Touchgrind Skate 2

3.5 (11.9K)
469.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Illusion Labs
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Touchgrind Skate 2

3.49 out of 5
11.9K Ratings
3 years ago, Arion S.
Pay to win
I downloaded this game about a week ago, and I learned it in a weekend, have been getting better and enjoying myself. 1 problem though, you can ONLY buy different maps, and can ONLY level up by buying more maps. Which has earned it’s name as the 5 star problem because if this game didn’t have this problem, I would rate it an EASY 5 stars. I understand that you have to make money some how but how about we make money from buying boards and removing ads! Instead of halting progress because someone won’t buy your maps. A way to counter the 5 star problem is by simply letting us earn maps, just like with boards and everything else. I love the game, but sadly it’s pay to win:(
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4 years ago, sean.caf
I’ve been playing 4+ years and beat the game many times
I’ve played every map and have always liked “my backyard” the best. The game is most fun with simple rails, boxes and room for flat ground. I’ve disliked all the maps since “The Motel” there is too much going on and crazy fly out ramps for my likening. ▶️ dear developers (I would like to see a way to do 180s! I would do this by using the same flick you do for a kick flip / heel flip but not releasing your finger from the tail right away. It would be cool to control the speed you spin based on now hard you flick. Except it would make 180 trick combos impossible to do without doing a late trick after the 180 but I don’t think it wouldn’t change anything that’s already standing! I would also like to see a way to do feeble and smith grinds. 🔥If your looking for a good ideas for a new parks I would make exact replicas of popular skateparks and I believe it would bring in a bigger crowd of real skateboarders and be the dominating skate app🔥Maybe make a new map that you can create your own skatepark and use all of the existing obstacles that are already in the game. You should add another rank after legend to keep up with the new challenges that came with the new maps.◀️ this is the best skill based skate app you can get and it still has a lot more potential! 10/10 favorite app on the App Store!
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5 years ago, blah blah read my review
What Stance am I In??
So basically, the game itself is really fun and I find my self playing it when I am bored. I also think my game glitched because one day I got on the game and I had every map unlocked and I had not bought anything. I beat all the challenges and unlocked everything and it was really fun. It was only a few day ago that I started questioning what my stance was. I used my right hand to play so I thought I was goofy. I also swiped right to kick flip just like irl on a real skateboard. But when I would go to do a frontside 180 on a mini ramp I would Ollie going left up the ramp and the trick name would say I did a backside 180. Also when I would do a backside power slide, I would swipe to the right. I just don’t think the trick namer thing knows what trick I’m actually doing. Otherwise, this game is awesome. It has good physics and nice graphics. Oh I also wish the game had more than a few grinds and slides. Like when I would go to do a lip slide, it would say I did a boardslide. I also wish there were some trick nicknames in the game as well. Like if i would do a double varial heel I would like it to say I did a daydream flip. I really don’t care though and I know this game is kinda old but yea, if you’re looking for a decent skateboarding game on mobile, then this is a good game for you.
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2 years ago, Apex Legends boi
Great Game but...
I personally would play this game over most skating games because of simple yet complicated it is. So I choose to write a review about some things they can add and fix. So first off it would be great if there was more gamemodes lie a game can ”point scorer” or something where you play against other people to get as many points as you can and this leads into my next recommendation more customization options. So after playing game for a while I realize that there isn’t many customization options so I was hoping that you could do something like a battle pass for people to unlock different boards decks wheels etc. Another thing that I have been eating for is more maps or free maps now I understand that you have to get money but it would be nice if I had another map other than my backyard because after a while it gets boring playing the same map over and over again. Now let’s get into some of my personal problems. The game lags a lot I think I’m not the only one that has been experiencing these problems. I would also like to state another thing I started a string of good tricks I bumped into a rail and it says score lost.
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3 years ago, jsjsjsjsjjwwjqjhajqjs
Glitchy, but overall great game
TL;DR Is at the bottom Ok, so this game is amazing, Controls are almost perfect except for some lag (it puts u in and out of riding position rarely) they are perfect. The maps are fun but you get tired of the first one after a while (My Backyard) so i bought a new one. Mega ramp is really good but there are no rails which is fine this map is for airtime. But on mega ramp there is a glitched quest. It says “Do any 2 impossibles in the same jump” which i did. I did a double impossible, i did a normal then a late, and i made it so i did two different impossibles in the same jump. But none of them worked. Also there are some glitches like being able to kinda glide if you put your fingers down in air while the board is at a certain angle. So my suggestions are to make 1 more free map that can be unlocked after you beat the first one (get gold in competition and complete all quests) and add S.K.A.T.E to that one (SKATE is horse) and fix some of the bugs. Overall great game and i will rate 5 stars if you fix the bugs. Thank you illusion labs. TL;DR Very fun game but a little Glitchy sometimes will rate 5 if they fix. Highly recommend.
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3 years ago, Campbell Krider
Fun but could be better.
Overall it’s very fun. I loved learning all the tricks and getting better. But then the game gets boring. Once you have done all the tutorials and learned all the tricks then there isn’t as much to do. However you also have the challenges to do. Those were fun for a while until you finish them too. I finished all the tutorials and learned all the tricks. I finished all the challenges and am getting bored. I think that buying a new map would be fun. But I’m very free to play so I don’t know. I’ve said this before, but I think that you should have 1 other free map, that only unlocks if you finish all the challenges. Or I think you should have more challenges or another mode. Maybe a S.K.A.T.E. mode. Kinda like horse where you play against a bot or player and you name a trick and then you have to do it. Then your opponent has to do it and if they don’t, they lose a life. I think a game like that would be fun. You could add that, or a free unlock-able map. Either one would be fun. I’m hoping that there might be a skate 3 that adds some off these. Either way I had fun with the game.
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2 weeks ago, Tania7arg
Its good but a map cant load…
Hi i do love the game so much but i wish there can be more setups for you’re boards and wheels and maybe and some trucks customization and for the grip tape and for the stickers. I already know i’ve said this twice but the office map wont load like no matter what i try doing competition did not work i did jam session obviously didn’t work i try doing S.K.A.T.E doesn't work please fix that and again i already know I've said that twice just to note that im already at 100% status and i do like the we love you sign when you reach 100% just to make sure to make the game funner if we can add objects by using wheel coins the coins look like wheels but there also entertainment secret because you can spin it just like the wheel map spinner and you have a rail a bench a ledge a ramp and also new stuff! Every month i still enjoy the game i just had some bug fixes and i also had some game ideas so i still like the game its great its a good game i just want to add some more details into the game.
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2 years ago, T-BO124
The games fun... but...
This game is not bad, id have to say it compares heavily to true skate but i enjoy this better. HOWEVER the reason in giving this 2 stars is because im comparing it to the first touchgrind game. Touchgrind was actually a substantial part of my child believe it or not but i gotta say, this game is kind of a downgrade. The first touchgrind game had way better handling and control. It was more free control you could say, rather this game limits what you can do and how you do it because of its auto correction. Example; you cannot do a dark slide because the game thinks you bailed. Flipping the board is not nearly as easy because the game is set to “help” you not bail where all this does is hinder my ability to play with fluidity. Ill be honest, im not the best at explaining things but in conclusion, touchgrind 1 controlled more freely and allowed for easier and more fluid game play. Touchgrind 2 limits what you can do and how you do it so in my opinion, it’s definitely worth the 4.99 to get the first game. If its fun and easier to handle control you're looking for, touchgrind 1. If its variety and trendiness you're looking for, touchgrind 2
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3 months ago, Justin Wagstaff
Overall fun but a few things to fix.
First off i’d like to say I really enjoy this game and, like you claim, this is definitely the most realistic skateboarding games you can find on the app store. Although it’s a solid game it does have plenty of room for improvement. Here’s a few things i’ve noticed: Physical: -When lined up for a tail or nose slide the board oftentimes drifts in mid air a good amount of space just to end up in a board-slide. This obviously takes away from the realism and can be frustrating for people who are attempting these more technical tricks. I get that devs might be trying to make it easier for beginners, if someone missed the perfect line up for a board slide this automatic mid air drift might help them out, but I really don’t think the feature is necessary or appreciated. Cosmetic: (overall great maps, textures, and graphics) -When board sliding on a ledge it is common for the wheels of the board to dip under/into the concrete or metal that is being slid on -I really appreciate the fact that the board wears over time, getting scratches and chips out, but after a certain period of time the board stops wearing out. I think it would be cool if you just added a few more stages of wear and tear and maybe after skating a certain deck for a long period of time make it snap or crack. Again these are pretty much my only complaints and the game is super entertaining I would recommend it to anyone looking to pass time with a fun skating game.
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5 years ago, Kuya326
Dear Illusion Labs,
First of all, this is a great game. It’s very well polished and easily one of the best skater games out there. However, I do have a few suggestions on how to improve this game. Please consider adding an option to create your own skate maps for others to play. It would add a new aspect to the game and give creators a platform to be creative. Another suggestion would be to add the S.K.A.T.E game mode to the playground map. This way, more people are able to compete against each other online, therefore increasing the amount of players that download the game. Last but not least, be more involved with the community of this game. For example, host community events for prizes or add a limited game mode to encourage people to play more. If you’ve read this, I hope I’ve given you some ideas for future updates for the game. Thank you for listening to my opinion and please consider these suggestions.
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7 years ago, eman20
A tough learning curve. It took me some to to be able to hard flips on demand. But I got em now. I don't think I will ever be able to do impossibles. Still haven't figured out how to not do either a 5-0, nose grind, 5050 or board slide.I love this game and I really hope enough people support a the next version. Areas to improve. I think there should be a way to maintain more speed. Sometimes you bump into things and it's too easy to lose speed. Maybe you can push like you would on a normal board. Of course it would be cool to have manual tricks. Better flow ability in some of the skate maps. The docks doesn't flow well. It's hard enough to land on the board, we don't need to worry about running into obstacles or walls etc.. the car park and factory are great. Anyways, this has to be the greatest touch game ever made. Only skaters will have the patients to figure it out. THAT MEANS IT's GREAT!
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3 years ago, Theawsomeham
Way too glitchy and way too pricey
This game is way to glitchy i try to do a trick and i get thrown to the other side of the map. When i try to do a kick flip it will not let me do it near a rail or when you try to get it to do a Ollie Or just to have get on to a rail it won’t even do it. Now there’s also the board not wanting to move all the time or turn either it would start doing a random trick that i didn’t even try to do like in the first one they had you had to use finger to push the skateboard and that was better. And that’s not the only issue with the game you have to pay for almost everything except for one map and some boards. The only good thing is that it has good graphics, and i haven’t had to deal with ads everything else is trash and garbage and needs to be tweaked and tuned. The first one was a lot better. But very good concept but needs a lot of work and a lot of issues. I would give it 5 stars but the bugs and glitches cause it to be 2 stars.
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So i have a problem
This game is really really good, the point system is good, the customization for your board is great (many different options for all parts of the board) and the maps are good (although i do have a minor gripe that ALL maps have to cost money but $2.99 is a good price i have to admit), BUT i have one major complaint. After awhile of playing this game (and loving it to death), i’m experiencing this issue where every time i load up the game everything runs smoothly and i can preview the maps i haven’t bought yet, but every time i try to go into one of the maps i have, it goes on the loading screen for about a second and then completely kicks me out of the game, and every time i try to load back in or restart my phone or turn my internet off then back on, nothing has fixed the problem, devs can you help me?
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1 year ago, 🔵team mystic
great physics and board control but...
Board control in this game is great, with practice you can vary flick and pop to differentiate between tricks. You can tweak out varial flips to make them look like backside flips, stomp your tricks or let them float, shifty flip and late shuv to complete rotations, and so on. The game really allows you to do whatever you want on a board except... manuals, feebles and smiths. Some of my favorite grind tricks being backsmiths and front feebles, it's annoying having to go into a 5-0 or salad instead. Manuals would allow for so many more tricks too. In terms of maps, graphics are okay, and having to pay for each map is pretty expensive for a mobile game. Some maps also have weird, random obstacles and lack of flow which make them clunky to skate. However, I like the creativity of each map and there are some good obstacles I find myself trying every trick on. Small issues: Sometimes the board will freeze when going back to spawn. Replay camera angles are weird sometimes, they just focus on a wall or something while your board does the trick off camera. Nollie tricks should be popped higher. All in all, still a very fun game that scratches the itch to skate when it's rainy. Has some potential to improve though.
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3 years ago, i like potatos100
Amazing game love it one problem
So I downloaded this game and it’s is so fun cause there are things called finger boards and if you like those download this game they reasons I call it cool are cause it has training and it tells you how to do tricks it’s hard at first but it gets easier and how it has line and you have to get a good score in a line the one problem is that it does not have free play what I suggest for a update is have free play where you can invite your friends say things in chat and same thing for your friends they can invite you to a game and chat with you I’m not saying you have to but it’s an idea and if you guys don’t do the idea then all players that see this go in training and do a trick you have already learned and do whatever you want
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3 years ago, yeetingboiwithglock
A thing I would like to say is this game is really fun and creative. But one thing I would like to be different is the maps, it would be very nice if they were free and you had to do tasks to unlock them. Like let’s say you have to do some tasks o unlock the next map. So plz plz add this I am I sure other people would really like this to be changed and I am one of them. So my rating for this game is very good 4 stars. Update: for some reason the kick flips don’t count every time I try to do one it says it’s a late flip. Would you plz fix this and like I said plz make all the maps free and you have to unlock them (: anyway this game is still great and I’m changing my four star rating to a five star (: 👍👍👍
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6 years ago, Atomic Monster
If you skate this is the game you want
Play this app pretty regularly since it’s launch many years ago. It reminds me of EA Skate a bit in that it has much more realistic feel to it, especially compared to the other skate games for iOS. It’s also a bit buggy in spots, the board will drop through the map in corners and a lot of times you don’t get points for multiple combo tricks when pulled off in the air or you go into a late flip or underflip. The last map to be released “motel” is extremely uninspired and boring compared to some of their other maps. I hope their working on an a new and updated version of the game as it has a pretty great physics engine that can be quite addictive. Would love to see a Skate 3 where you have obstacles set up that resemble toys and other miniature fingerboard ramps.
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6 years ago, travsetti
Great game, few suggestions...
This is definitely one of, if not the best skate game(s) on the App Store right now. Although, there is always room for improvement. I have been playing this game for over a year, and it is truly addicting. It flows well, and covers a lot of aspects within skateboarding. A couple ideas that I would like to see added to this game in future updates are: manuals (maybe swiping down or up on the nose or tail in mid-air to land into manuals), 180 tricks on flatground (maybe setting the direction and amount of spin before you pop with a button on the side), grinds where the board dips below the ledge or rail (ie. feeble, smith, willy), and lastly frontside and backside grinds (ie. frontside crooked grind v. backside crook). Thank you for making this game, and hopefully, it can improve.
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4 years ago, -dogey-
A few functionality issues
So I really like this game. I used to fingerboard (fingerboarding is basically skating but with your fingers, on boards like tech decks) and most right-handed people fingerboard with their pointer finger in front. In this game, it’s backwards, and there is no way to change it. Basically in this game you are forced to ride with your middle finger in front, so most of my tricks are switch, and it’s hard for me to do regular tricks. Also, it’s like you’re goofy, but not. When you do kick flips and heelflips, they go to the direction they normally would if you skated goofy, but when you do frontside 180s, you’re actually doing a backside 180, but it says you’re doing an FS 180. Overall, I find this game really fun. I would recommend you to add an option where you can switch between regular and goofy.
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3 years ago, kandapuck
Great sk8
This app is pretty great download it because I just hurt my ankle and won’t be able to skate for a while I skate all the time so I was not pleased with that but this app kinda helps its like skateboarding but way easy trust me normal skateboarding not that easy I might get a pop shuv 2/3 times on flat where as in the app I could come out of the bowl and do a pop 360 shuv it every time easy or even a nollie 360 which I can’t even do so the app definitely makes things easy but it’s really helpful because it teaches you how the tricks work I have no doubt that it will improve my skateboarding as soon as my ankle recovers. great app super addictive for someone who is hurt but still wants to sk8 Or someone trying to learn the basic physics behind a trick
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1 year ago, LucaSunDawn
Play with your thumbs
I have no idea why the graphic shows index and middle fingers playing, this game would be impossible that way. And way harder to play on the go. Just hold your phone normal and use one thumb for each foot. Really fun, great paid maps totally worth the combo pack price imo. I have REALLY enjoyed this game, and am so happy I bought a map pack (mega ramp one). Game can be a little glitchy killin lines that should have continued (and continuing one’s that should have ended) but it doesn’t crash ever for me. All maps but especially office one have random edges they didn’t make “grind able” even though they logically should be which is probably the most annoying part to me. No ads and great value if you buy packs. Enjoy and USE TWO THUMBS
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4 years ago, Fishy Man 12345
The game is good but it has its downs
Overall I love the game. It’s really fun but sometimes I get glitches out of the map or I will get stuck in a random place but it is an easy fix because you can respawn wherever you want. But what I really don’t like about the game is the fact that you only get one skate park which is your backyard and only 25 challenges if I’m correct. Honestly if I were to make I game like this I would have at least 3 maps that you are able to play on for free and all the other ones you can pay for. And also the super boards are annoying because you have to pay for all of them. So I feel like the only way to have fun in this game is to feed it money.
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3 years ago, biggfootguy
🛹One of the best mobile games👌
This game is by far one of my favorite games on my phone but it has a couple issues you only have one map and once you have done all the challenges and training to level up and if you can keep leveling up I don’t know how. But they keep adding new maps and special boards if they would include another free map that would make this review 5 star. Sometimes, it will crash and I can’t play for a while. Also I love the replay mode and video editor for making montages. And I really like the D.I.Y board and the D.I.Y stickers you can import you own pictures to the board so I like taking screen shots of my favorite boards on google and using thin in the game. really fun and a great time killer. highly recommend!
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3 years ago, djmichel2006
This game is a masterpiece
Everything about this game is perfect. The controls, the animations, the fluidity, down to the sound effects. At first this game was just satisfying because of the way the reacts to your fingers, the realistic flicking, scooping, and catching makes me feel like I’m yuto horigome flowing through a park. But as I got further into the game I started figuring out the advanced mechanics and grinds, using the basics I’ve been able to pull of complicated grind combos, there’s endless possibilities to the tricks you can do. This game is truly a piece of art, trust me download it. And if the creator of the game ever sees this review I hope you know I love you, this is my comfort game and the most entertaining game all at once.
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5 years ago, jejznxkshz
What the heck why are you doing this
So I had the game sense like it came out and it was like $5 or something like that and all the things in the game were free and no ads and even the motel was free and it was great then I get on and see Ooo a new map so I go over excited to check it out then I see that it costs money!? What why are you just really needing money if I already paid for a game I would expect all the items within the game to be free not cost more money so if the game is free now ok then I mean if it’s free now give the playground map to the people who had it before it came out please that would make up for it but a map you have to buy after spending money to buy the game itself that is ridiculous just why would you do that 😡😭😡😭😡😭 so please take it into consideration and a good new feature would be where you can make your own map and share it with the community 🤔 just saying
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4 years ago, What as happened?
4 Stars - Love The Game, But Do Not Be Greedy
This game is amazing, I’ve played for years, but don’t keep money grabbing when you already have enough money. Just open up the game for the people that paiddddd for it, and let people by decals and boards for money if they want to. Don’t interfere with the actual game, just keep it like a game where it’s not pay to win, or in this case, pay to have fun when you’ve already paid. Thank you for years of great fun, but please fix this bs. I was also legend in the game but because of all your new maps that I can’t play I’m not even legend anymore. Fix your stuff - regain popularity, you’ll gain more money by fixing it then by trying to get more money. Thanks - have a good day devs.
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2 years ago, Kyelol
Great game but could be even better.
This is a great game, I play it everyday. The control over the board feels very real and responds perfectly to your finger movements. The physics are fantastic. I almost exclusively play in "jam session" mode since doing 720 triple flips for high-scores doesn't inspire me as much as realistic skating does. I wish there was a multiplayer game-mode of SKATE that resembled the real game of SKATE; copying tricks, not playing for points. I also really wish you could do manual tricks and I wish the playable maps were designed for realistic skating and not focused around huge ramps and fantasy. Hopefully they make another edition of this game with some improvements!
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4 years ago, stinger0909090900000
Best skate game I’ve ever played
Idk about you but this is a great game in my opinion u get to cotomize ur board u can learn new tricks that are not on the how to slide thingy u can figure out different lines and get some sick gnarly clips great game illusion labs pls create a big huge mega ramp with a skate park to the side or combine all the parks into one and call it the mega park or something but keep going illusion labs keep progressing make a new map or a new game or make it available on ps4 and xbox now that would be sick its a bit buggy but not to mutch there are some glitches here and there but they are fun glitches under the map under a ramp or even get sent into the sky anyways love the game and thanks for making the skate world better
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1 year ago, sgbgebgs
Good game
I love this game. This keeps me very entertained when I’m bored. The people that complain about prices and the tutorial are just poor and bad a the game. I beat the tuts in like less then 20 min. This game is underrated and very fun. I recommend you should get this game if you haven’t already. The maps are nice I do recommend more simple and easy maps. I love the current ones but they lack the simplicity. I’m not bad at the game but if its ( the maps )more simple people will like the game. You guys should as one more free map so more people don’t hate I don’t think that that will be hard for you guys. Anyways good game a keep up the game making. BYEE😃
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4 years ago, JayBdoo
Best skate game on App Store!!
This is the most realistic skate game an surpasses any other skate game and a lot of games period in how close it feels to the real thing. I’ve played many different games like boat games, hunting, parkour, surfing, and many more that didn’t feel close to the real thing. Not saying their aren’t good games of those categories jus none that come close to the details and I’m sure the time the developers went into making this game so 🎩 ‘s off to the developers because I kinda feel like this is an underrated game but I hope I’m wrong and your living large off it because you deserve it in my opinion! Thanks and best of luck next year and everyone after! ✌️
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3 years ago, unicornsister1029
Great game Except I make a little bit tweaks to it first one is that whenever I play there’s always something popping up every second and I can’t get rid of it there’s no exit now cancel nothing it just appears every time I try to sit in my phone I try to be out in the app it just doesn’t work and I try to be pressing it doesn’t work so it’s kind of frustrating for me to play if there’s something in the way but like this is a really fun game except that one freak but like I definitely recommend it and see if you guys can try to get the popping situation figured out that this game will get really good ratings except a little tweak but I can find her
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5 years ago, Spider boy01
Amazing game! Would like to see a sequel
This game is amazing. I like playing this game a lot when I don’t have the time to actually skateboard. Although, the game is getting older and I think your next game should be a sequel to this game. I have some suggestions to add into ur game. First, you should make a thing where the community can make maps for others. Second, bring some of the best maps from this one into the sequel. Third, maybe add some decks from some real skateboard companies and also make a D.I.Y. Grip tape (somewhat like the D.I.Y. Deck). And last but not least, please add more tricks, parks/areas, and accessories for your board. If you read this, please take it into consideration
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6 years ago, FluxT3kArsenal
Game is ok.. views start making me feel nauseous can’t even play it long.. i think the physics are unsatisfactory to say the least as are controls. I never wish I never got it.. but you guys can learn something or possibly collaborate with True skate. Now that’s a skating game coming from a real skater skater every day and have skated every day of his life. They really have the physics down to impress some statues. In the spirit of creativity and positivity I think you guys did put tons of working at this game and I can appreciate that. But I think if you guys were to put your heads together you guys could probably make some very awesome courses. In the spirit of collaboration and not desecration. Knowledge is power much respect inform the others.
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3 years ago, FrenchFry1017
Great but needs a bit of improvment
So the game itself is great. But the fact you only get one park is kind of annoying. But thats all. I also wanna talk about touch grind scooter. What if you made a free play and trail. So the touch grind BMX, where you go one way, and the skate where its freestyle, and to jump in the game you slide both fingers back, and lift the front one up and push the back one forward to jump. I really think that would be a great idea and also make it so we get at least 4 free maps? Thank you for your time! I hope you consider this idea even though its just one person saying them!
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2 years ago, beam and lazer
Great app (what that the heck are people talking about)
People are saying it is bad because they lied about the competition mode, but it is actually in the game, I bet they're just saying it to be a quote on quote drama queen like, gosh, it's a very good app and recommend it to most players. It's a good app. And it is free, unlike every other good game. The only bad thing is in game purchases personally, I have bought everything every single purchase you can get because I love the game so much, but other people might not, that's probably why they don't like the game that much, I hope you get the game and you like it have a nice day!
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Could be a little better
I've owned it for years and it's pretty good. But the game never has updates and the last recent update wasn't that big. It's a new map but why should we have to pay for it? We already bought the game. We should just be able to unlock it a long with other content. I get it, but I'm sure there are other ways to generate income. I've seen another review with great ideas. I only recommend two things, more content (that we shouldn't have to pay for), and a new game mode for skate (instead of a high score, we replicate the trick like the actual game). We could even make the game longer by playing "skateboard". Hopefully you take my suggestions into consideration!
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7 years ago, CloudSquadRep Acxng
We Love it! But...
As a rep for cloudsquad i csn see thst all of us love this game as much as irl skating. We actually enjoy the s.k.a.t.e feature a lot but it would be great if high level skaters in the game could create skate rooms for others to join. Maybe be able to customize the rooms as well. We would also like to be able to customize trucks, wheels, and griptape by picture or DIY draw-on (all for higher rank players to keep people playing and keep it interesting). Fire hydrant tricks would also be radical. These are just some ideas that have been bugging the squad and I. If you guys could add them, we would appreciate it a lot. Thanks for the hard work!🤙🏼
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1 year ago, R3D R0ZeZ
Purchase transferring
I got this game on my phone and recently bought “The Factory” map. I decided to download the game on my tablet to see if my purchases have transferred over.. they haven’t I even signed into Game Center on my tablet (I am already signed in on my phone) to see if that was the problem. my progress nor my purchases have been transferred from the original device I made progress or purchases on and it’s really frustrating. If you see this and take this into consideration it would be amazing. P.S. the game’s soundtrack is awesome I love it. Also 5 star game, my favorite so far.
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4 years ago, hdhddjdns
Ok look
It’s so annoying seeing all these hate reviews. I mean, do you see any other good skate game besides true skate? Exactly. I know, the game has its flaws and it’s not perfect. At least it’s free right? Sort of... true skate may have more maps for less but in my opinion touch grind just looks better. I mean look at true skate, you can do the most unrealistic things that aren’t even possible. I can tell touch grind is trying their hardest to make it a realistic as possible. And I know, no game is perfect and there may be some bugs, but just think, at least it’s free. edit: also it says a lip slide is a board slide even though they are two completely different grinds, might want to fix that
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5 years ago, Wavy_Jose
Better than True Skate
At first when I started playing this game it was alright, I wanted to get True Skate because you could get boards etc. but since I saw that you can customize your board I was like “better than true skate” my older brother had true skate and I tru and I ain’t goon lie it look hard. I really recommend this game if you don’t want to waste money! And if you want to customize your board search up skate decks and just take a picture of the skate deck that you want and just crop it and put it on your deck. Oh, you cannot forget about the free prizes, if your too lazy to DIY your board you can also get free decks. Wheels, grip tape, and stickers.
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7 years ago, Josh and Luke
I would like to say that this game is probably my most favorite game of all time! I mean all the tricks and possibilities of the things you can do. It's endless! If I were able to adjust the game the two things would be this: first, it would awesome if there was multiplayer so that the players can interact with each other, second is it really is a great game but the only thing is it is really easy to unlock everything and master the game I've almost done twice already. If you could change it so it is harder to level up and there are more fun challenges it would be the perfect game. Thank you.
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7 years ago, Skaterkid10
This game is an absolute must own. This game has an extreme learning curve but once you finally get the hang of the controls and physics it will keep you coming back and back again. I would love to see the ability to customize trucks, griptape, wheels, and your board with a color wheel. Maybe make that the final unlock for high ranked players. More parks would also be a great addition since you tend to spend a lot of time in each park to unlock everything. Overall my favorite app store game and the ability to save videos to your camera roll keeps me coming back and back to land that insane line. Great Job!!!!
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3 years ago, Sk8ingisfun
Great game, but needs updated
Aver all great game. I know people in the comments said that they’ve experienced lag, but I’ve never had that happen, so that’s great! The only thing I suggest is that they update it. I feel like they could add more stuff, like online multiplayer, or have competitions, like Red Bull heart lines or something like that, that would be cool. Also, I think that it’s a bummer that ALL of the maps cost money. Sometimes the backyard map gets boring. This game is the best skateboarding game I’ve ever played! It helps me get motivated to go out in skate in-real-life! Great job on the amazing game!
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4 years ago, A.G Funkrusher
Fun to play, but flawed (3.5 stars)
This game, overall, is pretty fun and addicting. The movements successfully mimic real life skating - to an extent - and once you get past the learning curve it becomes pretty absorbing. Certain tricks are difficult to pull off even after some practice (such as hard flips and impossibles), and thats part of the fun. However, two things about this game are pretty awful: the levels, and the overall design of the game. Most of the levels are very haphazardly laid out, with random rails and ramps just scattered around. They typically don’t flow well into one another, making lines difficult to execute. Considering how natural the board controls feel, it’s a bit disappointing that the levels don’t allow you to really use then to their full potential. The graphic design of this game is also is it downright childish. The random art work thought the menus and throughout the levels is very cartoonish and very corny. This too takes away from the realism of the game and makes it feel less immersive.
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4 years ago, Kenzie Bmx
The programmers and people who made this game did phenomenal
Ive had this game pretty much since it came out 6 years ago and i still play it daily. There are a few bumps here and there where the board will land somewhere and glitch for a second but ive never had to exit out the app or even restart my phone to get it working right. The maps are gnarly to skate and the board being customizable (with parts you work your way up to doing challenges) makes it so much better. I wish it came with more levels for free but with programming that works that good and such a wicked time, its so worth it.
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3 years ago, goingred
Awesome game, but one major flaw
I really love this game. I skateboard and this game is awesome because the physics and ability to control the board is in my opinion the best of any mobile skate game. The one thing I ask the developers is why can’t you do feeble/smith/Willy grinds? They are a crucial part of skateboarding tricks and it seems odd that they didn’t include them in the game. It would make the game so much more fun if you guys added these grinds into the game so we can get the full skateboard experience. Also manuals would be cool. I doubt this will ever happen since it only adheres to actual skaters but nonetheless it would really complete this game.
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5 years ago, Davidawesomea
Very good game, gotten a little bit worse
I have played his game for years across multiple devices and have absolutely loved it. Lots to do, tons of objectives and locations, overall so much. My only problem is the latest update. I paid the original price for this game ($3 I think) and I noticed it went free so I was happy my friends could play too. Then I hop on and see there’s a $3 new map you can buy and was pretty disappointed considering I already payed. But that aside, even if you don’t buy the new map it’s definitely worth it to download and check out. The controls might take a bit of time to get used to but other than that it’s awesome.
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4 years ago, Snap_AZ_67
My review
I think this game is amazing. The only complaint I have is the cost for maps. I think it’s a little much to buy the Mega deal. I think $7 is a little overboard for four maps. Other than that I think the game is awesome. A lot of customization and free ability to do whatever you want while playing. An idea I have for a map is to make one massive. A huge map that consists of all kinds of obstacles and lines. Another idea is to add a park editor that you could share with other people that play the game. I hope you have read my review and take my ideas into consideration. Thank you.
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5 years ago, BAHDKFPSH
Very fun!
This game is extremely fun. You learn tricks and can customize your board and complete challenges but again there is only one location you can skate in for free. The other places cost 2.99. I’m probably gonna end up buying more parks anyways because the game is so fun. Also I wish there were other game modes like maybe add a mode like an sls league and a game of SKATE. Anyways overall this game is addictive and super fun but gets a little boring sometimes just playing in the one park. EDIT so I bought 4 other parks because there was a deal making the parks cheaper. It was totally worth it and there actually is a SKATE mode. There are also tons of more challenges.
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4 years ago, yeet meorster
Most of the functions don’t work, you can’t do a power slide when it says you can, and all the other levels are just money grabs. Why can’t you buy a level with currency. See, stupid. Plus, the game may have no ads but that’s because it’s pay to win completely. It may look like it’s free but it’s just not. Maybe if you added currency to the stupid game, it’d be more fun than just doing challenges for no reason and doing stunts for nothing!!! Plus, the doesnt even have proper physics. I would go up a ramp and wouldn glitch through and lose a line. Plus, there is no lesson to dark slide even though it’s a challenge. I advise everyone, do not play this game, it is a scam and a boring game. The only reason I’m giving one is because I can’t give zero. If I could, let’s just say that things won’t be good
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