But it could be the best game yet if it was 3-D! And plus, it be better to also make all the CPUs look different. Not the best game in the world. But also not the worst.
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11 months ago, Terminator-450
Decent looking and play time
Satisfying application
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1 month ago, Hehe man of all
Good app but need more improvement
Really god app
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4 years ago, Funny_weird
When I try to play the game on my Apple Watch it does not let me turn. Please fix it! Thank you.
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4 years ago, katie2678
Works great on phone but every time on my Apple Watch when I try to do track 3 it kicks me off the app.
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5 months ago, smokedope2017
good game for apple watch and iPhone
this app perfect to cure boredom
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3 years ago, zztop🤘👊
It’s okay
I attempted to get this game using my phone and it could just be the watch or something but it came on my phone and not the watch
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2 years ago, TanerBurn
Slow and boring around the track
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1 year ago, aubzy123
Does not work. Crashed every time I open it
The whole app closes down as soon as I try to start a race. Does not work at all.
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1 year ago, jjajdjjdhd
Game was really good high quality
It was a great game
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3 years ago, Shugia
When i tap the screen the car doesnt even move .. it looks cool tho
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2 years ago, Anniekategilbert
Love ittttt
It’s such a fun game to cure boredom and never gets old!!!
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2 years ago, 372718485
plz unlock all car for me
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3 years ago, Bighunterification
Just why???
Personally I think the game is rather boring it is also really hard to play on the Apple Watch honestly I am not very impressed!
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4 years ago, Tombombyourmom
Crashes way too much
I get maybe one or two games in before it crashes on my Apple Watch
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2 years ago, Madog Review's
I really like the game but it won’t go on my Apple Watch, and I get super upset about it.
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4 years ago, colon griffin
The new update is amazing.
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3 years ago, how far is Sabor
The game is a total stress buster.
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3 years ago, uorduna12
Fun game!
Awesome game to play!
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3 years ago, joejoejoejoexxx
Boring game with unresponsive controls I know it’s hard to make a game but bruh
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1 year ago, Gavito_Ya
Great game
Great game
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3 months ago, DecimalsAnimals
Big fat liar!
It did not appear on my Apple Watch
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2 years ago, Janessabfb ftt vaggdh
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5 years ago, nonononononnono
Dose not work right
Really bad
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6 months ago, Jet if d
I hate it
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3 years ago, saraaaehdhaudjaajsjdjahs
This game makes me rage so bad
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2 years ago, Reeeeeeriiiiii
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3 years ago, alveena cool
Not the best game😕😕
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7 months ago, 偷我号死全家
The app is great.I pretty like it
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2 years ago, fcren3
Your one of the best watch game makers
I understand it can be hard to take criticism from people and your a solo developer, I code games myself on roblox and godot (I’m only 13) so It can be a long process but these are one of my favorite games! I have a few suggestions, 1: settings to add or delete cpu and customize what car each cpu can race with. 2: more special tracks, the special tracks are my favorite, 3:maybe make tracks a little bit wider, sense there is cpu now. Last one: signs that tell me where to turn and when to turn (so I don’t keep running into the wall 😂) again, I’m not forcing you to do these things, because I know it’s hard to code all on your own but these are just a few suggestions. Have a great day and keep making your games! I love them all! 😇
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